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Model!Sid AU

so I’m in love with @nomorelonelydays actor!sid au and it reminded me of a model!Sid au that I yelled at @sacredcreatures about a while ago and intended to write but never really did

so here’s just some of the bits and pieces of it that I managed to write down (this is only like ¼ I’ll probably post more later lol)


Geno’s still a rookie getting his first American sponsorship and he’s a nervous bab who barely speaks English yet and is super awkward in front of the camera. So the set or photographer people are like “Hey maybe the shoot would be easier if we added in like, an experienced model to help him?”

“Do we know any models who skate?” Luckily they do, so they call Sid in and Geno just gets more flustered because this is The Most Beautiful Man he has ever seen. 

But Sid gives him this big goofy smile and is like “It’s okay, I’ll help you” and suddenly the whole process isn’t nearly as daunting.

The language barrier prevents proper communication yet Sid works around it effortlessly, using gestures and simple words and a lot of encouraging smiles to help Geno learn to relax and loosen up with the cameras on him and look natural when forced to hold weird poses and how to do sportsy stuff while keeping a brand logo in-frame.

Sid is still a huge hockey fan and at the end of it Geno manages to gather enough courage and English to invite him to their next game, promising rink side tickets.

Sid: “Maybe I should get a Malkin jersey to wear, eh?”

Geno, internally: maybe you should marry me

He tries to ~very casually~ ask his manager person if Sid can do other sponsorship shoots with him. He also googles Sid, finds a lot of racy pictures from underwear/perfume/other ads that involve him being shirtless and seductively posed. He saves some to his computer. (He doesn’t know that Sid is off doing the exact same thing just with pictures of Geno from the locker room)

It takes a few more shoots and games and lots of chirping from friends before Sid finally ends up being the one to ask Geno out. Geno had been trying to psych himself up for the same thing and is so relieved Sid did it first and they instantly become a disgustingly in love couple.

There are many jokes to be made about hockey players dating models, but people not expecting the model to be male. And away from the toxic masculinity and heteronormativity of sports and deep in the world of fashion and modeling it’s much easier for Sid to embrace being “pretty” and not-straight.

Sid still has absolutely terrible fashion sense. Sidney “I’m hopeless without a stylist” Crosby. The joy of being a model is that someone else gets to worry about picking out clothes. Like, he knows objectively what’s fashionable because he’s around it, but he doesn’t care and always opts for whatever’s comfiest when he has the choice. It helps him go incognito when no one expects Famous Model Sidney Crosby to be wandering around in crocs, a hoodie, and sweatpants at a Safeway. It also makes for amusing images when he stands around before shoots in a ratty old hoodie and jeans arguing with an already glammed-up female model about whether maroon or burgundy is the new fall color. 

He and Geno make a good horrendously dressed pair. But Sid, being the competitive fucker that he is, dresses them up whenever they actually have to attend any sort of event and they go from worst dressed to best dressed in a hot second. 

Sid’s competitiveness still comes out in things that are not actually a competition. He has to win, even if it’s not technically possible. Like telling Geno after a show “I totally won that catwalk.”

“You not being ranked, Sid.”

“But if we were, I won.”

Geno’s a competitive little shit too so he thinks it’s endearing. And goes along with Sid deciding they need to be the hottest and most successful couple ever.

Angle of View

 A Superman!Sterek AU featuring Derek Hale as Superman and Stiles Stilinski as Lois Lane’s cameraman. 8k

A big Thank You!! to Leda (@andavs​) for the inspiration and the beta and the title.

Derek meets Lois Lane long before he decides to start working at the Daily Planet. He meets her first while saving her from a burning building (she tries to get too close while reporting) and then during a hostage situation (according to reports, she had run into the bank to get the best story) and then finally, agreed to a one-on-one interview with her as Superman. Because it turns out the previous two encounters had won her over to his side and she was doing her best to sway the whole city to support him and as she had told him the moment the hostage situation was handled, “Give me the exclusive and I can make sure they love you.”

And “being loved” wasn’t the point of being Superman but he had learned from the mistakes of other Superheroes who had gone before him and there was no denying that having the cooperation of the police and firemen would be useful.

So he’d agreed. They’d met on the roof of the Daily Planet, alone, and she’d done her part in putting out a good story that outlined what he was trying to do (be a good person and keep Metropolis safe) and why the city should trust him.

