is laptop trying to protect me


Something really bad happened. Today at 5:00 A.M. a group of 4 men forced the entrance to our house. They beat up my mom and older sister (they were trying to protect me and to protect my 1-year-old niece). They had guns and, for a moment, I thought they were going to kill us. They stole everything from us. They stole my laptop, our cellphones, food, money. They even stole my little niece’s clothes :(

We went to the hospital to check if my mom and sister were ok. I paid for the hospital bill and bought a little bit of food but I don’t have any money left. I don’t know what to do. I still need to buy more food and to buy clothes for my little niece. I’m the only one with a job right now but, sadly, my salary isn’t enough to pay for everything.

Please, if you can, and are willing to help me, you could send a few dollars trough paypal. E-Mail: (My best friend e-mail. She’s the one helping me right now).

I’m desperate.  EVEN A DOLLAR IS A LOT TO ME. Or you could help me just by reblogging this post.

I’m crying so hard. I feel angry and sad. How can a person do this to another person? I feel embarrassed too, and I’m so sorry that I’m asking for your help but I don’t really know what to do. I need to help my family. I’m really sorry guys…

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If you guys have known for a while now Anti planned to make a move- why the heck did you not go to help anyone? Did you not care?

Google’s eyes flash blue. “Don’t you dare insinuate such things.” He sets the laptop aside and rises slowly. “We were given no choice! This fanbase has Anti on such a power high that we’d only be endangering our own lives to try to stop him! Don’t sit there and preach to me about helping when it was you that gave Anti the ability to do this in the first place!” Google glitches and grips his hands into fists at his sides. “We could only protect ourselves and wait for it to happen. Maybe once Anti has finished with his little show, then we’ll be able to clean up this mess.”

Bonnie & Clyde - End

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It dawned on you. He really was leaving.

“You’re not taking me with you? You’re really leaving? Where?” You frowned, unconsciously getting closer to him.

“If everything goes smoothly, I’ll find you again. Don’t worry. And don’t fall in love again Y/N. Take care of yourself. I’ll be back for you before you know it.” He said but it was more like a warning than a farewell.

“Where are you going?”

“Off the grid for a while.”

“Is someone after you? You’ve never been one to hide.”

He smirked. “I’m not hiding. I’m saving her from Namjoon.”

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Post 5x15 fic considering the importance of trust when it comes to getting things done.

This began as me trying to rewrite THAT scene to make me feel better but turned into looking at a broader aspect of what is happening right now - that being trust. Who we trust, why trust them and if trusting more will help. 

Thanks to @almondblossomme for the support and feedback and thanks to @feliticysmoak for making the gif above that I thought was so pretty I had to include.  Also on AO3.

Felicity watched the reporter talk excitedly about impending downfall of Mayor Oliver Queen. She knew how much it meant to Oliver to be Mayor of Star City. He really did want to make a difference. She knew no one who cared as much about this city as Oliver did. This must be killing him.

The news report was just ending as Oliver came up on the platform in the lair. Felicity smiled brightly, she wanted to send him good vibes. He looked so downtrodden. And hot - but downtrodden she reminded herself. She never understood how her mind just went there.

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Tech Troubles

Title: Tech Troubles

Castiel x Reader

Word Count:

Warnings: language, fluff. 

A/N: This is dedicated to my lovely friend, @thoughtsoftheantagonist. I hope this gives you strength! <3

You slammed your fist on the mahogany library table as you pressed a finger down on the power button to your laptop. Nothing. “Well shit.” You furiously smashed the button with your index finger, hoping some tough love would somehow bring the precious machine back to life. But, all you saw was a black screen.

After a few minutes of literally beating the power button, you gave up. You crossed your arms on the table and slammed your head into them, letting out a loud, frustrated sigh.

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Fuck corporate. We’re supposed to try to sell protection plans on certain items which is fine, WHEN I’m on the floor trying to get it on a laptop or printer. When I’m at the register and the only chances I get are to sell them on cheap ass flashdrives or staplers or whatever bullshit customers aren’t going to buy it no matter how I try to sell it. And now our numbers are down and I’ve got to go through all this bullshit training about how we need to focus on bigger goals despite the daily hustle. But I figure they’re barely paying me enough for one job, if they want me to do the job of two people and do them well they better start paying me like two people

