is it time to go workout yet

If you’re not a morning person, you know the struggle. It’s not just about waking up, it’s about actually getting yourself to do stuff in the morning. While I usually recommend you adapt to your body’s own schedule, as you’ll work much better, school, work or other activities may not allow you to do so. Therefore, here’s a guide on how to get shit done in the morning.

The night before

  • Prepare whatever study materials you’re going to use that day. Open your notes and make sure you know where you should start (i personally lay a pen on the exact paragraph).
  • Put a bottle of water and some tea (with caffeine) or coffee on your desk so that you don’t have to go get it next morning. 
  • If you’re usually cold in the mornings, get yourself a blanket. I promise you mine has made me more productive than all the coffee I’ve ever had.
  • Write a to-do list for next day. Then distribute those tasks in a schedule (you can either use a printable or just scribble it on some piece of paper). Take into account you’ll need time for breakfast and personal hygiene. 
  • Other than that, don’t leave anything else on your desk, as it may be distracting.
  • Make an effort to go to bed at least an hour earlier. It makes a huge difference when you wake up 

Actually waking up

if you struggle to wake up, try the following:

  • Ask someone to wake you up (a parent, a roommate).
  • Put your phone accross the room and inside a glass to amplify the sound.
  • If your phone has an option for voice alarm, use it. Make it something really motivating or, even better, really annoying.
  • Combine all of the above for foolproof results.

Tips to get stuff done

  1. Chug your liquids! - The very first thing you should do after your feet touch the floor is drink some water and drink something caffeinated (yes, in that order) (caffeine because it will kick in by the time you’re done with breakfast and water because caffeine can be dehydrating + water will also jumpstart your body).
  2. Put on some fluffy socks - okay maybe this is just a personal thing but I’m personally much less likely to go back to bed once i have some socks on.
  3. Smol workout - do something that will send blood to your brain. It can literally be ten jumping jacks.
  4. Breakfast? Not yet - you’ve gotten up, you want food, understandable. BUT remember that book/notebook you put on your table last night? Well, get to work on it for 15-30 minutes. You may be sleepy and not able to comprehend much of what you’re doing, but the important thing is that once you come back from having breakfast, you will already have started, which is the most difficult part.
  5. Avoid anything with a shit-ton of sugar - it will give you a sugar crash in about an hour and all you’ll want to do is go back to bed. (Personal rec is overnight oats with some fruit on top - delicious, fast af and super filling and energizing).
  6. A big breakfast can make you sleepy. Instead, make it a little bit smaller and have some healthy snacks (like hummus) throughout the morning. Look at them as your reward for studying.
  7. Stay off the internet. During breakfast, I find that social media (especially youtube) tend to put me off working afterwards, as they give me something more insteresting to do. Therefore I reccommend you either find something else to do (write your to do list, read a book) or limit your Internet time to 5-10 minutes.
  8. Remember that you control your mindset. If after doing all of this you still don’t feel like studying, it’s perfectly okay to stare at your desk for five minutes and have an argument with yourself about how much you do want to study. Seems stupid but trust me, it works most of the time.

Other masterposts

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Losing Weight
  1. Always start a meal with a glass of water: You’ll stay hydrated and feel fuller instantly, which can help you from overeating.
  2. Make a few simple swaps at every meal: Going for a vinaigrette dressing instead of a Green Goddess dressing at lunch can save you 80 calories, while opting for fresh fruit instead of dried can save you dozens as well. Get a list of simple swaps to save calories here.
  3. Have a piece of dark chocolate for dessert: Instead of opting for the cookies in the break room, quiet your sugar cravings with a piece of dark chocolate. It may not feel quite as satisfying the first few times, but as you wean yourself off your sugar addiction, you’ll be glad you’re saving calories while having a healthy yet decadent treat.
  4. Be diligent with portion control: If you want to lose weight, sticking to the right portions at every meal is important. Measure out snacks beforehand instead of eating from the bag, use smaller plates to visually signal that your meal will satisfy, and put away leftovers, so you’re not tempted to go back for seconds.
  5. Move more: Even if you’re not dedicating an entire chunk of time to a workout, you can burn a few extra calories by making an effort to move a little more during the day. Taking breaks to walk around the office, opting for the stairs instead of the escalator, and parking a little farther from the office entrance are all simple ways to up your calorie burn.
  6. Don’t drink your calories: It’s a common reason why you’re not seeing results — those empty calories from a daily soda, morning juice, or large glass of wine at dinner can really add up. Stick to water flavored with a fresh ingredients likecucumber, lemon, or mint in order to save on important calories.
  7. Don’t go hungry too long: A little hunger can be good for you, but starving yourself all day in order to “splurge” on dessert at night is both unhealthy and diet sabotage. Eat well-timed meals and snacks in order to avoid low blood sugar levels that cause you to crash.
  8. Snack on high-protein, high-fiber foods: When it’s time to snack, make your food work for you. Steer clear of the empty, high-calorie options like chips and crackers, and go for protein- and fiber-rich foods that taste good and fill you up too. You’ll be able to eat fewer calories while still feeling satisfied. One of these150-calorie snacks will surely hit the spot.
  9. Eat a light, early dinner. Try to keep your dinner to about 25 percent of your daily calories, and have it at least two to three hours before going to bed. Eating too much too late can cause digestion and sleep issues that make it hard to stick to a healthy routine.
  10. Get more sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you to eat more throughout the day and not have enough energy for your workouts, so aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every night. It’s an easy and effective way to keep your weight-loss goals on the right track.


