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Sometimes I wonder how I can love books so much but not have read many of them but I recently started rereading a 17 book series for the 4th time and I think I’ve worked it out

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Remember when I said that I asked y’all to send in your favourite fics of your own or someone elses? 

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Well I think It was high time to tell you mine. I had been planning on doing this a long time ago but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it but now here I am posting this showing all my love to the most memorable stories  have read since I joined this site. So without further a do, below are at least 60 stories that I have loved and thoroughly enjoyed. All have a comment about what I liked about it and if you’re lucky you may be on there twice.

BTW it’s a very long post.

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I have to go to college so I can get educated & get a good job to pay for food and toys for cat. But I have to leave cat for a while. I will miss her terribly and I am sad because she does not understand why I must leave :( pls tell her that I love her and I will see her soon

she lov you too & appreciate hard workinge for pay for toy and food

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That happens to me too sometimes. When I eat sometthing sugary and sit down for a couple of minutes I'm fine. I hope you're doing better!*hugs*

yep, thankfully I had a rice crispy square and a nice fellow got me some water so I was able to walk under my own power soon enough, in fact I got up…stumbled up…when I came to, trying to process it all XD I think I scared the ever loving daylights out of those folks


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You were just sitting in the grass, enjoying the sunny day when a dog randomly came running up to you. As a huge dog lover you couldn’t help but start to pet the adorable creature. Not soon after a boy, who you assumed was his owner jogged up to you.

“Is this your dog?” You asked him with a grin as you continued to scratch the dog behind his ears.

“Ah yeah, this is Dude. Er and I’m Carlos” he introduced sitting next to you. You told Carlos your own name while Dude jumped on your lap and began licking your face.
“He likes you” Carlos observed.

“I like him too” you laughed “I love dogs so much, especially cute ones like you Dude”.

On Spirits and Finer Things - BombGirlPow - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Before his departure for East Watch and the Wall beyond, Tyrion invites the King in the North and the others to a round of drinks. The conversation soon moves on to something of a more personal nature for Jon.

This is my 3rd entry for A Fortnight of Jonerys. Prompt submitted by @mikimiska113

Whelp, there isn’t any spoilers so I’ll post it here too. Love you guys. 

If tonight was to be the last night The King in the North spent at Dragonstone, it was absolutely a requirement that he drink himself stupid.

Or so Tyrion had insisted.

Jon of course was against the idea, voicing his desire to keep a clear mind in the face of his next objective. His most trusted man however - the voice of reason and restraint in Jon’s life - betrayed him and agreed wholeheartedly with the Dwarf of Casterly Rock that yes, what better way to greet a suicide mission than to drink while one was still alive? The ship taking them to East Watch would take several days time to reach their destination, so however piss drunk they got it would matter little in the scope of what was to come.

Crafty smuggling bastard.

He relented, and allowed Tyrion to fill his cup to the brim with some fragrant wine that was hardly to his taste after years of drinking nothing but soured ale.

The dwarf, who had been already drinking several hours before, filled his own once again, and passed the jug around the table. Gendry sniffed It, clearly not used to wine, especially not one as fine as the red Tyrion had chosen, and sipped it curiously. “You know I never imagined wine would taste so bitter - high born folk make it seem so luxurious, but there are far better spirits out there.”

Davos interjected, “Ah, I felt the same as you when I had my first taste. It grows on you, surely, but I do agree - some of the liquors of Essos and beyond could pale even the finest of wines from Dorne.”

Tyrion gasped, clearly offended, “You men are simply barbarians. You’re insulting my life’s blood.”

Ser Jorah, who was to accompany the men going North had been quiet up until this point. Jon wasn’t sure of the man. He had heard disparaging stories about him while a part of the Night’s Watch - but Tyrion had seemed friendly enough towards him, and he seemed a close confidant of Daenerys…almost borderlining on the improper. Jon wasn’t really sure what to think about that either now that he thought about it.

The old seasoned Knight looked down beneath the table and dug about in a knapsack. “How’s Summer Isle Rum sound to you boys? A friend gave it to me while I was at the Citadel.”

Davos’s face lit up immediately, “Now that’s a fine proper drink right there! I haven’t had Summer Isle Rum since I was about the age of some of you younger lads. It’ll put hair on your chest.”

This peaked Tyrion’s interested considerably, “Any excuse to get more intoxicated is fine by me. Pass it around old man.”

Jon watched as Jorah took a small swig and passed it off to Gendry, who smiled and raised a brow upon tasting it. “Much better. Closer to what I’m used to and yet completely different at the same time. Exotic even.”

Jon took it into his hands as Davos excitedly regaled the group about what exactly goes into a spiced Sothoryos spirit such as this, and took a deep swig. Which was a mistake. He had no clue what rum was or how potent it could possibly be. He started coughing and sputtering the liquor up.

“My King…oh gods! Rum is to be sipped!” Davos jumped up, bewildered.

Tyrion cackled and patted Jon on the back, “Oho! And you said you didn’t want to drink! This is a right proper festivity now! I’m going to have to play catch up!” He swiped the skin from his hands and took an equal swig with ease, clearly more proficient in the game of drinking.

A few more moments of coughing and Jon’s throat finally settled. He found that his whole body went warm and the spices played upon his tongue pleasingly. He shook his head. “You really could’ve said something instead of bleating on about exotic fruits. Holy hells.” everyone around the table laughed.

