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Isu’aexa + Rukahr + keeping company

“Wait.” Rook turned his head, flicking an ear toward the Rattataki as he rose to leave.

Isu’aexa paused and frowned, studying the slender Cathar curiously. “Is there something you require?”

“Stay with me tonight,” Rukahr said, golden eyes thoughtful. “Viv’s hunting. Jaren is off training. Keep me company.”

The Sith was still for a moment before giving a sharp-toothed grin, moving forward. “If that is your wish…”

The Cathar held up a hand with a small chuckle. “To sleep, Isu’aexa,” he said firmly. He couldn’t stop a smile as the Sith looked a bit crestfallen. “I want company. Nothing more. If you think you can’t behave…”

A sigh heaved wide shoulders, but Isu’aexa nodded, trying not to look disappointed. “Very well. If that is your wish, I will…behave.”

“Good,” Rook hummed, rising to his feet and offering the other a hand. “Come on then. I’m tired.”

Poker Face?

Reggie x Reader 

Warnings: SMUTTY like no joke, if you don’t like sexy time, don’t read!!!

Requested: Can you write a Reggie x reader where they’re dating and they  play strip poker (smut)

A/N: I’ve never played poker before, so I don’t really know how the game works I’ve read about it online to get the jist of it so I’m pretty much just guessing. 

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Friday Nights alone with Reggie Mantle were often the highlights of my week. It was always after the game that he would take me back to my place for a movie night, or something along those lines. My parents work night shifts so they don’t mind Reggie coming over to keep me company. 

Tonight was no different, we were celebrating a big win for the end of season game. I ran onto the pitch along side other students, and into the arms of Reggie. Other players ran past smacking him on the shoulders congratulating him on the game. He picks me up by the waist as I jump towards him and I nuzzle my face into his neck. Still holding his helmet in one hand he tightens his arms around me and lifts me further into the air with excitement. “Congrats,now how do we celebrate?” I enchant towards the caramel skinned boy in front of me. I reach up and place a kiss on his lips softly. I hear the other team mates whistling and cheering some chanting about Reggie being ‘whipped’. I just laugh and pull away. 

“There’s a party at Thorn-Hill tonight, everyone who’s anyone is going to be there, so your presence would be highly appreciated” Cheryl Bombshell added into the mix, turning towards me, giving me that sickly sweet smile of hers. “Actually y/n and I have plans tonight, right?” Reggie says looking towards me with wide eyes. I nod my head towards Cheryl directing my eyeline towards her “Right” and just like that I was whisked away, by the boy still wearing his football uniform. 

We get back to my place, and I realise this was going to be no different from our other Friday nights. “Why didn’t you want to go to the party,Reg?” I ask politely getting my keys out to unlock the door. The streets were dark and silent. It seemed as though the entire town had escaped to Thorn-Hill for the night and we were the only two people left gallivanting the streets. “I had something in my mind that I wanted to try out, and I didn’t think you would wanna play in front of bunch of people at Cheryl Blossom’s Mansion”Reggie replies with a sly grin contouring his face. His fingers fiddle with the end of my shirt as I unlock the door, pushing it open, I turn around to face him with a confused yet amused look on my face. “play?” I mutter and stumble slightly into the doorway of my own home. 

I walk into the living room and Reggie heads towards the bathroom,carrying his bag, presumably to change. He returns a few moments later wearing a pair of sweats, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, holding a deck of cards in his hands. He brings it up and waves it a little a smug smile plastered on his face. I look between him and the cards and tilt my head in confusion. “Strip poker” he states abruptly. I go wide eyed and stand up from my place on the sofa and walk towards him with a sultry  stare. “so this is what you meant  by play?” I ask lightly biting my lip, it didn’t go un-noticed.  

“Okay then” I nod and move the coffee table into the middle of the room, grabbing a couple of cushions for us each to sit on, either side of the table. He throws his jersey at me and I look at him blankly. “Just in-case you need the extra layer” he teases. “and what makes you think I’m gonna be the one needing the extra layer?” I whisper gently in his ear removing my shirt in front of his eyes and replacing it with his football jersey. He takes in a noticeable gulp before sitting down at the table,shuffling the cards. 

