is it yellow or is it kind of greenish

Description of Sadashiva from Kalika Purana.

The following is a description of the five faced Shiva taken from the 51st chapter of Sri Kalika Purana, the description doesn’t match the picture exactly unfortunately but it paints a great mental image:

Verses 137-141. Mahadeva (Shiva the great God) is with five faces, with a huge body, and matted hair, the charming crescent moon on His forehead, having ten arms and clad in tiger pelt, He wears serpents as ornaments. A blue line of poison sits at his throat, shining with a necklace of serpents, His hair is tied with a snake, His body shines like the rays of the moon. Smeared in ash with three eyes on each face, He covers Himself with an elephant hide and sits on a bull.

Vs 142-145. The God has five faces- Sadyojāta, Vāmadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusa and Iśāna. Sadyojāta is white like crystal, Vāmadeva is yellow-charming like a moon beam, Aghora is indigo-dreadful with big teeth, Tatpurusa is divine red and Iśāna is greenish-always auspicious.

Vs 147-148. One should meditate on Shiva as the possessor of eight kinds of powers* holding a lance, trident, club (the text says a club of the shape of the leg of a bed!), the gestures of blessing and fearlessness, a string (aksa-sūtra), a lotus, serpent, drum and lilly.

*The eight powers or qualities are listed in Shiva Mahimna Stotram:

भवः शर्वो रुद्रः पशुपतिरथोग्रः सहमहांस्तथा भीमेशानाविति यदभिधानाष्टकमिदम्।
अमुष्मिन्प्रत्येकं प्रविचरति देव श्रुतिरपि प्रियायास्मै धाम्ने प्रविहितनमस्योऽस्मि भवते॥२८॥

Bhava, Sharva, Rudra, Pashupati, also Ugra with Mahan, furthermore Bhima and Ishana, these are eight appellations of the Lord, each of them the srutis individually expound. My salutations are to the dear abode in which these names are laid i.e. to one who bears these names.

The essential qualities associated with these names are:, Bhava - Existence, Creation, Sharva - destruction, Rudra - Dispeller of Sorrows, Pasupati - Lord of all beings, Ugra - The Fearsome, Mahan or Mahat i.e. Mahadeva – The Supreme, Bhima - The Tremendous, Isana - The Directional ruler. Linga Purana 2.13.10-18 also elaborates these eight qualities in detail.


Remember that line up I posted not too long ago?

Well, here’s the first post for one of the projects I’ve been working on.

the Boneheads done up in the style of Mystery Skulls animated!

This was actually something I wanted to do for awhile, but never found the time to get around to it. So starting things off, we have Manolo!

I wanted to start with Manolo partly cause him and Lewis seem kind of similar in body shape to me (broad shoulders, legs for days, etc.) It allowed me to go of a design that was familiar, and then experiment as soon as I got everything where I wanted it to be. I think what I’m gonna stick with is the skull of the boneheads varying from one another, and the color of the heart acting as a compliment to the design (hence the reason why Manolo’s heart is kind of a greenish turquoise instead of yellow).

Sorry about the low quality gif. Photoshop wasn’t giving me the timing I was looking for, and I haven’t figured out how to get clean gifs from Flash yet.

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“Their hair was long, of a copper colour, and braided down their chest. They were wearing a very ugly baggy greenish-yellow shirt, holding a mud-brown coat with little purple floors and an absurd amount of fake fur in their arms, and pink leggings.”

I found this description of Jehan while editing this fic I wrote. I couldn’t remember writing it, but I really liked the visual so I couldn’t resist! I kind of like how it turned out, imperfections and all (:

The story so far...

Tumblr seems like the right place to put this account since the Spanish word for earthquake is temblor. 

It all started Sunday night when I was relaxing in the den with my family. The day had been sunny and fantastically mellow, great weather, sunny skies, but suddenly, it got dark really fast, and the sky had this sickly green hue, kind of a greenish yellow. I already had a bad feeling as the storm broke. I’d seen skies like that during bad tropical storms, but we don’t live in the tropics. 

