is it weird that i kind of ship them

Hey pals. Apparently this is a thing that we, as an internet femslash community, need, so it is time for Grouchy Aunt J’s Guide To Fandom Deportment.

1. I know that you really like your favourite actors, especially the ones involved in your fave wlw ships. I totally understand this! They are pretty, and wlw fandom is really fun, and if your ship is also a canon ship then it is super exciting and validating to see yourself reflected in media that you love. I, too, love that feeling and get really passionate about the media that I watch, which is why I am a Fandom Old.

2. The actors in your favourite ships are people. Like, real people, with anxieties and food preferences and sometimes they have weird hair days and some of them are introverted and some of them are extroverted, etc etc etc. When they are acting in your favourite media, they are going to work.

3. Part of an actor’s job these days is to sometimes be around on social media. Sometimes not! If they are kind/friendly/available on social media, that is a fun perk of someone who is going the extra mile for their job. You are not entitled to this.

4. Even if you super like a ship and are really passionate about fandom, there are things it is not alright to do. Actors are people, and when fans start treating them poorly it is unkind and potentially frightening or traumatic. Plus, your behaviour reflects badly on all fans and means that fandom as a whole doesn’t get to have nice things anymore. (Thanks, jerks.)

5. It is never okay to:

  • harass actors on social media because something about their character is interfering with your ship/they’re not supporting your ship enough/they’re supporting the wrong ship too much/their character is problematic/the ship you think their ship is better than is problematic/just whatever please stop it this is not their problem. Tweeting at them will not fix whatever is upsetting you on the show you like, but it is probably pretty hurtful for them and not something they should have to put up with.
  • harass/question actors who are involved in queer ships about their sexuality in public spaces. People’s sexuality is private, and being involved in portraying a queer canon or subtext ship doesn’t give fans the right to know about an actor’s queerness or lack thereof unless they choose to volunteer that.
  • tell actors on social media about any sexual fantasies you may or may not have about them, b/c sexual consent also applies to actors.
  • send actors unsolicited links to/hand bound novellas/lovingly hand-lettered scrolls of fanfiction, especially smutty fanfiction, especially especially if that author is not aware that their fic is getting sent to actors inappropriately.
  • send actors your nsfw fanart about them, or someone else’s nsfw fanart about them, oh my g o d.
  • ask them to read your fanfiction or autograph your fanfiction, damn.

5a. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: would I, or another a reasonable person, want to see this [insert fanwork of varying levels of nsfw] about a representation of myself/themselves? Most actors are actual people who find this just as upsetting as you might find it, if someone drew fanart of you and then brought it to your workplace.

5b. Yes, I know, there is a certain amount of distance involved in creating fanworks because they are about fictional characters and that storytelling and play is one of the things I love about fandom. But I also never, under any circumstances, would want any of the actors involved in my ships to read my fanfiction because it would be super uncomfortable and that’s the point

6. Also, your favourite actor’s non-actor family and friends are just that: not actors. Don’t bother them. Don’t - hypothetically - stalk them and try to catfish them to get information about your favourite actor. It’s super super not okay and it’s a huge boundary violation.

In conclusion: social media is super great and has changed fandom in a lot of neat ways, but having cool TV and movie actors available to connect with in that way is a privilege, not a right. Let’s all act like we are worthy of it.

My AU’s reputation is off track :/

now these never bothered some people but it still bothered others, and the talk about this AU behind my back isn’t what I wanted it to be known for, stuff like:

  • these toon characters look weird in anime style:

it’s a style I tryed out when I first made this whole blog, and personally, I do agree on that matter, I preffer them with more cartoony looks

so I totally understand, that is someting I’m fixing with every new pannel; everything will be less anime with time I assure you (if you can’t already tell)

not major changes tho, just more rubberhose like limbs, the faces stay kind of the same

  • this whole AU is one big shipping/yaoi feast:

I still don’t get why my AU is known for that! people like to ship these characers but I assure you theres nothing of the sort,

 the only thing like that is how Felix has a thing for Oswald, I guess..

I’m not gonna be an asshole who’ll stop anyone from shipping or drawing ship fanarts or roleplaying for this AU, but like I said before, it ain’t canon!

I hope less people think of my AU as an excuse to ship characters, it’s really getting a bad reputation for that

it’s just an adventure story !

and please don’t spread roumors behind my back! if anyone has a thing they don’t like, I would love if they say it to my face;

I’m never a crybaby when it comes to criticism

(sorry for any gramatical errors, I really needed to get this of my chest)

puffyball13  asked:

I loved billdip for a long time but often other fans of gravity falls said mean and rude things about it and to those who ship it? As a fellow shipper, I ask for your wisdom to tell me why?

