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bad at love - part two

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part one

It was quite easy to say that the car ride to the arcade was the most awkward situation either boy had been in since walking in on Richie’s parents getting it on, on Richie’s 16th birthday.

Eddie completely shut down once inside the beat-up piece of shit that Richie calls a car. Although none of the losers would give it up for the world, they’ve all been through too much in this car but it was still a piece of shit.

Eddie cringes at idea of the copious amount times Richie has been balls deep inside his girlfriend in this very seat. He tries not think about that too much not wanting to mentally scar himself even more than he already is.

“Eds,” Richie mumbles from the drives seat. “You-You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong but I’m here to listen.” He pauses to turn down the busy main street of Derry. “Like, if you want. Y'know?” Eddie doesn’t verbalise a response but sends a subtle nod in Richie’s direction hoping that was enough to get his message across.

He appreciates it. He really does, Richie’s never this quiet, especially when they are driving, he always feels the need to turn whatever loud repulsive song is playing on the radio, blasting it from the speakers while screaming at the top of his lungs. Eddie lets out an affectionate huff at the memory of Richie belting out the lyrics to Shaggy and looking utterly ridiculous while doing so.

“Earth to Eddie Spaghetti,” Richie says obnoxiously waving a hand in front of his face. Breaking Eddie from his thoughts, he realised he’d been staring off into space for the past few minutes. Eddie pushes Richie’s hand away from his face.

“Ugh, get your hand away from me.”

Richie lets out a loud laugh before leaning into Eddie, “That’s not what you’ll be saying later tonight, baby boy.” Eddie rolls his eyes, before shoving the car door open and heading toward the arcade, he walks off on Richie half heartedly listening to him proclaim sex noise from the top of his lungs across the carpark. Heavy footsteps echo on the bitumen behind him, Eddie can hear the boys aspirated voice faded as he entered the building. The amount of kids running around always seems to overwhelm him.

Eddie feels Richie put his hand on his shoulder, immediately calming his senses. The taller boy guides him toward the booth in the back. The loud laughs from their pals brings a small smile to Eddie’s face.

“Eddie! Richie! We we’re starting to worry.” Mike says with a big smile as he shuffles over to make room for the pair.

“Yeah. You guys are late.” Stan added, brushing the single curl from in front of his eye behind his ear.

“Sorry guys, Eddie was trying to get into my pants. I needed to remind him that I have prior engagements.” Eddie slapped Richie across the chest before leaning his head back against the booth, repressing the urge to wipe everything down with antibacterial wipes. Ben snorted loudly at the pair.

“Speaking of girlfriend!” Bev exclaimed. “How are you guys?” Eddie listened intently to Richie’s answer, noticing a slight hesitation. He cracked opened one of his eyes to see the taller boy staring at his face.

“We, um” He paused. “It’s good, great even.” Eddie groaned internally, supressing a sigh. “For her. I think. I’m trying really hard to just love her but I can’t.”

“W-W-w-hat?” Bill stutters. His stutter extremely worsened due to the heavy surprise of Richie’s statement. It had gotten better since they were thirteen, all the Losers were incredibly proud of Bill’s effort to improve his speech patterns.

“You didn’t mention this in the car Rich?” Eddie questions, slightly more intrigued than necessary. He’s still his best friend regardless of what he feels for the other. Richie glances around the table and lands his focus on Eddie.

“She told me, she’s in love with me.”

“What’s the matter with that? You guys say that all the time?” Ben said. Richie paused looking down at his hands placed upon the table. Eddie was feeling more excited than deemed acceptable but the look on Richie’s face was telling him it wasn’t all that important.

“I love her like I love Eddie’s Mom.”

 “It’s enough, but not enough. No offense Ed.” Eddie snorted and waved his hand.

“So, what are you gonna do?” Eddie asked nibbling on his lower lip.

“Yeah, you can’t just leave her hanging.” Mike added after taking a sip from what Eddie could only imagine too be Mike’s all-time favourite strawberry milkshake.  

“If you were in the same position you wouldn’t appreciate it.” Stan said in-between bites of his fruit salad.  The poor boy could only ever eat the food his Mother prepared for him, he always had to bring food with him whenever they all go out.

“If you don’t love her at all, you need to break up with her. The sooner the better.” Bev said with a raise of her eyebrows.

Richie sighed before saying, “That’s not even the worst part.”

“W-w-what could b-be w-worse than that?” Bill asked. Richie leaned back into the red booth, back relaxing against the worn vinyl.

He lifted his arm and settled it on the back of the chair behind Eddie’s back. “I’m in love with someone else.” Eddie’s whole entire world seemed to simultaneous brighten and dull all at once.