Mexico City is at a tremendously highly altitude, higher than Denver, and we have a temperate climate. There’s no winter here, only rainy season, and that didn’t used to mean monsoon and ice at the same time. Times, they are a-changing. 

This storm Sunday came on hard, deluging us in so much rain that you couldn’t see over the mountain, and the trees were bent nearly double in the wind, the worst storm I’d seen in 13 years of living here. Lightning split the sky in silver jags and thunder boomed, terrifying our poor ginger cat. I’d never seen so much water come down so fast and then it started hailing, so fast and hard, that it was a fucking white Xmas all over my garden. In September!! 

I got concerned about my office and said to my son, “Could you check if the windows are closed?”

They weren’t, but it didn’t matter. That was the least of our problems.  The ice stuck. It clogged all the drains that are supposed to divert water safely into the creek out back..     

A few minutes later, Alek came down. “Your office is flooding. I need some help.”

Thus began our eight hour saga, battling the water. It rapidly filled my office, turning it into a pool, and spread down the main staircase. Andres went out to shovel ice, but the water and ice came too fast. Soon we had water coming in from the terrace adjacent to the living room, flooding in two directions. I bailed and mopped and used every dry blanket in the house, trying to keep some areas dry. My husband and son quit earlier than I did; I fought the water until 3AM, at which point, I surrendered to nature and went to bed, miserable but glad I’d at least managed to keep our bedrooms dry.

My office is fucked and is being repaired now. We have some problems with floors/ ceilings. Thankfully, we had no carpet, so our tile held up pretty well. We got a team in and the house is more or less dried out as of today, if not fixed. We’re also taking precautions in case of another flash flood / freak ice storm. 

Climate change is real. This shit had never happened before. We had no reason to worry about ICE STORMS here. Normally, we get the occasional thunderstorm or a cold snap, nothing like this. Generally, the days are sunny, temperature ranging between 55 and 88F. 

So anyway, I’m taking care of house stuff today and it’s around 1PM. I’m grubby from chores, so to be perfectly honest, I was naked in my bathroom when the earthquake hit, about to take a shower. The whole house rocked and swayed, so hard I fell over. Lucky I didn’t crack my head open. 

I did not shower. I got dressed quickly and rushed up to check out the situation, find my pets, etc. I also started messaging friends and family in the city. Phone lines were down; cell towers fell. My kid was evacuated from school and put on the sports field to wait. 

Eventually I was told I needed to go pick him up since buses weren’t running. Traffic was hell and cell service spotty as I went from my house to school. Damage in our area is minimal, but I’m getting reports that the university building my daughter’s friend attends split in half. I was really scared, though, because driving after an earthquake is not a great idea. Roads can be unstable. Bridges fall. But I made it back home after retrieving my son from school.

We are all safe. Our house is relatively okay, but there will need to be more work done after the quake. My son’s school is canceled for the time being. 

This concludes my report. Please keep others in your thoughts, especially in other areas of Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracuz, etc, as they are very frightened and have lost so much in a short time. 

Thank you. 

Ann Aguirre


A whole bunch of stuff here!

1) Remakes of some old dragon designs. If you can`t see, the weirder one has a single hole through its head with a candle wick inside.

2) A plant worm with leaves inside.

3) Snotfish. It can go on land and shoot slime out of its nose - kind of like a velvet worm, except it also delivers an electric shock through them.

4) Creatures based on some of the first (right) and some of the last (left) things I ever made in Spore.

5) A dream plant. It`s a ball of sharp leaves coloured various hues of purple, while its inflorescence (I guess?) is yellow-white, like teeth. The flattened ones grow high in the forest canopy. The veiny bulb serves an unknown purpose. The most interesting part is that when first seen, the plant had a cocoon of something like murky greenish water - but obvioulsy much more viscous - around it, and that was somehow connected to the presence of ant-like bugs in its inflorescence.

6) Cerberus, also from a dream.