She is still too curious about his past, about who he was before he showed up at Metropolis, but she is a good writer and a bit fanatical about keeping her sources to herself so Derek decides he likes her.

He likes her enough that his next move is to get hired as a new reporter at the Daily Planet. Because what better way to keep a finger on the pulse of Metropolis than working for its number one newspaper?

(Well, probably being a policeman would be better but he would have a partner there and his disappearances would be noted and, generally, it would be a lot harder to explain away his many, many odd quirks.)

As a reporter, no one thinks it’s odd if he leaves in the middle of the day to “follow a lead.” No one cares at what rate he finishes his projects, as long as he turns it in before his deadline. Most importantly, when chaos strikes, no one notices if he doesn’t come back to the office and instead “works from home.”

Which is vital. Because Derek’s main disguise to keep people from realizing that he is Superman is his beard. Sure, the glasses and hunching help, but the beard is what he thinks really does it. He uses his super speed to shave in thirty seconds before flying out and it grows back fast, but he still needs about 8 hours before it is back at stubble level.

So, reporter at the Daily Planet it is. He can make sure Lois doesn’t get too close to figuring everything out and use their alert system to make sure nothing too big goes down while he’s working and actually use his English Literature degree to a certain extent.

His first day there he gets introduced to everyone - the editors, the other reporters (including Lois Lane which is a bizarre experience and he is ready to flee if she notices him. Luckily she seems too busy to even look at him too carefully), a few of the marketing guys, and… Stiles Stilinski.

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Freewood fic rec list

This rec list’s been in my drafts for some time now, I’ve been regularly updating it and using, since I like to have my favourite stories listed in one post, it’s easier to find certain fics I want to reread this way. So today I thought ‘how about I publish it, maybe someone’ll find it useful’. So, here we are now. There are almost 180 fics in it, all great and highly recommended and, well, believe me, I’m very picky when it comes to fics. Also, fics are segregated by their word count, so the further you go, the longer fics you’ll find. Enjoy!

last updated: November 15, 2016

♥ - faves

^^ - newly added

if you’re looking for specific au [these are the most used ones, there’s so much more!]:  ‘ctrl + f’ + gta!au / mad king!au / minecraft!au / king gavin au / X-Ray & Vav!AUcollege!au / hs!au

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(Credence Barebone x Reader) Always & Forever [Pt.1]

Title : Always & Forever [Pt.1]

Request : No

Smut : No

Word Count : 2,356

Summary : An immortal AU where Credence didn’t die and he never did, living through time until he meets you in this era. The 1926 you is already dead and you’re reincarnated with some shards of memories of him. Also, Credence in this era will be a bit OOC than the 1926 Credemce because I figured he’d have improved over the year, both in handling his emotions and obscurus.

A/N : another day another series. Yep I’m starting another one. Will probably make a Newt series later. This is just an intro, not much action :^) but there will be fluff (and maybe smut). I hope you enjoy. Requests are open.

Next :


“NO!! STOP!!” you scream as you watch the Aurors shoot spells to the huge swirl of black dust. Those swirl of black dust just so happens to be your loved one, Credence Barebone. He is one of the adopted children of Mary Lou Barebone, who is the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society. The story of how you managed to befriend and finally date him is history.

Credence had lost control, and you hadn’t been there with him to calm him down. You knew he is an Obscurus, yet you still love him with all your heart. You realize he lost control when you see the black swirl – the Obscurus – flew through the night sky of New York, swallowing every light in its path.

Credence screams in agony as the core of him, the core of the Obscurus, is enveloped by a bright light. The light being a combination spells from the Aurors working under Madam Picquery’s command. Then he implodes, and the remaining of him – small tatters of the black matter – floats in the air like feathers.

You howl a cry of sorrow, as you run towards in between the Aurors and the remaining of Credence, desperately grasping one of them, and bring it to your chest. Newt approaches you, muttering “I’m sorry” over and over, his face painted with grief. Tina also weeps silently in the distance.

Meanwhile, Percival Graves, someone from the MACUSA, climbs to the platform, looking furious, as he watches the space where the black vortex once was.

“You fools. Do you realize what you’ve done?” he says, looking at the Aurors. Madam Picquery emerges from the Aurors, walking with a sense of authority.

