is it yellow or is it kind of greenish


Remember that line up I posted not too long ago?

Well, here’s the first post for one of the projects I’ve been working on.

the Boneheads done up in the style of Mystery Skulls animated!

This was actually something I wanted to do for awhile, but never found the time to get around to it. So starting things off, we have Manolo!

I wanted to start with Manolo partly cause him and Lewis seem kind of similar in body shape to me (broad shoulders, legs for days, etc.) It allowed me to go of a design that was familiar, and then experiment as soon as I got everything where I wanted it to be. I think what I’m gonna stick with is the skull of the boneheads varying from one another, and the color of the heart acting as a compliment to the design (hence the reason why Manolo’s heart is kind of a greenish turquoise instead of yellow).

Sorry about the low quality gif. Photoshop wasn’t giving me the timing I was looking for, and I haven’t figured out how to get clean gifs from Flash yet.

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anonymous asked:

i know what you mean tho about skin because i have a friend who's biracial and she's super pale but her features are also like...when you realize she's mixed you go "ohhhh i See it." like i'm brown and i get pale in the winter but it's still a different color from my tan white friends. like even my dark haired, dark eyed white friends don't have the same complex

yeah exactly!!! like my siblings and i don’t get “tan” in the summer we get like…brown. our tan looks different than white people who get tan. i’m actually quite pale but i have undertones that are like very yellow, almost greenish (i SWEAR i turn green in the winter), while as white people tend to be very reddish?

idk there’s just like. it’s some kind of undertone difference.

(which like obviously isn’t to say that being lighter doesn’t make it easier bc it does but it’s completely conditional on ppl refusing to acknowledge part of your identity so that’s like. not a privilege or a fun time)