is it yellow or is it kind of greenish

Hey, dragonkin!!!

I’m curious of what and who you really are. Could you reblog with either a description or drawing of your dragon self (with inner qualities as well)?

I’m an around 2,8 meters high Europian dragon (my kind is called Earth’s venom) with greenish scales, greenish blue underbelly and yellow feathers on top of my head and on the tip of my tail. My looks are a bit more feminine, but my gender is questionable. I have a pair of wings well suited for manuvering mid-air. My head is aerodynamic and has a beak. My eyes are similar to cats’ eyes, but the white part almost always can be seen. I breathe blue fire and can spit poison. I’m pretty arrogant and selfish at times, but never hesitate to help those in need.


Remember that line up I posted not too long ago?

Well, here’s the first post for one of the projects I’ve been working on.

the Boneheads done up in the style of Mystery Skulls animated!

This was actually something I wanted to do for awhile, but never found the time to get around to it. So starting things off, we have Manolo!

I wanted to start with Manolo partly cause him and Lewis seem kind of similar in body shape to me (broad shoulders, legs for days, etc.) It allowed me to go of a design that was familiar, and then experiment as soon as I got everything where I wanted it to be. I think what I’m gonna stick with is the skull of the boneheads varying from one another, and the color of the heart acting as a compliment to the design (hence the reason why Manolo’s heart is kind of a greenish turquoise instead of yellow).

Sorry about the low quality gif. Photoshop wasn’t giving me the timing I was looking for, and I haven’t figured out how to get clean gifs from Flash yet.

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anonymous asked:

What does Lampy look like?

Dear Anonymous,

Oh golly! I made sure to be the one to answer this from the rest of the team.
I’ll do my absolute best to tell you how I look like.

I have an eggplant-ish coat, I’d say “Scorpion”- It’s kind of dull and on the purple-brown side. I have splotches of a lighter shade of my main coat around my legs and a vertical stripe on my nose bridge. I think it’s a “Dusty Gray”. My mane is what my father calls “Kidnapper” which is basically a baby green! I have Yellow-Greenish eyes which I remember is called “Manz”. My cutiemark is a green lamp with baby-green colored glass and it glows a soft yellow!

I have a bubbly yet droopy mane that kind of covers my eyes, and feathery hooves.

I hope that’s good enough of an explanation!

Also I’m going to attach a drawing of myself.

Happy to serve,
- Lampy ( Royal Exchange Supervision Team )

I was suddenly aware of how the tones and moods of different fanfics have different colors when I think back on them. Like, the images I have of them in my head have filters on them that I can barely see unless I concentrate on them.

For example, most of A Baker Street Alphabet has a soft yellow hue, and so does the last chapter of WHILE THE MUSIC LASTS. The fanfic Kleptomaniac is also yellow, but slightly more intense. Sometimes, it is blue. Twist and Shout is strangely greenish. Occasionally, pink. Freefall is dark green. Like a forest. Foresty.

Destiel is green a lot, I noticed. Dark blue, too.

Johnlock is yellow a lot. Yellow is popular.

Blitzstone is red mostly, sometimes a kind of gentle, pale orange that isn’t usually what one thinks of when one imagines orange.

V and Evey. Grey. Lots of grey. Varying shades.

Lams. Blue. But sky, not dark. Pretty. Similar color to my walls.

Jefferson and Mads (can’t remember their ship name) are purple. Magenta-y. Probably influenced by T. Jeff’s purple suit-vest-thing.

Percabeth is greenish. Like a watery green. Like when you add a lot of water to a very small amount of green watercolor paint and then put it on that really thick watercolor paper.

This is too long. Mostly for myself anyway since I didn’t credit the fanfic authors (note to self: do that). I’ll get the point. Very tired upon writing these, but in a weirdly depressed sort of way? I don’t know. This feels like it would be important for some reason. Goodnight.

My Adlock compilation for jamesthetaco

Okay, jamesthetaco! Here it is, my friend! the requested Adlock compilation for you, my 1,000th follower.

I really hope It lives up to your expectations. I never did ship Adlock really but this was fun to write and thank you for it!

Anyway, I present: 
I Told You
Morning Cases,
and A Night Out.



“I told you. Twice.”

Sherlock shifted his head slightly to look at the Woman beside him, his arm around her as they lie in a tangle of sheets on Sherlock’s bed. “Hmm?” he mumbled eyes searching her angled face.

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How I Make My Gifs

I have had a few requests in the past few months, especially tonight, to explain how I make my gifs. This tutorial will involve sharpening and colouring, mainly. There’s a lot of steps, because I’m one of those people who like to have a picture for every step, oops. So, without further ado, I am going to show you how I turned this:

into this:

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