Hello sweetheart, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply you.

For your question, I pretty much don’t want to discuss about this publicly but I think it would be better if I say it out one more time. 

As much as I hate to admit this but BillDip is neither the most popular ship AND the most hated ship in this fandom, the reason can be summarized in one word: pedophilia - which stands for a relationship between an adult with a child. Others reasons is about abusive relationship or some sort.

If you ever want an advice from me, let me tell you one thing, that is certainly important to remember if you ever see someone harrassing the ship again: they are fictional characters. None of the thing we artists/authors draw/write are real, it’s just our own imaginations. 

Sure when I say this some of you might wonder: “Then it’s okay to ship pedophilia with fictional characters because it’s your imagination?”. If I answer this in my very opinion, I’m the kind who would like to build a proper relationship for the couple I like so I can avoid all the bad things happen to them, but if I answer this in the role of all BillDip shippers, I must say yes and no, cause we all people and we have weird tastes in something sometimes but that not mean we support/are that kind in real life, fiction and real life are really, really different, please remember. It’s like watching some Disney movie which make you wondering “How the heck can two characters fall in love in like one day?”, but yet you still ship them. Yeah, that’s pretty much it mate, fiction don’t happen in real life. 

So if someone don’t like the ship please just move on, this fandom is not about us shippers so don’t pull the rage to you by yourself just because you don’t like it or want people to stop shipping it, trust me, they won’t stop…

5 Things to know about the Danny Phantom Phandom

1. They are absolutely insane. The show has been cancelled for 10 years and the fandom is still very active and engaged. They just don’t know what to give up the ghost (pun COMPLETELY intended because, this phandom lives on dead puns)

2. A good 50% of Phandom headcanons and materials are better, more interesting and more well thought out than canon. About 30% is the most heartbreaking, disturbing, horrifying angst you never imagined could exist. The remaining 20% is the weirdest, most bizarre crack that become phandom inside jokes.

3. We talk about a reboot a lot but Hartman recently put up some new material speculating on what happened to the characters and most of the Phandom huddled in a corner around their beautiful fics and headcanons and hissed. Most Phans live for the fanon and have no interest in adhering to proper canon.

4. The shipnames are weird af and you have to squint your eyes and turn your head to make sense of half of them. Like??? Timely Intelligence? Makeup Honor?? Psycho Cereal??? What kind of names are these (you don’t even want to know what these ships are for because some of them are wiggity wiggity whack yo)

5. Everyone fandom has their dark spots but I can truly say that after 4 years very active in the Phandom and 8 years on and off, this is one of the nicest, most open and welcomes fandoms I’ve ever been in. There are problems sure but I met some amazing, kind and talented people in this fandom.

So, this is weird, and idk if it’s just me, but…I think I actually ship Klance more than I used to? Not that I didn’t love them before, but it’s a different kind of love now. And I think the fandom feels that way, too…this past year, we’ve thrived on mostly fanon content: fics, art, headcanons, etc. A lot of that would incorporate canon into it, but efforts were focused on the fanon aspect, on what they could be, on interactions they could have. But now…I’ve seen more meta on the characters and their relationship during the season over the last few DAYS than I have over the course of this entire YEAR. Most, if not all of the Klance content I’ve seen this weekend, art included, has been based around their actual, canon interactions in the show, and not our HOPES for their interactions.

I think that really, really says something.

I think that one of the things I really truly love about Victuuri is that they’re one of those ships you can imagine doing those weird little relationship things? Like some ships are so Serious and you can’t imagine them doing anything but IDK Solving Crime. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But Victuuri is a ship made to be imagined with an air of domesticity. For example:

Yuuri tries a new kind of protein bar, takes a bite and makes the universal expression for what did I just put in my mouth.

“This is gross,” Yuuri mumbles around his mouthful, and holds it out to Viktor. “Taste it.”

Viktor, unthinkingly, leans over and takes a bite. 

“Erg, why did I just do that,” Viktor says, chewing laboriously.

Yuuri grimaces at the protein bar as he chews and then swallows, glances at Viktor and says, “Do you want the rest of it?”

“…Yeah, I’ll take it.”

And also:

Driving around Saint Petersburg, Yuuri resting his head on his hand and looking out the window. He sees a street name that tickles him a little. “Lanskoe. Lanksoo. Lakeshoe. Canoe.”

