is it weird that i was totally enjoying their awkwardness

ABO Fic Rec List

In honor of ABO Appreciation day I am doing a NEW ABO Fic Rec List! You can check out the Original ABO Fic Rec List here. So if it was included in that one, it won’t be on this one.

Just a disclaimer for all my reader insert buddies: I have been having some “issues” with reader inserts as of late so this list will be ships only. (Again, Destiel is my OTP so the list is 100% that this time) Sometimes I like some pretty ‘weird’ shit and YMMV, so always heed the tags on these. But they all have happy endings as that’s what I like in a fic! (The show gives us enough unhappy endings and cliffhangers, I just want my boys to be happy! Is that too much to ask?)

It’s my list so I can start with me! Check out my new fic Bringing Home the Bacon with art by @vinnie-cha for @deancastielbigbang

Omega Dean was doing just fine. He had an apartment, a good job, and a great family. But he didn’t have an alpha. When Castiel starts as his company’s new CEO everything changes. Alpha Cas becomes family, and Dean takes care of his family.

ABO office AU with Fluff, Smut and a happy ending

Also check out my short fic The Billionaire’s Pregnant Mistress for @destielharlequinchallenge

Lingerie Model Dean is pregnant with his Billionaire’s Alpha’s pup and he doesn’t know what to do. They just broke up and he doesn’t want to be where he’s not wanted.

Spoiler Alert: Happy Ending and minimal angst.

Gravity vs Velocity by PaperAnn @paperannxo

Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two bodies.

Dean swears he feels an honest-to-goodness gravity (not any scent-true-mates-bullshit) pulling him to a mysterious omega and makes the worst mistake of his career… he only has one thing to say…

Fuck science.

Dean is a detective and Cas is part of a mob family. They get in and out of a lot of trouble together. A must read!

A Story for Every Corner by thepinupchemist  @scarlettshazam

Dean’s a late bloomer. When he presents as an omega, everyone is surprised, and everything changes. Only a few months into omegahood, Dean decides to book it. A couple of truck rides and a state later, Dean’s in Apple Springs, Colorado at a bed & breakfast called The Snoozing Squirrel. The off-beat omega owner is just the beginning.

The hard part is the offbeat brother of the offbeat omega, an alpha named Castiel.

Gabe is the best, and I really love him in this fic.

For Science! by pm_lo

Selected transcripts and supporting materials from Dr. Castiel Williams and Dean Winchester’s seminal study on physiological and psychological sexual response by gender designation.

This is a crossover of Supernatural and Masters of Sex, it doesn’t use any characters from Masters of Sex, just the plot and the whole set up so you don’t need to know anything about Masters of Sex to enjoy it. It is written very differently than most fanfic (it’s not lying when it says “transcripts”) but it’s totally worth a read! (And go watch Masters of Sex! It’s important sexual history!)

Arranged by Miss_Lv @the-miss-lv

Dean Winchester is the omega chosen to marry Castiel’s son. The arranged marriage is as awkward and lackluster has Castiel expected it would be.

What he didn’t expect was what would develop between himself and his new son-in-law.

So I think this one qualifies as ‘weird’ but I’ve read it at least 4 times and love it. Don’t let the infidelity bother you as (*SPOILER*) Dean never has a relationship with Castiel’s son and only has a sexual relationship with Cas.

Obsession by Miss_Lv

SPN kink meme: Castiel is John’s friend and becomes fixated with his son Dean. The main thing is that as Castiel spirals into obsession Dean isn’t scared but rather likes it and encourages it.

Big age difference, but Dean knows what he wants and that is Cas. Very different way of mating.

A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel

Dean Winchester never wanted to go home again. Going back to Lawrence meant people who knew what he was, who didn’t buy into the lie. But with a tragic accident, he’s back and dealing with the death of his father, the social stigma and objectification of being an out Omega, and the lingering aftermath of a long-ago crime.

This is a super long fic with lots of sexual violence against omegas. About halfway through the tone really changes and it gets super political. So if you like you ABO with a good helping of civil rights, this is the fic for you!

Take On Me by Powerfulweak

Alpha Dean Winchester figured the closest he’d get to the apple pie life and fatherhood was a one-shot, “wham-bam-thank-you-mam” trip to a sperm bank. That is, until he comes face-to-face with the omega carrying his pup on a fateful trip to the grocery store. When the the omega runs off without a word, though, Dean learns the situation is far more complicated than he expected. Can an anonymous sperm donation and the favor of a lifetime help two complete strangers find everything their life was missing?

