is it too early to scream and get excited about a possible engagement

i don't want to be a superhero (1/?)

summary: you’re a new enhanced individual in new york that has the ability of pyrokinesis and telekinesis who gets on tony starks’ radar after you saved his car from crashing. meanwhile peter becomes intrigued with your abilities.

a/n: y/b/n = your brother’s name

part 2

part 3

part 4

you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and picked it up.
“what?” you said. it was your brother and you prayed to god he wasn’t calling to remind you of something you had to buy from the store you just left.
“i forgot to tell you! we need eggs.”
“i’m going to throw myself into traffic.”
as soon as you said that you heard a huge truck honking it’s horn while another car’s tires shrieked against the road. you dropped your phone and your bags as everything turned slow and could see every detail of the car crash that was about to happen right in front of you. you had never lifted something so heavy with your mind but before you knew it you stopped the truck cars and pushed the car back back before breaking concentration. you felt hot liquid come down your nose and saw you were bleeding and everyone at the cross walk was looking at you.
“are you okay?”
“did you just do that?”
“did you see that?”
“is she a superhero?”
everything was happening too fast and you were too light headed to assess what you just did.

“hey you! nosebleed! did you just do that?”
the man in the black audi stepped out his car and before you could see who it was, you were told anyway.

“oh my god it’s tony stark!!”
he started walking away from his car and you could hear the camera sounds from everyone’s phone.
you finally caught the attention of the public and iron man. the ONE thing you never wanted.
you picked up your phone and bag quickly before sprinting in the other direction.
“hey! get back here!” tony yelled.
you were afraid he was going to follow you in his car or someone was going to run after you but you made it home in 5 minutes when it usually took you 15.

(y/b/n) opened the door shocked to see you back so early but also confused about what he just heard on the phone.
“what the hell just happened?!” he said locking the door and closing the blinds.
“one second i’m talking and next i hear the phone drops and someones talking about ‘are you okay?’ and ‘is she a superhero?’”
you told him what happened and he didn’t even bat an eye.
“you shouldn’t have saved him. you never use your… abilities out in public.” your brother said to you.
“i shouldn’t have saved him??? it was tony fucking stark! i mean i didn’t know it when i stopped the car coming at him but hey! i wasn’t just gonna stand there and watch a car accident happen!” you said practically screaming at him even though he was right in front of you.
“yeah but i mean now everyone has some kind of footage of you on their phone! it’s probably on twitter by now.” he pulled out his phone to check and you felt as if you were going to have a melt down.
“i don’t want to be a superhero.”

a week went by and you were all over the news.
“new superhero arrives? will tony stark take her under his wing? or will she use her powers for evil? tune in at 7pm to find out.” (y/b/n) turned off the tv and sat down on the couch next to you.
“are you going to use your powers for evil? i have to go to work so i can’t watch at 7.”
you rolled your eyes and pushed him. they had only seen you once! for like 3 minutes! how do they possibly know the answers to all those questions?
“i hate how the one time i go out without doing my eyebrows this shit happens.”
“oh yeah i saw one tweet and some girls were going off on you.”
you hadn’t gone outside since the incident and you decided since no one has come to collect you that it was safe.
“maybe if i beat my face with makeup people won’t recognize me?”
“i mean yeah but you’ll still be ugly.”
you were about to throw your mug at him when there was a knock at the door.
you instantly stood up and felt heat at the top of your head which only happened when you were very afraid.
“fire won’t help the situation. chill out, literally, and i’ll get the door. go to your room.” (y/b/n) whispered. you did as he said.
you closed the room to your door and put your ear to it to hear. you closed your eyes to concentrate. your hearing sense dialed up and you listened for your brother’s voice.
“uh hi can i help you?” he said. you could tell he was just faking being calm and hoped he didn’t give you away. you heard the sound of shoes walk in and they stopped before the hallway towards your room.
“yes i’m looking for your sister? (y/n)? you probably already know, she saved me from a car accident a week ago and i found out who she was the next day but i decided to give her some time. is she here?”
you felt defeated but before you could open your door, your brother spoke up.
“no she’s not here. she left after it happened. listen, she’s only 17 and all she really wants is to be normal. but she’s not. we don’t know why she can do the things that she can do but i know one thing, she doesn’t want to be a superhero and she doesn’t want this attention. so please don’t look for her. just be grateful she exposed herself to save you.”
it was silent for a moment until you heard stark sigh.
“f.r.i.d.a.y is detecting a female life force coming from that room over there. i don’t mean to force myself into your lives, i just want to help. teenage girls aren’t my favorite but the last time i found some enhanced individuals, well, they ended up hating me because they got help from the wrong person.”
you opened the door to see a regular tony, just like the day from the almost-accident in a tom ford suit next to your brother.
“help in what way?” you asked, slowly stepping forward.
“i don’t want to engage in combat like you probably thought i would. i just want you explore what your powers can do and help you in any way, because it didn’t seem like you knew you could take on a 20 ton truck but you did it anyway.”
you thought about all the effort you put in to seem normal and not show anyone what you could do. you thought about all the times you accidentally burned someone when you got excited. you thought about how maybe acting normal was so much effort because you just weren’t and maybe this was best for you.
“listen kid, i have a 6o'clock that i have to leave for soon so?”
you looked at your brother who just gave you a little nod and you made up your mind.
“fine. but i’m not fighting crimes with you or whatever.” you said crossing your arms.
“oh no that’s spider-man’s job.” tony said patting his pockets for his cell.
“spider-man?!” (y/b/n) yelled.
“calm down, your fanboy is showing.” you said, elbowing him.
“ok i’m going to call happy, my assistant. and he’ll pick you up tomorrow and maybe spider-man will tag along. the kid needs some kind of excitement other than crime fighting. a girl his age is perfect. i got to go. talk later, bye!” he opened the door and he left.
you looked to see your brother wasn’t so happy anymore.
“if spider-boy decides to put the moves on you i’ll burn him myself.” he said dead serious.
“if i get excited enough with him around , i’ll handle it.” you said joking. but honestly was the spider-man/boy cute?
“that’s not funny!”

i been thinking of a girl with these kinds of powers for a few days and i think i wanna do a lil story about it. i didn’t proof read and i don’t know exactly where it’s going but i do know that peter x reader is alive. ALSO IT’S ALMOST 4 AM SOMEONE COLLECT ME

try again {part i}


word count: 1,423

A/N: This is part one of the angsty/emotional series I was talking about the other day. Feedback would be great. Let me know if you think I should continue it!!

Tears stung my eyes and my heart felt heavy in my chest. I should be used to this by now, but I’m not. I never will be. It’s so tiresome and heart wrenching.

Shawn sat beside me. He wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my arm gently while we sat in the floor of our bathroom. He gingerly caressed my hair and kissed my forehead, attempting to soothe me. It was difficult to be soothed at this point, though.

“Darling, please don’t cry. We can try again.” he said sweetly, but his words irritated me. He didn’t understand what this was like for me, he never would. I tried not to sound angry when I spoke to him.

“That’s all we have been doing for the past two years, Shawn! It’s not going to work. It will never work. There is no trying again. We just need to face the fact that there’s something wrong with me and we can’t have a baby. We’re never going to have any children.” I spat out, I was surprised at how hurtful my words sounded.

“How do we know it’s you? It’s not necessarily because you can’t get pregnant.” Shawn said. “Maybe there’s something wrong with me, we don’t know.”

I looked at the pregnancy test setting on the bathroom counter. I thought about how many of those I had bought since Shawn and I had been married. Then I thought about how many of them ended up saying not pregnant, which sadly was the same number. It had gotten to the point where Shawn and I both got giddy whenever my period was just a day late. I knew now to never get my hopes up because I knew what it would say every time: not pregnant. My thoughts made my head throb and the crying only made it ache worse. I rested my head in my hands, trying to resist the pounding headache that was coming.

