is just ten saying he loves rose

imagine coming home from a long day, super tired and cranky. and luke is like “i have an idea!” and he just runs out the door and you’re texting him and calling him but he won’t answer and he comes back ten minutes later with a rose. just one. and he doesn’t give it to you, he just puts it in a bowl with water in it and sets it on the table. “it’s like beauty and the beast!” he says. “disney movies are awesome and i thought it would cheer you up…like, the more i love you, the more the rose is gonna bloom, right?” and you laugh and you’re like “that’s not how the story goes, lukey,” but he still boops your nose to makes you laugh, and then he kisses all over your face and tickles you and just lays with you for hours, wrapping you in his arms until you feel okay again.