Super cute hijinks and happy ending. What more can you want?

Violator by MooseFeels

Dean’s fifteen, and his knot doesn’t pop. Part 1 of Revelation

You need to read the entire series, not just the first one. It starts out dark (and Dean has a lot of issues to work through) but it has a happy ending.

No Righteous Path by jupiter_james @jupiterjames

On his 40th birthday, Dean Winchester suddenly begins to worry that he may have lost his chance for a real mate. He’s been so focused on his business as a 24-hour roofing and repairman, that he’s never taken the time to date properly, or even make any lasting friendships outside of his family. Beginning in their late 30’s, alphas and omegas start to lose their mating and bonding hormones, making it more difficult - and often impossible - to mate or bond with anyone past a certain age. But as a modern Alpha, Dean would be content with a companion, at least. Blood bonds aren’t the be-all, end-all. However, after a late night emergency roofing repair call from Castiel Novak, Omega, Dean starts to hope. Yearn. The only hangup is that Castiel admits to being as old-fashioned as the books he teaches. Nervous to go against his religious upbringing by being with someone who he can’t bond properly, as alphas and omegas are intended to do. But he can’t deny his attraction to Dean, and despite his sensibilities, he thinks that, just maybe, he can change for the man he’s falling in love with.

Totally LOVE this fic! Super fluffy and has a happy ending!! All the (totally necessary for plot) angst gets resolved. Its everything you (ok fine, *I*) could want in a fic. (GIVE ME ALL THE FLUFFY ABO SMUT LONG FICS!!!)

Mulder and Scully by teller_of_tales_and_hero_of_songs

Castiel Novak is an undercover FBI agent working to take down a white collar criminal named Azazel, but Castiel finds himself way out of his depths when the case takes a dangerous turn and Azazel gets involved in an omega trafficking deal. With the help of an OPA agent named Dean, the Bureau and the Omega Protection Agency take down Azazel and his seller, Dick Roman.

As it turns out, that case wasn’t the last Castiel would see of Dean Winchester, and it isn’t long at all before Castiel finds himself falling in love with the fiery, strong-willed omega.

Dean is quite the kickass Omega. This story is really good, and it has THE BEST first “I love you”s that I have ever read in any fic. I still laugh thinking about it!

Best Laid Plans by Persephoneshadow @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper

Things are going well for Dean: he’s landed the biggest design job of his architectural career and is about to get final approval on the project despite how difficult the development company, personified by Castiel Novak, has made it. It’s not bad for a moody omega…except things are also going terribly for Dean because he has to get in a plane and fly to a meeting, and course ends up in heat a few hours before. Luckily, Castiel is there to help and both men discover the good that can come when nothing goes quite as intended.

This fic is great! Dean and Cas work together but don’t meet in person until Dean has to travel for a meeting.

Get Knocked Down, Get Back Up by Unforth @unforth-ninawaters

With an over-sensitive sense of smell, omega Dean Winchester finds the scent of most potential mates to be, frankly, nauseating. Enter alpha Castiel, who smells fracken *perfect* but has problems of his own.

As someone who in general finds most fake scents awful instead of pleasing I kinda relate to this. If my sense of smell was as good as most ABO fics I could totally see Dean being me. I love how unforth plays with sexuality and gender expectations in her fics.

Like Cats and Dogs by sweetdean

Dean Winchester, Alpha, lead Hunter for the Pack, is in need of a mate. His wolf is out of control, he’s on edge, and nothing seems to be doing the trick. Dean is convinced that he’ll never find a mate, but when the Pack’s Council forces him to figure it out before he ends up going rogue, Dean doesn’t have much of a choice. Problem is, Dean isn’t interested in what the members of his pack have to offer; and that means looking elsewhere.

Dean knew his mate would have to be different. He just didn’t know what “different” would really mean, and how “different” would bring his whole world crashing down on top of him.

I love werewolves! And this has a lot of weres in it!

Caribbean Wonderland by LittleAngelCassie

Dean Winchester has spent his life working towards his dream: to teach and care for omega students. But a genetic mutation from birth has kept him from his field of choice. After years of hiding under the protection of his Uncle Bobby and his younger brother Sam, Dean has finally been given a chance.