An Arranged Marriage Chapter 3

Dean Winchester x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Waking up the next morning, it took you a couple of minutes for the fog in your brain to clear. To remember where you were, and why you were there in the first place.

Glancing down at your hand, you stared in shock at the simple silver ring, a staple of the hunters arranged marriages. It was like two thin rings forged together. A little too big on your finger, you could easily spin it. That would be something that needed fixed. If you stayed in this marriage.

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Planking is pain, I know. But I love it. It’s such a good test of strength, not only physical but mental too. It’s so easy just to drop and say “I can’t go on”. However, over the week, the plank has been my best friend as I have only seen my resistance grow. Before I could muster about 30secs, yet today for the first time I managed 90secs. That’s what I call progress.

A list of things (and reasons) to do before your classes begin.

1. Information

Gather all the information you need. Where, what and when? This refers to your classes mostly. Also, you should know where all the important places are: library, place where you can print files, stores with cheap stuff, caffes etc. This applies to everyone, not just students who are living in a new city. 

2. Shopping

I recommend you make a shopping list before you actually do the shopping. I made a mistake last year where I wanted to be spontaneous and just buy whatever I feel like I need. NO, just no. You’ll end up spending more money, time and you probably won’t get everything you need.

Shooping lists are a must. Here’s what I think should be on everyone’s list:

-obv stationery- pens, notebooks, flashcards, stickynotes

Always check if you’ve got some of these left from the last school year, so you don’t buy more than you need.

-clothes- warm, comfortable clothes you can wear in multiple occasions (jeans for school, but also for going out, see what I mean?) And also laundry and socks, because you always need them. Pjs, robes etc. - for the lazy study sessions.

-decorations for your room- don’t overdo on this one, just one or two things to kinda “cheer up” your study place (plants, candles, cute mugs)

-bed sheets- I often study in my bed, so this is a must for me + bed sheets are so underrated

I like to stock up on things such as shampoo, beauty products, pads, snack bars, coffee etc. When I get busy with classes I have 0 amount of time to go around town shopping for these and I always need them.

3. Research.

I “accidentally” found the names of the lectures planned for september and already started reading them. I’m a freak, but you don’t have to be one. It’s still a good thing to do research on topics you know you’ll have to study in the future.

4. Clean up your room.

I spent two days, getting rid of trash, organising old notes I need and don’t need, making space for new supplies etc. This way when my textbooks arrive I’ll already have a spot for them, and I’ll avoid the mess.

5. Have “the talk” with someone.

I’m not talking about the sex talk, lol. I’m talking about setting goals for the new semester and talking with someone about them. Your mum, dad, friend, dog, someone on studyblr. I don’t know why, but it feels good to have someone listen to you when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about.

6. Make a playlist.

Life-saver advice. Make different playlist e.g. “Workout”, “Morning study”, “Break time”, “All-nighter” etc. Eventually you’ll add more songs, but it’s easier to have something to start with.

7. Plan, plan, plan

I’m not yet familiar with my schedule, but I’m slowly brainstorming how my week-days are going to look like.

I know I’m like obsessed with planing and studying, but the only reason I’m doing this is to avoid the mess ‘caused by the new begining. 

One more thing: please start studying asap. Don’t procrasinate and go behind schedule. 

The fact that you even have a studyblr blog is enough to prove that you’re smart and awesome and that you’re giving your best!!! :)

I hope you all kick 2016/2017s butt! :)

Seas the Day

I wonder if you might be interested in writing a beach holiday story maybe even with a little beach sex and sand in inappropriate places 😉

This was once an anon, but now I can dedicate it to the person who requested it.  Thanks, @melissas173!!  Sorry it took so long to get around to it.  

Thanks to my beta team ( @little-black-dress-24, @stylesunchained, @niallandharrymakemestrong, and @emulateharry) for reading without combusting.  This one is very, very NSFW.  