“The Obscurial was killed on my order, Mr.Graves,”

“Yes. And history will surely note that, Madam President.”

Graves and Madam Picquery debate more, between who is right and who is wrong, about the existence of the wizarding world being exposed by Credence. Everything they say drowns in your mind, the only thing inside your head is how Credence is now gone. The black matter in your hand still moves weakly, as if it has a dying heart beat, before it slowly floats down your hand.

You cry even more, before you feel Newt’s hand disappear from your back. You look up, and the next thing you see is Graves being tied by a magical shining rope, which was conjured by Newt. The more Graves struggle, the more it tightens. Graves finally gives up and staggers on his knees.

Tina swiftly gets his dropped wand, and you notice the pure hatred and evil from Graves eyes.

“Revelio,” Newt says.

The image of Percival Graves fades away, to be replaced by the infamous criminal, Gellert Grindelwald. Everyone in the room gasps, and Madam Picquery commands the Aurors to take him away. That man will surely spend his eternity in prison.


The next things happen in a blur. Jacob says his goodbyes to the rest of you. Queenie kisses him in the rain, and you can’t help but cry a little because it reminds you of Credence. Of his recent occurring death. As soon as Jacob is soaked in the rain, the four of you Apparates to Tina and Queenie’s apartment.

“You will see him again someday,” Newt says to you. You only reply with a smile, not wanting to be rude. You know deep in your heart that you never will.

For days, weeks and months, you mourn the death of him. You made Credence a grave, as a memorial of him. It’s located outside New York, far from the city. You figure he would prefer to be buried outside New York, since this city has brought him nothing but sadness. Then again, you’re sure there’s no available land for graves in New York.

You eventually move on with your life, marrying a wizard you meet when you travelled, have 3 kids, and trying to live your life. Even though you are happy, married, and already have a family, you can still feel a lingering feeling in your heart.

A missing piece.

A shadow of the past.

And until the end of your time, he still resides in your soul.


You wipe your eyes, groggily yawning as you feel the warm sun seeping through the curtains of your window. ‘The same dream again,’ you think to yourself. In the past few days, you’ve been dreaming the same thing, a black vortex being engulfed in light, wizards you never met in your life, etc.

You took part in the dream, being one of the wizards in the scene. Crying. Mourning. Losing someone. The whole deal.

It was always the same scene, and if it’s not, it’s pieces of it.

And every time you wake up from the dream, you feel this emptiness in your heart. Like the sorrow of really losing someone. It feels weird really, because you have never. Not once in your life, meet, or even see those people in your dreams.

You flip the blanket, and lazily get out of bed. You grab your wand from the bedside, and make your bed with a spell. Then, you proceed to the kitchen, muttering some more spell, and make some breakfast for yourself.

You pass each room in your small apartment with a swing of wand, tidying and finishing everything up that you left last night. You went partying with your No-Majs friends last night, and you figured one of your friends dragged your ass back to your apartment because you don’t remember anything.

It’s 2016, and things have changed, between the wizards and the No-Majs. There was a revolution where the wizards exposed themselves, and was accepted by the No-Majs. It’s been peaceful ever since. You yourself are an aspiring witch living in the heart of New York, living by yourself after you graduated from Ilvermorny.

You’ve been trying to study and to master the skills necessary for jobs in the No-Majs world, and so far, it’s been going well. You did work for some No-Majs, and they have been lovely, but in the end, you decided to open up your own little bookstore, equipped with books for No-Majs and wizards.

After brushing your teeth, washing your face, and getting ready, you eat your breakfast in silence, thinking about your dreams. Does it have anything to do with your life? Why does it move your heart so much?

Especially when that man dies…

You shake your thoughts and finish your breakfast, putting them in the sink before grabbing your bag. You open the door and stop abruptly.

“Oh silly me,” you say as you whip your wand from your bag, casting a spell to wash the dishes.

After making sure that everything is in place, you lock your apartment, and walk towards the subway station. It’s a relaxing morning, not much people using the subway, but still crowded. You manage to get a seat though. Your bookstore is 4 stations away, near the Central Park. You’re halfway through.

