is just ten saying he loves rose

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Top 10 moments when Viktor was extra af (whether he was flashy with gifts, outfits, affection etc)

Top Ten Times That Viktor Was Extra AF

10) One time on Valentine’s Day Yuuri walked into their apartment and got drowned in a flood of red roses because Viktor had bought him so many

9) When he bought a bright pink convertible and insisted on driving it everywhere, much to the horror of everyone else

8) After they were married he insisted on scooping Yuuri into his arms and carrying him over the threshold of their apartment despite the fact that they had already been living together and there was no point other than to be dramatic

7) Once Yuuri commented that Viktor’s kitchen was kind of impractical to cook in and it would be easier if it was like Yuuri’s one back home and Viktor redecorated the whole kitchen just to suit Yuuri (although this benefited Viktor as well as Yuuri was teaching him how to cook and he was using it just as much as Yuuri was)

6) Yuuri insisted that he was fine with the suit and tie he already had even though Viktor hated them so Viktor accidentally burned the hideous tie and bought Yuuri a ridiculous number of designer silk replacements

5) For Yuuri’s birthday, Yuuri said he didn’t need a gift because Viktor was everything he ever needed and so Viktor took him away to a five star hotel instead to relax and be pampered and have all the time with Viktor that he wanted (they got several noise complaints that night but neither of them cared)

4) Viktor ended his final competition before he retired by handing his last gold medal over to Yuuri and saying ‘It’s yours, just like my heart’

3) the time mentioned in a previous top ten when he and Yuuri were still living apart and he showed up at Yuuri and Phichit’s apartment for their six month anniversary by lying on Yuuri’s bed when Yuuri walked in surrounded by rose petals and in minimal clothing

2) Every routine he has ever skated about Yuuri because they’re all extra as hell

1) He spent truly horrific amounts of money on their honeymoon to make sure they only had the absolute best because he wanted to make it perfect for Yuuri. Yuuri loved it but Yuuri would have loved it if their honeymoon was spending a week in his childhood bedroom not able to have sex because the walls were too thin and he was surrounded by his family because it was perfect already as Viktor was there

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imagine on Valentine's Day,,aka Derek Malik Nurse's (loml) birthday, and everyone is super focused on their SO (Derek isn't mad, he's used to it) he goes the whole day thinking everyone forgot until he gets invited over to the haus for team dinner and is surprised w a birthday party, and this boy is so overwhelmed he's like lowkey almost in tears. he asks who planned it and everyone looks at dex, who had the date circled w hearts all year. This is pre-relationship but they're Screwed

this is the cutest prompt ever and it jumped right to the top of my list ooops hehe. this starts off kind of boring because nursey’s day also starts off boring, so stick in there lmao. i liked writing this a lot, so enjoy!

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Compliments: giving, receiving, making an effort

Words are my stock-in-trade. I use them to make things and to explore the world. I go to them to learn and be comforted and to figure life, or pain, or puzzles out.

I come from Livejournal/Dreamwidth, before Facebook, when words were always what you used to tell a writer you enjoyed, appreciated, or interacted with their work. This is well before the “like” functionality was implemented across the internet.

Complimenting artists on their art, writers on their stories, wasn’t something I could do, growing up pre Internet as I did. And it’s thrilling as hell to be able to, like, tag @dduane and say, “thank you, your books helped me through a painful, awkward childhood where I frequently felt lonely and unloved, and I remember them fondly thirty years later.”

One of my favorite poets said she could live three weeks off a really good compliment and nothing else. :) Psychology has done studies on the need for praise and compliments in developing and maintaining a healthy emotional life.

We need them, compliments and praise, but we shy away from giving them. Why is that? I have theories, but this isn’t the place and time for that right now. Let me tell you a very short story instead.

I dig tattoos, both in the same way that I love art generally, but in a deeper way too. I have several, am planning several more. Yesterday at the service center, the lovely young man who checked me in, very well mannered, had lovely forearm tattoos: greyscale roses twining around words. (I tried not to stare, I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable)

So I’m admiring his art but didn’t have the right kind of courage in that moment to tell him his art was lovely. The shading, the composition, the ballsiness of being a Hispanic dude in maybe his middle 20’s with visible floral tattoos, all of these impressed me.

