is kinda weird sometimes

given that it was in the general mold of kid’s cartoons to avoid making direct pop culture references, and instead rely on really blatant parodies and expys, it was almost kinda surreal when it was established that george clooney exists in the danny phantom universe and is mentioned by name


takin’ a break, enjoyin’ the view

Fake Chats #91
  • Hoseok: hey, Jungkookie.
  • Jungkook: what's up?
  • Hoseok: you're getting all jeonlous again.
  • Jungkook: I'm what?
  • Hoseok: jeonlous, you know, the "Jungkook being jealous" thing?
  • Jungkook: no?
  • Hoseok: don't you keep up with fan trends?
  • Jungkook: kinda, but they get a little...weird, sometimes.
  • Hoseok: well, the point is, you're being jealous again.
  • Jungkook: I am not.
  • Hoseok: *raises eyebrows*
  • To be continued:
FNAF Stuff Incoming

This isn’t really a “theory” but it’s still something worth pointing out.

Baby is… weird.

Like really fucking weird.

She kidnaps you, acts like kinda like a sidekick sometimes, uses you for her own personal gain at the end, tells you a shit-ton of lore, has a high, almost childish voice, and doesn’t look menacing at all. Maybe creepy, but not menacing.

Well in Night 5 she tell you that she’s going to get scooped and needs you to type in some sort of code or whatever. But she says something at the start of when you meet her:

“I’m pretending… Remember how I said I could pretend?…”

I didn’t really understand that whole pretending stuff until I noticed something.

She’s gone limp.

You know what other characters are limp?

Golden Freddy and Plushtrap are both also limp, heck, their heads are pointed in the same side to top it off.

This sounds like it makes no sense until you dive deeper.

Golden Freddy first appears as a poster, then appears in your office after you hear a young girl’s laugh, possibly Baby’s. It does nothing for a few seconds, but then turns hostile and attacks you. It’s pretending.

Plushtrap appears in the little minigame after you beat a night in FNAF 4. When you shine a light onto it, it turns limp. While your light is not shined on Plushtrap, it runs around the side corridors and gets closer and closer. It’s also pretending.

idk maybe it’s just me being over-speculative, but it’s still something to think about :P

so here’s a kinda weird. thing. that happens sometimes in our house……once in a while - not often, maybe 2 or 3 times a year - a small chiptune-ish snippet of some kids’ song (the kind that those plushies that play music have) will play from under the stairs, and it’s kinda broken as if whatever it’s coming from is low on batteries. we’ve given up on locating the source and we don’t know what triggers it since it’s always kinda random, but we’ve just accepted that this is a Thing that happens

except just now, the same kinda music came from under the stairs, but instead of the usual children’s song it was playing We Wish You A Merry Christmas and now i’m honestly convinced we’re being haunted by a broken toy because what the Fuck

Love GNC girls who go by male (nick)names, hairy arms, legs, armpits, and a ‘stache, short-masculine haircuts, born with masculine features or purposefully pass as male, intentionally uses pronouns which aren’t she/her…?

Amazing honestly. We’re all angels 😇😇

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a.- age: 20

b.- biggest fear: suffering

c.- current time: 2:26pm (when i started now it’s 3:37 lol these things always take me forever)

d.- drink you last had: water

e.- every day starts with: clawing my way out of sleep, hoping it’s still morning, realizing it’s 12:45. coffee. leftovers.

f - favorite song: idk really but i do love Tessa Violet’s Make Me a Robot

g.- ghosts, are they real: i mean who knows but for my own sanity I pretend they aren’t.

h.- hometown: I spent 80% of my life on this tiny island like it’s so small there isn’t even like separate towns really. but for 4 years i lived in small city and that was nice

i.- in love with: all the food i can’t eat (pls i’d die for some rice or ice cream)

j.- jealous of: idk i try not to harbor negative feelings yk but like i guess tbh ppl who can eat whatever tf they want and not be sick cause i have to work so hard lmao (and i’m still sick lol)

k.- killed someone: sometimes i feel guilty if i accidentally kill a homie bug

l.- last time you cried: HA *to the tune of Party Rock Anthem* everyday i’m suffering *blows nose to the beat drop* (this meme is so old i’m sorry)