With the first drops of icy cold water on the heated skin of your bare back, you screech, “HARRY! That’s cold!” His infectious, childlike giggle flits away in the warm Bahama breeze. Using your arms to prop up, you turn your head and glare at him. Shaking himself like a puppy, Harry laughs as the droplets land on your towel, in the sand, and naturally on you.

This trip to the Beach House on Musha Cay is to celebrate the six month anniversary of your first date, and still Harry takes your breath away every day. Gazing at him now through your sunglasses, you shield your eyes from the bright sun as you take in his naked torso. While he was swimming, the water pulled his swim trunks low, and his happy trail framed by those laurels makes your lady parts tingle. Plucking the sunscreen from its spot in the sand, Harry kneels next to you as he opens the bottle and squirts some on your back.

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Are you looking to ditch the excuses you always come up with to skip that exercise? You’ve likely heard of No Shave November well I’m adapting it for the month and challenging myself and everyone to stay active everyday and be accountability.

It’s simple, everyday just include physical activity into the day and post what you did each day for accountability. A lot of days it will be your planned workout routine but some days it may be simpler. Simpler being defined as a bare minimum of pushups squats and planks at least everyday in the absence of anything else. After all this is a challenge and it has to be tougher than just a walk to the kitchen and back. Pushups squats and planks help assure upper lower and core engagement each day that can be done anywhere at anytime no excuses!!

This is not a how many I can you do challenge or timed it’s an accountability and stay active challenge.

This is open to anyone, if you already workout everyday great, if only on occasion no problem if not at all let’s get started. Message me, comment, whatever and let me know if you’re joining in. When I post my daily activity I’ll call you out and help keep you and myself accountable and going strong.

Use the tag #noexcusenovember to make it easy to me and others to find and follow along with everyone’s daily activity posts. This challenge starts today November 1st so if you have not done any physical activity yet make time to at least get some push-up squats and planks in. Modify them if you need to. Don’t be self conscious about how many you can or cannot do the point of this challenge is to just do at least those three exercises each and everyday in November. Maybe some days more maybe some days less but everyday! NO EXCUSES this November….

I’m looking forward to following along with everyone’s activity and staying accountable to myself along with each of you participating let’s do this….NO EXCUSES!

A tip about cardio!

When I thought about cardio I really only thought about running, and man tbh I’m not a huge fan of running, never felt like I was “good” at running, and just never thought my body would look “good” while running. SO I wanna tell you first off although running is amazing for you, there are a lot of other cardio workouts you can do! But here is some tips of how I learned to start running, and feel more confident in running!

1. Fast walking on treadmill or outside!! Since where I live theres snow/ice everywhere I walked on the treadmill with an incline of 7.5-8.5 and did intervals of speed 2.8-3.0-3.5+ (switched speed every 4 minutes) and started with 20 mins! Then for a week I added 4 more mins! This kept my heart rate up and made me do a slight jog!

2. The elliptical!!! If you don’t feel “confident” running at the gym or outside yet an elliptical is a great start (and what I did!) It helped me increase my endurance and gave me a great workout! I always go on the intervals setting, and started w/ 20mins on the elliptical, then each day add 5mins till I go for 60mins every time now!

3. Now time for the treadmill! After doing each step for a week when I went on the treadmills and did intervals (running/fast walking) I felt a lot more confident, my endurance felt stronger, and I felt more stronger doing cardio! I do intervals for 25 minutes (which was a comfortable starting time) and now I increase every day +3!

Hope this helps!

J.’s passing tips for FTMs

Um hello there.
After reading several guides myself, practicing, finding out what’s comfortable for me and so on and so forth, I decided to write a passing guide myself, for all those FtM people out there who need a bit of help.