Who should you fight? DeSu2 ver
  • Daichi Shijima: You know, you'd think this boy would be ready to fight 24/7, judging by his idle animation, but nope! Wimpy Wimpson, unless you threaten his friends. Fight Daichi if you really have a bone to pick with him, but will it even be satisfying? I don't think so.
  • Io Nitta: I probably shouldn't need to even tell you this, but don't fight Io Nitta. Why would you anyways? You must hate puppies and happiness and all that what. And even if you had a good reason to (you don't) she could probably completely trounce you and then apologize for it as she picks you up from the ground.
  • Yuzuru Akie: You know what? By all means, fight Joe. Joe will probably laugh it out as you beat the snot out of him. He will, however, complain about you ruining his snazzy getup, yeah that wasn't very cool of you, was it? Total drag, mate.
  • Makoto Sako: Makoto Sako is a synchronized swimmer-turned-law enforcer/demon slayer, do the math and you'll realize that she's more ripped than jeans in the 90's. Also you do remember what she does in the Record Breaker opening, right? Yeah wouldn't want a piece of that myself.
  • Hinako Kujou: Well, considering Ms Kujou is a physical brawler and a master of many kinds of dances, she can probably bend you in half whilst twirling gracefully, and then wrap your sorry ass with the finest Osakan cloth there is. Do not fight Hinako unless you think your back could use some pressure.
  • Keita Wakui: Please fight Keita. I'm not saying you will win, because you probably won't since he's a boxer and all, but please for the love of god, someone needs to fight that kid. Fight Keita Wakui, he'll probably ask you to fight him even if you don't want to, anyways.
  • Airi Ban: She's 15. Do not fight the small 15 year old girl. I mean, she can still kick your ass, as Kama (a God if you recall) can attest to. 'FIGHT ME' is something you're likely to hear often from her, but you'll have to excuse yourself.
  • Jungo Torii: You sick fuck, no.
  • Fumi Kanno: You must be shitting me. You played this game and yet you think you have any chance against her? Oh my god she will have a field day trying to figure out what ridiculous thought process lead you to that conclusion. Do not fight Fumi unless you fancy the idea of having your cranium bashed in by laptop(s).
  • Otome Yanagiya: Otome is a doctor. Do not fight Dr Otome Yanagiya. You don't even wanna KNOW about that time she had to use a scalpel to... you know, selfless people who have chilren to protect are some of the fiercest motherfuckers you'll ever meet. Please walk away.
  • Ronaldo Kuriki: Ronaldo will probably wipe the floor with you while raving about the good of mankind, which doesn't mean I'm necessarily telling you not to fight him. In fact, sure, fight Ronaldo. You can probably beat him by letting his rage cloud his better judgement.
  • Yamato Hotsuin: We all want to fight Yamato Hotsuin at least once, it's like an initiation ritual to this game. He just has that natural "punch me" kind of face, you know? And his personality doesn't help in the slightest. I absolutely cannot guarantee that you won't be eaten by energy dragons, but I support your efforts in fighting Yamato.
  • Al Saiduq: If it's meant to be, you're gonna fight him eventually, so why delay the inevitable? Fight him. You're unlikely to win unless he holds back a lot, but at least he'll be a real sport about it, Bruised One.
  • Miyako Hotsuin: If the sabre and the whip she holds in her default getup didn't tip you off, you're dealing with a Grade A Badass here. Do not fight Miyako unless you wanna say goodbye to being able to sit straight!

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Hi!! Im the one who ask u about the husband stuff. Im also a writer on tumblr and im also pretty much married:) i love him to death but do your husband know abt your blog? Bcs im afraid to tell him:( it might get a bit awkward for the both of us

My husband does know about my blog! I actually told him a few months after i made my first writing blog, and that was about 4 years ago. I understand your worries, because I was the same way before I told him. I thought, “how am I going to explain fanfics to him? How will I explain I enjoy writing two people fucking?” lmao But I was always really insecure about it and would try to sneak away to find time to write and suddenly started getting really protective over my computer and laptop. lmao and Then I thought, what if he thinks I’m up to something worse than just writing (like cheating, omg)?? So I ended up telling him because I didn’t want to have to act suspicious anymore, told him about the people following me, the nice messages I would get, and that I only do it because I enjoy writing so much. He realized how happy it makes me, and he didn’t seem to mind what i write about, even when I told him I wanted to write about female idols as well (one time he asked me to write something for girl’s day, but I told him I didn’t write shipfics lmfao). I offered him a chance to read the things I’ve written, but he declined, saying it was my thing and it can stay personal. I just think he was more happy that I trusted him enough, and we’ve always been secure in our relationship, so it was never an issue, really. As long as I am happy, he’s happy. Sometimes he teases me about it, though. lol So I think if you really want to tell him, you should. If it’s something that makes you happy, then it should be understandable why you write. ^^
Kelly Clarkson Talks New LP, Top Female Execs Speak Out at Music Biz 2017
By Chris Talbott

NASHVILLE  — At the “Music’s Leading Ladies Speak Out” presentation at the Music Biz conference on Tuesday, Atlantic Records co-chairman/COO Julie Greenwald told a story that more than lived up to the event’s name. She was speaking of the first time she heard the forthcoming new album — and Atlantic debut — from Kelly Clarkson.

“I put the record on and it was like she kicked through the door,” Greenwald said in a Q&A session with Clarkson moderated by NPR’s Ann Powers. “I say to people all the time: I run a record company, I could eat you, that’s part of my rep. And we all know Kelly has this big voice. But these songs have so much attitude. She’s not walking through the door, she’s kicking it the f— open.”

She may have been talking about an album, but Greenwald set the theme for the presentation — which also featured an introduction from Nielsen Music SVP Erin Crawford and a panel with CMT senior vice president Leslie Fram, Country Music Association CEO Sarah Trahern, Red Light artist manager Tracy Gershon and Cosynd CEO/Women in Music president Jessica Sobhraj — offering insights on how to bring more women into the industry as artists and professionals.

“It’s got a lot of sass — like I might beat you up with my sound,” Clarkson said of her still-untitled album, which she says is a mixture of “urban, pop, soulful R&B” and is due later in the year. “My backup singers who’ve worked with me for years said ‘It’s the first time you’ve done a record that’s, like, full-on your personality.’”

For an artist who began her career by topping a favored Justin Guarini in the first season of “American Idol,” sparred publicly with music industry titan Clive Davis and is known for empowering songs like “Stronger” and “Since U Been Gone,” that’s saying something.