The evening went on quite a bit like this, with light chatter about travels and more on exotic lands. It was nice hearing about warmer climes than the ice he was accustomed to. He even found himself a bit jealous when Tyrion and Jorah started going on about vast swaths of deserts back in Essos. Anything but glacier and tundra.

He tilted his head back and sighed. Perhaps they were right. It was good to unwind a little bit. After everything that he’s seen and everything he’s been through, it was a welcome respite he didn’t know he needed. It reminded him of better days before he knew of Wights and White Walkers, sitting around the great hall of Castle Black with his brothers. It reminded him of Sam’s warm laugh, Edd’s cynical jabs and Grenn and Pyp’s constant bickering.

His face fell immediately upon remembering his old friends. So many lives lost. And it was only just the beginning.

It was if the entire room had picked up upon his mood turning sour, tales of intrigue weaning off to the sidelines and curious glances shared between the rest of the men.

This of course irritated Lord Tyrion considerably, as he had wanted lively drinking company for months and had been denied it for far too long. He decided to change the topic of landscapes and adventures past for a more jovial topic, a topic every drinking man relishes in and boasts of. “The lush flora and fauna of Essos is certainly a sight to behold,” he started, “but what of the gods’ greatest of creations? Women! I argue that some of the most savory and intriguing of all women reside in Essos and I refuse to hear of any argument that refutes this!”

This of course livened up the conversation considerably and was met with bawdy laughter and smiles around. Even Jon, in his drunken state, left his dour reverie behind and forgotten in favor of cracking a broad smile.

Davos decided to take the bait, “I don’t know My Lord, I’ve known and loved many damsels from everywhere between Sothoryos to lands of Leng and I must say my Marya is still the only woman who owns my heart.”

The men groaned in response, not wanting to hear of domestic conquest and voiced as such.

Davos stood his ground however, mildly offended, “Well when you live up to be a ripe old shit like me you realize after a while that what really matters is a woman who waits for you, who loves you despite the all the crap you put her through and somehow manages to stick around even with all your faults. Believe you me, when you’re my age you’ll say as much.”

Though it wasn’t exactly what they wanted to hear, they couldn’t deny the man’s message and decided to act turncloak upon their previous uproar to loudly voice their support for it.  Such were drunken men’s fancies - flighty and excitable.

Jon slapped Davos’s back in comradery, while Gendry ruffled his hair, cooing that he hopes he could be just like him when he grows up. The old Knight merely swatted them off and cursed their names briefly before joining in on the laughter.

Once again Tyrion decided to take the reigns of the conversation to try and steer it in a more interesting direction, “And what of you Gendry Waters? What type of women have you conquered in your travels? Surely a young virile pup like yourself has more interesting fare for the group?”

Gendry’s eyes went wide, surprised towards having the spotlight, and grinned, “I’ve known a few women here or there.” He shrugged, somewhat uncomfortable with sharing, “but nothing of real interest.”

The Queen’s Hand rolled his eyes, “Please don’t be so modest. It’s painfully dull. Surely a woman or two have at least caught your eye?”

Gendry tilted his head, as if in deep thought and took another gulp of wine. “Aye…there’s a girl who’s caught my eye…I haven’t seen her in a long time though.” He smiled a little bit, memories enveloping him amongst the heady haze of wine and rum.

Tyrion pressed on, displeased with having draw everything out of him, “Well, what did she look like?”

“Um…she had dark hair…large grey eyes, like the sky here at Dragonstone. She was petite too, pretty, and short and wispy.” He looked around the group, somewhat at a loss. In his drunken daze Jon momentarily thought Gendry shot him a worried glance, but it was so brief that he decided to chalk it up to the drink instead. He continued, “But it really was just the way she held herself. It was like the world couldn’t touch her. Like no matter where she would end up she was above it all, whip smart and two steps ahead.” He laughed, fondness overtaking his eyes, “She wanted me to go with her. I really wish I had. I found out recently that she’s still alive and well and I hope to be seeing her in a couple weeks time. You know, if all goes well.”

The men nodded their heads and patted the boy on the back, satisfied that the lad would be reunited with his love again. It seemed like such a rare thing in the world nowadays, with the fallout of the War of the Five Kings, far reaching famine, and now the undead bearing down upon them from beyond the Wall. Jon couldn’t help but feel somewhat hopeful for the first time in months. He was feeling so good as a matter of fact- drink emboldening his otherwise thoughtful nature -that he decided to join in on their conversation, throwing caution into the wind.

“Aye, you know I always found a maiden who knows what she wants far more desirable than one who pines away in some tower somewhere. Those tales always drove me mad when I was a young lad.” He took another swig of wine, unmindful towards the world spinning, “Give me a Nymeria or Visenya over a Jonquil any day.”

This was met with curious stares from all but Gendry, who merely nodded in agreement. Jon of course was oblivious towards the possible implication that the words might have upon the men he drank with whilst a guest within the Dragon Queen’s keep. Who more matches the description of Queen Daenerys better than that the two foreign Conquerors Nymeria and Visenya?