First: Clothing.
✘ Clothing is a very important point. Feminine clothing obviously will not help you passing as a male. Keep that in mind when you are out shopping (on your own, or with a person who knows about your mental state - a little help from a second pair of eyes is worth more than rubies.)
✘ Despite what people say - rather stick to bigger sizes! I’ve made this experience myself. Look, your body shape is the one of a woman. (I know it’s hard, I fvck up myself because of that every single day again, but it just is a fact you shouldn’t forget about.) You need to cover up this shape and this won’t work when you buy men’s clothing in your very size (mine is - German -  M/L, idk what sizes are existing over the whole world), because then you just look like a butch girl in men’s clothing. But don’t break the limit of oversizing. I’ve noticed that one to two sizes over your normal are enough in the most cases. Bigger clothing will not only help you correct your body shape in front of others, it’s also super comfortable and, depending on your style, it can really look cool. (I will soon upload a photo series of my favorite outfits, some that made me help pass in front of curious cis males, friends, and random ppl like in the train.)
✘ I highly recommend wearing T-Shirts with a round cleavage, sweaters, hoodies, and, most important of all, men’s trousers. This is hella important. At the beginning, you might think “Oh that’s a woman’s trouser, I can wear that one since it is a little to big for me” - don’t do that. Just don’t. Woman’s pants are always cut to fit your female body shape, so it points out your curves - thighs, ass, and nearly everything else covered with it. Whatever you try, in a woman’s trouser, you will always look female in some way. It doesn’t matter if it’s oversized it still has the same effect. Therefore I recommend to get yourself men’s pants with a regular leg or a straight leg cut. Mine hide my ass (which is quite large since I’m riding a horse 2-3 times per week), straighten my thighs and overall give me a straighter body shape - and that’s just what you want to look like, right?
Be super careful with hats. By that I do not only include hats, but also beanies, etc. You really need to try them on in front of a mirror and do some positioning chances in case you really want to wear one. Beanies usually are good (maybe if you have quite long hair and can’t get a haircut at an instant?), but sometimes, they make your head appear bigger than it is, which lowers your change of passing because all the attention is drawn on your face (I will talk about the face thing below!). Here, you need to go check yourself what is comfortable for you and what you really want.

Second: Packing.
This is the point I always hate the most. I have not tried it yet, but I have already ordered my STP packer and then, I will post another text about his topic. But still, I will explain my opinion and thoughts to you here.

✘ PRO PACKING: Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? A packer can reduce some of your weaknesses caused by your female body. I wouldn’t go that far to say those are “defects”, but I refer to transsexuality as a defect in genetics, where boys are born with a X chromosome to much and a Y chromosome missing. I have noticed myself on journeys or festivals that going to loo can be extremely hard and distressing and even depressing (depends on the person tho) when you lack something a cis male is born with. (An STP can help there, that’s why I’m going to try it.) Plus, some transmen I know like to see the small bulge the packer creates in their pants. For optics, it just looks like there really was the stuff you are still bodily lacking in your pants! That always depends on the packer and on the person. You may like it, or you may feel like you’re carrying a boner around.

✘ CON PACKING: Where there a pros, there always have to be cons. Some may regard packing as unneccessary and I can totally understand that. You can walk around with that bulge or pee standing up or you don’t, that’s up to you. It is not neccessary to pack. You even might be reminded of what you biologically lack and that can be suuuuper depressing and discouraging. Besides, nobody looks your crotch closely anyway. (A good packing is not catching the eye anyway since you don’t want to look like a molester with an erection, right?) And people who might see you in underwear are also in the most cases likely to see you naked, so there basically is no need to convince them of something you really don’t have. And, on top of it all, a really good, hand-made packer, that doesn’t only consist of a GoGirl & a Mr Limpy, but is one piece in fact, can be really expensive. (And you are most likely to need a harness to wear your packer, which creates more costs and can also be quite difficult to handle in reality!)

Third: Face.
Keep in mind that, despite what you think, your face just has no edges like cis guys have them. You mostly rather have a rounded face, because that’s what’s typical for AFABs. On T, those edges may show, but not before. So whatever you do, whatever you like, do not wear make-up. NOT. EVER. I cannot keep repeating this loud and often enough. It’s something different for eyebrows, but you should leave your skin clean. Even concealer or powder will be noticable, and people will think you are a girl playing guy for fun. If you are very good with make-up, you might try shades to point out edges, but that mostly looks super artificial and won’t help you pass.
✘ It can be super hard to tame your eyebrows. Therefore, I recommend: Let them grow, and then give them a form. And use an eyebrow pencil fitting your haircolor if you like (as for me - my natural hair color is blond, so my eyebrows are blond, but my hair is dyed black and so I’m using a black pencil). Cis males usually have thick eyebrows, and you can create this impression yours are as well by using the pen’s color en masse and then combing the brow’s hairs upwards with a neat comb. Everybody can decide for themselves, but that’s the thing that helped be the most. About the kink (? is this the right word? idk correct me if I’m failing the English language), I solved this problem ( it in fact is a problem, only females have this very kink, males don’t) by letting the eyebrows grow and then shaving/plucking off the hair from above. And then the comb thing. It’s up to you, I’m just sharing my personal experiences.
Shave off your peach fuzz. Peach fuzz is something only guys in puberty have - and females of course. Grown males either have a beard - which will come with the T since you choose to apply for it - or nothing, because they’re shaved. So cut it off. The skin will feel ticklish and dry, but you will get used to it. Cold water directly after shaving, or a skin cream (I have own for sensitive skin, an after-shave care cream), can help.