“I’ve always been a confident person, I think that’s just being Texan,” Clarkson said. “But I think being a mom has brought another level of confidence, because basically the things a mom does daily — without adding a job — is pretty insane. We’re gladiators, basically.”

Finding that elusive work/life balance that also allows an artist or professional to chase her passion was a key topic during the two-hour discussion.

Greenwald explained how she rose through the ranks under the tutelage of Lyor Cohen, with whom she worked at Rush Management, Def Jam Records and Atlantic. She said she was often the only woman in the room and found ways to engineer greater acceptance for herself in the highest levels of the industry. She believes in building an environment that fosters risk-taking and free-form ideas, things that helped her and Cohen innovate on the frontlines of hip-hop in the early 1990s.

“Lyor was incredible,” she said. “He allowed me to be fearless. He encouraged me every day to take risks, and I take everything that I learned from him and share that with everybody that I mentor,” Greenwald said. “But one thing I did change is he really didn’t let me take maternity leave with either of my kids. There were just certain things like that where if I’d had a woman boss, maybe she would say, ‘You could at least take a week off.’”

She fights that syndrome now, trying to help her employees avoid the familiar traps she fell into.

“I really only see my children in the morning and then on the weekend,” Greenwald said. “So I really try to make sure the other women who work for me know, ‘Hey, listen, you have an iPhone, you have a laptop, it’s okay. Don’t miss certain events, because you’re not going to get them back. I try to teach a lot of my young ones to learn from my mistakes. That new-baby smell goes away and they become smelly!”

She said she admires Clarkson’s fierce protection of family time — the singer has a blended family of four children with husband and Nashville manager Brandon Blackstock — or at least including them in her life.

“She protects her family,” Greenwald said. “‘I’m going to work, I’m going to kick ass, but I’m going to protect my time for my family. As a woman, I respect that so much.”

The panelists stressed the importance of networking, building relationship and supporting other women to the scores of young female professionals and students in the several-hundred-strong crowd.

“Find the people that are your people,” Trahern said. “Tracy and I have been walking in the park on the weekends for many years. We may only get to do it a few times a year, but you can cut to the chase even if you don’t see each other often. We all grew up in this generation together. You find those people in your group and you’re going to grow together.”

And everyone agreed passion was the most important hallmark they look for when mentoring and placing potential employees.

“You’ve just got to roll your sleeves up and do it,” Sobrahj said. “Nothing pisses me off more than having an intern or an assistant who says, ‘I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to draft those tweets. I’m not going to get that coffee.’ I’m the CEO of my company and I’ll go get anybody a cup of coffee. I don’t care — because if you’re not going to roll your sleeves up and dive in, then why are you doing it?”

Gershon told a story that vividly illustrated Sobrahj’s point and demonstrated the lengths to which she’ll go to help a client — in this case rockabilly singer/guitarist Rosie Flores.

“She needed $1,500 to go into the studio,” Gershon said. “I said, ‘I know — I’ll [get the money by] going on a game show.’ I dressed up in the dumbest outfit and frosted my hair and jumped up and down like a wild goose and told them I was a senior aerobics instructor — and yes, I got on that show. It was called ‘Hot Streak.’ I won $1,600 and luggage, and literally that’s how we got Rosie in the studio. And basically, [the resulting recordings] won her a deal with Warner Bros.”

Family Off Limits


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Hi! Could u write an imagine where the reader is Theo’s little sister (maybe 14 or so) and she knows about the supernatural, but not that Theo works for the dread docs. And the dread docs kidnap her for some reason and he saves her?

Being Theo’s little sister had it’s ups and downs. The upside was that a lot of people didn’t dare to mess with you in fear that your brother would pay them a visit, and the downside was that people automatically assumed you two were alike which in turn made it difficult to start a friendship, or even a relationship with someone.

Of course like any brother and sister relationship you and Theo had many arguments. But he was your only real family since you weren’t close with your other relatives. Theo and you had moved back to Beacon Hills a few months ago, he wanted to go back to the place that felt familiar and you couldn’t blame him. When you guys had to leave you were furious, you never really understood why the move was necessary, but after learning about the supernatural your opinion changed. All you knew now was that you were glad to be back.

Lately Theo had been disappearing a lot and came home at strange hours. Normally you wouldn’t pry into his life, because well you didn’t have too. But all this secrecy really had begun to worry you, if Theo was involved in something he shouldn’t be or if his life was in danger than you had the right to know. However asking Theo about it was the hard part, he could be quite frightening when he wanted to be and as his sister you’ve seen all sides to him, the good and the bad. Walking to his room you paused at the front door, you took a moment to compose and gather your thoughts before knocking.

“Come in”.

Reaching for the doorknob you braced yourself for what his reaction would be like. “Hey Theo”.

He looked up from his laptop and gave you a welcoming smile, you were aware of Scott’s pack not trusting him but what you didn’t know was Theo had a whole completely different side to him. “Hey little sister, what brings you to my room? Has anyone been given you a hard time, because if so I’ll sort them out”.

Over-protective Theo was starting to show, he automatically assumed whenever you came to him it was because some guy or someone was being a jerk. But this time that wasn’t the case, “No, no-one has been bothering me I think by now they know not too. I actually wanted to ask you a question”.

