is it too late to say happy thanksgiving

Falling in Love on Christmas? Want to Annoy Your Parents? Read On...

A slightly shorter follow-up to the Thanksgiving fic, not at all in time for Christmas.  So if you need some holiday cheer even now, read on!

In an AU where the Wards are just stuffy WASPs and not actual monsters, Grant brings his girlfriend (!) to Christmas Eve dinner.  SkyeWard, obviously.

Also featuring: rosie, thomas, anna the wife, christian wearing makeup, and some christmas carolers.  happy late christmas friends!

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prompt: Brittana's first Christmas as wives and starting their own traditions. (deciding to spend the holidays in NYC maybe with their family coming over)

I have a couple others in progress. But, at least I got one finished. 

You feel Brittany finally starting to stir beside you.  The last few weeks have been exhausting for both of you.  Thanksgiving in Lima, finals for school, working doubles and long hours so you can actually have a few days off at Christmas. You’ve been thinking a lot over the last few days. This was your first Christmas married. Your first Christmas in your own place. Your first Christmas together in New York. Christmas was less than two weeks away.

You slowly start to rub your wife’s back when she starts to yawn a little. “Good morning baby,” you say softly as you kiss her temple.

“Good Morning, beautiful,” She smiles up at you brightly and stretches her arms above her head.  She turns to you and runs her finger down the corner of your eyebrow. “You have the ‘I’ve been thinking’ crease in it. What’s wrong, honey?”

You turn to her and prop your head up on your hand. “I want you to hear me out before you say anything. I don’t want to upset you.”

Brittany just nods at you as she rolls to her side to match your position. “What’s on your mind, babe?”

You just sigh a little before you speak. “I know how important Christmas has always been for you. We’ve both been working really hard make sure we can actually have a real Christmas together,” you breath in slowly to try and piece the right words together. You feel her fingers run across your hip to relax you. “We have both been so busy and working so much, I feel like we should stay home for Christmas. I mean, home in New York.” You shrug a little when you see her lips start to curl into a smile. “We will spend a day traveling. Two days bouncing back and forth between our families houses. I really don’t trust Rachel to actually come check on Tubbs while we are gone. Our train tickets are refundable up until 72 hours before we leave…” You feel her lips on yours as she stops you from talking.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing. I just didn’t want to say anything. You were so happy to see Abuela at Thanksgiving, I didn’t want to damper your Christmas spirit.” Brittany pulls you into her and starts to kiss your shoulder softly. “I would love to spend our first Christmas married in our home.”

You knew your parents wouldn’t be too pleased with the change of plans. After a few phone calls over a couple days, your mom has stopped trying to guilt you into coming. Whitney was surprisingly okay with the whole situation. She and Pierce were supposed to come up in late January anyway. So you would see both of them sooner rather than later.

You and Brittany are both finally off on the same day. You decided together that today would be the day you would get the tree. Brittany wanted a real one. You couldn’t very well tell your wife no. There is a small Boy Scout’s Christmas tree lot pretty close to your small apartment.  You did have to convince her that the tree couldn’t be more than 5 feet tall. Your ceilings were high enough, but you both would have to lug the tree up 5 flights of stairs.

You spend the night together decorating the tree. Lots of homemade ornaments, popcorn string and a small star that you found at a small antique store.  You had both been okay with only doing a little bit of decorating before you decided to stay home.  Neither of you saw the point in putting a big tree if you weren’t going to be home to enjoy it.

Christmas Eve comes up much faster than you realize. You and Brittany both decide that today is about enjoying your much needed time together. You ordered Chinese from down the street. The Netflix list is full of Christmas movies. You are both still in your pajama’s even though it’s almost 3 in the afternoon.

A few hours and several movies later, you and Brittany are curled up on the couch. Tubbs down on his cat bed just a few feet away from you. Even though most of your Christmas Eves have always been in a full house surrounded by noise, food and all of your family, you can’t really imagine wanting anything other than this right now.

Brittany has her arm around your shoulder and her lips pressed against your neck. “I’m so glad we decided to stay home.”  Her lips move slowly up your neck and she kisses your ear softly. “I love you.”

You turn your head a little and kiss her softly on the lips. “I love you, too.” You put her hand on the side of her cheek and rub her cheek softly with your thumb. “I’m glad we decided to stay home too. I love our families. But, it’s so nice to finally have a few days to ourselves. I know we didn’t have a lot of money for Christmas this year, but honestly I don’t need anything but you.”

Brittany all but melts into you as she listens to your soft words. She pulls you close to her offering you an endless amount of soft kisses. They slowly start to evolve into more needing then loving, but they are still slow and careful. The kind of slow kisses that land you in bed underneath Brittany for hours.  

Brittany falls from onto you. Her chest heaving against yours and her hair spiraled all over your face. She nuzzles her head into your neck and kisses your skin softly. “Merry Christmas, Baby.”

You’re about to tell her it’s not Christmas yet, but when you look over her shoulder the alarm clock reads 12:02 am. You feel her breath start to steady. You feel her get heavy. You can tell she has already fallen asleep. “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Lopez-Pierce.” You say to her softly, even if it is really more to yourself.

You are fuming mad. You hear an incessant banging on your apartment door. It’s barely past 8 am. It’s Christmas morning for fucks sake. If it’s those stupid kids from down the hall, you don’t care if it’s Christmas you’re going to hand them their ass. You throw your hair up into a mess bun and throw a robe on. “Fucking son of a bitch,” you hiss as you walk towards the door.  You whip the door open ready to yell at the rudest person the planet.

You stand there dumbfounded staring at the person who dragged you out of your warm bed.

“Santana, are you just going to stand there or are you going to let me in?” Alma Lopez asks softly as she pushes past you into your apartment.  

“How did you get here?” You ask her still very confused. You watch her closely as she sets down a small bag and she examines your tree.

She just turns to you and opens her arms, “Questions later, mi amor. Get over here and give me a hug.”  

You all run into her arms and hug her tightly. “Merry Christmas, Abuela.” You look over her shoulder and see Brittany standing in the hall way with her arms crossed in a smile on her face. “You did this didn’t you?”

Brittany just smiles at you and winks. “Our tickets were also transferable. So we got refunded for one and I transferred the other to Abuela.”

You can feel yourself start to tear up when Brittany’s words reach your ears. You pull away from your grandmother. She offers you an understanding smile. You grab your wife’s cheeks and kiss her softly.  “I can’t believe you did this. I love you so much.” You throw your arms around her and hug her tightly.

“Hurry up you two, we have presents to open.” Alma says softly to both of you and ushers you two away from each other. “Santana, go put on some real clothes. Brittany, at least had the decency to put on clothes.”

A little while later, you emerge from your bedroom and your heart almost explodes in your chest.  Brittany and Abuela are sitting in the living room on the couch looking at your wedding album. You never thought this day would come. You had imagined it for as long as you could remember. You know your Abuela is still trying to get used to your life and trying to understand everything, but this shows how much she really loves you. You can’t think of a better way to spend your first Christmas together married. You are completely convinced you have the best wife on the planet.