“Lanskoooooe,” Viktor says from next to him.

“Lakeshoe,” Yuuri says, still mindlessly staring out the window. “Say it with me. Lakeshoe. Shoes for lakes. Lakeshoe.”



Attention Buzzfeed Unsolved fans

I’m not sure how old you all are or how long you’ve been on Tumblr but I’m assuming a large portion of you have been around long enough to understand what I’m about to say.

I’ve been on this website for the better part of five years and in that time I’ve watched many fandoms I held dear turn sour and toxic at a surprisingly sharp rate.

It’s painful to watch. Don’t make me watch it happen again.

If you’re like me you love Shane and Ryan. You love watching those goofy boys argue and hunt ghosts. That we can all agree on.

Something I can already see small fights starting about is whether or not shipping Shyan is okay.

We need to be more mature than past fandoms have been when it come to shipping real people.

If you’re against the shipping of real people please be respectful of those who do. Go with the classic if you don’t like it don’t look and please don’t attack those who do.

This is how fandom wars start. This is what we don’t want.

Now if you do ship Shyan you also need to be respectful also. You need to not push your ship on those who don’t ship it because at the end of the day we all love the boys. But also remember to be respectful of Ryan and Shane themselves.

I know some may not like to hear this but Shyan is for fun. You can’t go hating their actual girlfriends for getting in the way of your ship. That’s just rude and frankly weird behavior and gives fandoms a bad name.

Also never contact Shane or Ryan about the ship. It WILL make them uncomfortable. This kind of thing is fun and fine between Tumblr accounts but don’t comment about the ship on YouTube videos or their Instagram’s. That’s how these kind of things go from fun and light to toxic.

I’m giving you a small flash into an old ship called Septiplier. It was between two youtuber gamers and for a while it was all fun and games. Even the youtubers joked about in videos but it went from fun to toxic quickly when their girlfriends received death threats and they were hounded about the ship on every form of media. Even now after a year and half since the ship died because both gamers cut nearly all contact with each other to the public the ship is still always talked about. This ruined not only ship but the personal friendship of these two.

This is the last thing we want between Shane and Ryan but trust me it can and will happen if the fandom gets out of control.

So I act you, fellow fans of Buzzfeed Unsolved, to keep a level head. Have fun, make art, make fanfic and crazy theories that Shane is a demon Bigfoot monster but whatever we do, don’t let this fandom become toxic.

I’m not even sure if this was coherent but I’m hoping we can all keep this in mind. Please reblog and share with other fans to spread the word. Likes are fine but get the word around with a reblog. Also feel free to add on if you have anything worth saying.


For “Humans are weird”

(Remember, please, English is not my first language)

The Captain of the ship looks at the few humans who showed up to his announcement (he needs to hire humans, every other Captain says it’s necessary!). So he looks at them and, well, they look like every other human.


There’s a but.

He and his crew have a dangerous mission to face. The Captain doesn’t want normal humans. He wants the very best.

“You,” he calls the first one. She introduces herself as “Francesca”.

“Human Francesca,” the Captain says, “I heard a lot about your world and your… Kind.”

“Yes, sir?”

“I need you to call some of your people, I want to hire them. I have their names.”

“Sure thing, sir. You found them on a list or…”


“Beeks, sir?” Francesca asks, frowning.

“Yes, Human Francesca, be-oh wait. Books.”

“Books, sir? As in… A guide?”

“No, they were history books. And video sources. So, can you contact the humans I want or not?!” he becomes impatient.

“I’ll do my best, sir.”

“Good. The names are: mr. Harry Potter - I read his story, I want the Chosen One for this mission!”

“Oh,” Francesca finally understands. “Sir-”

“Don’t interrupt me. Eragon and his Saphira, I want them too. I can pay them a lot. I also heard about a man, a scientist, very smart, who can turn into an incredible, green…”

“Hulk?” Francesca mutters.

“Yes!” the Captain nods. “You know about him too.”


“I’m not done. There’s a girl, they call her “banshee”? Red hair, from a place called America. She’s in another crew at the moment, I think… A “pack”. I don’t know the name, but I’m sure you’ll find her. And a man who can move metal. He’d be very useful, they call him “Magneto”.”

Francesca doesn’t know if she’s going to laugh or to cry in frustration (no alien will ever believe her if she tells them those people don’t exist).

“And Stormborn.”


“Mother of dragons. Find her. I want her in my crew.”

Francesca is going to need a pizza and a beer to chill, after this.

“And the last two are men. I heard the first has fought alone and won against a lot of enemies. I need someone like him. His name is Rambo.”

