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“They sure like to review everything …”

how are you gonna argue sherlock is gay based on circumstantial evidence and then ignore that he’s trans based on circumstantial evidence. how are you gonna say one thing is stupider than the other or more of a reach than the other when they’ve been equally as explicitly stated. why are we all agreeing sherlock and john were texting each other based on a Feeling or better yet making up code systems but as soon as someone notices something that can mean sherlock is trans IN A WAY THATS NOT EVEN A STRETCH COMPARATIVELY suddenly we’ve gone too fucking far. just admit that without big name meta-ers holding your hand, you would have never gotten to tjlc on your own and would not have seen sherlock holmes as gay in 1895 because that’s what i’m feeling rn. and yes, i will be rude about this, in my own new post, not naming names, which is nicer in my opinion than people jumping onto someone else’s HARMLESS post just to refute it for no good reason.

To have touched each other’s hearts but never each other’s skin is a tragedy all on its own. Destiny or coincidence, walking the same hallways and driving down the same streets but a little too late. A bit too soon. A sea of bodies separating the two that crave to meet. It’s okay. It’s alright. Maybe another time, another place, another life.
—  Loveleen Saini
The Colony Part 1 - Stranger

First of all I wanted to thank you guys for all the responses I got on my Gilmore Girls post and I´m even more glad that so many people apparently are Team Logan too.

Today I started writing and I really just intended to do a short Imagine, something cute and yet exciting.
And what happened?
I wrote the first Chapter to a new series.
Even though I didn´t plan it, it´s kind of convenient, because Roommates is coming to and end soon, and I need another series to follow it.

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Summary: A little over a year ago, the Zombies came and everything went to hell. You survived and somehow ended up in a small camp in southern Oregon, together with a few other survivors.
Life is hard, but you´re good at fighting and as long as you are looking for food or killing Zombies to protect your new family, everything is okay and you are fine with the fact that one day you are gonna die.
But when one day a handsome stranger appears and saves your life and you end up taking him home with you, you learn, that there is still more to the world than surviving.

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Warnings: Zombie!AU

Length: 790 Words

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You were just pulling back the knife with which you had just beheaded the zombie right in front of you, when another one suddenly appeared out of an alley and knocked you to the ground with his full weight.
You cursed, as your back hit the ground hard, making you lose your blade and it slid just out of reach.
With both hands, you tried to hold back the creature´s jaw from your face and it was very hard, given the fact, that he was super heavy.
Just when you thought, that you couldn´t hold him any longer, that this was it, that this was the moment you were going to die, after fighting in this god forsaken world for over a year now, you heard a muffled noise and suddenly the zombie dropped dead, right on top off you.
Surprised and also alerted, because you had no idea who had killed your attacker, you pushed the corpse off you and grabbed your blade before jumping to your feet.
Standing only a few feet away, his gun still raised, was a pretty handsome guy you had never seen before in your live.
He didn´t live in The Colony, wasn´t part of what you now had closest to family since it all began.
“You could have hit me”, you stated, as you realized that he had fired a bullet on a target that was only inches away from your head.
He shrugged: “I didn´t.”
He said it matter-of-factly and after all he was right so even though you still felt mildly threatened by the stranger, you said: “Well, thanks, I guess.”
Now the guy put away his gun, which you took as a good sign, and started grinning: “You guess? I just saved your bacon.”
“My bacon didn´t need saving”, you stated even though you knew it was a lie.
He never stopped grinning: “Well, you´re welcome anyways”, he said while he bent down to check the pockets of the creature.
You only then noticed, that the zombie looked a lot better than most of them did, probably a fresh turn.
Deciding, that there really wasn´t any danger coming from your savior, you put your weapon back into your belt and thought about what to do.
“So, where are you from?”, he asked now, his back still facing you.
You weren´t sure what to say, didn´t want to just give away your camp´s location. Sure, usually you took in strangers, but this one seemed so … experienced. He was no scared woman or a lost family. He looked like he knew how to fight, which could be handy or really, really dangerous.
“I´m from around here”, you admitted vaguely, still trying to decide what to do.
He got up now, sliding a briefcase into his pocket: “So you´re from that camp just out of town?”
He knew about The Colony?
Starting to feel a little uncomfortable, you shrugged: “Maybe. How do you know about us?”
He shrugged: “There are high walls. Mostly that means there is a camp behind those walls.”
You couldn´t argue with that, so you tried to focus the conversation on him: “Are you alone?”
The guy shook his head: “No, I´m out here with my brother and my best friend. We´re coming from Kansas.”
Your eyes widened: “Then what the hell brings you to Oregon?”
“We´re always on the move, trying to find the right place”, he explained, “and I have the feeling it might be yours.”
“I can´t just bring a stranger with me to camp”, you said with an uneasy feeling in your stomach, “let alone invite people in I never met, like your brother and friend.”
The guy smiled now, you liked his smile.
“I saved your life, isn´t that something?”, he offered. You still weren´t sure: “I don´t even know your name.”
“Dean”, he said immediately, “I would give you my last name, but what are they worth in a world like this?”
That attitude you liked: “Okay Dean, I guess I could organize you a meeting with our leader.  But just you. Your group has to wait where they are until we confirm that you´re alright.”
Dean nodded: “Alright. Lead the way…”
“(Y/N)”, you offered.
He smiled: “Lead the way (Y/N).”
You started walking into the right direction and he followed you.
You could feel his eyes roaming over your body, not in a perverted way, but definitely in an admiring one.
“What?”, you asked a little unpleased, but not really scared of him anymore.
“It´s a really nice bacon”, he explained and grinned.
At first you were confused, then you sighed: “Are you always this smug?”
“Only on days that end with a –y”, he joked and you decided, that you liked him.

