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Feel-Good Movies Each Sign Should Watch

Aries: Boyhood (2014) //  “You know how everyone’s always saying seize the moment? I don’t know, I’m kind of thinking it’s the other way around, you know, like the moment seizes us.”

Taurus: Life As We Know It (2010) // “Having somebody help you doesn’t mean that you fail, it just means that you’re not in it alone.”

Gemini: It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) // “People are screwed up in this world. I’d rather be with someone screwed up and open about it than somebody perfect and ready to explode.”

Cancer: 500 Days of Summer (2009) // “I’m always the one who loves more. That’s my thing.”

Leo: The Spectacular Now (2013) // “It’s fine to ‘live in the now’. But the best part about ‘now’ is there’s another one tomorrow. And I’m gonna start making them count.”

Virgo: My Girl (1991) // “I only surround myself with people I find intellectually stimulating.”

Libra: Little Miss Sunshine (2006) // “You do what you love and fuck the rest.”

Scorpio: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) // “I’m always anxious thinking I’m not living my life to the fullest, you know? Taking advantage of every possibility?”

Sagittarius: That Awkward Moment (2014) //  “I love the way she laughs. I love the way we fit together in bed because we’re the same height and our crotches line up perfectly.”

Capricorn: The Art of Getting By (2011) //  “You’re going to have to start using that brain of yours to access that talent of yours and show that beautiful heart of yours.”

Aquarius: Silver Linings Playbook (2012) // “You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining.”

Pisces: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) // “So I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons, and maybe we’ll never know most of them.”

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Sterek + "it's you, it's always been you" thanks! :)

Stiles woke with a start, his heart racing. He wasn’t sure what had woken him, but he was surprised that Derek hadn’t put a calming hand on his chest and told him to go back to sleep. He rolled over to face Derek only to find an empty spot that was still warm to the touch. 

He strained his ears but didn’t hear anything in the bathroom so he hauled himself out of bed to go find him. It was weird for Derek to leave without saying anything and Stiles wanted to make sure he hadn’t had a nightmare. 

There wasn’t any light coming from under any of the other bedrooms, so he was extra quiet so not to wake the rest of the sleeping pack. They all had to work in the morning and Stiles didn’t want to face Erica’s wrath if she didn’t get her full 8 hours of sleep. 

The light in the kitchen was on and Stiles walked toward it, expecting to see Derek drinking a cup of tea or hot cocoa. Instead he found Derek digging the cookie dough chunks out of Stiles’ pint of Ben and Jerry’s half baked. 

“It’s you, it’s always been you!” Stiles whisper yelled from the doorway. 

Derek dropped the spoon that had been in his mouth, eyes wide as he looked at Stiles, the pint of ice cream still in his guilty hand. 

“You said that Isaac was eating my ice cream. You lied,” Stiles said, pointing an accusing finger at Derek, “I started stealing his Lucky Charms Derek, I was getting revenge on the wrong werewolf.”

Derek slowly put the lid back on the ice cream and put it back in the freezer before speaking, “In my defense, you’re very protective of your ice cream and it was kind of funny watching you plot revenge on Isaac.”

“Well now I’m going to have to get revenge on you,” Stiles said with a sigh, “We’re married dude, why didn’t you just tell me you were the one eating it.”

“You can do magic and you’re kind of scary,” Derek said with a smile. Stiles knew that Derek was buttering him up, but it was working. 

“I expect you to replace all the pints you’ve eaten,” Stiles said, “And from now on stop picking the cookie dough piece out, that’s just evil.”

“Okay,” Derek said, stepping toward Stiles and pulling him into a hug.

“And I’m still going to extract revenge on you,” Stiles said, but he hugged Derek back, enjoying the warmth of his body, “And you owe Isaac at least 4 boxed of Lucky Charms.”

“Fair,” Derek said, kissing Stiles quiet. He tasted like cookie dough which should have been nice but instead it served to remind Stiles that he had married an ice cream thief. 

“Sleep with one eye open Hale,” Stiles said as they walked back to their room.

“Around you I always do,” Derek said with a laugh as he flopped onto the bed. 

Derek didn’t sleep with one eye open. The next morning both of his eyebrows had been dyed bright pink. Stiles refused to change them back for two days. It was a fair punishment for Derek’s crimes. 


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Who are you marrying this time?