“Of course,” Francesca murmurs. It’s going to be an awful conversation.

“The last one is probably the most important of the entire group. Everyone says he’s the greatest human who ever lived. He moved Earth with a kick!”

Francesca doesn’t want to listen to this anymore. “Sir? Listen, sir, it-”

“This human is called…”

Basta, per favore. Sir! Those people…”

“Chuck Norris. Bring me Chuck Norris.”

Francesca shuts up… And nods.

She’ll have to change ship, there’s no other way.

Taking requests because I want to draw many stuff :D

I will make sketches for the first 12 requests on my Askbox . I will close the askbox when the slots are full. 

What  I can draw:

My OCs
Your OCs (I’ll let you know if your request was chosen. Then you must post your OC’s reference in your blog and tag me so I can check it. )
Characters from TV Shows
Characters from videogames
Ships (Yeah I’ll do it, BUT not about real people, only about the things I mentioned up there, and remember, no weird ships, or at least a ship that could make sense a  bit lmao)

If you want the character(s) doing something specific, don’t forget to mention it in the ask!

What I can’t draw:

Three or more characters interacting.
Machines and all those kind of complex stuff
Nsfw/(+18) content
Hard gore stuff

I’ll post all the skecthes when I finish all of them.

galratrash  asked:

I love your texts so much!! They give me my daily dose of love from my fav ship, and their crew!!! I'd love to see a Keith and lance messaging about their last night together, where maybe they had like a Netflix and chill that went too far. And Keith is like asking lance if things would be weird between them, and if he liked it. And lance is nervous and super cute about the whole thing saying how glad he was they spent the night together. I hope you understand. Love youuu 😍😍

i freaking loved this request and i love you lmao!! i hope this is kind of what you were going for!! 💜

my god i’m definitely writing a fic about this someday

Genesis - 7.19

It’s a fashion-light episode but it DOES involve Spot, so. 

We start with Riker in sickbay getting some sort of spiny plant removed from his back after things “started getting romantic” with him and another crew member in the arboretum. 

Fuck so hard I roll over dangerous plants and don’t give two shits

Nurse Ogawa is here, which is always a pleasure, and she’s rocking a seriously voluminous updo, sort of a 1940s meets 1990s sensible French twist. I’m sure she loves having to remove Riker’s sexytime plant spines. That’s definitely what she went to Starfleet Nursing Academy for. 

Barclay is also in sickbay, because: Barclay.

He literally claimed he had something called “Terellian Death Syndrome” which is honestly a terrible name for a syndrome

Beverly has asked him repeatedly not to search the medical database before coming to her (AKA Never Search WebMD), but of course Broccoli does. She’s got her gorgeous strawberry shortcake season 7 hair happening:

MFW Barclay shows up in sickbay for the third time this week

The other patient being tended to is also a beautiful redhead:

The laying on of hands

Spot is pregnant and at first I was like “HOW THE FUCK DID SPOT GET PREGNANT” but apparently a) there are 12 male cats on board and b) Spot has a tendency to sneak out of Data’s quarters.

Okay, listen.

1. If there are AT LEAST 13 cats on board, WHERE ARE THEY? I want a Bridge Cat.

Bridge Cat: artist’s rendering

2. HOW IS SPOT GETTING OUT? This is a fucking SPACESHIP. Shit should be LOCKED DOWN. It’s literally AIRTIGHT. I GUESS she could sneak through, like, a vent or something but if you’re going to have cats on board, you need to PLAN for their fuckery.

This could be really bad

3. If the cats are WANDERING THE SHIP, aren’t you worried they’re going to end up in the warp core? Or that even just their fur is? WHO IS VACUUMING UP ALL THE FUR.

Anyway, Crusher is apparently also a veterinarian (which I guess makes sense since she treats all sorts of species) and says that Spot should deliver her babies soon. Nurse Ogawa then says that she’s also pregnant! THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT LATER, which is the only reason she says it.

Also important for later:

Oh yeah gimme that t-cell injection

I’ll just tell you now that all the weird stuff that occurs in this episode is a result of Broccoli’s mutated t-cells after he gets this shot (or something). It’s (enjoyable) nonsense so don’t worry about it. I just wanted you to see how much he loved getting this hypospray.

Picard and Data have to drive through an asteroid field to get a stray torpedo (bad). Data asks Barclay to keep an eye on Spot, since she’s about to give birth, and she likes Barclay best of all the people on board. You can tell by the way she looks at him:

This IS my “I love you” face

Broccoli is pleased, because no one likes him.


