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Hey, if you're doing the otp thing still would you mind doing Barry and Cisco? Please? (I get it though if you're done, or don't want to, i'm not trying to pressure you to or anything!) Ps- I really really really really love your blog, you're always so nice to people and everything is just great I love it, thank you

Literally how in the hell could I say no to this oh my god you’re so sweet

  • Who made the first move: Okay SO picture this
    • Team is hanging out in the lab one day
    • Barry and Cisco are just pinging right off each other, totally in sync, all kinds of in-jokes and catching each other’s dumb references and just nerding in perfect harmony
    • And Iris laughs and says something like “How are you two not dating yet?”
    • And Cisco (sweet summer child Cisco) is sweating because he’s crushing HARD but he just waves it off with a “Okay, get on it, Barry.”
    • Barry just shrugs and is like “Okay, do you want to go out sometime?”
    • spoilers they totally went out
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first: Definitely Barry, but it was immediately followed by “Dude, I love you too!”
    • “Dude!”
    • “Dude!”
    • These two are so silly I love them
  • How often they fight: Legitimately what even would these two fight over? Star Trek trivia?
  • Whose big spoon/little spoon: Barry spoons Cisco like their damn lives depend on it.
  • Whose the better cook: Okay this is like one of my fave headcanons for them. Neither of them is actually a GREAT cook, but for the first few months they’re dating they keep trying to one-up each other by cooking big fancy dinners which, in reality, they only pulled off because Joe or Caitlin help them. Finally Caitlin just snaps and tells them to stop pretending they can cook.
  • Who remembers their anniversaries: I’ve definitely answered a question like this for them before, but I’ve got this: they both love anniversaries but their lives get Weird so much that they’ll forget until like a week later (Caitlin or Iris remind them, probably) and then schedule a last minute movie marathon to celebrate.
  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex): The movie marathons I just mentioned. They compete to see who can quote the most lines and whoever wins gets to make out with the other one. (There’s literally no losing.)
  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship: There are 0 pants
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Hope you’ve all had a great summer and if its not over yet remember to enjoy the hell out of it!!


SLFL: Camden - Happy Birthday Luke - July 16, 2016 [x]

Okay but Pokemon Go with the X kids

Jean doesn’t get it but really wants to, follows Scott around trying to see why it’s fun.
Peter just losing his shit, running all over the place, proud member of team instinct, not afraid to do stupid shit for a Pokemon.
Ororo is gym leader of every local gym, kicks ass and reps team mystic with all she’s got, #Queen.
Jubilation legit jumped out of a car once to get a snorlax, will stop at nothing to catch em all, stays out most of the night for Pokemon, just wants to be a better team instinct member than Peter.
Scott thinks he’s hardcore but isn’t, needs to step up his game, peaks at level 7, team valor through and through.
Kurt is in love, thinks every Pokemon is special and names them lovingly, never takes them to the gym because he doesn’t want to battle them, team mystic is team blue.
Warren says he’s too cool for Pokemon but secretly loves it more than he loves himself.