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Ok but it’s so funny to me that the musical portrays the scene where Javert lets Valjean go as this Dramatic Epic Final Showdown when in the Brick that scene is the most dorky thing. It’s one of the most awkward social interactions in the book. And that’s saying something, because this book also features the love life of Marius Pontmercy. 

Like, you’re expecting that the Valjean/Javert relationship is going to an end in an epic climactic  confrontation. But instead you get a scene where these two nerds awkwardly ignore each other in a carriage. It’s literally The Best.


Witchsona commission for roseminer.

boardgames/roses/money witch + flying squirrel familiar


Noctis lets us know through dialogue in game that summoning any of the Six takes a lot of out of him. He never talks about how terrifying it is to confront a God in any capacity, even when they’re coming to his aid, but the fucking spectacular animation in these scenes gets the message across just as well.