Jumin Han Fic Chapter 3

Heyyo kiddies. Sorry this is super late- I was crazy living in the real word this week. I plan to release a chapter of this fic 1-2 times per week. I also received some headcannon requests so I will be posting those soon too. Please show this some love- AND ME SOME LOVE KTHANKSLOVEYOUBAI

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Jumin Han had never felt this way before. “How dare she disrespect me like that.” He thought to himself angrily.

To say that he was fuming would be an understatement; the members of the RFA, especially Zen, would find his anger hysterical. He felt a mix of emotions yet again but anger was at the top of the list; coming in at a close second was curiosity. From the way the girl had spoken, surely she knew who he was, however, she still treated him so coldly. “Why on earth is she treated me so harshly? Does she not want my money or my affection?” he thought to himself while he watched her fade out of his line of sight, her long locks flowing in the cold autumn air.

“Jumiiiiiiin baby.” He heard a nasally whine and a tug on his arm. He turned to see one of the girls holding his arm, a saccharine smile painted her face. She cooed, “Why don’t we get out of here and go have lunch somewhere. You should call your limo and take us to Z Restaurant. I heard the famous chef RamG gave it like 5 stars and after we can go off…” he words trailed off seductively as she ran her hand down his chest.

 Jumin slapped her hand away and started walking. “Please refrain from touching me, my tie is worth more than your entire existence,” he angrily spat. He called up Driver Kim to have him take him home, he had to look over some contracts and did not want to miss anything. As he left the campus he laughed to himself slightly, “How comical,” he thought to himself. “All the women I meet throw themselves at me for either my looks or my fortune, but that one despises me for it.”

 He decided that he would not bother himself with such trivial matters. Surely this was all part of her plan to use him somehow. He squashed his curious thoughts and decided to move on with his life. Not wanting to waste any more time on this he got into the limo as Driver Kim opened the doors, and decided to enter the chat. He told everyone exactly what had happened. Naturally, Zen and Luciel were making fun of him, surprised that the stoic man was reacting to someone so strongly and saying that opposites “attract”. Jumin only held a mere form of curiosity for her and that was mainly due to her rude attitude towards him and her short temper. Deciding that he was not going to waste so much time on someone so uncouth, he said goodbye to his friends, a long day of work was a head of him and he wanted to enjoy the rest of his 10-minute drive to himself.

The next day in class, the professor assigned a project and he wanted the class to partner up. Naturally, all of the people in the room with two X chromosomes immediately turned to him, ready to pounce, everyone but one that is. “Unfortunately, I will be picking the pairings.” The professor said, flinching as he received daggers from most of the women in the room. “All right, the first pairing we have MC and Jumin, ” he said glibly, moving on to announce the next pairing.

Jumin froze, he felt his heart pitter patter for merely a second, before returning to its normal cadence. “Hm”, he thought to himself, “I am going to need to bring this up to my doctor,” he mentally noted. He snuck a glance at the girl who despised him and he stifled a laugh. She was a whirlwind of emotions; disbelief, annoyance, and exhaustion were clearly displayed on her face. She received angry glares from nearly every woman in the room. She simply rolled her eyes and ignored them and squirmed in her seat. “So she does not like being the center of attention, that’s new” he thought to himself.

The professor went on to explain the project. “Please keep in mind that this project will have to take a lot of time outside of class. Please meet with your partners and get their contact information so that you may meet up with them outside of class. 

