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"You dont want me" ladynoir

Ladybug sat at the top of the Eiffel Tower, her head in her hands, wondering how she could have possibly screwed things up SO badly. 

She heard the light footfall of her partner landing behind her. She couldn’t say she was surprised, he had never been one to leave her to stew in her own misery. 

“So…” he drawled, coming and sitting beside her, “that was an interesting broadcast today.” 

“It was a disaster,” she moaned, still not looking up at him, “I should just throw myself off this tower and put myself out of my misery.” 

“Oh come on, it’s not as bad as all that,” Chat said, patting her awkwardly on the back. 

She turned and glared at him. “It was a live stream, Chat! LIVE! It’s out there. Right now!” 

“True,” he conceded, nodding his head, “but it’s not like you said anything horrible. It was kinda cute actually.” 

“You don’t understand,” she moaned, slumping over so until she was curled up in his lap, “I’ve ruined everything! What sort of an idiot starts babbling about their crush on a live broadcast.” 

“Well, apparently you,” Chat said with a light laugh, cautiously reaching forward to play with the ends of her hair, “and about half of the rest of the known world. It could be a lot worse buginette.” 

“Do you think there is a chance he didn’t see it?” she asked hopefully, looking up at her partner’s thoughtful expression. 

He gave her a pitying smile. “I think you’re pretty much out of luck their bugaboo. You already have a ship name and everything. It’s trending on twitter.” 

“Ugh, that’s terrible,” she groaned, curling up tighter and burying her face against his leg. 

“I don’t know,” Chat teased, “I thought Ladrien had kind of a nice ring to it.” 

“This can’t be happening,” she moaned. 

“Hey, come on. What’s this really about? Is it really going to be so awful for the guy to know you like him? He might be flattered.” 

“It’s not that,” Ladybug said softly, “I mean, it’s MORE than that. I haven’t even told him I liked him- as myself, my not Ladybug self I mean. And now… let’s say he does feel flattered? That just means I have made myself my own competition! And it’s not like I can just go up to him and be like: Hey, by the way I’m Ladybug and, as you already know, I’m totally in love with you! Want to date me now?” 

“Oh god,” Chat said with a sudden sense of horror, “there are going to be so many desperate fangirls trying to do that.” 

“I didn’t even think about that! If he didn’t before he’s definitely going to hate me now. I might be the only person in the world who can simultaneously confess to her crush and make it harder for him to notice me!”  

“You really are one of a kind there bugaboo,” Chat said giving her another reassuring pat on the shoulder. 

“And what if this puts him in danger? I mean I might as well have stamped a butterfly tattoo across his back saying property of Ladybug, please exchange for one miraculous!” 

“Please don’t do that. I am told that models need to be very particular about what they put on their skin.” 

“It’s not funny. What if I honestly made him a target?”

“Hey,” Chat said “I promise you, if anything happens I will be the first person on the scene.” 

“Thanks,” she said gratefully, reaching up and catching his hand in her own.

“So, you’re in love with the model boy,” Chat said softly, rubbing his thumb absently against the back of her hand, “gotta say I didn’t see that one coming.” 
“Yeah well, it’s not like it really matters anymore,” she sighed, “it’s not like it would ever happen.” 

He scoffed at her, rolling his eyes theatrically to show his clear contempt for her pessimism. “So tell me My Lady,” he asked shifting slightly so that he could look down at her with a playful smile, “what is it that you see in this guy anyways?” 

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” 

“You don’t want me, so clearly you aren’t after the guy for his looks,” Chat said wiggling his eyebrows flirtatiously. 

“No,” Ladybug laughed, “although they don’t hurt.” 

“Why My Lady, was that you finally admitting that you find me attractive?” 

“You’ve always been attractive and you know it,” she said reaching up and flicking his bell. “As you can see I’ve just had my attentions elsewhere.” 

“Oh so this is a long standing attachment then? How long have you been dreaming of being M’Lady Agreste?” he teased poking her lightly on the nose. 

“Almost from the first day I met him. It will be two years next week,” she said softly. 

“The start of school,” Chat murmured, “you know him then?” 

“yeah,” she admitted reaching blindly around to catch his other hand and pull him to her like a security blanket. “We were in the same class in college and we still have a few classes together now. Plus our friends are dating so we hang out a lot.” 

