is it weird that i kind of ship them

That moment when your screaming about a ship to someone and they get you

Me- Shance is such a weird ship cause there is only two ways it can go: pure unadulterated fluff and hurt comfort, Shiro helping Lance with his insecurities and Lance giving Shiro a place to let go of his worries; or its porn. So much porn, I’m pretty sure Lance is Shiro’s pinky toe because that boy is banged on every piece of furniture no matter what.


I really wanted to write some polyfrogs + farmer stuff bc I love my frogs! and I want them to be together and date and love each other! but I also love charmer and chowder and farmer are just the cutest together. sO

  • it starts out as kind of a weird arrangement?
  • chowder and farmer are already together
  • nursey and dex (finally) get together
    • chowder is really, really happy for them. he’s wanted this FOREVER
    • he’s honestly more invested in their relationship than they are. he loves love and he loves his friends
  • they all end up going on double dates together as a result! jerry’s, annie’s, etc.
  • nursey dex and chowder are always bringing big ass signs to farmer’s volleyball games and she lets them tag along when they go out for team win meals
  • farmer against the glass for their home games screaming her head off
  • they get along really well and they’re pretty much always together.
    • nursey has everyone’s class schedule memorized
    • he brings them coffee a lot
  • as a result of them always being together both in a physical sense and in like, a romantic context, chowder kind of naturally associates all of these people in his life with romance and dating
    • he starts feeling kind of… guilty? because he loves farmer! and she’s great and she makes him really, really happy, and they’re great together
    • but chowder also starts noticing how much he likes when dex gives one of those big, full smiles
    • and how when he falls asleep in the haus on the couch, nursey will pick him up instead of waking him up and take him to his room and instead of just laying him down, makes sure he’s under the covers
    • and he finds himself making excuses to be around them even more than he already is
  • farmer gets really confused because chowder won’t meet her eyes sometimes and he goes pink when looking at nursey and dex
  • this is getting long jesus

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Top Anime of 2016

**DISCLAIMER: this is my own personal list of the six shows I have watched this year. And I didn’t watch all of it I just felt like sharing so why the hell not**

In last place:
•Kiss Him, Not Me
This show is great in several ways. I relate to the main character way too much in her awkward otaku-ness and her awkwardness around the boys. The boys+one girl are enjoyable as hell, and I even ship her with two of them (don’t remember names) but the show took on A LOT of cliches and kind of dealt with her weight gain a little distastefully at times. But it’s really funny and if you are a fanatic fangirl like me you should watch.

Fifth place(s):
•Sweetness and Lightning
•91 Days
I couldn’t decide on which I preferred lol, which is funny since they’re completely different genres.
Sweetness and Lightning is ADORABLE AS HELL. It’s like Usagi Drop except without the weird ass ending in the manga lol. The situation the dad is in is relatable for a lot of people, Tsumugi is a delight and the food makes me so hungry. The characters are well done for the most part, and it’s just a cute slice of life.
91 Days is a completely different story. A 1920’s mob story about revenge, it’s been done before but the ride was enjoyable. At first I was put off by Avilio’s lack of character development but that was the whole point, he was completely stuck in the past and hell-bent on revenge. And he actually goes through with the revenge, which few stories like this do. An enjoyable time with a slight depressing ending.

Fourth place:
•Durarara x2
This one might be weird, but I love Durarara. I watched all of season 1 in one day and it took me a while to finish season 2 but I did. It was bizarre, it made me panic, it confused me, it made me laugh. It was Durarara and at the end of the day I enjoyed it.

Third place:
While Erased failed in some aspects of mystery and a general plot twist, this show still gripped me for a ride. The story, the concept, the dark aspects, the imagery-it all kept me at the edge of my seat. Even when good things were happening I knew something bad lurked around the corner. And a shoutout to Satoru’s mom who is one of the best moms out there. The ending was a little weird (I’d say it was better in the manga) but still really really good.