Shawn rubbed my back lovingly with his large hands. He soon left the floor and walked across the room, starting a bath. I hoped he made the water hot how I liked it. I smelled the rosemary and lavender bubble bath that I always used when I was upset. The loving gesture by Shawn made me want to smile, but I couldn’t. I stood up to walk over to the bathtub. I removed my clothes and sank into the water, which was steaming hot. Shawn had already went to our bedroom, leaving me for some alone time.

I took my time washing my hair. I needed to calm myself as much as possible and besides Shawn, a hot bath was the only thing that could soothe me like this. After washing my body and letting the water turn cold, I stepped out onto the towel Shawn had left on the floor and picked up the one he left for me to dry my body with. I subconsciously did my nightly routine and nearly fell asleep while doing so. I paced across the cold floor the crawl into bed with Shawn. Too tired to dry my hair, I went to bed with it wet and cold. Regardless of this, Shawn still cuddled me against his chest.

I glanced over at the clock to see it was around midnight already. I was exhausted but couldn’t fall asleep. I knew Shawn hadn’t fallen asleep either, because he still fidgeted while laying next to me.

“Thank you for starting a bubble bath for me.” I thanked him.

“No problem, did you enjoy it?”

“I loved it. I’m sorry for raising my voice at you earlier..” I trailed off, “I just get so frustrated.” Shawn nodded his head to tell me understood. His facial expression and his eyes told me he was listening to me, so I continued to talk.

“Some people don’t even want to have a baby and they do. You and I want a baby more than anyone does. We try for over a year, nearly two and we can’t have one.” My face now felt hot and prickly. Tears threatened to spill over once more and I did not stop them. “Before we even got engaged, we talked about what a big family we wanted and how exciting it would all be. We can’t even have one baby, not one, Shawn.”

At this point, I was sobbing and Shawn was holding me against his chest. He kissed my forehead and calmed me somewhat.

“Hey, look at me. Baby, look at me.” I looked up at him and he spoke quietly to me. “I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s okay because we both know it’s not. This is heartbreaking for the both of us. But we will find a way to make this work, we’ll find a way to have the family we have both always wanted, okay?”

“Okay.” I replied, but I didn’t believe it.

We said our goodnights then finally fell asleep. Tears stuck to my face as I fell asleep, but I was too comfortable in Shawn’s strong arms to wipe them away.

I awoke the next morning before Shawn. I didn’t get out of bed yet because I needed his comfort still. While waiting for Shawn to awake, I became lost in my thoughts. Wouldn’t this just be easier if we just told someone what we were going through? We could tell both of our parents, surely they would be some help if they knew. No, we cannot tell them. I don’t want anyone’s pity and I know Shawn doesn’t either.

It would be much easier to let some of our family know, but I loathe to be pitied. For now, we would just let everyone think we were waiting until Shawn’s career slowed down. In reality, we were willing to raise children even with Shawn’s hectic career and our chaotic lives.

As soon as Shawn and I knew we were completely in love with each other over six years ago, we began talking about our future together. Our future included buying an apartment together, getting married, travel the world together, and lastly, have children. Having children was the only thing on that list of our future that we hadn’t fulfilled yet. Sometimes, I think maybe we waited too late. We waited too long to get married and now either one of us or both of us aren’t at our ‘prime’ to have children.

No matter what was causing us to not be able to have a baby, I still dreamed of the pitter-patter of little feet running all around our house. I dreamed of first words and first birthdays and first steps. I dreamed of a house full of children. Shawn and I both wanted at least three, maybe more. I even yearned for the nights awake with Shawn, trying to calm our screaming newborn in the early hours of the morning. I wanted it all.

While Shawn slept so peacefully, I took in his gorgeous features and thought of how beautiful our children could be. They could have his dark hair and plump lips, my tan skin, both of our big, radiant brown eyes. I smiled, picturing how beautiful our children would be if we could ever have any, and began twirling my fingers through tufts of Shawn’s hair. He started to move then his eyes fluttered open. He smiled when he saw me playing with his hair.

“Morning, love.” he spoke in raspy voice before kissing my nose.

“Goodmorning.” I replied.

The next night while laying on the couch together, Shawn brought up the subject.

“So, what do you want to do about this?” he said. He didn’t even have to tell me because I knew ‘this’ meant not being able to conceive. I looked at him, trying to process what all of this even meant, what could we do?

“We could go to the doctor, they’ll probably run some tests to see if there’s some type of physical condition causing this. If not, they will probably send me for infertility treatments.” I spoke quietly. Shawn nodded.

“I’ll cancel the photo shoot I have tomorrow, we will go to the doctor tomorrow, sound good?”

“Okay.” I lied, but it didn’t sound good. I didn’t want to have my fears confirmed. I didn’t want them to tell us we couldn’t have children. Shawn and I ended up falling asleep on the couch that night. Partly because we were too comfortable to get up, but mostly because we were too exhausted.

Get Mine, Get Yours

Summary:  “No, no, no.” he stood up and you watched him pacing around the room, pushing the strands of blonde hair falling over his eyes back.

“You just asked me to explain what I was trying to say!

“I know exactly what you’re trying to say, _____, ok? You are talking about us fucking and the answer is no.” 

“Why not?!” you whined and crossed your arms over your chest, sulking.

“Because it’s a horrible idea! ”.

Genre: Romance (friends with benefits!au)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Rating: Mature (fluff + smut + angstishhhh??not really)

Length: 6.3k

A/N: all i wanna say is park jimin is the most important thing to me in this world

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“Marry Me”, Fred Weasley x Reader

request: from anon: Can you do 1 3 and 8 with fred | coming right up anon! WOW fred gets engaged, like, this totally helps me and my denial about him getting killed in the war WAIT WHAT? no he’s at the shop with george right now–and yes i know he doesn’t give her a ring but you know what? she doesn’t need one, and doesn’t want one, because the love of her life just asked her to marry him after he was almost killed by a death eater so she just wants to lie in bed with her fiance and KISS HIM FOREVER ALRIGHT??? wow sorry i got excited there

prompt: “marry me.”

warnings: war bc everything else i write is cheesy af SO LET’S GET SOME BATTLE IN HERE………yeah, okay, here goes! also i’m real sorry about making it sound like he doesn’t make it through the war WOW it was hard to write. okay. i’m nervous. i’m always nervous YIKES

May 2, 1998

   Overbearing screams and cries and shouts of curses and jinxes and spells filled your ears as you frantically tried to find a safe space. There was none; debris was flying in every which direction and bodies were falling around you, but you would get out of this–he and you together.
  Someone shouted,  “Avada kedavra!” and you threw your body behind a pile of fallen bricks to shield yourself from the curse. A woman let out a bloodcurdling cry. You noticed a second year shivering in a darkened corner as his friend placed gauze over his bloodied leg. There was a faint sound of another body hitting the floor. You shut your eyes tightly, took a deep breath, and stood up, your hand gripped tightly around your wand.
   You ran quickly throughout the corridors of Hogwarts, firing jinx after spell after curse as quickly as you possibly could. You spotted friends, acquaintances, hurting and crying, but you had to keep going. You had too.
   You were panting as you speedily made your way to your friends and family. Once more, you turned around and aimed a spell at a Death Eater, which sent them flying, when you bumped into George, who pulled you into a tight embrace almost immediately.
   “Are you alright?” he asked with a shaky voice.
   “Are you?” you inquired back, pointing a finger at a gash in his arm that had cut right through his jacket.
   He winced a little and nodded. The two of you hid for a moment behind a large wall and watched as the rest of the Weasley family continued to battle.
   “Ready?” George asked you suddenly after stopping for a breath.
   “Yes,” you agreed, and the two of you stepped out into the debris and continued to fight.
   You looked around you, squinting through the dust, but there was no sign of Fred. Panic began to rise in your chest and you tugged on George’s arm. “Where’s Freddie?”
   He looked around in panic as well. You swallowed over a lump in your throat when he said, “He was just next to Percy–where on earth–”
   But your body froze when you saw Fred nearing the edge of the entrance of the castle. If he lost his balance, he’d fall a long way. “Fred! Be careful!” you heard Mr. Weasley shout.
   When Fred heard this, he turned in your direction, nodding at his father and regaining his balance, but then he saw you. His eyes widened and it looked as though he’d forgotten everything–how close he was to the edge, the death eaters surrounding him, the war–he’d forgotten it all.
   “Freddie, look out!” you yelled suddenly when you noticed the death eater fire a curse in his direction. He turned around frantically and fired something back, but he wasn’t quick enough. He hit the ground with a large thump, and George screamed out in horror. You fell to your knees and then everything was black.

