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Helping Hand (m)

Summary: You wake up from a dream with an ache between your legs and Taehyung is more than willing to lend a helping hand. 
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: romance, smut
Warnings: masturbation, multiple orgasms, oral sex
Rating: M
Word Count: 3691

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The name passes through your lips in a hushed whisper, nothing but a curious call to see if the person lying next to you is awake or still deep in slumber. You push at the blankets until they lie in a rumpled mess around your hips and peer over at him once again, taking in the fan of eyelashes across his cheek bones and the natural pout of his lips as he curls further into a semi-ball. It appears he is still sleeping, completely unaware of the state you have woken up in. Huffing out a sigh, you ponder your next move. There is the option of escaping to the showers for a bit of privacy as you take care of the heat curling low between your legs from your recent dream however, you are not very interested in a shower so early in the morning and the idea of getting out of bed does not seem too appealing.

There is another option, you think.

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Sappy Mushy Romantic-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Reader sucks at getting sleep, but her boyfriend’s shirt keeps her warm n cozy (”is that my shirt?” prompt, requested). Basically fluff with little to o plot, its literally less than 500 words bc I couldn’t think of a creative or original plot so enjoy my sucky writing! hope you like it @ anon!!!

Warnings: none, unless swearing counts


An irritating buzzing sound was the first thing I heard when I woke up Friday morning. I groaned in protest at my alarm clock, blindly reaching for my phone and checking the time.6:15
Great, I had literally only gotten two hours’ worth of sleep. Today was going to suck ass.
I sat up in my bed, yawning, and staring at the wall across my room for a solid minute before getting up and grabbing some clothes from my closet, throwing little to no effort in what I wore. Today’s pick was a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a navy-blue sweater. Not far from what I usually wore, except a little more boyish and the sweater was huge on me. I tiredly made my way to my bathroom, brushing my teeth and putting my hair up, and doing a very minimal amount of makeup, just some mascara and concealer, really. I had stayed up all night, but that was my business, and I didn’t need people poking and prodding and asking questions.
There was a knock at my door before my boyfriend, Jughead Jones, stuck his head in.
“Hey, I’m a bit early today, but I have some news about Jas- Is that my shirt?” I raised my eyebrow and looked back down at the sweater, realization hitting me.
“Huh, guess it is.” I shrugged my shoulders, too tired to be embarrassed.” I can change if you w-“
“No! No, no, it’s okay, really.” Jughead smiled, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink.” I mean, you should wear it, it looks nice, really brings out your eyes…..” Jughead trailed off, scratching the back of his neck.
“Is the Jughead Jones suggesting that his girlfriend play the disgustingly cheesy wear-your-boyfriend’s-clothes card?” I taunted, stepping closer to my boyfriend. Jughead scoffed unconvincingly, sputtering.
“Please? Me? You’re crazy.” Jughead crossed his arms.
“Oh, Juggie.” I sighed happily, uncrossing his arms and intertwining his fingers with mine.” Underneath that cold, hard, edgy exterior you cover yourself in, there’s a sappy, mushy romantic, begging to break out.” I teased my boyfriend, standing on the tips of my toes and pressing my lips lightly to the bottom of his jaw, the only place I could reach.
“We should get going, I wanna go to Pop’s and get breakfast.” Jughead tilted his head down to look at me, a slight smile playing on the ends of his lips. I leaned against his chest, puckering mine slightly. Jughead rolled his eyes, the smile becoming bigger, and leaned down to give me a quick kiss. I grabbed my backpack from my bed and followed my boyfriend down the stairs and out my front door, walking hand in hand to our favorite diner.

Two can play at this game

April Fools’ Day… the Snowbaz possibilities are endless. Also: @snowbaz-feda looks great and everyone should go check it out

March 31.


‘What did you do to him?’

Snow’s girlfriend has followed me out of the dining hall, her hands on her hips and her pretty eyes glaring.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ I say, arching one eyebrow, and it’s true; I have no fucking clue what she’s on about, except that it’s about Snow. Everything is about Snow.

‘So this isn’t your doing?’ Her eyes are still squinted suspiciously.

‘Sadly, I can’t take credit for whatever has befallen Snow, but I’d love to hear about it.’ I pretend that I’m not worried. I tell myself that I’m glad if he’s hurt.

She huffs. ‘Just stay away from him, Baz.’

‘That’s going to be difficult, given that we share a room,’ I drawl. I suppose it’s no use telling her that I can never get far enough away from him. (I can never get close enough, either.)

‘I’m serious. I know you’re enemies and all, but that’s just politics. If you break his heart I swear Penelope will curse you so hard you’ll still be screaming from across the Veil. Hell, I’ll even do it myself.’ She’s practically spitting fire at this point.

