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Any blog recommendations? (Maybe like a lil description of them thanks)

sorry this is late i saw this last night but i actually wanted to tag the people in it and idk how to do that on mobile

@brooksblog nice aesthetics. she posts some fandom stuff too


@surprisebitch i feel like everyone follows carlos but his blog is just hilarious

@kelseyolo & @sickfake my fav couple on tumblr they r a nice aesthetic blog with cute things they reblog about each other

@alesbianavenger cute relatable posts. some funnies. gay stuff. some aesthetics. idk i like aesthetic blogs

u kno how artists do streams?? imagine streaming u writing and ppl watching u write like on the one hand it sounds so dumb and boring but on the other u get to watch someone create a story! ud get to see the process behind it! and on the flipside the author could get feedback while they’re writing it! instead of posting it and all the critiques coming in too late, ppl can give u input as its happening so u dont have to alter everything when u find a plot hole too late or etc like idk it just seems neat in theory


{remake of this}

Ian and I met in sixth grade, we didn’t know each other. He was the new kid in class. Nobody really knew him. It came time to do this biology project in class. I got paired with the new kid, and I was like “Oh, I don’t know this guy.” But, you know, we got paired together. So we were forced to work together. We had to draw a dump. Ian and I drew poop in the dump, and flies and gas masks. And we thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then the rest is history. We came together because of poop and flies. 


My Storenvy Closing Sale 

I will be closing my storenvy on Monday (22nd August)!! I’ve added new prints+postcards!! The D&P charms will not be restocked so grab the last few designs now before its too late! With every purchase you will receive free stickers and if $30^ will get a free Polaroid card!!! 

I will not be opening it any time soon because I will be moving by the end of the month. I would need to settle down, find a place to print and learn how to mail in UK before I can start my sales again!!


For Malaysia: I will be attending Animangaki (AMG2016)!!
For UK: I might be attending MCM London and Bristol Anime Con!!

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plans for Maxon's bday this year???

Agh I feel like it’s too late for me to organize something, but if you guys want I can organize another Maxon week kinda thing?


Note: I hope you don’t think I’m biased towards bc I do stuff for his bday and not the other characters. His bday just happens to be the cusp of summer and school and I’m not that busy yet. With Aspen I just keep forgetting, but don’t worry, he and America will be incorporated if this happens :)

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What are some of your go to smoothie recipes? I haven't been making many recently (on an oatmeal kick, what can I say lol) but I'm moving to college this weekend and wanna get back into making them. i usually do banana, pb, and cacao nibs but i'd like to make some with different fruits/flavors.... thank you have a wonderful day!


So, I’ve posted some under /tagged/myfood

I really don’t take measurements– but some of my favorites are…

  • Bananas, almond milk, cocoa
  • Bananas, cocoa, frozen cherries, almond milk
  • Bananas, mango, coconut water, spinach
  • Bananas, PB2/PB, vanilla extract, almond milk
  • Bananas, coconut water, and any other frozen fruit I have on hand
  • Bananas, chocolate protein powder, cocoa, chocolate coconut water
  • Bananas, cocoa, almond milk, oats, cinnamon

And then I’ll always add in things like spinach, kale, chia seeds, ground flax, cinnamon, Maca powder, Spirulina, dates, oats, etc!

hi everyone! I’m like, 7 followers away from a new milestone, but I have no patience so I’m posting this before actually hitting it oops.

but the point is you’re all amazing! you guys are so kind and cool and interesting, and I can’t believe you’re all following me! it really truly means a lot to me, like more than words can actually say. so, in a poor attempt to show how much I love you all, I thought I’d do a gif giveaway!

the rules:

  • must be following me, since it’s for followers and all
  • just like or reblog this, as long as your url’s in the notes you’re entered
  • 5 winners can request whatever character/scene/ship/quote/theme whatever that they’d like a gifset of
  • if a winner was to ask for something I don’t have downloaded or wouldn’t feel comfortable making or whatever, I’ll just ask for a different request
  • you need to have your ask open so I can contact you if you win :)
  • oops I just realized there should also be a deadline so this’ll close on August 26!!

that’s all! I hope this is something fun for everyone. again, I just really want to thank you all so much for being so beautiful and for shining so brightly all the time. you’re all superstars, for real.

