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imagine on Valentine's Day,,aka Derek Malik Nurse's (loml) birthday, and everyone is super focused on their SO (Derek isn't mad, he's used to it) he goes the whole day thinking everyone forgot until he gets invited over to the haus for team dinner and is surprised w a birthday party, and this boy is so overwhelmed he's like lowkey almost in tears. he asks who planned it and everyone looks at dex, who had the date circled w hearts all year. This is pre-relationship but they're Screwed

this is the cutest prompt ever and it jumped right to the top of my list ooops hehe. this starts off kind of boring because nursey’s day also starts off boring, so stick in there lmao. i liked writing this a lot, so enjoy!

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RFA+V writes a letter to MC

I’ve never written a reaction before but I’ve had this headcanon for a while and I just wanted to just get it out there.


  • wants to fully tell you how much he loves you without stumbling over his words, and no time constraints
  • writes about how he wants to hold your hand, cuddle, and kiss your face!
  • resists the urge to put doodles in because he doesn’t want you to think he’s too childish (manly yoosung)
  • so pure and good
  • has it finished and keeps smiling like a doof because he’s so excited
  • he texts you coy messages hinting that he has something for you
  •  folds it up and puts it in his backpack 
  • he thinks he’ll drop it off at your place after class
  •  gets super upset and screams into his pillow
  • feels so bad he led you on
  • decides he’ll just dress up, buy some red roses, and take a selfie and send it to you to give you something


  • you’ve been on her mind a lot
  • and she has so much to say about her love for you
  • buys nice stationary she thought looked pretty
  • breaks out her BEST pen
  • her handwriting is in cursive, so clean and swirly
  • John Hancock would have been jealous
  • does her best to avoid any coffee stains
  • she spends all night crafting the perfect letter
  • but good god jaehee
  • it’s like SIXTY pages
  • and for a good ten pages she talks about Zen’s new musical
  • but you actually read it
  • every word just makes you love her even more
  • blushy jaehee when you text her >///<


  • this guy is ALL HYPE
  • he loves letters
  • just loves the feeling of holding something that someone took the time to write out with their own hand
  • and knowing that he can write you a letter, spilling his love to you
  • the first moment he got, he went to writing
  • like jaehee, he takes all night to write it but with less pages
  • poor zenny doesn’t have the best handwriting
  • it’s an amalgam of print and cursive
  • “is that a ‘v’ or a ‘u’?”
  • from what you could read, it’s so cliche 
  • like it’s so unreal
  • “your lips are like petals, soft, delicate, beautiful, round”
  • how many adjectives does this guy know???
  • but you love it
  • you text zen your favorite lines and all he can do is just smile so large
  • “where’s MY letter babe???~<3”


  • boy oh boy this donut loves you so much
  • he actually tries to type it to you on the messenger but it was too many characters
  • wants to call you but knows you’re at work/school
  • so a letter will have to do
  • letters were easy since he wrote quite a few at work
  • he notices halfway through his letter it was too formal
  • scraps it
  • twenty-two drafts later he realizes it’s 4AM
  • yeah easy pffftttt
  • an hour before he goes to work, he decides he would settle for draft #18
  • it smells like expensive cologne
  • his handwriting is very neat and clean
  • he writes about how he feels when you’re talking to him (spends several paragraphs talking about your voice), how much he just respects you, and admires you
  • enclosed are Elizabeth 3rd’s stray hairs
  • you call Jumin while he’s at work and he can’t help but smile
  • Jaehee and his subordinates just stare at a SMILING JUMIN


  • loves you to the moon and would do anything for you
  • he wants you to know it
  • but uh writing? :/
  • seven tries because he knows how much you love romance
  • “where’s my pen???”
  • has a lot of spelling errors and ends up being a drawing of you two as astronauts so he switches to his computer
  • ends up writing three paragraphs and thinks it’s not good enough for you
  • does one of two things:
  • he finds out your route heading home from work/school
  • stands on a building with a megaphone and just confesses his love to you
  • makes sure he points to you so everyone knows who you are
  • throws a handful of confetti
  • you’re a freaking mess but no one has done this for you before ^_^
  • OR
  • he just goes to your work/school and does this


  • hasn’t been this happy since Rika
  • gets the idea of letters from listening to the radio 
  • but writing is a bit hard when his vision is severely declining
  • a picture is worth a thousand words
  • he composes a collage of different photos that meant something to you and him
  • it takes you a hot second to know what the images mean
  • you send a loving text with a picture of the collage hanging over your bed

I was watching Doctor who, when suddenly I noticed a few things that almost make me cry (I’m a fandom girl and ship people is one of my hobbies, don’t judge me) so here we go.


Here is again our amazing Rose Tyler in the “Bad Wolf” episode. In this part the doctor sent her away because they were in danger and he tought that they would no survive, so he saved her because he loved her!


And when he did it twice…

His face…


Of course we remember the non- official relationship between Eleven and Clara

Okay, so in the “The time of the doctor” we have a really similar situation….