Number colors

1 is icy blue (he’s real chill ;)

2 is greenish yellow (not the happiest number in town, but mostly just quiet)

3 is pinkish purple (more pink than purple; kind and caring but not too outgoing)

4 is a dark purple (why u always angry four? Take a chill pill. Hang with 1)

5 is lemon yellow (most outgoing girl in number town)

6 is gray (depressed and suicidal)

7 is bright red (happy boy and BFFs with 5)

8 is dark green (just a nervous little dude)

9 is dark brown (she’s really weird and a total tomboy)

10 is navy blue (the sidekick of all numbers)

Try it. I dare you. THIS IS CORRECT.

Answer twenty questions, then tag twenty peeps you want to get to know better.

Alright, I got tagged by @in-spirational, @distant-rose, and @the-corsair-and-her-quill, so I guess now I GOTTA do it :D

  1. Name: Ashley
  2. Nickname: Ash, Ashby
  3. Zodiac: Pisces
  4. Height: 5’5”
  5. Orientation: My hairy Greek almost-husband
  6. Nationality: American
  7. Favorite Fruits: Strawberries, raspberries, greenish bananas, grapes, apricots, peaches, watermelon…kind of everything except blueberries, cantaloupe, and pineapple
  8. Favorite Season: Spring/early Fall
  9. Favorite Books: HP, Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series, ASOIAF, WoT, Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen, Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom trilogy, Uprooted
  10. Favorite Flowers: Tiger lilies, tulips
  11. Favorite Scents: My bf’s Old Spice shampoo, Hockey Rink™ smell
  12. Favorite Colors: Green, teal, red and all its darker shades, yellow(s)
  13. Favorite Animals: Dogs!!! And birds. And horses.
  14. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: COFFEE
  15. Average Hours of Sleep: 6
  16. Cat or Dog Person: Dog
  17. Favorite Fictional Characters: Fox Mulder & Dana Scully, Captain Picard, Killian Jones & Emma Swan, Will Scarlett, Minerva McGonagall, Ginny Weasley, Tina, Louise, and Linda Belcher, and basically everyone in B99. 
  18. Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1-2
  19. Dream Trip: Scottish Highlands in a car with the bf
  20. Blog Created: 2016
  21. Followers: 323

Okay, I don’t think I can tag twenty, but @the-musical-pirate, @jolliebee, @losttalongthewayy, @sunbeamsandmoonrays, @cinnamonduckling, @fictional-redheads, @andiirivera, @word-bug, @ahsagitarius if you want in on this, go ahead!!!


Euphorbia susannae & Euphorbia obesa

Euphorbia is a very large genus with a world-wide distribution, but some of the most interesting and highly succulent kinds come from Africa. The flowering structures for Euphorbia are unique, and they are known as “cyathia” (the singular is “cyathium”). The cyathium may or may not have a stalk, but above it consists of a cup-like structure with 5 glands around its rim. In the middle of the cup is a stripped-down flower or flowers, with no petals or sepals. The upper photo shows the cyathia of Euphorbia susannae, whose glands start out greenish-yellow and then take on orange tinges as they age. The female flowers in the photo also change color, reddening as they get older. The lower photo shows a single cyathium of Euphorbia obesa, with green glands. Both species are native to South Africa.


My Adlock compilation for jamesthetaco

Okay, jamesthetaco! Here it is, my friend! the requested Adlock compilation for you, my 1,000th follower.

I really hope It lives up to your expectations. I never did ship Adlock really but this was fun to write and thank you for it!

Anyway, I present: 
I Told You
Morning Cases,
and A Night Out.



“I told you. Twice.”

Sherlock shifted his head slightly to look at the Woman beside him, his arm around her as they lie in a tangle of sheets on Sherlock’s bed. “Hmm?” he mumbled eyes searching her angled face.

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How I Make My Gifs

I have had a few requests in the past few months, especially tonight, to explain how I make my gifs. This tutorial will involve sharpening and colouring, mainly. There’s a lot of steps, because I’m one of those people who like to have a picture for every step, oops. So, without further ado, I am going to show you how I turned this:

into this:

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