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We didn’t have to wait for too long to receive out last new addition to the Side-Character units, Magical!Totoko !! (Who’s a flying unit btw).
The gatcha will come out in April 27th with the retirement of the Magical set itself, so stay tuned !!

Also, are those the Totoko Revenge Stages ?? Hope you guys are ready, we’ll be getting this on April 28th!!

Sealioning in the Witchy Community

See this comic by David Malki? If you’ve never heard of the term “sealioning” before, this is what it refers to. It’s the origin of the phrase. And it’s really, really annoying. It’s basically aggressive cluelessness masquerading as a sincere desire to understand. They put the responsibility all on you to explain things. (And if you’re a minority, then it gets really, REALLY frustrating.)

It doesn’t just happen in the witchy community, obviously, but it’s something I’ve seen lately and I wanna talk about it, because honestly, it’s just plain annoying.

Say you make a post about how cultural appropriation is bad. Lo and behold, a sea lion shows up and says “well where exactly is your evidence that cultural appropriation is even real to begin with?” “You made this statement publicly you should expect some criticism!” “Why are you being so rude about it I just want to have a civil conversation and explain to me why you think cultural appropriation is bad!” 

And there’s just. No winning against a sea lion because they’re constantly demanding proof. The burden of proof is always on you. “I’m just trying to have a civil conversation!” “If you had just had a civil conversation with me then maybe I wouldn’t have been so rude/mean/blocked you.” 

So if you’re getting harassed by a sea lion, it’s okay to block them. You’re not doing anything wrong or mean by refusing to engage. Hell, I’ve seen people who genuinely do have a civil conversation with someone sealioning and that person STILL acts aggressively clueless. 

No one is ever under any obligation to engage with you if you do this. 

So for those of you dealing with this, best of luck. You’re not a bad person to protect yourself and your sanity by blocking or refusing to engage. This isn’t someone who is trying to learn, it’s a form of aggression and harassment by forcing you to do all of the work of educating with none of the actual learning. 

“I’m willing to listen if you actually say it nicely!” 

Nope. Nine times out of ten that person is a sea lion and is willfully ignoring the information presented. Also, no minority group is ever obligated to be “nice” to their oppressors. That’s respectability politics and it’s also okay to block/ignore someone trying to force you to explain/justify your race/culture/sexuality/gender/religion. 

Cultural appropriation is bad. G*psy is a slur. Nazi’s aren’t welcome. Don’t be a jerk about other people’s practices, especially if they’re trying to reclaim their roots. White people trying to practice Hoodoo/Voodoo is not okay. There’s enough resources out there about all these topics that you shouldn’t have to go demand information if you refuse to listen. This isn’t to scare anyone off from trying to learn, but the whole attitude of being entitled to civility when you’re being an asshole needs to stop. 

That is all.

Before the day ends, us admins at fydaesung wants to wish our beloved angel, Kang Daesung, a very blessed happy birthday! Thankyou for existing and coming into our world, touching each one of our hearts in different ways. You’re amazing and I hope you wake up every day knowing that many people loves you. ♡ #Happy_DDay


by @veryberryslimes on ig

because I saw a lot of drama in so many fandoms lately concerning “paedophilic ships”, especially people calling out artists (what irks me the most because i am one too) and i’m gotta say sth about this.

people can ship whatever the hell they want. it’s fictional characters. nobody gets hurt. who gets hurt when you come screaming at them what assholes they are because of shipping something you dont approve of, is the people you harrass. and i say it like this because that’s what it is, harrassment. hiding behind the internet’s anonymity. i mean i’m sure some of you would love to scream it in somebody’s face but that’s not the point.

the point is you are being a bully and hurting someone’s feelings because of fiction. fiction is not reality. fiction can be toxic and unhealthy but YOU. DON’T. HAVE. TO. CONSUME. IT.

let me repeat that, you are in no way obligated to look at stuff or read stuff or anything.

every kind of art is a way of exploring and trying out stuff. also of coping and playing out fantasies. it doesn’t hurt people except those who stumble over triggering content, but ladies and gentlemen, what a surprise, it’s the internet, and if you don’t keep yourself safe around here, it’s entirely your own fault because nobody else will. a tip from me here: unfollow every single person who posts even one thing you’re triggered by. i’m being serious. if it’s not a possible thing to do, you gotta bear with it or leave tumblr. no excuses. build yourself a safe space or let it be.

so please, don’t go attacking people for their personal preferences. guilt tripping never is a solution, and people who experienced harrassment first hand should know that best. art is such a beautiful, personal thing and if you start trampling on it don’t be surprised if the person behind it wilts with it.

and if you think that’s a good thing, honestly, fuck you for being a horrible human being.

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Sad because you just saw a cool event going around you would have loved to participate but it’s too late because it’s already closed and you also had a funny mini comic in mind but can’t draw it because it’s related to this and now you can just watch the event posts from the others.
Also no OP chapter this week.