Davos grinned, looking at Jon with the eyes of a proud father. Jorah gave him a questioning and mistrustful glance, attempting to ascertain his exact meaning. Tyrion did what he does best - pour himself another glass of wine and pry further into conversation, “Indeed? What say, pray tell, would this warrior woman of your dreams look like?” his voice was curious and amused, as if attempting to goad Jon into saying the exact words they were all thinking.

The wine warmed his face and brought a smile to his lips. “I suppose i’ve always fancied fairer women…perhaps red or gold of hair.” He thought of Ygritte in that moment, before her face shifted briefly to that of a woman he’s had his eyes on for weeks while staying at Dragonstone. An impossible match. He sighed as a slight blush crept upon his face. No time for things like that at all but perhaps in another world…he continued, “but I agree with Gendry. The character of a woman is even more important than her beauty. Someone intellectually capable and solid in her convictions, and yet harbors a good heart in the face of adversity.”

“What’s all this about hearts and adversity?”

The men turned their heads all at once to see the Silver Queen and her adviser Missandei enter the room unannounced. She had an amused look upon her face, “I didn’t catch the first part of that conversation.” She sat between Ser Jorah and her Hand, “And I was completely unaware of this gathering. Am I not invited to the festivities?”

Jon’s blush crept up even further with the Queen in his presence. Surely she was telling the truth and heard none of it? He shifted uncomfortably, and decided to hide his expression behind a cup of wine. It was all hypotheticals anyways. He didn’t say anything about any one particular woman…even if perhaps he meant it if he was being honest with himself.

Tyrion poured her and Missandei a cup and leaned back in his seat, an expression of mock offense playing upon his face “It would wound me greatly if you thought that, your Grace. Your presence always desired - this was merely an impromptu send off for our honored guests traveling north of the Wall.”

Jon huffed out a breath, thankful for Lord Tyrion’s distraction.

She raised a graceful brow, expression playful, “And what of the conversation I walked in on?”


Tyrion spoke up once again, nodding towards the King in the North, “Jon here was just telling everyone about what he thinks of you. That you have a good heart in the face of adversity.”

He choked on his wine. Double fuck. He was going to kill the dwarf later for this.

Her face remained a mix of amused stoicism, betraying no hint of surprise. She sipped upon her wine, “Well, those are very kind words Lord Snow.” She paused, expression falling to something more flat, “though for the life of me, I can’t figure why you would praise me so and yet still refuse to bend the knee.”

It was like cold snap had instantly hit the room, jovial mood completely extinguished. The men looked towards each other nervously, unsure of how to contain the possible fallout between the two monarchs.

Jon felt like a bucket of ice water had washed over him, fond thoughts of the Dragon Queen completely flying out the doors. Surely he was imagining things, and she had not just brought up the tired trope of kneeling once again, in front of everybody.

His temper threatened to get the better of him, control over his emotions dulled by the drink, “Aye…this again.” He set his own cup down, though with much more force than necessary, and continued, “Well, fret not Your Grace,” he nearly spat her title out, “I’ll be out of your hair shortly.”

Her frown deepened, edge thin like a knife, barely contained fury in her eyes. “Everyone out. I would like to have further words with Jon Snow.”

It was as if they were aboard a sinking ship, the men and Missandei got up so fast to flee the oncoming storm. Only Jorah wavered in his departure, unsure of his Queens safety with a man he didn’t know. “Your Grace are you sure you should-”

She shot him a withering glare, her fury almost palpable. “I am. Leave us.” He got up at once, eyes hurt, and departed behind the rest of them.

Once alone, she turned towards the target of her ire, “You mean to disrespect me by throwing my title around with such disdain in your voice whilst in my keep?!”

Jon stood upon his legs, headless of the world spinning faster, anger too great to contain, “Aye! Like your disdain for my own in front of my men. You have yet to address me properly and while I consider myself a man that doesn’t harbor away slights easily, I feel as if you’re doing so to purposefully undermine and get a rise out of me.” He stalked before her, inches barely apart and met her angry glare with his own.

She briefly flinched, his close proximity unexpected, before she regained her composure and stood her ground. “You expect far too much! Not only do you expect me to drop everything i’m doing in this war with Cersei Lannister, fork over MY forces and MY dragons for your cause, take one of MY men on some absurd suicide mission to force an amnesty with said false queen, you want me to allow all of this whilst I call you King?!”

Her breathing became agitated - fury barely contained. Eyes afire and full lips quivering. Jon couldn’t help but glance down at them. His head was swimming - he had gotten up far too fast and nearly regretted leaving his chair. He didn’t realize how much he had to drink.

“You don’t agree with my decision to go North?” he asked, eyes trailing from her lips to her bosom, chest heaving beneath her tight bodice in anger. He shook his head and looked back into her eyes hoping she missed his glance. If she did see, she didn’t voice as such.

“It sounds like a heroic act…though one acted upon with too much haste and little thought about the possible consequences.” She shifted upon her feet and sighed, frustration evident in her eyes, “You go into dangerous territory. Are you so sure you can make it back unscathed?”

His eyes widened at what he was hearing, understanding dawning upon him. Is this what everything was about? Was her anger misplaced and she was merely acting upon other frustrations? He let out a sigh of relief and smiled, drawing a confused and almost insulted look from her. “Are you worried for my safety, Your Grace?”

Perhaps he was being far too bold in his assumptions. Perhaps he had far too much to drink and should’ve excused himself long ago before he could play the part of a fool. But he stayed and watched her eyes flicker with something…something he couldn’t place. Was that shock? Surprise that she had been found out? Care?