It’s actually very sweet; Barclay even seems to know something about cats and asks Data where she’s planning to have her kittens.

With Barclay’s luck, she will have them inside his pants while he’s wearing them, somehow

I just really enjoy Data’s display case here, with his violin case juuuuust open enough to let all the dust in, but not quite enough to actually see the instrument.

Spot’s in good hands:

Yarn, Spot? You cliche

Elsewhere on the ship, Worf is having a fucking feast:

No I asked for a SIDE of tentacles

This looks delicious, actually. Giant turkey leg? Some kind of weird dried fish? Potato salad on a bed of green beans? I’m in. 

Troi shows up, a little upset that Worf didn’t wait for her, since they planned to have lunch together. He’s mean and it’s weird. You can already tell something STRANGE is happening on the ship, mostly because Troi is NOT wearing a jewel tone:

Eileen Fisher for Spacefleet

Drink this look in, kids, because it’s one of the two non-uniform looks in this episode. We can see here that I THINK Troi is wearing some Danskin shimmer tights with her beige on beige minidress and matching waterfall cardigan. The color is not what we usually see on her, but it’s not terrible (except for my pre-existing anti-beige bias). It’s certainly along the lines of what I wear when I’m lounging around.

Secret pajamas except it’s not a secret. It’s just pajamas I wear in public

Ed. note: I copied that picture of my cat Violet to my clipboard earlier when I was making the images above and I accidentally pasted it here and I can’t bring myself to delete it.

Troi’s hair has reached its astonishing season 7 pouf levels and I just love everything about it. Anyway, Worf is acting like a real dick, but we do get another good look at those Ten-Forward outfits.


If I ever attend another con, that’s going to be my look because houndstooth is everything to me.

Later, Worf’s dickishness turns into something MORE:


This scene is super dark and it’s not totally clear what’s happening, but Worf basically just destroys his own quarters, including his pillows, then cuddles up with them on the floor. We do get a decent look at Worf’s jammies, which are brown and might be made of varying colors of burlap.

If anyone was gonna wear burlap pajamas, it would be the Klingons

I’m not sure what’s going on with that shoulder detail, but it can’t be that comfortable to sleep in? But again - Klingons aren’t exactly a culture that considers “comfort” to be something to aim for. If you showed a Klingon an Aerosole, he would 100% cut it in half and throw the halves in your face.

These PJs might also be linen, which would be WAY nicer to sleep in, but a little off-brand. I mean, a Klingon in linen? Can you imagine? Hold on, you don’t have to:

Pure white to better show off the blood of my slain enemies

So everyone is acting weird. Troi is like “I’m cold. I need a bath,” and walks off the bridge. The next time we see her, this is happening:

Deanna, sweetie? It’s more relaxing if you take your uniform off

As she’s taking her fully-clothed bath, Worf busts in and:


It’s actually very upsetting, and at first neither of them even really know how to react either:

Oh god did I just bite you

Did you just fucking BITE me??????

Troi goes to sickbay, where she gets my favorite disco blanket:

Disco Blanket: Because why shouldn’t a blanket be iridescent

To be fair, emergency blankets ARE shiny, so.

You better believe that’s an affiliate link, friend

Okay so THEN Crusher is examining Worf and she asks him to open his mouth and HOO BOY was that a mistake.

Does the replicator not have the recipe for Listerine, or

He SPRAYS her like a fucking dilophosaurus!! 


Later someone says her injuries were so bad that SHE WILL NEED RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY. That means in every episode after this (not many, but still), we are seeing a RECONSTRUCTED BEV. 

So everyone is losing it, basically, which doesn’t explain why Broccoli thinks this is a normal way to stand:

Is this how a human? Does a stand? How is stand

Finally, Picard and Data come back, and when they arrive, the Enterprise is just adrift. They board and find this:

Sir, if the t-shirt does not spark joy when you touch it, the book counsels you to throw it away. I was unable to apply this method as I do not feel joy, nor any other emotion

It’s the shed skin of a reptile, which: whaaaaaat? Ain’t no reptiles on this ship!

Narrator: actually, there were reptiles on this ship

Troi is still in the bathtub when Picard and Data find her, and she is like, half lizard because the t-cells released when Barclay got that hypospray are making everyone de-evolve. Sure. She looks terrible, which is a real feat since Marina Sirtis is such a Betty:

Honestly she’s still p hot

I think my favorite part of this makeup is the gecko-like fingertips. Excellent detail. Love the scales, love the contacts, love the unripe banana shade of green they used. All great. 