I’m waiting for the shuttle to take me home while they work on my car, reading on Tumblr, and I run across the why-guys-send-dick-pics thread, why women don’t, and don’t like them, how men don’t receive compliments so women complaining about compliments is like the women are speaking in ancient Greek, incomprehensible. One comment that just nailed it was, “one person who’s dying of thirst is watching someone who is drowning”

(digression:. if you find that extended thread/conversation, please tag me so I can keep it, or throw a link in comments to this? TYVM!)

And I thought, REAL compliments feed us. And I don’t have students anymore who I can lift up in that way, but I do that with friends, and I do that on Facebook and Instagram and my other social media. And I do that for authors whose work I like (I need to make a long appreciative list tagging a bunch of y'all) and maybe, like my beloved friend Janice was doing years ago at Renfaire, I can start making a point of doing this in meatspace interactions again. Giving heart felt compliments. Nothing hollow, nothing that’s got a hook in it, nothing manipulative.

Just a gift.

I mean, this thought passed through me in a flash, feeling nothing like it does now to write it all down.

And then the young man with the roses came through with a clipboard. “Oh, you’re Liz, aren’t you?” I smiled and nodded. “The shuttle’s ready to take you home, have a good day,” and I half blurt “oh thank you, and I hope you don’t mind me saying?” (He turns back, slightly surprised) “That I love the shading on your rose tattoos. They’re really beautiful!”

Folks, the LOOK on his face… I could see what ten year old him looked like when he was really happy. He looked for a flash like kids might when they catch a baseball in the stands hit by their favorite player on their home team. He looked SO HAPPY, his smile changed his face completely.

I’m so glad I said something, that I got a second chance to put a look like that on someone’s face.

This is a thing I vow to do more of again.

Compliments keep the soul alive in a world that’s trying it’s best to kill our souls with dread, fear, and despair.

You know: They lie when they say kind words cost nothing: they cost effort, and courage, and willingness to take the risk, ability to let go of an expectation of return. But I have the energy and the commitment and this is something that I can look for opportunities to put out into the world.

On the Reason for Companions

Ever since “An Unearthly Child” aired, the Doctor’s companion has been as necessary a part of the show as the Doctor himself. The companion is narratively necessary for many reasons: to provide a human perspective the audience can identify with, to provide opportunities for exposition, to show the Doctor’s more “human” side, and so on. However, the in-universe reasons for the Doctor choosing a companion are much less clear, varying from era to era: One took Barbara and Ian along for very different reasons than Seven took Ace, for example. But “Knock Knock” sparked an interesting thought for me about the Doctor’s evolution during New Who and why he takes companions along.

The relevant scene in “Knock Knock” is near the end: when Twelve is figuring out who the landlord and Eliza are, and Bill points out that it makes no sense for the landlord to be Eliza’s father, since he’s still alive. Twelve responds, “I forget, you see, your human lifespan. It’s not long, is it?” That reminded me of the famous “mayfly” conversation Twelve had with Ashildr in “The Woman Who Lived,” and I realized—that’s why Twelve takes along companions.

See, every New Who Doctor has a well-defined reason for taking on companions. Nine is lonely, and he’s just committed double genocide, and he needs a stabilizing force: someone to remind him that he can be kind, and good, and loving. Ten needs someone to stop him; Rose and Ten grew gradually more unhealthy through series 2 because Rose didn’t believe Ten needed stopping. He asks Donna along after scaring himself and her with his murder of the Racnoss, and takes Martha because of his promise to Donna.

Eleven needs someone who, as he says, can “see it"—"it” being the wonders of the universe. For all his childishness, he has lost some of the childlike awe of the crazy stuff in space, and needs Amy and Clara to show him how to delight in it again. (Yes, okay, he says he brought them along because they were mysteries, but frankly, if that was the only reason, he picked a terrible way to solve the mystery. You want to find out why a little girl is living in a huge house with an invisible room? Leave her in the house and keep an eye on her! Taking Amy away was literally the worst way to find out what was going on.)

And Twelve? Twelve needs mayflies to care about. This is probably due at least in part to Trenzalore: Eleven would have had to separate himself from the people of Christmas eventually and forget their limited lifespans to save himself pain, and Twelve now needs someone to give him that smaller, earthier perspective he lost on Trenzalore. First it was Clara, but Clara eventually lost her smaller perspective as well, and now it’s Bill.

And Bill is so perfectly suited to provide reminders of the everyday things important to humans that Twelve so often forgets. It shows in her practicality, her desire to retain Doctor-free space in her life, her clinging to the tangible proof of her mum, her demand that Twelve save the boy in “Thin Ice.” In this respect she is very like Donna, who corrected so naturally Ten’s arrogance.

