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One thing that is really admirable in Tom is that he can answer the same questions over and over again for two days (or better a whole promo tour) and even though he answers the same things (can’t give different answers or someone might get offended for not getting the same soundbite) he gives attention to every interviewer and seems to give every answer the same thought and attention, even though he has answered it probably 10 times before in the last hour. Kudos to that dedication. I totally get why actors hate these interview marathons and why they are annoying as hell. I get tired and annoyed by watching only two or three of these over a few days. Tom gives a douzen of them the same attention and dedication every single day.

He makes it seem fresh and if he really wants to answer exactly that question and it is a great one that he has never heard before.

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Missing Steve was usual when he went away to missions. You had grown used to his crazy schedule, he was never gone away long, two or four days most. You couldn’t complain, there are women who’s husbands/ boyfriends, wives and girlfriends, go off to war for months at a time.

Of course, you’d miss him, you always do. But Steve, is Steve, and he is the definition of soft human. He does this thing where he leaves sticky-notes around the house, little reminders of his love, and reminders to put the bins out on Tuesday. Little declarations of adoration. They always made you smile, you’d find them in various places, sometimes the same as last time but still just as special.

Which is why it made it harder to go home. To be in a house where the person you love had left those reminders of ‘I’ll love you forever’ only to not be around anymore. To be gone, lost but not forgotten, no Captain America would live on. Steve Rogers? Would not. Being called to the secret Avengers Base wasn’t unusual, but seeing Tony there, looking guilty and tearful was.

So, here you are, standing in the threshold of your quaint little home just off Brooklyn Bridge; you can see it from the second story window, one reason why Steve loved the house. You cursed yourself for leaving the sticky-notes up, you loved always seeing them when he was away, now it was like naive past you was mocking future you!

Swallowing down the lump in your throat, you walked in and shut the door behind you. Hanging your keys up, the corner of your eye catches the pink square and you’ve read that note a thousand-and-one times. “Have a good day at work, or wherever the next adventure lies. I Love you, forever.-SR”. You shake away the feeling and scurry off to the kitchen.

Bad idea. The fridge had its own note, “Eat well! -SR”. And in the cupboard, on the Pringles; Steve’ favourite cheat snack, was a little yellow sticky-note of, “Save some for me :)-SR”.

It was like he wanted you to suffer, to remember that he won’t be coming home, that you could eat all those, as usual, and he won’t come through the door and fake being angry at you for it! He won’t be coming home. This isn’t home without him, it’s just a house.

Wanting the day to be over you left all thoughts of wanting a coffee and went upstairs. Pulling your clothes off in a huff and walking to the bathroom, you sighed gently as you turned the sink tap on, wanting to get rid of the tear stained make up. You glanced up and your heart dropped, new tears forming.

“Everyday gets brighter, for everyone, when you smile.-SR”

Shutting off the tap you left the bathroom, crying and feeling helpless in this suffocating home of yours. You walked to the wardrobe, already knowing what you wanted. The pile of Steve'a jumpers, stacked neatly on a shelf, the note that came with them sat on your vanity. You pulled his blue knitted one on, it smelling of him because these were reserved for when he went away. You climbed into his side of the bed, it feeling cold and empty, more so now than ever before.

Your hand dug around till it scraped against the paper, folded neatly and with shaky hands, you opened it and read over the last little love note he had left you.

“Sleep tight, beautiful. I’ll be home before you know it! I won’t rest till I am at home with you, in the comfort of our bed. I love you, forever.- SR”

The house is silent and dark, your eyes look around the room the bathroom light illuminates it enough for your eyes to glance over. You can almost picture Steve standing in the bedroom door, tired but happy smile, still clad in his Cap suit. A little beaten and bruised but Steve! He’ll try to be quiet, you’d wake up away, watching as he walks into the bathroom and clean up as much as he can before getting into bed with you. The same conversation as last time!

“Sorry I woke you,” he’d whisper, already wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to him. Face resting in the crook of your neck, trying to get comfortable.

You’d smile, “I couldn’t sleep anyway. Everyone okay?”

