is it the same place

So we’re not entirely sure, but given the date it looks like this might be how much they’re charging me for each IV infusion session. So far I’ve had eight. It was not worth $760 ($95.74 x 8.) Healthcare is so broken.

(Worth noting that I give my cat the exact same saline I get and for less than $150 the vet gives me 3 bags, plus all the needles/materials. Why can’t I just be a cat.)


Collection of all the rpg au designs so far :D

Starting from top left: Archer/White Mage Apollo, Paladin Athena, (Runaway Prince) Bard Klavier, (King) Healer Kristoph, Druid Juniper, Necromancer Maya, and Wizard Trucy

Maybe this place is the same // Real Friends