is it wrong to love this

Aight I’m just gon go ahead and say it for those in the back

👏Pennywise 👏is 👏the 👏love 👏of 👏my 👏life 👏 and 👏did 👏nothing 👏wrong 👏 he👏 just👏 wants 👏to 👏eat👏

My brothers thoughts of the ew guys

“Who is she” that’s a boy “only girls wear red to show of the color of the other hoes they’ve fought”

What do you think his name is? “red bitch” that’s not a na- “ RED BITCH, NOW SHUT UP YOU DEAD CARROT”

“Her hair looks like she wants to flap the fuck away” still a guy “haha sure whatever I don’t understand artist anyway everyone looks like a girl I mean his hair is to long then”

“He is the dumb one right? He looks like the dumb one.”


“Ok so like are his eye hole like contacts or they a never ending hole where I can yeet the red bitch in”

Whats his name “probably something emo like Jeff or Jake or chase”

“Hes 1000% gay no one has hair like that and is straight plus blue is gay” you’re wearing blue. “Did I fucking stutter”

“What’s up with his hair did his mom fuck sonic the fuckin hedgehog??? Image him nutting and Sonics like goTTA BLAST then boom single mother”


“What’s with these bitches and flappy wings for hair-OH MY GOD HIS HAIR IS A SPORK DUDE WHAT IS THIS”

“Ok so you told me one of them is a communist” correct “it’s him he looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing with life so he just said fuck it”


“I bet if someone brings him water he ask if it’s vegan” I’m 70% sure he’s not a vegan “Right the other 30% is equal to 100% so I’m right”

“I bet he dabs to every song”

“I wanna say he’s a Frankie but I also wanna say he goes by big F.”

“His hair looks like it could cut a bitch like ching chong mother fuckers”

“Hes wearing green. You know what else starts with green? Gay. Give him the treatment we are all gonna go through hell just because he’s cute he can’t escape it.”

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Maybe an obvious one, but top five Eleanor/Chidi moments?

Aaahhhh bless you anon 
Ok, in no particular order (because I honestly can’t pick a favorite):

1. Chidi storming into Michael’s office to save Eleanor (+the little mouthed “thank you” in 1.08 when Eleanor gets off the train (+the hand holding afterwards)
2. “Looks like someone learned something” “Well, that’s because someone else is a really good teacher (+that look) in 1.03
3. Eleanor coming clean about everything because she can’t handle seeing Chidi in so much pain in 1.07
    (as a bonus; “Do you know who killed Janet?” “Yes.” “Will you tell me?” “No.” from 1.08)
4. “I used to never want to a part of any group. But I’m a different person now. Because of the person who helped me.” (the looook they share) from 1.09
5. It’s a tie between the boat scene in 1.05 and “You were my flashlight” from 1.13

I’m doing 5 for each season I’m sorry anon I’m too into them:

2. Nearly all of their interactions in 2.01/2.02 (”I’ve never seen you before in my life, but…I think, somehow, that we know each other” soulmates)
3. “How many times, in all the reboots, did I ask Chidi for help and he said no?” “Never. He always helped you.” soulmates
4. “We’re not friends man; I don’t owe you anything.” becoming “We should help [Michael]. Because that’s what Chidi would do.”
5. Chidi’s refusal to slice Eleanor up to save 5 people, coupled with Eleanor’s refusal to laugh with Michael about Chidi behind his back (reading it out, Chidi’s seems like a bigger deal, but refusing to make fun of someone is big for Eleanor)
     (+Eleanor’s anger every time she realized Michael was enjoying the trolley experiments too much at Chidi’s expense)

okay unpopular opinion: i am not enjoying before the storm as much as i thought i would, it has a lot of flaws

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I just saw this girl on Instagram say that NCT Dream made her a pedophile. Wtff. Idk if this is normal to y'all but that just disgusted me

Why would someone even say that?¿