Fourth: Body.
✘ Sports are important. Also, like every other thing, it’s up to you if you do it or don’t, but I highly recommend it. You might not have a muscular body yet, but you can start building up one with some easy workouts. (T increases your muscle building even more, but starting pre-T will give you the routine!) I’m not saying that you should go to the gym and work out 4 times per week. No. There are many practices you can do on your own at home. (Personally, I am doing 10 - 40 pushups per day, and it significantly changes the line of my arm for I am building muscles there.) You can also check the internet for specific workouts, I’ve seen some on tumblr already.
Be sure you get enough food. The skinnier you are, the more frail you look. But males aren’t really frail (I know some, but those are exceptions.) Eating is important, healthy and tasty. I love food. And everybody else should. When you are starting to work out, you should also supply your body with the energy to do so. What food you eat, is irrelevant. Healthy food of course is the best (but I don’t do that myself, I love sweets). There are some foods that are applying on your bodily testosterone/estrogen levels, but let your fingers off those - it’s not that much that it will significantly change your body.
✘ Never ever take pills that are supposed to make your body super strong and muscular. Or skinny. Those are mostly fake and super dangerous!

Fifth: Hair.
✘ Hair is also one of those personal things, and I am not quite sure what to recommend. From talks and personal experience, I can only say that FTM guys with short, “boyish” hair are most likely to be passing.
Some guys can grow super long hair without looking stupid, most FTMs can’t do that, because it ruins the passing. I have quite long hair myself (ca. 20 - 30 cm), but I want to have dreadlocks and that’s why I’m letting it grow. If your hair matches your face in a way that does not make you totally feminine, you can also keep your long hair.
Do not - EVER - tuck hair behind your ears. Even if you have long(er) or annoying hair that’s always in your face. Just don’t do it.
✘ When you want to make a ponytail, there’s one thing I can recommend: Make the ponytail the lowest that is possible, place the hair tie right over your neck. Also, take all hair strands, and brush them from the from to the back before doing so, so that all the hair is compact in one ponytail without loose strands. Do not let loose strands flutter around or fall in your face. Makes you look feminine. (And don’t use hair slides, but I guess that’s clear.)

Alright, that’s all I can tell you for now.
I hope those tips will help you, at least a little bit. 
Remember, it takes some time to find out what’s good for you. Do not rush yourself.
As I said, I will soon post some pictures referred to in this post.
Liking & Sharing always appreciated.

Best wishes to you from Germany.
~ Julius


Did an hour of elliptical with a couple walking breaks as I read the introduction to one of my capstone books. This one is “Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics” by none other than J. S. Bell. My project is on Theoretical Quantum Nonlocality.

And if you don’t know what that means, I don’t completely know what it means yet, either. Haha.

I was pretty impressed that my form was good about 80% of the time. I only planned to go 30 mins but I wanted to finish the section. Which was great motivation because reading distracted me from being tired.

I feel like @philosonista. Also using the same elliptical she once used, haha. (She used to live in the same building.)

Repping my goal grad school with that water bottle.


“Why do you look so angry?” Maya asked. Laelia had met Maya Ryan when she began ‘gyming’ to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Like Laelia, Maya was also into gardening They were considering forming a gardening club to meet other people with similar interests. 

“This is my intense workout face! It helps me run faster!” Laelia said with a huff and focused ahead.

By the way, you didn’t bring your hubby today?” Maya inquired.

Laelia smiled when she thought of her husband. He had woken up early today, watered the plants and fed the twins all by himself.

“He’s going on a fishing trip this weekend and he feels bad for leaving me alone with the kids. So he’s trying spend as much time with them as he could. By the way… Um… I know that people are into different things but uh… is there any reason why you’re not wearing pants or a shirt or a bra right now?”  Laelia inquired and glanced over at her new friend. 

Maya’s entire upper body was exposed and a small crowd had gathered, possibly to watch Maya’s boobs jump up and down. 

“It’s called organic workouts.”

“That’s a thing?” 

“I mean…. not yet but it will be soon! It’s refreshing for me.”

“It’s refreshing for the people around too,” Laelia murmured. 

Daddy Daughter Moments - BTS


Seokjin: Jin would definitely teach his young daughter how to be an incredible cook, just like him.

Yoongi: Yoongi would pretend it was a hassle bringing your daughter to work with him sometimes, but deep down he loved having his little princess in the studio with him, putting pink clips in his hair while he produced.

Hoseok: Whenever you left your husband and daughter alone, no matter how long you took running errands, you could always count on coming home to them dancing around the house in crazy costumes.

Namjoon: Namjoon would like to steal his baby girl at random times and take long walks around your neighborhood, talk to her about anything and everything, even if she was too young to understand yet.

Jimin: Jimin can’t say no, not to her pretty big eyes and cute pouty lips. Whatever she wants, she’ll get, even if that means his pink piggy tails go viral all over the internet.