‘Wellbelove, what the fuck are you on about?’

She sighs and crosses her arms. ‘Simon broke up with me.’

I try to squash down the hopeful feeling in my chest. It’s not like this is going to do me any good. (Anything is possible). (No, not this.)

‘My condolences,’ I say drily. ‘Or perhaps I should deliver them to Snow.’

‘He broke up with me because of you,’ she snaps. ‘Because of his feelings for you.’

‘Excuse me?’ I try not to let it show on my face. How fast my heart is beating. How much I want this to be true.

‘Just don’t use this to hurt him,’ she insists. ‘That would be low, even for you. Just leave him alone.’

‘Sorry, I’m still stuck on the part where you said Snow has feelings for me?’ My voice sounds too high.

‘Yeah, well, so am I,’ Wellbelove mutters. ‘I mean it, Baz. Don’t hurt him.’

‘What makes you think I can?’ Either Wellbelove is mistaken, or I must be hallucinating. Snow can’t have feelings for me. Snow hates me. He thinks I’m every kind of evil he’s ever known.

‘Because he told me,’ she says. ‘He says he’s in love with you, and I sure hope for his sake that it’s not true. I know you don’t think I’m much of a threat but I promise you, if you hurt someone I care about, I’ll fucking end you.’

‘Right,’ I say. I’m not scared of Wellbelove, but the way she’s looking at me right now, maybe I judged her too quickly. I want to tell her that she doesn’t need to worry, because I’m so in love with Simon Snow that even on good days I think it’s going to kill me, and all of this sounds way too good to be true.

‘I mean it,’ she says, and turns to walk away.

‘Noted,’ I manage to choke out, and now that her back is turned, I let the mask fall. I’m standing rooted to the spot staring after her with what must be a completely shell-shocked look on my face and – Aleister fucking Crowley.

Simon Snow can’t be in love with me. It’s impossible. It’s brilliant.

I look back through the door to the dining hall, and I see Wellbelove walk back to her table, and I realise Snow has been watching for her to come back.

Wait. There’s something I’m missing.

Why would she tell me that Snow has feelings for me, if she thinks I’m going to use it to hurt him?

And then I remember. Today is the last day of March. And that means tomorrow…

I draw in a sharp breath. It feels like I’ve been kicked in the gut. Fuck him. I fucking believed her, even if it was just for a minute. Fuck him for doing this to me. I want to march in there and drag him out of his chair and beat the living daylights out of him (I don’t. I don’t want to hurt him). I want to break down and cry, right here in front of the entire school. Natasha Pitch’s son, the vampire, a heartbroken, sobbing mess.

Alright. Fine, Snow. Fucking fine.

Two can play at this game.

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Like Candy In My Veins by littlelouishiccups

“Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”

“Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”

Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

(Basically the A/B/O, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Christmas AU that nobody asked for.)

I know this is technically a day late, but let’s pretend I totally posted this yesterday… 

Neil starts outlining a plan in his head as he ducks between students and buildings. Group projects are the bane of his existence, but he has to do them if he wants to pass, and he has to pass if he wants to be eligible to keep playing Exy. At least this time Joseph Peters isn’t in his group, but he still prefers individual assignments. The faster he gets his five slides done, the less he has to interact with the group.

Neil cuts across the Green because it’s faster, but he has to weave through a sea of bodies. The warmer weather of spring has drawn out many students from their hoards in the library. From sunbathers to studiers, the grass is now marred by waves and waves of bright colors and tanned skin. The combination of laughter and the singing of nearby birds tangle together in the air like a tangible cacophony, and the rays of the sun lick down along the ground, creating a blissful atmosphere.

Neil sidesteps around a group of sorority girls and ducks to avoid getting in the middle of an ultimate frisbee game. By the time he makes it Perimeter Road, the crowds have thinned out, and it’s easy to cross the road and head up towards Fox Tower.

His dorm is dark when Neil unlocks the door. For some reason all of the lights have been turned off, and it instantly strikes Neil as odd. He knows he can double check the schedule taped to the fridge, but he distinctly remembers Nicky’s class getting out earlier than his. Even stranger still is the fact that someone has blocked out the windows, so only a few straggling bands of light seep in. The stark darkness puts Neil on edge, settling deep in his chest and making waves of anxiety begin to churn. He knows it’s been three years, that there’s no need to run anymore, but that doesn’t stop the disquiet in his bones or ease the itch now sparking in his muscles. He’s considering heading up to the roof and texting Andrew when the lights flick on.