That caught his attention and he moved his laptop so you could take a seat on his bed. Making yourself comfortable you said, “Is everything okay with you lately?”. You were trying so hard to not let show that your hands were shaking, this moment right now was probably the most terrifying than any supernatural creature you could think of. Theo had a temper and when he got mad he doesn’t hold back.

“Everything’s fine sis”. He got up and put on his jacket.

“I’m your sister Theo, there isn’t any reason to lie to me.”

“Yes you are my sister Y/N, but being a sister also means knowing when to butt out of things. Not everything I do concerns you, okay.” With that he grabbed the keys to his truck and left the room.

It’s been hours since your last conversation with Theo, you hadn’t heard from him or seen him since that encounter. You were worried and that wasn’t going to go away until you knew he was okay. Sitting on the couch your eyes adverted to the clock, nervously playing with your hands it was way past midnight and still no sign of him. “Come on Theo where are you?” you muttered to yourself.

Suddenly you heard a strange noise, 3 men wearing long cloaks with strange masks on each of their faces appeared in front of you. “Y/N…Y/N Raeken” was all they said. You looked at each of them beyond frightened, “What do you want?” you asked trying to keep your voice steady. They surrounded you and all you did was scream.

An hour and half later Theo came through the front door, “Y/N I’m back”. No response was given, “Y/N!”. Theo looked around the entire house for you and couldn’t find a single trace. “Y/N this isn’t funny! If you’re trying to teach me a lesson for being a jerk this morning, I get it. But please answer.” Taking his phone out he dialed your number and your phone rang, he picked it up and that’s when he knew something was wrong. You never leave the house without your phone and considering it was late at night Theo knew you wouldn’t just leave, without at least informing him of where you were going.

He angrily grabbed his keys heading to the only people he knew of that would be stupid enough to mess with him by taking someone he loves.

You woke up strapped to a chair, you tried to move each of your arms to get free but it was no use. Beside you was a tray filled with weird surgical equipment, you heard a little of the Dread Doctors and what they were capable of but you never thought you would be here, in this situation. You heard the same noise that filled your living room before and the Dread Doctors walked in.

“What do you want with me?” you asked once again since you didn’t get an answer earlier.

“You are an important part of our plans” one of them said.

“What’s the suppose to mean?”.

The Doctor closer to you picked up a long needle, your eyes went wide and you started moving uncontrollably to make it harder for them to do anything. The needle was so close to piercing your skin when sudden Theo ran through the door. A wave of confusion washed over you, why was Theo here? How did he know where you were?

“We had a deal” he yelled at the Dread Doctors.

“What’s going on Theo?” you asked him.

The Dread Doctors turned their attention to him, “Deals can be broken.” one of them said.

“Don’t you dare touch her! She isn’t apart of this!”

Watching the scene unfold right in front of your eyes you couldn’t believe that your own brother was working with the Dread Doctors.

All 3 looked towards one another and within seconds they were gone. Theo rushed over to you untying the shackles that were keeping you bound, “Did they hurt you?”. You didn’t trust yourself to physically speak so you just shook your head, to indicate no.

This was the very reason why Theo was acting shady, he didn’t want you to learn that he was in league with the newest evil in Beacon Hills. How could he have lied to you for so long? How could you trust your own brother after this? He slowly lifted you from the chair and drove you home.

“I don’t know if they’ll be back, so maybe I should just stay with you to make sure they don’t try anything again”.

Both of you stopped near your bedroom, “I need to be alone Theo”. You opened the door and closed it shut leaving Theo out in the hallway.

Jay Park - Aftermath

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For five straight minutes you were just sitting there on the couch with your laptop on top of your legs, laughing nonstop. You were laughing so hard that you even had tears in the brim of your eyes. 

“Everything ok?” Jay looked at your crouched body with an amused and confused smile on his face. By now you were lying on the couch, holding your stomach because it hurt from laughing so much.

“What are you watching?” He asked with a trace of disbelief in his tone, wondering what on earth could make you lose yourself in laughter like that.

“Ju Kyung sent me a video,” you told him in between laughter, making him even more curious. He put his cup of coffee down onto the counter and walked over to you to see it himself. You turned your laptop around and pressed play.

“Oh god,” he groaned and snapped your laptop close only after the first few seconds. He knew that video too well. It has been the talk of the day in the office and he had to endure endless teasing because of it. 

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Friday has come at last, and I am so relieved, even though I still had to wake at five and I have to go to work with the knowledge that someone else got the job I wanted (though I still haven’t heard from the company myself). I have to put that behind me and focus on the good.

When I got home last night I picked up my brand new laptop (and the silver God shall be named Bucky and the clear protective casing shall be covered in Avengers’ decals…though they had no Black Widow ones 😭). And I was invited to interview with a company I have been trying to get a job with for the last five years. So…progress.

When you think to yourself about how fortunate you are being on your laptop/computer right now, or using your phone or reading a book or whatever it may be, and then you try to put your self into the shoes of that oppressed 14 year old boy that’s witnessing his mother being raped or his family being slaughtered in front of his eyes…

It really hits you.

Maybe they suffer this pain in this life but the gardens of heaven await them, and we have this peace, warmth here but His Punishment, the Hellfire is what awaits us.