Second place:
•My Hero Academia
First off, shoutout to the opener for making me want to punch a wall every time it came on. This show is short but very fun. The idea of super powers being normal and being the odd one out who don’t have superpowers is pretty neat, Allmight is awesome, Izuku is an adorable baby I want to protect and I didn’t hate his rival as much as I expected too. It made me laugh and then the ending kept me on the edge of my seat. Super excited about the second season.

First place (big drumroll please…):
Yuri on Ice. Motherfucking Yuri on motherfucking Ice.
Do I even need to discuss this one?

Anyways, yeah.
Excited for more shows in 2017.

I feel like shipping voltron characters has become completely random at this point like we have klance and shallura which make sense and I don’t understand sheith but it’s been around for a while and it’s popular but after those three you’re just spinning the wheel and seeing where it lands it feels like some kind of weird roulette and everyone is forced to play along like “okay let’s play the "who do we ship with shiro” game" and then someone pulls the lever and it spins around for a little while like “Pidge!” “Ew he’s like my dad” “shut up pidge no one cares you’re in love now”


a REALLY sketchy comic(?) based on a post from @texts-from-asagao because I love nothing more than the idea of satch calming Jared down after he talks to his mom

do I ship this? I’ll never tell :^3c

Can we stop the ship-sh*tting please?!?

Okay. Last ship-rant for the day because I’m pissed seeing all these ship hate going on. 

Originally posted by sorrowsflower

I believe that most Adlock shippers ship them because of a mentally-stimulating level rather than a romantic level. They are unlikely, weird, exciting – in their own crazy way. And as someone who ships Adlock, we get one episode from season 2, a 3-second mind palace scene from ASOT,  a rose from a deleted scene from HLV, a 0.5 second glimpse of Irene’s photo in TAB, and a freaking validation that Sherlock and Irene still keep in touch after all these years in TLD, so please…

Sherlock and John hugged, which I’m genuinely glad about because I don’t care whether they’re platonic or romantic or whatever. I love how they bring the humanity in each other amidst all the insanity they are putting themselves in. It’s canon that at the end of the day, it’ll always be about the two of them and their remarkable connection towards each other… So please… Just give us the liberty to ship our ship and stop the hate. 

Same note for any other shippers of any ship to just let other shippers be happy with shipping (too much shipping in one sentence to be fair, but you get the idea).

Originally posted by sherlockreacts

P.S. even if they’re just my secondary ship, I am craving for more scenes with Molly because gaaaaaah I love her and she and Sherlock needs more scenes together tbh. I need more of Molly being this badass woman who won’t take sh*t from Sherlock anymore and teaches him a lesson or two everytime he’s being an ass. (So shoutout to my beloved Sherlolly shippers out there too). <3

Originally posted by elennemigo

So that’s that. I’m in a whirlwind of emotions because of this episode so can we please just agree that we loved it and stop kicking sand over each other? Mrs. Hudson will scold us at this rate and we all know we should never get to her bad side. 

It’s kind of amazing to me, because it’s young people that have been talking about it. It’s weird, but these 12, 13 year old girls and boys are having these really interesting conversations about abuse and manipulation and chemistry and connection.
—  Remember when Daisy Ridley ended Reylos and they all saw was one word only and they thought she actually called them and their ship amazing.

anonymous asked:

Why are people so hateful towards our ship?? I don't get it :( we're not mean to them

idk i’m kind of mean sometimes

i can’t sum up EVERYONE because there’s a broad spectrum but the reasons that antis i’ve encountered have done what they’ve done is one or more of these things

