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OK, but just imagine: "Phantom of the Opera but all the Organ Music is Replaced with Accordions".

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I'm so sorry I know you just said that this post makes you sad but I was telling my friend about that deadrien comic (the one that Torii started, amynchan continued and you finished) and wanted to show her but I can't find the second post you made of it. The one where you explain all the details that someone could've missed in your pictures. I was wondering if you still had it??? I've found that one with the song so all good if you don't, I can just explain it to her.

lol it’s ok, it’s actually in my remember me comic tag, so i don’t even have to look at the comic to link it rn 8D [hopefully that works for mobile… i’ll add the tag to this post and you can click that instead if not…]

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Hello loves, I got tagged by a wonderful Liz / @captivahted, thank you babe❤❤ ❤

Rules: use the song titles from only one artist to answer these questions and then tag 10 people.

I choose: Sleeping At Last

Gender: Venus
Describe yourself:  A Skeleton Of Something More
How do you feel:  Today Has Been OK
If you could go anywhere, where would it be:  The Sea Of Atlas
Favourite mode of transportation:  99 Red Balloons
Your best friend:  A Million Charming Words /  Thanks For The Memories
If your life was a TV show what would it be called:  We’re Still Here
What is life to you:  Turning Page
Relationship status:  Tension & Thrill
Your fear:  Sorrow / Countdowns

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11 p.m. is for single mothers
who cradle a glass of wine in their fingers
and wait for the sound of a child crying
they hope will never come—
it always does.

12 a.m. is for high school students
to do homework they didn’t have time to do
after lacrosse practice and dance rehearsal—
they yearn to rest their tired eyes
but cannot.

1 a.m. is for sneaking into your bedroom
on a school night at seventeen,
reminding yourself how tired
you will be in the morning,
convincing yourself it was worth it.

2 a.m. is for star-crossed lovers
rolling in bed sheets smelling of
alcohol and tragic dreams that
ironically lull them to sleep.

3 a.m. is for hopeless romantics
wishing under late-night skies
for someone to talk to,
for someone who gets it.

And all of those people think
they’ve got it bad, but
when 4 a.m. rolls around the corner,
the past sinks into your veins—

4 a.m. is too late for anyone to save you,
for when 4 a.m. tells you,
“You can’t do this anymore,”
you believe it.

—  4 a.m.

I can’t believe Sportacus invented the dab


vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno


john steinbeck // ジョン・スタインベック


Ha ok, this is based off of this joke from Gravity Falls, the idea just came to me while I tried to fall asleep one night and wouldn’t leave me alone so!

Also bonus morning after:

Yes. Yes he did. And it’s all your fault, Missy.

College student Dean running late for his study session with Castiel, the most beautiful guy Dean’s ever had the pleasure of being allowed to stare at for an hour whilst simultaneously studying for finals.

Dean running across campus in the low, lazy summer-evening sun, his bag smacking against his back, people stopping to stare at him as he hares over the off-limits, carefully-tended lawn.

Dean coming to an abrupt halt just as he makes it back onto the path, turning round and bending down for a moment at the edge of the grass, before straightening up with a contemplative look on his face.

Dean striding into the nearby library building and re-emerging a moment later with Castiel in tow, his face still pink from running so hard, talking quickly to hide his nerves and embarrassment.

“- sorry for coming so late, I know you’re busy and we should get to it, but I wanted to say I’m sorry and I was gonna… pick it for you? But then I thought you’d rather see it, so…”

Dean coming to a halt beside the smooth, immaculate lawn, and pointing down at a single rogue buttercup, nodding its head gleefully in the warm breeze. Cas crouching down to stare at it for a long, long moment with Dean watching him, biting his lip.

Cas looking up at Dean with a smile on his face, and saying, “It’s beautiful. I love it.”

Dean grinning back, pink for a very different reason now, and replying, “I saw it there, all ‘fuck the system’… kinda reminded me of you. Uh, in a good way.”

Cas standing up and saying, “We should get back inside, to study.” Dean clearing his throat and nodding seriously, leading the way back indoors.

Cas drawing level with him halfway to the library doors, and linking their hands with a blush on his cheeks.

Dean and Cas studying for hours that night, learning together with their hands intertwined on the tabletop.  (ノ∀`♥)