“I…” she licked her lips, suddenly nervous, “I worry for all of you.” She said hastily, eyes darting to the floor, all anger sapped, “It would be tragic if strife should befall you. You know I’m not a terrible person, I don’t wish you harm or any-”

He kissed her, caution thrown into the wind. She stiffened immediately upon the contact - surprise etched upon her lovely features.

Before she could think or react or pull away, his hand shot up to softly caress her face, a gentleness she had yet to know from any other. He tasted of spices and wine, and smelled of rainfall and the musk of furs that he so liked to wear. She felt herself melt into it, against all thought and restraint.

The door to solar clicked open and she pulled away hastily, heady desire still painting her cheeks a flushed red. Jorah’s head poked through, worry upon his face. “Khaleesi? You’ve been gone for quite some time. Forgive me, but I thought to look in on you-”

She shook her head, attempting clear away the thoughts rapidly firing away in her mind. What had just happened? What had come over him? Hells, what had come over her?

“I-I’m fine Ser Jorah.” She stuttered, desperate to regain her composure. Jon stood a foot or so away from her, wavering slightly upon his feet with drink, embarrassment and lust painting his face red.

Jorah looked between the two of them, a mixture sadness and knowing within his eyes. He nodded quietly, and went to excuse himself.

“It’s alright my Lord.” Jon added hastily before he could depart, “I was just about to return to my quarters.” he nodded to Daenerys before leaving, “Goodnight Your Grace. I apologize for my previous outburst. The drink must’ve dulled my wits, and I misspoke.”

She shook her head, thoughts still flying a mile a minute, heart fluttering wildly in the wake of their actions. “It is I who misspoke…surely.”

He smiled gently and turned to take his leave. “Good night Your Grace.”

“Good night…Jon.”

The following morning, upon the beach before the Northerner’s departure, Dany cornered Jon once more before he took his leave.

He made no mention of the kiss they shared, just as she hadn’t. Perhaps he didn’t remember - Davos said the King was sporting a massive hangover from the night before. She still wasn’t sure of what to make of it, but couldn’t deny the quickening pace of her heart in his presence.

He squinted his eyes, sun clearly bothering him, “Well, if I don’t return you won’t have to deal with the King in the North anymore.” he said, a smile playing upon his handsome features.

Dany fought to keep her face neutral, nervous thoughts of last night flying about her mind. “I’ve grown used to him.” she couldn’t help but smile in kind.

He looked pensive for a moment, and she thought briefly that perhaps he did remember the kiss they shared last night after all. But instead he settled upon, “I wish you good luck with the wars to come.” and departed. He didn’t remember…

She sighed. Perhaps it was for the best…

Unpredictable (Roman Reigns x OFC)

(A/N) I’m sorry it took so long guys, I was in Disneyland Paris for the weekend🙈. I hope y’all enjoy it. I live for detailed feedback!😚

Chapter 2 


 I looked back one more time, seeing Alani grabbing the plastic bags and disappear as she walked inside. She seems like a really nice and sweet girl who I cannot wait to get to know better.

As I was approaching my house, a knot formed in my stomach, not wanting to get back inside. Why?  Let me tell you; I’ve been married to Gianna for over three years and in the beginning, we were both so in love with each other that we married a little too soon. We had been dating less than six months before I proposed to her. Normally, you take the time to get to know each other; what he or she likes, dislikes, etc. I made a mistake by not taking the time to truly getting to know the person I would commit my whole life to, finding out she had some habits that were really getting on my nerves; leaving every room she goes in behind like a tornado had passed, demanding that everything had to go her way, and the most frustrating ones: her famous mood swings. One moment, she was the sweet and enjoyable, fun woman I fell in love with, and the other moment, she could be ignorant, cold and arrogant.

I have no idea in what mood she’ll be in when I get inside, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. As soon as I walked through the door, I could see the living room was a mess through the glass door, making me sigh. I kicked off my shoes and walked inside, finding Gianna on the phone. She turned around once she saw me, she ended her phone call and jumped up.

‘’Joe, baby,’’ she squealed and jumped into my arms.

‘’Hey An, how are you?’’ I briefly hugged her back as I walked over to the kitchen.

‘’Good, how’s my baby doing?’’

‘’I’m good,’’ I grabbed a beer from the fridge and checked my phone.

‘’I was thinking,’’ she bit her lip and grabbed the phone from my hand, caressing my chest, ‘’why don’t we have some husband and wife time tonight? We haven’t been intimate in quite some time,’’

‘’I can’t, I’m sorry,“ I apologized and walked over to the couch, ‘’Dean and I are going to the bar to catch up a bit.’’

‘’Seriously? Again? You always say that when I suggest to do something together. But whatever,’’ I heard her coming my way and she sat down. ‘’Where were you anyways?’’

‘’I went to the store and ran into our new neighbor so I talked to her for a bit,’’ I told her calmly. I could tell she was going to make a whole point of it by the way her body language changed.

‘’The one whose house was being built, disturbing us 24/7?’’

‘’Disturbing you, hun, not me. And yes, her house was being built.’’

‘’So you just started to talk to her?’’ The tone of her voice changed from frustration to jealousy in a split second.