  • they just can’t see it happening because the idea of it is too weird (this is what i like to call “antis that are actually semi-reasonable because they don’t pretend that it’s anything more than that”)
  • they think it’s incest.
  • they think it’s pedophilia.
  • they think it’s abuse.
  • ^ all of these things aren’t true about reylo, by the way. the incest one might be if the writers screw the pooch, but who knows
  • they fundamentally misunderstand the subtext to kylo ren and rey’s relationship which i cannot entirely blame them for because some of the more overt references to it got cut from the movie and are only available in the books, ie, “You have compassion for her”
  • they do surface-level analysis of things and water down complex characterization to inappropriate labels (KYLO IS AN ABUSER/NAZI/WHATEVERTHEFUCK!!! REY IS A PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL SUNSHINE STAR CHILD!!!)
  • they pit fin.nrey against it
  • they choose to ignore actual canonical/official content that comes out or attack the people that wrote it if they disagree with what was created (Claudia Gray got attacked really badly with her book Bloodline)
  • they think that they are more morally pure than us
  • they’re twelve year olds that just don’t know any better or they’re forty year olds that should know better but are still mentally twelve
  • they have savior complexes
  • they’re just miserable, spiteful people
Ship Meme: Blue Beetle

Hey everyone! Here’s the ship meme, as requested. This is going on YJ blue beetle b/c I haven’t read any of his comics yet. Feel free to request more of these, I love doing them!

Gives nose/forehead kisses

He does - especially when he thinks you’ve been in danger, in which case he’ll look you over for injuries like a worried hen and plant little kisses all over your face and neck. 

Gets jealous the most

It’s kind of a weird situation, but it’s not either of you who get jealous of other people: it’s the Scarab, because Jaime was his first friend and stuff and the Scarab feels like you’re stealing him, sort of.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

That’d be him, except he usually tells you to meet him outside and flies there. It’s not often you really get drunk, but neither Jaime nor the Scarab will even think of letting you drive if you’ve had a drink. You’ve found it’s kind of comforting to listen to what sounds like Jaime talking to himself as you’re being carried home.

Takes care of on sick days

It goes both ways. If you’re sick he and the Scarab will sort of team up to make sure it’s nothing serious and that you’re comfortable, while when Jaime gets sick, you find him absolutely adorable and, if you can, take the day off until he feels better.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Dragging Jaime (literally) might be taken as a threat and would probably end badly. On your first beach trip together, he was thinking of flying you out low over the water and dropping you in until he found out that deep water terrifies you. So you stick to the shallows and the sand, and are perfectly happy, thank you very much.

Gives unprompted massages

That’s your department. Usually it’s at the end of the day when you’re watching TV together, and he’s started to fall asleep; you’ll just reach over and start rubbing his shoulders without looking away from the screen. The first few times he woke up confused and a little scared like he thought there was danger, but both him and the Scarab have gotten used to it and look forward to it now. He never says anything, but he’s always hoping you’ll do it again.

Drives/rides shotgun

Neither of you really has a preference, and you’ll usually take turns.

Brings the other lunch at work

Jaime does, and it’s the cutest thing in the whole world. He flies there with the food (usually something his mom insisted on making) but walks in in normal clothes like a nice, normal boyfriend and all your co-workers (rightly) think he’s adorable.

Has the better parental relationship

Are you kidding Jaime’s family is awesome, unless you have seriously amazing parents, he wins this round.

Tries to start role-playing in bed

It happened once. We do not speak of it.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

You are a terrible dancer regardless of blood-alcohol level, but that doesn’t stop you and Jaime from dancing to the radio in the kitchen whenever a song you like comes on. Sometimes he stops dancing and just watches you with this goofy lil smile because he think’s you’re super-cute.

Still cries watching Titanic

He doesn’t cry, but he always gets mad because “there was room for both of them on that raft.” He’ll still be muttering about it all the next day.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

Halloween sort of sneaks up on him usually so you have to throw things together, and don’t have time to plan anything special.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

I think he’s much more likely to do something than buy something as a gift; like if there was snow, he’d build both of you a fort to spend Christmas in. That kind of thing.

Makes the other eat breakfast

Jaime has good instincts when it comes to these things, passed down to him from his mother, and he will absolutely insist you eat something before you leave. Like he’ll be all arms crossed and giving you a serious lecture, and then he’ll stop, listen for a minute and sigh. “The Scarab says to tell you your blood sugar’s kinda low and if you don’t eat you’ll probably pass out.”