When they are in “Trenzalore” he lies to Clara so she can be sent back home and be safe and sound

From my point of view… he didn’t want her to go, but he protect her anyways because HE LOVED HER! and of course, she was going to die and he didn’t want to lose her…

We already know the story, she go back, the doctor promised he will never sent her away never again, but, like almost all his promises, he broke it…

And this time… She was accepting that she would never see him again…

But she does!! and he regenerates and well… here is when the handsome Peter Capaldi appear…

but that is not all…

Remember when the doctor was burning up a sun just to say goodbye?

And when he called Clara to ask her help, to tell her he miss her and to say her goodbye… EVEN WHEN HE HATES ENDINGS AND GOODBYES!

Conclusion: The doctor is in love with Clara…


“[Rose] was - ah - a girlfriend, really. I know we don’t say it, but she sort of was.” - David Tennant, Raleigh Comic Con, 14/03/2015. 

I’ve never really given much thought to the fact that the Doctor actually destroyed a sun just to say goodbye to Rose. I always thought that was romantic, and I still do because it is, but it has so much more meaning. 

He’s the savior of the universe; he saves worlds, he doesn’t destroy them. But he did. That one time he did. He destroyed a sun. For her. He destroyed a piece of the universe without giving it a second thought just to say goodbye to her. 

He didn’t do it so he could go through the crack, he didn’t do it for some big savior kind of reason, he did it to say goodbye. He did it for the smallest thing because he loved her so much that he couldn’t just part with her without saying goodbye, without talking to her one last time. To make sure she was okay. To give her some closure so she could move on without him because she had to. They both did. 

And I think that’s truly beautiful. He did something he probably never imagined himself doing; he destroyed a part of the universe he’s constantly trying to save because of one tiny little human that meant everything to him.

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is. 

itsnotacrimetoloveyou replied to your post “itsnotacrimetoloveyou replied to your post “He really, truly did not…”


And his goodbye to Rose was so sweet. He wasn’t even going to say anything, he just wanted to see her and then she’s asking if he’s alright and he’s telling her she’s going to have a great year (because it’s they year they met)… UGHHH

As soon as he told Wilfred “I’m going to collect my reward,” I lost it because I knew–I just knew–he was going to say goodbye to all of his companions. That part wrecked me to pieces because it was such a tragically lovely send-off to Ten.

AND ROSE! *a thousand daggers to the heart* I love how bubbly, concerned, and hopeful she comes across in her last scenes, not just with the Doctor but with Jackie as well. It is so incredibly like Rose to ask him if he’s “okay,” too, because she’s always been so incredibly perceptive where he’s concerned. And I love that there was a tug between them to the last. I WILL NEVER THINK OF THE YEAR 2005 AND DOCTOROSE AS SEPARATE ENTITIES AGAIN. *cries forever*

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Epilogue


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Word count: 1.9k

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“I don’t know if you noticed, but I usually go for the bad boys, that’s just the kinda guys I’m attracted to,” you started, already feeling cliché and stupid before even entering the main subject.

“I’m a bad boy?” Sebastian asked, his brows suddenly shooting up in surprise.

“Who said I was talking about you?” You teased him. His smile fell and you immediately laughed and took his chin between your fingers, pulling him down a bit to place a quick kiss on his mouth, making him relax. “I’m kidding, of fucking course I am. Although no, you’re not really a bad boy, you’re quite the opposite actually, but you have the looks of it and that’s enough for me. The ‘mysterious guy clad in dark clothes sitting alone at a bar and drinking a beer’ worked pretty well, huh?” You grinned widely, wiggling your eyebrows and laughing lightly, not wanting to draw attention to you. For once, nobody seemed to have recognized Sebastian and you wouldn’t want to ruin that.

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Also, I typically avoid posting opinions like this, but it astounds me how somebody can watch Twelve and Clara’s last conversation in “Face the Raven” and still think that they’re not in love with each other. Yes, romantic love. Yes, I know that they’re best friends (and isn’t that the strongest, best kind of romantic relationship? the kind where you’re best friends?).

I mean, it’s like watching the beach scene in “Doomsday” and saying, “oh, there was nothing romantic between Ten and Rose, it was all platonic.” The Doctor doesn’t say “I love you.” He doesn’t say it to Rose, he doesn’t say it to River, he doesn’t say it to Clara. He almost does. He comes close. He says it in just about every other way possible, and we don’t need to hear him say it to know that he feels it towards Rose and River (yes, I know, he marries River, but he still never actually says those three little words), so why not with Clara also?

The Doctor’s relationship with Clara has been coded as romantic right from “Asylum” when Oswin flirts with him, continues in “The Snowmen” very strongly, and then the appearance of “Clara Prime” does nothing to discontinue the trend. Even “Deep Breath” does nothing to actually dismantle the coding, from Clara claiming that she could flirt with a mountain range to the Doctor telling Clara that he’d made a mistake in trying to be her boyfriend (”I’m not your boyfriend. I didn’t say it was your mistake.”).

Ten says, “Rose Tyler.” We all know what he would have said if he’d had a couple more seconds.

Twelve says, “Clara.” Clara cuts him off:

“Everything you’re about to say, I already know. Don’t do it now. We’ve already had enough bad timing.”

There is no possible platonic thing that the Doctor could say that could hurt Clara like that. Bad timing. They were already best friends. Bad timing is not for friendships; there’s never a wrong time to be a friend or to tell someone that they’re your best friend. Bad timing is for lovers. Bad timing is for lost chances.