This Is Why

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Requested by anonymous:  Hi hi That’s my boy was great! :)))))))) Could you pretty please do one where Stiles and the reader go home after a pack battle with Theo and the reader gets hurt (twisted ankle and light scratches) and Stiles cuddles with the reader and they watch her/his favorite movie and there’s lots and lots of fluffiness and cuteness. Pleasee? I’d really appreciate it!!! But no rush if you’re working on other things!! :D <3


WORDS: 241


A/N: Thank u so much! I hope u like it!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Stiles put me on his bed and I smile at him.

“Thank you.” I look at him.

“No problem. I’m so glad you’re fine now.”

“Yeah, me too. My ankle was hurting so bad.”

“I’m going to kill Theo next time I see him.”

“He did that to hurt you not me.”

Stiles sit next to me and I kiss him.

“Do you want to watch a movie?”

I nod.


I lay on his bed and gets his laptop, he turn the lights off and lies next to me. We choose Star Wars and I hug him.

“Thank you for protecting me, Stiles.”

“I didn’t protect you. He hurt you.”

“I’m fine now, that means that you protected me.”

He looks at me.

“Scott helped. I’m not a hero.”

“I’m happy he helped. Because I know that you would try to beat Theo and if he hurt you…”

“At least I will have tried!”

“You’re my hero.”

“I could have done more.”


“I’m not a werewolf, I can’t fight with him, I know it, but if I need one day, I will.”

I look at him; his eyes were focused on the screen.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“You’re changing the subject.”

“I’m not.”

His eyes meet mine and I smile.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Thank you for caring me.”

“You were hurt I wouldn’t let you walk.”

“This is why you’re my hero.”

He smiles.

“Thank you.”

Every Soldier

Requested by Anon

Prompt: Can you do a Bucky x Reader where the reader is clumsy, and the more nervous she gets the clumsier she is. Also the reader is out going but not all the time, like she is energetic and out going for a bit then very introverted a bit later? Thanks love ya

Warnings: I have a potty mouth

You couldn’t believe this was happening! This couldn’t be happening! Was this really happening? You rushed through the halls of Stark Industries at blinding speeds for someone in heels, ignoring the papers flying from your arms, not letting anything holding you back. You had just heard that Tony was on his way to the building to investigate a hacking program that had been traced to this specific building. You knew you shouldn’t have brought your laptop in, you knew it was a bad idea to try to piggyback off Stark tech…but how could you resist?! You could see him heading up the glass elevator, mere moments away from stepping out onto the floor, watching a small holographic screen being projected by his watch. The word “shit” just poured from your mouth over and over again as you watched him step out of the elevator, ending in an “Oh fuck!” as you careened into one of your coworkers as a result of you not watching where you were going. Papers flew up in the air to flutter down like snowflakes as you rounded the corner to your cubicle slamming the laptop closed just in time to look up to see Tony watching you from the next cubicle over, he smiled brightly to you as he watched the color leave your face…busted.

“Is this your machine?” He asked pointing to the laptop grinning. “Because this is an impressive piece of work. I don’t recall ever seeing a laptop that could run a program as heavy as that on the market.” He added as your head dropped back behind you. You had no words, you were sure you were going to lose your job over this.

“I made it.” You muttered as you combed your fingers through your hair, suddenly realizing how out of breath you were.

“Obviously…But you didn’t just buy parts and put it together. The specs of that program…Which I’m assuming you did yourself as well.” He rambled as he picked up your laptop with one hand. Your eyes went wide as he juggled your baby, looking for the access point to see the innards. “…I know the parts those computer companies put out. How did you do it?”

“I…I just did…Please be careful Mr. Stark. That is at least $11,000 and a year of my life you have in your hand.” You pleaded as you watched him examine it, now entirely confused as to what was going on.

“You mean the program, the operating system or the computer?” He asked looking up to you, no way you could have done all that…

“All of it.” You answered in a shaky tone as your legs began to wobble, your feet starting to burn from standing in the heels.

“Okay well don’t bother coming to the office tomorrow.” He said rather matter of factly as he set down the computer. As he did you sunk back toward the chair you had left by your desk, feeling sure you were about to cry. “Instead I want you at the Tower. How does 11am sound?” You felt the fabric of the chair just barely brush against your bottom and back as the wheels took the chair, letting you slide right to the ground.

“Umm…Sounds great…Thank you Mr. Stark!” You replied as you picked yourself up, beaming with joy.

~ ~ ~ ~

You looked around the shiny white room that once was Dr. Banner’s lab eyes wide and mouth agape as you clutched the laptop close to your chest. Tony explained to you that ever since JARVIS was put into The Vision he had been looking for a new computer’s person, FRIDAY was good, just not good enough, especially for the task you were here to do. HYDRA may have fallen, but there were bases all over the world that were still at the very least semi-functional…no personnel, but active equipment that might hold the answers that he needed. On a stark white counter sat a metal arm with a red star painted on the shoulder, bits of severed metal and scorched wire sticking out the end. He barely finished telling you what he wanted when you announced you were done, schematics of the arm showing on your screen. Over the next few weeks you read all the information any HYDRA base had to offer on The Winter Soldier, a sympathy growing for him with each word you read. Finally you asked Tony where the soldier was now…

“You know…I built this program with human computer interaction in mind…” You mused after he told you the story. “And one could equate conditioning like that to a virus…” From there the two of you figured out the best way to bring Bucky out of the ice would be to deprogram him with a new arm. You built the program and Tony built the arm to put it in…the worst part was making sure you didn’t wipe out any of the man hiding behind the monster.