He accepts the position to care for a young orphan who needs more than just a teacher but also a fellow omega to help her traverse the changes ahead. There is always a hitch, however, and in Dean’s case it’s a hot billionaire alpha with piercing blue eyes. This remote island paradise has the opportunity to give Dean everything he’s wanted, but will he be able to rise above his own fears and the stigmas associated with his unique biological designation?

Throw away what you know about alpha/ beta/ omega dynamics because this is a brand new adventure in wonderland.

So this one is really great and it has a “new” gender designation within ABO. Super original and I totally love it.

Gray Matter by PaperAnn

It should have been a night like any other night, but for Dean Winchester this evening was different.

Tonight was his last on Earth.

The omega finally snapped; the weight of his kills moonlighting as an assassin were too heavy to carry. So he decided to set out to numb the pain with whiskey and the white noise of whatever seedy bar he randomly ambled into. Although he’d intended to drown his sorrows alone, a bold alpha (who introduced himself as Castiel) wormed his way into his party-for-one, but more importantly: his story.

After brazenly announcing that Dean’s plan to shoot himself in the head was “unoriginal,” the alpha lured him out into the bar to prove there are much more interesting and creative ways to go.

A bizarre, deranged game turns into a night of passion, and leads Dean into introspective questions he never would’ve asked before. Maybe everything wasn’t as black and white as he thought, maybe there’s more to his own story that he, himself, didn’t even know. The stupid fucking alpha had transformed his world into shades of gray and made him doubt everything.

You need a dark sense of humor for this one, but if you have that, this is fantastic!

ID #36530

Name: Kaitie
Age: 25 (26 in December)
Country: Australia

Hi there!
My name is Kaitlin ( Kaitie ), I’m 25 and live on the coast of Tasmania ( the little island everyone forgets exists in Australia ).
I am currently a stay-at-home mum to a wonderful little girl, and whilst my boyfriend and family are wonderful company, I have found myself in-between a rock and a hard place. So, I thought I would try to find a new friend via hunting down a pen pal.
I have been diagnosed with a few different mental illness conditions, and consider myself lucky enough to have had dealings with them for so long that I am comfortable with my demons and can quite easily showcase how they affect my every day life with a lot of humour and sarcasm. I am the butt of my own jokes and really know how to laugh at myself well.
Since becoming a mum, my social anxiety and the onset of post-natal depression have seen me becoming very comfortable in the stay-at-home role of parenting. My boyfriend still has a lot of friends and enjoys social gatherings, but the friends I enjoyed contact with have moved away or we have otherwise grown out and away from each others company, leaving me happy to be in the comfort of my own surroundings, but sometimes feeling a bit lonely and isolated. I have often found it difficult to connect to new people and forge friendships that will last, and with the lack of having any people around to enjoy a coffee date with, I thought I’d try my luck at writing letters again instead!
For lack of a better description, I am a total dork. My personal style is some kind of confused mix of the alternative appearance of a goth, a hippy, a nerd, a witch, and more often than I’d like to admit, my baggy clothes and big jackets have me being mistaken constantly for a male.
I enjoy the quieter things; Spending time close to nature, artistic expression, including but not limited to art, drawing, painting, photography, body modification, craft, upcycling, etc. I love body modification and have a decent amount of my own tattoos and piercings. I love to travel ( but haven’t seen as much as I would like ) and furthering my education, whether it be studying courses from home or raiding the local library for books on whatever topic has me curious at the time. I am a total book worm ( the amount I read as well as how many books I own is almost embarrassing ). I like to collect a lot of different things ; snow globes, postage stamps, post cards, and for the not-as-squeamish readers, I also collect oddities and curiosities from nature - some plant material, but mostly animal bones, claws, feathers, and insects ( all cruelty free and naturally sourced ).
I am in the process of creating my own art business to sell my crafts and display all the works I have hidden away. It’s a slow process but I have a lot planned for my future adventures!
In my usual style of advertising for a pen pal, I wouldn’t usually describe myself in such detail, but with past efforts leading to not having people reply for long, possibly things being lost in the mail, or just not having a real common connection with people, I thought I would write a bit more about myself so you poor souls know what you’re getting yourselves into if you choose to contact me! ( I totally apologise in advance for being weird and awkward, but I promise I am friendly, open minded, and always up to talk about anything! )
I look forward to hopefully meeting like-minded people to share my adventures with!