Taehyung: Taehyung saves himself a beat down from you by sending you pictures of your precious little girl in the tub while you were busy at work, then another of him with a matching ‘stache and beard.

Jungkook: Not having a son to workout with everyday keeps Jungkook up at night, but that doesn’t stop him from teaching his girls the correct way to do push ups the moment you leave them alone.

Work Out - William Nylander

“i made a lot of mistakes / crash collide into space / who’s to blame, tell me who’s to blame”

requested: yes | no

word count: 2100

warnings: cursing, struggles with body image and weight-related insults

lyrics source/what i listened to while writing this: hypocrite by cage the elephant

a/n: not gonna lie, i felt very uncomfortable writing this as someone who has struggled with body weight/image but in a different way. i hope it’s alright but if anyone has any problems with it, please let me know.

Originally posted by nichague

your cheeks were burning from embarrassment and anger. people talked about you behind your back all the time; they all believed that william nylander should be with a girl who fit the typical wag mold, and not you. but this? this was fucking ridiculous.

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Ethan’s Workout Buddy

One time I mentioned a workout bit & people wanted it & here it is.

The warehouse was quiet as she entered, except for the clinking of weights across the room. She balanced two Chipotle bags and drinks in the her arms and kicked the door closed with her foot.

Etttttthhhaaan” Izzy sang, trying to nudge the office door open with her elbow. “Oh sure fine, I’ll get it.” She mumbled, struggling to finally get the door to swing open. Right as it felt like everything was going to fall out of her arms she reached the table.

“Ethan!” She screamed, pulling food out of bags and setting it on the table. After another minute of ignoring she peaked out the door and noticed his headphones and a faint sound of music.

His eyes were closed as he sat on the lat machine and pulled down the weights, his back flexed as he did so. Izzy pushed her long hair from her face and walked towards him, she had just left Pilates and was in her own workout clothes.

Ethan paused, breathing deeply while still holding the lat bar down. Izzy admired his bare back for a few seconds, the tone muscles, the tan skin, the light glow of sweat beginning to form. She swung her leg around and straddled his lap, “Ten more.”

He flinched and let go of the lat bar letting the weights slam to the side of them, “Shit, Iz.” He laughed, wiping sweat from his forehead and tugging and ear bud from his ear. “I’ve already done enough.”

Ten more.” She said again, crossing her arms.

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anonymous asked:

So i don't think i've seen you do this (i might be wrong so if I am, feel free to delete this lol) but headcanons of the paladins + reader as their best friend? (i haven't seen much non-romantic stuff for the paladins and. i crave it.) (also love your blog!!!)

I haven’t done this yet, so thanks for asking!! <3 I agree, there should be more platonic paladin x reader stuff! (these hcs include your bff memes)


  • you guys are workout buddies! you always go to the gym or on runs together
    • you hate working out/training tbh but he makes it fun and more bearable
  • when you guys can’t sleep you’ll text each other links to awful 80′s music videos and memes (which is often bc shiro never sleeps)
    • you send him this all the time and he HATES IT but never fucking recognizes the link so he always sees it
    • “Massive Combing Robo” becomes your inside-joke with him and no one else understands it (see link above to understand)
  • loves giving u piggyback rides


  • you guys marathon 80′s mecha/fighting anime together no matter how fucking terrible they are
    • some shows include Star Blazers, Battle of the Planets, Combattler V/Combattra, Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troppers (lots of generic shogun anime tbh)
  • your favorite inside joke/meme with them is when you say shows that clearly aren’t anime are good anime
    • Pidge: “Blues Clues is clearly the best anime, it was voted #1 in Japan in 1999.”
    • You: “Um, ex-fucking-cuse me, Cory in the House is the best anime in history because it stays true to the manga.”
    • Pidge: “Please, everyone knows that even Johnny Test is better than that.”


  • every time you guys go to a new planet for stuff y’all need, you both go out of our way to find the weirdest “souvenir” possible
    • hunk likes to bring you weirdly shaped rocks and you love them
    • nothing you find can ever beat his weirdly shaped rocks
  • LOVES making super overly-complicated handshakes
    • similarly, likes making you do those weird patty cake games everyone knows from elementary school as a “good luck” thingy before missions (ex: “lemonade *clap clap clap* ice tea *clap clap clap* coca cola *clap clap clap* pepsi *clap clap clap*)
  • loves cuddling (platonically; tbh he cuddles with everyone but he loves cuddling with u the most!!! bc ur his bff)