MC clutched her head in frustration and let out a loud groan. Everyone in the room tittered, “Well she really hates Jumin so I guess we don’t need to worry about anything.”

Jumin had his signature stoic look on his face. “This girl canany morerude,” he thought to himself while shaking his head. Thankfully, the bell rang and he gathered himself and walked over to the girl. “So, your name is MC?” he asked cautiously.

She looked at him absurdly, “No that’s what they call that guy,” she said jabbing her thumb to her left and simultaneously rolling her eyes.

Jumin had had enough. He narrowed his steely grey eyes to look straight at her, grabbing her chin and spoke, “Listen, I do not understand your issue with me but I have had enough with your insolent behavior.”

She slapped his hand away and was seething. He suppressed a smirk; she was very feisty. “Don’t ever touch me again, or it will be the last thing you EVER do with that hand,” she spat. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she apologized. “Ok look. This is going to extremely exhausting with both of us at each other’s throats. So lets just meet up once, get everything done, and never speak to each other again.”

“Deal. “ Jumin acknowledged, as a businessman he knew a good deal when he saw one. He was exhausted and energized by just interacting with her. He has never felt so- he didn’t even know how to describe it because it was his first time experiencing something so vivid.

She gave him her contact information and bolted. She yelled as she looked back, “Just shoot me a text when you have some time and we will figure something out!”

And just like that she was gone and Jumin was left still perplexed by these foreign emotions he was feeling.  

Friendly Fire

Cassian and Nesta have been training for months by this point and have surprisingly not killed each other yet. I say they both deserve a reward for that! But who knows…maybe I have spoken too soon…I suppose the title hints at that. Also I’m thinking of doing a special post for our two adorable pit bulls. Stay tuned for that, because your comments/messages in regard to that post will play a role later on in the story!

Part 1: Blind Date                           Part 4: Meeting in Velaris

Part 2: Archeron Dinner                 Part 5: Training

Part 3: Boxing                                  Part 6: Dog Duo

         Cassian and Nesta had been training each week on Thursday for almost two months now. The routine was similar each day; except one day either Cassian or Nesta would one up each other on the words they threw at each other. If Cassian remembered correctly he was ahead of Nesta by a couple points in their competition to rile the other person up. Not like he was counting or anything.

         He walked over to the bench to sit down for a drink of water. Nesta insisted on continuing to run laps around the gym. She was persistent on building her stamina and learning to control her breathing.

         While she ran laps Cassian checked his phone for new messages. There was only a message from Rhysand stating that Cassian could leave work two hours early on Friday. The reason for Cassian’s request was in an image that Mor had sent him a little over a month ago.

          When Cassian received a text message with an attached photo of two pit bulls he was thrown for a loop at first. Mor explained that the two dogs in the photo were named Raja and Blaze from Prythian’s animal shelter. She told Cassian that the dogs were in need of a good home and that he should visit the shelter when he was free.

          For the past year Cassian had mentioned getting a dog, but he was unsure about what type of breed to get. He needed a dog that could do well in his loft apartment and be willing to fit into his daily routine of jogging. The dog needed to be independent enough to be alone or be good for a dog sitter if he had to be at work for a long period of time. During the summer Cassian also hiked with close friends so he would want the dog to come with them and enjoy the adventure as well.

           Looking at the photo of Raja and Blaze made him wonder if one of these two would be a perfect fit for that lifestyle. After pestering texts from Mor this past week Cassian decided to ask Rhys to let him off work early enough to visit shelter and check out the two dogs.

           Nesta finished her final lap and went over to take a drink from her water bottle sitting near Cassian.

           “So when are we actually going to start training in hand to hand combat?” Nesta sat down on the bench and stretched her legs for a cool down.

           “We’ll start next week,” Cassian rolled his shoulders to loosen the muscles. From the corner of his eye he saw Nesta brighten in excitement as the prospect of finally being able to throw some hits with someone who could fight back. “It will be pretty tame stuff so you don’t need to get all excited.”

            Cassian had refused to let her fight with another person until she got the technique down on the punching bag and worked up her strength. Nesta was aggravated with the concept of waiting, but he wasn’t going to push her into hand-to-hand boxing when he knew she wasn’t at that stage yet.

             “Worried I’ll kick your butt across the gym Cassian?”

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I’ve had Akon’s Smack That stuck in my head all week, and this is what happens.

Dear future love,

I would like to apologize in advance for my attitude. My bitterness towards love is not in spite of you, but because I feel I have waited too damn long for you. My heart has been through the absolute worst, yet somehow it kept on beating with hope that you would be walking into my life soon.