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Altean!Lance & Galra!Keith Masterlist (Part 2)

Broken Bonds by yestofandoms (9/9 | 56,737 | Mature)

Keith is in desperate need of money to take care of his dying brother, Shiro, so he goes back to his old roots. Keith is hired by the Galra King, Zarkon, to kill Prince Lance as the final blow toward the Altean Kingdom, after the death of King Alfor. Keith infiltrates the Altean Castle by becoming a servant to Prince Lance.
Keith’s prerogative is to save his brother, but priorities can change when you fall for a Prince.

Down the Line by fevered_dreams (4/? | 19,846 | Explicit)

Shiro and Keith are a couple of mostly ordinary space explorers accidentally turned heroes, and Lance wants nothing more than to travel across the universe with them.

And if they happen to get embroiled with helping to put an end to a hostile, intergalactic Galran rebellion… Well, what’s an adventure without adversity?

A Moment in the Snow by Gigapoodle (1/1 | 3,378 | Not Rated)

When the Castle of Lions lands on a planet with freshly fallen snow, Lance jumps on the opportunity to drag Keith out with him and relish every moment in the weird, white powder that falls from the atmosphere.

Keith complains, but he sees just how happy Lance is playing in the stuff, and he knows he doesn’t really mean it.

Fall of an Empire by No_Name_Kane (5/? | 9,650 | Teen And Up)

Prince Lance has a lot going on right now; becoming future king, combat training- and the apparent overthrowing of his kingdom by the Galra- Altea’s worse enemy.

Prince Keith was tasked with one thing: Capture the Prince, bring him back to Galra. Yet, things still manage to go wrong.

Spoils of War by bluphacelia (2/? | 7,166 | Teen And Up)

There was an pulsing red glow somewhere, aggressively filtering through his closed eyelids. Lance groaned. It was too early for this, probably. There was a dull ache at the back of his head and he felt sore all over. What had he done last night? Was there a party? How much had he had to drink? Something felt off. He wasn’t sleeping in his bed. The surface was too hard. Too cold. Had he fallen asleep outside again? His mind felt muddled and slow as he slipped in and out of a doze.

Lance turned, trying to get more comfortable, but a rattle broke the quasi-calm and jerked him fully awake.

He wasn’t home. He wasn’t even close to home.


To Reap What You Snow by TheArtArmature (4/? | 8,770 | Teen And Up)

The Alteans and Galra used to be allies, until the rise of Zarkon and his conquest for Universal domination. When a descendant of refugee Alteans, and the genius pilot of the Galra’s Military Academy end up becoming Paladins of Voltron, it will take more than just team exercises to get this team to work together. Will they be able to form Voltron and save the universe, or will their pasts keep them from moving into the future?


anonymous asked:

Could you elaborate on their first kiss (if ur not gonna write it in a different post?)

tbh, this ask is psychic. i was actually going to do it on a text post but like, i barely had enough time to do b&r, much less that. so like, you’re a fucking lifesaver, anon.

(previous post)

  • at this point, neil hatford has changed about pretty much all of andrew’s rules apart from the jock thing. neil has made andrew:
    • bring someone home for something other than a group project
    • eat someone else’s cooking (not after the incident in first year)
    • have a crush on a jock
  • andrew’s reputation around the school counts for him being in the gsa (people think he’s there to mooch up on renee), having hospitalized that dude at the freshman mixer (which was actually aaron’s doing), taking unknown medication in the middle of the day (pain meds because he doesn’t wear his hearing aids to school), and being the MVP of the debate team (him and aaron are a roasting in a package deal, okay)
  • in all the weeks that came after andrew’s realization of his crush, neil has:
    • improved his grades 
    • been to at least two of the debate team’s events 
    • invited andrew to all of his games (”what makes you think i want to go there” “well it wouldn’t hurt to ask, wouldn’t it? it’s not like we have anything apart from tutoring on fridays”) 
    • stayed over to keep andrew company on more than one weekday (which only renee used to do)
    • once, neil even barged into a debate meeting to have a silent freak out about his A- on biology while andrew just looked on not-fondly 
      • aaron: that is bull
      • andrew: shut up, your girlfriend makes you look stupider than this
      • aaron: you may not know this but you just played yourself
  • andrew’s pretty much screwed the pooch, especially with how he gives neil Special Treatment, or so aaron calls it.

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“Flat out” - h.s. Part 5

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



You were tired and emotionally drained for what felt like the entire next week. With no classes to go to, and a job not available to you, you found yourself in the flat far more in one week than you felt you’d been there in the past month. You didn’t wear pants, drank a lot of hot cocoa, and caught up on way too much Netflix for things to be healthy.

Harry helped you clear everything from your bed – all your notes and textbooks and notebooks and extra papers and quizzes you’d kept to study just in case. He spent three days carefully organizing all of it on your desk and putting papers into folders and putting different textbooks all in order alphabetically.