  • You train together but you never get far bc u always bring up some awful memes/jokes that makes Keith lose focus and die laughing
  • can’t sleep? you’re ‘bout to send Keith about 10 new “We Are Number One” remixes
    • in response he sends memes of people getting slapped to the beat of “holla back girl” or the gamecube start-up animation followed by someone getting fucking punched
  • you made friendship bracelets for the two of you
    • Keith: “I’m not much of a jewelry person.”
    • You: “that’s fine, you don’t have to wear it-”
    • Keith: “no stfu I’m wearing it everyday for the rest of my life”
    • he wears it all the time he literally WILL NOT take it off, it’s super frayed and damaged but it shows he really treasures it


  • whenever you ride in his lion w/ him he tries to sing the thomas the tank engine theme
  • you created a secret handshake that involves a LOT of dabbing
  • you guys watch a lot of monster factory and game grumps together (you’d think Pidge would like them the most…but ur wrong…IT’S LANCE HE’S THE SECRET GAME MEMER)
  • you guys cry a lot together. just. crying.

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader, slight Steve Rogers x reader in end

Warnings: getting replaced, abandonment, false hope

A/N: kind of inspired by iSpy by Kyle and Lil Yachty

You know he had money, but you couldn’t stay away. You knew he had power, fame, everything in life and yet, you knew he was a playboy, yet it didn’t stop you every time he called you over. Every time he wanted a booty call, you were there and you knew it wasn’t going anywhere. Yet, you had hope that maybe after a while, he’ll wanna wife you up and you could get a happily ever after. It was an unrealistic dream. As time went on, the more you showed up to the power, you grew close to Steve and Natasha.

It was after a long night with Tony, the sun having just risen, that you sat with them in the kitchen. They had woken up early to get a morning workout in and now, they sat with you at the table drinking coffee and eating breakfast.

“You’re a brave one, going through this shit with Tony,” Natasha said, sipping her black coffee. “I don’t understand how you can keep coming back even though you know he won’t commit.”

You shrugged, staring at your coffee. “I don’t know. I don’t even understand why I agreed to this in the first place. I guess I just have hope.”
Natasha and Steve shared a look before turning to look at you again.

“Y/N…” Steve said slowly. “You know he’s trying to pursue Pepper don’t you?”

You felt your heart break slightly, yet this should come as no shocker. Of course, how could he not love his assistant? “Yeah… yeah of course I know. Just because I’m his booty call doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk about his life to me.”

You could tell neither of them believed this, but to your relief, neither said anything. Suddenly, Tony walked in, fixing his tie as he walked to the keuring. Glancing up, he noticed then the other three in the room.

“Y/N,” he stated, turning and grabbing a mug. “I didn’t realize you were still here. I figured you would have left by now.”

“I was just grabbing coffee with Steve and Nat, like I do every morning I’m here,” you explained. God, for being a super genius, he wasn’t that observant.

“Oh, well, while you’re here, what do you think of my outfit? I’m going to pick up Pepper in ten for brunch.”

He turned to face you and you had to force a smile. “Looks good Tony. You two have fun.”

“Thanks.” He winked before leaving, forgetting about his untouched coffee.

Sighing, you turned back to your friends. “Yup,” you muttered. “Had false hope about a man that really is just a playboy.”

“Hey,” Steve said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “He’s just an idiot. He doesn’t realize what he’s missing out on.”

“Thanks Steve,” you murmured, standing up. “I should go though. Lot to do, not enough time to do it.” With that, you left. Not seeing the frown on Steve’s face and the slight shove Natasha gave him.

You didn’t hear Natasha as she turned to Steve and said, “Man, you really do got it bad for her.”

lonelywalkingpotato  asked:

S-Senpai, am I your first...? >~< Jesus fuckin Christ, I'm too cringey lmao. Hey hi hello, could I request a headcanon for RFA to MC who doesn't take care of herself? Like she forgets to eat, ignores hunger, doesn't realise when she's dehydrated, doesn't get enough sleep, etc. Thank you, and I hope you have a splendid day :D --Yuu

Hello there little kohai! Not cringe! Its 100% fun! :D Yes you are my first. Thank you so much! I hope you like it!


upon noticing the food in the fridge is never really touched begins to question you.

Jumin: “MC…? You’ve been eating regularly right…?”

After hearing you haven’t he takes a week off at the office hiring a dietician and takes the classes all over again with you to teach you how to take care of yourself. Afterwards he makes a makes it a point to never leave for work until you have eaten breakfast and downed at least one bottle of water. As well making sure his chef pops in at lunchtime to prepare you food. He has you go to the finest neurologist to help you with your sleep problems and makes a huge effort to come home early to make sure you get proper rest by tucking you in himself.  


Whenever he takes breaks from LOLOL he gets up to eat, noticing that you’ve frequently turned down his offers of food whenever he makes it begins to make him worry.

