is kiilling me


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                  they thought they kiilled me when they cast me out but I am so alive                 and I have been crushing hearts for centuries, laughing at their                        names and stomping on their graves and I eat and eat and eat                         and play the angel and they’re dirt dirt dirt and I will never die I will                    never die 

ii went ahead and got 2ome hiighliight2 and they look pretty cool ii gue22?

al2o FUCK ii hate piierciing2 FUCK FUCK they hurt ii hated iit ii hate needle2 kiill me.

and don’t get me 2tarted on the fuckiing tatt2 ii got becau2e they were tiiny and they kiilled me iin2iide.

but you know what? ii thiink ii look pretty cool.

What’s that? It’s my birthday? What better to celebrate than a follow forever! Here we go! 


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