I would like to apologize in advance for my past. There have been a lot before you, but do not think that they are in comparisons with you. It was always something missing with them. Something my heart starved for. You are the one that I was made to love.

I would like to apologize in advance for the pain I will bring upon you. I will make you think I don’t admire your presence. I will doubt every action of affection you try to preform, and I will bring you to the brink of giving up. You won’t believe me when I finally tell you I love you, but God damn it I will prove it to you.

I would like to thank you in advance for the happiness you will bring me. You will brighten my life, and I will love you each and every day we are alive. You are my biggest blessing, and I will remind you how much I appreciate you with all my sappy love letters. Thank you for loving me.

Sincerely yours, your future love.

—  a letter I’ll never send // #012
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General things:

  • DISCLAIMER: I’m new to commissions and I have yet to become comfortable with them, but it shouldn’t affect the end results. Prices may, however, change overtime. 
  • References and detailed descriptions are always appreciated. You can never have a too specific description!
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Prices (per character):

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  • Bust or face, flat color: €20


·        Busts and half bodies: €25
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Additional costs:

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  • nsfw if it doesn’t depict unhealthy behaviors or kinks I’m not comfortable with (image just.. very vanilla from me)
    • Also you MUST be 18+
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  • Gemsonas are more than welcome!!


Contact me at and don’t be afraid to ask me anything! 

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Analysis || Shinji and Misato, the New Century Oedipus and Electra :||

To celebrate the milestone of 1000 followers for this blog, we’re offering you a detailed analysis post about the similarities two of the most loved main characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji Ikari and Misato Katsuragi, share with two tragic, old and yet immortal dramatic characters, two protagonists of many plays and famous books, symbols of both modern philosophy and ancient Greek theater productions: Electra and Oedipus.

We can’t talk about them, though, if we don’t know what their story is about before - their legend, often matter of school studies too.  Let’s start with maybe the most complex character, that shares great analogies with out favorite insecure pilot: Oedipus, often considered one of the most famous (or maybe infamous) protagonists of Greek mythology.


The loved king and queen of Thebes, Laius and Jocasta, were good and right rulers. One day, the king asked the oracle of Delphi (a sort of fortune-teller gifted by the Sun God Apollo) if the queen would have soon given him a heir - and unfortunately the oracle had a very clear answer for him: the magician reccomanded the king not to have a baby with the queen, since the child would have grown up to be a calamity for the city of Thebes and its people. As if it wasn’t enough: the oracle also predicted that the boy would have killed his own father and sexually joined his mother.
Laius never forgot the horrible prophecy and - after some time - when the queen Jocasta gave birth to a boy, he took the newborn baby and abandoned him on a hill, thinkiing animals or criminals would have done the rest; before leaving him though, Jocasta pierced the soles of the baby’s feet with two nails.

However, a shepherd named Forba - allerted by the cry - found the baby and took it to another city, Corinth. The king of Corinth, Polybus, couldn’t have children with his wife and Forba happily offered him the infant. There, Polybus gave him the name Oedipus - which literally means “swollen feet”.

Years passed and Oedipus grew strong and vigorous, surrounded by so much love. But one day, during a banquet, a young prince mentioned how Oedipus was a foundling welcomed into the king’s palace. At those words Oedipus decided ask the oracle of Delphi to know the truth of his origins. The only thing he got to know was that his return to Thebes would have been a tragedy of some sort. 
Angry and outraged, the boy didn’t return to the palace and started travelling the world, seeking for a place to stay. 
On the way, Oedipus came to a place where three roads crossed each others. There he encountered a chariot driven by his birth-father, Laius. They fought over who had the right to go first and Oedipus killed Laius when the charioteer tried to run him over. 

Bad luck wanted that he reached the doors of Thebes, one day; there he met a monster, sent by Hera, a goddess: a sphinx that killed and ate all the men who wanted to enter Thebes but that couldn’t answer her riddle -  “What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?”. Oedipus knew the answer and replied with “A man” - killing the monster and saving the city. 
He became the hero of Thebes and Jocasta, the just widowed queen, fell in love with the boy. They married and had four children, fullfilling the ancient prophecy. After the marriage though, a great plague started decimating the population of the city. The oracle was questioned again and confirmed that the pestilence would have stopped when the killer of Laius had left the city and exiled.. Panicked, Oedipus called another very old magician to his palace that finally explained him the truth about his origins and parents; the boy also understands he killed his father, Laius, on his way to Thebes.