Bad timing is for saying, “You are my universe. You are my heartbeat. I love you.” Because the first time you say that should never be your last.

If there was ever any doubt that Clara and the Doctor were (are?) in love with each other, “Face the Raven” shouldn’t leave any doubt. You would have to ignore what’s said, and you’d also have to ignore what’s left unsaid but is clear nonetheless.

And, dang, if Sarah Dollard didn’t hit the nail on the head.

masterlist - request

requested by @zabyasachi: fluff just pure carisi cuddling tummy rubbing tear wiping fluff all the whispered carissimas and i love you. so much sonny. im such a little bitch for that italian man

also @coffeeandcannolis wanted me to use the line “he takes the next monday off and spends it with you in the park, holding your hand lightly and kissing you sweetly. you’re surprised you don’t have a cavity at the end of the day, but you like it” from a headcanon i wrote that can be found here

word count: 841

warnings: none

You had expressed loneliness four times before Sonny took the day off, staying in bed with you for the whole day.

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I'd like you to notice three things about New Earth

1. When Cassandra kisses the Doctor, he doesn’t resist. When she pulls back, he doesn’t say anything to change what just happened. And he thinks it’s Rose.

2. In the beginning of the episode, the Doctor and Rose talk about The End of the World (1x02). Rose says, “Our first date”, to which the Doctor replies, “We had chips”. Again, no contradiction whatsoever.

3. The Doctor only lets go of the Human Farm for the sake of demanding that Rose would be returned to her previous condition.

Now how can people say they weren’t in love? Even without taking the fact they’re behaving like a couple into consideration, it’s so obvious.

I was tagged by the lovely @dalexb!  Thank you! <3

Classic or New - I haven’t seen much Classic Who, so I’ll go with New.

Fave Doctor -I’m actually going to say 11th Doctor, though Ten and Nine are both so brilliant and fantastic. :)

Worst Doctor - Don’t hate me please, but I’m choosing Twelve because I feel like his personality is really hard to understand, like he’s all over the place and crazy.  He’s adorable but he’s not my favorite.

Fave Companion - I can’t choose just one lol.  Donna, Rose, Rory, Amy, and Clara are all my favorites. xD

Worst Companion -Martha.  I’m really sorry but for some reason I don’t like her character very much.  She’s a sweetheart and her episodes are all very good, but i don’t like her all that much. :/

Top 5 Episodes

1.Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday

2.Stolen Earth/Journey’s End


4.Curse of the Black Spot

5.The Almost People/Rebel Flesh

Any DVDs -Unfortunately I don’t have any of the DVDs. :(

Fave Moment -

This was a very special moment for Ten and Rose. :)

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Scariest Moment -Honestly I’ve never felt overly scared by any Doctor Who episodes, but Blink had it’s scary moments and The Almost People/Rebel Flesh was pretty creepy.

Saddest Moment -

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Missing Episode you want -I don’t know of any missing episodes that I’d want, but I would love to see a live action version of that scene about Brian Williams after The Angels Take Manhattan. :)

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#5. 'First Of Many'

Wake Me Up: First Of Many- One Shot #5



“Are you sure you’re ready for this? It’s a big step, love,” her voice was soothing, naturally motherly which helped create a semblance of a mother. Going to your mother with a topic like was not something you felt comfortable doing, not matter your relationship with her.

“I know,” you sighed. Lou listened intently on the other line of the phone, ready to offer advice where it was needed. “But I love him, Lou, a lot. And I want to be able to show him how much I love him.”

“Then show him. It’s your choice, sweetheart, and if you feel ready then by all means, you’re ready.”

You nodded, mulling over her words. This has been on your mind for quite sometime now, gnawing away at your thoughts. Ever since, a few weeks ago, when you and Harry were fooling around at the apartment you two shared, and things escalated a little too quickly for your taste, resulting in you stopping him before anything happened. He was unbelievably understanding, peppering your face in kisses, reassuring you that he still loved you and he’d wait however long you needed.

But now, you were ready. You were ready to give your body away to the man you were sure you loved more than anyone on this earth. He was the only one you thought was even deserving of what you were to give him. He was your soulmate with every meaning of the word. He was yours, and you were his. Tonight, you were going to show him just how much you belonged with him by giving him something you could never get back, your virginity.

“What are you thinking about, sweet pea?” Lou broke you out of your train of thoughts.

“What if he doesn’t enjoy himself, Lou? I mean I’ve got pretty stiff competition,” you mumbled, knowing the list of women in which Harry has been intimate wasn’t too outrageous, but it was obviously lengthier than yours.

“Oh hon, Harry loves you. I mean he’s made that quite evident the last two months with you. He may not have said it yet, but he’s in love with you. Sex is different with someone you’re in love with. It’s better,” Lou promised. “And you may not be his first with this, but you are his first love which I think that means a hell of a lot more to him than the girl who stole his virginity.”

You nodded, taking a deep breath. “You’re right. Thank you, Lou.”

“Anytime, love. Call me for details tomorrow. Well, not too in depth details just the gist of how everything goes,” she clarified quickly causing your lips to curve in a smile.