Preferences: I’m not really too picky! Preferably I’d like to speak to people in my own age bracket but if anyone thinks we may get along or you’d enjoy my kind of crazy, please feel free to contact me! I’m happy to write to anyone, from anywhere, but please note that postage costs can sometimes be a lot if I plan to send through smaller gifts and packages so depending on where you live, it may take a little longer to save the money to post your mail! I’d love to have someone that is happy to stay in contact regularly and won’t mind a continual conversation as well as receiving totally random items, as I do tend to pick out some neat post cards or gifts to send if I go anywhere mildly interesting! I only speak/read/write in English, though, so I am sorry if any different language or broken English means I get confused. I will do my best to understand you properly, though! :)

anonymous asked:


Can I just say shoutout to the anon(s) who gave me 4 asks? You guys(?) are the best. 

And I suspect I’m gonna disappoint whoever asked this one …

Originally posted by zarryya

1: sexuality headcanon

I … huh. I feel like he’s vaguely sexless, in that squeaky-clean way a lot of cult people are,. But at the same time cult leaders are kinda known for fucking their adherents, so maybe he’s a freak deep down. So let’s put a nice big question mark in this column.

2: otp

No one. I ship Daniel x jail.

3: brotp

Oh, Daniel and Jen have to have some sort of relationship, right? I could see them as a couple, though I feel like it’d be more of a Harley/Joker kinda dynamic (and not the romanticized version), but if they’re friendly rivals trying to get people into their particular murder-cult I’ll be so unbelievably happy.

4: notp

I wish I liked Danvid because it’s so popular, but he’s … he’s so mean! David deserves better, and while I’m sure there’ll be someone (by which I mean Ciphernetics) who writes a great Daniel redemption arc and will make me begrudgingly like this ship, at the moment I just can’t get there from here. 

I … don’t like him. :(

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

Well I mean @ciphernetics fucking knocked this one out of the ballpark, but in addition … I like the idea that he’s not a natural blonde. He’s painstaking about bleaching his hair so it’s as pure as the rest of him, and it terrifies him to be caught imperfect in any way. 

(This might be part of why the sexuality question was so tough, because sex requires a level of vulnerability and “dirtiness” that I just don’t see Daniel being comfortable with.)

6: favorite line from this character

Originally posted by zarryya

Him being a sassy bitch during the “Better Than You” song:

David: Well friend I don’t know what to say-  
Daniel: Try starting with your resignation.  
David: Let’s end this in the fin-a-le  
Daniel: I’m dying from anticipation!  

7: one way in which I relate to this character

Well, I was … kinda in a cult in college? Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic, it was just a religious group, but there was definitely a hive-mind, “drink the Kool-Aid” mentality that I totally fell for, so that whole “appealing to emotions” thing felt uncomfortably familiar.

On a less angsty note, I also enjoy being mean to David! 

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

The entire Zeemoog speech. It might seem weird to cringe about that if you haven’t said some really stupid, probably religious stuff to a bunch of people who know it’s insane, but it’s … awkward.

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?





in a big way.

Of course, my lovely anon! I absolutely adore this idea - it was really fun to answer! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!


  • Tokoyami is definitely still a student. He’s a pretty awkward high-school kid, very much into the emo/goth scene. He’s the type of teen who’d shop at Hot Topic, paint his nails black and listen to My Chemical Romance, thinking he was a total edgelord.
  • Oddly enough, while some of the students think he’s a little weird, he’s oddly accepted - he doesn’t tend to bother anyone else so very few people bother him. Besides, there’s some funny rumours about what happened to the last kids who picked on him and tried to bully and beat him up, whispers about a ‘dark shadow’ and multiple personalities. They’re probably just made up rumours but most people decide it’s safer not to take a chance. 
  • Tokoyami’s actually really good in school and is top of the class in his literature classes. He’s won poetry competitions and writing contest. He’s definitely tried doing a NaNoWriMo novel a few times before and has either a webcomic or a blog dedicated to his writing.
  • He definitely has an aesthetic tumblr and a Halloween themed tumblr.
  • He’ll want a tattoo the second he can legally get one without his parent’s signatures being needed and will constantly be on the lookout for cool designs for them.
  • He prefers Android phones to IPhones and will have an older model Samsung Galaxy. He’s a texter who hates phone calls and has a million apps on his phone.
  • He’ll pretend Starbucks is too pedestrian for him but he always seems to have Starbucks with him - he’s so dependent on caffeine it’s not funny. He simply claims it’s because Starbucks is closer to the school. He secretly loves lattes, especially pumpkin spice ones.
  • He will write for the student newspaper though his ideas for articles will often be passed by as being too ‘dark’ or ‘depressing’. He’ll become co-editor towards his later years in school though since he’s the best at assembling and piecing together the paper.