Jocasta tried to convince the magician that her baby had died years and years ago. But, as she saw the soles of Oedipus’s feet - still with the signs of having been pierced - she fell into despair and shame. The queen of Thebes killed herself and Oedipus escaped the city and its anger.


Sigmund Freud often mentioned these words when referring to very young male children. It’s not unusual to see small boys being overly attached to their mothers, after all - but what does a baby boy thinks of his mother? And what about the father? This led to the formulation of the so-called “Oedipus Complex”.

The Oedipus complex occurs during the phallic stage of someone’s psychosexual development (3-6 years old) and it’s later repressed into the unconscious of the boy. It also seems to lead into the formation of both Ego and Libido - so it seems to be pretty a crucial step for children’s minds. The irrational competition with the father for the possession of the mother, the awareness of their own bodies, the understending of the differences between male and female bodies and the curiosity that leads them to often undress for fun… all these (and many more) features and sensations seem to occur around the phallic stage of a child. It’s being said that the love for a mother is even more complicated to explain, because it actually begins right after a baby is born, with the oral stage - where the baby finds pleasure by drinking milk from his mother’s breasts.

The mother remains the parent who primarily gratifies the male child’s desires, Freud said, as a first source of libidinal energy for a little boy. This leads the child to be jealous, most of the time, of his father; that would explain why little boys often wish to sleep together - innocently - with their mother, or to follow them into the bathroom. Moreover, to facilitate the desired exclusive union with the mother, the boy’s Id ( uncoordinated instinctual trends ) wants to kill his own father.
At the same time, though, the boy fears the adult male presence of his father. The Ego ( rational thoughts ) of the child prevents him from practically killing the hated parent; he knows that the father is the stronger of the two males competing to possess the woman.  Nonetheless, the boy remains ambivalent about his father’s place in the family, and often manifests the so-called fear of castration by the physically greater father; the fear is an irrational, subconscious manifestation of the infantile Id.

The resolution of the Oedipus complex is important for development of the the male infantile Super-ego: by identifying with a parent, the boy internalizes Morality, choosing to comply with societal rules, rather than reflexively complying in fear of punishment.


Some critics have recognised how much Evangelion’s story can resemble the famous Oedipus myth. It’s easy to find various analogies with the series.
Shinji - just like Oedipus, can be called a “son of a prophecy”. If the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls had predicted the Third Impact and the arrival of the Angels, then, they also predicted the arrival of Shinji too, in some way. Or at least, his destiny was programmed even when he was too young to understand it: Yui knew, after all, how much her son would have suffered for a greater good.

It’s easy to understand how Oedipus is similar to Shinji by looking a the different paternal figures the two boys had. King Laius, who thought abandoning his only son and leaving him to die would have gone against the fullfillment of the propechy, was killed by his own son for a quirk of fate. Oedipus didn’t know the man he killed on the road was his biological father. 
Shinji, on the other hand, is well aware of who his father is. From the moment he abandoned him as a child, Shinji started feeling like an unwanted human being and the anger and hate he feels for Gendo are indeed some of the results of Gendo leaving his son growing up with a teacher/his uncles in the manga. But there’smore… as Shinji soon starts “competing” for Rei’s attentions, going against his own father: from the moment he notices Rei talking and smiling to Gendo in private, he starts trying to get the girl’s attention; of couse, we know who Rei Ayanami really is and we clearly remember the famouse episode…

SHINJI:  Oh, when we were cleaning room today, you were wringing the floorcloth… to me you looked like a mother.
REI:  A mother?
SHINJI:  Yeah, that was just like the mother’s way of wringing. I bet you’ll become a housewife.

Shinji couldn’t have known, at that time, how painfully true his words were being. In fact, he only discovers the truth about his mother and Rei during the last scene of episode 23, and that only leaves him more angry and confused than ever. Let’s remember though that Shinji never felt true sexual attraction for Rei Ayanami, rappresentation of the non-carnal pure “maternal” love, the Eros (with Asuka being the sexual impulse of both love and death, Thanatos) for Shinji’s heart and mind.

Yet, that still remains a sort and form of attraction. And it doesn’t stop Shinji from hating his father even more. Both Gendo and his son, competing for the love of the “woman”… a clear yet insane example of the famous “Complex”.
In Shinji’s mind, while Yui appears as an angelic being caressing his cheeks - with very fair and long hair and a perfect body - Gendo is often depicted as a disproportionately tall man, with flashing angry eyes and sometimes skin of different innatural colors.