‘’What’s wrong with that?’’ I chuckled. ‘’It’s not like I was hitting on her, don’t worry.’’

‘’But she was hitting on you, wasn’t she?’’ Gianna stood up and placed both hands on her hips.

‘’An, you for real? You haven’t even met her, so making assumptions is not in your place.’’ I said and stood up. ‘’By the way, I’m going over to her place in the morning, getting to know her better, so I won’t be around for breakfast.’’ A part of me felt guilty about how I said those words, but it was the frustration talking.

‘’What on earth are you going to do there?’’

‘’As I said, it’s just getting to know our new neighbor. Jheeze An, chill out,’’

‘’I’m going to bed.’’ She hissed.

‘’Already? It’s only 7,’’ I chuckled. She shrugged and slammed the door behind her, stamping her feet on the stairs in annoyance. I threw my head back and grunted. This is just one of her outbursts and it was a mild one. Gianna never showed this side of her before we got married. There were times she screamed and even threw with things. Luckily for me, that hasn’t happened in a good while and I wish to keep it that way.


I was half asleep as I heard the doorbell ring; that must be Dean. I got rid of the blanket and rubbed my eyes as I walked to the front door. It was indeed Dean, a huge grin spread on his face.

‘’What’s up with you?’’ I raised one eyebrow in confusion.

‘’So my car broke down somewhere in the beginning of the street and this hot ass girl came to help me out. I’ve never seen her around tho,’’ he slipped past me and kicked his shoes off. ‘’She new?’’

‘’Alani? Yeah, her house was the one being built. I told you about it.’’ I closed the door behind me, ‘’but aren’t we supposed to go to the bar? And where’s your car now?’’

‘’That was the original idea, but uce, tell me everything about her.’’ He fell back on the couch. I raised an eyebrow, still not having an answer to my question. I know that Dean loved his car way too much to leave it somewhere broken and unguarded. ‘’Oh yeah, the car,’’ he rubbed his beard and sat up, ‘’I told you, she helped me out. As in she fixed it for me.’’  

‘’She did?’’ I asked impressed. Not many women I know have experience with stuff mostly men are involved in. ‘’Wow, that’s amazing.’’ I sat in the corner of the couch.

‘’It is, yeah, but now it’s your turn to answer my questions I have about her,’’ he smirked and leaned back, ‘’Is she single?’’

‘’I knew that question would be asked,’’ I laughed, ‘’The only things I know about her, are that she is new in the neighborhood, she’s really nice and that her house looks magnificent.’’ I chuckled.

‘’It seems like you were too much of a pussy to actually have a good talk with her,’’ Dean concluded. ‘’Let’s go over to her place right now, I’ll do the talking.’’

‘’If you want me killed, let’s go. But I’d rather stay alive.’’ I sighed. Dean knows everything about the often problematic and unstable relationship me and Gianna have. She doesn’t know I tell him literally everything, so every time she sees him, she acts like nothing is wrong. ‘’I am going to her place in the morning though. Just for some coffee, getting to know each other better.’’

‘’Oh you are?’’ He said, a smug smile grew on his face, ‘’how did Gianna respond?’’

‘’As usual; jealous, frustrated, annoyed.’’ I nonchalantly said.

‘’Y’all should get into therapy bro,’’ he shook his head and zapped through the channels, ‘’this can’t go on for much longer. Sooner or later, something’s gonna happen and it ain’t gonna be pleasant,’’

‘’Thank you, soothsayer Ambrose,’’ I sarcastically said, ‘’I appreciate you looking out for me, but it’ll be fine.’’

‘’Whatever you say, Reigns,’’ He chuckled and got the blanket, tucking himself in as he watched TV.


‘’Roman, uce, wake up,’’ A voice said in the distance. I knew Gianna never called me ‘uce’ so it must be Dean. ‘’You gonna be late, get up.’’

‘’Late for what,’’ I groaned and hid underneath the warm blanket.

‘’Your coffee date, dude.’’ His hoarse voice grinned. I sat up quickly, worried that I overslept, and looked at my watch, relieved that it was only 8.30 am. ‘’I thought you’d wanna be woken up so you can get ready.’’

‘’How nice,’’ I chuckled and sat up. ‘’Did Gianna come down?’’

‘’I don’t think so, but then again, I sleep through everything y’know.’’ Dean handed me a cup of coffee. I took a sip and was glad to have it just as I liked; hot with a little bit of sugar. He knows me too well. ‘’So what time were you planning on leaving?’’

‘’We live in the same street, so I was thinking ten minutes before nine,’’ I took a sip of my coffee, enjoying the taste of the first sip and stood up. ‘’You want anything to eat?’’

‘’Nah thanks, I’ll go to that breakfast bar thing nearby, my mom wanted to meet up. So get dressed and I’ll drop you off.’’ He yawned. I looked at him confused. ‘’I wanna see her again.’’ He smirked and walked over to the kitchen. I chuckled and shook my head.

‘’Alright, I’ll pretend her house is an hour away so you have to drive me.’’ I got away from underneath the blanket. ‘’I’ll be right back,’’

‘’If you’re not here in ten minutes, I’ll go to her on my own.’’ He shouted as I walked up the stairs. I laughed and shook my head as I entered the bedroom. Gianna was watching TV, not even acknowledging my presence.