The answer would depend on the mission risks, plus who was on that mission. You cared for everyone but it was your subtle way of asking if he was okay. “-I’m okay, I’m always okay. Just a little tired,” and you’d run your hands through his hair and talk about the days you had without him. You’d scold him for leaving the bathroom light on and he would sleepily chuckle. He’d fall asleep to your voice, content and safe.

“Steve?” You called out in a meekly whisper.

You let out a shaky few breaths and turned over, cursing yourself for being so naive. He always told you not to worry and you believed him, you felt stupid, and angry. Pushing those feelings aside, you closed your eyes and tried to force sleep.

(I got some horrific news last night, I just needed to write something angsty and sad. I’m sorry, really I am. I’m still editing “Stick with me, Kid” & the next part to “Steve'a Little Sister”. I won’t let my personal life get in the way of getting stuff out for you guys, don’t worry.- Rosalee)

   So, probably by next month I’m going to move this blog to somewhere fresh and clean! Relationships, threads, and the works will still be in order. I will continue drafts here then move them onto my new blog. I think Ally just needs a fresh start where it doesn’t feel so cluttered. It’ll take a little time but, I will have it set up and slowly following back people once it is done. Until then, like I said, I will be doing drafts and answering things via ask! I just got to dye my hair and I will be on today.

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How do you pronounce ы in words? I think I can pronounce it as an isolated sound (not sure tho) and pronounce it in мы and вы but nothing else. Also I read many varying descriptions of it so should you pronounce it in the same place as 'oo' in loop or should you pronounce it more backwards/more central and higher/close to the roof of your mouth?

Two tips that helped me were 

1. Hold a pencil in between your teeth and say it. 

2. Sing it as in this video.

Option 2 works well to find where it is pronounced & option 1 is great for practice. To pronounce it, “The lips are spread wide. The tongue is taken backwards. The tip of the tongue is slightly raised and does not touch the lower teeth. The back of the tongue is raised high.”

To pronounce it in between words, you should work with several examples. It helps to have different letter combinations because you are learning how to use a muscle in your mouth and you need to use as many possible combinations as possible. Try saying the words below as in the video above. Again, this requires a lot of practice & you should do as many words with ы in order to be comfortable with it.

Short words

At the beginning of a word

At the middle/end of a word

For longer words, it helps to start at the end & work your way to the beginning. Ex. ые → ные  → бные  → ыбные → рыбные


Riverdale is based on the characters of Archie comics. They’ve been around for 75 years, so we are really trying to bring the nostalgic elements of the comics into the way that we dress on the show and our hair and makeup. We want to keep a vintage feel. But at the same time it does take place in a contemporary setting, so we’re constantly finding ways to merge the old with the new aesthetically. Even in the overall aesthetic of the show, in the way that they design our sets - we’ll be at the diner and it’ll be a mix of vintage cars and modern cars outside, but we’re talking about taking Ubers and going on Instagram. We’re constantly finding ways to allude to both. There is a part where Veronica gets cyber-bullied on Instagram. And there are parts where we are like, ‘Let’s get an Uber.’ We’re teenagers in the modern time.

so! since mr. keneti james apa is becoming increasingly popular in celeb & bandom communities due to riverdales instantly popularity i’ve figured it’d be fun to put together a little resource of new zealand slang and other terms under the cut that you need to know when playing a new zealander. so often people are assuming he’s australian (stop this. do not do this. as funny as it is just don’t. it’s like assuming ireland & scotland are the same place). here you will find as much new zealand slang and tid bits of information that i can think of in order to help you understand our special little country and it’s quirks! also please remember kj is raised in a part samoan family and that’s a very important aspect of his life. i may add to this list if i think of more things !! 

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*stealthily places music* /watch?v=toXNVbvFXyk (found it years ago I don't even know if this is the type of music Prowl would like but it's certain interesting to watch)

Resonant Chamber

Prowl’s far more interested in watching how it’s played than in the song itself. It’s an impressive show.

@slenderwave Look. Look at this mad contraption. Isn’t it neat.

He almost directs it to Tarantulas as well—the arms look like his legs, and he’d probably enjoy the sheer unnecessary complication of the whole invention—but… no.

