is it to early for this

when their friends find out that isak is in even’s phone as mannen i mitt liv, they’ll never let him live it down. whenever isak’s doing something weird, like picking his nose when he thinks no one is looking, or pouring half a bottle of mayo on all his sandwiches, someone will sarcastically say, “look, there goes the man of your dreams.” but they only get a soppy smile from even, because that’s the man he’s spending the rest of his life with, dorkiness and gross teenage habits and all. they’re a part of isak, and even would never choose to have him any other way. so the joke turns into isak and even making eyes at each other, and honestly, did anyone expect any less at this point, when it comes to these two?

how did lisa lisa react upon hearing of mario’s death from the mouth of a boy, his own son, voice level despite the trembling of his lips. too young to be a man, but he is sure to speak like one. accent heavy, voice serious.

he doesn’t have to plead to be trained. she knows that look in his eyes far too well. they have both lost loved ones to the stone mask. she won’t deny him this.

little does she know, the young boy – who had rowed to the island, himself, in a torrential downpour that left him soaked to the bone  – would one day fall to the same forces that had killed both his grandfather and his father before him. and she would carry the guilt of that ‘yes’ to the grave.