is lame ay

[the first note of holding onto you plays] 

[rises from the dead] 




reasons why yall've been sleeping on taewoon
reasons why yall've been sleeping on taewoon

with taewoon’s upcoming appearance on show me the money 4, I’ve only seen a few people talkin’ about it, and about taewoon’s abilities in general.

folks you don’t know how good the man is.

since I think this is very unfair for him I’ve just put together some parts that I find impressive and really like.

press play.

yeah. and I’ve only used three songs. (focus, blind, I’ve got a wing)

oh but don’t thank me you’re very much welcome.

now be nice and show him some support, get his mixtapes, listen to his songs, jam on his flow and orgasm on his voice.

[!!!] I’m turning this post into fangirling Live! updates for the MAMAs

yay! a Black person on the big screen during 2015 MAMA , doing an intro to “Best music video” nominees with other fans from different countries.

edit #1: They used her for another thing as well but i didn’t get to screen shot it, she was with a Korean guy putting headphones in his ear.

edit #2: MAMA shed light on charity that also helped Africans <3 and performed a song for them, so sweet!

edit #3: jessi and hyuna fucking the stage up slaying omg!!

edit #4: they showed a black guy in the audience fanboying over Hyuna lol!

edit: #5: this audience is so biased only screaming for their faves a little embarrassing for when someone else come on the big screen it’s silent *feels bad*

edit #6 commercial break

edit #7 the streams are so shitty this year! it’s never, ever been this awful!

edit #8 Vernon so handsome sitting in the audience! I’m so proud of seventeen even attending, even though i personally wanted them to win, but it’s all good.

update #9: 1 minute is up!

update #10 it’s back

update #11 are you guys enjoying my lame updates? xD

update #12 AYE! I didn’t know he’s fluent in English, so cute! he messed up a little but he’s doing amazing! (he’s from the show Running man and stuff).

update #13 Kai’s been looking so over everything…probably nervous? (he looking good though)

update #14 jackson looking confused when his pictures showed up on twitter

update #15 EXO finally won something!

update #16 I SAW A BLACK GIRL IN THE AUDIENCE turn up black fangirl



update #19 SEVENTEEN PERFORmance UNIT wowwowow!!! doing flips and shit slayed!

update #20 I’m not over this shit! ok! I thought Seventeen wasn’t going to perform, so my weave has officially been snatched! lol i never say that, but what ever!

update #21 done with mingyu bias ruiner!

update #22 “Best vocal performance” AILEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE HAS THE BEST VOICE I’M GLAD she won! she deserves it!!!

update #23 Alright grandpa JYP getting nasty

update #24 GOT7 singing “shake that booty, that booty booty” lol! they’re too hype

update #25 granddpa jyp still getting nasty. yall see this?

update #26 yay the audience screamed for EXID, fav girl group even though they’re not even there :(

update #27 CL is on!! with the same dance crew ass and vags every where in the air, I gotta see idols reactions

update #28 OMG ALL OF 2NE1!!!!!!!!!! ARE ON STAGE!!

update #29 BOM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

update #30 so pet shop boys aren’t black :(  [special guest and stage] I thought they were only doing performance, let me cry! there’s no beyonce’ or nicki minaj lol!

update #31 exo are performing now!!!!!!!

update #32 yassss give lay that breakdowwwn solo

update #33 LIGHTSABER IS MY JAM!!!! Wish it was longer and having a lightsaber or two …..shit spokee too soon they have lightsaberrs in thi r hands fuk it up exo!!! <3

update #34 performing “drop that” chanyeol rapping his heart out! and kai!!! <3

update #35 i’m confused lol this song is a mix of rap, rock, christmas? xiumin wearing a red nose and santa hat! xD

update #36 CHEN HITTING THAT LONG, HIGH ASS NOTE OMG! GET IT CHEN!!!!!!!!!! AND CHanyeol dancing like he in a trap rap music video (like that dance vernon does lol!)

update #37 My head was hurting so i doped up on some ibpro (it’s like tylenol lol!)

update #38 commercial break! thank GOD I need to calm down! xD

update #39 SHINee is about to perform! (and snatch my edges)


update #41 Zion T. just won an award, with  his baby making music. he’s awesome! love his style and music.

update #42 Big Bang performing now! “Loser”

update #43 Now “Bae Bae”

update #44 lmao BIG BANG is so extra!  including Seungri messing with EXO

update #45 parris goebel on the stage front and center! WOC YASSSS and the audience cheered for her loud!! <3 now “bang bang bang”

update #46 BTS my kidz just won an award and rapmon giving thanks to all fans all over thee world in English! <3

update #47  best male group is about to be announced, it’ll be intense af

update #48  EXO WON!!!! (Best male group)

update #49 f(x) performing their 70s, on acid song. ( pretty catchy, makes me want to eat mushrooms).

update #50 aw, no one cheered for the pet shop boys like they did the past year guests (who were all black). …just saying… #imabitsalty

update #51 this is a perfect time to take a pee break

update #52 it doesn’t look like the audience is feeling this omg :( but Amber singing is nice!! <3

update #53 “Song of the year” is about to be announced! *intense af again*

update #54 Big Bang won! “Bang bang bang”! T.O.P looking soo handsome!

update #55 EXO won album of the year!

update #56 Artist of the year is about to be announced, one of the biggest awards of the night, because a lot of people are nominated!

update #57 Big bang won

update #58 Let’s change this award show from MAMA to SM vs. YG. basically that’s what it feels like. (98% of the wins are jyp, sm, yg, kinda feel bad for the others, even though they all worked hard…)

update #59 this is a 5 hour show lort

update #60 PSY is about to perform , last one of the night

update #61 I missed a few things in the beginning, (streaming problems) but i was a bit bored in the beginning, and contemplating to make live updates and honestly, I woke up when Truedy performed.  and then Jessi came on stage and Hyuna and they slayed me!

update #62 it’s over!