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Not sure if you're the person to ask, so I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but do you think it's possible for anyone to learn how to write songs? I want to write original music but I don't know how or where to start, and sometimes I feel like people are either born with that or they're not. Am I just psyching myself out? Do you or your followers have any recommendations for how to get started?

You’re definitely not born with it or not, I assure you. Not only can anybody write music, but anybody can learn the theory necessary to understand songwriting. I’d start by checking out common chord progressions. People are usually shocked to find out how many songs use the same couple of chords, so it’s a great place to start!

To all of you out there considering the possibility of Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil taking place in the same universe...

If that’s the case…

If Love Sentence exists in Star and Marco’s universe…

Surely, it exists in the Pines’ universe as well.

Mabel would be crazy about them.

Well that was ridiculous

Thanks to the .5% of my followers that answered that question. Let’s move on to something a bit more interesting, since it’s about everypony else:

Do you have far too many OCs? What do you do with them when there’s just too many to make them the focus of their own ask blogs?

I’ve seen some artists produce “non-canon” multiverse blogs where everypony can hang out and answer questions, even if it doesn’t make sense for them to be in the same place at the same time. Other artists just adopt away their extra cast members. What’s your solution to the OC overpopulation crisis?

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How do you think these new episodes might effect Tomco? I mean, Marco will have to admit he has feelings for Star eventually. Whether or not she'll reciprocate after this is debatable, but I feel like either way, this all subtly impacts the dynamic with Tom. I'm also wondering how Tom will react to Marco accidentally hurting Star during all this. He still cares for her, even if he did let her go.

I’m not too worried.

For one, It’s one-sided at the moment, Marco doesn’t haven’t have any feelings for Star, he friend-zoned her.

it’s the other way around.

However, whether this will affect his relationship with Tom is debatable, but i doubt the show would set him back to how he used to be:

  • It would make his character development in Mr Candle Cares pointless
  • There’s no point in making him friends with Marco just to throw that all away and take their relationship back to the same place it started.

If Tom does find out about this, he knows he’s no longer supposed to be involved since Star isn’t interested in dating him anymore. He shouldn’t pull anything because he knows at this point it won’t help.

It’s more likely Tom will accept this (Depending if this plot even goes past the finale), because he knows he can’t make Star’s decisions for her.

Depending on how strong their friendship is, Tom might not be angry at Marco at all, it’s not exactly like it’s Marco’s fault.

Well yes Tom cares about star, but i think you can make the observation Star was the one who broke them up (Why? Who knows..the show won’t tell me)

It might sting a little bit for Tom, but i doubt it’d ruin their entire relationship after the development Tom went through.

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What do you think about long distance relationships (and friendships) and the sentiment "I don't need you, but I want you in my life" [ especially when it often feels as though they don't necessarily want or need you. ]

yoooo so I had a long distance relationship for a year and a month and then when I told her I needed her she told me “you shouldn’t need me you should only need God” and that’s how she broke up with me. my theology professor and mentor told me straight up “that’s sanctimonious bullshit” God bless his heart… anyway, we definitely do need other people to be there for us, like that’s why God places them in our lives??? at the same time, we can’t place everything on just one person and expect them to hold the world up for us. we do need God more than we’re willing to admit. but it’s not wrong to want to feel needed and wanted by a person. those desires are what keep the long distance relationship together, in my opinion. hope that helps.

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one of ur asks just popped in my dash bc James... why do people still think James is an homophobe? maybe he and L really don't have a beef anymore, y'all complain about how syco modes simon etc treat HL, but James was in the same place as with them, but he had also mental problems and addictions to fight against, and hasn't Ed been hanging out with him? did you saw them at the brits last night? do you believe that if Ed is that supportive of HL he would be just hanging out like that with James?

mental problems and addictions don’t magically turn someone into a homophobe and those homophobic beliefs don’t just magically go away afterward. same goes for using underaged girls for sex when you’re a grown ass adult.

if you want to support someone as nasty and ignorant as james arthur that’s your choice but keep it out of my inbox