is it weird to be attracted to anime

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• I love Ezras princess necklace….way too much. That’s another story.

• He’s super fucking weird. I hope he never changes. (like seriously please stay fucking weird. I will unstan a simple bitch. 😩 If I want gluten free wonder bread I would have stanned Benadryl cucumberwatch whatever the fuck. )

• 8/10 Puns

• Likes anime? Subs or dubs tho? Manga??? So many questions.

• Plays drums and piano because all I’m ever heavily attracted to is musicians ( I want someone to write a song about me one day 😩)

• Activist? Whatever, Atleast he uses his platform and stays in his lane most of the time. (and I’m sure he’s learned from his mistakes)

• What he stands for. I truly love how the band sings about Black Lives at the end of their sets.

• He’s super sweet to fans. Very Wholesome person in general. Bring him rocks and beef jerky.

• Good taste in music assuming he likes Metal ( if not still applies)

• Dresses however the FUCK he wants and thats dope I also hope that never changes

• I may roast him about his hygeine but honestly he is fine idc about his teeth because teeth yellow lol ???? His hair is soft looking…body hair is AMAZING and facial (looks better with messy stuble anyways idc) side note: chapstick is important keeping your skin and lips hydrated keeps you from aging poorly drink plenty water yall this applies to everyone ok

• Cant dance. This was on the list last time. I still dig his gumby built ass wiggling around and shit.

• Really smart. i feel like you could ask him about something and he could have the answer or a really weird metaphor or theory.

• Seems like a really really good friend.

• Can speak whale.

• Shoutout to the beauty mark on his nose.
the main difference between male and female

Aries: a female aries is lovely and charming, she has a spark to her that makes her determined to accomplish what she sets her mind to. She’s extremely erotic and open about her sexuality.

a male aries is very serious at first glance, almost shy but once they feel comfortable around you they get all weird with their drugs and anime fetiches

Taurus: a female taurus is down to earth, she appears to be quiet and softspoken but omg this girl has the craziest things going through her brain, and she will always to be hungry, is not always expressive about emotions but she gives the best gifts and hugs.

A male taurus is always really fucking strange, he’s super quirky, a gamer, addicted to game of thrones and always uses cartoon references. Funny sense of humour (borderline offensive) says love isn’t his thing, is the first one to fall.

Gemini: a gemini male almost always seems to be super attractive, either bc he’s the cute nerdy type, or the popular hot guy. really smart, likes to laugh a lot. Can be a real douche 

a female gemini is adorable and always in the mood to goof around, so freaking versatile, if she feels betrayed will spill out all ur secrets and call u out on everything bitch watch out

Cancer: cancer boys are huge babies, they are party guys, it’s all about fun and games until someone mentions ‘’love’’ and they will sit u down and ramble about what their perfect girl would be like. is always waiting on the ‘’one’’, has high af expectations but likes the simplest and most boring girls.

cancer girls are moms, they always hug you, but omg these women are so jealous with their friends, it’s like you can’t even co-exist in a room with their bestie bc they will give u the stinky eye, i can’t

Leo: leo girls are the funniest ever, end of story. they’re divas and vulgar ass men at the same time. Fashion on fleek, always looks high but it’s just their face. belongs in the 70′s.

male leos are friends with everyone, most popular guy ever, nice, likes to act all mean but it’s all playful. has a hard time settling down, deep down always wants more in a girl

Virgo: virgo women are fierce, they are softies on the inside although they always look anxious  on the outside, stressed 24/7, loves sex so much low-key addicted to it, organized but a big ass mess

virgo guys are intelectual but stubborn mofos, say a lot of dad jokes, god complex, act like they don’t know shit about trends but really loves buying clothes and dressing nice.