You knew he was only doing it because he wanted to be near you to watch out for you without suffocating you or asking you if you were okay. You were just exhausted, and even when you walked – which was usually at a purposeful and quick speed that even Harry had to jog to keep up with from time to time – had slowly significantly to a languid and purposeless stroll.

So you allowed him to do his little organizing, stopping every once in a while to read a paper, or flip through the marked and worn pages of your textbooks. It occurred to him the ridiculous and meticulous amount of work you’d put into knowing every little thing, and he wondered if maybe it had just gotten to the point where you’d just started memorizing your textbooks. He couldn’t remember a time he’d ever worked this hard in his life. Sure, memorizing scripts or writing songs was difficult, but he always had others to back him up. And you were on your own. Your entire education was on your shoulders.

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Various Damian Wayne Headcanons
  • Since he came back from the dead Damian finds  it extremely hard to sleep without listening to something. His iPod has mostly audiobooks and classical music or opera, but there’s also some jazz, blues, and alternative recommended by Dick, hard rock, rap, and metal that Jason and Tim snuck on there (they believe that even Damian deserves to hear some good music) and pop from Stephanie. 
  •  Damian was raised bilingual (as well as learning eight major languages) and is equally comfortable in English and Arabic. Bruce’s Arabic can be stilted at times, but he’s fluent enough to not have to stop when Damian switches languages mid-conversation.
  • Damian has a schoolboy crush on Cassandra, which everybody except for Damian finds adorable.
  • Damian is very sensitive to refined sugar and detests dishes he deems too sweet. Alfred’s shortbread—more buttery than sweet and melting in the mouth—is the only dessert he really likes, although he’s grown to appreciate Pistachio ice cream.
  • Tim and Damian hadn’t spoken to each other for a while when the incident with the drones took place. Damian can’t remember if they were on good terms or not.
  • For all the flack he gives him, Damian actually holds Jason in high esteem, a fact he’s not willing to admit.
  • Dick was the first one to crack “Damian Code”: when Damian’s scared he yells, when he’s upset he breaks or throws things, when he feels disrespected or ignored he attacks, when he’s comfortable he insults, and when he’s tired he sulks.
  • Superman thinks that Damian is adorable and hilarious, which means that Batman has to regularly check that Damian doesn’t have any kryptonite.
  • Sometimes, especially when the kid’s quietly working on something, Bruce will see how much like his mother Damian looks and it brings back bittersweet memories.
  • Gordon does not like this new Robin at all. He’s rude, arrogant, callous, condescending, and much too young.
  • Bullock likes this new Robin much more than he did the other goody-two-shoes Robins.
  • Dick has a “Damian scale” with 0 being a sneer and 10 being bloodshed. “Maybe don’t come out with us tonight, Tim, it’s an eight on the Damian scale.”
  • Damian HATES it when people tousle his hair. Which means that Jason, Barbara, Tim, and Stephanie do it all the time.
  • Damian didn’t have much fiction included in his early education and was positively giddy when Alfred granted him free rein of the Manor’s extensive library.
  • Damian loves video games and is very good at them. However, he is often over-stimulated and cranky (well, crankier than normal), afterwards, so Bruce limits his screen time, something which Dick,  Barbara, Tim, and Stephanie undermine every chance they get.
  • Dick’s absolute mess of a conglomerate accent and his rapid-fire patter means that Damian sometimes doesn’t understand what he says, which has caused some problems in the field. Damian refuses to admit when he doesn’t catch something, however, leading to frustration on both sides.
  • The first time Goliath landed on Manor grounds Alfred promptly fetched his old shotgun. When Damian climbed off of the Bat-dragon’s back Alfred promptly fetched a stiff drink.
  • Alfred has lost his temper with Damian exactly once. Nobody else was around and neither of them ever mention it, but Damian started treating Alfred with respect from that day on.
  • Damian’s one of those people who purports to despise animals but dotes on his pets and has to be prevented from keeping every stray who ever comes up to him. Kind of like his dad and kids.
  • For all he knows it would never work, Damian still wants his parents back together.
  • Damian is the most sensory-aware of the Bat family with the (probable) exception of Cassandra, meaning that he complains the most about the nasty aspects of the job, bathes frequently, and is easily put out of sorts by some irritant in his environment like Tim. It also means that he likes flowers, bubble baths, silk pajamas, and classical music.
  • Damian gets swarmed by ladies who declare that he is the cutest thing whenever he’s accompanying his father in the wealthy-socialite role, which is intensely distasteful to him, to the point that he considers being forced to attend a social event a form of punishment. 
  • Damian’s favorite game is to sneak around shadowing his dad. Bruce’s favorite game is to let him think he’s getting away with it.
  • Damian would rather exploit loopholes than flat-out break rules. Bruce has kind of given up on this front… It’s just easier at this point to run damage control, and he’s secretly proud of his son’s ingenuity.
Betty's private show.

