is it whomever

concept: you realize you are free to be whomever you want, and you strive to become that person every day. you know you may not be there yet, but you’re always closer than you were the day before. on this journey you realize that you have profound respect for this person who is working so hard to chase their dreams, not just for the dream they’re chasing.

To whomever loves her second:
Know that she despises wet socks and hard goodbyes
Make sure she’s taking breaks from studying and overworking herself because she’ll forget to remember
When you think you’ve told her enough that you love her, tell her twice more and then once again for good measure
She does this thing where she thinks she’s innately hilarious so be damn sure to laugh like she is even if you don’t mean it. The look in her eyes is well worth it.
Sometimes she’ll cry for no reason and sometimes it’ll be for every reason at once, learn to tell the difference
She loves her family more than you’ll ever be able to comprehend, and when they grow to love you, you’ll only begin to understand why
You’ll think about her laugh a lot and realize it’s because it’s a sound that epitomizes childhood, which is why you feel giddy with content at being enveloped in it
Remember to text her good-morning, like I never did. It doesn’t matter if she’s always up before you.
Choose to love her now and you always will
Lastly, thank you for picking up where I left off
Although I could tell you more than you could ever care to read, there are some things I want to keep for myself
I mean you get to have her after all and I’ll never admit it again after this but,
I’m afraid we’ll love her for all of the same reasons
I’m petrified you’ll find more than I was ever able
—  I may have loved her first but you’re lucky to love her now@kotarie

here’s who needs to die: people who enjoy thinking about who they need to kill to get what they want. because it’s never a conversation about how we can revolt for the benefit of all, minimizing violent death to those who would refuse to relent, whomever they may be. it’s always a conversation about how many we can justify killing and specifically who we can kill. that’s how it always turns out. and so i’m aware that the drive behind such conversations is about finding ways to justify killing rather than finding ways to minimize killing. and i’m not into that. i don’t trust people who are. and i never will. nor do i want to.


Elain/Azriel/Lucien- Fluff, hurt, comfort, all that GOOD shit.

Ft. Crying!Lucien, Dark!Azriel(somewhat. Also very fluffy and loving Azriel.)

Don’t know the word count but I know the beginning sucks because it was 6am when I began this. (I literally fell asleep writing.) This is set three hundred and something years after ACOWAR, and is basically filled with Lucien’s, Azriel’s, and Elain’s angst and healing. Mainly Lucien’s tho because I needed that today.

I didn’t have a beta reader guys, I’m sorry.

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Jefferson coming home one day and finds you and Grace playing with a puppy. Grace found her while playing at the park and begged you to let her bring the pup home. Of course you couldnt say no, Grace's puppy dog eyes paired with the real puppy made you putty in her hands. You made up little dog beds in both yours and Grace's rooms so the puppy can sleep with whomever she wants. Jefferson just shakes his head with a smile, "Looks like I have three beautiful girls in my life now."

oh my god yes, we don’t have enough Jefferson!

Fluffy Friday™

marching band!au shownu as the drum major with a tuba principle and !!! he takes his job so seriously and he’s really good at separating emotion from the podium and being stoic and serious but he’s also really soft-spoken and gentle and patient ,,,,, but when he notices that the band isn’t keeping up their intensity ,,,,, he gets really firm and short with people and very threatening ,,,,, but he’ll also run laps with whomever he gives them to which just adds to his credibility of being an amazing leader

marching band!au wonho who’s the best flutist the band has ?? ever ?? had and eVERY MEMBER of the band ,,, male and female ,,,, has a crush on wonho because he’s just so attractive and charismatic and charming and he works so hard and he’s such an exemplary member of the band ,,,, but while rookies and leaders alike ogle wonho the rest of his section is just like “yuck” because they’ve seen him at his lowest points and there’s no going back once you start seeing somebody as your older brother

marching band!au minhyuk who rightfully belongs to the trombone section because he cAN NEVER STAY QUIET and he’s honestly such a mood-maker for the band but he often gets himself in trouble for being so talkative and even after he’s run twenty laps even though practice only started an hour ago ,,,,, he still has high spirits and even though the directors are always grumbling about minhyuk and yelling at him ,,,,,,,, he keeps the energy up in his section which spreads throughout the rest of the band and it makes the long and difficult practices in the hot sun just a little bit easier

marching band!au hyungwon as ,,,,,, a clarinet player ,,,,,, he honestly hATES marching band and only joined it because all of his other friends did but it’s been like five years and it’s too late for him to get back that time that he “wasted” in the program so he’s just ,,,,,, Stuck and he’s honestly really intimidating to most of the younger players and really unapproachable so for the first few days of band camp ,,,,,, all of his section kind of avoid him ,,,,, but then they have their first sectional and they all realize !! he’s a precious flower but a precious flower with really good self-discipline ,,,, he has high expectations for his clarinet section and expects only the best from all of them considering they’re lucky enough to have him