Libra: libra boys are guys who look like angels, so friendly and innocent, BUT BAM BITCH they hit you with their sass, they are flirty af but SO FUCKING OPINIONATED, will flat out say ‘’i don’t like girls who ____’’, expects for you to chase after them, they are actually explosive and get moody easily, really dirty jokes

libra girls are airheads, so nice and giggle all the damn time (it’s cute srry if i sound mad), they always laugh at what ur saying even if it’s dumb and not funny at all. always has a young face, most likely not very open about sexuality, modest, easily corrupted, ——–if u have a scorpio moon u are the devil regina george— :)

Scorpio: scorpio guys are psycho, 60% are sociopaths i swear, they never laugh but when they do it’s loud and crazy and no one knows why the fuck. always walk like they’re in a hurry, STARES, is a child 4ever

scorpio women are extreme, she will not shut up for hours and the next day will not speak at all. is sexual but probably a virgin, knows everyones secrets, jealous with friends, jealous with stranger guys, jealous with mom, jealous with pet, jealous with self. stalks crush and writes poems about him but will never admit it

Sagittarius: sag guys are soooooo cheesy romantic, i swear they’re the fourth water sign, literally so many emotions, likes art, falls in love so easily it’s ridiculous, IS ALWAYS FRIENDZONED OMg hilarious but with partner, lasts 4ever

Sag girls are the ones who friendzone, will forget ur name in a second, flakey, says she’s down to go out with friends and guess what, bish fell asleep.loves to gossip with u, will always wanna hook u up with her friends or find out details about ur crush. does the dirty work for everyone

Capricorn:  cap girls are outspoken, bitchy but if she likes you she will defend u till death (she’s still gonna be a bitch to u but a softer one), confident AF, always looks ready to go to a club, boys everywhere like girl where’d u get these bruhs from. everywhere you go, guys will flock them, will make u feel like a potato bc she’s so perfect. has a hard time making decisions and letting go

cap male is competitive, ambitious, smells gooooood, style on fleek, the funniest guy ever, dark humour, smart with money, is probably gonna be a CEO, mommy’s boy, loves whiskey idk, eats SO MUCH like more than anyone, is a puppy on the inside, fuckboy but diehard romantic deep down.

Aquarius: aquarius guys always look cool, bad boy, they look like they dont care (spoiler alert: they don’t) has like 219 ex girlfriends and another hundred friends with benefits, smart ass, feels superior to everyone, thinks he’s so deep, he probably is but can never show it so no one believes him.

 aqua girls are always popular, the quirky one, the one who likes things ‘’no one else likes’’, a huge hipster, simple but attractive, has so many guys who wanna be with her and she acts like she doesn’t even notice. has so many guy friends (theyallwannabangher but ok) probably artsy, has good taste in music

Pisces: pisces men walk so fucking fast, probably because of their fucking long ass legs, has a serious face almost like he’s analizing the situation but in reality they’re thinking about memes (has amazing memes), never follows his heart, has strong feelings but rarely ever acts on them. is in love with someone they dont know, always has that little shine in their eyes

pisces girls are always the cute girl, the baby, the good one. deep down these girls will say dirty shit and has that evil side that always wants to come out and play, easily makes friends, is a disney princess and loves warm things. 

Yugioh Dark Side of Dimensions


- I wore my Yugioh Abridged t-shirt (that says “I challenge you to a children’s card game”) and I have 0 regrets

- Seto Kaiba has a freaking space tower

- Kaiba painstakingly made a digital version of Atem this is canon

- Kaiba sassing that the hair was the hardest part to render.

- Saying that girls are attracted to Bakura because of the accent

- Joey’s dream where he confusedly says the blimp is not his pillow, and then Kaiba shows up and “You’re not my pillow either!”

- Kaiba and Yugi don’t even bat an eye at weird mystical shit happening to them anymore they just roll with it

- Kaiba’s deadpan ”Wow. You must really hate dragons.” In fact Kaiba’s sass in general.

- Also Kaiba proving once again that he is anime Tony Stark because Tony would also stage a fake plane crash just to show off some tech.