Is the the fear of castration - Freud often mentioned - present in Shinji? Well, he isn’t a baby anymore but in the series he is, without any doubt, a teenager stuck into the “oral stage” he never truly resolved, because of the trauma of Yui’s death when he was barely 3. Still, the desire of killing the hated father has often taken adavantage of Shinji’s mind and thoughts. These primal impulses are very common in our protagonist - and often destructive too: from the time he tried to escape Tokyo-3 alone, to the moment he chose to masturbate in front of the comatose Asuka (and still, this wan’t a real impulse… he had the time to lock the door, probably doing something to the camera and then dress her up again).
Some examples: after Toji was injuried, Shinji tried to destroy the pyramid of the Geofront, in the manga he also tried punching Gendo after being hospitalized and being called to his office… always in the manga, in a nightmare, he even manages to kill his father. And finally Gendo himself confesses to Shinji how much he came to hate his son for the love of Yui. Is Gendo another kind of “Oedipus”? Well, we can’t consider his words fully honest, if we look at the last chapters of Sadamoto’s work anyway.

In conclusion: the desire to kill the father for the love of the mother is very present in Shinji’s case… sometimes it appears as a latent feeling, sometimes not. The sort of Oedipus Complex Shinji has for Rei is not entirely real or wrong, considering he doesn’t feel sexual attraction for the blue-haired pilot. Yet, he is seen associating Rei to his mother and that’s what brings him to enter the “competition” for her attention.


You remember the tale of Troy, no? Well, princess Electra was the daughter of queen Clytemnestra and king Agamemnon, the one who actually fought the Trojan War. Their palace was located in the city of Mycenae, where Electra and her brother Orestes grew up along with their mother - waiting for Agamemnon to return from war.

As we know, the Greek forces won over Troy and that meant the king of Mycenae could have finally returned to his kingdom, after ten years of absence. But meanwhile Clytemnestra, the queen, had fallen in love with her own cousin Aegisthus, after having being seduced by the man - and forgetting the love she felt for her rightful husband.
So when the king returned home safe and sound, the queen and Aegisthus began plotting his death; some versions of the myth also say that Clytemnestra still couldn’t forgive her husband for another crime: Agamemnon had sacrificed their eldest daughter Iphigenia to the gods to assure himself a good war and fortune. First the queen and her lover killed Cassandra, the war prize the king had bought with him (a fortune-teller that had already given birth to two bastard twins), and then managed to assassinate the King with poison.

The city fell into panic and despair and Orestes and Electra, both barely teenagers, were sent to Athens to live in the house of a distant relative of theirs. The siblings never parted and stayed there for a couple of years. After some time, the sister convinced the brother to return to Mycenae to visit the tomb of their father.
The two secretly entered the city and arrived to the resting place of Agamemnon. It’s being said the poor girl’s desperate cry were so loud and painful to hear ( an ancient greek tradition says that, at a funeral, the girls would have cried, screamed, pulled off their hair and scratched their cheeks - moistened by tears ) that even Orested was brought into tears. Desperate for the death of the loved and awaited father, Electra convinced Orestes to plot against their own mother, and their stepfather.

Clytemnestra - who had no problems admitting of having killed her husband and that was now ruling the kingdom with his lover - recognised the two siblings who came to avenge their father’s death. Electra killed their mother, Orestes their stepfather. Before dying though, the queen cursed both of her sons; Orestes, in particular, would have been forever tormented by Furies, whose duty it is to punish any violation of the ties of family piety while Electra lived ther rest of her life in misery with a shepherd.


As explained for the male counterpart of the Complex, a child who grows up in a family with both a mother and a father, should feel greater attachment to the parent of the opposite sex. Freud and Jung explained that even little girls behave like Electra, by loving the father way more than the mother. The resoultion of the complex happens when the child identifies him/herself with the parent of the same gender.

Just like the Oedipus one, the Electra complex occurs in the third—phallic stage (ages 3–6) of the psychosexual development stages. Of course Freud explains how castration anxiety is absent in the girl, that actually feels what is called the “penis envy” once she starts understanding the differences between the male and female bodies.
He says that to form a discrete sexual identity (Ego) a girl’s decisive psychosexual experience is in fact the daughter–mother competition for possession of the father; when a little girl’s initial attachment to her mother ensd with the discovering that she has a body similar to hers; she then transfers her “libidinal desires” and attachment to her father, increasing what it’s supposed to be the so-called “sexual competition” with her mother.  


Misato doesn’t like talking about her father too much and the audience is led to think, by her first sentences, that the girl actually hates him. This is not entirely correct: as we enter Misato’s deepest and most private thoughts in the last two episode of the series or in the End of Evangelion, we can understand how much she - especially as a little girl - seemed to both love and hate his father.