May 3, 1998

   Your head was buried in the bed sheets that Madam Pomfrey had been able to get after the war had ended very early that morning. You could feel the blood pounding in your ears, and your eyes seemed to be tired and heavy. Suddenly you felt the hand in yours move slightly, and you shot up.
   His eyes were still closed, so you thought maybe you’d imagined it–that maybe your lack of sleep was making you feel things, think things. But then he spoke.
   “So…did we win the war?”
   You didn’t notice you’d been holding your breath until you let out a small laugh at his ridiculous sarcasm, and then you let your head sink into his chest as you cried. You felt his hand stroke your hair and it felt like the most wonderful thing in the entire world.
   “Thank goodness you’re alright.”
   “Me?” you asked, extremely surprised at this. You looked at him through blurry, teary eyes and noticed the bruises and cuts down his arms. You squeezed his hand a little harder. “I’m fine, thank goodness you’re alright–I…I thought we’d lost…” you trailed off.
   “Darling, don’t cry,” he said softly, but you could hear his voice break a little bit, too. “I’m okay, we’re both alright–it’s over. It’s all over.”
   You nodded through a choked sob and placed a kiss onto his forehead. He pulled you into his arms for a tight hug, and you wondered if you could stay there and never leave.
   “Merlin–what happened to you?” he asked suddenly, spotting the massive gash on your left cheekbone.
   You waved him off, continuing to stroke his cheek. “I…you were hit and I fainted, debris hit me from all over…but I’m fine, more than fine now that I know you will be, too.”
   It seemed as though hours had passed–you were lying next to him and drifting in and out of sleep. Sometimes you were awoken by a noise and jumped up, searching with frantic eyes to see where he was, only to find him next to you, sound asleep and safe in your arms.
   You suddenly felt a hand gently brush your hair to the side and your eyes opened with a flutter. The sun was flooding in through the windows, but the remnants of the war was still circulating throughout the castle.
   Turning towards Fred, who was now sitting upright and peering down at you, you smiled for the first time in what felt like years. He placed his lips on your cheek and pulled you in closer towards him.
   It was a moment of silence and the two of you were looking at one another. You were tracing your fingers along his jawline, his collarbones, through his hair and down his neck, and he was humming softly. Finally, he whispered, “Marry me.” If you hadn’t seen his lips move, you’d have thought you dreamt it.
   You sat up very quickly and ignored your head rush. “…what?” you asked.
   “Marry me,” he said again, very matter of factly, his cheekiness seeping through the cracks in his lips, through his half smile that made you swoon since day one. You noticed the rise and fall of your own chest as your breathing increased rapidly. You opened your mouth to say something but no words came to the surface, and instead, Fred offered, “I don’t ever want the fear of losing one another to come over us ever again. I love you, Y/N–I always have and I always will–so…would you–”
   “–marry you?” you cut him off, tears forming behind your eyelids. “Yes, yes, I’ll marry you!”
   You quickly scooped him up in your arms as you pressed your lips to his, taking in every itty bitty thing this moment had to offer you both. You stood up, not even thinking, just wanting to tell anyone and everyone–
   You helped Fred out of the bed and he slung his arm around your shoulder and carefully placed his feet onto the ground. You noticed the superfluous amount of gauze wrapped around his right leg and quickly shut your eyes, pushing the bad thoughts away. His hand rested comfortably in yours and the two of you slowly made your way towards the great hall.
   “Think our parents will be bloody mad when they find out?” he asked you, giggling a bit. “Twenty years young and getting married.”
   “I don’t care,” you told him breathlessly, sighing at the word married. “I don’t care what any of them think, really.”
   You placed a kiss onto his neck before looking back up at him, and his eyes were swimming with delight. He offered a small grin before replying, “Me neither, love.”
   And it was the truth–you didn’t care what your parents thought, not even a little bit, because for the longest time, Fred Weasley was the only thing that made sense in your life, and you sure as hell weren’t going to let the thoughts of your parents in the way of that. You didn’t care in the slightest, because no matter what anybody else thought, this was the man you wanted to spend your forever with–starting today.

Why I sleep with my bedroom door shut.

My parents divorced when I was eight years old. They had just purchased a house together in the woods in Walker, Louisiana, which is twenty or so miles from Baton Rouge. After seeing his subsequent relationships, I realize that this is something my father does when his marriage is rocky- he sells his house and then buys or builds a new one for the sake of distraction. I’ve actually seen it work for him. Once engaged in a new project and excited by the possibilities, his wife might forget to ask why he was out so late, who he was with, and why he smells like another woman’s perfume. But this time, his trick didn’t work. My mother had had enough. I don’t even think we lived in that house in the woods for a full year before my mother suggested he go stay with his whore instead.

I wasn’t terribly upset by this. My father and I had never been close. He was a no-nonsense high school coach, and I was bookish and skinny and weird. Far from the athlete he’d wanted. Though, to be fair, he didn’t try to push me into sports or pressure me to follow football. Instead, he ignored me entirely in favor of my little brother, Trent, who seemed like he was born with a ball in his hand. Trent didn’t play one sport, he played all of them, starting when he was merely a toddler. I never resented either of them for this, I merely mention it to help paint a picture of my brother. If Trent and I had been one person, we’d be a very well-rounded individual. Me, precocious and dreamy and even-tempered. Trent, sporty and rough and emotional, living up very well to the reputation that came with his bright red hair even when he was still in diapers. You couldn’t have two more opposite children. But we loved each other fiercely, particularly in the early years of our parents’ divorce. Though there were three bedrooms in this house in the woods, Trent and I shared one, not wanting to be separated.

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What TD Can Learn From Sasha’s Arc

Good morning! So, like many others, I’ve wanted to do a post on what can be learned from Sasha’s arc. I’d first like to say that if you haven’t read it, check out THIS post by @thegloriouscollectorlady. It’s epic and it will really put Sasha’s entire arc into perspective for you. I’m not going to do anything nearly that detailed, but reading her post may help put some of what I’m going to say into perspective.

1. Things set up clear back in S4 were paid off before the arc ended. Including Sasha and Maggie’s relationship. 

In 4b, when they were first on the road together, they butted heads a lot, wanting different things. Eventually, they reached an understanding, and remained loyal to one another thereafter. The next big event in their relationship was them comforting one another and finding strength together in Them, after they’d both lost siblings. Here at the end of Sasha’s arc, we see them together again. They got closure. It was beautiful and tragic. We feel fulfilled and that Sasha’s arc is satisfactorily ended, even if we didn’t want it to end.

Not so much with Beth. There were tons of things set up in S4 that have yet to be fulfilled. So far, they’ve just disappeared into the ether. We’ve shown many times, many ways, that Gimple simply doesn’t tell stories that way. But Sasha’s arc, I think, has been the most profound and far-reaching proof.

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Incredible - Luke Hemmings

A/N: so I wrote a really long fic and then I accidentally deleted it because I’m just that stupid. So here is my remade version of that. (I’m so sorry I haven’t posted I’ve been traveling heaps and haven’t had internet)

You were stumbling through the door half frozen in the cold when your phone started vibrating, indicating a call. You hastily pushed the door shut, blocking out the wind that was howling. You dumped your bag on the floor and shuffled your keys around in your hand until you could manage to hold your phone well enough to answer it.

‘Hemmo what’s going on?’ You answer reading the name as you pick the phone up. 'Hey.’ He answers in reply. 'What’s going on in your busy rock star life?’ You ask your best friend.