- Yugi is a precious empathetic baby and I love him.

- Mokuba being super casual about the fact that his brother is dramatically holding up traffic just to talk to his not-friend.

- Yugi getting to be a badass on his own

- The emotion in Kaiba’s voice when Yugi willingly finishes the puzzle for him.

- Yugi understanding that overdramatic tournaments and duels are just Kaiba’s way of coping with his emotions.

- And in the end, Kaiba is the one to hint that he and Yugi should team up to take down the final boss and Kaiba is the one to sacrifice himself because he had faith in Yugi and the Pharaoh. 

- Did I mention that cynical jerkass allergic-to-friendship Kaiba was the one who had faith in Atem when the others didn’t?

- “You have your bond with him, and I have mine.”

- We thought this was a movie about Kaiba being a crazy obsessive jerkass but it turned out to be the movie where Seto Kaiba finally learned how to friendship.

- Atem not even being phased when Kaiba walks into his palace in another dimension like he freakin knew Kaiba would find a way to get to him

- In conclusion: Seto Kaiba still top anime bae. Prideshipping everywhere. I cannot wait to get this on dvd and watch it 50 more times. A++ would fangirl again.

one of the most harmful ideas that tumblr has perpetrated and which continues to masquerade as a ‘political issue’ today is the idea that ‘if you’re aroused by something, that thing is okay’. which clearly started as a movement for gay / bi people to affirm the normality of their attraction, but now it’s been hijacked so people can cry and whine about being valid when you tell them it’s weird to jack off to 9 year old anime girls

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I LOVE that you talk about Phil as his own person and that you bring attention to 'philphobia'! I see in your posts so many of my own thoughts that I've been too afraid/uncomfortable to address, and it makes me happy(? more like satisfied?) that someone is saying it so publicly. It's a disheartening reality some parts of the phandom and it's important to mention it, so thank you <3

I admire Phil so much, and for so many reasons. These are just a few:

  1. He seems like such a genuinely nice, warm, caring, thoughtful person.
  2. He seems so generous, such as when he invited Dan onstage at the BONCAs to share his accolades.
  3. He never brags about his accomplishments, even if maybe sometimes he should! He’s accomplished a lot worth bragging about!
  4. He seems like a really good friend, not only to Dan but to loads of other people, most of which we never see except in occasional little glimpses like his recent collab with Shawna. This is one of the reasons I wish he did more collabs with other YouTubers, because a lot of them seem very fond of him, but we don’t get to see it much.
  5. He seems to really try to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes in life that’s hard, like when he got sick on tour, but he seems to always really try to find a way to still be happy and to make others happy, too. He still went out on that stage every night and did his best to make that once-in-a-lifetime experience something every audience member would always remember with joy.
  6. His love for animals is adorable, but also ethically meaningful. I love that he said in his last live show that while on the tour in Florida he was really worried that they were invading the personal space of the baby alligators. Phil really thinks and cares about the well-being of other creatures, both humans and non-humans. He shows so much respect for the natural world, people and animals and plants and all!
  7. He seems like a very ambitiously creative thinker who believes he can make things happen, and that’s clearly been the case since childhood, since we’ve seen clips of the movie he made when he was a kid. Most kids wouldn’t have had the drive and perseverence to create such a large project, but kid!Phil did. Just imagine what he still has ahead of him!
  8. He seems to laugh a lot, and to quite easily laugh at himself. It requires a real belief in yourself, a sense of security and respect for yourself, to be able to laugh so easily when you realize you’ve done something stupid. I’ve always admired that about him, that he doesn’t edit out the moments when he’s filming and says something dumb … instead, he usually emphasizes it in his videos, knowing that millions of people will see it! That’s a sign of incredible comfort with himself, a level of comfort most people never achieve.
  9. He’s incredibly beautiful from a purely visually aesthetic standpoint, but doesn’t seem to think about that much. It’s rare that we see a photo of him—like the ladybug selfie—where he seems to be emphasizing his own physical beauty. I worry sometimes that this comes from a lack of recognition of his own physical attractiveness, but then pics like the ladybug selfie make me doubt that it’s ignorance, because nobody could look at that photo without thinking, “That is an incredibly beautiful man” … not even Phil, I hope.
  10. He doesn’t let society’s expectations limit him, and it seems like he never really has. He’s always seemed open and accepting (and even proud) of the ways in which he is unique, different, and even “weird.” He doesn’t let anyone’s expectations of what a 30-year-old man “should” be like determine his behavior or his attitudes. He watches anime and steals cereal and dresses up in silly wigs and giggles and doesn’t let anybody tell him that he needs to “grow up.” There are a million different ways to be a “grown-up,” and I love that Phil defines it for himself instead of letting anyone else define it for him.