“You two are close then,” Chat said a little breathlessly, “that… well that certainly clears things up.” 
“Yeah,” Ladybug said, “it’s not just some creepy celebrity crush. I mean, it kind of was that too. I have like 2 dozen photos of him plastered on my wall that I used to practice talking to because for the longest time I could barely string a sentence together around him, it was kind of embarrassing. I got over it eventually, but by that point I didn’t really have the heart to take the pictures down.” 

Chat gave her a warm smile. “I can see it now, you stuttering and tripping and shooting the poor confused boy adorable awkward smiles before running off in the opposite direction.” 

“Shut up,” Ladybug said but she couldn’t help grinning at her partners soft tone and fond smile. “I got better.” 

“I know.” He raised one of her hands to his lips and gave her a delicate kiss. “So you still haven’t told me what you see in this guy,” he challenged, “If I am getting demoted to your rebound choice I deserve to know what I am up against,” he said slyly. 

“He’s kind,” Ladybug smiled, filling with warmth as she thought about her love. “He always wants to see the best in people,and he… he is just good, you know? The kind of goodness that doesn’t come from ignorance or being sheltered, but that has seen pain and and heartache and loss and yet still chooses to be good. 

“That is high praise indeed My Lady.” 

“You aren’t going to make fun of me for this?” 

“No My Lady. If anything I am going to love you more for it.” 

She gave him another grateful smile before sitting up. The sun had begun to set and she knew she should be getting home. She probably had a dozen of so missed calls from Alya waiting for her. 

“Well who knows,” she said attempting to be flippant. “Maybe he’ll finally just reject me and I will change my mind about you Kitty.” 

“Wouldn’t that be a twist,” Chat laughed climbing to his feet and offering her his hand to help her up as well. 

“It would probably be for the best,” she sighed. “It’s not like we can be together. Not with Hawkmoth still on the loose. There is too much at stake. And I don’t know if I could bear having to hide my identity in a relationship.” 

Chat grinned again. “You are very wise My Lady.” 

“Mostly I am just telling myself that so I can feel better,” she admitted and was rewarded with a loud melodious laugh. 

“You know,” he said, eyes twinkling “you are probably right. Clandestine meetings, midnight makeout sessions, it’s probably better to hold out for the real thing.” 


“Besides, I hate to break it to you My Lady but I have a sinking feeling that #Ladrien is not to be.” 

“And why is that Kitty?” 

“Well,” Chat said looking out at the sunset, “not to be the bearer of bad news but I have it on very good authority that your lover is very much spoken for.” 

“oh?” Ladybug said trying not to let her disappointment show. 

“Yes, completely and hopelessly in love. Someone at his school in fact.” 

“And who is this mystery girl?” she asked. 

“It’s right on the tip of my tongue,” Chat said his eyes glittering with something she couldn’t quite name, “it will come to me. I’ll have to tell you next time I see you.” 

“Well thanks for the heads up,” she said leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek, “and thanks for cheering me up.” 

“Always My Lady. I should probably get heading home myself.” he pulled out his staff and and extended it. 

“Oh,” he said, shooting her a final grin as prepared to depart, “I do remember one thing.”
“And what’s that?” 

“The mystery girl, I knew there was something about her that I found particularly delectable.” 

“And what is that?” 

“Her parent’s own a bakery.”  

Scared - A Lydia Martin Imagine

Hi. Can you please do an imagine where it’s kind of an AU, but the reader is a Winchester and her and Lydia were best friends since kindergarten. She then dies, Cas brings her back, sends her to beacon hills, she becomes best friends with Scott and stiles, later dates stiles, he cheats on her (no offense, I love stiles), s the pack goes to a party, gets a little tipsy, her and Lydia end up dancing with each other while stiles just kinda stands there and watches. Cute little drunk kiss somewhere please. So sorry about this horrible Idea, it was a cute thought, but it’s crap. Sorry for bothering you. - @twdpansy

A/n I wasn’t able to add in the part about supernatural because of the fact that I don’t watch the show but I hope you like it! Also, I know werewolves can’t get drunk in teen wolf but for the purpose of this imagine lets pretend that they can lmao

Y/S/N: Your Ship Name

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    “Can you please go to the party?” Stiles begged.

    “Stiles I honestly rather stay home then go get drunk,” you answer lazily.

