is it weird sharing my own pictures


I always find it super cool and interesting to see before and after photoshop pics so I thought why not share some of my own! 

if I can I will just stick to changing the colors of a pic like here but sometimes I will remove a few face spots or change the eye color also sometimes it can be a blessing to remove those annoying con bracelets.

I always wonder what do you guys feel like is too much photoshop for a cosplay picture? I personally feel a bit weird about changing the shape of you face/body but I do work with shadows/highlights to bring out those cheekbones sometimes.

anyway I always feel like it is good to remember that loads of pics online are edited and definitely not an accurate representation of the world. 

“Over a casual dinner with my stepdad a few months before my 30th birthday he mentioned that he might get rid of his vinyl collection. I asked if he would let me hang onto it for him. Perhaps permanently? He agreed. When he shipped it out I was so thrilled. There were so many classics from my childhood I had forgotten about and also an incredible assortment of classics I had not forgotten about, but was overjoyed to rediscover on vinyl. Pictured here I am holding Disintegration by The Cure. This was the first LP I bought for myself at the start of my own personal collection. I don’t keep the two collections separate. When I buy a new piece of vinyl I just slip it in between a Yes record and a weird random soundtrack from the 80’s and that feels right to me.” - Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara

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anonymous asked:

i mean this in the most polite way i possibly can but could you explain why you don't want people to tag your art as kin? do kin make you uncomfortable? i'm genuinely just curious

i am uncomfortable with people taking work i’ve done of characters i enjoy and drew for my own reasons and reducing it to ‘look at this picture of me’. i don’t know you (general you), and i didn’t draw something for/of you - drew it for myself because i like something and felt like sharing. it’s weird and invasive to me to take someone’s work and go ‘ah yes, this complete stranger drew a portrait of me because they love me’, and it really makes me not want to share fanart, but people do it anyway and i just deal with it because the alternative is not posting anything at all, which blows.

what i am 100000% not okay with is people saying they’re kin of my own characters - they are important to me, i have spent years - over a decade in some cases - with them, and they are not you. they are a way for ME to express MYSELF, and they’re very personal - it’s like claiming that you are somehow a part of ME in that case, and i couldn’t not be less okay with that.

in short: idgaf if you’re kin, but i don’t make things for you, so please don’t claim that i do

nudes ;; kendall jenner smut

“Toss me your phone, babe. I wanna see the pictures we took today.” Kendall calls out, extending her hand. I pulled my phone out from the back pocket of my shorts, gently throwing it to her and she caught it in her hands. She and I had travelled New York today and we had taken way too many pictures. After we’d grown tired, we’d gone back to the hotel and she’s instantly flopped onto the bed, which is where she was chilling now. 

While she flipped through my photos, I was halfway through changing into my pajamas, having pulled my top off, leaving me bare waist up. I was never a believer in bras, and I was comfortable enough with Kendall to where I could walk around the hotel room like this. Getting down onto my knees in front of my suit case, I unzipped it and began to look for a shirt I could wear to bed when I heard a small gasp coming from Kendall. Curious, I paused my search for a shirt and climbed onto the shared bed instead, crawling over to her. 

“What’s up?” I question, a brow raising in curiosity. She looks up from the phone and turns the screen to me, showing me my own nudes. When I see them, I simply shrug, unbothered by the photos. I’m literally topless in front of her right now, the pictures shouldn’t be that weird. 

“I accidentally scrolled back too much, and landed on this.” She mumbled meekly, a red blush covering her cheeks. I simply laugh, shaking my head at her. 

“I took these for fun last night. At least my tits look nice, right?” At this, I grab my chest, giving them a playful squeeze. Something changes in Kendall’s eyes and she nods her head slowly, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. 

“Of course they do. They always do.” She mumbles in reply, seeming almost entranced by me. 

“I bet you think about touching them all the time.” I reply without thought, not caring too much. I was very open with my body, and besides, its not like she would answer positively. 

“I do.” Surprisingly, her voice is confident, and I’m slightly shocked by her answer, but I instead of reacting negatively and putting a shirt on, I crawl closer before sitting on my knees and arching my chest towards her. 

“Go on. Squeeze em, they’re real.” I tease, a grin making its way onto my lips. With hesitance, Kendall’s hand cups one of my boobs, giving it a firm squeeze as her palm accidentally grazes over one of my nipples; I can feel them hardening at just that. 

“They’re nice.” She compliments, simply massaging my breasts, and her other hand had quickly joined. The feeling was pleasurable, and I accidentally moan out, turning pink right after. 

“Sorry, that just turned me on a little.” I mumble sheepishly, and when I look at her, she’s already leaning forward, lips crashing onto mine as her thumbs swipes over a hard nipple. Again, I’m surprised by Kendall’s actions but don’t fight it, my tongue entering her mouth. 