Phil is not half of Dan-and-Phil.  He is his own person, and I love that person for all the things that make him who he is, even the things he doesn’t let us see, because he has a right to privacy. Whatever parts of himself he chooses not to share, those parts of him still contribute to the whole Phil, and that person is someone I admire and respect.

My opinion on the cusps

Aries/Taurus: you have a temper but you dont really want to hurt anyone. ‘Yah hes my bro and ill be chill but whAT THE FUCK bro’

Taurus/Gemini: you are the embarrassing dad who throws barbecues and tells lame dad jokes that people laugh at ironically to the point they arent even being ironic

Gemini/Cancer: you are sickeningly cute but everyone still hates you because you are a vicious demon cinnamon roll with a twisted sense of humor

Cancer/Leo: nobody wants to upset you because you are likely to make a scene but you make a lot of friends because you are a hot emotional lion and you know how to have a good time and you care about everyone

Leo/Virgo: you are a self centered bitch and sassmaster queen and you absolutely know it. You have every right to be because you’re fucking beautiful but you’re still a little insecure. You may turn the weak people away because youre hella passionate and arent afraid to speak your mind. You are defo my problematic fave

Virgo/Libra: life is difficult and you may get stressed a lot but you always make the right decisions. You are smarter than your own good and people always turn to you for answers

Libra/Scorpio: you would literally make the best investigator or spy. You may have thought about getting a career in crime scene investigation because you want justice and can sneak hella. Youre probably a superhero by night

Scorpio/Sagittarius: youre that tall, athletic guy who falls deeply in love. You come off as tough and idfwuesque but underneath your shell your a hopeless romantic who wants to go on trips around the world to show off your love

Sagittarius/Capricorn: you may come off as slightly intimidating and you are hella responsible. You’re the father that the son looks up to as his biggest role model. You’ll be rich one day and women will fall for you but you will be settled down in your own home protecting your family

Capricorn/Aquarius: tbh you are the most evil cusp. You have too much power and can think of things that will end the earth but you know when to kill your passion and become indifferent. You are probably obsessed with the occult and your entire closet consists of black clothing. You went through an emo phase in 7th grade dont deny it

Aquarius/Pisces: hella spiritual and very creative. You are the weird aunt who does yoga, drinks tea, and has an herb garden. You may even be a witch. You probably have wanderlust and you love the moon and trees

Pisces/Aries: you seem hella cute but you know you are literally satan. You attract a lot of friends who enjoy living in constant fear of you randomly snapping and reenacting a murder scene from your favorite anime. kaWAII DESUUU MOTHERFUCKERS

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Alright, who’s ready for an effortpost?

So, latest LWA episode.  Very cute.  Lots of little nods like the boot-hat the Headmistress was showing off being her father’s missing boot, etc.  But what’s bothering me is that people are dismissing this as a pointless filler episode when, in reality, it pretty much spelled out the core message of the series.

Little Witch Academia is, at its core, Trigger’s defense of their own art.  A lot of people complain how absurd it is that magic in this setting is both looked at with such disdain and seems so arbitrarily confined -for example, requiring batteries or not being able to use magic off school grounds- but its worth remembering that magic is analogous to 2d animation.