Each Doctor had a specific need for a specific sort of companion. Nine needed encouragement; Ten often needed discouragement; Eleven needed enthusiasm and wonder; and Twelve needs perspective, a reminder of the knowledge he lost on Trenzalore. Bill is marvelously suited to fill this latest role, and in this respect is almost the antithesis of Clara. Her desires are the opposite of Clara’s, and so, while she and Twelve may never understand each other in quite the way Twelve and Clara did, she is the perfect grounding force on someone who too often overlooks what is important to those with short and finite lifespans. Bill and Twelve have the beginning of a wonderful partnership, and I look forward to seeing them grow.

Malec Valentine’s Day

Magnus started getting ready early. He woke up, and mentally went over what was left to be done. The loft was mostly decorated, only a few details (like arranging candles and flower petals) were left to be done. And the bed! He smacked his forehead. He waved a hand to strip the current sheets and quilt off the bed. After drying off, he went to the linen closet, and chose a red and black set for today. He then did his makeup and nails, adding more red than he usually would, and got dressed in a black suit with a red button down, and pocket square. There was then a knock at his door.

Magnus did not know what he was expecting, but a cute delivery boy with a bouquet of roses, was not it. “Your flowers Ma-… Sir…” The boy had obviously already delivered flowers to many women, and it was only ten in the morning.

Magnus ignored the boy’s slip. “Why thank you! I was not expecting these.”

“That’s what most people say.” The boy muttered turning away.

“Wait.” Magnus said, not wanting to be counted amongst the masses. “It’s not that I think he doesn’t love me. He’s just not always one for gestures, and when he is, they are usually bigger than delivering a bouquet. This is new, and therefor unexpected.” Magnus paused. “This is a holiday about love, that doesn’t mean it’s the only time one should express it.”

The boy gave him a weird look, “I’m just delivering flowers.”

“On Valentine’s day.” Magnus nodded sadly. “Don’t worry, whatever it is that’s bothering you, things can and will get better, and facing the world with a smile, and attitude that say you don’t care how sad the world wants you to be helps.” Magnus snapped his fingers behind the flowers and reached out of the boy’s sightline to grab his wallet that had just appeared on the side table. “Here’s a tip, for going out on Valentine’s day, and dealing with gripey wives and girlfriends, not to mention, listening to my speeches.” Magnus made a face while handing the boy several folded bills.

The boy took them and turned away, as Magnus closed the door. Magnus smelled the roses and took out the note. It read: Taki’s by eleven. In Alec’s neat handwriting. Magnus shrugged and waved a hand to set up the candles, since Alec had slightly different plans. He pulled a coat on over his suit, and left the loft.

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Can I request? Ten x Rose, "actually... i just miss you"

(tysm i didnt think anyone would ask me lol)

“Big blue TARDIS, this is the Doctor speaking.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, this must be the wrong number. Bye!”


“I’m pulling your leg, Doctor.” The line was crackly, phone outdated. But her laugh filled his ears so he didn’t mind.

“Right, well, is there a purpose for this lovely phone call?”

“Just checking that you haven’t wandered off without me.”

“Rose Tyler, I would never.”

“So you say.”

“You could just come back to the TARDIS. Parked in the same lot I always am.”

“Or you could come up, Mum’s been begging you to come over for a cuppa.”

“Yeah, right,” he scoffed. Last time he saw Jackie, her hand was already pulled back before his could finish his (admittedly rude) comment.

There was a pause on the other side of the line, light breaths, and then a little sigh. “Actually… I just miss you.”

“It’s only been a few hours, I thought you were having a lovely time with your mum,” he distracted himself from the little skip in his hearts at her statement but nothing could stop the grin on his face, “I miss you, too,” he finally told her.



“Sweet talker.”

“Always. Ten quid you’ll come running down in, oh, less than an hour?”

“Ten quid you’ll knock on my door in thirty minutes. Mum just bought those biscuits you like.” He heard a wrapper opening and a crunching sound, hums of appreciation for her treat.

“Don’t eat them all!”

“Looks like you’re gonna lose,” she sing-songed.

“We’ll see about that,” he answered, promptly hanging up and settling into the jump seat. He was done tinkering, has been for about an hour. He jiggled his leg, in attempt to keep from running out those doors. A wager to win was on the line.

Fifteen minutes later, they crashed into each other at the bottom of the staircase.