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The request was for adorable first meetings so I decided to give them each their own career to add in that AU aspect, I’m going to be starting off with Jin as a barista~

  • He owns this lil café that’s right next to your school’s campus and it’s definitely not huge but it’s adorable
  • He’s literally always so happy and remembers his customers’ names and their orders
  • And he always has the best music playing in the background and it’s normally a soft song that you can just relax to
  • His food is amazing though
  • Like he has cupcakes and cookies and is always trying out new foods that everyone loves
  • You have so many friends that go there on a daily basis and they say it’s the best place to just catch up on school work bc he refills your drink for free and always gives you lil snacks
  • Eventually you go to the café, your bag full of work you had to have done within a week
  • He’s busy making a coffee for another costumer when you come in so you just look over the menu and see your favorite drink and just get really excited bc it’s been a while since you’d had it
  • Your jaw kinda drops a lil when he finally turns around bc your friends didn’t tell you the barista was cute
  • His eyes are so warm when they look at you and it makes you feel at home bc his smile is so genuine and you believe he’s actually happy to see you even though you two had never met
  • His voice is really gentle and you can hear the smile in his voice and you nearly melt but you pull yourself together
  • You order your drink and you go to grab your wallet and he just says that it’s on the house
  • You sit down at a table and get to work and he brings you over this cute cup (he secretly gave you the nicest cup he had bc he was lowkey trying to impress you) full of your drink along with a lil cookie and you’re kinda ???
  • He just gives you that heart fluttering smile and gives you a lil “fighting” before going back to the counter
  • You take a sip of your drink and it’s actually amazing and you can totally see why people love it here
  • It’s not horribly busy but the people that are there are so happy and you can even see a few of them hug him before they leave
  • You end up spending a few hours there and you don’t even notice that everyone else left the café actually closed an hour ago but he’s not about to make you leave 
  • He spends most of that hour convincing himself to go talk to you
  • He finally gains the courage and goes over to give you a refill and just sits in front of you
  • He had this lil speech in his head that he was going to say, things he’d heard one of his customers, Namjoon, say when he was flirting with someone
  • He opened his mouth to speak but then you look up and he realizes just how pretty your eyes are and kinda chokes up
  • He just mumbles some excuse you can’t even hear and gets up to leave
  • But like cute barista dude was just about to say something, you don’t want him to go so you get up too and your hand knocks the cup over
  • You’re apologizing a mile a minute and he’s just kinda laughing as he cleans it up and you get so flustered bc why the hell is he laughing you just spilled your drink all over his apron and floor
  • He tells you someone does that at least a few times a week if not daily
  • It’s only then that you realize you’re alone with cute barista dude and that only makes you that much flustered
  • But then he gives you that sweet smile and you have to smile back bc like let’s be real birds start to sing when Jin smiles he’s a prince
  • You look at the clock to see you’ve been there all day but once you start packing up that precious smile starts to fade and he’s just like no stay I’ll show you how to make any drink you want to make
  • Somehow he ends up managing to convince to get behind the counter with him and now he’s teaching you how to make your favorite drink
  • He’s standing a bit closer to you than he needs to and you both know that but neither of you move away
  • At one point he has to reach over you to grab something and you can feel his arm around your shoulders and it pretty much fits perfectly and it’s just like you could see yourself walking down a street under his arm
  • He’s actually really funny and he makes you laugh more in those few minutes that you can ever remember any other guy making you laugh
  • Like great this guy’s cute, welcoming, makes amazing coffee and now he’s funny is he real
  • He’s a major sweetheart and helps you handle the hot coffee bc he doesn’t want you to get burned
  • He pours it into a lil to-go cup for you and he takes the opportunity to ask for your name
  • He of course slips in his name as he’s writing your name onto the cup
  • He helps you pack up bc he’s a gentleman and he starts shutting everything down for the night and you get brave and ask him why he let you stay after hours
  • He just gives you that smile and shrugs his shoulders
  • “I wanted to talk to you”

who’s the cuddler: Adrien 1000%. Normally Nino wouldn’t actually be horribly cuddly, but he knows how touch deprived Adrien is so he basically lets him do what he wants. But if Nino notices Adrien is especially upset, he will initiate cuddles.

What usually happens is Adrien just kinda drapes himself over Nino’s lap like the cat he is. Sometimes Nino ends up using Adrien’s back as a sort of desk when he’s doing mixing for his music on the couch and the heat from Nino’s laptop lulls Adrien to sleep.