Leaning back to your seat, you look around your surroundings. There are a lot of families today, being it’s Christmas Eve, and they must be getting ready for the festive. You sadly smile to yourself. Your parents are on vacation, with no news whatsoever. You had wished they’re with you this year, but we can’t always get what we want right? You’re fine with it though.

As your eyes continue to scan the crowd, they land upon one man.

He… Looks familiar. And the sight of him makes your heart skips a beat. He’s standing near the door, with a fairly built body, reading a book you notice as a wizard book.

No, this is not love at first sight. No matter how many cute guys or girls you’ve seen, no one has ever made you feel this way.

It’s like… a missing feeling. A longing of a friend.

A longing of a lover.

As if he reads your mind, he looks up, and makes an eye contact.

There’s a beat, before his eyes widen, and you look down in embarrassment. Your heart races in your chest, the sound of the subway replaced by ringing in your ears. The way his eyes hold such certainty… It makes you dizzy. And it feels like a déjà vu, although you’re not sure.

The train comes to a stop, and you get off. You look up once more to see if the man’s still there. He’s gone, the spot where he stood before is replaced by someone else. You sigh to yourself, thinking it’s stupid to have your heart races just because you saw someone you don’t even know.


The sun hides behind the clouds, and you wish you took a day off, because it’s perfect to have a nap or read under a certain tree in the Central Park. You can leave the store to Debbie, a house elf working for you, but you don’t have the heart.

You put a hand under your chin as you observe your bookstore, books floating here and there, arranging itself accordingly. You cast a wandless spell, adding few sparkles and glows in the air, adding the Christmas feel even though it’s over.

Debbie, who was holding a tower of books in her hands, stop for a moment and look at the lights in wonder, and stretches her hand, trying to grasp the artificial lights. In result, she drops the books, and you immediately come to her aid.

“You okay, Debbie?”

“Y-Yes, mistress, I am terribly s-sorry…”

“No, no, it’s okay really, as long as you’re not hurt.”

You gather the books, making sure each one of them is intact. As your hand reaches for one limited edition book, another hand comes and takes it first.

“Let me help,” a soft, yet masculine voice says.

Looking up, your eyes meet a dark brown orb. His eyes somehow remind you of something, or someone, but you can’t put your finger into it. You snap your thoughts. Besides, this is the man from the subway. ‘What a coincidence,’ you think to yourself. Your face blush a hue of pink.

“U-Um, no, it’s okay really, we can manage,” you reply.

“Are you kidding? Your house elf was bringing a tower of it. Let’s just divide it into three.”

Before you can object, he swiftly takes out his wand, and casts a spell that arranges the books into three stacks. Debbie, obvious with your blushing, quickly picks one stack up, before running to put it onto shelves. She’s always so quick to notice your changes, in emotions, appearance, etc.

The man takes one stack too after putting back his wand. You follow suit, and wordlessly walk away from the man.

“Hey,” he calls out.

“U-Um, yes?”

“Where do I put these books?” he asks, eyes motioning to the stack.

“Oh, right, right. Follow me,”

You put the books on their rightful shelves along the way, as you point and help him where to put your books, until there’s only one left on your hand. It’s the original copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, written by Newt Scamander. You were lucky enough to get five of these babies on sale on the internet. You’ve kept one for yourself, and as for the one in your hands, it will be for sale.

“Fantastic beasts, huh?” the man says, taking the book from your hands.

“Careful! It’s the original copy!”

“Really? The one from 1920s?”

“Yes! Now please give it back before something happens to it.”

He opens the book, carefully flipping each page.

“What if I want to buy this book?”

You look at him in the eye. “Are you sure? It’ll be pretty pricey since this is the original copy.”

He nods, flipping another page until he lands on one. You glance at the page. Obscurus – Obscurial, it says on the top of the page. “I’m definitely buying this book.”

“Okay… Come with me to the cashier.”

He hands you the book, with page still opened. Suddenly, an image flashes in your mind, an image of a black vortex engulfed in a white light. You massage your temples, trying to decrease the headache.

Ignoring the pain, you place the book gently in a brown bag, and seal it shut.

“That will be fifty dollars.”

He hands you a fifty dollar bill, and you hand him the book. As you take the receipt, he briefly says, “Is your name… [Name]?”

You raise an eyebrow. “Uh… Yeah. What about it?”