Data and Picard go check out what else is happening, and they find a caveman at one of the control panels:

Not a Starfleet regulation haircut

But what’s this? It’s not a caveman at all! It’s…

I heard dramatic eyebrows were back in

…Riker! I guess! The makeup on Frakes here is SO heavy that it’s not immediately apparent that it’s Riker, except that he’s wearing command red and has a beard. Plus, Picard says “Will?” upon this reveal. 


I’m saving this as my “flipping the bird” image to use forever.

Data and Picard manage to subdue Riker and get him to sickbay, after which they go to Data’s quarters to use his computer. But guess what happened?


Spot had her babies! They’re legit VERY small kittens and very cute. Data says they’re hungry, and wonders why Spot isn’t taking care of them. And then comes one of the best shots since chicken in the hallway:


IT’S AN IGUANA WEARING SPOT’S COLLAR. SPOT DEVOLVED INTO LITERALLY JUST AN IGUANA. I laughed so hard at this shot and I REALLY wanted the kittens to interact with the iguana, but they didn’t. I don’t know if that iguana was even on set.


Data notes that the kittens didn’t turn into baby iguanas, so he thinks maybe there’s some kind of cure for the devolution from pregnancy? Or something? This is where Nurse Ogawa’s recently-announced pregnancy comes into play. So he goes to sickbay, and Picard goes to see what’s going on in Engineering, and finds:

Help meeee

Barclay devolved into, like, a spider? I guess? Because this gene mutating thing is just nuts and does whatever the effects people think will look cool. (And they all do look pretty cool.)

Nurse Ogawa has devolved into Standard Neanderthal #4:

On loan from the American Museum of National History

And finally, the big boss: Worf. Worf turned into something with an exoskeleton that was able to make this dent in the sickbay door:


Picard and Data speculate that Worf thinks Troi is his mate (sure) and he’s trying to get through the door to her, so they synthesize her pheromones to draw Worf away from sickbay so that Data can focus on making a cure with Nurse Ogawa’s pregnancy hormones. Obviously. But first Picard has to get out of sickbay.


Picard manages to lure away the Worf-monster, which looks like this:

Part beetle, part conch shell, all covered in chocolate

It’s hard to see what’s happening but what you can see is just really gnarly:

Are there horny toads on Klingon?

Ultimately, Data is successful in making a cure and sends it through the air ducts so everyone on board is fine. And when Barclay finds out that it was his treatment that started it all, and that he might have a disease named after him:

A hypochondriac’s dream


Amy & Signe

So I wanted to talk about the fandom stuff with Amy and Signe, because its been on my mind and bothering me for a while.

Disclosure: I’m not making this post to fight anyone, more to just discuss my personal feelings. I know no one does any of these things with malice or bad feelings, and therefore you shouldn’t feel bad !

So I’ve seen a lot of people, typically under 16 girls (trust me, I get what that experience is like and I dont fault anyone for being this way) making comments that cross some serious boundaries.

For example, when Mark posted the picture of him in his suit a while back, many people went crazy because they were sure he was “marrying Amy,” although it was very obviously for Wade’s wedding. When Mark has in the past said there were “big announcements”, etc, many people automatically assumed and went wild thinking he would propose to Amy.

Others recently after Seán said he would like to have a baby daughter, went crazy to both him and Signe to have a child.

Woah guys.

I cant speak personally for either of them, but that would make me incredibly uncomfortable if I were either of them. Besides, assuming that either Signe or Amy are in the same place as you (are ready for marriage or children) is kind of rude and way over the boundaries. It’s none of our buisiness, either !

They’re all only in their twenties, and Mark and Amy don’t even live together. There’s nothing wrong with them just dating and being young people (because truly, they are), without worrying or anticipating or planning BIG decisions like that.

I get that as fangirls/fanpeople you guys love that they love each other and love seeing Seán and Mark happy. But that deep of involvement in their own personal lives, encouraging/expecting/wanting them to get married or have kids, is really not okay. Both of them have expressed confusion / slight uncomfort with the shipping community of their relationships, because to be frank, that’s not really our buisiness, and a lot of us say things that are very creepy and strange.

I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t love Signe or Amy, but we shouldn’t love them of extensions of Mark or Seán, instead as both artists, amazing, funny, kind women, and creators. And you can love them without pushing unhealthy and weird expectations onto their relationships.