RFA+V writes a letter to MC

I’ve never written a reaction before but I’ve had this headcanon for a while and I just wanted to just get it out there.


  • wants to fully tell you how much he loves you without stumbling over his words, and no time constraints
  • writes about how he wants to hold your hand, cuddle, and kiss your face!
  • resists the urge to put doodles in because he doesn’t want you to think he’s too childish (manly yoosung)
  • so pure and good
  • has it finished and keeps smiling like a doof because he’s so excited
  • he texts you coy messages hinting that he has something for you
  •  folds it up and puts it in his backpack 
  • he thinks he’ll drop it off at your place after class
  •  gets super upset and screams into his pillow
  • feels so bad he led you on
  • decides he’ll just dress up, buy some red roses, and take a selfie and send it to you to give you something


  • you’ve been on her mind a lot
  • and she has so much to say about her love for you
  • buys nice stationary she thought looked pretty
  • breaks out her BEST pen
  • her handwriting is in cursive, so clean and swirly
  • John Hancock would have been jealous
  • does her best to avoid any coffee stains
  • she spends all night crafting the perfect letter
  • but good god jaehee
  • it’s like SIXTY pages
  • and for a good ten pages she talks about Zen’s new musical
  • but you actually read it
  • every word just makes you love her even more
  • blushy jaehee when you text her >///<


  • this guy is ALL HYPE
  • he loves letters
  • just loves the feeling of holding something that someone took the time to write out with their own hand
  • and knowing that he can write you a letter, spilling his love to you
  • the first moment he got, he went to writing
  • like jaehee, he takes all night to write it but with less pages
  • poor zenny doesn’t have the best handwriting
  • it’s an amalgam of print and cursive
  • “is that a ‘v’ or a ‘u’?”
  • from what you could read, it’s so cliche 
  • like it’s so unreal
  • “your lips are like petals, soft, delicate, beautiful, round”
  • how many adjectives does this guy know???
  • but you love it
  • you text zen your favorite lines and all he can do is just smile so large
  • “where’s MY letter babe???~<3”


  • boy oh boy this donut loves you so much
  • he actually tries to type it to you on the messenger but it was too many characters
  • wants to call you but knows you’re at work/school
  • so a letter will have to do
  • letters were easy since he wrote quite a few at work
  • he notices halfway through his letter it was too formal
  • scraps it
  • twenty-two drafts later he realizes it’s 4AM
  • yeah easy pffftttt
  • an hour before he goes to work, he decides he would settle for draft #18
  • it smells like expensive cologne
  • his handwriting is very neat and clean
  • he writes about how he feels when you’re talking to him (spends several paragraphs talking about your voice), how much he just respects you, and admires you
  • enclosed are Elizabeth 3rd’s stray hairs
  • you call Jumin while he’s at work and he can’t help but smile
  • Jaehee and his subordinates just stare at a SMILING JUMIN


  • loves you to the moon and would do anything for you
  • he wants you to know it
  • but uh writing? :/
  • seven tries because he knows how much you love romance
  • “where’s my pen???”
  • has a lot of spelling errors and ends up being a drawing of you two as astronauts so he switches to his computer
  • ends up writing three paragraphs and thinks it’s not good enough for you
  • does one of two things:
  • he finds out your route heading home from work/school
  • stands on a building with a megaphone and just confesses his love to you
  • makes sure he points to you so everyone knows who you are
  • throws a handful of confetti
  • you’re a freaking mess but no one has done this for you before ^_^
  • OR
  • he just goes to your work/school and does this


  • hasn’t been this happy since Rika
  • gets the idea of letters from listening to the radio 
  • but writing is a bit hard when his vision is severely declining
  • a picture is worth a thousand words
  • he composes a collage of different photos that meant something to you and him
  • it takes you a hot second to know what the images mean
  • you send a loving text with a picture of the collage hanging over your bed

I was watching Doctor who, when suddenly I noticed a few things that almost make me cry (I’m a fandom girl and ship people is one of my hobbies, don’t judge me) so here we go.


Here is again our amazing Rose Tyler in the “Bad Wolf” episode. In this part the doctor sent her away because they were in danger and he tought that they would no survive, so he saved her because he loved her!


And when he did it twice…

His face…


Of course we remember the non- official relationship between Eleven and Clara

Okay, so in the “The time of the doctor” we have a really similar situation….