GOT7 reaction to you helping him ice-skate

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Hello omma ! I’m so happy that you’re involved so much in the profiles, even if I love your gif reactions. I love both of your work. No, I like absolutely everything that you do, link to the boys ! ~ Anyway, I wanted to ask you a gif reaction, when you and the boys go to the skating rink, and they are not too good at that ? And when you need to help them a little, at the beginning ? Thanks omma, ILY !

sorry about post quality lately ^_^’ idk whats gotten into me
I hope you still like it though!
guys remember to send in ideas for the next profile! the profile queue link is up in the description.
~ahgase Omma


gets annoyed more at himself for not prepping before coming here with you, because now he’s just loaded you will all the ammo you could possibly need to embarrass him. but he quickly picks it up and then your left eating your own words.


he’s a little apprehensive to ask for your help at first, he can sing, dance and fly but this seems to have stumped him and he can’t figure it out, but sooner or later he asks and ends up loving all the skinship.


you try and explain that he needs to put on foot in front of the other, instead of getting the maknaes to push him around, but of course he plays ignorance and encourages you to teach him.


Proud-man Park jinyoung can’t stand that his not getting it, the perfectionist in him wouldn’t rest even if he did manage, but he just can’t. he refuses to hold onto the side. in time he comes to you, but would rather ask you to skate with him, then actually say the word help.


he would be proudly splayed out on the floor, his in no rush to be a pro at this. he asks for help to get up a lot, but otherwise is happy that your slowly skating beside him.


nicknamed Bambi because of his tremendous grace of fall over every 10 seconds, he tries for a little bit but then quickly realises the slapstick comedy of him falling over seems to make you laugh enough that he’s happy to do it all day, and if he gets a personal lesson out of it too, then bonus!


whimpers and whines the whole time because your literally skating circles around him. he wants to get good at this so he can stake with you, but you keep distracting him. He gets one of the hyungs to quickly help him, so he can impress you even if it’s a little

Gifs are not my own

the maintenance man, Andy, came today to start working on the long list of things in the apartment which are broken or not set up

of course I had Tumblr open when he came in and of course someone I follow was like ‘what if I posted a butthole pic RIGHT NOW’ and I have no idea if it was on the screen or not so I just…really hope I didn’t make the wrong impression on Andy…

I know I’m in love when the tiniest, most seemingly forgettable things make my heart melt.

I know I’m in love when I tied my shoelaces too tight and he knelt down and worked at the knots for ten minutes until I was finally free.

I know I’m in love every time we pull up to a gas station late at night and he insists on filling my tank for me because he doesn’t want me to feel unsafe.

I know I’m in love when I told him none of my friends could go to the Dan and Phil liveshow with me and he offered to come even though he’d never heard of them in his life.

I know I’m in love when I tell him I’ve had a terrible day at work and he surprises me with my favorite snack and soda and sits with me during my break and lets me complain until I feel better.

I know I’m in love with him when I’m wearing tight, feminine clothing and once we get to his house he immediately offers me his pajama pants to wear instead.

I know I’m in love when I call him crying and brokenly admitting that I might need to see a therapist and he tells me that all he wants for me is to be happy and that he’ll support me on my journey to overcoming my anxiety and depression every step of the way.

I’m not saying being in love is a fairytale. Sometimes it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But then there are some days when we’re cuddling and we find the perfect way to hold each other and I suddenly want to burst into tears because I couldn’t ever imagine living my life without him in it.

ok really late reply and my grammar is eyestabby but Combining my submissions, very tldr; as I pop in on occasion and I wrote these responses over time to like 6 different submissions, decided merge into one big one and split into two long submissions idk if you will post, I hope its not too long, but I saw the long one on here and thought why not? Btw I type like I think, fast, a bit wild, a lil disjointed.


RE; some daryl /norman push back:

yes daryl/norman has haters, it’s unavoidable. I’m surprised it took so long actually. It goes to show how charming Norman really is tbh. It also doesn’t help that Norman has his own fan base that are more about him sometimes than TWD, I noticed some don’t like it. Some twd fans don’t like Norman can generate his own press, however small, apparently in a portion of the TWD world nobody is supposed to be bigger than the show. BTW this happens in a lot of large fandoms, if one character is seemly more outwardly popular than the rest, the fans of ‘other characters’ in the show, group, movie etc. start to get pissy. And or if a character or person gets tooooo popular then ppl start to drag them down. Its the nature of fan culture. Lol I’ve been in fandoms since I was 12. Happened in my last 3 fandoms. Its unavoidable. And honestly it took me by surprise at first, that Norman has a fanbase like a popstar/band or a long loved book fandom, ie hp or marvel fandoms or strong TV ie Sherlock, SPN/ Where the fans sometimes get a wee bit intense and overwhelming so other ppl/fans don’t like it or even get it and want to start to drag ur fave down bc of it. The more loved/popular you are the more u also attract habitual fandom crays and the more ppl resent it ie haters. Ppl will dislike you over the dumbest stuff, I’ve noticed or if they cant find something common place to use for dislike, I promise they will find something and try to incite more ppl on the grievance bandwagon. So with the love comes the hate. Unfort its typical. Ps if anyone uses the reference of “Cash Cow” with Norman or Daryl, and say they are a fan, don’t take them all that seriously, they prob have an agenda. I’ve observed that most ppl that don’t care for him use that phase a lot, especially on the gossip sites. winks* at the few trolling ontd/etc ppl who comment here. I see you.