You’ve been best friends since high school and even though Luke’s been away so much and so famous your friendship hasn’t faltered. If anything it’s proved the old saying; absence makes the heart grow fonder. 'Not much how about you?’ He asks directing the conversation towards you. You sigh. Your life isnt half as interesting as his. 'I’ve just gotten home from work, it’s freezing here. What about you? You’re so much more interesting than me!’ You protest hoping to get him to speak about his day. He sighs this time, 'interviews and then a show in about two hours, we’ve got a signing coming up soon. They freak me out a little just coz its so much social stuff like meeting the kids they freak out I just want a normal conversation yano?’ He explains opening up to you. 'Yeah, but you’ll be right, you’re fun and engaging and the kids really love meeting you all because of the impact you make in their lives.’ You say trying to persuade him to see this meet and greet differently. 'Yeah I know it’s just hard sometimes. And I know I should be so grateful for them all and I am it’s just not as easy as I thought I’d be when we were kids.’ He says referring to his debut as a teenager, a tumultuous time for both of you. 'Fucking hell Luke!’ You hear Calum yell from somewhere nearby and then a muffled scuffling.

When the noise clears a little Luke returns. 'Look I’ve gotta go but I’ll chat again soon. I miss you.’ He ends the conversation before you can reply but not before you hear Calum yelling in protest again. This time all you hear is 'no Luke you chickens ass!’ Just before the line goes dead. You smile a little. Luke’s day is always more entertaining than yours. You sit down after dinner and look up the boys schedule, checking out this signing. You smile a little, it’s not too far, only about an hour an a half flight away. Your smile widens when you realise it’s on a Friday evening. You decide hastily to take the Monday and Friday off and book flights for yourself.

Luke showers you with gifts and experiences being the rock star with money he likes to spend on his friends but this you know is something you can do to cheer him up. You’re going to go to this signing and have a normal conversation. Surprise him and make him happy. Knowing this makes you smile to yourself even more.

When the day of your flight comes you’re ready to go, it’s an early flight so you can arrive in time to get a spot in line. The flight is a nonevent and you’re pleased about that. No screaming kids and rude people always makes a flight just that much less painful.

You arrive, getting your luggage as quickly as possible and scurry through the arrivals to where your taxi is waiting to take you to the hotel the boys are staying in. At the hotel you check your bag into the lobby lockers and race out down the street to the music shop the signing is being held at. You’re making good time which is good because you’re so excited about seeing Luke and the boys being late to the line would just about kill you. You arrive and the line is not too bad, you’re about a third of the way down the block. A solid effort you think considering the time your plane got in. The line quickly grows and before long it’s out of sight. You know that the guys won’t see all these people which makes you sad but your pleased you can surprise Luke like this to cheer him up just a little after all he does for you.

You wait not so patiently on sidewalk in the freezing cold. Despite being older than most of them them the girls in front of you are taller than you by at least a head. The dedication of these fans is incredible. You check your phone meticulously, your twitter feed and Snapchat looking for any signs of life from the boys, not different from many of the others in line you’re sure.

The line gradually moves along when the doors open. Excitement spreads like wildfire through the line. Even for someone who sees the boys a lot, especially Luke, the idea of being so close to them is excruciatingly exciting.

You finally get into the store, the heaters blasting hot air on your freezing form. You’re too short to see the boys but you can hear them, their laughter and their smiles through their voices. The kids ask questions all the way along and you are finally able to hear their answers. The girl about six in front of you asks if they have girlfriends. Calum barks out a laugh, the tall boy has a laugh that always makes you smile. 'Luke wanna answer this one.’ You hold your breath, this is news to you. 'Yeah Luke wanna give us an answer.’ You’re busting to hear this, nosey little mother fucker that you are. Luke let’s put what you know to be an extremely awkward laugh. 'We’re all single.’ He says in reply. The boys huff and puff and generally call bullshit. 'It’s true!’ He exclaims.
'Yeah but wouldn’t there be someone you’re pretty interested in?’ Calum says pushing the topic. 'Please tell us!’ The girls beg Luke and you feel like begging too. 'What’s her name mate?’ The boys ask cheekily. Luke mutters just loud enough for you to hear. 'Y/N, and she’s incredible.’ You gasp which is quite an achievement considering the lack of air already in you. Unsure what exactly to do with this information you do something quite out of your comfort zone.

You grab your phone out and hastily write on the case of it with the sharpie that was in your bag. It’s so middle school but you’re running out of time. You hastily scribble, 'sign if you think I’m incredible’ at the top.

Before you know it your turn is up and your standing in front of the boys who are currently sharing a joke and laughing hilariously at themselves. 'Hey Hemmo, sign this for me will you?’ You say pushing god phone across the table. He startles and faces you immediately. 'Y/N?’ He seems to question. You just smile nervously, something you’re not ever like with Luke. But a lot is riding on this signing.

He grabs the phone and a sharpie a grin on his face until he reads your scribbled writing. He looks up. 'You heard that?’ He says softly and all you can do is nod a small smile on your face. He quickly signs the case and looks back up at you. 'Does this mean you’re free tonight for an actual like date?’ He questions. You grin and nod, 'I’m here all weekend, I fly home Monday afternoon, so yes, I’d love that.’ You reply and he stands tall frame towering over you. He reaches across the table and gives you the best bear hug he can considering the table in between you both. And then rather shyly he kisses you. Your insides are doing a little dance but you manage to kiss him back softly to the sounds of the other guys cheering.

For My Jack

I wanted to churn out at least 1 more fic before Christmas. I’m close enough.

           Jack knew better than to be snooping around in Mark’s things, but he was perfectly justified. He’d loaned the slick fucker his favorite sweater four days ago and still hadn’t gotten it back, and he was freezing his ass off.

           Mark was out grocery shopping, probably buying some enormous Christmas ham that would last them for the next two weeks. Jack grinned to himself at the thought of the good old-fashioned Christmas dinner they’d be having tomorrow night. Since neither of them lived anywhere near their respective families, they’d be having a one-on-one couple’s holiday this year, and Jack would be lying if he said he wasn’t excited. It’d be their first Christmas together without the pressure of family and friends and holiday-themed obligations—and if there was one thing Jack loved, it was being free from obligations.

           He didn’t see his sweater anywhere on the hangers, but he knew for a fact that it wasn’t in his closet or the coat closet, so this was the last place it could be. Feeling like a creep, he pushed aside Mark’s hanging clothes and started digging through his cubbyholes, where he had shirts and pants folded messily. His fingers brushed against some old keys, crumpled up papers, a few dollar bills (that were tempting to take), a velvety box, some toothpicks…

           Wait, velvety box? Jack reached back further in and pulled out a small, fuzzy box that fit in his palm. It looked like jewelry, but Mark wasn’t a jewelry kind of guy. Curious, Jack opened it up.

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Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 37

Read on AO3.
Part 36 here.
Part 38/final chapter here.

Summary:  Look, man, sometimes a dream… is just a dream. I read that on the back of a milk bottle, once.

Words: 2800

Warnings: Shattered dreams.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: AHAHAHHAA ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT WHAT WILL HAPPEN!? !I am glad everyone tolerated my super-long chapter and that we are in favor of Reader-chan standing up for herself! YEAH Reader-chan! Everyone is so proud of you. :D I love y'all so much!! Your encouragement and engagement with my story is far more than I could have ever asked for. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! <3

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anonymous asked:

I am sure you must have been asked this, but on the off chance you haven't: Robron number 9 please :) Your answers have been utterly beautiful xx

(thank you!!! so much <3)

.o9 Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day -

Robert’s not the biggest fan of tradition; 

He’s fairly sure he’s told Vic this more than once, but she still insists on keeping Robert away from Aaron the night before their wedding. Robert’s not too fussed, he knows he can just sneak out when they’re all in bed and make his way to the Mill if he really wanted to (he doesn’t, not least because he doesn’t want to see Vic’s disappointed expression, or face Chas’ wrath at disrupting the plans she and Vic have been concocting since the engagement.) 

Never let it be said that Robert isn’t growing as a person. 