  • Like Tokoyami, Shouji is still just a high-school student, though he’s often mistaken for someone much older, thanks to his mature looks and height. He’s had other students mistake him for a substitute teacher.
  • Shouji is really quiet and easily passed over. There’s a lot of times when his fellow students won’t even notice him in class, even if he’s sitting right beside them or his teacher’s will mark him down as absent because they just didn’t notice him in class. It doesn’t help that he tends to always hide in the back most corner of the room and never raises his hand to answer questions - not because he doesn’t know the answers, either. He’s surprisingly smart and does very well in school.
  • Despite being otherwise unremarkable and easily passed over, every sports team in the school has tried to recruit Shouji, thinking that his muscular body and great height will be a great thing to have in their club. He’s turned down almost every offer though - he doesn’t mind helping out people, it’s just that he’s really not that interested in sports and clubs. He eventually agrees to join the wrestling team only because they told him they’d be disbanded if they couldn’t gain another member and he felt too guilty to refuse. How true what they told him is, it’s not known. The student council at his school isn’t actually too strict about those kinds of thing but hey, there’s a first time for everything.
  • Shouji’s always been known as the type to stand up for others and he’ll do everything he can to keep the school bullies from picking on the weaker kids in class or the more outcast kids. He’s a bit of a patron saint to all the outcasts, geeks, and losers of the school and he’ll make friends with almost all of them - at least, he’ll learn the names and grades of most of them and will do his best to smile and say hi to them every time he sees them.
  • Shouji almost always wears an oversized scarf that obscures half his face. If he’s not wearing it, it’s only because he’s wearing a medical mask - he’s prone to colds, especially in the spring-time with all the rainy weather.
  • He has several social media accounts but is only semi-active on one, maybe two of them. And by semi-active, I mean he posts something maybe once a month, if that. He’s just not that into social media or technology much, really.
  • He’s very low-key in his clothing - it’s almost always muted colours and everything just seems sort of well worn. It’s because he almost never goes shopping - his shoes are the worst - they’re so scuffed up and look like they might come apart at any second.
  • He has a part time job as a stock-boy in the mall. It’s not much but he’s generally pretty happy with it - he only works the occasional after-school shift and on weekends but he likes having the extra money. He’s saving so he can take a year off between high school and college - he kind of secretly buys into the romantic fantasy of living in an old van, camping whereever you park, and exploring the world through one long road trip.


  • Like the others, Kouda is still a high-school student. He’s a year younger than the rest of his class though due to skipping a year in elementary school and he’s constantly being reminded of it - it doesn’t help that he looks (and is) young and innocent.
  • Kouda’s always wanted to be a veterinarian and will focus really hard on his schoolwork and extracurricular activities in preparation for his future and to get into a good university. He really enjoys science though, so he’s happy to have to take so many science based courses and he was absolutely ecstatic when he was able to do his co-op program in school through the local pet hospital.
  • Kouda volunteers at a local pet shelter and has actually ended up talking most of his classmates and a few of his teachers into coming in and adopting an animal. It always makes him so happy to see an animal going to a good home.
  • He secretly loves stuffed animals and might have a bit of a collection at home. He has his plushie from when he was a little kid and all the plushies he’s ever won from carnivals. He also might have one or two from the Build-A-Bear Workshop and Tokoyami and Shouji might have been with him when he got them and might have one of their own. It might also be an unspoken rule that none of them ever talk about this.
  • Kouda is mostly, but not completely, deaf and though he can hear very faintly and can speak, he prefers to talk using sign language. He can read lips too but he needs to know that someone is talking to him first. This has lead to several misunderstandings but also makes him the easiest student to prank - people like sneaking up on him since he’s ridiculously easy to scare. All the need to do is get right behind him and thump their hands down on his shoulders to make him jump.
  • Kouda definitely runs a tumblr full of cute animal pictures and not much else. He also helps run the facebook, twitter, and instagram pages for the local animal shelter. Despite appearances, he’s very tech-savvy.
  • Kouda can’t handle caffeine - it makes him wiry and jittery for a couple hours before he just crashes. His friends understand this and have sought out every non-caffeinated drink and treat the Starbucks near their school has so that he doesn’t feel left out and can still head there on lunch with them.