Let’s look at the way outsiders view magic– as a pointless diversion, something kids are enamored with, something showy and with no real substance.  Look at the way people, even outside the elitism of Luna Nova, shrug off Akko’s idolization of Chariot.  Think about how Fafnir, who is pretty blatantly a financial sector bigwig, no longer sees magic as something economically feasible, and has instead turned his attention to pursuits like the stock market or trying to be a loan shark.

There’s also a lot to be said about how stagnant and conservative the world of magic (animation) is, and how Akko ultimately is playing the role of an enthusiastic reformer.  It should be pretty overt that the elitist and xenophobic magical community is based in the West, with almost every named character being white, whereas Akko is an enthusiastic Japanese kid, with no family legacy in the art form discipline.

Hell, we can even see Trigger validating their own habit of going off-model, in contrast to the static and rigid styles that other studios tend to lean towards.  Consider Luna Nova’s attempt to woo the Earl of Hambridge, showing him that magic was still a worthwhile endeavor to bankroll, and how absurd and silly their ‘traditional’ display looked to an outsider, whether it was the Earl or the audience.

Hell, try showing your parents some contemporary anime.

I arbitrarily picked this one off the first page of /a/.  Look at the blush, the tiny mouth, the speck nose, the shading and use of color.  Try to explain to someone outside the subculture that’s evolved around anime and manga why every show that’s produced has a similar artistic style.  If you can come up with a persuasive argument beyond ‘that’s the way things are done in the artistic community’, let me know.

Compare and contrast to the frequently off-model nature of LWA, or of another great show from the past year, Mob Psycho 100.  A good analysis of MP100′s use of off-model animation can be found here.

But consider the contrast between the ‘traditional’ show of magic, of 2d animation, to an outside force, to prove that its worthwhile, and Trigger’s showing, or Akko’s display to Andrew.

Its spirited,

Untraditional, it has an almost Disney vibe to it.

Similarly, Akko and her idol, Shiny Chariot take a similar approach to magic.  Showy, enthusiastic, bright, and colorful.  You could argue that Chariot’s magic performance, either the one shown in the initial OVA or in the first episode of the TV series, has little actual substance, much in the same way that LWA as a series doesn’t have much of an overarching plot so far, but to do so really misses the point.

There’s a lot of negativity stewing around Andrew as a character, and its not all completely unfounded.  In a lot of ways, he feels out of place.  He’s the only young, attractive male character in a predominately female series, he serves as a weird sort of ship bait, he seems cool and collected and smug, and Luna Nova’s witches trip over themselves trying to appease him.

Worth keeping in mind that Little Witch Academia started as an entry into Anime Mirai 2013, where animation studios were competing for talent and grants from major financial government institutions.  The symbolism is pretty overt.

But returning to episode 9, there’s the question of why this is important.  Why is the shaggy dog story of the Headmistress and her inane pseudo-pirate father so important?  The dominant question is, in a world of technological advancement, where animation is falling by the wayside and being replaced by things like, say, CGI, why does it still matter?  What still makes magic, what still makes animation, worth studying?

Akko’s answer has always been ‘inspiration’.  We can see this both in Diana and Akko’s character– they’re inspired by Shiny Chariot.  They want to go into magic because they’re so wowed.  But that’s a very slim answer.  If the only reason animation is worthwhile is because other people might get interested in animation, that’s a pretty circular argument.

So, episode 9 introduces us to another rationale why animation is worth studying– it brings the dead back to life and gives us a chance to right wrongs, to explain mistakes, and find peace.  Or, more accurately, like other forms of art, it grants us the chance to renegotiate and reanalyze the things of the past we never got closure with.  Consider James Merrill’s poem, Lost in Translation, where as a child he literally tries piecing together the puzzle of what’s going on around him, to be caught with a missing piece that he spends the rest of his life trying to find again, returning to that puzzle, to that memory, and trying to fit the pieces back together.