“Will do.”


The door to the apartment opened, setting your stomach into a fluttering fight of butterflies. His heavy footsteps could be heard as he called your name into the space, your ears pricking with his recognizable voice. After a few seconds with no response, he called your name again.

With each call, you stayed standing in the bedroom, waiting for his arrival to the room.

“Babe, you home?” He called again. This time, his voice sounded much closer than before. Taking a deep breath, the doorknob twisted simultaneously, your stomach twisting further as you watched it before it swung open, revealing your breathtaking boyfriend of two months.

“Baby, I’ve been—” he was cut off as his attention drew around the room, eyes scanning before they landed on you and widened at the sight. He took notice in his favorite strapless black dress of yours hugging your body in the exact right places, arms curved up with a bouquet of red roses held against your chest. Your hair fell down your shoulders in perfect accented curls, and your makeup highlighted the natural features of your face, making Harry’s breath catch in his lungs.

He took another look at the room, rose petals covering every inch of it eventually leading to the bed. “Wh-what’s going on?”

“These are for you,” you smiled stepping forward slightly, red heel clad feet moving towards Harry. Once you were directly in front of him, you handed him the bouquet of red roses, smiling as he accepted them before bringing them to his nose and sniffing them.

“What is all of this, baby?” He asked again, knowing the answer but wanting to hear you say it.

You shrugged, stepping forward to hook your arms around his neck, Harry’s moving to tug around your waist. “We’ve been together two months, Harry. I think it’s time I show just how much I care for you.”

Harry smiled softly at you before closing the last bit of distance, pressing his lips to yours. There was a quiet thump as the two of you kissed before Harry gripped you closer to him, the bouquet of flowers now resting on the floor behind you. It was the first kiss the two of you had shared since his arrival home, and the pressure between your lips eradicated all the nerves that were once swirling through you, replacing it with esteemed love for Harry. You could feel every emotion the two of you shared flowing through the kiss, adding a touch of desperation as he kissed you slowly.

Harry’s actions towards you were gentle with each caress of the lips or skin, savoring each touch as it came. Your eyes were tightly closed as your hands moved to lightly tangle themselves in his hair in an effort to hold his lips to yours.

Each whisper of a kiss seemed to waken you, displaying how much you were, in fact, ready for this. How much you wanted and needed him in this way. When Harry’s tongue pushed lightly into your mouth, you met it with your own to deepen the kiss, earning a small groan from Harry. You could feel his excitement growing as he hardened within his jeans against your lower stomach.

Your bottom lip was tugged between Harry’s teeth as he lightly nipped it before pulling back, lips moving to trail across your cheeks and jaw. Ragged breaths fell from your lips as he pressed open mouth kisses to your neck, spreading heat throughout your body with every movement of his lips. Your fingers clutched desperately to his hair, keeping his lips pressed to your neck.

A quiet groan tumbled from his lips as you pressed your hips into his, Harry’s bucking in response. You wanted to feel him, know that he wanted this just as much as he did. You wanted to know just how much he wanted and needed you.

Pulling away from the kiss, Harry was breathless as he spoke hushedly. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” you whispered, breathlessly. “I want to feel you, show you how much you care for me.”

Harry hesitated, eyes scanning your face. Your stomach dropped with his hesitation, self-doubt flooding through your body.

“Don’t you want this?” You whispered, bashfully.

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed before his hands moved to cup your face. “Oh baby, you have no idea how bad I want this.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“We don’t have, um… anything,” he whispered, vaguely.

“Oh,” you mumbled. “Actually, I’m on birth control. It helps regulate my period and stuff, so yeah.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” His eyebrows furrowed with the question.

You shrugged. “Never came up.”

Harry nodded, not responding before kissing you once again. His lips melded into yours as his hips shifted forward, earning a small moan from you. His body began moving forward, yours blindly moving backwards until the back of your knees hit the bed. Without breaking the kiss, Harry leaned forward until your back rested against the mattress, only breaking the kiss so you could scoot onto the pillows. Harry climbed on top of your body, resuming the kiss. And without truly meaning to, your hands slid down his back in order to grip the hem of his shirt. Slowly, you began to tug it upwards, revealing his muscular back inch by inch until it was up by his shoulders. Finally realizing what you were doing, he pulled his lips from yours, tugging the shirt off and tossing it blindlessly to the floor before his lips found the skin of my neck.

Harry’s lips paused briefly on your skin, fingers snaking around the fabric of your dress in order to find the zipper. Your arched your back in order for him to get a better reach, and he did as his fingers slipped the zipper down, lips resuming their movements on your skin. His arms snaked around your waist, pulling you up to a sitting position in order for him to pull the dress over your head—leaving you in only your undergarments. Once it was, he discarded the black material onto the floor taking your heels along with it, just as he did with his shirt. Pausing, his eyes drank you in, darkened by the lust and emotion he felt in the moment. Normally, with such scrutiny, you’d feel self-conscious of your body, bashful under such an extreme gaze. But with Harry, it was different. Harry made you feel beautiful as his eyes scanned you from head to toe, admiration swimming within the depths of them.