m.- middle name: Angela

n.- number of siblings: un

o.- one wish: all my health problems would just go away lol or endless money

p.- person i last called/texted: mom for both lol

q.- question you’re always asked: are your eyelashes real (they are)

r.- reason to smile: pets! animals are so good and pure

s. - song last sung: Make Me a Robot probably lol sometimes it gets stuck in my head when i’m falling asleep

t. - time you woke up: 12:45pm ish

u. - underwear color: navy blue w different color snowflakes on it and lil mint/teal bows ^_^

v. - vacation destination: idk i’ve always wanted to just explore someplace at leisure like maybe ireland cause it’s supposed to be so beautiful and the main language is english lol or italy cause @kage-yawn can be my guide haha ^_^

w. - worst habit: bitting my nailsssss it’s really bad

x. - x-rays you’ve had: like so many lol i’ve never broken anything but i’ve got a lot of structural problems

y. - your favorite food: i really like custards, like creme brulee and panacotta and mouse. just sweets in general really.

z. - zodiac: scorpio sun, leo ascendant, taurus moon. i think, but tbh scorpio is the only one that’s ever correct tho

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I love reading fanfics but there's a time when I just like wtf? "how can they be from that wall and.. what's with the position??" like, dude I problem with imagining things and also that "low growl in John's throat" I can't help but imagine a dog growling for food. help me.

This happens to me too oh my god. Sometimes the descriptions of positions confuse me so much and I just stop my effort at picturing them lmao. and sometimes descriptions are kinda weird. I am not shaming the writers. i am shaming my own ability xD


every day i thank the cosmos for the fact that symmetra exists because honestly she is the only character in widespread media that i can name who is not only autistic but also slammin hot

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1: i’m brazilian
2: i’m really gay for halsey
3: i love theatre sm
4: i just see my best friend once a year but she is the best person that I ever met.
5: when Idk how to speak a word in english I got kinda of a british accent (?)
6: i’m weird
7: I draw sometimes
8: i’m doing journalism on uni but I don’t really like it
9: i don’t like bread
10: i have a cute dog!!!
11: I have anxiety

Questions to answer:
1- zodiac sign: pisces
2- how tall are you? 5'3’’
3- favorite stores to shop at: kokopie shop
4- 3 things that you love: theatre, california and van gogh
5- favorite icecream flavor: chocolate
6- biggest pet peeve? People coming into my room without knocking on the door
7- 3 favorites songs right now: hurricane - halsey, I write sins not tragedies - panic! At the disco and stressed out - twenty one pilots
8- favorite tv shows: stranger things, sense8, oitnb, himym, modern family
9- eye color: dark brown
10- last movie you watched: mean girls
11- favorite cartoon: spongebob i think

I TAG: @cao-dorgado@manola-das-dorgas@rewitalizacja@larosis@anterohs@softestgay@innocencelost-art@earrth–angel And anyone who want to do this
My questions for you:
1- where do you live?
2- what do you like the most in your best friend?
3- your favorite song
4- your favorite movie
5- the name of your crush
6- the last day that you cry and why
7- dog or cat?
8- favorite color
9- do you belive in angels?
10- the cutest thing that someone ever did to you
11- what do you like in yourself?
Love you all 🌼

so I have 2 versions of this, because I couldn’t get the colouring of the first one right :p I obviously still need to practice alot but I just really wanted to give you something I made myself instead of just stuff I bought c:

Happy valentines, I love you♡

Nightmare: Liam Dunbar

Sorry if this one sucks its just that I get a lot of Liam requests and they’re all kinda the same so sometimes the wording and expression is weird because I’m trying to change them up a little bit! Enjoy anyway!

“Do you have enough pillows? Or blankets? Or would you prefer my bed. Or I could just bring down the cover? Are you sure it’s enough?” Scott fretted, juggling yet more blankets.

“Scott.” I laugh, grabbing onto his shoulder to steady him. “Scott, I can’t even see the couch.” I laugh again looking at the mountain of covers and cushions I was supposed to sleep on.

“Sorry.” Scott smiles, “Just wanted to make sure you were comfortable.” I smile warmly and catch him in a quick hug. “Night Scott.” I say as I sit unsteadily on a particularly wobbly pile of cushions.