More pertinently, consider another Japanese animated film, Cat Soup.  The creator of the manga committed suicide in 1998, and her husband made the film.  Its a stupendous piece of art, both from a technical and thematic standpoint, but we see a similar situation here that we do in Merrill’s work or in Miranda’s reunion with her dead father.

Art can bring us closure.  It can help us write a eulogy for those who’ve left us, or sooth our worries.  It doesn’t just inspire, but it heals, too.

And that’s why episode 9 is good and I’m tired and this post sucks, okay.

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A reaction of seventeen (Joshua, Jeonghan, mingyu and wonwoo) when their idol crush also likes them? Not sure if you did this (prob not)... but if you did could you put a link pls? ¡¡¡¡Thank uuuu so muchxhxhxh!!!! Lobe yore blogg ~ Gobliin anon

Hi guys, we have been really busy with work lately and semester 2 is starting again really soon but we will try our hardest to update as frequent as we can! Thank you so much for all the support! Requests are open so please send in your requests! Everything is welcome!

Joshua - At first he would not believe that his idol crush would even know his name. Even though Joshua is part of Seventeen and they are one of the most popular Kpop groups right now, he hasn’t let the fame get to his head. He still thinks of himself as the shy, weird anime fan from LA who loves Kpop. It would take a while for the news to actually sink him. The first time he saw that his crush admitted to thinking Joshua is the most attractive member of Seventeen he would just stand there, jaw dropped and eyes big. The next time Joshua sees his crush you can expect him to either be really smooth and drop hints or he’s going to be a blushing mess.

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Jeonghan - I feel like he would try his hardest not to show a reaction as he was being interviewed and the interviewer slipped in the fact that his crush said that she found Jeonghan as one of the very good looking members of Seventeen. He would just smile and nod mostly while he was biting his lip really hard to keep his reaction inside. As soon as they left the interview he would be jumping around all bubbly and happy. He would act kinda smug about it like “yeah how could she not think i’m good looking? I’m definitely the visuals of this group.” He would start imagining how it would be next time he saw his crush and would think of what to say because after what he knows he will definitely initiate a conversation.

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Mingyu - This boy would literally turn into a ecstatic 5 year old. He would be so happy, so very happy. He was so happy when his crush admitted publicly that her idol crush was Mingyu of Seventeen. He loved the part where she talked about how nervous she gets around Seventeen and especially Mingyu. He loved this because he always thought she didn’t like him back even as a friend but now that he knows the real reason he couldn’t be happier. This boy definitely is confident to call his idol crush and arrange a secret date. Now that he knows his crush feels the same way about him he definitely won’t hesitate anymore.

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Wonwoo - He is the king of keeping a straight face so he actually won’t react when he is told about how his idol crush feels about him during an interview. He will mostly comment on he’s the only decent member so who else would. During the interview he would act like his usual self but the moment he is alone with the other members he will start smiling to himself and saying some of his favourite romantic quotes. He would act really confident around the members saying things like “next time I see her I will …” But the moment his crush is in front of him he will freeze and not one word will come out.

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I never understood why people like Tom Preston and Simmons think any pretty male Japanese character is made to attract yaoi fangirls. Isn't it more that there's cultural reason why bishonen are not stigmatized and characters like Zangief are looked more as gay stereotypes?


Protagonists in japan are slender attractive dudes. That’s the standard for male beauty in Japan, which is different than ours.