“God, you’re so beautiful, baby,” he whispered, lips peppering kisses on whatever skin he could reach as he carefully laid you back down. Once you were fully laying down, his eyes locked into yours, staring deeply before crashing his lips back to yours.

You could feel the heat building between the two of you as the kiss grew in desperation. Harry kissed you fervently, deepening it by dipping his tongue into your mouth in time with how his hips would grind into yours. By now, there was a very prominent bulge between the two of you, causing a surge of anticipation to swell through you.

Yours hands were pressed against the smooth skin of his back, palms flat against the heat of it. But in a need to explore his skin, they began to travel, moving to his chest, where you could feel his heartbeat rumble underneath your palm, to the chiseled features of his torso and v-line. With your exploration, your hands followed his v-line to the waistband of his pants, fingers digging beneath the fabric.

Harry’s fingers tickled across your sides, and you gasped once you felt them trail across your bra-covered breast, the feeling foreign. Your back arched, allowing him the freedom to unclasp it. And once he did, there were no restrictions of straps, so the material fell right off, joining the clothes on the floor. A breath was sucked in between Harry’s teeth at the sight of you naked from the waist up before he dove forward, lips attaching to your breast causing you to cry out.

“So so beautiful,” he mumbled with his lips pressed to the skin of your breast, causing a wave of heat to course through your body.

Once you had gotten over the initial shock of the feeling, your fingers resumed the work of unfastening his jeans. His lips were now traveling up your neck, jaw, cheek, to find your lips, connecting them together. Your fingers undid the zip as Harry’s hands roamed up and down your sides, tickling the sides of your breasts. Once his pants were fully undone, you slipped your hands beneath the band to push them down his hips. Harry shifted his weight here and there to help with the complete removal of the jeans, taking his boxers with it.

Harry’s breath matched yours, coming out in uneven pants as he pressed one kiss to your jaw before removing the last barrier between the two of you, allowing his weight to rest on top of you. One last kiss was pressed to your forehead before Harry stared down at you intently.

“Are you sure about this, my love?” He asked softly. You could feel every inch of his bare skin press into yours, and with that proximity, you could feel just how very ready he was—you were surely just as ready.

“Yes,” you breathed with no hesitation. Your hand moved to the back of his neck, bringing his lips down to yours. “Make love to me, Harry,” you whispered against his lips.

“Okay,” Harry breathed, nodding before reconnecting the both your lips, kissing you deeply and smoothly as his tongue slid across yours. He pulled away, looking at you, “Tell me if it hurts, and I’ll stop. Okay, baby?”

“Okay,” you whispered, pushing yourself up to meet his lips.

The anticipation of it all was killing you, your body buzzing with what was to come. And once you felt like you were about to go slightly mad, his hips shifted forward, slowly pushing into you. A gasp fell from your lips with the stretch of it, unfamiliar but not painful. Your kiss was broken as Harry’s mouth fell open as he sunk further into you, both of your breaths shaky. There was no movement for a moment as Harry allowed you to adjust to the foreign intrusion, mouths opened against one another but not moving as well. Before long, you offered Harry a small nod, informing him it was okay to start moving.

His body moved slowly, so carefully and slowly, until he filled you completely. The sensation brought tingles all through your extremities as your body began to adjust, unfamiliarity turning into pleasure.

“Harry…” you breathed out. You felt overcome by the beautiful stretch this action caused you, too overcome to really process anything else other than the beautiful man above you. With the sound of his name, Harry moved his hips back slowly, body rolling before pushing back into you. His entire body was held up by his elbows pressing into the mattress on either side of your head, his chest pressed against yours as he drove in and out of you slowly. He ducked his head down, pressing his lips to yours in the kiss that was previously interrupted moments before.

“Oh my god, baby,” he pulled back, groaning the words with a strained voice. You couldn’t respond as his hips rolled into yours, sending a wave of heat through your body with each thrust. Your hands desperately roamed the muscles of his back, contracting with each fluid movement he made. Over and over again, his body moved over yours, building a heat that had been simmering between the two of you for months.

The pace was slow, lingering, burning, and the most emotional experience you had ever encountered. His lips moved against yours with the steady rhythm of his hips. Every move he made was intended to divulge in the love he felt for you, showing you just that. And every time he pushed into you, it felt extraordinarily better than the last, adding the pressure that was building in the pit of your stomach.

Your legs wrapped around Harry’s waist, drawing him in closer with each thrust as your left hand searched for something to hold on to. Seeing your dilemma, Harry gripped your hand, intertwining your fingers as the back of your hand pushed into the mattress, his body continuing to move smoothly over you.

The pressure in the pit of your stomach was rivaling to unbearability, screaming for some sort of release, and with this slow, melodic pace, you knew you wouldn’t last much longer.

“Harry,” you moaned his name, lips falling from his. His eyes intently watched your face with each of his thrusts. “Harry, god.”

With your lips absent from his, Harry took that opportunity to trail his lips down your neck, tongue darting out every so often, as your back arched off the mattress, his hips continuing to roll forward.

“Baby,” he moaned against your skin in an extremely raspy nature followed by a low groan as he thrusted into you again. Your eyes squeezed shut as the pressure built and built, one hand pressing firmly into his back as the other gripped his desperately.