She panted, her breath coming out in heavy puffs. This was her third time going over the newest RiverVixen routine and she still couldn’t get it right, atleast not the way Cheryl and Veronica had mastered it. She had watched the two compete earlier, hips moving and choreography perfectly synced, Betty could never do that, not only was she not small enough, she didn’t have nearly as much sex appeal as the two bombshells.

She wanted to be sexy, wanted to be able to make boys drool when she walked down the hall, just like Veronica. Okay maybe not boys, maybe just one boy. Okay maybe just Jughead.

She closed her eyes as she placed her hands on her knees to steady her racing heart, she could just picture it, Jughead in the bleachers, watching her move and twist around, owning her tiny little cheerleading skirt, her ponytail long gone, replaced by her long blonde hair whipping down her back. She had never wanted to impress someone more than she wanted to impress Jughead, she knew he wasn’t the kind of guy to be into the girl next door, cheerleader, but he had chosen her as his girlfriend so maybe he did see an appeal in her all around basic personality.

“I can do this.” She mumbled to herself as she looked around the empty auditorium, everyone had left about an hour ago but she was determined to nail this routine, determined to make her boyfriend drool in place when he saw her perform it.

Standing tall she clicked the button of the speaker and got into her place, here we go.

The music pumped through the speakers and Betty found herself instantly falling into the rhythm, her body moving almost instinctually to the heavy bass. She dropped her body low before slowly bringing it back up, dragging her hands over her exposed thighs teasingly, this was right, this felt sexy. She quickly hit the next step, shaking her butt to the rhythm of the music, that was one thing she had going for her, she had plenty of booty to spare. She continued on with the seductive dance finally dropping into the last position just a few seconds too early.

“Damnit!” She shouted, slamming her hands to the floor, why couldn’t she get it.

Suddenly the familiar shuffle of combat boots stirred her out of her pity party, she whipped around to see her boyfriend slowly making his way over to her, his eyes unreadable

“Juggie! What are you doing here? It’s late, you should be at home.”

He came to stand in front of her, his pupils blown out and his teeth tugging on his bottom lip “I’ve been waiting for you, couldn’t let you walk home alone, decided to come in and see what was taking you so long.”

Betty’s face turned bright red, her eyes instantly dropping to the floor “you saw that?” She whispered.

Jughead nodded slowly, gently tugging her chin up and forcing her eyes to his. “Sure did.”

“Listen I know it’s not the sexiest thing in the world, you should’ve seen Veronica and Cheryl do it. It was amazing! And I know I’m late on the last….” she was instantly cut off when Jughead roughly grabbed her by the waist and pressed his lips to hers fiercely.

Oh. Betty thought as she pushed into his body, her hands running over his back eagerly. This was different, Jughead was usually slow, steady kisses, but this.. this was something else.

The way Jugheads hands moved against her body, pushing her into him with everything he had, roaming in spots he had never dared to touch, his hand was currently buried deep underneath her tshirt exploring the bare skin of her lower back. The feeling of Jugheads cool fingers against her warm body was enough to send shivers down her spine, she moaned softly as Jughead peppered hard kisses against her neck.

“Oh juggie.” She whispered. He pulled away to look into her eyes, his own eyes wild and filled with something indescribable.

“You don’t know what you do to me Betty Cooper.” He growled before diving back into her mouth, his tongue begging for entrance. The kissed for what felt like hours, both of them somehow ending up straddled on the cool metal bleachers, Jugheads palms pressed flatly on her butt. When they had to pull away for air, Jughead nuzzled his face into Betty’s Neck.

“I’ve never felt this way, didn’t know I could. I’ve never been… attracted to someone. Not like I am with you atleast.” He mumbled shyly, toying with a loose curl, his eyes looking up at her.

“I feel the same way about you Jughead. What we have is different. A good different. I like it.” She smiled gently pressing a slow kiss to his lips.

He smiled into her kiss and gently placed her to the side of him.

“So about that dance?” He smirked goofily.

Betty rolled her eyes
“I’m trying to perfect it, I want it to be as sexy as Veronica and Cheryl’s.” she explained

“Oh bets, you can’t get much sexier than what I saw.” He beamed, his eyes still dazed from their makeout session. She smacked his arm playfully as he continued “butttt if you’re that worried, I would be willing to volunteer my amazing judging abilities. Come on then, show me what you’ve got.” He waved his hand flippantly at Betty and smirked.