(Nino’s not sure if this is cute or annoying. On one hand, your significant other falling asleep on you is a big show of trust. On the other hand after a half hour or so his legs start to hurt and restricted movement is always kinda annoying)

who makes the bed: Neither. They’re just gonna sleep in it that night, right?

who wakes up first: Adrien. All those before school photo shoots have messed up his internal clock. Plus, he likes to stay in bed for twenty minutes or so after he wakes up to stretch/cuddle/listen to Nino’s heartbeat.

who has the weird taste in music: Their music tastes are equally weird. Nino finds really weird mashups and loves electro swing. Meanwhile Adrien just generally likes ambiance music with no describable tune or lyrics.

who is more protective: Nino. Oh dear god is Nino protective. He will go toe to toe with Gabriel Agreste for making Adrien sad. Boy isn’t afraid of anything if it means standing up for Adrien. Though of course, when it comes to physical threats, Adrien would put himself in front of Nino without a second thought ( which worries the living shit out of Nino).  

who sings in the shower: Both of them. It’s all horribly off key, and they laugh their asses off.

who cries during movies: Adrien. He’s an emotional bab after years of being forced to keep a lot of things below the surface. But Nino is one of the people that he’s totally comfortable being sad around.

who spends the most while out shopping: Adrien. He has to get cheese for Plagg, and plus he’s just a little less aware of money.

who kisses more roughly: They’re equally rough with each other. They just kinda know that the other would say something if any boundaries were crossed, so they don’t have to be horribly careful with each other.

who is more dominate: They’re equally dominant. The play fights between these two get pretty intense. Adrien is mindful of his strength of course, but he knows Nino can handle anything thrown at him.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 100000000000000000 X 37

Assuming Things (Scott McCall Imagine)

Request: Hey could you do an imagine where y/n and Lydia’s talking about y/n’s crush (Scott) and they’re using a code name but it’s a girls name and scott and stiles over hear them so they assume she’s a lesbian. Scott gets upset over it because he likes y/n. Scott tries to comfort her about it and asks her why she never actually told him she was a lesbian. And she ends up saying its him she likes and it’s just a code name. Can you make the end really cute. thank you

 A/n: Here’s an imagine, it kinda sucks but whatever. Remember to request something my ask box is open. Take care x

I’m horrible when it comes to titles, woops sorry.

 “How’s you know who?” Lydia questioned once she came up to you next to your locker. You looked behind you and smiled at your friend before you continued taking your books out. 

 “Hello Lydia, how are you? You doing okay?” You asked, ignoring her question and you can feel Lydia’s glare in your back. You shut your lockers and turned to look at your friend. “I’m good, thanks for asking.” You say sarcastically.

 “We both know that we’re doing fine but i just want to know if you talked to ‘you-know-who’ today.” Lydia said, pointing her finger at your crush direction. You quickly pulled her hand down and shushed her, making her laugh in the process. You looked over at the end of the hall and there you can see him, there you can Scott.

 The moment you two met, you instantly liked him. He treated you in a way that no one ever treated you before. Ofcourse at that time he was with Allison and there was no hope for you to be with him. You knew that a guy Scott would never like a girl like you, so you hid your feelings for him for all these years.

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I feel like Rigby as a dad would be kinda like how mine was: having me watch South Park when I was 3, my lullabys were always Judas Priest or KISS songs, and 90% of the scars on my body are from him dropping me/me getting into trouble when he turns around for 5 seconds, dressing me up like a little 80s rock chick, and I just really can see Rigby doing super cute bonding stuff, but it always ends up going horribly wrong and child ends up in the emergency room with broken bones.

rigby being a father would be SO precious. uguuh my heart can’t take it

So, I’ve been reading Olicity fics obsessively for almost a year now and I really wanted to make an list of my absolute favourite works. This list is to appreciate these incredible writers and to recommend new(and mind bogglingly good) fics for those who unlike me, haven’t read almost every olicity fic ever written after 2014. This list includes finished and unfinished one shots and longer fics. I’ve added links to all the writer’s tumblr’s that I found!