When they are in “Trenzalore” he lies to Clara so she can be sent back home and be safe and sound

From my point of view… he didn’t want her to go, but he protect her anyways because HE LOVED HER! and of course, she was going to die and he didn’t want to lose her…

We already know the story, she go back, the doctor promised he will never sent her away never again, but, like almost all his promises, he broke it…

And this time… She was accepting that she would never see him again…

But she does!! and he regenerates and well… here is when the handsome Peter Capaldi appear…

but that is not all…

Remember when the doctor was burning up a sun just to say goodbye?

And when he called Clara to ask her help, to tell her he miss her and to say her goodbye… EVEN WHEN HE HATES ENDINGS AND GOODBYES!

Conclusion: The doctor is in love with Clara…

Fall on an alien planet

Fills @doctorroseprompts Fall on an alien planet and @timepetalsprompts bingo square autumn foliage and, of course, Tentoosday.

Sometimes, the reality of just how lucky he truly was hit the Doctor.  Like right now, holding Rose’s hand as they walked down a street in an alien market, their own TARDIS parked inconspicuously next to an empty stall. He squeezed her hand lightly, his face splitting a grin.

“What’s that for, then?”  Rose smiled, her tongue poking out so that it was just visible. How he loved her smile, his heart skipping a beat.  His chest no longer felt empty, not after ten years of only having one heart, not after ten years of being with Rose.

“I love you,” was his reply.  Simple, but such a grand statement.  It encompassed every aspect of his life, his love for Rose Tyler, and he thanked every god he didn’t believe in that he was able to say it to her every day.

“I love you.”  She brought his hand up to her mouth, kissing his knuckles softly.  Ten years she hadn’t been expecting to spend in this universe, ten years that she would not trade for anything in the multi-verse.  Ten years of the Doctor and Rose Tyler, together, in the TARDIS like they should be. That they were still travelling, together, to alien planets and new times was amazing.  She finally took her eyes off the Doctor, looking at their surroundings, taking in the colours that reminded her so strongly of fall nights in London.  The orange leaves that blanketed the cobblestone street, the tall trees that were lazily losing their leaves.

“Allons-y, Rose Tyler,” the Doctor grinned, pulling her alongside him as they ran down a side-street, coats billowing behind them.

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"So Rose," he asks with a smirk, "What's your type?" "You," her mind immediately blurts out, but Rose manages to keep the words from leaving her lips. "Would tall, strong, blue eyes, short, dark hair and wears a lot of leather be too obvious?" Rose asks herself. She scrambles for something else to say. "Urmm... brown hair, glasses, smart, and just a little bit sexy. He also needs a good sense of style and a good sense of humor," she finally says, smiling at the Doctor. -IBB

Hahaha! I love this! Rose inadvertently choses the next Doctor.

What she said:

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What she wanted to say:

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But she loves them both.  Thank you Buddy!

Prompts for the week of 10/1/17

Here’s the list of prompts for the week! If any of these inspire you, please mention and tag doctorroseprompts when you post your fic. We look forward to reading your fic this week!

Fall Fic Fest: The fall theme this week is fall colours. All the prompts tie into that.

Fall on an alien planet

  • Trees are multicoloured (One tree, multiple colours)
  • Tree trunks change colour too
  • Trees lose all their leaves at once, creating a coloured carpet to walk on
  • Autumn leaves are revered and the Doctor and Rose go crunching through them
  • The sky changes colours, too

Other fall colours ideas

  • Colours in Pete’s World autumn are different somehow
  • Gallifrey is autumn colours, with an orange sky and red grass. The Doctor shows Rose a picture, or she finds one, or there’s a room that looks like Gallifrey, and they talk
  • Autumnal ball with autumn decor and Rose in a red dress
  • Human AU set in a park with the leaves changing
    • Meetcute
      • maybe Rose is sketching and the wind catches something of hers and the Doctor catches it and brings it back. 
      • Or maybe she’s painting and he admires her art work. 
      • Or maybe he’s playing in the leaves with a group of kids (nieces and nephews, or just random kids) and she asks to join in because it looks like fun.
    • Autumn date–taking a walk in the park after/before having chips together
    • Proposal–maybe their first date was in the park and he wants to propose there

Tenth Doctor Month: 

The main prompt for this week is Tentoosday–our big list of prompts for tomorrow, 10/2. Remember of course that if you don’t have your fic done in time for tomorrow, that’s perfectly fine! 

