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darling you don’t have to hold it
you don’t have to be afraid
you can go ahead, unload it
because you know it’ll be okay
fire away

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Hey whats your favourite robron fanfiction a at the moment? I need something to read x

That’s such a difficult question ‘cause this fandom is filled with talented people and love so many of their fics. But here we go with someone of my favourites:

💖 To every thing there is a season by @victoriasugden It’s canon-divergent with Robert as a single dad. It’s also a slow burn but it’s written so beautifully and we get such a great insight in Robert and plenty of raw and intriguing interactions with other characters. There’s also a lovely sequel The house that will watch him grow. Anything written by Laura is definitely worth reading 💖

💖 hope is a distance unreached by @littlelooneyluna This one has plenty of drama, mystery, cliffhangers that have you screaming but also soft and fluffy moments and beautiful lines. If you’re not a fan of uncompleted fics then I would suggest i’m coming home to you. It’s a Sweet Home Alabama AU that’s really all you need to know 💖

💖safe in your hands by @capseycartwright. Magic AU with plenty of fluff and Robert being powerful and amazing and Aaron being curious and sassy and them together are just pure magic. There’s also a sequel who was i before i met you?  💖

💖 Teach Me by @escapingreality51 Robert as a teacher, Aaron as a parent/Liv’s guardian. Beautifully written. Also worth reading is her big bang fic Forged in Fire 💖

💖 A Flicker Than Just s Smoke by @snarfettelove It feature Aaron as a firefighter (which suits him a lot) and two idiots in love who fail at the concept of friends with benefits 💖

💖 Love Never Fails by @nooneelsecomesclose17 Set during World War I. It’s angsty but it will make you laugh too and it has a really great twist somewhere in between 💖  

💖 A Different Language by @sapphicsugden It features a deaf character and plenty of fluffy and soft moments with just a little bit of angst. All four parts are a must read 💖

💖 Ice Swans and Dry-cleaning by Persiflager (sadly I don’t know who/if they are on tumblr) This one truly has everything. Fluff, banter, them being the most domestic husbands ever, jealous Robert, funny moments, sexy moments, even a bit of role play 💖

💖  put a bullet in me by @vckaarrob Zombie apocalypse AU do I really need to say more? It has an intriguing story and plenty of tension between Robert and Aaron. And that’s before they even really do anything. Again if wip aren’t your thing than you can check back to you (it always comes around). Probably my favourite reunion fic 💖

💖 Dales United by @wellyfullofale Football AU with Robert as a manager and Aaron as a footballer or Separation Never Suited Us if you prefer a finished work. Both feature plenty of angst, miscommunication and soft moments  💖

💖 les fleurs by @aarobron You think Robert bringing flowers to Aaron wouldn’t work but it totally does. Fluff in its finest form. Another great read is her big bang fic sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky 💖

💖 lucky i’m in love with my best friend series by @robertsuggers Twelve fics that feature happy and domestic Robert and Aaron. Read them all and you’ll feel happy and warm 💖

💖 Best Friend Thursday by @misswhimsy In which Robert has a friend and not just one. It might not be so Robert/Aaron focused but it’s definitely worth reading. Also The County Squire which basically gives you a double dose of Robert/Aaron 💖

💖 Misfits and Wanderers by @itswheremydemonshide10 In this Robert and Aaron accidentally become secondary dads to almost every kid in the village. It’s gonna make you smile and keep your heart warm 💖

💖 Anything less than ‘I love you’ is lying by @notforonesecond Slow burn and friends to lovers with plenty of fluff. Basically the most perfect combination  💖

💖 The Journey by tenpercentbatteryremaining Robert and Aaron meet on a train which takes them on a journey to love 💖

💖 Rumours by @beautifulhigh This fic is gonna take you on emotional rollercoaster but it’s gonna be absolutely worth it. The writing is so beautiful and the world that the author created is so complex but feels so real and Robert and Aaron work amazingly well in it. You will cry though but it really is worth it  💖

Sorry this took me a bit long but I wanted to add links too. These truly are the first that popped in to my head, so I’m definitely missing some of the great ones. Plus, I realized yesterday I still haven’t read lots of fandom classics, so there are plenty more amazing fics and writers around. These are my personal favourites but anything written by these amazing writers is worth reading.