~ ~ ~ ~

Bucky’s vision was blurry as he opened his eyes for the first time in far too long, the sedation working its way out of his system and you weren’t nearly done tweaking the small barely noticeable computer chip that was interacting with the electric impulses being relayed back and forth between his brain and his arm. You were so busy typing away at the laptop that you didn’t even notice his beautiful steely blue eyes looking up to you, working and fighting to make out the image of the one who woke him. He watched as you chewed on a straw blissfully unaware that you were the first person he saw as you finished up your work, one hand typing away like the easiest thing in the world the other hovering over the glass of water the straw came from. He could feel the change in his mind, like a weight lifted off his shoulders. “You must be an angel.” He muttered, startling you just enough to knock the glass off the table you had been working at shattering across the floor with a yelp of surprise.

You held a look of almost fear as your eyes traveled from the broken glass on the floor up to the newly woken soldier, hoping, praying that your coding and programing was correct. You were a tech girl, not a fighter. Infact, you were sure if you tried doing any of the stuff the others did you would just fall flat on your face as a best case scenario. Bucky just chuckled as he watched you, a soft boyish smile stretching over his lips. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding seeing this, taking it as an indication that you had done your job correctly. “No angel…just a programmer.” You proudly explained the science behind what you did to his brain with all the excitement of a kid on christmas, still amazed that this worked. “I did my best to relieve you of all the effects of HYDRA, but it is still very possible you’ll be seeing some side effects.” You explained as you pulled the cord from your laptop, wrapping it loosely around your hand as you rolled your chair towards him, refusing to let another klutz-tastic moment ruin this for you. You took comfort in the small crackle of glass under the wheels of your chair, knowing that you were safe from your accident prone self for now. “But something like that we can work on together.” You added before the wheels caught a piece too big to go over. Your forward momentum threw you from the chair. Bucky’s eyes widened as he jumped up from the table to wrap an arm around you to save you from the broken glass scattered across the floor.

“Careful now doll. Sounds to me like you’re someone we need to keep around.” He half joked as he looked down into the eyes of the angel that saved him from himself.

~ ~ ~ ~

As the months passed Bucky always made sure he was there to catch you for every trip and every stumble, each time holding you just a little bit longer than the last as he waited for you to steady yourself once more. He loved being able to catch your clumsy moments, he found them endearing, even the times you nearly took him down with you. Over time you began to wonder if your coordination was getting worse of if he just made you weak in the knees…He became your ultimate distraction, you loved finding time to talk with him, learning about the life before he became his own worst enemy, and he loved that you cared enough to ask. It wasn’t until you sat in on your first training session and saw Bucky moving in that beautiful deadly grace that you realized it was the later of the two. While the others worked to keep their bodies at the peak of human perfection you sat in a corner with your face buried in your laptop trying your best to not watch as Bucky removed his shirt to continue to sweat on everything.

“Hey, why doesn’t (Y/N) train with us?” Bucky asked as he snuck glances to you. Hearing this your head perked up, your eyes fixed on him.

“Because I am uncoordinated as hell and will probably kill myself!” You shouted from across the room with a laugh. “Don’t try to drag me into your physical torture Barnes. I signed on to be a computer girl.” You joked as you held your laptop in the air.

“Every soldier should know how to protect themselves Doll.” He insisted as he left his sparring partner. You could feel your heart moving faster and harder every step he took as you moved yourself deeper into the seat to the point that the front legs of the chair lifted up off the ground. You couldn’t think as to why you were so nervous around him…you have literally been poking around inside him, how much more intimate could it get? You could feel yourself wobbling as your feet left the floor without your permission, your hands gripping tighter on your computer as you began to tip back. But before gravity took you crashing downward the sweet musky smell of Bucky’s sweat hit your nostrils as his fingers wrapped around the back of the chair pulling you to him. “I won’t always be around to save you.” Though you tried to respond all you could let out was a stutter of syllables, your words stuck in your throat as all you could think about was the blue of his eyes and the feel of his arms around you. He slowly, gently pushed the laptop closed…not even Tony was aloud to touch that computer. The others took notice, they always did while the two of you were interacting.

“Bucky, are you really sure giving (Y/N) a firearm is a good idea? She can barely handle a cup of coffee safely.” Tony joked as the others silently backed away at the idea of you handling a weapon.

“Yes! That!” Your hand shot up pointing to Tony, liking your friend’s point. “Very much that!”

Bucky just laughed as he removed the computer from your lap. “You just need some confidence doll.” He said with a smile as he lifted you up from your seat, forcing you to stand as he lead you towards the shooting range.

“I really don’t like this idea.” You continued to protest as the others kept as far away as possible. You cradled the gun like it could go off any second, terrified of it, having no understanding of how firearms really worked outside of ‘pull finger, go bang’.

Bucky nestled himself behind you, wrapping himself around you as he showed you the proper way to hold the weapon, his muscles moving over yours as he lined up the shot for you. “I’ve got you Doll, it’s alright.” He cooed in your ear making you melt from the inside out before you felt his scruffy cheek against yours and his surprisingly soft lips press a kiss against your cheek, giving you just enough of a shock to tense your entire body. BANG. He held you firmly in place as you opened your eyes, still barely whimpering from the surprise of the weapon going off. “Knew you could do it.” He whispered letting his lips brush against your ear as he drew your attention to the target…dead center.


