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you can be bisexual and never date a woman. you can be bisexual and never date a man. it doesnt invalidate the attraction to either sex. being with a boy doesn't mean that suddenly, half of your identity is lost. you can still relate to things that have to do w being lgbt, because you are!! the B in LGBT is there for people like us! never let that stupid biphobia sink into your head.

Thanks Hun 😘 It was nice to wake up to this. I just need to kick this biphobia in the face ;)


And the Final member of the “parent-teacher meeting,” Archareon (ark-air-ee-on), an Infamous Sorcerer often likened to the Trickster god of the wind and seas, and whom Kaibara appeared to have a prior understanding with, judging by the way his magic was keeping her wound from bleeding out and rejecting Acheron’s magic when he tried to heal her. Archareon showed up in response to the protection spell he had placed on Kaibara flaring up (after Acheron lowered the magical veil keeping him out, that is), and ended up being the one to heal her in the end, much to everyone’s chagrin (except maybe Rasha, who didn’t really know who he was to begin with). 

He calls her “Pet,” and it didn’t seem to bother her interestingly enough.

We were supposedly eight people in the group, but then the teacher had to reassign one member to another group.

Teacher: Mister C, please transfer to group 4.

C: …I guess I was the uninvited eight… *walks away*

Us: Nouuuuuuuu!!!

C: *looks back* I start a war! *continues walking away*

N: ….Did he just Tsubaki you?

Me: *the leader of the group* ….he just Tsubaki-d me.

H: cool I’ll be that stripper dude, There was a stripper dude right?

Me: You’ll be first blood

H: I spill blood like menstru-