Many Items of clothes removed later, I was left in the Jersey and my underwear and Reggie was sat there in his boxers (Oh and his socks, we can’t forget his socks) “Your poker face really is awful Reggie Mantle” I state calling him out only to antagonise him more. To be truthful, Reggie hating losing, and he hating losing to me even more. He knew it would be something I would hold against him for weeks. I look at the cards in my hand and realise my shirt is probably coming next “turn” Reggie mumbles in concentration. He places his cards down to show, three queens and two tens, an otherwise perfect set. I shamefully place down my cards consisting of a jack, ten,four, six, and and an ace, he royally kicked my butt in this round. He looks at me with a smug expression. His tongue sticking out of his mouth. I clap my hands at his deal and stand up ready to take off the jersey but am stopped by a pair of hands reaching for mine.He pulls me round to his side of the table and tugs me down so I’m sitting in his lap. 

“Don’t take the Jersey off just yet, It looks good on you” He whispers brushing the hair out of my face. bringing his lips to meet mine. I lean forwards and instantly tangle my hands into his black hair.Tugging at the roots towards the back of his head. His hot plump lips meshed with mine,in sync moving in and out of rhythm.     

His hands reached down to my legs where he lifted me up and placed me down so I was straddling his waist. His rough calloused fingers ran up my legs and placed themselves on my hips where he held me still. He leaned back so he was leaning against the couch more comfortably and brought his lips back to mine deeply. The kisses were hard and fast and at times sloppy, but that was just the way I liked it. I gasped suddenly as I was picked up,Reggie standing to sit himself down on the couch rather than the floor, bringing me to sit straddling him once more. His lips move to my neck leaving hot open mouthed kisses on the skin. Leaving a trail down where he meets my jawline sucking on the delicate skin, making me gasp for air. 

His hands lift up the Jersey at either side of my hips where he holds the curves and pushes them forwards,encouraging me to rock my hips gently. I do so earning a satisfied groan fall from Reggie’s lips. I place my hands on his naked shoulders and lean in for another kiss, my mouth already thirsty for more attention. As our lips join again, I roll my hips once again a little harder to meet his and continue the action gaining more gasps and breathy reactions from the pair of us. 

The sloppy kisses and building friction between us was more of a celebration than any after party could ever master. Reggie swiftly flipped us so I was laying on my back on the couch, him above me,breathing heavily, a thin layer of sweat had built up from our actions. Not to mention he was already sweaty from the game. 

He raises the shirt up so it’s just above my belly button and kisses his way from under my chest to my pantie line. His eyes look up through his thick dark eyelashes to meet mine as his cold fingers loop themselves into my panties, I nod slowly and he places another kiss on each hip bone before pulling my panties down my legs and onto the floor beside us. He settles in between my legs again and wraps each leg over his shoulder, his strong hands holding onto the tops of my legs. “You okay beautiful?” he asks quietly and i sigh contently nodding my head,he doesn’t even have to do anything and I’m putty in his hands. “So much better than Thorn-Hill” he mutters more to himself as his face disappears in between my legs. 

His tongue swirls over the budding bundle of nerves,and he presses light kisses on it just to be a tease, before taking it in his mouth and sucking on it, I let out a gasp and my hands go straight for his hair, his locks damp from the sweat raised from both the game and our activities. One of his hands moves itself from its place on my hip and and follows his mouth down to where I needed him the most right now, His finger lightly teased my entrance before sliding all the way in and stilling. I let out a short gasp of his name when he began sliding his middle finger in and out, occasionally swirling it around. His mouth still proceeded too press kisses to my clit, adding to the knot tightening in my stomach. My grip in his hair becoming tighter as he moves his hand faster. 

“Reggie” I gasp getting his attention, his face comes up and I gesture for him to bring his face up to meet mine. His fingers still working inside of me, Reggie comes closer to me, pressing his lips hard against mine, I wrap my arms around the back of his shoulders holding him in hug. My back arches and I moan the knot tightening to the point of release. I pull his arm away from me and he looks at me with both confusion and concern. Only to be replaced by a smirk  when my dainty fingers reached for his boxers. I pulled them down as far I could get them being underneath him. His shaft hit his stomach, I took it in my hands gently and slid my hands down it a couple of times before directing towards my entrance. 

He took matters into his own hands, pulling my legs towards himself, I let out a shriek of excitement, he leaned down and kissed me softly, I felt him sliding in, stretching myself out I gasped for air once he had fully pushed all the way in. Many of the boys always made jokes about mine and Reggie’s sex life, saying things like how ‘he’s an animal’ and ‘he must tear you apart in the bedroom’ and when occasionally that can be true, for the most part. Reggie preferred  to make love, he liked taking it slow making it raw and passionate, that was just one of the things I loved about him. 