In sum: please respect Amy and Signe’s boundaries. Let them enjoy their boyfriends without going ship crazy. Let them be themselves and live their lives while they are at this point. They’re real people, and their lives progress in a nuanced, original way, not like fictional characters. Nothing is set in stone and we don’t get to choose or encourage how things work out or how time passes. As fans, that’s not our job and we shouldn’t cross personal boundaries like that.

Thanks for reading.

I imagine, that humans would be more violent in our way of getting revenge. Like, I think that some sort of alien would anger a human and cause the human to want to get revenge, like killing a family member. So, I imagine, this really, like, badass mom, that had captured the captain of a space crew, and was keeping it hostage on her Captain’s spaceship, unbeknownst to them all. I imagine this mom being all sweet and kind to everybody on her spaceship, until the news came to her about how a enemy ship tortured and killed her son. I imagine all of that kindness, all that sweetness, everything that makes a mother, draining away, leaving only an empty shell with an unquenchable thirst for blood. I imagine she keeps the captain of the enemy spaceship in her room for days on end, starving it, torturing it, and being the Savages that all of the aliens seem to forget that we are. I imagine the captain checking up on its crew members, more specifically the mom, because her son was a valuable member to their crew. I imagine the captains shock , horror, and confusion at the sight of a tortured, bloodied, almost dead alien. Not just any alien, the captain of an enemy ship. And then to add a plot twist to it, instead of being the stereotypically like angry person, she’s like The Psychotic happy one. Alien captain:(alarmed and terrified ) what’s going on? The mom: (smiling, though covered in electric blue blood, while holding a bat) (sweetly) nothing~ (add on if you want! All additions are welcomed!!!!)

Destiel is just a part of Cas and Dean

I’m kind of fed up with some of the anti-shipping stuff I’m seeing going around making out that Destiel takes away from Cas and Dean’s characters or in some way people who ship them are only interested in this aspect of the characters.

It’s like there’s this weird universe where people can’t see that a relationship is just a part of a person’s life and I worry for these people and what they think should happen in real life.

The whole point of Destiel is that Dean and Cas have their own characters, personalities and endgames. They are currently and will continue to help each other get to these endgames, but it is NOT that they are each other’s endgame in themselves!

This is a ridiculous and frankly upsetting notion to me, that a person’s life and happiness hinges just on another person?! This is so unhealthy in reality - I don’t want it in fiction, thank you. 

Much as we see in other stories the idea is that the character has their own endgame which is generally to end up happy and the “best them that they can be”. The relationship is just a part of the way to help this develop eg. Ariel, Belle, Lizzy Bennet & Mr Darcy, like… all good love stories?! I wrote about this in more depth here… just cos I love how Destiel can literally be liked to Disney, classics, bloody Shakespeare…because it is just a standard trope, it is a love story.

Cas rebelled and loved humanity before he met Dean, he has always felt ‘different’ and like he didn’t belong. He wants more. Dean is helping with this, he has taught him Free Will, to belong with them etc etc.

Dean has always struggled with low self worth and a lack of self acceptance and faith. Cas is helping with this, he continually strives to show Dean that “he deserves to be saved / good things do happen” - from their FIRST MOMENT. 

I mean, there’s loads more but those are just the bullet points.

Yes, their endgames are interlinked but they do not FIX each other like a bandaid by covering up and negating all their issues, what they do is address these issues alongside other factors (like Sam, the overriding story arcs etc) and therefore complete each other.

And that is a beautiful and healthy love story.


i am actually surprised by the fact eren x levi got a huge fanbase like??? tf is wrong w the majority of people??? levi isn’t a pedophile??? he wouldn’t want to fuck around w a 15year old kid??? they don’t have that kind of relationship?? eren sees levi as his superior and continue to be that way??? levi sees him as a fucking kid??? like he sees isabel or other kids from the 104th??? to think of them having romantic/sexual relationship is??? too weird??? why ship the 104th kids w the veterans??? they are KidS and if anything they look up to the veterans as parental figure/ as their superior and the veterans see them as.. their junior??? as kids or younglings?? why ship the kids with the veterans when you CAN SHIP them with each other??? shit fam i’m all here for eremika, eremin, mikarmin(?), jeankasa, jeanmarco, mikannie, springles, jearmin, reibert, beruanni, yumikuri(!!!), etc etc

johnny’s fans are so hardcore because a lot of us don’t even speak japanese properly but we can remember the lyrics to all the songs in an album as well as the dance moves that go along with them and most of us have never met them in our lives and we live off translations and subs knowing that we probably wont be able to see them for another few years and when we fangirl/fanboy we get called “weird” for liking “asian boys who look like girls.” we pay for overpriced merchandise + shipping costs and we have to wait a few days for a kind fangirl/fanboy to upload a tv performance/show for us and sometimes the quality’s so bad that we cant even see our bias’s face but even then we’re grateful to the uploader and our hearts do the crazy thing when we feel so happy. and despite (probably) being one of the most diverse fandoms, i feel like we’re also one of the tightest. 

anonymous asked:

Why do you fetishize gay relationships ICK

Hello, anonymous person.

