is it too late to post this idk


look at victor. look at this man. he finds out his boyfriend hasn’t been sleeping so he brings him up to a private room, strip him to his underwear and a sleeping mask, and then proceeds to sleep on top of him so he won’t have any ideas of slipping away during his nap time. if that’s not dedication to your significant other i don’t know what is.

ok hear me out on this

somewhat of a social media au where ladybug and chat noir have blogs to post about their superhero stuff

like chat posts pics of cats and short vids of him telling awful puns to ladybug and ladybug posts…idk aesthetic shit like pics of the skyline or important akuma updates

on the side, marinette has a blog for her fashion projects, where she posts pics of her works in progress and some designs and sketches she’s made. it doubles as her personal blog so she’ll post selfies sometimes and pictures of her and her friends or places she’s at

but on accident one day marinette posts a selfie to her ladybug blog

and chaos ensues

(she doesn’t realize it until like an hour later and by then it’s already way too late to delete the picture

adrien is just


you always have his name spilling out of your mouth like a coffee too hot that is burning your tongue and you never come out alive of a relationship and you become a stranger to yourself, you come out as another person, not different but new and now you are a version of yourself even you don’t recognize and how odd is it to look in the mirror and see yourself, yet a complete stranger and tell me how it feels to see the your own face and not know a thing about it
—  does he break you or do you break yourself? // JustScribbledWords

um. so. I have exactly $20.13 left in my bank account. my last work payment hasn’t gone through yet and I need to go talk to them to try to figure out what tf is going on but holy hell was I relying on that

unfortunately I have a $16.57 bill to pay at school, like 2 drops of gas left, and need a minimum of $5 in my bank account at all time.

I’m kind of freaking out rn?? if anyone has even just a little to spare and can use my ko-fi/donate button, I’d be so fucking grateful. or you can ask my paypal privately if that works better

I’m just really freaked out because I thought I had a lot more than I did


what the heck is sleep

Redesigned some ocs out of self indulgence, and because their previous designs were made when I was like…13 or something

Yandere!Kara x Ichimatsu Comic

This is that “angsty” comic that I spent way too long on i dont know why, it’s not even that angsty anyway.. under the cut for yandere and abuse. It’s not crazy or anything, but still there.

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#HIDEWEEK - Day 04 [ ♠ ] Blue


countries and chairs 

my friend shared a post about chairs on facebook and i had no choice but to edit it

dennis goes to north dakota and he’s like ‘shitballs! i’m freezing!’ mandy says 'dontcha have any warmer clothes??' and dennis says 'no. it’s always sunny in philadelphia