Moments past by when suddenly Eddie is pulled from his thoughts by a slap on his back followed by Richie’s departure. Eddie shook his head and faced the group. All five other members seemed to have targeted their attention toward him. “What just happened? Where’d Rich go?”

“You weren’t listening?”  Ben said. “He’s going to break up with Jane.” The table went silent all the remaining members of the Loser’s attention focus’ on Eddie.

“What?” Eddie said with a shake of his head glancing around at the Loser’s.

“Whose gonna tell him?” Eddie looks over to Mike, an unreadable expression etched onto his face.

“Y-you know he loves y-you right?” Bill says, eyes widened as he glances across the round table at Eddie. Eddie shakes his head.

“He’s been spending a lot of time with Roxanne lately.” Eddie trailed off, glancing around the room at anything but his friends. The old worn out red seats that loitered the walls, the dark carpet covered in a multitude of questionable stains, the walls lined with pinball machines and the area slowly filling with children all rushing around, hoping to get a spot in line in front of their favourite game. The arcade was always busy on Friday nights, the absence of Riche was unnerving. Eddie knowing the only reason he still comes here is for boy. He mentally wished the boy luck in whatever course he was taking with Jane.

“Eddie,” Bev said. “It’s you. It always has been.”  

“Well-Well, I- Maybe I don’t like him back, did you ever think of that huh? What makes you think that I Eddie Kaspbrak would ever feel anything for Trashmouth Richie Tozier? Have you seen that boy? Have You? There are no redeeming qualities about him whatsoever.  Not even his soft curls or-or his dark eyes that make you feel warm all over or the number of freckles that always seem to multiply across his nose every other week. Or-or even that small smile that plays on his lips when he sleeps and that fact his literally as blind as a bat without those ugly ass glasses. Don’t even get me started on those stupid Mom jokes he’s always making or-or his annoying habit to give everyone and everything a fucking nickname. I don’t have any feelings for Richie Tozier. Ugly! Everything is just ugly.” Eddie sucked in a hard breath from previously exhausting all his oxygen from prior events. He was met by five faces which he was all too familiar with, all sporting the same amused expression.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and before he had any time to reaction, the pale faced curly headed boy he knew all to well was leaning over him. If Eddie were to turn his face slightly to the left there would be no avoiding the beautiful face of Richie Tozier. Eddie swallowed down a lump in his throat. “Wow Ed’s, you’ve wounded me. Didn’t know you had it in ya.”

A/N sike guys theres gonna a part three because i’m wayyyy to invested in this story. I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think! I had a lot of problems posting this so I hope it posted the right one lmao

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I'm confused as to why everyone is sympathizing with Rize when literally all she's ever done is rebel to go out and kill for fun? Not trying to spread out hate I just want to see where these people are coming from. Cause unlike other "morally wrong" characters in the manga, she's shown no sign of chatacter depth other than wanting to be free to binge eat and if anything, Furuta desrves sympathy as he's shown his motives

So, allow me to enertain this for a moment. 

From Furuta’s perspective, there is a certain reason to be jealous.

You give up everything in the world for the person you love to be happy. However, instead of being happy as you imagined it they turn into something different. 

Rize isn’t a good person. She didn’t use the freedom she was gifted with in any sort of constructive way. In comparison to Furuta who stayed behind and was loved by no one all of his life, Rize not only had freedom, but also a father figure who went out of his way to rehabilitate her, educate her, and protect her all out of love.

It’s easy to read Rize as ungrateful. After all, all Rize had to do to continue enjoying this lifestyle was you know… not kill a whole bunch of people. Not only did her actions attract doves though, they also put in jeapordy the freedom that Furuta worked so hard to earn for her. The freedom that once again he left behind for her sake. 

For Rize it wasn’t even a constructive kind of rebellion, like the kind Eto risked everything on.

She was bored, in a childish way. Rather, she was empty and constantly trying to fill herself. I call it childish because Rize is fundamentally unable to overcome the circumstances where she was a powerless child. She revels in her own power over those who are weaker than her, specifically males who are weaker than her in an obvious aimless rebellion against her youth.

The sense of entrapment and degradation she feels, it’s not for the sake of ghoul kind but rather herself. Rize was only ever interested in this broken way of coping with her own personal sense of powerlessness, and chasing her sense of freedom.

However, Furuta is pretty much the same way. These two are two terrible children, who are both fundamentally uninterested at all in moving past the circumstances of their birth of the feelings they had since childhood. Only lvinig for their own twisted self fulfillment, one which seems to walk the line between life and death.