Annoyance that Daryl seems to be in the forefront in the media, or Norman does the most press instead of Rick/ Andrew or insert ur fave:

I’ve always personally thought that Norman kind of does the show a favor? Andrew is a old school, as, he seems very appreciative of fans, but it’s something that is a not a focus for him or he’s into. Idt he would’ve been able to contractually pull back in public as much as he does, if Norman and the others didn’t do a big chuck of press and promo for the show. I get the feeling Andrew like “thangs” just the way they are, he still gets to have bit of a his savored private life and still do what he does best. Yes, Norman gets more publicity, but he also gets the fandom crays, the “celebrity” haters, the criticisms, the micro-scoping and *multiple* lashings of being celebrity. You put yourself out there in the public and ppl will come for you no matter what. I do kind of roll my eyes when ppl say over-exposure and over-saturation for Norman bc he really isn’t, not compared to other celebrities, maybe in TWD world bc TWD fans (not Just his personal fans) follow everything he is doing, bc he is part of the TWD “family” and he is more social media active than most plus, his own personal fan base keep track of him more thoroughly than others. Its why I would like Norman to have other projects, glad he is doing the game, but idt that will come out for years, I would honestly like Norman to take on more roles, while still doing TWD. Cameos, small supporting and interesting roles in big movies. A good indie film or two. There is so much I would like to see him do as an actor b4 he gets too *cough* old, he could do villain roles in movies, as those are shorter to film and less involvement. I have this weird hankering to see him as a vampire or a werewolf. Idky but I think he would do adventure/action, scifi/fantasy movies or tv well. I hope he gets his ppl to pursue Ghostrider or the even more challenging role of Moon-knight, he really would fit right into the marvel fandom, there is already some overlap. He is so invested in TWD, that if he did get killed, he would be afloat for a bit, I think. Tbh I think shocking deaths will get stale on the show eventually, they need to come up with something new besides the deaths, or they will stop having the impact the want. However, I don’t want him to get killed off the show, just mysteriously disappear for a bit or something, and give them time to bring his character back to life again, its like the best writers for his character arc (and a few others) have been on a long vacation. He can come back with amnesia and they can slowly try to unlock what he has been doing all that time. Um.. maybe him and another character ie carl bc they hardly interact, can get separated from the group, and have to do things they don’t want to survive in a new setting. Idk, lol Something. I do want Daryl to have a better storyline than he has had in the last couple of seasons. Carol is killing it.(literally) He has been a bit muted to me, I want the aggressively sassy, snarky, back talking, quippy Daryl back. I do miss that guy a little. I know the show is about evolution and changing characters, but I want him to question Rick more, “brothers” fight. He might not want to lead, but a good second needs to keep the leader on his toes, It would be kinda cool honestly, if he doesn’t get *batted, and he ends up being prisoner of Negan, he finds a new strength in or belief in himself, and challenges Rick more often, it would be interesting sub plot, I think? I’m not about the shipping for the character so much, but at this point let him be bi, pan, demi, omni or gay or even a “its complicated ” whatever, It doesn’t even necessarily need to be a romance, I Just want something interesting to happen to his character again. Unfort for Daryl to grow, I think, he needs to be separated from the main group for a lil bit more, ie. They were finally doing something with Maggie, I thought her character was in a rut too. Everyone is so interested in him hooking up with their one fave or none at all, lol, they should really go left field and hook him up with several love interests, male and female. Ha! I demand a Daryl harem! Forget asexuality. Were is Polyamory representation? The problem isn’t Daryl sex drive, its that he has so much to give he has hold himself in check, hes a succubus…lol I think.. I just wrote a fic prompt of some sort. XD


Spoiler fans are assholes comment :

I lurk a lot so this is what I noticed
(Also Ppl also need to remember Internet fans don’t represent an entire fandom, its but a fraction)