For the shortest moment you see his face change into sadness and shock. His eyes tears up, and he immediately wipes them away.

“Are you okay…?” you ask him.

He breathes in. “Yeah, yeah. I’m okay.”

He takes the receipt in your hands and shoves it into his jacket pocket.

“Say, [Name]… Have you ever heard the name Credence Barebone?”

You furrow your eyebrows, trying to remember the name. It does sound familiar, but you don’t seem to be able to recall someone you know with the name.

“Well… I have heard of it, but I never knew someone with the name.”

He sighs. “Ah, I see. Well… It was nice talking to you-”

“Yeah, you too,” you cut him.

“I’m not finished. Maybe… Do you want to grab a cup of coffee after you close?” he offers you, a slight blush visible on his face.

“I- uh…”

“Yes! Yes! Mistress [Name] will be delighted to have a cup with you, master!” Debbie says from behind the shelves.

“Great! I’ll pick you up then…?”

“O-Okay. I close at 6PM.”

“See you later.”

And with that, the man walks out of the store. You, still awestruck of what just happened, cover your face with your hands, try to suppress a blush forming on your face. Your face would be bright red when you blush, and you hope it wasn’t like that when you’re talking to him.

“Your face is bright red, mistress [Name],” teases Debbie.

“Well… Yes… But I didn’t even get his name…”

“Perhaps it’s Credence Barebone…?”

“Well… Maybe… I’ll ask him later.”

A Revenge Fantasy

You feel your mouth flicker into a snarl, your fists balling at your sides.  You see your muscles twitching under your skin.  You aren’t looking in his eyes - you know what happened the last time you did that.  Well, you sort of do.  It’s like a story you tell yourself, half-remembered, just the basics, and only sort of how it ends.  First, the slow creeping numbness over your brain, like fog over the river on a cold morning.  The humming, the buzzing, that rises in the same manner.  You know that if you let your eyes close, just a little bit, just a fraction, they might slam shut.  You might wake up somewhere else again.

The way his words slide in and out of your consciousness.  It’s like trying to hold onto a slippery rope, coated in oil.  Your hands just keep sliding, even as you fight to hold on.  To concentrate on the words he is saying, not just the sounds they make, the way they piece together.  It’s so important to fight, to fight it with all your might.  It is important because if you don’t, you might slip, slip just a little, lose your footing.  Every single one of your muscles is wrought iron, is corded steel.  You are not superhuman.  You cannot keep this up forever. 

The thought occurs, unbidden, a little suggestive, flicking in and out, stiletto-quick: is this part of it?  What are the words he is saying right now?  Maintain!  Focus!  Concentrate!  So many imperatives, so hard to -

A wave of dizziness crashes into you, and you are faltering, teetering, there in the darkness behind your closed eyes.  Wait - when did you close your - are you become desperate?  Where are you on the slippery rope?  Your breath is so measured.  So even.   Wait, stop.  Breathe.  In, and out.  Relax.  You have this.  You can do this.  You are assured, you are confident.  Your mind is iron, just like your muscles.  You feel your muscles twitching under your skin.  Muscles are what is important.  They are how you maintain the fight against him.  You relax.  You grin.  There’s no way he beats you.  Not again.  Not with muscles like these.  This is what you are good for.  Muscles.  What’s he saying now?  It doesn’t matter that you don’t know.  You let the slippery rope slide.  You are confident.  You are laughing on the inside.  You let the tension drain out of you.  There’s no need to hold all that energy in your muscles, the best part of you.  All that electricity, all that fight.  You know he can’t best you, not with your muscles, not with muscles like yours.  You flex, just to show him who’s boss.

“Well, you got me,” he says, and you open your eyes, swimming to the surface through what seems like an eternity of shifting colors, black to twilight to gray to blinding white - he is sitting there in front of you, smiling, arms crossed over his chest.  “You can’t be hypnotized.”

“Yeah,” you say, uncomfortably rolling your shoulders.  “Can’t be hypnotized, bro.”  He grin widens.

“And there’s no way I can get you to change your mind.”

“Naw, can’t change my mind, bro.”  The words are out of your mouth before you can think to stop them.  Thinking to stop them seems like kind of a waste of time.  Who thinks before they speak?  What’s that even mean?  There’s a sort of fogginess.  You feel yourself frowning, just a little.