‘’Good morning,’’ I said as I opened the closet. No response. ‘’How’d you sleep?’’ I asked, hoping to get any kind of reaction back. No communication is something I hate. ‘’An?’’

‘’Good morning, I slept fine and what?’’ she spat. I frowned at her reaction, slightly taken back by how fierce it was.

‘’Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,’’ I murmured as I looked through my clothes.  She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. ‘’I’ll be back by noon,’’

‘’You’re seriously going to her place right now?’’  Gianna sat up on her knees, ‘’You always have an excuse for when I want to spend time with you; you always hang out with Dean or Seth or whoever your friends are, you’re almost always on the road. You seem so uninterested in anything that has to deal with me,’’ her voice growing more intense.

‘’I’m not doing this now, An. We’ll talk later.’’ I said cheerless and walked to the bathroom. I was in no mood whatsoever to have this conversation right now. Not only will it bring me in an awful frame of mind, people around me will probably notice and ask me what’s wrong and I’m not jumping from excitement to tell anything considering my problematic marriage.

I brushed my teeth, wore my jeans and favorite black shirt, sprayed some cologne on my chest and neck, pulled my hair straight back in a bun and I was ready to go. I peeked into the bedroom a last time; Gianna pulled the covers over her head, her back facing me. I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs. Dean was leaning against the door, playing with his keyrings.

‘’Ready to go?’’ He smirked. ‘’I cannot wait to see her again,’’ he excitedly jumped up and down.

‘’You’ve only seen her once,’’ I reminded him as I got on one knee, lacing up my shoes, ‘’besides, she may be taken.’’

‘’That’s why you’re going to get to know her,’’ he opened the door and jogged to his car, ‘’for me,’’ he grinned as he unlocked it and got inside. I got up from my knee, automatically brushing off them both. I wanted to leave the house on good terms with Gianna, but I know that that’s not possible when she’s in a state like this; angry, jealous and not willing to understand that I also have my friends. Just like she has hers.

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the passenger’s seat, sitting down as I opened the door. ‘’You seriously need to clean your car, uce,’’ I chuckled as I grabbed some empty water bottles and opened chip bags from the floor. ‘’How did she not run away when she saw it?’’

‘’Because she didn’t look in my car, it was an engine problem,’’ he absently spoke as he looked in the mirror as he drove backwards. ‘’I would’ve thrown everything in the back though, I’m not as dirty as my deeds.’’

‘’That was the corniest thing I’ve ever heard,’’ I laughed loudly.

‘’For someone who knows what I mean, yes, but for someone who isn’t familiar with what we do, it can be an interesting thing to find out.’’

‘’I can’t with you, man,’’ I chuckled and shook my head. It literally took us less than one minute to get to Alani’s place, but I was secretly happy he drove me. ‘’Thanks for driving me, I wouldn’t have made it on time otherwise,’’

‘’You’re more than welcome, my friend,’’ he nodded. ‘’You go, let me know everything.’’

‘’I will, greet your mom for me.’’ I gave Dean a quick hug before getting out of the car. I walked up to the shiny white door and knocked twice. Probably 30 seconds had passed with no one opening the door. I turned around and shrugged at Dean who was still sitting in his car. As I was about to walk away, the door flew open and Alani stood in the doorway.

‘’I’m so sorry,’’ she apologized, ‘’I was half asleep so I didn’t know if someone really knocked or if it was just a dream,’’

‘’Don’t say sorry for that,’’ I smiled, ‘’If you need time to freshen up, I can wait outside?’’

‘’Oh don’t be silly, get in,’’ her small hands grabbed my arm, pulling me inside. ‘’Oh hey! Dean, wasn’t it?’’ Alani waved at Dean who was smiling brightly.

‘’Yes, it was,’’ he happily shouted back, ‘’you guys have fun. I’ll see you around, doll!’’

‘’Bye!’’ she smiled and waved one last time as he drove off. ‘’I hope I look somewhat presentable,’’ her hands quickly reached for the waistband of her robe, tying it together.

‘’You look better than most people who just woke up,’’ I assured her. She closed the door behind her and chuckled.

‘’Well, let me make you jealous by showing you around then,’’


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Headcanons for Uf!sans with an s/o that gets flustered easily?

Oh-ho-ho, this is going to be fun. 

  • * Teasing. ALL THE TIME.
  • *As soon as he figured out you flustered easily, well, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.
  • *Lots of sexual innuendos. He likes the shade of red your face turns when you realize the implication of whatever he was suggesting. It’s adorable.
  • *He’ll sling his arm ever-so-casually around your shoulders, and watch with a half lidded grin as you sputter.
  • *He enjoys mumbling dirty humor into your ear in public the best, because your reaction is always the most noticeable. He’s been shoved away smirking by you quite a few times, while you quietly hiss we’re in public!
  • *Of course, Sans doesn’t care if you’re in public or not, and proceeds to make an offhanded remark about the phallic quality of someone’s earrings. You smack him.
  • * He knows not to take it too far, however. If you’re obviously uncomfortable, he’ll back off right away. He knows not to push you.
  • *But if you just so happen to walk in on him without a shirt- well, he’s never going to get over the face you’d made. No, he isn’t ever going to let it go.
  • *For someone who’s easily flustered, however, you sure as hell know how to make him hot and bothered.
  • *He’s fairly sure you don’t even know what you’re doing. But you’ll bite your lip in concentration or adjust your shorts so he can just snatch a little clip of skin under your clothes, and his gaze will grow a little heavy.
  • Let’s not even mention the popsicle incident.
  • He think’s he’s converting you, a little, because you don’t react as dramatically to his teasing anymore. Hell, you’d even made a sex joke the other day, and that had… Well, he wasn’t sure how he felt about that.
  • You’re the cutest thing in the world, to him. Complementing you never fails to make you blush, too, and he resolves to do it more often.
  • To him, the only thing better then you flustered is when you’re happy.