Thankfully, Finn sets up camp in Robert’s living room. He’s queued up their usual shows on Netflix and placed enough snacks on the coffee table that Robert’s sure he’s not going to fit in his suit the next day, but it’s the perfect segue into his wedding. 

Time slides from evening to early morning, and Finn shoves him up the stairs. Robert goes willingly, pretending not to notice the way his hands are shaking against his phone as he texts Aaron; love ya, he sends, mouth quirking into a smile as he does. 

love ya too.

It’s simple, easy, and Robert doesn’t stop smiling as he settles into sleep. 

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#15 You Overhear Him Talking About You

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You and Niall, along with the other boys, were invited over to Liam’s flat for the night to watch movies and eat dinner. After you were all full of pizza, Liam started Oblivion, chosen by Zayn. During the movie you were cuddled up with Niall on the couch, resting your head on his chest and he had his arms around you. About an hour into the movie everyone was chatting quietly every now and then about the movie other stuff, when you decided to rest your eyes. Although you were tired you didn’t fall asleep because the topic of Niall’s conversation with Liam kept you awake to hear more. “Hey, Liam?” Niall whispered once he thought you were asleep “Yeah?” he replied in the same hushed tone sitting on the other side of Niall. “There’s something that I really want to tell Y/N, but I’m really not sure how to tell her, I’m not good at expressing my feelings.” “Well, what is it you want to tell her?” “That I love her…” “Oh wow, are you positive, because if you are then I’d just tell her.” “I’m absolutely positive, but what if she doesn’t feel the same way?” “Niall, look down,” You could practically feel Niall’s eyes looking at you, “ even I can see that she feels the same way just by how good you two are together, don’t worry.” Liam said reassuring him. You could feel his breath as he replied, “You’re right, I think she’s the one, I’m not wasting anymore time with this, I’ll tell her tonight once we get home, thanks Liam that means a lot.” He added while rubbing your arm affectionately. “No problem buddy, make sure to let me know how it goes.” Later that evening once you and Niall arrived back at your shared flat he said those three little words only to have you repeat them back to him.


It was a normal Wednesday night so just like every other Wednesday you went to the gym with your friends after work. You made your way home to your shared flat with Zayn and parked the car in the driveway. Walking up to the front door you saw Zayn through the window on the phone so you quietly unlocked the door and snuck in as to not disturb him. You were about to make your way upstairs to take a shower, since you didn’t smell the greatest, until you heard your name come up in Zayn’s conversation. “Yes, mom, I love Y/N so much, I want you to meet her as soon as possible, I just know you will love her as much as I do, she’s perfect.” You stood at the bottom of the stairs and listened to the rest of the conversation he was having with Patricia until he hung up. Before you snuck up the stairs once he hung up the phone you heard him clear his throat and knew you were busted. “Were you listening to my conversation?” he asked with a smirk placed across his face. “Maybe…” you responded with a mischievous grin on your lips. “Well, I want you to know that what I said is true, I truly believe my mother will love you as much as I do, and I’m taking you with me the next time I go home to visit,” he said wrapping his arms around your waist. “I’ll be looking forward to that, I love you too Zayn, I’m gonna go take a quick shower, do you wanna get some dinner afterwards?” you replied “That sounds good.” He said placing a quick kiss to your lips. “And you better use a lot of soap, you reek!” he added smacking your butt when before you scoffed at his comment and headed upstairs to get cleaned up.


You and your friend were looking around a local jewelry store one afternoon, you were looking at engagement rings for your friend, in order to help her boyfriend pick the perfect one. After a few minutes of looking around your friends phone rang so she excused herself and stepped to the side to answer while you continued looking at the rings in the display cases surrounding you. When your friend came back over to you she looked surprised. “What is it?” You asked her curiously. “Did you know Louis would be here?” She asked “No… He’s here?” You replied just as surprised as she was. “Yeah, he’s checking out at the front, it looked like he was buying a necklace or something, you should go see, but make sure he doesn’t see you!” She added before pushing you towards the front where you stood behind a shelf, peeking around the corner to see Louis at the desk. “Whose the necklace for? Someone special, or for a special occasion?” The store clerk asked. “No reason, it’s for my girlfriend and she’s more than that, she means the world to me and I want to give her something special to let her know how much she actually means to me.” He said smiling at the thought of you. “Well, I think this should do the trick, your girlfriend is one lucky girl.” The clerk replied before handing Louis the ribbon wrapped box and his receipt. Louis agreed before he left and you headed back over to your friend telling her what Louis had said about you. “Aww, you two are so cute, if you don’t get married one day something is wrong with this world.” She said causing you to blush at the thought of you getting married to him.


“Hey the boys are coming over tonight, you can join us if you don’t have plans.” Harry said walking into the kitchen where you were sitting at the bar on your laptop. “Sure that sounds like fun.” You replied. Later in the evening when the boys were all over you all watched movies and played video games. You noticed how late it had gotten and decided to head upstairs to get sleep before work the next day. “Babe, I think I’m gonna turn in for the night, I’ve got work early in the morning.” You said standing up from the couch. “Okay , I’ll be up in a bit.” He replied kissing you in the cheek. You said your goodbyes to the rest of the boys and headed upstairs. Once you were dressed in a clean t-shirt and shorts, ready to climb in bed, you noticed that you had forgotten your phone from downstairs. Not thinking about it twice you headed back down the stairs but stopped before entering the living room when you heard Louis mention your name. “How much do you like Y/N, it seams like you guys are getting pretty serious.” Louis asked. “I don’t like her, I love her, I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I guess we are getting serious, she just makes me so happy.” You began to feel bad about eavesdropping so you decided to reveal your presence to the group. “Aww, babe.” You cooed, smiling while leaning against the doorframe. “Babe, you weren’t supposed to hear that.” He said blushing. “But it’s okay because I feel exactly the same.” You replied making your way over to him and kissing him on the lips.


You had just arrived at the stadium for the boys show that night, you were going to surprise Liam and you made sure everyone but Liam knew so that they could help you sneak in to see him. Paul had communicated with you throughout the week and told you where to meet him. As you neared the back doors the deafening screams from the fans grew louder and caused chills so run through your body in excitement.”Y/N, over here.” Paul whispered to you once you made your way through the door. You followed Paul down a corridor that lead to the arena with the crazed fans. On your way you passed by Liam’s dressing room, along with four others side by side and Paul told you to meet Liam there after the show. Paul escorted you to a seat in the front row close to the edge so you could get out and backstage fast, and so Liam wouldn’t be able to spot you from the stage. “Liam’s gonna be so happy, I’m glad he found someone like you, Y/N, I’ll see you after.” Paul said with a smile. “Thanks Paul, for everything, I wouldn’t be here without you.” You replied before he returned backstage. Once the stadium was packed with screaming fans the lights dimmed and the concert began. Soon after, the boys were singing their last song from the setlist and saying their goodbyes, before walking off stage. You quickly snuck backstage and ran to Liam’s dressing room to hide. A few minutes passed ad you heard the boys voices coming your way. “I wish Y/N was here, I miss her so damn much, it’s so frustrating being away from her this long.” You heard Liam say causing you to blush. “Well, I’m sure she misses you too, and you’ll be seeing her sooner than you think.” Niall replied to him and you quietly chuckled to yourself. The boys all went their separate ways to their individual rooms and you saw your boyfriend enter the room. “Sometimes wishes do come true.” You said standing up from your hiding spot. Liam’s eyes widened and his smile grew as he ran over to where you were standing. “Oh my god! Y/N, I missed you so much!” he said with with his arms wrapped around you. “I missed you to Li.” “I love you so much, you have no idea.” He said placing kisses all over your face. “I think I do.” You said laughing a bit before kissing him on the lips passionately.