Misato blames him of loving too much his work, of having abandoned her mother (”who always cries”) and of having never understood his own daughter. Still, she can’t forget how that man, so obsessed with his work, that 13th September 2000, chose to sacrifice himself to protect and save from certain death Misato. The sign, the silver cross he gives her before being erased from the world, a testimony… a proof of strenght and paternal love in this case - that Misato is always seen wearing and often clutching againt her chest in some dramatic moments…
The loss of her paternal figure soon leads the girl to years of mutism and catatonic state, from which she seems to recover before completing her studies and entering university. Did Misato avenged her father? Ritsuko knew well that Misato’s enthusiasm in fighting Angels can be considered her “revenge”, even though Misato firmly denies such motives.

Misato fell in love only with only one man: Ryouji Kagi, a boy she met in her univeristy years. This relationship lasted some years, the two really were in love. Until…

MISATO: I am sorry that I insisted to separate at that time. I told you that I had another one to love, yet it was a lie. Did you find that?
MISATO:  I found that you had something that resembled to my father. I was looking for the appearence of my father. When I found that, I feared. I feared everything. I feared to be with you. I feared to be a woman. I feared everything. Although I’d hated my father, I happened to love a man looking like my father. To forget everything, I joined NERV, which, however, was an institute at that my father had been. I have been illuding myself to revenge him fighting the Angels. I tried to escape… to escape my father’s curse! I’m a coward!

We never get to see Dr. Katsuragi’s face. In some scenes and flashbacks he appears as a tall man with long dark hair tied in a little ponytail - exactly how the adult Kaji is seen thoughout the series by Shinji and the others. If Misato’s words are true, then the spy really resembled her deceased father and that was - for her - one of the reasons why she actually fell in love with him years before the story takes place, during their college years. Also, the shame of recognizing of being attracted to a man who resembled her father that much is what brought Misato to end her relationship with the boy.

But what about her “revenge”? What role Kaji has in her plan against the Angels?
Can Kaji’s character be associated with Agamemnon, the father figure?
For Misato, probably not. 
In a play about Electra and her tragic story, a scene very similar to the one we see at the end of episode 21 takes place: the princess Electra receives a message informing her of her beloved brother Orestes’ death. The girl starts crying and sobbing without control in front of a handmaiden and a young servant before the ashes of Orestes are given to her; at that confirmation, Electra faints, falling on the ground. We can assume Orestes resembled Agamemnon (being his only male son) and that Electra really loved him as a sister: not only he helped Electra having her revenge against the queen, but he was now the only family she had… her only brother. 
Kaji must have had a similar role, for Misato. Her mother was totally absent in her life and only with Kaji she probably felt like being with her father/family again. Can Ryouji’s character be associated with Orestes in the Greek tragic myth? Probably. As Orestes did for her sister, the spy also helped Misato a lot by leaving her all of his data e informations about the Impacts, Lilith, the arrival of solidiers inside Nerv, the last Angel and Seele’s plans. Plus… in the play, after Electra finally had become conscious of Orestes’ fate, she promises to return home to claim the throne as rightful queen, the same decision we can feel and see in Misato’s eyes. He let her and helped her “get closer to the truth”.

MISATO:  I ain’t irritated anymore by the telephone that does not ring, since I now understand what you wanted me to know.

In conclusion: the anger and shame for having loved for years a man who looked a lot like her father is still present inside Misato’s memories and thoughts, as the last two episodes also confirm, till the very end of the original series. Is this a real, clear, example of the Electra Complex? Not quite, since Misato doesn’t take her place in the mother-daughter competition – supposedly because the sacrifice of her father happened when she was already a teenager, not a child. It can be related to the Complex for other reasons… of course, we can’t know that for sure, but it is unlikely that the mere good appearance of Kaji was the only reason she loved him and became his girlfriend. 

A human’s mind is way more complicated to understand than that – than all of this, no matter what.



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This 6:45am pick up for M to go see her Dad has gotten really fucking old. Nobody in my house wakes up that early. Ever. So I have to wake M up which she’s not happy about, and then hurry and get her dressed and run to let the dogs out before the VS gets here or all hell breaks loose. And she’s NEVER consistent with her pick up times. So sometimes I wake M up too early which I pay for when she gets back (FOUR HOURS LATER. For a one hour visit), or I don’t wake her up in time so the VS is waiting, or I get her dressed just as she gets here and the dogs aren’t outside yet so they go crazy and wake up the other kids .