It’s not that Furuta is unsympathetic in having reason to have his feelings on Rize sour. Rather, it’s that Furuta takes it too far. In both Rize’s farming, and even Arata’s suggested multiple farmings. 

Especially since the once soft father Arata is being painted in such a negative light by the manga right now, while Juuzou is running around wearing his skin as armor. 

The point with both of these characters is that nobody really deserves to be subjected to that kind of hellish limbo between life and death over and over again, no matter who they were. 

Tokyo ghoul has always been extremely anti torture, even on the worst types of people. It’s not that Rize and Arata were not bad people, one is a serial killer, and who even knows why Arata was picking fights with that many investigators, but even so torture is one step too far.

Especially since Arata and Rize are both so mindless at this point, they likely do not remember what it was they even did in the first place.

The message of Tokyo Ghoul has always been to see humanity in everybody even your enemies, so what Furuta does to Rize, effectively dehumanizing her again and again will always be painted as a wrong. 

Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov of the Soviet Air Defense Forces died in May and, in a sad testament to the world’s ingratitude, it was reported only this week.

Close readers will remember his story, which we’ve told several times. One evening in 1983, amid a war scare that had both sides on high alert, Colonel Petrov was running a Soviet early-warning system, watching for the American missiles that Moscow thought could come at any moment.

When his systems indicated exactly that, Colonel Petrov reported it as a false alarm, though all evidence suggested the attack was real. He knew that Soviet doctrine and the terrible logic of nuclear weapons would have compelled a massive Soviet launch before the American missiles could land, surely prompting an American retaliation in turn.

This act of courage and defiance — had Colonel Petrov been wrong, his act would have constituted treason — may have saved hundreds of millions of lives. Though his career had been dedicated to preparing for nuclear conflict, in the fateful moment he chose to avert it. […]

As Mr. Hoffman has written subsequently, Colonel Petrov was neither punished nor rewarded for his action. Like many Russian officers of his age, he lived modestly, put through hard times by his country’s 1990s economic collapse.

It is sadly fitting that Colonel Petrov, rather than made a hero for averting more deaths than perhaps any other person in history, was consigned to such obscurity that his death took months to become known.

The truth he exposed was perhaps too terrible for either side to confront: that their nuclear deadlock was built on the necessary lie that, if attacked, they would condemn millions more to die, though it would accomplish nothing. The truth, that we have created the circumstances of our own needless annihilation and put it on a hair trigger, was hidden away, as was Colonel Petrov.

—  The Most Important Person You’ve Never Heard Of Has Died, Max Fisher and Amanda Taub for The New York Times (20/09/2017)

i get turned off by the littlest things, anything that rubs me the wrong way. anything you say or do, i find very little attraction in things that’s why it’s hard to catch my attention.

Stupid Decisions

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Steve Rogers X Reader

Request: #4 I know you have reached a decision but seeing as its a stupid ass decision I’m ignoring it. #6 Its a hobby of mine to prove you wrong. #7 I don’t really think before I act, it’s part of my charm.

Warnings: angst, arguing, swearing, slight injury.

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Deh characters as things my teacher has said

Connor: We must rebel! We must rebel! We must rebel!

Evan: If a tree falls and nobodys around does it make a sound or not? Nobody ever told me the answer, DOES THE TREE MAKE NOISE OR NOT!

Jared: When I clap my hands you turn off the lights because then it will look like magic. And I’m too lazy to get up to turn them on.

Zoe: I know Lady Gaga songs but not the secretary of state.

Alana: You are wrong and I am right. It’s just how things work. I can’t handle being wrong and you don’t need the ego boost by being right.

Larry: My kids hate each other. I trick them into sharing a room by telling them there are monsters in the house.

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DON'T DO IT YOU HAVE TO MUCH TO LOVE FOR....... Like me, your family, and yourself because if you die the only one who could have stopped you was you so think about this before you make a wrong move because after you do something you regert there is no turning back, but always remember I pray for you and also you not just losing yourself your losing your family and friends who thought you cared about them. I hope you make the right decision.

I’m not thinking about hurting myself in any way now

Please don’t bring it up 

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]

While Reading Harry Potter And The Cursed Child...

I came to the part in the beginning with the sorting hat.

Does this mean he has legs of his own? If so then…

Oh no

I don’t think its fate thats making Rose tense

He puts himself on her head…

Is this how it works?

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A Concept:

many people do not experience “romantic / sexual / platonic / sensual / aesthetic / whatever attraction” as being completely separate from one another, and creating a split attraction model that divides attraction into increasingly smaller sections and insisting that this model dictates who is oppressed and who is not, is ridiculous, unhelpful and doesn’t reflect how oppression works in a practical, material, tangible way.