Rolling her eyes, Betty hopped up and moved to the speaker

“You’re a dork.”

With that she hit the play button, and thus began the beginning of what was looking to be Jugheads very favorite birthday.

Can you trust him?” She asks, the cigarette dangling from her fingers. “Can tell him anything without feeling judged? Can you call him and know he’ll answer, or call back as soon as he can? If you’re hurt, and I mean really hurt, will he drop everything and get to you as soon as he can? Will he be there for you when someone you love dies? Will he look after you if you’re sick? Will he hold your hair back after too many tequilas? Will he be there? Does he try to see you, even if he has work early or a busy week?” She holds my gaze as she brings the cigarette to her berry lips. “If the answer is no to any of those things, maybe he’s not the one?
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// alter ego advice

Pairing: Yoongi (BTS) x Reader

Word Count: 718

Warning: Hints at sex?

Summary: Post-birthday celebrations means waking up to a hungover Yoongi that craves your touch.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

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anonymous asked:

Why is Mads in Iceland?

 There are a few theories…

1. Black Mirror. Was filming for the weekend around Reykjavik from Friday the 24th Feb when Mads was there the first time. Filming took a break, Mads went back to Denmark. Black Mirror is now filming again at lakes around Reykjanes 10th + 16th-18th. Mads is back again. No actors or plot have have been announced as of yet. There are reports of an upcoming episode titled “Crocodile,” a crime thriller, but that could be for a different episode.

2. Some kind of short movie involving De Laurentiis Co. Martha De Laurentiis has been teasing a secret movie/”reunion” on her Twitter. Joe Penna (youtube musician and director) appears to be directing it and is in Iceland scouting and filming it for 10 weeks. He joked on his instagram that it’s “Hannibal on Ice” but the message he replied to about it is gone so idk what the question was. He recently followed the DDLC crew/Mads on Twitter.

3. Both? Maybe Mads was already signed on to Black Mirror and agreed to be involved with DDLC project because he happened to be in Iceland at the time.

4. Neither, something else.

5. Some have suggested American Gods but I don’t think so, nothing to suggest it.

6. Game of Thrones was filming there, but too early to line up. Rule that out too.

 I had gone off the idea of Black Mirror when I found out about the DDLC thing… but the timing of visits and filming is bringing me back around to the idea. Tiny coincidence towards BM is Kojima also binge watched it late last year, which could mean Mads told him he was gonna be in it next.

FIC: Go Easy

Rating: T
Pairing: Vetra Nyx & Sidera Nyx; f!Ryder/Vetra Nyx, pre-relationship
Word Count: 1,794
Summary: Sometimes, Vetra wished she could see herself the way Sid saw her. Maybe then she would have the nerve to do something about Ryder, instead of just hopefully, hopelessly waiting.
Notes: Post-‘Means and Ends’ (Vetra’s loyalty mission). No major main plot spoilers.
Also on: AO3

Took a few days for Sid to cool down. Took a few days for Vetra, too. Every contact who didn’t pick up, or gave her a hard time—it needled her a little, all over again. She’d spent time, dammit, not to mention resources, getting favors from those people. It wasn’t like she had to start from scratch, but the dent was there.

She saw Ryder’s side of it, though, as the days passed. That Sid was just trying to do something good. Those hazel eyes of hers soft when she said it. Ryder wasn’t usually soft, human or not, but Vetra got the feeling she was a marshmallow with her brother. It Scott pulled the genome for cats out of storage, Ryder would probably just laugh.

But that was Ryder for you: did her job, but didn’t dare take anything too seriously. Looked like a coping mechanism to Vetra. Ryder had been through a lot, the past couple months.

Before she could indulge that worry any further—she did too much indulging, anyway—Sid called. Finally.

“Hey, kiddo,” Vetra said.

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The super soldier returns from a difficult mission, and you witness a side of Captain America that not many can or will see.

“Close to You” (Rihanna)

A/N: I wrote this a few months ago as a self-reminder that it’s okay to be sad and angry. Posting this is my way of letting that moment go. - j. x

“Well done, everyone. Today…” Tony lets out a heavy sigh and rubs his tired eyes. “Today was rough. But we did what we had to do,” he continues, his voice straining with effort. “Let’s get some rest, team.”

Steve waits until everyone shuffles into their respective suites to raise his arm and clap a hand on Tony’s shoulder, wincing at the pain the movement creates. “Hey, I’m going to head out for a bit… Clear my head,” he mutters.

Tony gives him an exhausted but bright smile. “Going to see (Y/N)?”

“Yeah… Yeah.”

“Take the autopilot car. You can’t take the bike in your current state. And it’s late.”