I also winced at the spoiler comment, bc most ppl I know love spoilers, but I don’t myself, I have however, gone to see or look for spoilers if its something I have to know to continue on, but its not something I normally do. Most of us know its something that is part of fandoms. Norman didn’t really clarify, (and soon as he said it I knew its was going get twisted and be everywhere) What I thought he meant, in the part were the ppl who follow and film the show and put it on online twitter/instagram, in comments sections where anyone can stumble on it and see it, unavoidable and untagged. Those are the assholes. I have been spoiled on 4 diff TV shows that way. You now have to completely not participate in a TV fandom for days, sometimes weeks, not be spoiled, which is unfair. I will never forget the time I participated in a Q&A fan twitter for GOT and random person out the blue unasked tweeted one of my fav character at the time dies. Talk about downer. I stopped watching GOT for months. Even I thought AMC was a bit cruel making ppl wait 10 months to see who died and that they did deserve a little push back. Haha Ppl are still frothing at the mouth. I don’t think the actors or show runners realize; they know what is gonna happen a week or so later, so they really cant put themselves in our shoes, Its especially bad timing, Norms remarks come at the time, where a lot of ppl are angry and unhappy already with the show. Its really popular right now to hate on or drag TWD on tvsites or gossip forums, so the the Shows ‘FAVE’ will get some of that backlash too, also they sent out that cease and desist for the spoiling dead which has a loooot of fans, like hundreds of thousands ppl think Norman called them assholes, plus the ppl still angry about the finale, so there is some transference from there.

The TWD Comic book fans are not happy bc, like someone said I’ve also read about them not liking ppl getting Carl’s sub plots, which Carol has and Daryl may be getting? who knows? They can do both or something similar plots down the line with Carl still, when he has aged a little more, I think Chandler’s real life age and how much he can be on the show, affect his plot lines a lot and the TWD fans are not factoring that in. He, himself or his parents might have asked for him to be dialed back for a while for him enjoy his ending teenage years.. Also he (Daryl) is not in the TWD comics, and he is too pop for not being in the comics, they feel.

brief comment on the DK gossip:

Also this whole DK thing, I honestly don’t care either way, but note,  most ppl are nostalgic over that old crusty show Dawson s Creek and are siding with Pacey er I mean JJ.. So both DK and Norm are being dragged for filth on the gossips sites based on lol gossip, and ppl want to pet JJ and put him on pedestal, bc they once got hot for him in their teens. If you notice a few Pacey fans, post on here now, dragging Norman and DK based on speculation. Equal blame is due, all around in most cases. If their is even a case. Some of y’all are really gullible, and some must have really perfect lives. That ppl actually try to form facts and opinions based on social media activity, and the old he said, she said bs. Oh and don’t forget the “my sisters, uncles, nephew, half-cousins dad “said…” or “saw… “ or “works for..” taken as the holy grail. Smh. He is a grown man, its his life, not mine. I don’t base my “fan”hood on my faves personal life. I base it on his career, his personality, his work. I ain’t perfect, neither is my life, so I cant be placing god complex-like judgment down on ppl like that. There are some ppl that come here that don’t even care for Norman all that much, Being in many fandoms,  I have learned, that trolling is fun for some. I’m not one of those fans who put their favorite on a pedestal, if I’m not into something they are doing at the time, I just go away for a while. Honestly? Just don’t care if ppl are not perfect. I’m used to these blogs/sites, but most of the time, readers demand you show hella receipts before they even consider anything said, And the snark from the commenters is usually stronger in these things. More humorous. Some of the comments on here are so self righteous, and some are truly taking this shit seriously, idgi Bc..Norman is essentially a stranger, he is not your man, or your brother or your dad or son or even your friend. Why do you care so much? I’m like whatever… when is the next movie/project Norm?


Do real fans comment here:

like above, Tbh I think a lot of bored TWD fans post here in addition to Normans regulars fans, TWD/Boondocks ppl who are bored and only have a passing interest in Norm/Daryl and like gossiping. ie lol ya’ll get trolled a bit sometimes. I see similar submissions and comments on places that don’t care for him, but they do try to be more subtle here. Kudos.

