is it thursday yet or

  • Thursday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Friday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Saturday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Sunday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Monday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Tuesday: is the next episode here yet.
  • Wednesday: I AM NOT READY.
Thanksgiving PSA

It is Monday. go take your turkey out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator. It needs to sit there overnight to start to thaw before you can put it on the counter tomorrow night. I know at least six people last year on my Tumblr feed who were still trying to thaw out there turkey as of mid day on Thursday.

If, like us, you have not bought a turkey yet that is fine. Just make sure when you do buy it it’s refrigerated and not frozen. Or you will be fucked. 

how the fuck does my brain turn someone saying “I can’t hang out tomorrow I’m busy” into “no one loves you and you gotta be dead bc what’s the point in living” in .3 seconds


Ah… Sunday…

It's only Monday and Friday still 4 days away…

Yeah, it’s barely Tuesday, so lemme back to sleep…

Wed: Why Friday ain’t coming yet?

And why today still Thursday???!!!!!!!

Hang in there, my heart… 

It’s FINALLY tonight!!! TGIF = Thank Goblin It’s Friday! 

  My Saturday morning:

Watch Goblin every Fri & Sat only on tvN at 20 KST


Photos of my Keyleth costume from Critical Role!

Costume & Photos by me, with photo assistance from my partner.
-Vaxildan Photos Here-

I have a few progress pics on my instagram but most got lost before I uploaded them when my SD card died ;_;
I made Keyleth & Vax when Mercer was announced as a guest at Akon2016 and it was glorious to meet him and all the Critters after the panel!

Caught up on the Talks Machina info from this week (among other things) and…I’m weirdly conflicted.

On one hand, I totally agree with Matt that Vax’s perspective on the Paladin Oath of Vengeance (ie that it’s more about justice for the victims than revenge against the wicked) is a totally viable playstyle. In fact, I’d argue that it’s the best way to go if you want a traditionally LG or NG paladin build using that oath rather than a more chaotic and/or neutral bent.

But on the other, Vax’s speeches in-game didn’t communicate that perspective well at all. And I question whether it’s a good fit with the other narratives that the party is and has explored on the same subject – Percy during and after the Brairwoods arc, Vex learning to forgive herself and turning it outward to others, Keyleth struggling with emotions she previously viewed as immoral, etc. The fact that Vax’s motivations keep having to be explained in interviews as opposed to in the “text” doesn’t help either.

Basically, if played well the story could be an interesting counterpart to the others. Played poorly, it risks coming across as “When you do it it’s revenge and that’s bad, but when *I* do it it’s justice and that’s good.”

Delicate sitch that.

Percy sketch! Just a few hours to go until (hopefully) Vox Machina kicks some dragon ass or (probably) they all end up dead. I mean, what thought process gets you to the conclusion that going inside a dragon is a good idea? That’s where those things would rather have you in the first place. You gotta love these guys.