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Sara x Amaya Similarities

So I just watched Legends of Tomorrow 3x02 and Amaya’s problem with losing control of the animalistic side of the totem is SO SIMILAR to Sara and her bloodlust. I NEED A SARA X AMAYA BONDING MOMENT. Because honestly yes there is Nate (who fucking created this whole problem with the anachronism) to ‘remind her of who she is’ but also there is Sara to help her work through something that she’s also been through and provide real understanding. I’m JUST SAYING. If they don’t draw a parallel I'mma bout to throw hands.


“Why didn’t you try to convince him not to do it?” Abel asked

“I asked myself that a lot, why didn’t I said stay with me, but I couldn’t, he had his mind set and nothing would change his mind”

Thomas was looking at the man with the jewelry box, he was somehow familiar

“Did my dad cheat at Tara with you?” Thomas asked

“He did and I let him, I’m not going to excused myself or your father, but yeah it happened a lot until I said no more, but then your mom died and your dad needed comfort and well, that wasn’t technically cheating but it felt the same”  

“If you knew it was wrong, why did you keep doing it? Why did you keep hurting my mother?!” Thomas was angry hearing this woman

“Enough, you’re not going to talk to my mother like that, specially not at her own home” JP intercepted

“Tommy, calm down”

“The truth is, I never liked you mother, so I didn’t feel bad, my relationship with Jax was complicated and I don’t expect for you to understand or forgive, I mean, who are you, I don’t owe you an apology”

“So, the whole time my parents were married, you were the other woman?” Abel asked

“No, it was before, even before Wendy and a bit when she was pregnant with you, but shit happened and then Tara was back in the picture and your father loved her, so I standed back” Charlotte expressed

“Until what?”

“You’re a smart boy Abel, until you were kidnaped, you knew that, right?” Abel nodded “Jax blamed Tara for it, when we were in Ireland we hooked up again but the Gemma told us Tara was pregnant with you, Tommy, so I ended it again”

“I believed this story continue”

“Yeah, before Tara went inside I left Charming and your father seek warm in other woman but occasionally he was at my doorstep and I let him in” she looked at her son “I’m sorry honey, I never wanted you to know this”

“I’m not going to judged you for your past, mom” he said arms crossed

“When Tara was out, their relationship was strained but I couldn’t do it anymore, so I told him if he wanted a friend to talk I’ll be there but just that. And then when your mom died, he sometimes came to my house”

“So, you and dad were never actually together” Thomas said and Charlotte shook her head

“I mean, I knew dad cheated on Tara but for so many years? That’s wow” Abel said

“Somehow, I always thought we were meant to be, the prince and princess of Charming but our timing was never right”

“Were you angry at him?”

“For what?”

“Using you, leaving you, dying?”

“We used each other so no, for leaving me? I left him, if I hadn’t say no, he would never leave, so no, and for dying? Yes, I was because he denied my son a father”

“What?” Abel asked

“JP is your half-brother, named after his two grandfathers, my uncle John and my dad” Charlotte said looking at her son and the boys too

“How old are you?” Thomas asked

“I’m turning twenty-seven in a few months” JP said “Hi, my mom has told my about you” he awkwardly said

“Dad didn’t know”

“No, I found out a month after his death. You three got his eyes and his looks”

“I … just… wow, I don’t know what to say” Abel said looking at JP “JP?”

“For John Piermont, my mom wanted vice versa but Kenny said I was going to be Peanut butter and Jelly” he laughed “I don’t expect you to treat me like a brother, I have siblings but it would be nice to get to know you”

“Okay, you kind of look like us, with the long hair and beard” Abel was the only one talking, Thomas was quiet, looking at the living proof of his father indiscretion

“Honey?” Charlotte asked Thomas “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not, this is too much. Abel, I’ll wait in the car” he said

“No! wait! Before you go, I wanted to give you something” Charlotte told them “When your dad died, he took of his rings, these are for you” Charlotte gave them his wedding ring and SO-NS rings

Thomas took the wedding ring and Abel the others “Thank you”

“Are you sure you want to wait in the car, honey? We can talk more if you want and your brother and JP talk outside” Charlotte suggest to Thomas and he nodded “JP, can you show Abel the backyard?” her son nodded

Part 1

Okay but for real

can we talk about the amazing body positivity and diversity WWE is literally FULL of

i mean we have little tiny gals who are built AF

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and we have tall, curvy ladies who will mess you up and look amazing doing it

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and we have ladies with adorable kid-friendly aesthetics who are there to have a good time

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and then there’s the hardcore punk gals who are NOT messing around

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we have your conventionally pretty ladies

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and your impressive AF ladies 

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and even adorable-as-hell ladies you will never see coming

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and you will never ONCE hear an announcer (male OR female) say a word about these women’s bodies or appearance or rude euphemisms or anything even remotely of that nature

no–instead, the announcers can’t say enough about how amazingly talented these wonderful women are, their impressive athleticism, their heart, their fire, their drive. not what they find attractive about these gals or how much they like watching them or any number of other less complimentary things

they talk about the things that make these women athletes. what makes them the best of the best. what makes them FIGHTERS.

like i don’t even care what you think about WWE or if you think it’s silly or fake (which, duh, it is) or whatever else

if you don’t think this is refreshing as hell then i’m sorry but you’re wrong