The two of us are making out, and her hands are on my chest, giving them all the attention they need. I momentarily pull away from her so I can adjust myself to where my legs are on either side of her waist, straddling her. My hands find hers, plucking them off my chest and pinning them onto the bed, before my mouth is attacking hers once more, hips grinding into my best friend. This is a strange turn of events, I’ll admit, but I’m not complaining. 

“Keeps your hands there, Kenny.” I purr out as I let go of her wrists, now using my hands to unbutton her shirt, revealing her lacy black bra. I squeeze her breasts through the bra, marvelling in the delicious sound of her moan. I can feel myself growing increasingly wet as my hips roll into hers. 

“Are you wet for me, Kenny?” I question, a small giggle escaping, as I unhook her bra and toss it aside along with her shirt. She nods her head, a moan of approval escaping in reply. I duck my head down, my lips latching onto one of her nipples, already hard and waiting for my tongue to swirl around them. While I’m happily giving her tits the attention they want, my hand creeps down her stomach and into her pants, past her panties to feel her little pussy. 

“So wet for me.” I answer my own question, pulling her shorts down her legs and her panties afterwards, leaving my pretty friend completely naked. Soon, I get off Kendall, looking at her naked body in appreciating. I tug my own shorts off, and of course I’m not wearing panties either (underwear isn’t my thing). Hooking one leg under hers and the other over, I look at her for approval before I push my hips into hers, the feeling of her wet little pussy against mine sensational. We both moan, and I begin to roll my hips at a steady pace, our clits rubbing together. 

“Fuck, babe,” Kendall moans out, soon matching the rhythm of my hips and we’re scissoring in sync. She grabs onto one of her tits, massaging it while one of my hands finds her head and tangles my fingers in her hair, giving it a light yank. 

“Keep fucking my, Kenny.” I whine out, continuing to rock my hips against hers. The continuous stimulation I’m getting from our clits bumping together is causing a quick orgasm, and I can feel it bubbling in my stomach. 

“I’m so close.” My hip movements are becoming sloppy, and I slip a hand between our legs to apply extra pressure to Kendall’s clit until I can feel her stopping her movements completely, and orgasm rushing through her moments before mine comes. Still, I don’t stop moving as I ride out my high, messily moving my hips against hers until we’re both shaking from the aftereffects of the orgasm. I untangle myself from Kendall, and she flops down onto bed, soon joined by me. 

“All that from my nudes? I should’ve taken some sooner.” I breathe out, a small giggle escaping. This was the first time I’d done anything like that with a girl that wasn’t a stranger, and hopefully not the last time with Kendall. 

First Dates (Olicity fic)

A/N: This started off as a dialogue-only fic, and…well, it wasn’t working as well as I wanted it to, so I tweaked this and played with that and it ended up here. 

Full disclosure – the idea for this came to me as I was bored at work and browsing the arrowtags blog (guys, you do stellar work – thanks for entertaining me!) and came across this gifset and the comments underneath it. I don’t know if anyone has actually written on this idea before (I haven’t seen anything), but it amused me so much that I just had to pen something. So, in a way, I suppose you can all blame fernlicity, susannahmccormick, fiacresgirl and thecolourpurpleinafield for this one. 

Tagging chronicolicity because you asked. :)

First Dates

Summary: Oliver and Felicity’s first date didn’t end as well as they’d hoped. A year later, they reminiscence, and consider how much has changed.

Read on AO3 or below. 

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because i am such a fundamentally weird person, i can’t really relate to buzzfeed relatable lists so im going to make my own buzzfeed relatable list based around my experiences that may be relatable to some, but not to all.

the list will be called “11 times we were all kinkshamer69” and some of the relatable moments will include:

“the time you ate a bagel bite off the floor”

“bringing dish soap to work because you are genuinely upset by the lack of soap and refusing to share it with anyone”

“having nightmares because you saw a picture of really scary looking birds on tumblr”

more to come!

not only is this my first selfie of 2016, but after almost 2 years of being out as an ftm transgender person and over 3 years of asking myself many questions; one of the most frequently being: “who am i?”, i have some awesome news to share with all of you…

i recently (literally yesterday) found out that i have an appointment scheduled with a plastic surgeon next monday regarding top surgery, and that i’ll likely be able to get the surgery itself over my spring break of this school year (march 25th - april 3rd)!

the struggle of having to literally carry this burden is a good chunk of my body dysphoria, and i am so relieved that i will not have to be dealing with it for much longer. i’m so incredibly happy as well because i’m now one step closer to looking like my “ideal” self, and feeling more comfortable in my own body.

i’m so glad that i’m able to share all of these moments of my life with all of you, and that each and every one of you has an amazing new year! :)