The one where you tell the boys/family/friends about you getting married (Harry imagine)

This is the fourth imagine of a little mini series I do about proposal/wedding imagines. They are all for Harry. You can find the previous ones here: 

Talking about it with Gemma

Asking for your hand

The proposal

Louis POV

From the moment Harry stepped into the studio with Y/N, I knew something big was about to happen. Y/N didn’t normally come here. We only got to see her once in a while, when Harry had forgotten something at home and she had to bring it to him, or when she joined us on tour for a while or when they invited us at their place for diner. It was always nice to see her though. I personally loved watching her together with Harry. It was amazing how Harry changed after meeting her. Harry had always been a carefree person. The only thing he worried about was what people might think of him. But since he met her, it was the least of his worries. I wouldn’t call him carefree anymore. He definitely wasn’t. He cared about her, more than he did about himself. He worried about her when she was not with him. He loved her more than I had ever saw a man love his girl. And I felt very honored to witness something like this. I enjoyed how happy Harry always was when she was with him.  And seeing his bright smile now, entering the studio, immediately lifted the mood of every person in the room. ‘Boys… We have something exciting to share.’ Harry said, while his hand rested on Y/N’s lower back. She turned towards him so slowly, so aware of him being there, taking in every moment of happiness she felt right now. And just before he said the words, I saw her fingers touching the engagement ring on her finger. My smile instantly appeared at the sight of it. ‘We are getting married!’ Harry spoke out, so excited I almost thought he was going to explode. Y/N proudly let us see her ring, while Niall already attacked her for a hug. ‘Oh my God! Congrats!!’ He yelled excited. I saw Zayn moving towards Harry, giving him a very meaningful hug and a pad on his back. He said something to him, what made Harry’s smile only stay longer. Liam followed Zayns path while I made my way over to Y/N. ‘I should say that you have to take good care of him.’ I said while I pulled her in for a hug. ‘But you already do it perfectly. So I’m just going to stick with: I’m happy you’re the one he’s marrying, Y/N. Couldn’t imagine anyone better!’ And after I kissed her cheek, I met her smiling eyes. I don’t think I ever saw her this happy. ‘Thank you, Lou.’ Her voice was filled with emotion and I only felt glad for her. She deserved it. And then I made my way over to one of my best friends. ‘Harold…’ I started when I gave him a big hug. There was so much I could say, but I figured not much words were needed here. And when I said them, I meant it in every way possible. ‘You did great.’

Your best friend POV

‘I have to tell you something.’ Y/N yelled excited when she entered my apartment from the moment I opened the door. I didn’t even have time to think before she let me see her hand. It took me a while let it sink in before I really saw the beautiful, perfect ring on her finger. And my jaw immediately dropped. She was ready to scream with me, but I didn’t fulfill her expectations there. ‘FINALLY!’ I breathed out harshly and her eyes immediately changed to confused. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed her fiancés number. ‘What are you doing?’ She mouthed to me when I turned on the speaker, waiting for him to pick up. I didn’t had the time to answer her question because I already heard Harry say my name on the other end. ‘Styles, that took you a while, didn’t it?’ I joked to him and he immediately started laughing. ‘Y/N told you I figure?’ He said happy and I could hear his smile through the phone. ‘She didn’t even took the time to scream with me about it!’ Y/N pouted in response. ‘She didn’t?’ Harry immediately said in serious tone, like that was so not done. ‘Then we’ll have to scream now don’t you think?’ And a couple of seconds later we all three were screaming through the phone. I loved seeing my best friend this excited and feeling Harry’s happiness about it filling the room with his voice. I was going to sleep good tonight. And they sure as hell would too. For the rest of their lives.

Anne’s, Harry’s mother, POV

When Y/N and Harry entered my house, I was so happy to see them. I didn’t get to see them enough and it was so unfortunate. I gave Y/N a big hug. She was taking such good care of my boy and I loved her for that. And when I hugged Harry, every time his eyes met mine, I still got to see that glimpse of the little boy that was fully grown into a man right now. And even though I would love those early days to be back sometimes, I wouldn’t trade these moments for the world. ‘So what brings you both here?’ I asked them when we sat down in the living room. I was quite surprised because they hadn’t told anything about their visit. Not that I was complaining of course. I saw Harry squeezing Y/N’s hand, like he told her without words that it was her cue. But she didn’t say anything. She just stuck her hand out, letting me see the most beautiful, silver diamond ring on her finger. And it was like I was hit with emotions. The tears started to sting in my eyes, while I searched for words to tell them how happy I was for them. But when the words didn’t come, I just stood up and hugged both of them in the same moment. ‘I am so so happy for you two…’ I whispered through my tears. And I was. I couldn’t imagine anyone other with my son than Y/N. It had been only two years, but it seemed like they were together for so much longer than that. I couldn’t even imagine both of them without the other. They were one. And they were going to make it final with their vows. Something everyone was waiting for… for so long.

NOTE: Again a lot of different POV’s … I like writing this way. I hope you like it too. The next one will be about picking the wedding dress. And I was thinking about adding a picture about how I think the dress would look? Something I normally don’t do… But because this is something else than the typical imagine, I would like to make an exception!


He took his seat in the chair, in Grimmy’s radio station, opposite the man himself. The microphone was hanging over by his face, and the large headphones resting on his ears, and hooked over his head. You sat beside him, a hand placed on his jean-clad thigh, your other hand nursing at a mug of water that Grimmy had brought in for you. It was your first radio interview, and to be there with Harry, and even Grimmy, had calmed you down a little. Harry was the one who suggested it; his proposal was done in secret, and he wanted the world to know that you were finally tying the knot together.

“Ya'know… I’m gonna say this off the air,” Grimmy started, as he sent a grin your way, “I never ever thought Harry was going to settle down so early. I mean, he’s what? 26?” Grimmy chuckled, his lips curved into a big smile. “Knowing Harry for nearly 10 years, I’ve seen his fair share of women” He stated, as Harry blushed a bright pink colour.

“Grim.. Shu'up” Harry muttered, as he rested his hand on yours. His thumb rubbing across the back of your palm. 

“Harold… I was going to say something nice. Don’t panic your arse off” Grimmy laughed, as he adjusted the headset on his head. “I was going to say you are probably the one girl I thought Harry would settle with” He smiled, as you felt your cheeks flush. “I’m serious… I like you, (Y/N). There’s just something about you that makes me feel if Harry doesn’t marry you, then I will. I’ll just marry you right now” Grimmy laughed, as Harry shook his head. His curls falling down his cheeks, and tickling at the corner of his lips. 

“Well… I have to say, if Harold here didn’t ask me, you were my second choice. Niall is my close third” You giggled, sending Grimmy a cheeky wink. 

“Hey, now. I am here, ya'know? Your fiance is sat right next to you, and you decide to flirt with my best friend.. Not cool” Harry smirked, knocking his knee against yours. You turned your head, squeezing his thigh gently. 

“I love you, Styles…”

* * 

“Now… I know a load of you Directioner people have been really excited for this Friday morning show. Because I have the one and only, Harry Styles on with me. With his lovely girlfriend” Grimmy smiled, as his voice carried out around the room. The crew members rushing round behind the glass window, trying to get everything ready whilst the three of you spoke on the radio. “Hello, Styles. And (Y/N)” Grimmy smiled, as you nodded over at him.

“Mornin’ Nicholas” Harry smiled, his teeth clamping down on the gum he was chewing, trying to rid of the coffee breath he had that morning. “I have to say, it has been ages since I’ve been on here. What’s it been? Like a year? Year and a bit?” Harry grinned, as he laced your fingers with his, giving your hand a squeeze.

“It’s been what feels like years, Harold. But, you’ve been busy, haven’t you? Huh? Making babies anytime soon?” Grimmy smirked, as you choked on the water in your mouth. Spluttering and coughing as Harry rubbed your back.

“Nicholas Grimshaw… We are not even trying to have babies yet!” You giggled through splutters, your voice and throat raw from the coughing. 

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I know Harry would love a baby Styles running around! The fans go on and on about that. Trust me, love. You are going to be the one who gets to birth his child!” Grimmy grinned, and you could just picture the screaming girls listening to the broadcast that Friday morning. “Now… I hear the two of you have some news, eh? Care to share with the world, guys..”