That one time Harry Hart thinks Merlin is dating James Bond

Note: I just watched Skyfall for the nth time last night and this Merlahad idea came up to me, as Mark Strong and Daniel Craig are close friends. I was just gonna write a short post but it got away from me and I ended up writing the full fic. Nothing NSFW. This fic should take place before TSS, may be in the early 2000s

Summary:  Merlin and 007 are close friends. They’ve known each other since they were young and living in Scotland. They lost contact for a while but saw each other again in London so they became close again. Harry Hart, of course, doesn’t know that so he gets jealous over that other hot guy Merlin hangs out with.

Fic behind the cut to save people from having to scroll too long.

Merlin and 007 are close friends. They’ve known each other since they were young and living in Scotland. They lost contact for a while but saw each other again in London so they became close again. Both are aware of each other’s secret identity because they know that the other is too loyal to grass them up. They vent to each other about mundane stuffs that are not classified over drinks. “Arthur is an intolerable ass again today, James!” “What else is new? I told M she should never make me deal with him again for the sake of diplomacy between our organisations!”, “Hamish, your Arsenal hasn’t been doing so well eh?” “Well, so is Liverpool, James, you are the one to talk!”

Harry Hart, agent Galahad, sees Merlin hanging out with this absolutely hot bloke often and he does not like it. Is Merlin dating him? Harry knows for sure is still more handsome, thank you very much, but as much as he hates to admit it, that bloke is way more fit than he is and his taste in suits, although more modern, is impeccable.  If Merlin was into pretty, fit guys in suits, Harry is right here, why can he not see how Harry is head over heels for him. Harry has been trying to find every single reason he could pull out of his arse to visit Merlin the last year. Admittedly, Harry likes to rile Merlin up a little but Merlin gives back just as good and he looks like he enjoys their verbal sparring. The thing is, Merlin is a model professional and he acts respectfully toward everybody in Kingsman (while still having a trace of sarcasm every so often) so even for a good agent like Harry, he has no idea if Merlin is interested in anything more with him. 

Here he sits, looking at the live security camera feed from the posh bar where Merlin and this bloke are drinking at that he hacked into. It is not stalking, he reasons with himself, he is concerned with Merlin’s well-being as well as making sure that suspicious bloke is not trying to fish out any information about Kingsman. Is Merlin’s laughing with him? He certainly never laughed openly with Harry like that, damn it. Harry feels so much jealousy flowing inside him he almost sees red. He tries to calm himself down and continues watching. At one point, the suspicious mark (which is what his brain has decided on calling) excuses himself to go answer a call on his mobile phone. Harry switches to another camera and zooms in. As the mark pulls the phone out from his suit jacket’s inside pocket, Harry sees it. That is a shoulder holster he is wearing, with a gun inside! What kind of bloke goes on a date with guns? Merlin is in danger!

Harry decides that he has to act. He puts on his suit jacket and arms himself before travelling to the location as fast as he can. He arrives as they are walking out of the bar, still talking. Please don’t go home with him, Merlin, he prays desperately. It is definitely because it would be much harder to tail them stealthily all that way and not because the thought of Merlin sleeping with that guy absolutely hurts. He breaths a sigh of relief as Merlin walks away and waits a few moments more to make sure he is gone before pouncing on the bloke.

What he does not expect is how fast the mark reacts. He easily dodges Harry’s sucker punch and efficiently counters with a punch of his own to the left side of Harry’s face. Damn, first blood goes to the opponent, Harry thinks. With his Kingsman training, the pulls his gun out in a flash to point it at the bloke, only to see the other man has also drawn his gun and is pointing it at him. 

“Who the fuck are you and what the fuck do you want with Merlin?”, Harry grounds out.

“Merlin?”, the man asks, then his eyes light up in understanding, “You mean Hamish?”

