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something in the way of a miracle

A/N: I tried to combine both the prompt from @quite-right-too and the recent @timepetalsprompts prompt ‘serenity. I don’t know if it turned out well, I’m in fact heavily uncertain about it. But still, I’m posting it.
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Summary: The prompt was “straight out of the shower” – so, a very unplanned encounter ahead.
Rating: T-ish. Gets a bit, ahem, steamy towards the end (yes that was a pun, no, I am not funny)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, neither Doctor Who nor the love letters of Henry Valentine Miller and Anais Nin, sadly. I do recommend reading them, though, they’re breathtaking and both the title and the quotes come from them.


“ROSE!” he yells into the ceiling, breathing heavily.

He’s answered with silence. Waits ten seconds, thirty, a minute … still just silence, soft and cooing wordless invites to simply close his eyes.

Cursing in the misleadingly mellifluous syllables of his mother tongue, he stuffs the spanner in his mouth, rolls up his shirtsleeves and yanks himself out of his cosy, if increasingly more stuffy, burrow under the console. Muscles strain under his dubious weight as he hovers above the grating, panting. His vision is unpleasantly sharp and his eyes ache. All at once, everything feels … too much.

He lies heavily on the grating, running a hand through his hair. Damp and tussled, shirt disheveled, skin slick and moist. Fingers smeared in soot. Rassilon, he’s tired.

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Also, I typically avoid posting opinions like this, but it astounds me how somebody can watch Twelve and Clara’s last conversation in “Face the Raven” and still think that they’re not in love with each other. Yes, romantic love. Yes, I know that they’re best friends (and isn’t that the strongest, best kind of romantic relationship? the kind where you’re best friends?).

I mean, it’s like watching the beach scene in “Doomsday” and saying, “oh, there was nothing romantic between Ten and Rose, it was all platonic.” The Doctor doesn’t say “I love you.” He doesn’t say it to Rose, he doesn’t say it to River, he doesn’t say it to Clara. He almost does. He comes close. He says it in just about every other way possible, and we don’t need to hear him say it to know that he feels it towards Rose and River (yes, I know, he marries River, but he still never actually says those three little words), so why not with Clara also?

The Doctor’s relationship with Clara has been coded as romantic right from “Asylum” when Oswin flirts with him, continues in “The Snowmen” very strongly, and then the appearance of “Clara Prime” does nothing to discontinue the trend. Even “Deep Breath” does nothing to actually dismantle the coding, from Clara claiming that she could flirt with a mountain range to the Doctor telling Clara that he’d made a mistake in trying to be her boyfriend (”I’m not your boyfriend. I didn’t say it was your mistake.”).

Ten says, “Rose Tyler.” We all know what he would have said if he’d had a couple more seconds.

Twelve says, “Clara.” Clara cuts him off:

“Everything you’re about to say, I already know. Don’t do it now. We’ve already had enough bad timing.”

There is no possible platonic thing that the Doctor could say that could hurt Clara like that. Bad timing. They were already best friends. Bad timing is not for friendships; there’s never a wrong time to be a friend or to tell someone that they’re your best friend. Bad timing is for lovers. Bad timing is for lost chances.

Bad timing is for saying, “You are my universe. You are my heartbeat. I love you.” Because the first time you say that should never be your last.

If there was ever any doubt that Clara and the Doctor were (are?) in love with each other, “Face the Raven” shouldn’t leave any doubt. You would have to ignore what’s said, and you’d also have to ignore what’s left unsaid but is clear nonetheless.

And, dang, if Sarah Dollard didn’t hit the nail on the head.

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fun fact: for some reason when i first saw your username (braveten) i thought it was pronounced bra-ve-ten it only just hit me that it was brave-ten and related to doctor who (the tenth doctor will always be my fave :') )

Hahaha yesssss the tenth doctor is my fave as well!!! I’ve actually met David Tennant twice and he’s a really lovely person <3333 And Ten/Rose will always be one of my top OTPs (I thought it was unbeatable until I discovered YOI and now I think it’s a tie?? I feel like I’m betraying DW just by saying that??)