marching band!au kihyun who’s assistant drum major even though he definitely didn’t even want it in the first place ,,,,,, he’s just glad that it doesn’t keep him from drumming because he’s been a snare on the drum line for three years now and he wouldn’t trade that spot for anything in the world ,,,, he tends to get frustrated often ,,,, he wears his earplugs around all of the time because he just honestly forgets to take them out and he’s definitely one of the most self-disciplined members of the band but he doesn’t mind watching the percussion rookies fall on their asses because there’s a different kind of attitude in drum line ,,,, and if you fall ,,,, you gotta just get back up because it won’t be your last time falling

marching band!au jooheon who cAnNoT BeLiEvE how many trumpet rookies there are this year ??? where did they all come from ???? and the whole section affectionately calls him dad but his face pales whenever he sees one of his kiddos dropping out of the line to sit out for a minute during practice or crying for this, that or the other reason ,,,,, he’s just so worrisome about his children and whether or not they’ve been taking care of themselves and hydrating like they should be and he’s such a softy he NEVER wants to give them laps ,,,,,, and with a painful glint in his eyes he has to go around and check drill cards and assigns laps to whomever doesn’t have theirs and he just feels so bAD about it but it’s discipline jooheon!!! it’s necessary!!!

marching band!au changkyun who intimidates the mess out of every single member of the band as a french horn player ,,,,, his own section can’t even recall what his voice sounds like because he hardly ever talks and he’s stoic and stands at attention and marches steadfastly and even though he’s definitely a little ,,,, hardcore and scary ,,,,,, he’s also a model member of the band and exemplary marcher and all of the cute little first-years with their wide eyes and slightly-open mouths watch as changkyun marches forwards and backwards ,,,, crab-steps ,,, slides left and right and pops his horn PERFECTLY and yes ,,,, the french horn section is the smallest section in the entire band but they’re also the best just because they have a great leader to look up to

Something I love about kino is how he truly listens to the members when they are talking. He looks at whomever is talking like they are the only person in the universe and smiles and his eyes sparkle and you can see the love he has for everyone around him. This boy is literally an angel.

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Do you have advice to not feel like shit when you're 16 and have never kissed a girl? People seem to be giving me shit for it and won't stop talking abt their relationships and I feel really awful

Hey anon, your situation is really familiar and completely sucks. A lot of lgbt youth don’t have their first kiss/date/or partner until they are well out of their teens so please remember that you not having kissed anyone yet is not a bad thing, it’s a normal thing! While it may seem like everyone’s going on and on about their perfect relationships and how mature they are because they can make out with whomever they choose, remember that these are high schooler’s that you are talking to and frankly,high-schooler’s lie and dramatize so much. I’m 16 and the majority of my friends have never had their first kiss and aren’t in a relationship. Honestly I would rather be able to look back at my first kiss and smile because I waited for the right person, then hate the memory because I locked lips with the first person who offered.

What Just Happened?!?: Whiskey Lullaby (S2E06)

I love this show. I don’t love often and I don’t love easily. So, do not take it lightly when I say, “I love Wynonna Earp.”

New & New-ish Character(s)

Poppy, Daughter of Hypnos (@kianamadeira): Caretaker of the dormant Hypnos until kidnapped by Tucker to become his pseudo-Waverly.

The Widows, previously known as the Women/Ladies In Black: The face stealing bitches strutting around Purgatory in their black Victorian mourning garb. Likes munching on whomever they just murdered, breaking seals that presumably help protect the Ghost River Triangle, and freezing people with their breath. At least now, they hate that little Tucker as much as the next Haught officer.

Agent Moody, AKA “Hey! It’s Art from Orphan Black!” (@KevinHanchard): The previous head honcho of BBD, Ghost River Triangle branch. He kindly informs the D&D Duo they are cut off from BBD before giving them a folder with info on The Widows.

Monster(s) of the Week

Hypnos, the Sandman: Chilling dormant in the Clockmaker Mansion until Tucker forcibly wakes him up; he was blackmailed into putting the entire town to sleep by the Widows. 

Final Thoughts (No Spoilers)

Holy emotions! This episode felt like the turning point of this season. It had a different tone compared to the rest of the first half. This was the first solo script from Caitlin D. Fryer (@cdemrys) who spent the first season as script coordinator, helping to write an episode and entered season two as story editor. The pacing was definitely slowed down, which worked well because it gave the characters time to catch up with the fuckery that went on in the past 7-or-so weeks after Willa’s death. 

Alternative title for this episode: In Which Emotions Are Felt. Not only is Wynonna dealing with the big plus sign and baby sister is not letting her avoid the topic, this season’s villains are also on the move. The Widows are hunting down seals and breaking seals and scheming. They are definitely scheming. Plus, Tucker is being Tucker. To make the situation even worse, there is no more BBD to back-up them up. No more resources. No more “I am the police…kinda”. No more income. No more healthcare? Well, they’re in Canada so they’re good. Thank Universal Healthcare. *ahem*

Anyways, Whiskey Lullaby was an emotional whirlwind of an episode with the Earp Sisters at the heart of it. They may each have their own relationship thingamajig going on, but that doesn’t interfere with their dynamic and their growing relationship with each other. 