My answer to your question depends on which way you mean ‘fetishize’.

Fetish (the root word) is defined three different ways.

  1. an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.
  2. any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.
  3. Psychology. any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

Regarding the first definition… I’m pretty sure two people in a relationship aren’t ‘objects’ in a literal sense. And, personally, I don’t believe in magic in the real world, so you can’t mean the first one.

Moving on.

Regarding the second definition… I can’t really argue with that one. Mostly because my ships are ideas derived from a group of people. And, I do have respect and enough devotion toward them that I spend some time on this website sharing ideas and art with those who also feel this way. So, I guess, in a sense, it is defined as fetishization. So, on why I do this? I don’t know. It just makes me happy to talk and write about two idiots in love.

However, I don’t think you meant your ‘question’ this way either based on the very necessary use of ICK.

Onto the final definition then.

Now, in society, the word ‘fetish’ is widely and most commonly used as a way of categorizing odd things that turn people on. For some people, gay relationships are only seen as two people of the same gender getting it on and that’s it. That kind of thinking is what makes the third definition of fetish. 

But, for me, when I look at my ships, I see two people who are in love and support each other as well. Sex is just a natural part of that love; it makes the love between two people stronger and more stable. No happy and lasting relationship can be made on just sex alone.

So, the third definition just doesn’t fit here.

I hope I was able to help, anon! 

Facts about disgusting beard man and his family (these are all from the formspring, so they're canon!)

• odin IS worried about leaving ava behind.

• they don’t have cable tv

• the arrow kids do roughhouse occasionally, and if his sisters were to be particularly annoying odin would sit on them

• odin has aquaphobia

•maggie’s branch is what saved odin from dying during the ship crash

•of the hosts, odin has the highest EQ (i.e reading people, empathizing, etc.)

•odin dislikes mornings

•odin sings very quietly in the shower, and won’t stutter if he knows the lyrics by heart

•if odin saw you drawing on yourself, he probably wouldn’t warn you about ink poising, and instead be like “aww lemme give you a sweet prison tattoo”

•odin only teases people he’s comfortable with

•odin dances horribly, but no one has the heart to tell him that.

•odin would make a hardcore bear at build a bear workshop

•odin’s fave movie genre is horror

•odin is the type of guy to win a girl a stuffed animal at a carnival!

•odin would walk their date back


•odin likes incense

•odin likes hard rock bands

•odin’s self-esteem is like -1

•out of all of the hosts so far (being maggie, ava, odin, and gil) odin would be the most likely to go to a mosh pit at a concert

•raven would have actually shot odin if he hadn’t backed down

•crow and raven are 12!

•odin truly knows what it means to be starving

•out of all of the current hosts (ava, gil, maggie, and odin as of now) odin dislikes his demon the most.

•odin’s favorite movie is Robin Hood (kind of weird since his fave genre is horror according the formspring, but w/e)

•if odin were to receive a Valentine’s Day gift, he’d think it was a joke

•odin is 5'11 (180.4 cm)

•those panels where odin loses his stutter when talking to maggie (when they were on the ship) happened due to story reasons

and that’s it!! this was really long but worth it. I thought it’d be convenient to compile them all, so all you artists and fans can use it as red headcanons, theories, fanfictions, art, etc. (i know i would. seriously, some of these are real good tidbits of info.) if you guys have any more characters you want me to make a list of, just send me an ask and ill do it!!

edit: This post is getting a lot of notes, so I decided to also give credit to tumblr user asterweich for having the screencaps compiled under the ava’s formspring tag. without them I couldn’t have compiled all of these facts!! they haven’t messaged me about it but my sincerest apologies to the user, whom i didn’t credit earlier. i really should have, and again i extend my sincerest apologies

Aliens & Humans

A story about the whole Humans are Weird thing… She’s just a girl, average kind, that wakes up one morning in a space ship. Aliens took her from Earth claiming she’s one of them. And now she wants to go back home, but she has to fight for what she wants and believes in and stuff like that, to not lose who she truly is (from her point of view at least). Would you guys like to read that? Because I find I would enjoy writing it!