“Hamish?? His name is Hamish?”, Harry exclaims, then feeling ashamed for letting himself getting distracted so easily. “It doesn’t matter, what I want to know is who YOU are.”, he uses his intimidating voice, reserves only for getting information out of criminals.

“Bond. James Bond.”

It takes him a few moments to process the information, then it hits him like the fist that hit his face before. “Bloody hell! Double-oh-seven?”

“The one and only. And you are?”, the-man-who-claims-to-be-James-Bond asks, surprisingly calm.

“Agent Galahad, Kingsman.”

James Bond smirks, putting his gun away (and Harry has to say that he sort of wants to punch him to wipe that smugness off his face but that would not be productive). “Ah, Harry Hart! Hamish told me quite a few things about you.”

Many thoughts appear in Harry’s head at once. Is Merlin dating double-oh-seven? What the fuck? How did he steal the hearts of both Britain’s greatest agents? How can Harry beat the 007 himself for Merlin’s affection? Actually, is James Bond only interested in Merlin to get information out of him? No, Merlin is brilliant, a genius and absolutely loyal, he would never divulge any classified information from Kingsman to anyone. Is James Bond trying to recruit Merlin, stealing an invaluable asset away from Kingsman? The bloody MI-6 already have their Qs, how dare they want to take his Merlin?

Despite still looking amused at Harry’s dumb-struck face, Bond decides to take pity on him. “Oh, perish whatever horrid thought you are having, Mr. Hart. Hamish and I have been friends since our childhood. We meet once in a while to catch up on our lives.” After waiting a few seconds for Harry’s answer to no avail, Bond sighs and continues. “No, Mr. Hart, we are not dating.”

“Oh.” Harry says, a flush slowly creeps up onto his cheeks. He just recklessly picked a fight with a stranger, with James fucking Bond, no less, because his possessiveness for Merlin clouded his judgement. Harry Hart, Harry Hart, super spy, super spy.

A chuckle startles him out of his inner monologue. He looks up to see James Bond looking at him with both amusement and fondness in his eyes. “I can see why Hamish has such a big crush on you, Mr. Hart. One may say that it is not advisable for an agent to be lead by his feelings but I find your concern for Hamish admirable.“ 

Harry gets even redder after being admonished by the MI-6 agent. So much for being the contender of the "Best Agent in the UK” title. Then suddenly he remembers the first part of what 007 has just said.


“Yes, and the idiot thinks that there is no chance you might reciprocate his feelings so he has been venting to me for a couple of years. From what I see today, I think his heart is in good hands.” Bond says.

Just as Harry is trying to find something to say in light of this new information, a voice interrupts him.

“Hey James, I think we took each other’s phone by accident, let us swap them back? I don’t want to imagine the chaos this would cause if I didn’t realize it earlier.” Merlin walks toward them. As he nears, he is surprised to see Harry and ask, “Hello Harry, what are you doing here?”

Bond looks at Harry then turns to Merlin and grins. “Your beloved Galahad was trying to fight me to defend your honour, Hamish." 

Merlin looks utterly confused for a few seconds and then turns to Harry, visibly annoyed. "Harry, you were following me? And then you picked a fight with my friend?”

Harry gulps. It is never a good thing to be on the receiving end of Merlin’s wrath. He protest, “Merlin, I was not following you because I don’t trust you, I thought you were in danger…”

“He thought we were dating. Someone was jealous.” Bond says, still grinning. Now Harry really really wants to punch him. Not in front of Merlin though. 

“Oh my God… Harry, James is like my younger brother, that would be gross! Wait, jealous?” Merlin’s eyes go wide.

At this, Bond finally laughs out loud and exclaims “For two guys the Kingsman keeps bragging to us about for being brilliant, you two are absolutely dense!” He walks closer, putting a hand on one of their shoulders each. “Next time I have a problem, I expect you two to help me out. Call it returning the favour. Have fun.”, then he pulls the phone out of his pocket, gives it to Merlin while taking the other phone and walks away.

“Is he always so smug?”, Harry asks after a short period of awkward silence.

“Pot calling the kettle black.”, Merlin chuckles, averting his eyes.

