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No but do you see that look on Elsa’s face? That soft realization? It’s a little thing, what Anna had asked of her: to tell her if their family had family traditions on Christmas back when they were together, but the look on Elsa’s face tells us that she understood the unintentional meaning behind Anna’s words: that since their separation as children, the family, even without Elsa, never really celebrated Christmas with Anna, because shouldn’t Elsa be asking this question? Anna asking this meant that the royal family didn’t have any traditions during the time Elsa was locked away. The King and Queen didn’t want to exclude Elsa, and decided to not to celebrate it entirely. The way Elsa looked at Anna after her question; the hint of a sad smile that did not connect with her eyes, which held a gradual realization as she turned her head to her sister: she’s realizing that no, we didn’t have a family tradition because for the past 13 years, we never celebrated Christmas. No, we didn’t have a family tradition because we were never a full family on Christmas. 

And Elsa knew, she knew she was the cause of all this, that because of her powers, she was the one who stopped them from having a family tradition like a normal family, because her family was too nice to exclude her from them. She was the one who stopped Anna from having the joy of  celebrating Christmas with her family, the joy of a family tradition she deserved.

“I’m sorry Anna. It’s my fault that we don’t have a family tradition.”

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At long last my semester-long quest to finish my Mercy sculpture has been completed, and hot damn am I happy with how it turned out

I’ll probably be taking more pictures with a better background later, but for now enjoy this video turnaround, or check out more pictures under the cut!

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Alan Turing, the man who saved the world by deciphering the Nazi Enigma code, committed suicide after a year of being forced to undergo chemical castration as punishment, because he was a homosexual man.

The man who saved the lives of millions was, although not quite, mutilated and tortured. Why? Because he was gay.

This is one of millions.

Don’t you ever come to me whining why there isn’t a straight pride day.

Pride is for the LGBT community because we have endured years and years and years of oppression and injustice and hatred. We’ve been tortured and killed and denied of basic human rights because of our sexuality/gender identity.

Since you all seem to want it SO BAD. Take the LGBT pride march, take the pride month, take whatever you fucking want and give us the systematic and social freedom that you have in return.