Tease. Flirt!

For the prompt thingy, I thought you could do number 2 as the reader saying it to Bucky as a friend at the beginning but teasing like this goes back and forth and it goes onto flirting? I don’t know if I out too much detail in there. 😁 If you do do it, please tag me, I would want to miss it!

Prompt number: 2
2. Protect your eyes because they’re the only pair of balls you have!

Rating: T+

This is for @berrystained - I know you wanted me to tag you, darling! Hope you (all) enjoy.

“Why does oh young (Y/N) look pissed?“

I know that Bucky is being nice to me and he’s trying to put a smile on my face, but… Oh what the heck.

“Shut up, Buck.” With a roll of my eyes and a flash of my smile, he knew he was winning.

“DON’T tell me to shut up, other wise you’ll have to bear the… consequences.”

“No you can’t. Protect your eyes because they’re the only pair of balls you have!” A sarcastic gasp left his mouth and the war started. Putting down my laptop, which had been on my lap this whole time, I stood up - my confidence dropped, since I was like a dwarf compared to him - yet it didn’t show… I wasn’t going to let him take advantage.

Giving me a sour expression, he continued, "how’s the floor down there?”

He crouched down giving me a sympathetic look. Taking the chance, I kicked him - softly enough - sending him a couple of steps back and onto the floor.

Sitting on top of him, "I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me how the floor is.”

“Well, the floor is being nice to me. But the pretty girl on top of me? Not so much.”

An electrifying warmth went straight to my cheeks, tinting them a crimson red.

"Well, maybe you should tell her… Maybe it’s her way to get your attention- I mean I’m assuming.” rolling over and standing up, I brushed the minuscule pieces of dust off of my top.

“y'know, I heard that this pretty girl finds you hot.” Embarrassment started to prepare itself.

“well maybe I find her hot too. Make sure you tell her.” He took a step towards me, rapid heartbeats filled my body with adrenaline.

“Maybe I will tell her.” I couldn’t stop myself from smiling, he couldn’t too.

“Tell her to meet me at the cafe downtown at 4pm, tomorrow.” He pointed towards me with a grin on his perfectly chiseled face.

“i’ll make sure she knows.” laughter filled the room, yet he stopped mid-laughter.

“did we just refer to you in 3rd person?” he pointed out. He was correct.

“i think we did. huh” i shrugged my shoulders.

“well, 4pm tomorrow, don’t forget.” after a wink was sent my ways, he walked backwards, into the elevator; not taking his eyes off of me until the doors closed.

A/N: hope it was okay. love you

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a nonbinary 19 year old who has a very good chance of being homeless tomorrow. I'm trying to pack just in case, but the only time I've ever been close to homeless was when I had to live with a friend for a few months. I don't really know what I should pack.

omg pls come off anon and talk to me some more, if you have skype we can skype.

be careful about weight. im going to list off everything i can think of since time is of the essence but youre going to have to problem solve and dont be afraid to drop things that are heavy if you cant figure out a way to take just a little bit of it. 

pack all the first aid shit you can find. neosporin, band aids of different sizes, ALCOHOL PADS, that moleskin stuff for blisters, and i highly recommend either buying or stealing “blood stop” gauze from wallgreens or whatever- it could save your life dude, depending on the cut (when blood hits the gauze it turns into a gel and forms an instant scab- read the directions). if you cant get to a wallgreens or whatever, then put some flour in a plastic baggie. you can sprinkle flour on deep cuts and itll do the same thing as blood stop gauze, just not as neatly. 

be careful about books. i know being homeless is like, when you wish you had books to read the most, but please keep it minimal. stash your books and heavy shit with someone you trust if you can, and only take whats necessary. your shoulders will thank you later.

take socks. as many as you can possibly bring, TRUST ME. if you have to, just take one outfit with layers you can take on or off- i recommend a thermal long sleeved shirt if you have one, since theyre thin and light but under a coat theyll retain more heat than 3 shirts. even if you live in a warm area, it might get cold at night. 

youll need some sort of canteen for water. try to avoid reusing plastic bottles since the chemicals will leech into the water, esp if its out in the sun for a while. try to find a stainless steel or idk that “special plastic” kind of water bottles. try to get the biggest one you can find. 

some “little things” that make a big difference: CARABINERS, sharpies, pens, scissors, xacto knife, paracord/rope/hemp string, SEWING NEEDLES OF DIFFERENT SIZES AND DENTAL FLOSS (it will stretch and hold better than thread!!), handkerchiefs, 

be careful with how you pack your phone charger and stuff like that, so your cord doesnt get twisted up and ruined at the seams. be careful with being visibly homeless with a phone, tablet, laptop, whatever. be sneaky and paranoid when you search out outlets to charge shit on, or if you have some change buy a coffee and charge stuff inside somewhere so you dont seem so vulnerable.

other info id like to share depends on where you find yourself, in a city, small town, or the woods. pls message me if you want to talk more ill answer privately.

for protection and safety, esp as a nb person- i would highly recommend a switchblade that clips into your pocket. its useful anyways but its a small comfort when youre trying to sleep somewhere all alone and relatively unsafe/vulnerable, i always sleep with my hand resting on my knife/hip when i’m totally alone.