“Aw, what’s the matter?  A little confused?”

“Uhhh,” you start to get out, but it’s like your mouth’s filled up with cotton, or is it your head, or is it both?  It’s like having water in your ears after dunking your head underwater.  Try again.  “Uhhh…”

“Wow, it really works.”  A new voice.  You turn your head to one side, surprised at how much effort it takes.  Someone standing next to him.  Staring at you, with a weird look on their face.  Something a little like surprise, but mostly like they just won something.  “And he’s gonna stay like this?”

“He might relapse, but you just have to say his trigger phrase to get him to, ah, recharge, as it were.”

“Or drain his batteries, haha.”  They share a high-five and then stare at you again. 

What the fuck.  This isn’t right.  Something’s gone terribly wrong - you fought this!  You didn’t get hypnotized, you were strong, your muscles were flexed.  You start to stand up, and they’re staring at you.  “What’s a matter, bro?  Feel a little funny?”

“Uhhh … yah,” you try to explain yourself.  I feel dizzy.  Faint.  Confused.  But the words just exist now as themes, as big feelings, in your head, and you don’t have the tools to describe them.  You make motions with your hands and arms.  You raise one arm from your side and clench your fist.  Your bicep engages, your tricep engages.  Parts of your lats and delt engage.  Your body is a machine which has been turned on, and this clears some of the fog.

“Holy shit, he’s posing!”  The new dude is looking at the other dude.  They’re both skinny like twigs.  Glasses.  Smirky.  Fuckin nerds.  “This is nuts.”

Your mouth opens.  “This isn’t me!  I’m not this way!  I flex, I flex, I - “

They stare at you, for a long, unbroken moment, and then burst out into laughter, laughter that goes for so long that you raise your other arms and flex that one too.  That makes sense.  Flexing shows you’re strong.  Shows that you’re not weak.  Can’t be beat.  Can’t be hypnotized.  Can’t be made dumb.  You’re strong in the brains.  “I’m strong,” you say, but the brain part doesn’t make it out.  “I’m strong,” you try again, and then flex again.  God, it feels good.  You don’t want to stop.  You never will stop.

“What about his classes?”

“Taking care of that now.”  You hear typing.  He’s on your computer.

“I flex!”  You protest.

“Yeah, dummy.  You flex.  You just keep on flexing, and I’ll just keep on editing your life for you.  You won’t have to worry about being smart anymore.”

What the fuck?  What is happening?  Your mind is spiralling into panic.  You are smart.  You are in the top level of your classes.  You are getting all As.  You tutor people!  You - “I flex!”

“Looks like he’s trying to fight it,” the second nerd observes, pushing his glasses up on his nose.  “Man, his muscles are getting big … how long have you been doing this?”

“The whole semester,” he says.  He looks at you square in the eyes.  “Mostly while he was sleeping.  I doubt he even remembers when he started going to the gym.  Work’s really paid off, though, hasn’t it.  Big muscles.”  He walks up to you.  He touches a finger to your forehead, presses.  “Little, tiny brain.”  He laughs.  “You’re right.  He is trying to fight it.  Let’s just fix that while his add/drops are processing.”  He turns back to you.  “Bet you’re sorry you ever fucked with me, dumbbell.”

Don’t look at him in the eyes.  Don’t look at him in the eyes.  Don’t listen to his words.  Don’t let him -

“Bet you’re sorry you ever called me dumbbell, dumbbell.”

Don’t - no -

His smirk.  His brief, short laugh.  His gray, gray eyes.

“Go to sleep, dumbbell.”

The tail of the slippery rope, vanishing into the darkness. 

I’ve Changed: IKON’s Bobby Scenario (REQUEST) - Part 2

A/N: Hello my loves! For those of you that are new, this was a requested scenario and Part 1 can be found HERE

For all my lovely readers who have been patiently waiting (and highly requesting) for Part 2, here it is! I have decided to add one final Part (3) to this Scenario request! So for those of you waiting for a ‘happier’ ending, i ask you be a tinyyyy bit more patient with me :D I know you all have been waiting for a while for this Part, so enjoy! Let’s all cry together </3

Edit: (Part 3 can be found HERE)

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Liveshow 29.03.2015

Favorite Quotes/Moments:

Note: They released some info about the book and said that Just Dance will probably be coming out tonight (Dan teased Phil about spoiling it in his liveshow last week), but that’s not really what I want to talk about here.