  • Origin by eyrk (Role reversal Au, with Felicity as the vigilante and playboy!Oliver, will absolutely destroy you both with it’s incredibleness and the fact that it gets updated very rarely)
  • Anyone Else But You by javajunkie (Frenemies(?) to lovers. Will make you laugh hysterically and then cry like a baby)
  • once upon a december by roselland (Anastasia, aka my most beloved Disney movie & BRATVA AU??? Like I loved this fic before I even had read the first sentence tbh)
  • Employee of the Month by ihatepeas (S1 rewrite, with Felicity as a detective& Papa Lance’s partner. Oliver is a little shit of a vigilante with horrible cover stories and Felicity is the cutest human being ever who predictably sees through all of his lies.)
  • Queen of Chemistry by tssgry (High school-Frenemies-Tutor Au? With sassy Felicity & kinda really cute(and brooding) Oliver.)
  • And Then It Ends, Your Little Winning Streak by MachaSWicket (Oh man. Oooh man. This one will make you wail your anguish and feelings to your dog in 3am. Partly because the feelings it gives you, and partly because no one, I mean no one will ever write ‘scared for Felicity’s life’- Oliver better than this. Seriously, this one changed my life.)
  • A Week off the Grid by fiacresgirl (Post s3 road trip fic!! The title basically explains what they have in mind, but it doesn’t tell you how much you’re going to adore it)
  • Still by TeaWithLemon (Set somewhere in season three, O&F deal with bombers, kidnappers and Ray Palmer. I have so many feelings about every chapter in this fic. So many. When you’ve read it, because you have to(!!), come and message me so we can yell about it together.)
  • Long Time Coming by MachaSWicket (Felicity and Oliver get interrupted way too many times when trying to finally have sex with each other. This one is still my absolute favorite smutty one shot. You’ll see why, trust me. )
  • The Dark Prodigal by pulpklatura (Period drama/Regency Au. I have no words for the talent this writer has. Properly done research & A+ characterization. Also, no big deal, the writing happens to better than many of the novels I’ve read written by acclaimed authors.)
  • Blood Hands by Bre (A brilliant Bratva fic with slowburn romance, piNING?? and incredible sexual tension.)
  • Devil’s Backbone by anthfan (Felicity and Oliver begin a physical relationship after Sara’s death. You’ll love this if you are a slut for angst like me.)
  • can’t escape this now by callistawolf (Another arranged marriage Au, but not with Bratva, but a Mob. Falling in love while trying so hard not to, basically my favorite thing ever)
  • Or Forever Hold Your Peace by katanaxriot (Best friends Au, where hidden(or new?) feelings rise after they end up sleeping together. Oh and Felicity being engaged sort of complicates matters. Lots of miscommunications, jealousy, sexual tension & pining. You know, my favorite tropes as always)
  • Charmed by midnightofthesoul (Oliver should watch out what he says about his future colleagues in the presence of one tiny blonde. Oh god, the awesomeness of this one, seriously. Bad ass Felicity & thoroughly whipped Oliver)
  • Break by eyrk (After S2 finale, Felicity needs a break from Team Arrow, and moves to Gotham and you know, forms the Justice League. Everything about this one is pure magnificence, everything. *Shia Labeouf voice* ‘JUST.. READ IT!!)
  • Who Gave You Eyes Like That (Said You Could Keep Them) by Riley_Scott (Felicity has known Oliver a long time, but doesn’t know how deep his feelings are for her . But when Oliver finally realizes he should show those feelings in other ways than just trying to get her to sleep with her in various lewd ways, she knows she’s in trouble. It’s awesome, trust me.)
  • Between Love and Skate by dettiot (Figure skating Au, in which Felicity and Oliver are new partners. All the sexual tension & fluff! This also gave me soo many flashbacks to my preteen years, when I was utterly obsessed with figure skating)
  • Nothing Can Harm You Here by serenadreams (Felicity meets Oliver, a homeless war veteran on the side of a road. I have no words for the beauty of this work. Heartbreakingly angsty but yet so hopeful?? Just read it.)
  • Rooftops and Parking Lots & Stay With Me by gnimaerd (Felicity has an affair with Oliver, who is not her husband. Really well written two fic with equally amazing sequel piece. Deals with angsty issues amazingly. Oliver is so hopelessly Oliver in this one; pining, brooding, clueless sap. *cries*)
  • Blank Space by YellowFlicker (Au in which O&F knew each other pre-Gambit.)
  • got game by the pound by lisbei (Three times Felicity uses sex to get the assassin/Al Sah Him out of Oliver. Set after Oliver is brainwashed by The League. Angsty smut. Fluffy smut.)
  • Step By Step (We All Fall Down) by FanMomMer (Set during the summer before S3. What if Felicity hadn’t been as forgiving about that ‘I love you’ and what if the deleted kiss actually happened? I’m already so in love with this one.)
  • Between the Shadow and the Soul by apinknightmare (Set during the summer before S3. Oliver deals with the aftermath of the fake-real ‘I love you’- Oliver’s feelings for Felicity are written in an unbelievably and breathtakingly beautiful way. Angsty, but you know, with an happy ending)