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Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

Things that I need to do:

1. Re-watch all of Yuri on Ice

2. Re-watch all of Yuri on Ice again

3. and again

4. and again

5. and again

6. maybe take a break.

7. Re-watch it again: re experience my feelings, and proceed to cry even more.

8. Watch season 2

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You head canons give me LIFE

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  • *pidge voice* “alright two questions: 1. who put a ‘baby on board’ sticker on my lion because i’m going to kill them, and 2. where did you even get it??? we’re in space”
  • lance: *still holds a grudge on that girl in his 3rd grade class who borrowed his eraser during a test and never gave it back*
    • also lance: *would forgive you for stabbing him, probably*
    • he’s a complex guy
  • shiro’s actually the angriest person on the team, but no one can tell because he keeps the screaming on the inside
  • “keith speak texas for us”
  • allura suggests duels in the airlock to solve team issues. no one can tell whether she’s joking or not
  • coran is in constant awe of how inefficient the human body is. your retina are backwards? you still have five toes? what do you mean half of your species keeps their gametes in hanging sacks-?
  • keith is the ultimate rebel without a cause
    • always read to fight the power
    • what power???? all of them
    • he’s like one of those little wind up toy cars. you point him in a direction, try to pull him back, and then watch him go lmao
  • *team blows up a galra supply store* hunk: “heh, I guess you could say that business……… is booming” “hunk shut your damn mouth”
I’m so sorry guys but I think i’ll always be bitter with Emma...

Because we had this incredible beautiful view of our baby Even

I mean look at him! omg the glasses, the clothes, the way he’s sitting, his hair, his effortless cool swagger. It was a gift from the gods. The music, the aesthetic, the perfection…must I go on? 

But then this happened…

and then this

and soon…

Emma made Even disappear. I just I can’t let this go. the only scene we had of sunglasses Even, and Emma cut it short with her blurry head 😭


Isak’s reaction to this cruelty

Let’s try this whole ts4 thing out again, shall we?

This is Paisley Merwood, an ambitious young girl with a love for music whose overwhelming confidence is sure to land her in trouble at some point. 

Why are they all dressed up and alone in the bar in the promo? Did Mike ask her to have a drink and then she asked who was going and he said “Just me. And you.”??? Then did Ginny get all dressed up and curl her hair to look nice in case it was a date??? And it totally was??? And they don’t say it but it is???

them: raphael threatened to kill simon’s mom!! he’s EVIL!!!!

me: raphael went to find simon’s mom (without even KNOWING that simon would show up and be there to ‘threaten’) bc he knew simon was worried about her but also knowing that simon going to see her personally and possibly tell the truth about his vampirism would have put both himself AND his mom in danger. raphael was literally protecting them both (tho he’d never admit it) and the only reason he had to ‘threaten’ elaine was bc he NEEDS simon to help him find camille in order to PROTECT HIS ENTIRE CLAN like that’s literally what he’s doing, he’s PROTECTING HIS FAMILY!!!!!

and um side note but if you honestly think raphael would hurt simon’s mom in any way after everything he’s done to help simon and ESPECIALLY after their conversation earlier in 2x03 that alluded to his own mother then… you’ve got another thing coming

You can’t tell me that sleeve would stay rolled up, and rolling up a sleeve with one hand and nothing to brace against is bullshit. Thank god at least one of the other paladins is always there to help when it happens, but it’s still really frustrating, especially when Shiro’s already having a rough day.

Smol Shiro in his oversized sweater for @butteredonions, from her still-killing-me-softly fic, The Size Of Our Actions.

I know there’s a ton of pressure on women to be cheerful and whatnot, but I am so done with the glorification of negativity and cold bitterness. I’ve been cold, I’ve been bitter, and I’ve been negative. I’ve been ✨  misunderstood ✨ , and I’ve given in to the glorification as a means of self-preservation. And I’ve been all of those things on a regular basis, for years. But what I’ve realized since getting out of such behavior patterns and attitudes is that clinging to those things for strength was nothing more than a glorification of unhealthiness. I wasn’t overcoming stereotypes – I was deeply depressed (and often blind to the fact). Yes, we live in a difficult and deeply unjust and miserable world. Yes, there are tons of reasons to be angry. We NEED to be angry at the state of the world and we need to act and push others to act. But being /constantly/ angry is tiring and being constantly negative is immature. Yes everyone functions differently, and I /understand/, but I am so done. Being around dark things drags me down, and I am done. Be angry, act, but try to make things better. Strength is trying to rise above the negativity of the world. Strength is fighting to be better by being kind. Overcoming sexist stereotypes is sometimes not being afraid to be warm and soft and “feminine” if that’s what you want to be. I’m done with the rest of it. I’ve been dark and cynical and frigid and ✨  strong ✨  but all it did was give power to the things that were actually dragging me down and feeding the shiny darkness. I’ve given a decade of my life to it, and I’m done. 

A spider tickled my lip while I was trying to sleep tonight. I’m not even sure if I want to elaborate but now I’m too scared to go back to sleep.

Kylo Ren x Reader Fluffy/sorta NSFW Headcanons

• really likes dogs

• likes being held, especially when he’s had an especially unsuccessful day.

• lays his head in your lap when you’re watching tv on the couch and liked to fall asleep with his head on your shoulder/chest.

• wants you to be protective over him, so he’s even more protective over you.

• loves sleeping with stuffed animals, but doesn’t want anyone knowing except you.

• total sub during sexy time, but likes to take control when you let him.

• tells you everything going on in his head, has cried a lot, but acts like nothing is wrong the second he leaves your room.

• listens to everything you have to say, and does everything he can to make you feel loved.

• likes to tease you and poke fun at you because it makes you laugh.

• you’re the only one who can tell him to shut up without getting their head cut off.

• all the shower sex.

• really likes having his head rubbed and hair played with.

• loves red wine, especially when he’s sharing it with you.

• can never get enough kisses every time he’s alone with you.

• always cuddles after sex.

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