Remembers anniversaries

Both of you because you’re a pair of sentimental, gooey, adorable goofballs and it’s honestly kind of sickening how in love you are.

Brings up having kids

Neither of you does for the moment, since you’re so young. Maybe in the future if (when) you’re still together/get married, because let’s face it. Jaime would make an amazing father.

Submitted by Anonymous

Ok so I develop crushes super easily and TBH I’m probably polyamorous.
Anyway, confession time. I was at a convention a few weeks ago cosplaying Otabek. I spent the majority of the day interacting with other YOI cosplayers, and I kinda fell for this one Viktor cosplayer. They’re adorable and seem to be a genuinely nice person. We added each other on Facebook and Instagram and they’re fun to talk to, and every time they post a selfie (in or out of cosplay) I get butterflies in my stomach.
I think it’s kind of hilarious. I cosplay Otabek right now and I’m working on a Viktor cosplay. They cosplay Viktor right now and are working on an Otabek cosplay. So if we did get together it’d be either Viktor/Otabek (a weird ship imo), or it’d be Viktor/Viktor or Otabek/Otabek selfcest.
We’re not getting together though, because I have absolutely no intention of pursuing them. My boyfriend wants a monogamous relationship, and I love him and 100% respect that. Plus THEY have a boyfriend and I don’t know if he’d be okay with someone else having a crush on their partner.
Still, the desire to flirt with them is definitely there, and I really hope the crush dies down soon because I’ll be seeing them at a con in a few weeks, they look way too cute in both their YOI cosplays, and I really do just want to be friends with them (and NOT have my heart race around them lolol)

azuthlu  asked:

Hey there... So kinda a weird request, but I'm looking for some fics where Harry's abuse features prominently. I want some where he is actually affected by the 10 years of abuse he went through. It can be the main focus or just have a real emotional affect on him. (Claustrophobia, flinching if someone touches him abruptly - or similar stuff.) Thank you in advance

Hey @azuthlu​, not weird at all! One of the important, kind of unique things about this ship is exploring the characters’ histories, and for Harry that includes a history of abuse. This was a bit of a hard thing to pin down because there are many more fics that mention it in passing than fics that really address it, and it’s a hard thing to search for because it’s described in so many different ways. So I’ve listed them in two groups - one where it’s a key point and one where there’s some mention. I’m sure there are more of these, so invite people to reblog and add their own recs. And as always, please remember to leave love for the authors!

Drarry Recs: ft. Harry’s Childhood Abuse

As a Significant Point

Conquering the Dark by @noeeon - NC-17, 23.5k - Harry’s a Healer specialising in the care of children, Draco Malfoy’s an expert in neuromagic at St Mungo’s. A difficult case forces them to work together and, in the process, unearths some of the trauma of the past, as well as the chance for healing in the present.

He Who Must Not Be Normal by @letteredlettered - NC-17, 41k - Potter has fame and fortune and posh clothes and all he wants is a simple life.  Draco has a flat and a cat and a steady job and all he wants is a complicated life.  Which makes you think this story has something exciting like body-swapping, but it doesn’t.  Instead it has Indian takeaway and a blue jumper and people wanting a whole lot of what they can’t have, discovering themselves as they discover each other.

It Never Occured to Me That I Would Fall in Love With a Frenchman by lamerezouille - PG-13, 6.5k - Harry kisses Draco in a public place. All hell breaks loose.

Nightingale by michi_thekiller - NC-17, 62k - God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. -Jacques Deval

Nothing to Be Ashamed of Except Shame Itself by Frayach - NC-17, 12k - Dirty & delicious – Harry has a hang-up, and Draco has a new fetish. [Please heed the warnings!]

A Piercing Comfort by talithan - PG-13, 44.5k - When Harry Potter hits the lowest point of his life so far, it is not his friends who keep him honest. With Draco Malfoy’s patience and guidance, Harry learns to stand on his own. The thing is, after the fact—he’s no longer sure he wants to.