Vignettes and Variations on Evasion

Pairing: Ten x Rose
Rating: General
Words: ~3,670
A/N: I attended the St. Louis Wizard World con in 2016. During David and Billie’s joint panel, a fan requested that David turn to Billie and say – without pause – “Rose Tyler, I love you.” David and Billie provided some alternative responses, which were GOLD and begging to be fic’d. Gets a bit angsty. Thanks to tumblr user lunaseemoony for the beta.Gets a bit angsty. Thanks to @lunaseemoony for the beta.

“Rose Tyler—“ he paused.

The Doctor and Rose had just returned to the TARDIS from a dangerous adventure on the planet Analax. They had nearly brushed death yet again when the Doctor managed to pull her from the gripping claws of the monsters.

They had found themselves wrapped in an intense embrace, both needing the comfort of touch from the other to ease their nerves. The thought of losing her terrified him and he clung to her as if his hearts beating depended on her. He had pulled back slightly so he could look at her when he began what Rose thought might be an admittance of what he felt for her, words she had been longing to hear since that night in front of the diner.

That had been the first time he nearly said it, and the depth of his feelings for her both excited and terrified him. He grew fond of his previous companions, even fiercely protective, to be sure, and he would venture to say that he fancied a few, but he loved Rose Tyler. He felt deep affection, tempered with gratitude for bringing him back to life after the slow death of his soul during the Time War. He was also terrified of being that close to another living being, and terrified at the thought of what he might become if he ever lost her.

Ever since the night that he nearly let his tongue slip the first time, their relationship became a dance, teetering on a tightrope of deep, affectionate friendship on one side and something more on the other.

“Yes, Doctor?” answered Rose, waiting with baited breath.

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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I just need to know the logistics of Tentoo and Rose's relationship like was it a natural thing that they both loved each other and just fell into their life?? Did Rose have to learn to love Tentoo with time because it technically wasn't her doctor? How did Tentoo cope with knowing that no matter what he's always be the copy of what Rose wanted, always second best? How long was Rose hung up on the real Doctor if she ever was at all how many times does she still think about him and Tentoo has to comfort her with empty promises how often does Tentoo thank every star in the galaxy that he got the better end of the deal when did Rose fall completely in love with Tentoo to the point that they made their own memories how did they manage-

I had a sudden brainwave earlier.

I’ve seen people say Jack saw in Gwen what the Doctor saw in Rose. Which I agree with to an extent. 

Rose was what the Doctor needed at that point, she reminded him of the good in the Universe and helped him regain a lot of what he’d lost in the Time War.

However, (and this is where people will disagree with me, I’m ok with that, just don’t be rude) I don’t feel he was in love with her. He loved the idea of her, but you don’t abandon someone you’re in love with. This is also why I don’t think he was ever in love with Jack. I tend to agree with things I’ve seen saying he’s Ace/Aro (Ten at least, I believe each regen is different). 

So….back to Gwen and Jack. Jack saw some of the same traits in Gwen as he did in Rose. So he hired her. But I think he realized pretty quick that while Rose was good at expressing her opinions about right and wrong (and backing off when her ideas of morality weren’t going to work), Gwen didn’t have the tact or ability to understand when she needed to look at a situation in a different light. 

I’m not to my actual point yet, so let’s get there!

Ianto was Jack’s River.

River saw the Doctor, warts and all and still loved him. All of his faces and personalities. And the faces that know her, love her too. Even though she is far from innocent. 

Same with Ianto. He didn’t see Jack as a knight in shining armor. He saw his flaws and that he was just as damaged and scared as anyone else. And he loved him anyway. And vice versa. They never had a honeymoon period, they were both well aware of the other and their issues from the start. And it worked. Just like the Doctor and River.