is it the caffeine

Caffeine Challenge #22

Starts tomorrow, June 23rd at 1 pm CT!

A Caffeine Challenge is a writing warm up! Choose one or more of the prompts listed below, write on it for one hour and then post your story with the tag Caffeine Challenge So that I and other writers/readers can find it and fangirl over it! Ill read, comment on, and even reblog as many as I can :)

Tomorrow’s prompts:

1) First line: The wind bites at their skin as they climb higher and higher.

2) Dialogue: “People want to draw a line between need and want all the time. Doesn’t mean they’re separate.”

3) Song: Missio - Everybody gets high (X)

4) Picture: [woman sits at the end of a wooden dock. the water is smooth in front of her. In the background are hazy mountains and a blue sky]

idlewildly  asked:

Is it an autism thing to have a really extreme or exaggerated reaction to caffeine? Most people get energised and happy from it, but if I drink a regular-sized cup of coffee (or overly much tea or cola) I get really anxious and tired and a headache. Also, it seems to be even more diuretic for me than for most people. I know autistics often have atypical reactions to various medications, so... ITAAT?

Yes, that would fall under atypical reactions to medications. Though we don’t often think of it as such, caffeine is a drug and as such can produce atypical responses in autistic people. 



4am - Wally clomping around at the bottom of the stairs (his “let me out” signal); husband lets him out and lets him in again.
4:10am - Wally still clomping; husband tells him to go sit on his mat.
4:40 - F wakes up from a bad dream; I snuggle him for a few minutes.
5am - Wally wants to go out again / have his breakfast. Clomping which I try to ignore until he yaps (understatement), so I let him out with half of his breakfast.
5:25am - my alarm goes off and I get up to get ready for work.

Caffeine challenge tomorrow!

I have a it of time tomorrow at 1 pm Ct!

A caffeine challenge is a writing warmup! I’ll post a set of prompts tonight, and you choose at least one to write on for one hour! At the end of the hour, we all post under the tag CAFFEINE CHALLENGE so we can find and read each other’s work!

So next caffeine challenge is Friday, June 23 at 1 pm CT! I’ll post the prompt before midnight tonight :)

Ted the Animator: “I think you might have skipped some between frames, seeing as he does this a couple times.”

Carl the Animator: “Nah, he’s just on waaaaay too much caffeine.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, y’know what, that’s fair.”