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Hello!! I hope that you have/had a good day!! If you didn't I hope you have one soon! I really love your art! It is bold yet soft and super expressive! Amazing, honestly. I am happy that you love cats too! 💞🐱 You deserve lots of love from them! 😊😊

I did have a good day!! I saw my doctor and he got super happy when I told him that my new medicine is finally working and then I went shopping with one of my best friends and got a bunch of fake flower garlands for my room and way too many mango gummies lol

Hey !

Just to let you know, i will repost nfsw content here. It will be properly tagged, it will be mostly reblogs from my sideblog.

And there will be a new story. More simple than Psychic. I loved Psychic but my story
was too complicated. And i want to do something gay, nsfw and sexy. That’s the thing which inspires me. It won’t be regular cause i don’t have a lot of time for me now.

Hope you’ll like it. The pitch of the story was inspired by my friend @stsciurussimblr. You’ll find out soon what is it.

Sex with Dom!Jimin

Originally posted by jiyoongis

-We all know that Jimin is most likely gonna be a Sub!
-But hear me out pals
-IF this boy was ever a dominant in bed,he would go ALL OUT
-I’m talking blindfolds,whips,ball gags,handcuffs
-The shiz
-Gripping your waist so hard you have crescent dents in your skin from his nails
-Heavy breathes
-Probably not a dirty talker
-“Shush baby,you’ve gotta be quiet.We don’t wanna get caught now do we?”
-Lowkey loves the idea of possibly being caught
-Public Dom!Jimin is a thing
-Starts with a casual hand on the thigh but soon,you aren’t thinking about the family meal anymore
-Hickies freakin everywhere
-Would never blindfold you cause he always wants to see your eyes
-Mainly so he knows if he’s gone too far and injured you or harmed you
-Boi if he did injure you in some way it’d take you so long to convince him,to be Dom! in bed again
-If you did convince him,he’d be a lot more gentle
-Tugging on his hair,and neck
-“Jimin.Fuck me for gods sake.”
-Would press a passionate kiss to your lips before pulling away and humming
-“If you say so kitten.”

Masterlist will be up VERY soon!

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We've seen an artist S/O with grillby. How about being mainstream and writing some headcanons for Artist!S/O with the ut brothers (and uf sans because honestly he's wonderful and I can't get enough of headcanons) I'm mainstream but the only other interesting thing would be seeing either mettaton or blooky since they're artists too.. *muses*

heyyhey i finally finsihed this
im trying a new format for these things btw

also i didnt do blooky because i couldnt think off anything that would suit their personality. but i still love them


- He absolutely loves when you draw near him, because he can sleep while ou do so, since you create such a relaxing atmosphere.
- He loves to show off your art work, because he’s honestly proud of how it always turns out.
- He sometimes flirts with you, saying that he could be your model if you ever want to draw him.
- He actually carries about 10 pencils with him, always, in case you have an idea that you want to get down real quick. He doesn’t have paper, however.


- His favorite thing is seeing your finished works, because it just reminds him how perfect you are to him, and of course you’re perfect, you’re dating him.
- He’s actually incredibly delicate when handling your art, as to not tarnish the magic you create.
- He carries pencils with him, as well, but in his boots, so they’re sometimes snapped in half or caught in between his bones.
- He buys you all sorts of art materials, wanting you to branch out just so he could see what your art would look like if you were a marble sculptor, per say. (Yes, that does mean he once bought you a marble block and a chisel.)


- He gets ecstatic when you take up his offer to draw him, because he knows you’re talented, and if you draw his talent then that’s like, twice the talent.
- His hobby, it seems like, is showing you off to the world. 
- He loves you being on set with him, as he is on camera, he’ll want you to doodle while watching him.


- When you draw around him everything is silent, and normally you’re sitting in his lap, so he knows you’re safe, so he finally has a chance to relax somewhere outside of the house.
- Red flirts like Sans, but he offers to be your nude model
- He’s actually amazing that someone as talented as you would want to date him
- He gets really, really flustered when you actually draw him, and if you do draw him nude, he’s blushing the whole time.
- He likes seeing your hands all dirty from the graphite, or markers, or whatever you used to create with.