“I’m just upstairs if you need me.” He says as he begins to walk out. “And if something happens happens just…” Scott paused, unsure on what to say. He and I both knew my fighting skills were practically non-existent.

“I’ll scream.” I answer and Scott grinned, nodding as he ascended the stairs, yelling a last goodnight.

I began moving all the cushions and blankets onto the spare bed, smiling at his sweetness. And silliness. Eventually I had managed to shift the mountain and flopped down on the couch, completely exhausted as I switch off the lamp, snuggling down to go to sleep.

BEEP BEEP BEEP my phone rang, lighting up the room with a dull blue glow. I groaned loudly, fumbling around on the floor for it, my eyes still shut. I don’t even look at the caller before pressing accept.

“Hello?” I mumble, rubbing my eyes.

“Y/N! Y/N is that you?” Liam’s frenzied voice filled my ears. “Yeah, it’s me. Why what’s wrong?” I sat up more in bed, slowly working through the bleariness of deep sleep.

“I h-had another ni-nightmare.” He gasped. “And I’m scared Y/N, I’m really scared.” Liam’s voice broke off at the end as he took a deep breath.

“It’s okay. I’ll phone you back okay? I promise I’ll make everything better. Liam?” I asked and Liam breathed out an okay before the line went dead.

I kicked off my blanket before jumping out of bed and running up the stairs and bursting into Scott’s room. Immediately he jumped awake, red eyes at the ready.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asked urgently. “Liam had a nightmare and phoned me. What do I do? How can I make it better?” I rush, feeling myself start to panic.

“Go to him. He phoned you. He needs you.” Scott says as he picks up a set of keys on his bedside table. “Here take my mum’s car, oh and these.” He picks up another set of keys. “This one is to Liam’s front door.” He says, showing me a particularly shiny key.

“Go.” Scott says and I turn back out the room before, “And Y/N?” I stop in the door frame. “Make sure he’s okay for me.” Scott says and I nod before beginning to run back down the stairs and barely stopping to shove my feet into some shoes.

I phone Liam back but he doesn’t pick up and my worry for the beta sky rockets as I throw myself into the car and start it up.

I go way over the speed limit as I cut the normal 15 minute journey to Liam’s house in half, pulling into his driveway, noticing the fact there was no other cars there.

I fumble with the key in the lock for a moment before finally managing to slot it in and throwing the door open. I bound up the stairs, not even needing the light to know the way.

I pause just outside of Liam’s door, not wanting to burst in and scare him even more. But I also didn’t want to do that creepy door creaking open scene you see in literally every horror film.

“Liam?” I said softly pushing the door opened. The room was completely dark and I could just make out Liam, sitting bolt upright on his bed, staring at me with glowing eyes. Eyes that were filled with fear.

“Liam?” I said again, walking in cautiously. “You’re not there. You’re not real.” Liam started mumbling over and over, rocking slightly.

I stopped at the side of his bed, frowning in confusion at his words. “What? Liam it’s me.” I leant forward but he flinched away from me.

“You’re not there.” He said again and this time I leant up and caught his chin in my hand. He exhaled at my touch, confirming this wasn’t another part of his dream and wrapped his arms around me.

“It’s okay.” I hush, pressing a kiss to his temple as he breaks down in tears, his body shaking. I run my fingers through his hair shushing him every now and then as his sobs quieten I pull the covers up over him, rocking him gently.

“Go to sleep, sweetheart.” I hush, “Everything will be better in the morning.”

used to be alot easier to write captions bros.  now it’s so hard, i just look and stare and see bros, bros who workout, bros who are numbers, members of a team.  comfrtable in bball shorts, and tall socks look fuckin awesome with baller shorts bro.  thats all I rock.  sometimes wit Nike slides.  out in public where ppl can see.  and im gettin ripped like these bros too, i mean not yet but i will be.  and i mite wanan play on a rec team in town.  wear a fuckin helmet, tho i think i did alot of dammage to my brains already.  sometimes i dont say alot but i used to always be talkin.  i used the wrong words sometimes and its kinda weird.  focused on football lol.  focused on workin out and eatin right and football.  just like these bros.  they understand me bro.  not the ppl i know now.  theyre so boring.  and when they say they dont like football bro or ask me why i watch it im just like kinda mad n shit on the inside.  i dont say alot, cuz theres less goin on upstairs maybe.