Steve shakes his head. “I’ll be fine. Thanks, though.” He looks past Tony’s shoulder, making eye contact with Bucky. “Will you -”

The brunette super soldier shakes his head at him with a reassuring smile. “I’ll be okay. Go see her, man.”

Sending grateful nods at the two men, Steve backs up and heads to the garage, the light fading from his eyes until they’re dark and empty. He revs up the engine and rips through the dark of night. Tonight’s evening ride is different from previous rides because the bright lights of the city fail to cheer him up as he whizzes through the cars on the streets. The cathartic feeling of the wind whipping through his body doesn’t bring the comfort and thrill it normally does.

It’s only when he comes to a stop in front of the familiar apartment that the light slightly returns to his blue eyes. Gritting his teeth through the pain, Steve chains his motorcycle and clicks it locked. He pushes through the pain of the stairs, letting out a sigh once he finally stares at the dried rose wreath hanging on your door.

For the first time in a long time, a genuine smile cracks through Steve’s stony facade, and he poises his fist over the door.

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I thought he was proud.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen,
Word count : 1,727
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 4 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You had been on set for a few hours now, and no one had even heard from Jared. You were keeping River distracted, which wasn’t hard. He was a huge fan of the show, so everything interested him. He had even followed a Boom guy around for about 20 minutes asking a million questions. He wanted to know every aspect of filming the show. Finally, Misha had offered to show him the set of the bunker, so that’s where you stood now.

“Hey.” Jensen came over. He had been on set much earlier than you filming, so you hadn’t seen him yet, until then.

“Hey.” You smiled.

“Still no word?”

You shrugged. “I guess not.”

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okay this post is kind of obligatory for me at this point but you guys i am so proud of sara lance

she’s come such a long way from the traumatized kid we knew at the beginning of arrow, the girl who had her whole life stolen from her too early, who was molded into a weapon and then set loose on the world

she’s lost more than a lot of people have, including parts of herself that she may never get back. she’s steeped in self-loathing, views herself as a monster, knows that all the blood on her hands will never wash off 

and yet

time and time again when she is offered the chance to go back and change those things, to bring back the people she lost and seal over wounds that may never fully heal otherwise, to stop her life from spiraling into what it became, she always puts the integrity of time and the good of the world itself first

when she was handed the power to reshape reality as she saw fit she tried desperately to hand it off to any of the other legends instead because she was so convinced that she’s a horrible person, that she can’t be trusted to do the right thing –

(”it’s a weapon. and you know what we do with weapons,” she says to her duplicate self earlier)

– and yet when it fell to her anyway, she looked her dead sister (who she loved more than anything in the world) in the eyes and made peace with her and let her go

and saved the world

and i don’t think any of us can imagine the kind of strength making a choice like that would take

sara has been through so much and come so far and even rip knows she’s where she’s meant to be now, the captain of this ragtag team of legends, because who better to trust with the whole of time than the former assassin who will put doing the right thing even ahead of healing herself

she may never see it but shes a good fucking person

anonymous asked:

prompt: the morning after a fight between them

sorry this took a hot minute to write like i said im not good at this!!!


Even wakes up, curled into himself, one leg out of the comforter, toes touching the floor, and one arm underneath his blue pillow. He takes a long inhale in, stretching out his body as much as possible and lifting himself on his elbows. The light from underneath the orange curtains illuminates the room. Even reaches over onto the floor and takes his phone off the charger.

Søndag 09:32

No new notifications, not that he would have any. He looks to his right and sees Isak sprawled out on the bed, lying on his stomach. They had a fight the night before, over something stupid, but went to bed angry. Even moves the comforter over himself so there isn’t anything in between them. He wraps his arm around Isak’s middle, running his hand underneath Isak’s shirt and pulling his warm body closer to his chest. Habitually, their legs intertwine and Isak pulls the pillow he had been sleeping on closer to himself.

Even nuzzles his nose into the back of his neck, rubbing it against the hairs to move the tag from Isak’s shirt out of the way. Isak hasn’t made a noise, until he mumbles under his breath something Even can’t make out.

“Hmm..?” Even hums against him, arm still lay across his chest.

Isak, with his eyes still closed, mumbles, “Too hot..” But he doesn’t move.

“Well I’m cold, baby, so you’re gonna have to warm me up. That’s just how this works.” Even pulls him closer, kissing the crevice between his neck and shoulder.

“But I’ll get all gross and sweaty…” Isak breathes out, voice much clearer now, but still groggy.

“Then you’d have to take a shower, so, maybe this is for the best.” Even grins, pulling him closer. Isak turns on his back, eyes barely open as he scolds him, but breaks out into a quiet laugh.