Keep on reading for some spoiler-filled rants, theories, and general nonsense. No really, this one is long because I overanalyzed the crap out of this episode!

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BtVS S11 #9 - The Great Escape

Bloody hell, literally. I loved it!

I was already spoiled about the main points of this issue, but anyway it was exciting to read it – even though I’m not a fan of fights that stretch into many panels, Buffy, Willow and Faith kicking ass was bloody awesome in this issue (what’s up with Faith biting? LOL). I even liked Jeanty’s work…

Buffy & Willow get their powers back and Faith immediately gives the Scythe back to Buffy; it’s great that she admits she feels “not normal” without powers.

Jordan doesn’t have from me any sympathy anymore – I was willing to give her a break, but the way she and her team relish fighting Buffy, Willow and Faith just shows that they really are committed to the cause - the Big Bad’s cause, whomever he/she may be.

Willow, now at her full power again, destroys the magic field that had been keeping the supernatural trapped in the camp, and a great escape ensues, given them the opportunity to also leave, not before Buffy and Spike welcome each other with a passionate kiss!

Buffy, Spike, Willow and Faith reunite with Dawn and Xander at a motel in Santa Fe, and watch on TV the upsetting news: the vamps who have just escaped from the camp massacred an entire population of a small town; among them, Vicky the Vampire. Later, in Austin (at the Congress Bridge), Vicky is confronted and denies that she and her band of new vamps did the killing - and Buffy believes her; it’s all a set up by the Government.

It seems that from the attack by the dragon in SF to the death of these 2,000 people all are part of a well coordinate plan, with each step carefully envisioned. The Government intention has never been protect the “normal” population or investigate who sent the dragon; what they have always wanted is eliminate the supernatural beings (although I still think that the dragon may have been manipulated against his will to do the attack…).

So, the Big bad would have to be someone who has power in the office, which would make the President or the angry Vice we saw in the first issue the obvious choices – too obvious for my taste. So, I have a new theory: maybe the higher authorities are been played by some other power all along; they are reacting exactly how he/she wants or expects them to. One of those “best experts on the supernatural” that they have put to work after the Dragon attack may be the culprit. And since the big machine that is being built to wipe out all supernatural beings is at a place called the Pandora Project (in Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods), maybe the Big Bad is a woman - another powerful witch, maybe? She certainly would have a way to make herself immune to the process.

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See this is my mentality, if I’m gonna be single I’m gonna act single. I’m gonna get how many kisses I want from whomever whenever I want. I’m gonna have sex if I want to, when I want to, with whoever I want to. I’m gonna do whatever the hell I want bc I know I’m not hurting anyone in the process. But if I KNOW I’m talking to someone and I’m seeing where things go with them then it all stops. I’m not the kind of person to want to pursue something with someone and talk to 100 others. When I have my eye on someone, everyone around me vanishes. And then if it becomes a relationship then every guy I’ve talked to or that wants to hang out (that are not actual friends) I don’t really pay attention to bc my attention is 100% devoted to that special someone. I don’t believe in cheating and never will. Idk it’s just funny to me when people label us girls as “hoes” because we like to have our fun but it’s like weird bc I’m single so like are you mad I’m getting laid and you’re not? Because like…. idk homie check yourself.

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They are telling her that she should look into the birth certificate forgery and telling her she's a conspiracy theorist?? Like?? For what?? Because for once she's not shitting all over larries ? And she did say that people go too far on social media. It's not like she didn't acknowledge that. It's so bizarre.

LOL. Seriously? Good lord. The lack of common sense and the inability to comprehend the written word is astounding. That article they’re complaining about was terrific and not because she interviewed “larries”, but because it highlighted everything about Louis that this fandom is proud about. That antis (or whomever these kvetchers are) would do something like this just goes to show that the only thing they care about is making sure they disprove “Larry”. 

Meanwhile, we’re all over here supporting Louis and his music. Whether or not Harry and Louis are in a romantic relationship literally has NOTHING to do with it. 

if anyone is new to BTS here is a really informative video! everything is super accurate and by the end, you’ll know all there is to know about BTS! (creds to bangtan edits)

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Howell Davies also tweeted '#engagement', which has made a bit of an uproar. I'd like to state that Zayn and Perrie were engaged, that Zayn had a tattoo of Perrie's face (cartoonish), and well.. look where that is? Zayn' tattoo is covered, he's with someone else and so is Perrie. A measly E, with thin (light) lines, will be nothing to cover up or remove or /hell/ change the meaning behind it. You publish what sells. Let's hope to God that they stop with this horrid turn of promo.

Yeah, I saw that. What a bunch of absolute wankers. I keep imagining the conversation between Louis and whomever where it was suggested/demanded that he get an “E” tattoo. I mean? What the actual fuck? It makes me ill.

But yes, I absolutely agree with you. He can say on camera that they’re engaged. He can deny “Larry”. We can have bullshit 3.0. But none of it will convince me that he’s not been backed into a corner and made to do and say all of that. And all of it can end at any minute so I’m still here. I’m still supporting him. And nothing Dan/Simon/Simon etc. can do is going to change that.