Harry turned his head to look at you, a small yet excited smile on his lips. It was now. Now you were about to announce your engagement. You were about to break a million hearts, just by saying you were engaged. But with the smile on his face, and his hand laced with yours… You felt that no one else mattered. You loved Harry, and spending the rest of your life with him was something that you could never pass up.

“We have. We have some extremely exciting news..” Harry smiled, as he pressed a kiss to your temple. “(Y/N), care to do the honors?” He smiled, as your eyes widened. Your lips rolling and a blush flushing your cheeks. 

“Uhm… Well, we.. Uh- A few days ago, Harry asked me that all important, and life-changing question. A question I just had to say yes too” You smiled, lifting your joined hands to your lips, and pressing a soft yet warm kiss to the back of his hand. “Me and Harry are getting married. We’re engaged” You smiled, a weight feeling like it was lifted from your shoulders.

“We’re very excited, as well. Just want to marry her as soon as possible” Harry chuckled, squeezing your hand tightly.

“And there you have it! Our very own Harry Styles has officially been taken off the market. How exciting is that? I’m hoping to be best man.. Ya'know, organizing the stag-do, and helping with the reception. Oh, and just imagine the toast at the wedding party.. I can embarrass Harry to badly!” Grimmy laughed, as you felt Harry chuckle beside you.

“I’d rather you didn’t, Grimshaw. My parents will be in that room.. No stories” He smiled, as he turned to look at you. “Now.. I’m going to kiss my lovely fiancee. Play some tunes, Nicholas” Harry smirked, as he leant over the armrest of his stool, his elbow holding him up. “I love you, soon-to-be Mrs Styles” He whispered, as his lips pressed to yours.

* * 

“Congratulations, Haz!” Louis smiled, as his face illuminated the screen of Harry’s phone. “Me and El heard the radio broadcast this morning. We were still in bed, haha. Had the video playing on the TV. You looked all cosy together” He smirked, as your head tilted to rest on his shoulder. The time was only 7 o'clock, yet you and Harry were laid in bed, snugged under a duvet, in nothing but your underwear. The hairs on his legs tickling at your smooth skin. His toes brushing your calf every so often, as he shuffled to get comfier under the duvet. 

“How is El? Is she feeling any better?” You wondered, as Louis nodded. You’d been settled at home for 4 days, in hopes that your best friend would get better so you could go out for coffee and start planning the wedding right away. She was definitely in on the plans.

“She’s feeling a bit better, yeah. She’s in the bath right now. She’s not sick anymore, just a snuffly nose and a headache. But, don’t you worry. I’ve been taking care of her, love. She’ll be right as rain by tomorrow” Louis smiled, as you sent a cheerful grin his way. “Anyway… I was wondering, Harold, if you wanted to come out for drinks? To celebrate? The both of you. Niall’s idea. He text me this morning, right after you announced it. We’ll all be there. Liam and Soph, Zayn and Perrie, me and El. Niall too. We can even get your family down here…” Louis suggested, as Harry looked to you. 

“We’re in. We’ve not seen you lot together in ages. Just give us a time and date, and we’ll be there” You smiled, leaning over and pressing a kiss to Harry’s cheek. “I’m going to shower… I feel greasy and dirty. I never had my shower this morning. Harry’s fault. We were late for the interview” You giggled, kicking the duvet from your body.

“I’ll come join you in a second.. I’ll finish chatting to Louis and then I’ll come in” Harry smiled, as you nodded. Turning around and waltzing into the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way. 

“I won’t keep you for long, mate. Shower sex tonight, eh?” Louis smirked, as Harry shook his head. The bun at the top of his head wobbling and shaking from side-to-side. “C'mon, mate. You gotta celebrate it, somehow” He winked, as Harry pointed a finger at his phone.

“You are awful, Tomlinson. Consider yourself in the audience at the wedding” He chuckled, as Louis laughed cheerfully. The sound of the bathroom door opening on his side.

“Right… I’m going to head off. Got to look after El. Make her some soup and stuff. I’ll get the details from Niall, and then text them to you. It should be around Sunday night? Maybe in the lunchtime. He suggested we go out for food” Louis smiled, as Harry nodded. The bathroom door opening and the light illuminating the bedroom. Your figure standing in the doorway.

“H, c'mon. I want you with me right now. Seeing you lying there, with a bun on your head, and your chest on show… I want you” You giggled, as Louis burst out laughing. “Hang up, Tomlinson. Give me some time with my future husband!”

* * 

“I am very glad to be marrying you, my love. Something about you made me think we were going to be together for a long, long time. I feel you could be the one to watch my hair go grey” Harry chuckled, tapping your nose softly with his forefinger. “I feel in the coming year or two, we will have a baby. And I’ll be sat in this very bathroom, on my knees by the bathtub, giving them their first bath. Just… I want this with you. And there is no one better out there for me” Harry smiled, pressing his lips to your shoulder, his hands wrapping around your waist from behind.

“You’re going all sappy on me, Styles” You giggled, placing your hand over his, resting them on your stomach. “But, I want that with you. I can’t wait to be the one to give you a baby. When Grimmy brought that up today, I just knew we need to have a baby soon. But, I don’t want to have a baby yet. So, if we’re doing this now… You’re gonna need to pull out” You giggled, tilting your head back to look up at him. Your wet hair sticking to his chest. 

“Oh… We’re having some sex, are we?” He smirked, as he twirled you around, caging you between his body and the shower wall. The coldness sending shivers down your spine, and making goosebumps rise on your skin. “I love you, baby. I love you so, so much” He whispered, ducking his head down, and sponging kisses underneath your jaw. His hands cupped the back of your thighs, patting them lightly. “Jump up..” He whispered, as he hooked your legs around his waist, your arms linking around his neck.

“Make love to me, Harry Styles. Show me how much you love me..”

You Tell Him You're Pregnant

(fast forward in age a little bit bc I don’t see them getting girls pregnant anytime soon. Well… I’m hoping.)

Cameron:  You set the pregnancy test on the sink. This isn’t how you planned your and Cameron’s life together. You thought move in together, engagement. marriage then baby. Not move in together then baby. It was over whelming to you. You walk out of the bathroom and into the living room waiting for him to come home. You were wrapped up in a blanket trying to keep calm. You hear the door knob turn and you look over and see Cam walking in with a smile spread across his face. “Hey baby.” He says coming to sit next to you. “What’s wrong?” He asks wiping the tears off your cheeks. “There is a present for you in the bathroom.” You say looking up at him. “A-alright.” He stutters confusion spreads across his face. He walks to the bathroom and walks back in and sits next to you with the test in his hand. “So, we’re having a baby.” You nod your head. “I know this is crazy and I don’t know how it happened because I’m on the pill and we’re always very careful and,” Cameron cuts you off. “Baby, I know you’re scared, trust me I am too, but I love you more than anything and we will make it through. okay?” Cameron kisses your lips and pulls you into his lap relaxing you while you fall asleep,

Matt: “Matthew Lee Espinosa come here.” You scream from your room. “What babe?” He asks. You shove a pregnancy test at him and he reads it. “Is this a joke?” He asks. “I wish it was.” You say, tears starting to form in your eyes. Matt sits on the floor next to you and wraps you in his arms. He kisses the top of your head and plays with the tips of your hair. “Matt, what are we suppose to do? We both are so young and god our parents are going to kill us. I mean yeah we’re 19 and technically we’re legal adults but still.” You cry harder into his shoulder. “Babe,” He says taking your face in both of his hands. “Listen to me. I know you’re terrified and scared and stressed, but I promise you it will be okay. I’m not going anywhere. Yeah, I wish we were a little older, but that doesn’t mean I am mad or that I regret this happening. Some days are going to be worse than others, but we have each other and that is all that matters and one day when we get married, we will have this beautiful child with us and it will be amazing. I love you with all my being and I love our baby so much. I will help you every step of the way and I will never, ever let you forget how much I love you.”