SO confession>

lastly, Imma pretty chill fan, my reaction to most stuff is Oh..ok. Whatever.
I think, I need to come out of the closet and say, I kinda like/love the guy. Norman. His wackiness..I have special place for ppl who don’t conform to “normal”. Basic perfect ppl bore me. I’m aware sometimes bae looks like a crackhead, or homeless af. Or the hair can be bit sweaty looking, that its too long in the face, as it covers his amazing cheekbones, he tries his best to camouflage. I’m aware he shrouds himself with hats, his own hair and sunglasses to hide and shit. Yes I noticed he can be ADD as hell tbh Its adorbs. I really like that he doesn’t give 2 shits whom he kisses affectionately. Boy. Girl. Dog. Cat. That he is so comfortable within himself, that way. My cold dead heart, melts. There have been a few times the bae looks like he has been bathing in alcohol for two weeks straight, idk and Idc, he’s an adult, And I am aware that his black hair can make him pasty n pale, sometimes. Bae, drk blonde is ur golden light, stay natural. I feel a lot of what he does with his looks is very deliberate. Hiding. Camouflage. And how can he be so fucking adorable to be my dads age. This grown ass man. that I want to cuddle! ME? I don’t cuddle!!! I literally want to pet him most times. He is sooo fucking cute with kids. And I don’t even like kids, children, small people. Everyone he works with seem to adore him and that should tell u enough about the core of the man. I don’t curr whom he bones, or if they are married or what age they are, as long as they are legal or even if they are a guy(lol) or a girl, either or, is hot to me. Sometimes bae squints so much his face will prob freeze that way someday. The honest truth? Sometimes, I want to have sex with his shoulders. Come on. Look at em. And I laugh so hard when I see comments complaining that they or he photoshops his shoulders, all serious like. Its pretty clear that if the bae wanted too or was so inclined to “hollywood” himself up he would be stunning af in his own way, but he doesn’t wanna, So plz stop with the comments, I mean he has a beauty mark ffs, its a unconventional beauty. If he wants to look like a disheveled uncombed roughneck sometimes, let him be. He is an acquired taste to ppl who prefer the typical basic obvious ostentatious peacocks(ngl I like a few peacocky celebs too XD) His styling leaves much to be desired, at times. He is weird to some, I get it. He is a bag of contradictions. It makes me like him even more. He has a certain “je ne sais quoi” about him, that somehow, someway, a lot of ppl still managed to see pass, regardless of the, “camouflage” …a bit like a diamond in the rough? Yes. The point is some ppl spend a lot of time trying to point out his faults and are gleeful about it, like seeeee he is not all that, and I’m like, bitch, I know. No one is. I kinda adore him anyway

lol, if ya made it to the end congrats.

~~MOD~~ good god don’t wait so long next time.😛😛😛

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Hello! n_n I just read your post about taking requests and Idk if it's already to late to ask but if possible, could you make a gif set of Yukiko Asai from Nijiiro Days from some episodes where she appears? :) But it's totally understandable if you don't take requests anymore. :)

Originally posted by totheskyirise


Omg I am so happy! And no worries, I am still taking requests, like my ask box is open for you guys 24/7! 

Hella Late with Starbucks Toonami Summary: Long Live the Ding! What do you mean you just decided to start hunting it's called the Hunter exam
  • DBZ Kai: Vegeta screams a great deal. Trunks yells at him for screaming too much and for using a move that could destroy the planet. Cell regenerates, just to be irritating.
  • Man of the One Punch has to beat up a bunch of bald guys to fix his reputation. Speed of Sound Sonic helpfully kills them all beforehand, but also tries to kill Saitama, who is opposed to this and one punches his nuts.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Orga keeps his clothes on and is aggressively cool and Mika says so. Space Zolf’s decided they will be friends and there will be a ceremony to that effect. After Orga parties, anyway.
  • Hunter x Hunter: Hisoka decides to start hunting. In the 4th phase of the Hunter exams. Gon has acquired blood thirsty butterflies to help him find bleeding people Hisoka. Hellraiser is a mole???
  • Shidbfigee continues with Naruto being told that Sasuke has killed Orochimaru. Info cards tells him this. Info cards has also decided to put a piece of Orochimaru inside him because of course.
  • One Piece of Adventure continues with Oars still determined to become the king of the Pirates. Everyone is determined to stop Absalom’s wedding thank fuck. Shindri the Savage fights with plates???.
  • Parasyte; The Clone Wars is now in reruns so people went to bed. Tamaya is around and she would like to dissect Shinichi for science. Migi is sleepy. Miki is a stalker but also cheerful.


what is that pig up to

What’s the deal with airline food, amirite?

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sorry to post this here but i think little-kitten-dan has reposted some of phantheraglamas art...i tried to message them about it but they have too many asks and i don't think they'll see it so idk what to do - it was a smut artwork of D+P against a piano or something like that but it looked a lot like their style and i don't think the artist would appreciate reposts

Ah, yes, unfortunately there has been a LOT of reposting lately from multiple artists. I’ll let her know, thanks! 

Hello sorry for posting only art prints lately but right now i am very busy balancing con prep and uni work! Feel my pain TTATT

Anyways i just wanted to talk about the possibility of an Oikawa Plant!AU fanbook o3o i reallyyyyyy love this AU and would be awesome if i made a book for it! Of course with new stories and extras! Even if i can’t sell i would want at least a copy for myself (′。ò^ó`)

Anyone want to throw in their opinions >w< ??