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I'm scared to go to pride - I went for the first time last year and it was by myself. Everyone that was there was with someone else and I just felt really lonely and i don't really know anyone that I could go with. Everyone always talks about pride like this great unifying experience but I just didn't get that and I feel so nervous thinking about going again

I totally understand where you are coming from!! I went to Tokyo Pride last weekend by myself and it was my first time! I felt weird and uncomfortable at first and eventually I just approached a large group of people that looked like they were having fun and told them it was my first pride and I was alone and asked if they would mind if I just tagged along and they were totally cool with it! So I got to enjoy pride even if it was with people I didn’t know!

I know that may seem really hard or awkward, but people are usually a lot nicer than you expect! It took me about 30 minutes to actually approach them because I’m an anxious mess but it really worked out! Maybe you can try something like that or trying to find people in your area through apps/tumblr that are going that may want to hook up and hang out with you for awhile!

I almost didn’t go because I didn’t want to be by myself but I ended up having such a unexpectedly good time with people I didn’t know so I think you should give it a try!!

-Mom Em

Exo Reactions To Them Switching Genders For A Day

I haven’t made a reaction in so long. I’m sorry. This one may be kind of sloppy since I feel slightly out of practice. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *uses his feminine charms to flirt with his members & make them uncomfortable, totally enjoying his new abilities & embracing the perks of being a girl*

Chanyeol: *spends an hour just grabbing his own boobs & being weird, but then makes himself feel awkward & gets shy about it, not wanting to even look in the mirror*

Chen: *uses every little bit of sexuality that he has to get people to do & buy things for him, not feeling bad about it whatsoever because no one will ever know it was him*

D.O.: *so unbelievably uncomfortable that he doesn’t move, leave the house or look at himself at all the entire day, watching the clock & waiting for it all to be over*

Kai: *giggles at everything, even more shy than normal, getting embarrassed whenever he accidentally touches his own boobs or catches sight of himself in a mirror*

Kris: *refuses to do anything where people will see him, even if they wouldn’t know it was him, somehow even more awkward & clumsy than normal, totally defeated*

Lay: *can’t stop giggling at the sight of himself but also can’t stop looking in the mirror, finding himself nice to look at & spending several hours exploring his new body*

Luhan: *acts like he’s super distraught by the idea of being a girl but inside he’s actually kind of enjoying it because he gets to do things without defending his masculinity*

Sehun: *isn’t immediately able to accept being a female, but then sees it as an advantage for him & uses his good looks to manipulate whoever he can (for fun)*

Suho: *sees it as a chance to finally express his emotions without being criticized, actually enjoys it & embraces it, telling everyone he loves them & being totally carefree*

Tao: *literally nothing but the outside changes,  his usual sassy self with boobs, super excited that he gets to wear female fashion & other things seen as girly for guys to do*

Xiumin: *acts as cute & loving as possible just to freak the members out & laugh at their reactions, using it to prank them several times since he doesn’t normally get to*

More Reactions

This should’ve been done two weeks ago!! lololol.. Yay me for not completely losing my shit this holiday! I hope everyone else enjoyed their electrical trees and fatty foods and weird presents 8D

Have some awkward ice skating jearmin! Because let’s face it, Armin would totally have this winter activity in the bag, what with all his “It’s simple really, I read all about the physics of skating and balance and blahablahlblah..” and poor Jean is just “Armin I don’t care, just don’t let me fall on my ass…again..”

-My, oh my, Shootingstar, what are you going to do with the poor little me?

-Shut up, sweetie, I’ve got big plans for you.

That awkward moment when Bill actually enjoys being enslaved. -__-’’’

Does it look like Bill/Mabel? Because they totally weren’t intended. *I am winking under my eye patch*