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“You are not a horrible person, Don’t blame yourself.”
this whole ‘dark jokes’ thread with morality and logic is honestly my death… like seriously, im a sucker for some hurt/comfort… especially with emotional characters

This year of television is going great. We’re getting some quality Bellarke content, maybe even canon confirmation later in the season. My team of Legends are out kicking ass across millenia. Over on AoS, Brett Dalton is back in the game and Philinda is pretty much established canon. Season 5 of Arrow has brought me two new sons, Rene and Rory. Prison Break is coming back to our screens after all this time and I’m finally going to be free of the Vampire Diaries. Sweet Jesus.

Legends - Camelot Liveblog

New Legends Episode –
Everyone but Mick reads the intro in their best monotone. Not sure why.

We start in a lab in Detroit. The man is named Charles. He is attempting to cure violence through dystopia. Rip goes in for dissection. I remain uninterested. They seem not to be able to decide if the Legion is dark and gory and scary or campy and silly, and they’re not really striking a good balance.

Mick Rory: Booze Tour Through the Ages. To be fair, this is not a bad use for time travel…

They find dead body. They figure out Rip did it. They’re figuring things out faster, at least? Last mystery took them half a season.

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Request: 9. Maybe you should take that excuse and shove it up where the sun don’t shine. 25. No shit, Sherlock. With Jax.

Today was going rather well. Until you got to work. Today, you walked into the office at Teller-Morrow and it was the weirdest thing ever. Mainly because of the fact that there were 2 officers passed out on the floor. You looked at the scene in front of you with wide eyes before looking up at the men in front of you. “What in the world?” You said incredulously.

“Ummm, I can explain?” Jax said with a shrug, trying to look innocent.

“Don’t make that innocent face at me, Jackson Teller. Maybe you should take that excuse and shove it up where the sun don’t shine. Give me the real answer.” You told your Old Man as he made his way over the men on the floor and grabbed your waist and tried to lead you out of the room.

“Should we move them?” You heard Juice’s voice ask and you turned back to him as Tig and Chibs were already grabbing one man and pulling them into a separate room.

“No shit, Sherlock.” You said sarcastically.

“Well…” He paused as he tried to come up with words to explain the situation. “You see, we need a way to get the guns out of the clubhouse and they were in the way.” He said kind of bluntly.

“Oh, well, that makes sooooo much sense.” You said even more sarcastically and crossed your arms and cocked one of your hips to the side.

“Baby, come on.” He pleaded with you. “It’s not like we killed them.” He said, shrugging.

“Oh, like this so much better.” You said.

He sighed as he grabbed you and pulled you closer. You tried not to give into his charm, but it was rather hard with his adorable smile and deep blue eyes.

“Baby, I promise. This won’t put us in any trouble.” He said as he ducked his head and looked at you from underneath his eyelashes.

You raised an eyebrow at his actions, causing him to smile.

“I’ll make it up to you.” He basically sang as he pulled you closer.

You looked at him for a second before wrapping your arms around his neck. “Fine. But you better make it good.”

“Oh, baby. You know it.” He smiled big before kissing your check.

Body Shop (Jax x Plus Size!Reader) Drabble - Anonymous Request

After Jax tore his ACL, you frequently dropped by the auto shop where he works to check up on him…



There was no response.

Clearing your throat, you knocked on the door and raised your voice just a bit. “Jax?” You repeated.

Again, no response.

You couldn’t help but furrow your brows.

Jax and you always met up for lunch, every Wednesday afternoon to share your usual Chinese takeout from down the street. As far as you knew, you still had those plans for today.

Did something come up? The guy would’ve texted you and let you know. Wouldn’t he?

Frowning, you balanced the takeout on one hand and took out your phone. You checked the screen.

No missed calls.

No voice mails.

No text message.

You couldn’t help but frown. Where is he?

Just as you were about to turn around and search for him outside, you heard a small, distant giggle.

A female voice.

“What the–?” You muttered. Now, who could that be…?

As far as you knew, you were the only girl Jax ever talked to nowadays. Most of his friends moved on to out-of-state universities to pursue whatever career path they chose at the end of high school, and the very few who stayed close by hardly talked to him.

Taking a few steps forward, you rounded the corner and peeked into the larger part of the shop.

There, standing by a silver Porsche, was Jax. He was smiling, joking, looking really happy.

And next to him…

A very pretty blonde, with bright green eyes and a petite, well-shaped figure. She was dressed in skin-tight jeans and a cute white crop top that complemented her perfectly.

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