Harry takes a deep breath and gathers his courage, then he uses a hand to gently touch Merlin’s face and turn his gaze back to look straight into Harry’s eyes. “So I guess my advances won’t be unwelcomed?”

“If you ask nicely”, Merlin says cheekily, trying to hide his nervousness.

“In that case, may I kiss you now? Please?”

“Very well, if you insist.”

Crying Wolf

A little ficlet, based on me wondering about how unsurprised Donald seemed when they arrived and Gladstone seemed fine.


As children, Donald’s the one that falls down the most, but he’s also the one who picks everyone else up.

When Della falls out of a tree or Fethry lifts unknown red berries to his bill, Donald’s the one running over there with an anxious quack and a shouted plea to not do that again. Not when it’s Gladstone, though. Gladstone is always and perpetually all right, not even Donald worries about him.

So, maybe Gladstone lies still a little too long when he falls off his bike. Maybe he waits just long enough for an anxious quack and small hands pulling him up before laughing it off. He’s fine, see? Just fine. He’s not doing it to upset Donald, after all.

He’s not introspective enough to wonder why he is doing it.

(Au might change when I get to writing it out)

Au were Carlos never left the isle, duke was thrown into the trash dumpster at the school by jocks as a cruel joke only for the dumpster to be taken to join the other trash and be transported to the isle were a 16 year old now lonely Carlos finds him hurt.

Carlos even though scared talks to dude and finds out his mom lied about dog and befriends dude, their friend ship grows.

Dude likes to wonder and his favourite place is the doc where he finds Harry, and then starts to get Carlos to go to the docs with him, so that dude can get the two lonely broken boys to be friends.

Harry on the other hand takes an interest and trys to concise Carlos to join Uma’s gang, and after weeks or asking Carlos does, months after joining Harry is just content watching Carlos and dude playing around by the docs and Gil is just watching Harry and thinking ‘just ask him out you numskull’

Imagine Harry having to tell you that Merlin died.

requested by: @knjyasu
warnings: mentions of death. angst, this upset me to write ngl.
does this gif break your heart? good. me too.

Harry’s hands couldn’t stop shaking. He tried to still them, especially when he took the cup of tea you gave him. He focused his thoughts into keeping his hands from shaking and this in turn kept him from crying again.

But when you sat in the armchair opposite him in your little flat, cup of tea in your hands and a gentle smile on your features, he nearly let go.

He didn’t know how to say it - he’d been trying to figure out the best way to tell you since he’d got off the plane but he still had no idea.

But the moment was dragging and you’d asked him twice what was wrong now. He knew he needed to say something. So he just said it.

Nothing seemed to happen. Nothing changed, no spilled tea, no tears. He looked up at you.

You were looking straight at him, brows pinched together. You seemed to be more lost in thought than grief. He found himself asking if you were okay.

“Is this one of your spy things?” you asked, “One of those trick things you do? You shouldn’t say stuff like this, Harry.”

What? Did he have to go through the pain of saying it again?

He said it again.

“No,” you frowned. Your voice took on a new quality. Angry, trembling. “This isn’t funny. Show him to me. I know you have those- those stupid magic glasses on.”
He blinked down at the tea in his hands, and wished Merlin were sat with you both, complaining that his own tea wasn’t hot enough.

His silence confirmed it, you knew it from the look on his face. He was gone.

Your lungs grew tired. You were breathing so loud that it was the only thing you could hear, your breathing and the fact you couldn’t hear Merlin’s. You never would again.

written by: archie

Sweet Welcome

Just a little something inspired by this prompt, with a hint of Halloween to it.

There was already someone in the livingroom when Bucky got home from work that night, and there really shouldn’t have been, because Steve was spending the night at Sam’s place. Which was why Bucky had been looking forward to just being alone, vegetating on the couch for a few hours before bed.

He loved Steve, and being roommates with his best friend wasn’t really a hardship, but Bucky was an introvert to the core. And lately, he had been a very, very tired introvert. He needed his alone-time, and he was planning to make the most of it when he kicked his shoes of, shuffled through the hallway, and flipped the lights on in the livingroom. To find that he wasn’t alone in the apartment. Someone was already there.