  • crush: *acknowledges my existence*
  • me: wow our children are going to be so pretty and trilingual
  • <p> <b>min yoongi, probably:</b> lately ive just been feeling so tired and i dont know why. im starting to think that this is it. this is who i am now. some people are kind and funny. me ? im just tired.<p/>

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I’m glad I’m at that point where I can handle having mutuals who are mutuals with people who were shit to me

We shouldn’t try to find one-to-one parallels when we try to equate Avatar events and cultures to real life ones, since a lot of the stuff in Avatar is a mix of different things (like how the Fire Nation also has Korean and Thai influences in additional to Japaneses ones), but I still find it both interesting and funny to point of parallels because: 

  • We start off with the Fire Nation (Imperialist Japan mixed with fascist ideology) taking over regions that represent Tibet, another that’s a mix of different Chinese eras, and two lands that have both Inuit and Native American Influences
  • I wish I had a proper source, but the Drill seems to be inspired by one of Hitler’sw failed oplans to to druill under the English Channel or something like that. Something like a secret tunnel (haar har). 
  • D-Day fails (”The Day of Black Sun”)
  • But then, the Allies eventually succeed in taking down the fascist power 
  • While in real life there’s a much more complex history of imperialism, the comics and Korra IMMEDIATELY give imperialism a a big fuck you by showing how 1) imperialism sucks and is beneficial to NO ONE (not even the guys spreading it), and 2) at the end of the day mutual trade is more beneficial than imperialism and colonialism.
    • But that’s not the point I really want to focus on. What I find hilarious is that, to do this, we start to see shift where the world turns into 19th century Japan a bit in that sense that everyone is much more open to trade. (minus the opart where Avatar!Matthew Perry forces everyone to open up their ports). 
      • Although, it should probably be noted that this process began during the war, and that, as we see in “The Promise,” it’s not exactly a fair system. 
  •  Anyway, what’s  also kind of funny is that the Water Tribes are now apparently going to be like the Middle East with the oil drilling plot with “North and South.” But, the kicker is, the people coming over to fill in the role of the Western countries is the South’s sister tribe. So, it would be like if Saudia Arabia had already been this large, unified state in the wake of the Ottoman Empire’s fall, and now they’re going over to claim other, smaller states in the name of unity and technological innovation (ok, maybe not the best, most accurate analogy, but I tried). 
    • They’re even using all the usual arguments for imperialism, like damn.
  • LOK, of course, continued this tradition by giving us the Equalists as a stand in for the Communists, Unalaq being a really badly done theocrat, Zaheer being  an actual anarchist, and Kuvira being a fascist. 

And, while there are some holes in the story’s lore, and while many of these stories could have been improved upon (whether it be in the show in the comics), I commend both show and comics for trying to continue this theme. 

But honestly, what makes Avatar such an awesome series in terms of worldbuilding is that you can look at any number of historical events and ask yourself “what would the Avatar equivalent of this be?” And if you’re lucky you might be able to find something. Also it’s fun because of the all the historical parallels, and because headcanons are fics are really fun to make. 

Sexualization Of Trans Women (Story)

So as you guys know, my beautiful perfect adorable girlfriend is in fact trans. Well sometime around 2 months ago, I was talking to my friend. He asked me how my girlfriend was, except he didn’t know (he hadn’t talked to her in a year or two) that she was trans. I calmly said that her name was not the one he was using anymore and that she was transitioning to female. He was cool with that, obviously, because I’m a trans guy and have been open to my close friends about that for several years. But here’s what got me. I showed him pictures of her and I that we had taken the weekend before… and he just got really creepy. He started talking about how he “has always been turned on my girls with dicks” (mind you he knew we were together at the time) and that he “has always wanted to f**k her anyways”. I laughed it off because I thought he was maybe joking, but then went on to gush about the photos and talk about if she owned butt plugs (I know, what the heck?). At this point I started getting visibly upset, telling him to please stop talking about her in this context and that she was my girlfriend. He told me “sorry, I’m just into traps” which made it even worse because she’s not a “trap” shes a beautiful kind funny girl and I was just incredibly uncomfortable at this point. Now you’d think he’d stop? I did too. Later that day I find out that he’s been messaging her (because she told me he was being weird), and the same guy starts talking about “do you own buttplugs” and “you’re so gorgeous” and “we should be friends with benefits”. So she comes back to me, let’s name her for the sake of ease, Alice. Alice comes to me and tells me about this, so I go back and tell the guy to stop, and some other stuff along the lines “I told you we were dating so why are you flirting with her? I thought we were friends.” and this guy starts crying and just dude you have no reason to feel bad you litterally just tried to coax my girlfriend into having sex with you. And he’s like “I hope we can be friends” but yeah no that’s not happening.

Basically what I’m trying to say- this guy didn’t see her as my “girlfriend” or even a “girl” at all. He saw Alice as a fetish or a “trap” and didn’t understand that it wasn’t appropriate to treat her or I like that. It just made me realize how gross a lot of people are. Again transwomen are godesses. How do you guys do it.