Now, for a few Ten/Rose prompts… 

Accidental love confessions (canon verse or human au)

  • In the middle of a fight (ie “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU THAT’S WHY!”)
  • It just spills out after one of them is hurt/sick/in danger
  • After a very romantic moment–first kiss, romantic date, first time making love–one of them just says it and doesn’t even realise until there’s dead silence. And they try to backtrack, but the other stops them and admits they feel the same way
  • By proxy–someone else tells one of them that the other loves them, and they turn to them like, “Is that true?” or maybe even ready to laugh it off, but the other isn’t laughing. 
  • Thinking the other is asleep, but they aren’t
  • In a foreign language the other happens to speak, or that the TARDIS chooses to translate this once. ;) 

Those are the specific prompts for the week, but we are open to any fall-themed fic, or Ten/Rose or Tentoo/Rose fic all month long. (Including OT3 with Ten/Rose or Tentoo/Rose, btw–I forget to mention that, but it’s always true.) 

And on the topic of things I don’t mention, if the Ten/Rose prompts inspire you for another Doctor/Rose pairing, please write it how you see it! I might see these as fitting the Ten/Rose dynamic, but honestly, we post prompts to inspire you to write. If your inspiration takes you in a different direction, that’s fine.

As always, if neither of those themes inspire you, everything in our prompt tag is still open.

Happy writing!

I’ve never really given much thought to the fact that the Doctor actually destroyed a sun just to say goodbye to Rose. I always thought that was romantic, and I still do because it is, but it has so much more meaning. 

He’s the savior of the universe; he saves worlds, he doesn’t destroy them. But he did. That one time he did. He destroyed a sun. For her. He destroyed a piece of the universe without giving it a second thought just to say goodbye to her. 

He didn’t do it so he could go through the crack, he didn’t do it for some big savior kind of reason, he did it to say goodbye. He did it for the smallest thing because he loved her so much that he couldn’t just part with her without saying goodbye, without talking to her one last time. To make sure she was okay. To give her some closure so she could move on without him because she had to. They both did. 

And I think that’s truly beautiful. He did something he probably never imagined himself doing; he destroyed a part of the universe he’s constantly trying to save because of one tiny little human that meant everything to him.

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is. 

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Epilogue


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Word count: 1.9k

Tagging: @supernaturallymarvellous @super-potter-4ever  @heismyhunter @quotemeow @feelmyroarrrr @its-hellohazel  @andimadeitawkward @ichabbster25 @wantedtobefree-notbefreed

“I don’t know if you noticed, but I usually go for the bad boys, that’s just the kinda guys I’m attracted to,” you started, already feeling cliché and stupid before even entering the main subject.

“I’m a bad boy?” Sebastian asked, his brows suddenly shooting up in surprise.

“Who said I was talking about you?” You teased him. His smile fell and you immediately laughed and took his chin between your fingers, pulling him down a bit to place a quick kiss on his mouth, making him relax. “I’m kidding, of fucking course I am. Although no, you’re not really a bad boy, you’re quite the opposite actually, but you have the looks of it and that’s enough for me. The ‘mysterious guy clad in dark clothes sitting alone at a bar and drinking a beer’ worked pretty well, huh?” You grinned widely, wiggling your eyebrows and laughing lightly, not wanting to draw attention to you. For once, nobody seemed to have recognized Sebastian and you wouldn’t want to ruin that.

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“[Rose] was - ah - a girlfriend, really. I know we don’t say it, but she sort of was.” - David Tennant, Raleigh Comic Con, 14/03/2015. 

Also, I typically avoid posting opinions like this, but it astounds me how somebody can watch Twelve and Clara’s last conversation in “Face the Raven” and still think that they’re not in love with each other. Yes, romantic love. Yes, I know that they’re best friends (and isn’t that the strongest, best kind of romantic relationship? the kind where you’re best friends?).

I mean, it’s like watching the beach scene in “Doomsday” and saying, “oh, there was nothing romantic between Ten and Rose, it was all platonic.” The Doctor doesn’t say “I love you.” He doesn’t say it to Rose, he doesn’t say it to River, he doesn’t say it to Clara. He almost does. He comes close. He says it in just about every other way possible, and we don’t need to hear him say it to know that he feels it towards Rose and River (yes, I know, he marries River, but he still never actually says those three little words), so why not with Clara also?

The Doctor’s relationship with Clara has been coded as romantic right from “Asylum” when Oswin flirts with him, continues in “The Snowmen” very strongly, and then the appearance of “Clara Prime” does nothing to discontinue the trend. Even “Deep Breath” does nothing to actually dismantle the coding, from Clara claiming that she could flirt with a mountain range to the Doctor telling Clara that he’d made a mistake in trying to be her boyfriend (”I’m not your boyfriend. I didn’t say it was your mistake.”).