“Har—” you were cut off by a moan that ripped through your throat as Harry pushed into you one last time, sending you over the edge and releasing the pressure in your stomach. Relief flooded through you, making your muscles nearly vibrate and your limbs shake, and you couldn’t stop the moans and gasps that tumbled from your lips.

The noises were stifled by Harry’s lips as he rocked into you one more time. You could feel the way his lips moved against yours as his muscles tensed before he let out a gasp and hit his own high, still inside of you to let go. Your legs struggled to keep their grip around his waist as they shook uncontrollably, tugging him tightly to you as you kept kissing him as best you could while your body began to come down.

Finally, once his moment of unadulterated bliss was over, he allowed himself to collapse on top of you, body pressing fully onto yours. You accepted his weight gratefully, fingers combing through his now sweaty and disheveled curls. After a while, Harry’s head lifted from the home in the crook of your neck to look at you. A pink flush tinted his cheeks as his green eyes blazed. His chest still moved a bit rapidly as his thumb moved to stroke the skin of your cheek.

“You’re amazing,” he whispered, lightly pressing his lips to your forehead.

You smiled, closing your eyes with the feeling of his lips on your skin. “I know.”


Harry was hot when he woke up, too hot. But it was in the best kind of way as he saw your bare body pressed against his, a glow settling on your skin from the events of last night. With no intent to wake you up, his fingertips trailed lightly on any place on your body he could reach, tickling you from your slumber.

A faint smile appeared on your lips, announcing to Harry you had woken up.

“Sorry,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to your temple before tugging you closer to his body. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

You snuggled against him, nose nuzzling into his neck as you wrapped your own arm around his waist, eyes closed.

“S’okay,” you mumbled before yawning.

“Hmm,” Harry hummed and once he spoke, you could almost hear the cockiness in his voice. “I wore you out last night, didn’t I?”

“If I wasn’t so tired, I’d hit you,” you warned, contradicting your statement by snuggling closer to him.

Harry chuckled softly, pressing his nose to you hair. “I care about you, baby. So much. Never forget that.”

“I care about you too,” you whispered softly.

“Thank you for giving me something so special last night,” his lips pressed to your hair multiple times.

You smiled softly, eyes still closed. “Thank you for being someone I’d want to give something like that to.”

“I’d be your anything, baby,” he vowed, pulling you closer—if possible. “Here’s to the first of many.”

“First of many,” you mumbled before the feeling of Harry’s skin against yours and his sweet smell drifted you off to sleep once again.


Well, here it is! This is my very first sex scene, so sorry if it sucks. Thank you to anon who requested both prompts. I hope you as well as everyone else liked it!

Send any feedback/requests here.

(+past one shots)

Thank you for reading!

Lots of love.

Joy xx.

fic: the lights turn on


“It’s beautiful,” Rose murmured, staring up at the night sky. They were at the seaside, only a couple of hours from London, her time, and it was late.

The  Doctor was propped up on his elbows on the sand. “Knew you’d like it,” he said softly. He glanced down at her, where she was spread out on his coat. “Light pollution, in London - means you never get to see the stars properly.”


When his eyes returned to the sky, he smiled, because he could hear and feel her shuffling a tad closer to him.



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anonymous asked:

Okay, i NEED your help! One of my cousins started watching Doctor Who recently, and she just finished the third season, when i told her i've cried with Doomsday and everything, she told me she didn't really think that Ten loved Rose, she says that if he loved her he would've find a way to go back to her... AND WE ALL KNOW THAT'S NOT THAT EASY BUT... i'm running out of arguments, will you help me?

Has she…seen series one and two?! Well, if she’s not swayed by what’s only in the loosest of possible terms left unsaid:

Rose Tyler: I’ve been to the year five million, but this, this is really seeing the future- you just leave us behind! Is that what you’re going to do to me?

The Doctor: No. Not you.

Rose Tyler: But, Sarah Jane- you were that close to her once, and now… you never even mention her. Why not?

The Doctor: I don’t age. I regenerate. But humans decay. You wither and you die. Imagine watching that happen to someone you…

Rose Tyler: What, Doctor?

The Doctor: You can spend the rest of your life with me. But I can’t spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on, alone. That’s the curse of the Timelords. (School Reunion)

The Doctor: If they get back in contact - if you talk to Rose - just tell her… tell her… oh, she knows. (Satan Pit)

Rose Tyler: I, I love you. 
The Doctor: Quite right, too. And I suppose, if it’s one last chance to say it, Rose Tyler— (Doomsday; cut to:)

And if RTD and Julie Gardner and other writers/actors themselves confirming the canonness of their love isn’t enough:

From the moment they meet, the Doctor and Rose are soul mates. They understand and complement each other.” (Russell T Davies)

What Rose brings to the Doctor’s life is completion. It’s completing a circle – he’s male, he’s alien, he’s a traveler. Between the two of them together they complement each other and discover each other. And are in love with each other – absolutely, unashamedly, unreservedly.” (Russell T Davies)

From first holding the Doctor’s hand to a farewell on a beach, Rose is the Doctor’s reason to fight, to endure, to ensure there’s light in the darkness. Together they can achieve anything. As Episode 9 describes it, they are the stuff of legends.” (Julie Gardner)