Someone who was perched on the back of the couch in a gravity-defying crouch, and it looked like he had been toying with what Bucky realized was the remote to the TV, holding it in long, bony fingers.

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blank stares

Shadows settle on your silence
Covered up until I see nothing
I don’t think it’s strange I’ve forgotten this feeling
But I think it’s strange you elude the morning
And in a matter of moments I remember
That pale light dancing on your face
We turn the pages to suit our state of minds
I turn around to see you’re not there
And I don’t think it’s strange I’ve forgotten this feeling
But I think it’s strange you elude my grasp
Falling down, I reach out for something
Realizing that nothing is there


God is so good! He has dealt and fixed the only problem that we have: our sin. Christ was crucified and took upon our punishment upon the cross so that we won’t have to.

I don’t think we realize what it means when Christ took upon our punishment–the separation; His becoming of sin; the magnitude of the Father’s wrath upon Him. What hell did He go through? What darkness did He taste? There’s so much horror to it, that the Son of God was cursed so that He cried out, “Father, why have You forsaken me?”

Compared to our sinful state, which we deserve total wrath and condemnation for but that God has so graciously and mercifully taken care of–we really have no problem.

We are no longer condemned slaves but we are free and we are loved and clothed in Christ’s purity. Instead of God seeing our sin, He sees the righteousness of Christ–not because of anything of us but because of His grace and goodness. 

That we rightfully deserved God’s judgment because of our sin and rebellion against Him, the only true Holy King, and yet He became the One rejected so that we would be accepted. Not because of anything that we are but because of His mercy. 

The Gospel causes my heart to feel the most intense wonder; it’s like the deepest feeling of relief unlike any other. It makes me tremble–with gratefulness and awe for the King who loved me and gave Himself for me.

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Someone at my uni posted pro-vegan stickers in my bio building’s toilet stalls, so you’re forced to view them while you pee. The stickers seem to be from PETA, or at least look very propaganda-y. We now have a slew of graffiti over the stickers saying things like “there’s no scientific evidence supporting this!” One person wrote a list of article titles supporting omnivory. It’s been a fun discourse to check in on, and made me think of you.

vegan propaganda where it belongs, in the toilet 

Lili and the King of Sei -- fic idea

It’s probably going to be a while till I actually write this, but since the people I shared it with seemed to like it, I thought I’d post it here. 

One of the ways that the Sei arc disappointed me was that we never got to learn anything about Kazagumo, the young king who was supposedly being controlled by his uncles (technically, we don’t even know he’s young). So I was thinking, ok, how have his uncles been known to control people? With nadai. When all three of them come to the palace to submit to Kouka, Suwon recognizes the signs, but doesn’t want to destabilize the situation by interfering with Sei’s internal affairs. So instead he just says that Kazagumo will stay at the palace as a hostage. His uncles are like “oh crap, but on the other hand, he’ll be out of our hands, and if his personal servants stay with him, nothing will change in the long run.” Suwon disposes of the servants immediately of course, and brings in a doctor from the water tribe who can help him recover. It’s kept very quiet–he’s given some freedom to move about the palace but kept under watch and out of sight of others, because of course it can’t go public that the king of Sei is recovering from nadai. What Suwon is hoping to get out of this is better relations with Sei in the end: he recognizes that if Kushibi needed to go this far to control his nephew, then the king most likely has a strong will of his own that goes against what Kushibi wanted. And when he’s mostly recovered, that’s when Lili comes to the palace. She first just catches sight of him in the library, but she’s worked in the clinics in the water tribe and recognizes that he’s recovering from nadai. Why is there someone like this in the palace? It is A Mystery She Must Solve. When they actually meet, she has no idea he’s the king of Sei, and he doesn’t realize she’s the girl whose kidnapping brought down his country.
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Taakitz. AU. Part 1 of 6.


Someone in Neverwinter is stealing souls from the astral plane. The Raven Queen’s favourite reaper is undercover and on the case.

Relearning how to be human is entirely incidental.

it’s here! the first chapter of the spooky, undertaker!kravitz victorian-AU is up and ready to go on Ao3.