Both of them never grew out of that weird phase 12 years old have railing about the ‘bishies’ and crying for ‘manly’ anime

Moving forward again – Dave post on the back burner. I found what I was looking for but it was stupid and gave me a headache. Here’s some loose speculation on some new stuff:

Openbound Part 3 had a couple weird things going on: the main one that stuck out to me was how Rufioh and Horuss each serve as analogues to both Dirk and Jake. Horuss is of course the horse guy oblivious to his partner’s reservations, but he also talks about resolving an identity crisis through loudly enforced traits of his personality, which seems like a commentary on Jake’s oft repeated love of ADVENTURE and FISTICUFFS. Rufioh is the passive dude who seems to attract everyone’s affections, but like Dirk, he the anime guy who gets decapitated and revived. Both are both.

So when when Rufioh is talking to girls and calling them ‘doll’ over and over, I get this weird overlaid image of Grandpa talking to the blue doll and Bro talking to Lil Cal. From the Grandpa view, retrieving Tinkerbull (Rufioh’s happy thought!) from Damara is a statement of the old man’s adversarial attitude towards the feminine? Rufioh berates Damara as though she’s directly responsible for his loss of happiness (she then reminds him of the actual cause, his unhappy relationship with Horuss).

Not sure if Horuss serves more as analogue for Bro or an analogue for the soul itself in that one, via the usage of horses we saw with Roxy. But at any rate, it seems like Damara is serving the Witch role of absorbing undeserved antagonism, a la Anthy.

Conversely, viewing Damara as a mouthpiece for Lil Cal is… flimsier and messier. Her hypersexuality could align with Cal directive to Gamzee (“kill them all”) and her particularly aggressive flirting with Horuss could be analogous to Cal’s sway over Bro? Or else his sway over the soul in general…

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Drabble Challenge, please? Prompts: 1) "The skirt is supposed to be this short." and 15) "Well, you're coming home with me whether you like it or not."

“You’re not serious.”

Sherlock rattled the hanger at her, eyes on his phone.

“Now I know why no one else would agree to help you.  Fucking Watsons,” she muttered under her breath.

“Not an image I need, thanks. Now, if you would?  Bit of a schedule.”

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I swear to Kira tho, thats exactly how I see him? In canon I mean, Like he's fucking weird but like?? Look at him? He's freakin pretty? His pale skin?? His pitch black hair??? His weird ass round eyes?? Even his dark circles??? I don't know. I can't explain it jsjsnsn Maybe its the art style where most of the characters are good looking by default even If they arent supposed to? I'm so lost here. But you get me lol

i get you yeah don’t worry, if L was actually ugly he wouldn’t have such smooth skin and nicely shaped nose and mouth and jaw. but at the same time i think obata just tried his best to make him look a bit freaky and generally not all that attractive in the dn verse?? like, WE think he’s attractive from our standpoint but if i were a dn character (besides kyoko) i wouldn’t look at him twice, you feel me? in there, he just looks weird period. but to us, we can easily navigate through his redeemable traits, too. he does definitely look attractive to us though, he was very much so in so many scenes in the anime, and don’t even get me talking about first!L… which is the same L (though it is believed to be his original design, and they changed him cuz they later figured they wanted him to look as unorthodox as possible) there’s a reason why L is THE most praised character in death note, for certain.

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hi sorry to bother you but I have a thing bothering me. I know that no where in the manga or anime have stated naruto's sexuality however how can someone be "homosexual" or naruto be attracted to sasuke but clearly showing disgust whenever a male shows him any affection? ex. when sai fed him, "I don't swing that way", "don't say weird stuff". Is he demisexual perhaps? thank you!

Personally, I think Naruto is bisexual. I don’t deny he is attracted to women because that has been proven multiple times. Even so, it was never Hinata he was looking at and apparently he’s attracted to and loves her enough to have kids with her….sure. Anyway, I think the main source of confusion on his sexuality is that he says one thing and then does another, most of the time. My guess is that it’s just not accepted or would make him look “weak” to others and that keeps him closeted. 

To get Sai out of the way, because I think the situation between them was different, a major factor in his dislike for Sai stemmed from that fact that he wasn’t Sasuke. Right from the start, Naruto said Sasuke was much cooler/better looking. I’ve seen translations that said different things but it doesn’t make much of a difference.