Squib by Kestral Sparhawk - NC-17, 52k - Harry has a respectable life: devoted to his family, teacher to the least-talented of the Wizarding community, retired hero. The Prophet hasn’t caught on to a few things, such as the fact that Harry is gay. He and Ginny want to keep it that way. It’s not a great life, but it’s his – until one day, an old school rival comes by to investigate his class. Suddenly, Harry’s life is no longer predictable.

As a Mention

Crossing the Canal by MushroomAnn - M, 61k - Harry is trying to find himself, and Draco is trying to hide away. An unexpected meeting in Amsterdam teaches them that the past is nothing but water under the bridge, and that sometimes, what you need most is just a bit of bad luck.

IDK My BFF Hermione? by @letteredlettered - NC-17, 19k - Draco’s a hot mess. Harry’s lovin’ it (hell yes).

Mother of Pearl by geoviki - M, 15.5k - After Draco Malfoy turns up again a year after the war, Harry is determined to uncover the mystery behind his Order of Merlin.

No Shadow Taller Than Our Souls by khasael - G, 40.5k - Auror Potter and Unspeakable Malfoy team up to investigate a series of missing persons, and it soon becomes apparent that Dementors are involved. Despite their initial misgivings, Harry and Draco find that they need each other’s help, in more ways than one.

Seamus is Seamus and You are Yourself by Ari Munari - PG-13, 31.5k - Harry goes through some er… changes in his Sixth Year and everyone, including Draco Malfoy, sits up and takes notice.

Tea and No Sympathy by who_la_hoop - NC-17, 70k - It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always. At first, though, the time loop seems liberating. For the first time in his life, he can do anything, say anything, be anything, without consequence. But the more Draco repeats the day, the more he realises the uncomfortable truth: he’s falling head over heels for the speccy git. And suddenly, the time loop feels like a trap. For how can he ever get Harry to love him back when time is, quite literally, against him?

We’ll Always Have Paris (and London and Madrid and Tokyo and Cairo) by themostepotente - NC-17, 10k - It’s Murphy’s Law (or rather Merlin’s Law) for Harry when he accompanies Draco on holiday. 

Wildfire by abbycadabra - NC-17, 20.5k - “I’ll make you scream,” Potter whispers, and Draco can think of a thousand other things Potter could make him do, but he doesn’t think any of them will feel this good.

robinasnyder  asked:

So I don't know if you're taking requests, but if you are (and totally understanding if you don't wanna do my weird request), I am sick and suffering and I have a fave invisible ship which is Poe/Techie. If you could write anything with them even sharing space together I would be so happy. Especially if it involves any kind of traded smiles, blushes or nose kissed. Any bot of fluff at all. Thank you.

no problem, darling! your wish is my command!

From the moment Techie awkwardly plonks himself down at the bar, he feels like he’s being watched.

Armitage has told him that it’s paranoia developed from years of abuse and neglect within the Ma-Ma Clan, but there’s a shiver to Techie’s pale skin that tells him that a pair of very real eyes are on him, warching his every move.

He orders a light drink, a fruity wine with a low alcoholic concentration, and a double whiskey for the empty seat next to him, knowing that Armitage will be along shortly like he promised.

Sipping at his pink wine, Techie’s eyes carefully scan the room, thankful that it’s not too busy for a midweek evening, soft jazz music coming from the band in the corner. It’s no surprise that Armitage had chosen to meet him here; it’s the perfect mix between lavish and sleazy for his brother’s…tastes. He just had to finish a meeting with Master Ren in their hotel room and then Armitage would be here, the last night of their shore leave.

It’s only when Techie feels himself relax that he sees him, the man with soft brown eyes sitting in the corner, staring at him. Techie swallows hard. The man is extraordinarily beautiful, his brown hair tousled up in a mess, reclining back on his chair as though he owns the place. He smiles at Techie, scrumptious lips turning up at one end, and Techie turns around, expecting some tall, confident and pretty individual to be standing behind him, being the true recipient of the handsome man’s smile.