Ten says, “Rose Tyler.” We all know what he would have said if he’d had a couple more seconds.

Twelve says, “Clara.” Clara cuts him off:

“Everything you’re about to say, I already know. Don’t do it now. We’ve already had enough bad timing.”

There is no possible platonic thing that the Doctor could say that could hurt Clara like that. Bad timing. They were already best friends. Bad timing is not for friendships; there’s never a wrong time to be a friend or to tell someone that they’re your best friend. Bad timing is for lovers. Bad timing is for lost chances.

Bad timing is for saying, “You are my universe. You are my heartbeat. I love you.” Because the first time you say that should never be your last.

If there was ever any doubt that Clara and the Doctor were (are?) in love with each other, “Face the Raven” shouldn’t leave any doubt. You would have to ignore what’s said, and you’d also have to ignore what’s left unsaid but is clear nonetheless.

And, dang, if Sarah Dollard didn’t hit the nail on the head.

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requested by @zabyasachi: fluff just pure carisi cuddling tummy rubbing tear wiping fluff all the whispered carissimas and i love you. so much sonny. im such a little bitch for that italian man

also @coffeeandcannolis wanted me to use the line “he takes the next monday off and spends it with you in the park, holding your hand lightly and kissing you sweetly. you’re surprised you don’t have a cavity at the end of the day, but you like it” from a headcanon i wrote that can be found here

word count: 841

warnings: none

You had expressed loneliness four times before Sonny took the day off, staying in bed with you for the whole day.

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Yes I'd really like that! I liked Rose a lot and was kind of irritated because Martha just kept saying she loves the doctor. So yeah I would love to understand her story !

There’s a few different things I think Martha brings to the story. I could go on forever about it so I’ll try to keep it relatively brief. Let’s break it down into 3:

1. Martha’s arc itself: What I love about Martha’s arc is that it is a story about a woman who is very selfless, always puts others before herself, keeps quiet on her own feelings, finally learning to put herself first. It’s not just her relationship with the Doctor – we see in the scenes with Martha’s family that Martha is often the peacekeeper, Martha has to try and navigate between her parents and her siblings, Martha bears the brunt of that responsibility. Martha puts others before herself time and again, so it is very satisfying in the finale to get to see her choose to leave the TARDIS of her own free will, for her own reasons, for her own good. She recognizes that this is what is best for her, and she does it. It’s a story about Martha realizing she doesn’t need someone else’s approval, that if someone (the Doctor) doesn’t appreciate her she doesn’t have to put up with that, and that it’s okay to put herself first. Women are often expected to put others before themselves, so it’s nice to see Martha get to do something for herself. Also, I really appreciated seeing an unrequited love story that ends not with someone finally “earning” the love they want, but rather accepting that it won’t happen, realizing they don’t need it, and being able to move on.

Martha also, in many ways, becomes the Doctor (which is something RTD plays with a lot actually with both Donna and Rose as well); by the s3 finale it is Martha who has to save the world, Martha who becomes the legend, Martha who outwits the Master while the Doctor is in captivity for a year. Emphasized of course by Martha being a literal doctor, and choosing to carry on that sort of work on Earth with Torchwood and UNIT and later “freelance” with Mickey.

2. Martha’s relationship with the Doctor: Obviously Martha’s relationship with the Doctor isn’t the healthiest Doctor/companion relationship, because Martha ends up in a hopeless crush and the Doctor in grief ends up keeping Martha at arm’s length and is often careless with her feelings. The Doctor is in a very dark place in s3 after having lost Rose, who had come to mean so much to him. He was in a really vulnerable place when he met Rose, being with her and falling in love with her helped him heal, and then she was ripped away from him, and he’s just generally in a bad place. Martha handles him with incredible patience and selflessness, and saves his life on numerous occasions. Martha is able to pull him back from the edge again. Like Donna says in Partners in Crime, Martha is a good influence; the Doctor in s4 is not nearly as angry and volatile as the Doctor throughout most of s3. I don’t think you’d get the close bond between Ten and Donna that you get in s4 if Martha had not been in between, softening him up again.