Nash: “Uhm, Nash can I talk to you?” You ask, pulling Nash out of a conversation with your father. You take his hand and lead him to your room. You shut to door and take a seat on your bed next to him. “So, you know how I’ve been sick to my stomach and how I get dizzy a lot?” Nash nods his head. “Well I finally went to the doctor and he said that I uhm… I am pregnant.” You look up and Nash’s eyes go wide. “You’re what!” Nash screams. “Shh… Nash be quiet. My parents don’t know, I’m stressing out and you acting like this isn’t helping.” You start crying and you go lay your head on the guest bed’s pillow. You soon feel Nash’s arm wrap around you and he pulls you into his chest. “Baby, look at me.” You turn around and look at Nash. “I’m sorry I screamed. I was just in shock. We’re young and engaged and now on top of it you’re pregnant and it’s all coming down on us and it’s crazy. I mean yeah, that possibility crossed my mind and it’s not a bad thing. We’re just starting our family early then expected.” Nash kisses your nose and pulls you into him. “So, you’re not mad.” You say almost as a question. “No. The women I love is having our child. How could I be mad about that?”

Carter: “Hey baby, how are you feeling?” Carter says walking into your shared bedroom. “Not that good.” you mumble. “You should go to the doctor.” He says kissing your forehead. “I have and he told me what was wrong.” Carter looks beyond confused. “Then what’s wrong?” He asks. “So, I don’t really know how to say this. I understand if you’re upset I mean we just got engaged and now this, but Carter, I am pregnant. His eyes go wide and he stands up. He runs his hand through his hair and looks back at you, tears brimming his eyes. "Babe, don’t cry.” You say stand up on your knees and hugging him. “Baby, I don’t think you realize that this is all I’ve ever wanted. I mean yeah I didn’t expect it, but this is all I ever wanted. I wanted you, I wanted us, I wanted children, and marriage. I now am going to have everything I’ve ever wanted in the world.”

Aaron: You have been dating Aaron for 4 ½ years and you two were madly in love. You were pregnant. You were excited and nervous all at one time. You had no clue how to tell him but you had to figure something out. You have known for about a week and needed to tell him before it started to show. You were trying to think of cute ways to tell him. He always talked about how he couldn’t wait for you two to have kids and now it was finally happening. You kept thinking and thinking when the perfect idea came. You placed a note on the kitchen island saying ’Babe, Come and find me. ;)’ You knew he would get a different idea of what was going to happen and you couldn’t help but giggle. You then ran up the stairs because you knew he was going to be home any minute. You then went into the extra bedroom next to yours that would be the nursery and shut the door. You waited for about 5 minutes thinking of what you were going to say over and over in your head. Then you heard the door open and shut. “Y/N. Babe I am home.” You heard Aaron scream. You guess he saw the note because you could hear him run up the stairs and fling your bedroom door open. You sat in the chair in the corner of the room and then you heard the knob start to turn. You then stood up and walked to the middle of the room. You then lifted your shirt up until it rests right underneath your bra. Aaron opened the door and his jaw dropped. He saw “Baby Carpenter” written on your stomach with paint. He then came over and engulfed you in a hug then kissed you in a lustful kiss. “Is this real?” he said to you. You nodded “Aaron I am pregnant.” 

Jack J.: You came home from the doctor and went straight to bed. You knew Jack was going to be home later that afternoon and you didn’t want to talk to him because he would be able to tell something was going on. You drifted into a light sleep and woke up by the sound of the bedroom door opening. “Hey Baby. How are you feeling?” Jack said coming to sit on the bed next to you. “Fine.” You said sitting up and trying not to make direct eye contact. “Y/N, something is up. I know you well enough to know.” “Nothing Jack. I am fine.” you snapped back at him. He was taken back. You never really snapped at him like that before. “I’m sorry babe I shouldn’t have snapped like that. I’ve just been thinking about a lot lately.” you said mumbling towards the end. “What do you mean? Y/N you know you can tell me anything.” He said concerned. “I know but  I’m scared.” you said with tears now forming in your eyes. “I’m scared you are going to leave me and hate me.” “Y/N Babe, I will never hate you or leave you. I love you. Just tell me what is going on.” He said pulling you into his lap. You start crying in to his chest worried about how he is going to react when you tell him he is going to be a father. “Jack” you say in a shaky voice looking up at him. “I-I-I’m p-pregnant.” you say it and start crying even harder afraid of what he was going to say next. “Y/N are you serious?” Jack said. You shake your head still curled up in his lap. “Babe look at me” He said. You tilt your head up to look into his gorgeous eyes. “Why would you ever think I would hate you or leave you? This makes me the happiest person on the planet. You are the love of my life and I can’t imagine what my life would like without you. I can’t wait until we can sit on the couch and watch a little one of us running around. I can’t wait until we get married. I can’t wait until I can hold this baby in my arms and say Daddy loves you.”

Jack G.: You curl up into Jack’s chest after a long day of work.“You know I love you, right?” you say. “Yeah I know.” Jack says kissing the top of your head. “And nothing can tear us apart.” You said looking up at him. “That is right” he said. “Babe is something going on? You are starting to scare me.” He said. “No, it’s nothing.” You said curling back up in his chest. But it wasn’t nothing, it was something. You two were young and you were scared to be a mother. You and Jack only had been living together a couple months and the fact that you were bringing a baby into the world was terrifying. You could just be out with it but what if Jack left you. You knew he wouldn’t but there is a slight chance that that could happen. “Babe you can tell me anything you know that.” Jack started “I love you so much that I wouldn’t let anything tear us apart.” “I know. There is this one thing I should tell you.” You said mumbling into his chest. “What is it?” Jack says. “WellIkindasortajustfoundoutIampregnantandyouaregoingtobeadadandyay!” You mumbled really fast. “Babe I have no clue what you just said slow down.” Jack says you both now sitting up. “I said I’m pregnant. Jack you are going to be a dad.” His eyes got wide. “Y-Y-You’re pregnant?” He questioned his eyes still as big as saucers. “Yes.” You said putting your hand on your stomach. “There is a little one of us growing inside of me. I understand if you are mad. I know we probably should have been more careful and I just don’t want this to ruin us and I understand if you need time to think about all of this.” You said not looking back up at him just playing with your fingers. You then felt Jack’s finger under your chin, lifting your head up to have your lips meet his. He then pulled away and looked deep in your eyes. “Y/N I have nothing to think about or be upset about. You are my life, there is nothing I want more in the world. I just can’t wait to see how cute our baby is going to look hopefully he, she, it whatever the baby is looks like you because you are so beautiful and you are just so cute I could just stare at your face all day.”

Taylor: "Taylor,” you say walking into the living room of your boyfriends apartment. You had huge bags under your red, puffy eyes from crying. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he asks pulling you into a hug. “Do you remember that one night we went to that huge party in Santa Monica?” Taylor nods his head. “You know how we got wasted?” He nods his head again. “Do you remember if we used protection that night?” He shakes his head no. “Well apparently we didn’t and now I am pregnant and I get you might be mad and I know this is not how we planned our relationship to be but it happened.” Tears fell from your eyes and Taylor pulled you into his chest. He kisses the top of your head and rubs your back. “Baby, I know this is scary and I know this is not what we planned. I am as much to blame as you are, so don’t think for a second I’m mad at you because I’m mad at myself. This happened because of me. I’m happy, I really am, but I’m also sorry I was so careless.”

Shawn: “Shawn, where are you?” you yell trying to find your boyfriend of 2 years. “I’m in the bedroom.” you hear. You walk back to your shared bedroom and into Shawn’s arms. “Hi baby, what did the doctor say?” He asks. You’ve been sick to your stomach a lot lately and Shawn was convinced you were pregnant. “You were right.” You say looking up at him tears brimming your eyes. A smile spreads across Shawn’s face and he presses his lips to yours. He picks you up and spins you around. “This is so exciting babe. We need to go shopping and stuff. I have a beautiful wife and now I’m gonna have a beautiful baby.” He smiles. “We have a while. We don’t need to go shopping right now.” You giggle. “Yes, we need to go shopping now.” Shawn says taking your hand and dragging you to the baby store. 

Jacob: This is too awkward for me. This is where I draw the line. 

Hayes: He’s a little baby. idk how he’ll act.