The time when Sai tried to feed Naruto, I think he was mostly just mad because he wanted Sakura to do it but when Sasuke fed him, he didn’t fight it or complain. Actually, he blushed. 

Sai also talked about dicks on a regular basis so, that might have made Naruto feel pretty awkward and embarrassed. I don’t think the line about not swinging that way was actually in the manga. Even if it was, I think the way he interacted with Sai just further confirmed his attraction to Sasuke. This would also contribute to his disgust at Konohamaru’s jutsu with Sasuke and Sai.

This instance transitions into my previous statement that Naruto is quick to deny any attraction to Sasuke but doesn’t seem to act accordingly. 

We all know Sasuke showed equal “disgust” when the kiss first happened but apparently he wasn’t grossed out enough to not remember it when he was “dying” so…

No matter what he says, Naruto doesn’t resist being close to Sasuke or making eye contact for long periods of time, which is also a sign of attraction. 

Even when he did his reverse harem justsu, he seemed completely unphased by the fact he was making a pack of naked men and blatantly said he was secretly practicing it more than his most powerful attack.

How often does he fight female opponents? How is this more practical than the rasengan that it needs to be practiced more? Why has he been doing this secretly and what is he using as a reference? Did he make them to cater his own taste? So many questions. 

Naruto’s sexuality is open for interpretation but I can assure you, the boy is not straight. He even said Haku was cuter than Sakura but never said a word about Hinata being cute or sexy or whatever else. I definitely see sexual tension between Naruto and Sasuke but his sexuality as a whole is debatable. I hope that answers your question!!

I was watching one of my favourite youtubers

When he decided to go on a rant, and I found this one quite funny, so I decided to write it down and post it here;

“…But yeah, when my computer went dead-shaped, the sheer volume of people who sent me messages that were going ‘oh "first world problems”’. That is just the dumbest thing you can say at any point, cos it’s just… The weirdest thing is that people sent not just 'first world problems’, but also 'people are starving in Africa you know? First world problem much?’. Yes, I’m very aware, but there are also people starving in this country, and you most likely just ignore them cos they’re weird and smelly! They’re sitting on the street, do you give them food? No! Cos you don’t care, you and your fucking anime avatars! It just… Like, it’s really weird that you’re not allowed to be sad at any point if there’s people sadder than you. You don’t apply that to other things do you? I’m not allowed to be happy because there’s people happier than me? On my wedding day, is someone gonna stand up and go, 'Actually, um, most footballers have far more attractive wives, sports cars, and more money, so, uh, I don’t know what this whole celebrations about’. No! Cos that would be stupid! The other way’s stupid! You’re stupid! You can’t just say that there’s a base level of sadness, 'you must be at least this sad for me to accept the fact that you are sad’. Do you know what you are? You are a 'Feelings communist’. If you say first world problems, you’re a feelings communist!“

(Dan from OfficalNerdCubed if you’re wondering)

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 2

I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.

This will be my second Pokémon in our biomes post, and this time I will be focusing on the abyssal zone, which are the deep-sea sections of the oceans. Little to no sunlight, sparse oxygen, extreme pressure, there are, believe it or not, some life forms that flourish at these depths, however terrifying they may be.

Let’s dive in! (sorry)

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Those fictional crushes
  • Friends: OMG They are sooo cute omg I can't wait till I'm dating someone!!! What about you??? Anyone you have your eyes on ;)
  • Me: well uhhhh
  • Friends: OMG ?!??!?? Who is it?
  • Me: welllllll *you guys don't want to know*
  • Friends: ?!??? Tell us!!
  • Me: I'm actually uh committed to multiple fictional characters, but like they are super nice and very attractive and like they all have these little quirks and like if you watched these show you would understand why I like them so much and uhhhh...
  • Friends:
  • Friends: ohhh uh ok we uh totally understand....yes
  • Me: *great now they think I'm weird*