But as Techie turns back, the man’s eyes are still on him, still smiling. Techie blushes, drinking some more of his wine. That man can’t be looking at him, Techie thinks to himself; with his ridiculous red hair and big eyes and too-thin body. A man like that needs strength.

“Is this seat taken?”

Techie gasps, recoiling in his seat at the soft tone that seem to match the soft eyes of the beautiful stranger. Up close, Techie can see the sparkle in his eyes, his entire being radiating a warm allure that Techie just wants to melt into.

“Erm, yes. I mean–no, well, technically yes. My brother should be here soon,” Techie stammers, cursing his shyness.

The stranger laughs. “I see. Mind if I join you until he arrives?”

“Oh! Are you sure? I mean, there are plenty of others who deserve your attention more than I do.”

Techie’s eyes scan the man’s face, though his expression doesn’t harden.

“You caught my eye,” the stranger says, sitting down on the bar stool next to Techie. “I don’t want to talk to anyone else.”

“O-oh my,” Techie blushes again, fingers twisting in the hem of his yellow shirt.

“Can I ask you for your name?” The man asks, leaning forwards as though trying to catch Techie’s gaze.

“Techie. I’m called Techie.”

“A unique name.”

“It’s a nickname. My preferred name.”

“Ah,” the stranger nods. “I’m Poe. Nice to meet you.”


With his messy hair and shining grin and–oh stars–those dark and lustful eyes: Techie wonders why he hasn’t fallen off of his chair yet. The name echoes around Techie’s mind, albeit a little annoyingly, as though he’s heard of the name before, but Techie forgets it, supposing that he has and for no important reason.

They talk and laugh, and it’s not long before Techie realises that he hasn’t felt this comfortable with someone since Armitage. Poe’s entire being seems to radiate calmness, soothing Techie’s skittish mannerisms until he feels completely relaxed in Poe’s presence.

“Don’t see many redheads around anymore,” Poe comments, eyes lapping up the sight of Techie’s glorious red hair.

“Yeah. My brother and I are the only ones I know,” Techie finishes his wine.

Poe sips the whiskey that had been left for Armitage.

“I like it,” Poe says, chuckling, fingers reaching to brush against the ends of Techie’s long hair.

Techie holds his breath, watching with a wildly beating heart as Poe leans into him, lips puckering, eyes devouring him, and Techie doesn’t stop him.

“Oh, stars, Poe,” Techie moans, desperate for the kiss of this handsome Prince Charming–


Techie gasps, startled, immediately recognising the sound of his brother’s angered voice. He turns, seeing Armitage standing a few feet away from them, fists clenched, eyes ferociously angry.

“General Hux,” Poe greets playfully, hopping off his stool, and Techie suppresses his whine at the lack of kiss. “Pleasure to see you again.”

“Get your hands off my brother, fiend,” Hux shouts, eyeing where Poe’s hand rests against Techie’s shoulder.

“Brother–? Oh. Shit. Redheads,” Poe nods as the realisation hits him.

“Tidge, wait,” Techie says, standing next to Poe, wanting to take his hand but doesn’t, feeling much too afraid.

“Step away from him, Brendol. He’s a wanted man,” Hux sneers, holding his ground.

“Brendol Hux,” Poe turns to Techie. “Yikes. Now I see why you prefer ‘Techie’.”

Before Techie can quickly comprehend what’s happening, Poe’s face is alarmingly close to his own, breath warm against his skin, lips wet against the very tip of his nose in a chaste kiss before Poe winks at him and darts off through the back, leaping over tables for a quicker escape.

“Dammit,” Hux growls. “If only I had my blaster.”