“You just want me all hot and sweaty so you can join me in that shower.” Isak turns around completely, staying as close as possible as he brings a hand to thread through Even’s hair. Even wraps his arms around him, hand settled onto the small of his back where his shirt rides up.

“Well, of course.” Even gives him a toothy grin as his eyes crinkle. A smile Isak can’t resist.

Isak smiles sleepily at him, half-lidded eyes, playing with two stands of Even’s hair. There’s a comforting silence between them. Even grazes his nose against Isak’s.

“Sorry about last night..” Isak whispers.

“Stop, I’m sorry.” His fingertips travel up his spine.

Isak moves closer, bringing his arms around his back, letting his face fall into Even’s neck. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Even speaks into his hair, placing a small kiss to his forehead. “You’re really hot.” Even whispers against his forehead.

“Even, it is too early for makeup sex.”

“Well for one, it is never too early for any type of sex, and two, you’re literally hot, your back is sweating all over my hand.” Even brings his hand out and wipes it on the comforter. Isak puts a hand on his chest and pushes him back aggressively.

“Eveennnnnauauhhh!” Isak groans, pushing the comforter off him and onto Even’s face.

Even starts laughing, trying to catch his breath. “Excuse me, you’re the one who said this would happen.” He watches Isak lift himself from the bed, making his way to the door while taking off his shirt. Even sees him walk into the direction of the bathroom and soon realizes he’s off to shower.

“Hey!” Even jumps out of the bed, trying not to trip on Isak’s schoolbag. “Wait for me!”

New to This Planet

Written for @bioforensics bc I know you’re already emotional over all the Fitz/Dad fics going around. And no banner for this one bc I’m lazy af. 


Jemma awoke with a start, sitting straight up in bed and feeling disoriented from actually staying asleep for more than two hours at a time. Rubbing her eyes, she peered at the alarm clock on the nightstand. 5:37 a.m. Although she didn’t have to go into work for obvious reasons, she knew she would have to get up in the next hour. Her new circumstances were not going to suddenly allow her to sleep in by any means.

Her body still ached from the last few days, but luckily her headache from the night before had finally subsided. She’d experienced much more strenuous tasks than this, surviving for six months on an unknown planet, for one, but she welcomed this sort of pain and exhaustion.

Noticing the empty space next to her on the bed, she fell back on her pillow with a sigh. She knew where he was. Predictable man.

After a couple moments of silence where she debated whether she should try falling back to sleep for a few precious minutes, she heard Fitz’s voice softly through the monitor on their nightstand.

I know you’ve only been on this planet for a few days, but you’re already perfect, do you know that?

A smile creeped on Jemma’s face. This wasn’t the first time he’d done this, sneaking off in the middle of the night to allow Jemma get some much needed sleep. But part of her knew it wasn’t just their child’s crying that brought Fitz to the nursery so early in the morning. He just couldn’t get enough. 

Rolling over on the bed to pick up the monitor, she held it up to her ear so she could hear his words more clearly.

You know what’s great about this planet? You can do whatever you want. You can be a scientist, an engineer, an astronaut—although, I would advise against that, since your mother and I tend to have poor luck when it comes to the cosmos, but more figuratively speaking, so the option’s still open.

Jemma let out a soft chuckle. “Avoiding space may be a good idea,” she said to herself into the darkness of their bedroom. She continued to listen, but didn’t hear is voice anymore, so she wondered if he was on his way back to their room when she suddenly heard him start whispering again.

Whatever you do, you’re going to make us so proud. And I know that doesn’t make sense now, but it will. You’ll always know how special you are. We’ll make sure of that.

Bringing her hands up to cover her eyes, she forced herself not to get emotional, as it was too early for that, so she pulled the covers off her legs and made her way to the small nursery down the hall. She arrived to find the door open, so she leaned against the doorframe, watching Fitz quietly in pure awe.

He sensed her presence immediately and turned around, their newborn fast asleep, clutched to his chest. “What? I couldn’t help it. I already missed her.”

“She’s going to be the most adored child on this planet.”

He looked down at the small form resting in his arms. “That’s the plan.”

Jemma yawned, and then gestured toward their room. “Come on. She can sleep with us.”

His grin was infectious. “Did you hear that?” he murmured against the infant’s forehead. “You get to sleep in the grown-ups’ bed. Lucky you.”

Making their way down the hall, Jemma stopped them for a moment to skim her fingers across her daughter’s small back. “She’s in good hands,” she whispered.

Fitz didn’t respond, but placed a small peck on Jemma’s forehead. She always pictured him being the most caring father in the world, but witnessing it first hand, well. That was so much better.

Harry Styles - Boys Make Fun of Relationship - Imagine


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