One of my hands wrapped around his bicep while the other went straight for his hair. Reggie placed both hands on my hips and gently rocked his hips back and forth setting a rhythm that was pleasing for the both of us. He groans out my name into the crook of my neck and scatters a few kisses in the area. I feel the knot tightening again and becoming loose as my release is coming on. I can tell Reggie is getting close due to the breathy-ness and his tired limbs. with a few more hard fast thrusts Reggie moans into my ear, his movements becoming slopping, my stomach tightens and I feel the knot untie a sense of relief washes over my body. 

Reggie collapses on top of me, pushing my fowards so he can slide in lay behind me on the couch. He presses a kiss under my ear and pulls the jersey down so its covering me up. 

“Well that’s one way to celebrate a football” Reggie smiles and I shake my head laughing and lean up to kiss him  again. 



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The Universe Fortune Teller

One sleepless night I stared at my ceiling, troubled. My ceiling gave no answers, simply stared back with its ever growing blankness. At 3 in the morning, it only served to drive me mad. I suppose that’s why I wandered outside. It stared small, with me poking my head outside my window. Then I sat on my porch. Then before I knew it I had taken a small hike and climbed a hill, laying in the cold grass with the sounds of slumber to keep me company. It felt as though tonight, even the nocturnal were resting.

I suppose that’s how I ended up here, with a hooded woman in front of me, asking what troubled me. I could not see her face, bland and blank as my ceiling, yet I knew deep down that she and her skin were as beautiful as the clear sky above us. I told her I could not sleep, and she pulled out three cards.

The backs of the cards were beautiful designs, she laid them all down face-down in front of me. Her gloved hand caressed the lavender kissed markings, covered edge to edge with detailed constellations. I asked her what these were for, the resting creatures themselves stilled in their sleep. She kept her head low, her unseen eyes watching the cards closely.

“One card holds the sun, the other the moon, and the last the earth.”

“What does this mean?”

“Each has a special meaning. The sun represents passion and energy, the moon represents tranquility and leadership, the earth represents humanity and understanding. Pick one, and it will show you who you are.”

“How will that help me sleep, Ma'am?”

“Understanding yourself let’s you still your busy mind.”

Her words rang true to my heart, steadily matching the beat of its song I followed her instructions. It wouldn’t hurt to play along.

My hand hovered over the first card. She sat, legs crossed, in silence. Never once revealing a single clue as to if it was wrong or not. There is no right or wrong. I felt her presence urging me onward.

I hovered over the middle card. My heart pounded louder and louder, screaming as to what would happen if I got a bad answer. What if I chose the sun, meaning I would never be able to rest? What if I chose the moon, meaning I was broken? What if I chose the earth, and my morals were off? I bit my lip. The woman played with her necklace.

The last card bit my hand, the lion stared back at me. It gave my entire body a frigid rush of electricity, for a bit the universe held me in its arms. With a deep breath, I calmed down. I was making no sense, I need to think with more clarity. I’ll never know who I am. What will I do now? The woman did not respond.

Another deep breath, followed by me rubbing my tired eyes. Galaxies swarmed from under my fists. Even after I opened my eyes, it’s dust was still lingering deep within my vision. Like a lingering sun spot, hard to ignore, yet fuzzy and unclear. I looked towards her, she who was between the galaxies in my vision. I pointed towards her, something pulling me to her necklace. Her beautiful lavender kissed necklace.

She nodded. I blinked. My vision was clearer, she was taking off the necklace. I blinked again. There was nothing now. Nothing in my vision but a single fourth card in my hand.

“Go ahead, little one. Flip it.” She urged me.

I did so. A swarm of stars swirling like ice cream greeted me. At the top of the spectacle stood the calligraphy label “Milky Way.” My eyes were glued to the card, caught in its hypnotic familiar pattern.

“But Ma'am,” I said without looking up, “what does this one mean?”

The crickets were my response, the squeaks of bats, and hoots of owls answered me. When I looked up she was gone. Perhaps she faded to the clear skies I came to escape with.

Looking back down at the card, I pondered how to cure my insomnia. I pondered who I was, to still my busy mind. I stood atop that hill under a thousand stars and held the card up to it. I knew who I was, always.

“I’ll make my own meaning.”

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