Leaving 99

A crack of lightning rent the air and within seconds, a rolling boom of thunder followed. The rain, which had at first been only a trickle, soon escalated into a torrential downpour, soaking every square inch of the dreary landscape. Violent gusts of wind tore through the air, threatening to derail the stability of even the most deeply rooted tree.
In the midst of all the clamor, a shuddering bundle of wool and blood had found itself entangled in the brambles of a rose bush. Fear and confusion had motivated its tumble off the overhanging cliff, which though barely an eight foot drop, had been enough to break one of its front legs. At first the creature had writhed and fought its constraints but after several failed attempts, it slackened in defeat.
It had been several days since it wandered off from the rest of the herd. While it had gorged itself on more than enough grass to satiate its appetite, its likelihood of survival had drastically deteriorated since then. Cold, lack of water, the absence of a shepherd’s protection, and now a debilitating injury seemed to ensure it wouldn’t make it through the night.
Whatever bleats it was able to utter were immediately swept away by the howls of nearby predators and the unrelenting pounding of rain. The shepherd, if he had even noticed the lamb’s disappearance, would hardly be able to distinguish its cries amongst them. Besides, what worth was one lamb among a hundred? It seemed senseless than anyone would risk venturing out into this weather for an animal that most would assume to be dead.
With each hour that passed, the storm only seemed to intensify and the snarls of encroaching enemies drew nearer.
It convulsed unabatingly; whether from cold, or pain, or, fear, it was impossible to tell. Its eyes which had been relentlessly scanning the visible surroundings, finally began to flutter with the threat of sleep.
Just as the last of its strength seemed to desert it, a flash of lightning brought into its consciousness a vaguely familiar figure who stood silhouetted against the night sky. It was the shepherd.
With not even a thought for himself, the shepherd wrenched aside the thorny branches and lifted the lamb from its imprisonment. Upon examining the wound, he tore off strips of fabric from his own tunic and wrapped the shuddering creature’s leg in a temporary splint before lifting it across his shoulders. There was neither anger nor frustration mirrored in the man’s eyes, only an overwhelming sense of compassion.
“Shhh, I know it hurts little one but you’re safe now.” He murmured. “I’m taking you home.”

Probably one of the most generic Christian story rewrites ever but it wouldn’t stop pestering me until I wrote it out. I was originally just going to keep it in my own documents but I thought it provided a good opportunity to encourage fellow believers who might be in a similar position.
God will never give up on you. Even if you’ve been wandering away from Him for days, weeks, months, or even years, His mercy never fails. He views you as His son, His daughter. You’re not disposable to Him. Even if you can’t find the way home, don’t make the mistake of believing you’re too lost to be found. Just call out to Him. He will bandage your wounds and carry you back to the flock.

Luke 15:1-6
Then all the tax collectors and the sinners drew near to Him to hear Him. And the Pharisees and scribes complained, saying, “This Man receives sinners and eats with them.”  So He spoke this parable to them, saying: “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it?  And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing.  And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’

Lamentations 3:22-23
Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.

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Two prayer requests: I start school next week, and my anxiety is starting build up to the state thats school is hanging in the back of my head like impending doom. Also, my grandma moved in this summer, and she is very very conservative, she sometimes brings up homosexuals and how they will burn in hell. My parents don't have quite the same views, but they agree. I haven't come out to anyone yet, but it probably won't be safe anytime soon. I'm an ace lesbian btw.

I really feel for you, anon. It’s so hard to know that family who love you hold such views. I’ll be praying for you as you return to school and as you go about life with your parents and grandma; I’ll pray for their change of heart too. Hang in there, and know that God loves and celebrates you! <3

Shepherd God,
Ease this person’s anxiety as they prepare to return to school in the coming week. May their classmates be kind to them and their teachers be understanding and helpful; and may they have access to the support and resources they need to succeed.
Protect this person from the harmful views voiced by their grandma. May they be enfolded in your comfort and love, safe from hurt. Give them your Spirit of courage and hope, and the patience to hold their tongue to keep safe. And though it may seem impossible, I know that you can work on these people’s hearts, Transformative Spirit, and soften them into new understanding and love.
Whatever happens at school and at home, may this child of yours feel your Presence ever near.


Fun fact: I had a random dream one night about Galileo and Jupiter’s moons and woke up to find that it was his birthday and I have no idea how I knew any of this to begin with… since then I’ve loved Jupiter and Galileo.

On another note:
Sorry I’ve been absent lately – just enjoying summer. Uni resumes soon but I’ll only be taking one class since I’ll be interning and continuing as a research assistant too. Sorry for those who followed me for my medical posts and not so much posts like this…hope you will stick around as I’ll be applying for aceBSN programs this coming year…and hopefully I’ll be an official nursing student soon after!

Just letting y’all know, my girlfriend broke up with me today. We’re still best friends, we could never let each other go, but I’m… having a really hard time. A really, really hard time. I created my Denmark blog as a fun thing for us to do together and I’m afraid he’s going to be deleted tonight. Too much planning and too many memories have really made me sad when I think about it.

I hope you all understand. Rather, I hope that I can make another blog (I’ve considered 2p fem france and ancient greece, possibly Carthage) and fill the void with something else fun. Something like Amelia almost.

Anyways. I love y’all. I’ll try to get back to drawing soon.

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a moment in which Andrei and Natasha are terrified for Pierre's life (illness, getting worse, they feel helpless)

pierre is spiraling away from them every day, with every night spent alone, and andrei feels the fear of losing him down to his bones.

he knows that natasha feels it too, communicated in worried glances over dinners that pierre doesn’t attend, or the way that she curls into him in a bed that holds just the two of them. and he takes her hand and kisses her knuckles and tells her that it’s alright, love, he’ll be feeling better soon.

andrei weathers it, is strong because he has to be, but he doesn’t know how to fix pierre’s illness and he thinks of losing him to death or to drink and is so very, very afraid.


【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】