“A big thing happened in our life!”—Phil

“I swear to God, that is like 90% of the reason I’m on porridge right now, is because you can’t secret-eat it.”—Dan

“Gerard, what about me?!”—Phil, when discussing Gerard following Dan on twitter

“Much like we stalk all of your blogs and know what you’re saying 100% of the time….”—Dan

Phil, repeating user question: “What was the last movie I watched?” *turns to Dan* “What was the last movie we watched?”

“Shh, shh, shh!”—Phil, holding up a finger and shushing Dan

Phil: “Do you reckon you’d die before me?” Dan, gets a slightly unnerved look on his face: “You mean like in life, or in the Hunger Games?”

“Did no one even say, ‘Are you okay?’ British people!” Phil, indignant after Dan retells his escalator-falling story.

“Here we go, here we bloody go!”—Dan, to Phil, about anime

Phil killed his Tamagotchi. Dan: “I don’t care about Tamagotchi.” Phil: “Dan! For shame.”

Phil: “My mum says I have dextrous fingers!” *wiggling fingers* Dan: face-palms

“Just gonna let you wallow in your strangeness for a minute.” Dan, to Phil

“Quietly phallic if you put it the wrong way ‘round.” Phil, about his cactus

Their ensuing argument about where Phil puts the cacti.

“Phil bought an automatic air freshener and I HATE IT!”—Dan

Their fixations with the color changing candle Phil bought

Dan said something about Phil becoming Voldemort (video froze for a sec, so I didn’t quite catch it)

They took a hideous polaroid together. “Look how long my tongue is…I didn’t know my tongue could be that long.”—Phil

“I don’t want to leave!”—Dan, who had originally planned on leaving early to finish editing Just Dance, but decided to stay til the end because he was having so much fun.

“Let’s frame it!”—Dan, about the polaroid, in a weird voice and making a stupid face

“Do you want to eat the chicken nuggets, or the dog?”—Phil, doing a Lancashire accent

Phil and Dan looking at their elbows, and Phil being confused by Dan’s elbow

“You’re bad, you’re terrible, you’re a bad friend…. Bad Phil! Don’t buy cookies!”—Dan, to Phil about delicious Tesco cookies

“Domestic arguments”—Dan, singing

“You always talk to me about animal facts.”—Dan, to Phil

“If you say you have a broken toe, then you don’t have to do it.”—Phil, about P.E.

Dan, singing/humming annoyingly: “D’you like my lobby music?” Phil: “No.”

“The murder of Dan and Phil.”—Dan singing while Phil checks on a weird noise

They made firework sound effects while Dan was drawing

Dan: “How d’you spell scissor?” Phil, teasingly: “I’m not telling you.”

They thanked everyone for their support, said that the liveshow had been a lot of fun, and that more info about the book/tour will be coming out over the next few months.

General Observations:

They just looked really, incredibly happy. They were both laughing and smiling and grinning, and just seemed more relaxed and cheerful than I’ve seen them in ages. It made my face hurt from smiling so hard back at them. They also said “we” like five thousand times, and Phil used the phrase “our life.” It was the best liveshow I’ve ever seen with them by far, and I’m just so glad that they’re really comfortable and enjoying themselves right now. You should all go watch it now!!

Exo reacting to you not knowing that they are famous- Exo M version

Aaaalright, so as I promised yesterday, here is the version for exo-m. Enjoy!

Kris: It takes him almost six months (MONTHS) to manage up the courage to tell you. By then you already know and when you just start laughing when he tells you his jaw just drops. You pat him on the shoulder, telling him you’re glad he had the balls to tell you, because just a few days later and Chanyeol would have won the bet going on between the two of you, (and if there was a way to murder somebody with a 50$ bill you would have found it). Kris becomes a little whiny because he actually felt terrible when he didn’t tell you. You tell him to man up a little bit…or he could just come cuddle. He decides on your second suggestion. 

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Xiumin: You’d be at his place and he’d sing along to some song when Chen and Baekhyun come by and you tell them: ‘wow, his voice is so amazing! I always tell him he should actually become a singer or something!’ and they stare at him like: ‘what the hell, dude?’ And Chen starts off: ‘well, actually-’ the next second he is silenced by a pillow that smacks him right into the face and you turn towards Xiumin to ask him what has suddenly gotten into him.