To all my friends that were worried about me I’m fine just had some pretty bad side effects from the new medication I’ve been taking for my brain condition, I’m feeling okay now and I’m able to move around again. Sergio has been taking good care of me including the kids too…

Thanks @crown-queen-bambee @mercedes-fenty @maseratialexiaaaa @fvckyeahkeetz @queenangieb @heroicseoul @hemoansbrylee @seshbarbie-coco @jordyn96 for checking up on me , love y’all 

(Of course my brother, @papichulo-santino came over to make fun of me as usual but ima get him)

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post/145830020098 was it supposed to look like Corrin's touchin herself? I'm flustered over here >///>


now that i look at it it rly looks like shes uh., enjoying herself down there

but no……… its all fluff……… all pure…….. no nasty stuff goin there

reminds me of this

and how everyone thought corrin was touching the gotdamn butt

Finished a 2 panel update for the ask blog in one sitting. It’ll be posted later as its too early, or too late, depending on weather you’re in europe or US. This is a crop from the post

Pre-Kerberos Matt was not a morning person at all, but after imprisonment because of being woken up everyday so early he fell into the routine of waking up super early. Partly out of fear, because if you didn’t wake up in time while in the galra prison you were harshly punished. And even though he knows he’s safe, and no one’s going to hurt him if he sleeps in, he still afraid of sleeping too late.

While imprisoned he did sleep though, because it was his only moments of rest and he knew he should take them, post-imprisonment since he had more chances to rest, he ended up sleeping less. And on top of all this, he’s plagued by nightmares while he sleeps so he ends up not sleeping much anyways because he had a hard time falling back to sleep after most nightmares because it still felt so real even though it was in the past/never happened/never will happen now.

It’s not until years later that he can actually sleep the whole night through and sleep in.


💖💗💓💘hi hello it’s me the annoying always yelling one that always whines n feels unloved sigh💖💓💓

Was tagged by the lovely @lovhobe (got confused by your url a lil)💗🤧💓 (ily) to do this self love & positivity tag 

I have been feeling myself a lot lately n my confidence is back n stronger then ever lol so I want to share that with all of you beautiful people and want you to feel happy with yourselves too 💗💗💗 

[rules: you must post two selfies (yolo I did 3) & write ten things you have learnt/are learning to love about yourself; then, tag your mutuals/blogs you like!]

1. I love my cheekbones

2. I love my ears

3. I love my eyes 

4. I love my laugh

5. I love my nose

6. I love my bodyyyyy *mino playing in the bg lol*
7. I love my positivity 

8. I love my devotion

9. I love my compassion 

10. I love my humour

Tagging all these beautiful ppl @goddessofbaekhyun @hoejisoo (I’m ready fucking slay this) @warmjins @bbhsthighs @pastelsmooch @detectivetrabula @satanthor @nicejimin @sweetdemonsoul @dragracemedown @kmlyrics @saulla 

random appreciation post


thank you, @butterflyboss2 and @poseidonsgoddess for helping me through the tough times

thank you, @ultra-the-god for being supportive and caring even if we go some long stretches without talking

thank you, @scrumptiousbagel for being the best bagel that ever bageled

thank you @lamentationsans for putting up with my late night shenanigans when we should both be asleep

people that probably won’t see this but deserve love anyway for being awesome

thanks @therealjacksepticeye for being a boss and making me laugh even if i had a bad day

thanks @thatsthat24 for your lovely videos and infectious good attitude and smile, you’ve helped me feel better when i feel down and invalid.

thanks @markiplier for being markiplier because you’ve helped me smile and laugh after a bad day too.

anyways yeah just a random appreciation post. :3

//btw you should totally follow everyone mentioned//

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hahahaha i’m glad you’re enjoying them!! ;p <3

i’ve got several more to do but for tonight i’m going to bed – goodnight everybody! (or whatever time it is where you are)! i’ll finish these up tomorrow!

((if you still want to leave me one, it’s not too late! :D :D here’s the post and here’s my askbox))

Light in the Dark

I totally didn’t stay up till two writing Sabezra angst…I don’t know what you are talking about….haha *flops*

So, I kind of wanted to write, and then I just got a spark of inspiration and well, this is the result. It’s a sequel to “Distant”, which is from @meldy-arts’ future AU. It’s not really what that one person requested…but it was really fun to write. All the feels, and I kind of accidentally threw in a funny reference to this post as well….xD

Anyways, this was fun to write even if I did stay up a little too late writing it haha *rolls away listening to “Runnin’ Home to You” because it came on and I decided to use a lyric from it because reasons*

Fic below the cut (hope y’all like it!)

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I'm probably wayyyy too late for this but do you have any more of your yoi drawings for sale?

Not at all! U must be partially physic bc I was just about to post some of the ones for sale! Stay tuned! For like….five minutes haha! I’m posting it right now!

zip00198704 replied to your post: I now have a cell phone.

i was a late adopter too - my boss got his EA to get me a phone (it was a way to tether me to work)

I was really happy not to have a cell phone at the time I was still a waitress. I could always pretend I wasn’t home when they called last minute to ask me to come and give them a hand. When you have a cell phone, you’re expected to always be available. The job I now have is a 9 to 5 kind of job, so no stress to have this will ever happen at least…

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Sharna's been mentioning having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, too. Think she's just generally exhausted and her brain doesn't seem to want to give her a break. I also think she wrote that because people on his IG were giving her crap for not posting enough on IG even though she tweets a ton asking for votes, etc.

I know something that will help her sleep………

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