I can’t wait until these stop. Soon hopefully. But that’s for another post ‘cause my ass is going back to bed.


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W.C. 720

A.N. First official imagine of 2017. This was sort of based on Crush’s song “Beautiful” from the kdrama “Goblin”. I’ll fix any typos later just wanted to posted as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy! Listen to the song here :)

No relationship is perfect. No one expects it to be an easy thing to have. You see happy people all around you but were they really happy? They probably were if you’re with the one you love that should be happiness but there are always downfalls to every relationship. Not having enough time for each other, different priorities, too many arguments, feelings change, yet there’s that one good relationship were no matter what happened you kept pushing to make it that perfect happy relationship. You felt like it wasn’t suppose to happen either. 

Of course you didn’t even acknowledge that you had feelings for him at first and neither did he. There was always something there. Even though you considered each other friends but it was more than the feelings that people typically have for their friends, you just really didn’t know what it was. It just happened randomly one day he jokingly said “man wouldn’t it be great if we dated? We get each other and all our past relationships were horrible but we would be great.” You just said “let’s do it.” and that’s were it all began.

It was a mutual agreement on this relationship. There were obvious feelings, nothing in the way to stop the both of you so went for it. It was a good in the beginning. You both knew what each other liked and disliked. You knew a majority of each other’s childhood life stories. You both knew what went wrong with each others past relationships. You both knew what not to do for this relationship to end horrible like the others, yet trying to make this relationship so perfect is want made this relationship horrible. 

After the honeymoon phase, which lasted for a good nine months and during those nine months you decided to move in together but that’s when the arguments slowly started. Nothing big it was over the small things, on how he didn’t wash the dishes, or how you missed forgot about the scheduled date to the movies. It was nothing drastic but as time went on you the arguments started to escalate. Over work becoming a number one priority and than asking for more hours at work to get money for all the bills, that also meant a lot more less time for your relationships. It got to the point where you both couldn’t handle how much you were fighting. It hurt knowing that this relationship was suppose to the be the good relationship. That good relationship where if you date your friend it was suppose to last.

 Later when this fight was over with you both agreed to take a break from each other that would last from two weeks to one month. The agreement was to see if you were happier without each other. Not living, seeing, or talking to each other during this break. It was odd being on a break because even if the both of you were busy you made time out of your day to at least talk to each other. Wither it was one hour in the morning before he went to work, or an hour after a quiet dinner. Living together was getting to the point where one would wake up later than the other one in the morning, or one would be asleep before the other one would even get home. Everything wasn’t the same without the other one. Even with the arguments and not seeing each other you realized that you still had each other at the end of the day. It went from having a beautiful day to just a plain day. This whole break thing made you realize you both still loved each other, and there are things that you could work through. 

It took time for that spark to come back but it was worth it because some of those arguments could be avoided and a lot of things could be worked on. You and he both knew that you both didn’t want to talk about each other as a past memory that caused so much pain but rather than say something “yeah we’re still going strong.” when people ask about your current relationship. It was worth taking time to work on this relationship because it just showed how much you still loved each other.  

You have opened up a deep chasm within me, an ache.” She said, dragging her nails down his chest, blood welled and prickled beneath the skin, “You are the holy fount and I am the starving Madonna.
—  Love Potions Gone Wrong, or Short Stories Yet to be Written pt. 4 [a.m.b.]

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 872

Summary:  Apple Pie AU. Dean meets with his brother to catch up after 8 months and to introduce him to his fiancé.

Warnings: None.  Really fluffy.  Little angst.

Prompt: “There’s an interesting story behind that.”

A/N:  Written for @one-shots-supernatural​‘s Hiatus Writing Challenge: Week 3.  This is actually a collaborative piece.  My poor husband has been reading my stuff (most of which I haven’t posted yet) which is kind of amazing, since he’s really not a fan.  He sent me an outline and some dialogue for this story. So it means a lot to me and I hope you like it, too, because I really think he knocked it out of the park.  

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“There he is,” Dean said, pulling Sam into a hug as soon as he saw him in the bar.  “My baby brother.  What’s it been 8 months,” Dean asked.

“Yeah, maybe longer,” Sam replied, stepping back to take in his brother and the woman beside him. “Hey, Y/N,” Sam said, embracing her, the contact still awkward since he had only met her once.

“Hey, Sam,” she said, her voice muffled into his shoulder.

“So, I have to ask,” he said, taking her hand and looking at ring encircling her long finger.  “Is Dean holding you hostage?  Did you actually agree to marry him?”  She laughed, blushing madly.

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