Yoosung: “Do I not cook very well? If that’s the case I can take you out to any restaurant you wish…”

Finding out you’ve just been skipping meals and not taking care of yourself he begins to cry. He makes sure that before he leaves for his Veterinarian Clinic that he makes you breakfast and lunch clearly labeled in the fridge and made it very clear that if you didn’t eat them he would be very upset.  He promises to no longer game past a certain time to make sure you can get plenty of rest.


Comes home after rehearsal to find you passed out.

Zen: “Mc?? Are you not well?”

Upon asking questions if you ate something to make you sick discovers you are severely dehydrated.  He gets angry and rushes you to the hospital.  He apologizes for being so neglectful of you by going to rehearsal all the time. He promises to watch you more carefully and remind you of your meals. He takes you with him to rehearsal where he has stage hands that will constantly approach you and hand you a bottle of water and snacks. He teaches you his workout routine to help you sleep better.


She comes in after a long day at work sighing

Jaehee: “Mr. Han has swamped me yet again… MC…? You look like you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

Upon finding out you haven’t been taking care of yourself, she is scared. She pulls up numerous websites with tips and tricks on how to stay healthy. She writes up a carefully documented eating and hydration schedule and recommended sleeping times. She scolds you and tells you that you should really be taking better care of your body because she loves you so much and would hate to see you be sick or hurt over something she could have helped prevented. She makes a point of taking her lunch breaks at home and making sure you’re following the schedule. 


 He would be very panicked. He was so busy hacking and defending justice he neglected to make sure you were takin care of yourself. During his breaks he would absolutely make sure to have Vanderwood bring him actual food just for you. He apologizes about his own bad habits being passed to you and vows to help you and himself be healthier. 


 Would be very concerned, upon finding you haven’t been eating he postpones all his planned trips to make sure you develop great eating habits. He makes you a variety of foods. And has all the members message you daily to remind you to eat. He grows very upset and hopes that you’ll do this for him so that he will never lose you.

100% didn’t realize how dirty my mirror was until I took this photo. Yes, I immediately cleaned it once I noticed.

Feeling real blah today (well, this entire weekend), but at least I don’t look too blah. It’s going on midnight and I’m finally in bed. Alarm is set for 5:15am because I can’t keep making excuses. I need to workout and I know if I don’t workout tomorrow morning, I won’t workout at all.

This week is going to suck if I’m being honest. I haven’t really planned yet what I’m going to teach and what test prep we will do. I spent the little free time I had this weekend cleaning/organizing, grading, and getting those random teacher things done that had been piling up. Cross your fingers for me that I get a lot done tomorrow.

Workout stuff is pulled out.
Coffee is made.
Breakfast and lunch are ready to go.
Crockpot dinner is prepped.
Bags are organized.

Let’s do this. (*cue internal screaming*)

Actually I am so mad at how fucking diet culture is ruining people’s lives. Of course we’re all capable of rationally understanding that being skinny doesn’t make us more interesting, more lovable or more worthy. But we’re conditioned. We’re brainwashed and it’s not that easy to protect yourself from all these influences that our brains get fed with. Big companies wanna make profit with our insecurities, they want and need us to have the urge to constantly improve and that’s fucking disgusting. Our time on earth is limited and so very precious, we really shouldn’t waste one single minute on standing on a scale and getting watery eyes and feeling like shit because of the number on the display. We shouldn’t waste one more thought on buying food that we don’t like only because we think it’s healthy and a “fat burner super food”. Fuck this! There should be a real health movement. I am not talking about the health movement that already exists, that is just a covered up diet and weight loss movement. Your weight - unless it’s not a medical concern for you - shouldn’t be something that you think of at all. Be concerned about the time that you waste questioning yourself. Be concerned about the time that you waste doing stupid workouts that you hate just to lose a few pounds. Or about the nights that you miss out on having a blast with your friends because you know that if you drink you will have “too many snacks” which will “ruin your progress” and you worked so hard to fit in this smaller clothes size. Fuck that. Real life is so much more important. Think of your 5 year old self. Would you starve her just so she can fit in according to beauty standards that were created to make a shit ton of money off? Would you tell your 5 year old self that he isn’t good enough unless he is toned and jacked and dressed nicely? We shouldn’t give a flying fuck about these things and yet we do, all the time. I refuse to let my insecurities be a massive income source for white, old, rich men who probably go and travel this gorgeous planet using the money that I could invest to do incredible things with instead of spending it on diet books, workout plans and clothes or makeup to make myself look “more admirable”. Move your beautiful body because that’s what it was designed for. Be in nature. Pet dogs and hug trees and if you think that’s too hippie, start with hugging some people you love. Read books. Explore. Sing, dance, jump, love, laugh. Life is a gift that we should celebrate every single day.