He awkwardly changes the topic and when you ask him about the whole situation at dinner he finally tells you, sheepishly admitting that he really liked to be treated like a normal human being for once. Your head is swimming with what you just learned, but still you tell him: ‘well, you are just an ordinary person and this doesn’t change anything…except that I won’t help you with the dishes. Also, I get to choose the movie we watch tonight.’

He has to admit that watching the notebook(again) isn’t too bad in exchange to finally having a good conscience again.

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Chen: He is kinda confused when he realizes that you have no idea that he is famous. But instead of panicking he is really casual about it and when you ask him what he actually makes his money with he just shrugs and tells you he is in a band. You give him a smirk over the edge of your wine glass as you ask if they are any good. He casually smiles as he replies: ‘I guess so since all our albums sold more than a million times.’ You kind of choke on your wine and he can’t help but laugh as you stare at him wide eyed and shocked. Then he asks you if he should get you concert tickets or something. Or maybe a pillow with his face on it? It takes him some more time to realize you are actually shocked and then the poor guy has some serious explaining to do.

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Lay: This poor guy is really busy, all the goddamn time. But whenever you manage to meet up you’re busy with other things than talking (cough cough, wink) and somehow within those very little moments in his busy life he kand spend with you he just kind of….forgets?  And to him it is not really that big of a deal, honestly, since you are very understanding of his situation anyways, not even asking him we he shows up so rarely. It’d be after a month of dating each other that you show a friend of yours a picture of the two of you and she is like: ‘noo fucking way’ after she explains things to you you call him up like: ‘Did you probably forget to mention something to me? Like that you are a huge deal in China? And in a band?’ He immediately starts to apologize and tries to explain things to you. You are like ‘yeah never mind. But holy shit, why did you never tell me you can dance like that?!’

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Luhan: He is trying to ease you into it. But somehow you get none of his hints so he gets a little bit more boldly. Like when he tells you ‘wow look my phone is blowing up with instagram notifications!’ you just laugh because ‘duh, I have almost 700 followers, nice try.’ He is just sitting there, staring at the ceiling and praying for strength because goddamnit he knows his girlfriend is smart so why doesn’t she realize what he is trying to tell her?!

He’d probably just blurt it out at the most random time and basically scare you to death. It’d probably be during cooking or relaxing on the sofa when he suddenly yells: ‘I am famous, okay?’ You just stare at him as he starts to grin because yes, he finally said it. You just tilt your head, asking if he’s having a seizure or something and he erupts into desperate laughter wondering why this is so goddamn hard?!

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Tao: He is at dance practice when he gets a text message from you that goes something like: ‘Lol. I swear to god, Koreans are so weird sometimes?’ he just chuckles and texts back sth like ‘no, it’s just you that’s weird. so what happened?’ your answer sends him into cardiac arrest for a few seconds as he reads: ‘what is an exotao and why is there a group of teenage girl screaming at me about it??’ For a second tao honestly considers handing the phone to suho because WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW??? and things don’t get better when you text him just a few moments later: ‘you better be home in ten minutes and I hope you are ready for violent bloody murder bc I am’

You decide not to murder him (yet) when you see how scared he actually is. But you aren’t amused. Not at all.

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Thank you, for reading! As usually, here is my masterlist, here is the exo k version and here you can ask for one shots or reactions (exo& bts). Or you just randomly hit me up. Honestly. You’re my fandom family and I love talking to y’all.

Edit: //Tomorrow I thought I’d post another reaction, sth like ‘exo reacting to you accidentally teasing them, so stay tuned for that.//


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Hi! Could you do 20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear, for nursey and dex? Something happy would be preferred but it's totally up to you. Love the blog!

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Dex just needed to borrow Chowder’s notes from yesterday’s lecture. That’s all he needed to do. He just had to run into the Haus, grab Chowder’s notebook from the kitchen table, where Dex was promised it would be, and then he’d be on his way.

Chowder had also promised Dex that the Haus was empty, saying that everybody had classes or jobs to go to. So when Dex walked up to the front door to find that it was completely unlocked, maybe that should have been the first warning sign.

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