Techie doesn’t hear him. He’s too busy staring doe-eyed at the back door, silly smile on his face, still focussing on the tingling sensation that Poe’s lips has left on his nose. But still, Techie is determined to get a proper kiss; with or without Armitage’s approval.

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Tuck Everlasting and Dear Evan Hansen?

anon u kno me so well 

Tuck Everlasting

Favourite Character: Miles
Least Favourite Character: the deputy 
Favourite OBC Cast Member: um???? probably andrew keenan bolger but i hope bob lenzi lands every role he auditions for from here on out. also sarah charles lewis literally blows my mind okay u know what im obsessed with All Of Them
Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): n/a :(
Favourite Song: fuck!!! so many!!! but probably everlasting i cried )): 
Least Favourite Song: seventeen….literally this show had One Job which was not to include That 
Favourite Act (If Applicable): act 2… the time ballet sequence was. Holy Shit
Favourite Ship: jesse tuck x happiness??? 
Least Favourite Ship: winnie x jesse. like i said. one job
If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: like i said. one job. also the orchestration was kind of Shit like what was that tinny weird instrument thing also why did it sound southern its literally in the northeast

Ratings: 7.5/10 (that’s like objectively as in actual quality but i enjoyed the fuck out of it dont get me wrong)

Dear Evan Hansen

Favourite Character: idk i love Fictional Connor 
Least Favourite Character: they are all so important don’t do this but probably cynthia
Favourite OBC Cast Member: ben platt what the HECK 
Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): tis currently OBC
Favourite Song: requiem i have literally been crying for a week 
Least Favourite Song: only us 
Favourite Act (If Applicable): act 2 i cried 
Favourite Ship: impartial 
Least Favourite Ship: evan x zoe. its not bad i just dont care about it
If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: okay i have a Lot of feelings about this but i feel like it would just Make Sense if evan was gay? like idk man like it would add a whole new dimension to him feeling isolated and would make for a really interesting side issue of his character arc. 

Ratings: 9/10

send me a musical!

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yo i'm not a supporter of all this harassment, but i noticed you said in some posts that there's no proof del posted pedophilia/incest, or reblogged it. i was just wondering if you've seen the callout post whinesworld made? they have screenshots tho -søt pai

((Literally i’ve been staying out of this for the most part but hey lemme tell you-

just because you ship it doesn’t mean you support it. sure it might ‘trigger’ some people but for others it’s a way to cope and some people just have weird interests. Really, you can’t blame them. That’s my argument for the incest part because no matter what there’s always going to be those kinds of shippers in any fandom and that doesn’t mean they’re bad people. And the lack of proof is in the pedophilia case, did del specifically say in those posts that the person in that drawing is underage? no. Did Whinesworld show anything like that? No. Has Del actually harassed minors? No, in fact, minors have harassed him, and he blocked them because of it. That’s just my side of the situation and I’m just here thinking hey, all of us make bad fuckin choices in our past, right? -mod tord))

carrot is such a kind of…..weird character bc even though i’ve seen so many people claim in the tags of my edits that they LOVE her and want her to join the crew i almost never see anyone ever actually……………talk about her?????   or write fic or headcanons about her??  or draw fanart/comics of her that show her personality and interactions?  

like i know there ARE some people who do and i really appreciate that, and i know i haven’t done aaalll that much myself, but it’s just….i don’t think i’ve ever before seen a character in op who so many people say they love/want as a recurring character yet who gets such little content and exploration.  it’s very odd.

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I kinda feel weird abt the Supercorp/ Sanvers problem. Like, a lot of people think that the fandom loves Supercorp so much bc its abt 2 white women, while sanvers has Maggie in it... and I almost feel guilty of shipping more supercorp than sanvers.

Floriana is white my dude. Also for me personally I just find Supercorp to be more interesting in terms of story, like the whole Super/Luthor dynamic, whereas Sanvers is cute but it’s also just kind of… boring? I still like them don’t get me wrong, they’re just not as intriguing. Also I find Lena and Kara have more chemistry tbh, Kashy can’t contain the gay.