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I got tagged! TWICE! Let’s get started~

From @elleap

1.Hello! How are you doing?

I’m doing pretty deece indeece! =D

2.Why did you choose your nickname?

I didn’t choose it. Pdubb was given to me in high school. I then used it as a online/gaming alias and it just…stuck! Now there are infinite variations of it…

3.What is your drawing you really proud of? Show meh.


4.Can you introduce me to one or two of your favorite OC’s?

Of course! Here is a sketch of two I’ve had obsessions over~

Rayne - Lycan Hybrid / Shade - Abysmal Commander

5.What is your favourite movie?

Lord of the Rings Trilogy~ 

6.Do you have a secret talent?


7.How many languages do you know?

Only one! English 101… Remedial English… REMEDIAL KICKASS! OTL

8.What was your first favorite video game?

That’s a difficult question for a gamer. I would have to say Super Smash Bros on the N64! 

9.Where would you like to travel, if you could?

And step out of my cave? To the dangerous outdoors??? I would go travel and visit meh friends around the world!

10.Can i smooch character on your pfp?

You claimed you didn’t need permission anyway! Pucker up~ >83


From @hansama

1. Heya! How are you?


2. Put your music on shuffle and tell me what song came up (and how did it end up in your playlist).

Mazjojo Mixshow: The Sunset. Had these mixes since college and made the commute so much more enjoyable~

3. Do you have a sona/avatar of yourself? Can you show me? *0*

You should know this already~

4. Favourite food? (or last thing you loved that you ate if you can’t decide your fav food).

Fav will always be Spaghetti~ Papyrus approved~~

5. Are you a day or night person? 

Night life is best life~ 83c

6. What’s the thing that ‘made your day’ recently?

When a coworker brought pizza to work! Nom nom nom~

7. Can you tell me one of your achievements you’re happy and proud of? :D

What is an “achievement?” One, when I did a SmashBros project and completed it! Two, when I did the Undertale Wallpaper Project and completed it!

8. Why did you create a Tumblr account? 

Pressured into making one by a certain Ghost since all the cool kids were into it

9. Any favorite quotes?

First, “Age brings wisdom, but pain brings understanding.”

Second, literally anything from Bob Ross =V

10. Can I give you a virtual hug? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Of course! Glad it’s virtual, since I would give a real bear hug instead! XD

Now…too lazy to make a new set of questions…and even more lazy to tag others… =V THANKS FOR THE QUESTIONS THOUGH~

edit: this post is directed at the general populace. Mlm clearly have more of a right to dislike this game if it makes them uncomfortable, these are my thoughts on the matter however and not intended to trample on mlm. also i am a qu**r person who uses that word as an umbrella term but have seen how it’s bothering a lot of the rebloggers so i’ve changed it to LGBT

maybe you folks should ask yourselves why youre trying so hard to find reasons to demonize and hate Dream Daddy, a game with actual pure non-fetishized representation of mlm and honestly GBT men of all sorts that you’ll even go as far as to twist around components of a datamine into something theyre not

its okay to dislike GG, theyve done some shitty stuff in the past  AND present, and i dont even watch them or like them, but this game isnt made by them. its released by them. it was made by a couple college art students who did a great job at putting representation and real experiences in this game and they worked so fuckin hard on it. you know what youre doing by trying to make this game fail, or torrenting it so it looks like it did worse than it actually did? assuring more games with positive representation aren’t made, or released, or even fucking bothered with. i fucking promise you, with GG’s youtube channel and band and whatever else they do, that you torrenting or boycotting the game isnt hurting them in the slightest. it’s hurting the creators, it’s hurting LGBT game-makers everywhere, and it’s hurting the genre of LGBT games made by LGBT people with good, unfetishized or sex-oriented stories/characters.

so maybe get your heads out of your cynical asses, accept nothing you consume will be perfect, and try to support something with a genuine and positive representation of both GB and trans men. its a fun, lighthearted game with good stories and relatable characters and frankly, im sick of yall trying to assure LGBT oriented games fail because of such miniscule shit.


final piece for @unknownlandzine !!!


me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—

stop treating todoroki like a stupid fuck pls

oohhh my goddd y’all todoroki didn’t grow up in a cave. the boy lived with an abusive father for years, he was abused, he’s socially awkward but he’s not a reckless idiot. did y’all sleep on his entire arc

and listen, as much as i love todo//deku myself, he didn’t blindly rush to midoriya’s location when he received that mass text, he knew something was wrong & was the first and only one of midoriya’s contacts to figure out that the boy was in trouble

“all you did was mass-send your location pin to all your contacts”

actually, let’s go back to the very beginning of the series:

his very first line shows us that he’s….. not… dumb?

AND (manga spoiIers ahead) DID Y’ALL FORGET ABOUT THIS?


can you tell that i’m sick of abuse victims being mischaracterised as dumb by their fandoms?


plus, for some mysterious reason everyone seems to be forgetting that he ranked 5th out of 20 in the end term written exam? (midoriya was 4th) hmmhhm

hell, when midoriya asks todoroki what he’d do with kouda, he straight up gives advice that i’m 100% certain comes from a personal standpoint:

todoroki knows how to express himself. he knows how his actions influence others, what impression he gives off. HE’S NOT DENSE.

and my dudes. even if you’re gonna write him as a lovestruck fool in fics: being in love means you can sometimes make irrational decisions or act flustered. it doesn’t mean you Suddenly lose half of your braincells.

MHHHHMM CONCLUSION: being socially awkward as a result of years of abuse doesn’t mean you’re “not with the times”. todoroki has a phone. he understands sarcasm. he gets jokes. he knows what an emoji is. he can communicate face-to-face with someone. he gets social cues. he’s an excellent fighter, analyser and strategist. 

so stop treating him like a stupid fuck.


A community event for Final Fantasy XV just happened in Osaka. Some storyboard images were shown and if you look closely you can see characters and ideas that were scrapped or changed, including elements from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Some of the things pictured are old designs for Gentiana and Luna (who may possibly be Stella Nox Fleuret here). The Niflheim prince, and an unnamed character with silver hair standing next to Noctis can also be seen, unfortunately they never made it into the final game. (source 1 & 2)