another route is making a smiley. find a padlock (or something similar with the same weight and ring to secure with) and a handkerchief- i would recommend sewing the handherchief shut around the lock with several rows of dental floss, but you can just tie it. its a blunt weapon and you should never bring it out unless your life is in danger. i keep mine in my back pocket and ive only ever had to arrange it so the handkerchief was fluffed out and it would have been easy to grab- the trick is to wrap it around your hand as you pull it out so it becomes more difficult to knock away than a knife, etc. ive never had to pull a smiley out on someone, thank god. if you have one dont tell anybody, ever ever. keep it your self-defense secret.

dont hop trains unless its an emergency or last resort, a lot of homeless people talk it up like subculture pride (if youre in a city youll meet train hoppers) but beware of oogle train hoppers who act like its easy and totally safe. anyone who has rode a train often enough has almost died or watched someone die, and ive met multiple people who have been lured out by a “knowledgeable train hopper” and they tried to kill them after they got on the train- its a gang thing. avoid trains i dont care how cool people make it out to be. 

umm this turned into general advice and if you tell me your situation more (anon or off) i could give more specific advice but like. yeah. be careful. if youre ever homeless on the west coast esp northern california pls contact me i can like give you names and phone numbers and REAL advice

please like above all else, no matter how bad it gets please hang in there. please hold on to your self worth the best you can, try to stay genuine but please dont trust ANYONE too much. be polite and dont talk too much or give too much personal information away. if youre introverted you may need to create a “Second You” in your head that talks to people because you have to socialize to survive, depends on your situation. if you’re going to be homeless for a while, get the fuck out of the cities, they’re trouble. send me another ask if you need any more details. while you have internet/a phone charge look up all the local feeds and food pantries, stock up on peanut butter or almond butter. its worth its weight. try to get a sleeping bag as soon as you can in the darkest color you can find. 

ugh idk theres so much idk pls send me more questions if you have them

Sexting; N.M.-Part 10

*3 weeks later*

I sat on the edge of my bed while Derek gave me lecture on drinking. Um, last time I checked, in a human, not some dog who he can boss around all of the time.

“Derek, the last time I checked your my boyfriend, not my dad ok?”

“I’m just looking out for you baby”

“You weren’t like this before…” I murmured under my breath.

“Well that was before I walked in on you and Nate. That can really change a person”

It’s been about 3 weeks since we got back together and he will not let it go. Granted that if I did walk into our room to see Derek fucking another girl, I would worry 24/7 about him. But, he might have taken this one a little too far. He hasn’t let me go anywhere or let me out of his sight. This is the first time he let me go anywhere, without him, since we got back together. I knew he didn’t trust me and I understand that. But I would appreciate it if he didn’t tell me what to do.

I chuckled in false humor, “stop making me sound like some horrible person who didn’t sacrifice my our feelings to protect you”

“Well you clearly didn’t give a fuck about my feelings while you fucked 2 of my friends!”

“Ok first of all, I was drunk the 1st time. And the second time, I only did it to protect you!”

He shook his head and walked towards our bedroom door, “fine. I’m done trying to fix us. You broke my heart”

“Yeah well now you’re breaking mine”

-4 months later-

“Babe”, I looked up from my laptop and smiled at my boyfriend to only be met by a scowl on his face and something behind his back. p>

“Hey babe. What’s up?”

“What the hell is this!?” I saw that he had my phone and on the screen where old messages between me and Nate.

“Oh. That’s nothing” I said. “I didn’t think they mattered and why are you going through my phone.”

I stood up and grabbed my phone from him.

“Do you have something to hide!” He said, a little too calmly.

“Jesus Dylan! It’s my phone! It’s not yours and I don’t like the fact that you went through it, without my permission! Do you not trust me!“ I yelled.

“Stop putting words into my mouth”

“I’m not putting words into your mouth” I retorted, “what if I went though your phone huh?”

“Shut up, damn. You always have something smart to say” he said while walking away I chuckled sarcastically,

“don’t tell me what to do”

He stopped and turned around, jaw clenched and fists at his sides,

“what did you just say to me?” He said through gritted teeth.

I swallowed hard, “I said don’t tell me what to do” I said lowly.

He slapped me.

He fucking slapped me.

“Next time, this won’t happen. Just think about what you say to me”

“O-ok” I said.

“When I get back, dinner better be ready” he said while walking out the front door. I stared out the window and watched his car speed down the road until I couldn’t see it anymore. I grabbed my purse from the table and started to walk towards the front door. I pulled out my phone and texted Nate.

Carter: are you busy rn?

Nate: no why? What happened?

Carter: I’ll explain later, but can I come over?

Nate: yeah sure, just be careful Carter: I will


“So he just slapped you” Nate said while placing 2 cups of hot chocolate on his wooden table and sitting across from me. I nodded while picking up my mug.

“What a dick” I heard him mumble under his breathe.

“Yeah-” I was cut off by the door bell.

Nate for up and answered it.

“Yeah, sure come in” I heard Nate say.

Was it Dylan? I thought

The person rounded the corner and it was a really pretty, blonde girl.

“Oh, Carter this is Emily, Sammy’s sister, Emily, this is Carter, Derek’s ex”

“It’s nice to meet you” Emily said.

Damn, nice and pretty?

“I called Emily here to help you”

“Help me with what?” I said,

“With that” he said, gesturing to my outfit…