3. Martha’s relationship with the audience: Martha allows the show to acknowledge, rather than ignore, Rose’s absence. This is a bit of a controversial one because some people will claim that instead the show and the writers hated Martha and that in having Ten grieve Rose the way he does in s3 they did Martha a disservice, etc. I disagree; Rose was immensely popular and the audience was always going to miss her when she left, which meant the show had to either ignore how the audience was feeling and carry on as if nothing had changed, or acknowledge it. I think ignoring Rose’s absence and having the Doctor carry on as normal would have alienated many of the viewers who had come to love Rose, and it would have been less satisfying storytelling and character development.

Instead I think the show chose to acknowledge it by having Ten openly grieve Rose throughout s3 and not really appreciate Martha properly, only for that to ultimately be the reason Martha leaves him in the end. I think Martha’s getting out speech works on two levels. For one, obviously, it is Martha talking to the Doctor and the culmination of her story when she reaffirms that she is good, she doesn’t need his approval, and she is going to leave for her own well-being. On another level, if you in the audience have spent the whole season like Ten, missing Rose, then I think Martha’s speech is directed at you, too. She wasn’t second best, she was good. We are meant to sympathize with Martha.

I'd like you to notice three things about New Earth

1. When Cassandra kisses the Doctor, he doesn’t resist. When she pulls back, he doesn’t say anything to change what just happened. And he thinks it’s Rose.

2. In the beginning of the episode, the Doctor and Rose talk about The End of the World (1x02). Rose says, “Our first date”, to which the Doctor replies, “We had chips”. Again, no contradiction whatsoever.

3. The Doctor only lets go of the Human Farm for the sake of demanding that Rose would be returned to her previous condition.

Now how can people say they weren’t in love? Even without taking the fact they’re behaving like a couple into consideration, it’s so obvious.

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What are the saddest moments in Doctor Who for you?

My top ten in chronological (if that’s possible with this show) order.

1. When Ten has to explain to Rose that he can’t spend his whole life with her her and he has to acknowledge that he can’t be with her the way he wants to.

2. When Rose and Ten say goodbye before Ten finishes telling her he loves her.

3. When he forces himself to remember her when asked…the way Tennant says this? I cry every time.

4. When River, whom he only knows enough to know that he will like her and one day trust her with his most precious secret, sacrifices herself for him. Not only do I love River and cry for her, but for him to have someone else die for him…he doesn’t handle that well.

5. His death scene. Tennant’s acting here….just wow. He thought he had made it, that the danger was past. Then he realizes that his friend is in a death trap and he can save him at the cost of his own life. He is deeply saddened by this (1st gif) but it is such a big part of his nature to care deeply and protect those he loves that he is truly willing to die for this man (2nd gif).

6. When Rory has to listen to Amy die/Amy has to believe that Rory is dead. I want a love like theirs and watching them react to the loss of their other half…I just can’t.

7. When the Doctor believes he is about to be erased forever in order to restart the universe and he is saying goodbye to Amelia Pond. (I have that phrase as a tattoo actually.)

8. When the Doctor loses Amy and Rory at the same time and there is nothing he can do to stop or fix it.

9. When the Doctor watches Clara die after he had finally opened himself up to someone following Amy’s loss. He had found a new companion, and then had to stand there and watch her die…right after Amy…and he has to talk to her and….*sob*

10. When Clara says goodbye to Danny.

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(ten x rose, just some last minute fluff :) , ½) “What’d you say this planet was called?” The Doctor shrugged. “TARDIS wouldn’t tell me.” Rose huffed. “Does she keep things from you often?” “Nah. She probably likes the mystery of a new place.” She squeezed his hand and he turned to see her brilliant smile. “I love discovering new things with you.” “Yeah?” “Of course. But it’d be nice if I could get out of this cold.” Ah, right, the blizzard.

(ten x rose, 2/2) Rose shrugged her arms into his long coat, chilled to the bone. He plopped next to her on the jumpseat. “The TARDIS has got a room full of blankets and pillows,” he said to her nonchalantly, eyebrows raised, “just enough for a fort, I’d say.” “Well, what’re we waitin’ for?” Rose ran towards their home, the tails of his coat flapping behind her. No matter what kind of adevnture, he’d be happy as long as it was with Rose. ~ibb (i hope you liked these little adventures buddy!! <3)

Thank you so much, IBB!  I love seeing Rose and Ten happy together.  *heart eyes*  And they would so build a blanket fort!  XD  Thank you for all the lovely fic, I’ve enjoyed it so much!  Wonderful!  @dwinboxbuddies

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