They save each other. They love each other. They absolutely love each other. And they’d die for each other.” (Julie Gardner)

Obviously and quite overtly, really, the subtext of this show is that the Doctor is hopelessly in love with Rose.” (Steven Moffat)

To all intents and purposes, it’s a love story, really, the Doctor and Rose. Rose is clearly in love with the Doctor. And as time goes on we realise that he’s rather fallen for her.” (David Tennant)

It’s a love story. It’s like love at first sight, in a way.” (Christopher Eccleston) 

Haunted by horrific experiences at the heart of an unseen Time War, the Ninth was a Doctor in recovery, healed by his connection with retail worker and council estate denizen Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) — Their meeting marking the beginning of Doctor Who’s greatest love story.” (Doctor Who Magazine)

And even if she eventually sees series four where their love is 100% canonized and somehow she’s still a disbeliever:

Well, if all that doesn’t convince her, I guess to each their own delusional worlds. 

beekeeper-cas  asked:

Yes I'd really like that! I liked Rose a lot and was kind of irritated because Martha just kept saying she loves the doctor. So yeah I would love to understand her story !

There’s a few different things I think Martha brings to the story. I could go on forever about it so I’ll try to keep it relatively brief. Let’s break it down into 3:

1. Martha’s arc itself: What I love about Martha’s arc is that it is a story about a woman who is very selfless, always puts others before herself, keeps quiet on her own feelings, finally learning to put herself first. It’s not just her relationship with the Doctor – we see in the scenes with Martha’s family that Martha is often the peacekeeper, Martha has to try and navigate between her parents and her siblings, Martha bears the brunt of that responsibility. Martha puts others before herself time and again, so it is very satisfying in the finale to get to see her choose to leave the TARDIS of her own free will, for her own reasons, for her own good. She recognizes that this is what is best for her, and she does it. It’s a story about Martha realizing she doesn’t need someone else’s approval, that if someone (the Doctor) doesn’t appreciate her she doesn’t have to put up with that, and that it’s okay to put herself first. Women are often expected to put others before themselves, so it’s nice to see Martha get to do something for herself. Also, I really appreciated seeing an unrequited love story that ends not with someone finally “earning” the love they want, but rather accepting that it won’t happen, realizing they don’t need it, and being able to move on.

Martha also, in many ways, becomes the Doctor (which is something RTD plays with a lot actually with both Donna and Rose as well); by the s3 finale it is Martha who has to save the world, Martha who becomes the legend, Martha who outwits the Master while the Doctor is in captivity for a year. Emphasized of course by Martha being a literal doctor, and choosing to carry on that sort of work on Earth with Torchwood and UNIT and later “freelance” with Mickey.

2. Martha’s relationship with the Doctor: Obviously Martha’s relationship with the Doctor isn’t the healthiest Doctor/companion relationship, because Martha ends up in a hopeless crush and the Doctor in grief ends up keeping Martha at arm’s length and is often careless with her feelings. The Doctor is in a very dark place in s3 after having lost Rose, who had come to mean so much to him. He was in a really vulnerable place when he met Rose, being with her and falling in love with her helped him heal, and then she was ripped away from him, and he’s just generally in a bad place. Martha handles him with incredible patience and selflessness, and saves his life on numerous occasions. Martha is able to pull him back from the edge again. Like Donna says in Partners in Crime, Martha is a good influence; the Doctor in s4 is not nearly as angry and volatile as the Doctor throughout most of s3. I don’t think you’d get the close bond between Ten and Donna that you get in s4 if Martha had not been in between, softening him up again.

3. Martha’s relationship with the audience: Martha allows the show to acknowledge, rather than ignore, Rose’s absence. This is a bit of a controversial one because some people will claim that instead the show and the writers hated Martha and that in having Ten grieve Rose the way he does in s3 they did Martha a disservice, etc. I disagree; Rose was immensely popular and the audience was always going to miss her when she left, which meant the show had to either ignore how the audience was feeling and carry on as if nothing had changed, or acknowledge it. I think ignoring Rose’s absence and having the Doctor carry on as normal would have alienated many of the viewers who had come to love Rose, and it would have been less satisfying storytelling and character development.

Instead I think the show chose to acknowledge it by having Ten openly grieve Rose throughout s3 and not really appreciate Martha properly, only for that to ultimately be the reason Martha leaves him in the end. I think Martha’s getting out speech works on two levels. For one, obviously, it is Martha talking to the Doctor and the culmination of her story when she reaffirms that she is good, she doesn’t need his approval, and she is going to leave for her own well-being. On another level, if you in the audience have spent the whole season like Ten, missing Rose, then I think Martha’s speech is directed at you, too. She wasn’t second best, she was good. We are meant to sympathize with Martha.

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite Doctor/Rose moment?

ack, I can never pick just one favorite. There are so many things to love!

Like the way he looks at her all the way through The Unquiet Dead. The entire episode. Even before she’s in that dress. I MEAN LOOK AT THEM.

