is it still the end of the world if you're on this end

i know everyone considers captain america: the winter soldier to be iconic in terms of its fight scenes and tone, and it’s one of the reasons why many people rank it in their top three mcu films, but it’s also amazingly upsetting on a character spectrum.

because this is steve’s film, right, this is steve’s story. and it’s a story of adjustment, kinda, but—and here’s the kicker—it’s fundamentally concerned with the past, and on the character spectrum, it’s devastating.

because steve gets back the two most important people in the world but in the worst possible ways. because first there’s peggy, right, and she’s still alive and that’s amazing because he gets peggy back, but at the same time, he doesn’t, because this is peggy, yeah, but this is peggy nearly seventy years later (you’re late and is there any question why this is their recurring theme as perhaps the world’s leading authority on waiting too long ahAHAHAHA i hate everything) and she’s lived a life and she is old and forgetting and dying and she is a living reminder of everything he lost and how he can never go back, and then he gets bucky, right, the other most important person in the world, and he was a goddamned miracle to get back because steve probably never expected peggy to be alive and seeing her like that was heart-breaking but unexpected but bucky—he thought he lost bucky back in the war, and bucky is young and bucky is exactly how he was when steve last saw him, give or take some hydra garb and a bionic arm, and bucky is so important and steve finally gets him back and if getting peggy back was a reminder of all he lost, maybe bucky can be proof that he didn’t lose it all—but then bucky can’t remember him.

like????? this is literally so heartbreaking bc steve thinks he died saving the world and the people and then he didn’t die, and he has to live with the repercussions of this and bear it because he’s captain fucking america and then he gets peggy back but she’s dying and forgetting and he’s nearly seventy years too late and he gets bucky back too but bucky doesn’t even know him and it’s just like the train again, and he’s too late to save bucky, and the tragedy of steve rogers is that he is always too late, and isn’t that just the worst thing?


“If this is really all happening in some other dimension.. shouldn’t we er- I dunno maybe send something to help them? Ya’know, so you don’t end up having to murder me at the end of all this?”

“Y-you kidding me Lee? You been w-watching this shii-urrrp-shit? I ain’t going anywhere near Rick Q-327!”

It started out as Rick finding a dimension where his life is directed by Quentin Tarantino on the multiverse goggles. Then they found the directors cut on inter-dimensional cable. The rest of the family walks in and out of the room at random intervals, really not wanting to ask why they’re watching and most of the time either laughing or crying over a movie where Rick appears to be killing everyone.

After the End

A PJO/HoO and The 100 Crossover, where there are no grounders - but there are campers. For @hamabee (✿◠‿◠)

Chapter One.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare had a weird feeling. The sort of weird feeling she hadn’t had since before the end of the world. 

Only half paying attention, she let her brush move across the wall of her cave, streaking a bright orange line over the grey stone. She let herself switch over to autopilot, devoting all of her mental energy to figuring out what the cause of this feeling could be.

It wasn’t quite a prophecy; She was still herself. Not that that was surprising. The Oracle, like pretty much everything else to do with Greek Mythology, had lost most of its power when the apocalypse had occurred and the majority of the human race - or what was left of it, anyway - had moved to outer space.

The demigods remained behind. The barriers protecting the camps from outside threats had done their job, and the advance warning the gods had given them ensured that most of the demigods had made it back in time, bringing mortal parents and siblings with them. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that nothing short of divine blood could protect humans from the threats that had been unleashed upon the earth.

It was kind of ironic, Percy had said, that after all the shit they’d gone through to save the world and all the mortals on it, they’d gone ahead and destroyed it themselves. They’d succeeded where countless mythical foes had failed. Mortal ingenuity at its worst.

And then the survivors had fled to their space stations, leaving the demigods behind to try and scrounge out an existence on the damaged remains of their planet.

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Preview of Face Down, the prep school zombie apocalypse AU one-shot that literally no one asked for:

Lavender gets her heart broken by Ron Weasley in the spring of their senior year.

She proceeds to spend an entire weekend re-watching all the depressing parts of Love, Actually and crying into Parvati’s mint green Kate Spade pillowcase and it’s cathartic, mostly, because by Monday morning she’s back to using her own bronze-blonde bobby pins and spot-blending her under-eye concealer and bickering with Daphne Greengrass about leaving slimy salon-grade conditioner residue on the tiled shower floor—and if Lavender still feels a little like the world is ending when she thinks about how many of her Firsts she hadn’t even hesitated to give to Ron Weasley—


Two days before prom, the world actually ends.


Everybody Wants To Rule The World - SPN Tribute

After 5 months and a lot of patience waiting for the season to end, here’s my TFW-positive SPN tribute-slash-extended “previously on” for s11.

After posting the link some days ago I debated posting the video itself on tumblr. I’ve received such overwhelmingly positive feedback from all of you, I’ve decided to go for it!

Enjoy! ; )

What worries me the most when it comes to Kaneki and the new chapter is really how much his behaviour will now resemble his behaviour in TG. I know he got his will to live back and he knows people are waiting for him, but still this doesn’t turn him into a complete new person. I’m scared to see if he thinks he needs to carry the burdens of the whole world on his shoulders again because well Arima and probably even Eto (if she really wants to turn him into the new OEK) expect great things from him. At least that’s what the manga implies.

Should I expect route :re = return at the end of the manga or route :re = revolution with a really bittersweet ending ;’)? Or maybe kinda both?

I don’t know what to expect, but I know I’m already excited, dead and alive at the same time.