And then we have him considering saving her instead of the planet. And when he thinks she’s dead and finds out that she’s alive in Dalek. And her standing up to him in the same episode and questioning him. And then this little moment in The Long Game as he tugs her towards him (and their faces)

(cut after the gif because it got LONG)

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[fic] this is how you lose her

canon compliant
title: this is how you lose her
“It’s not like how it’s written in mainstream YA fiction. It’s not the end of the world. You get hurt, but you’ll heal. No matter how much time it takes.” In which you get a closer look at the inner workings of Mashima Taichi’s mind throughout 20 years of his life.
notes: very special thanks to Luel mahayana-na for beta'ing this for me. I can’t thank you enough, darling.

i. twelve

It begins before the beginning.

Actually, Taichi doesn’t quite remember when it started, but he remembers her short hair and tomboyish demeanour, and how she’d constantly annoy the heck out of him.

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anonymous asked:

It irritates me so much whenever I watch JE that ten just turned his back and walked away without saying goodbye or anything before rose stopped him and asked what he was going to say last time. Is that him being ooc or is it him just being stupid sad doctor. I just find it hard to believe he would actually leave her forever without even saying goodbye.

He turned away because the sight of himself fulfilling all his hopes and empty-bed dreams while he stood alone, an interloper in his own life, threatened to knock him off his feet in agony.

He turned away because he loved her more than he loved himself; loved her enough to make himself the bad guy; loved her enough to give his spare heart to the man who would love her unreservedly and unrestrainedly in a way he never could have; loved her enough to not make it any harder on her than it already was.

He turned away because he emphasised with Jackie more than he’d ever admit, the pain of losing a child. I’d like to think he nodded at her before he turned his back and she mouthed her thanks through fresh tears. 

He turned away because a love like his could never be told, only shown, and he didn’t have the hours it would require to enact his love for a single strand of her hair much less her heart and mind.

He turned away because every fibre of his being and energy and consciousness believed it was the best thing he could do for his Fortuna, his goddess of safe return and the indelible halo around his soul. 

Scorose: seriously anything, for dumbledorestoenail

Rose’s foot tapped on the floor, waiting anxiously for Scorpius to come home. Ever since his father’s death he had been… difficult. Going out all night, coming home bruised and hungover, staying out with girls he had just met. She had tried her hardest to remain understanding, to stay solid for him in this difficult time - like a best friend should. She knew his relationship with his father had always been tense, especially in the time leading up to his death, and obviously Scorpius was regretting that now. But now she was just worried for him. Worried and angry.

Rose scowled, feeling her anger churn in her stomach when she heard the front door shut as he shuffled in, obviously trying to keep quiet. Rose stood in the hall, waiting for him (she hated how much she felt like her mother in that moment). Scorpius didn’t notice her at first until he turned - it was then that she saw the bruises already forming, the blood trickling from his lip, not to mention the way he moved so cautiously. A beat of silence passed before she spoke up, her voice curt and angry. “You look like shit.”

A hoarse, wheeze left his mouth, something like a broken laugh “Gee, thanks Rosie,” He said sarcastically, wiping at his bloodied lip and wincing.

A sigh escaped her lips, rubbing her forehead before going into the bathroom and leaving the door open, a hint he took to follow her in “Sit down.She said, pushing down the lid of the toilet before filling the sink with water and dipping a cloth into it. When she turned back to him he was watching her carefully, his eyes soft, already apologetic. But that wasn’t enough to stop the rant that was forming behind her lips. Brandishing the cloth she started to clean the blood and dirt from him face before launching in “I’m sick of this Scorpius. You need to stop, I’m serious now. It’s every night that you come home like this!” She paused for a moment, his lips parting like he wanted to say something but she jumped in before he could “I understand you’re grieving and that you don’t know how to deal with that but-”

She was about to continue when Scorpius scowled at her, gripping her wrist that was wiping at his face “No you don’t.” He said, deathly low as he stood up, oblivious to his pain “You don’t understand! Merlin Rose, the last thing I ever said to my father was that I wished he would die alone.” He said, his voice growing more and more shaky “I was his only son, and he loved me. In that screwed up way, he did. And I just- I just…” Rose was silent, watching as Scorpius began to break down. An ugly, painful sob escaped his lips as he sunk down onto the toilet again “I just threw it in his face.” He said, tears falling down his cheeks.

Rose had never seen him cry - not once in the whole ten years that they’d been friends. She stood frozen for a second before coming to her senses, kneeling beside him. She didn’t say a word, just pulling him into a hug and letting him finally breakdown.

Ten/Rose AU: A Sun Will Always Sing {2/2}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Tutor/Student AU
Wordcount: 7600~
Rating: Teen, character illness (lung cancer), no death.

The Doctor struggles with Rose’s absence after she leaves for America.

A/N: The title of this fic comes from a poem by e.e. cummings: i carry your heart with me. Huge thanks to my friend juraffe for beta-reading and removing my rogue commas and just being wonderful in general. Also thanks to andrastesgrace for encouraging me on skype! And to all the people who sent me messages about this fic, you are wonderful!

Part 1 / AO3


A postcard arrives three weeks after her departure. The Doctor posts it on his fridge with a pineapple magnet and imagines Rose exploring the city, making new friends, broadening her horizons. New York City is a good place for young people, he thinks. A place to grow.

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