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Did something new happen with Netflix?

I can tell you that Netflix is 100% out.

That said, we have known from the start due to whispers from production that Hulu was the better option and Netflix was a longer shot. People didn’t want to listen then, and I understand they still don’t want to listen now, but please consider this:

(1) Hulu has had recent positive business dealings with DC: As well as Walt Disney Studios (although that subsidiary is separate from Disney Channel):

(2) Hulu is trying to push/acquire/originate more kids & family programming:

(3) Netflix already has two popular family comedy originals in their line-up. Hulu has none:

(4) Hulu wants to be more competitive in terms of award nominations:

(5) Hulu originals can have longer seasons (closer to the standard 20ish) and they release weekly, which GMW production might prefer because the executive producers are old school, and a standard-length season is likely the framework around which they originally planned S4.

The list of reasons why Girl Meets World is kind of a perfect fit for Hulu goes on and on and on, one particular little bonus being that if you go look at who Hulu Head of Originals Beatrice Springborn follows on Twitter, it’s pretty clear that she is not going to have annnnny kind of a problem with Rowan’s politics.

Most everybody’s knee-jerk reaction (including mine) the night of cancellation was to think of Netflix first. And I get it. Netflix is Superman. They’re huge. But the reality is that Netflix is out, and Hulu is, in many ways, a better fit.

I understand that if Hulu rescues the show, we will still have the issue of people not having paid access to Girl Meets World. I empathize with that. But that issue is going to persist in some form or another no matter where the show potentially goes. Luckily, it’s 2017 and there is always a way to watch a TV show as long as said TV show continues to exist. Also? I have no doubt that Hulu wants to expand more in terms of international service eventually. Again, I empathize with and understand that there are people who truly cannot afford or simply just plain don’t have a regional access to Hulu. But the Hulu door is still open. The Netflix one isn’t.

Like I said the other day, sometimes Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter shows up when Superman doesn’t.

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Wait, so what was your first impressions of Anti and Dark? What were your first meetings like?

🔥 They both intimidated me at first. They still do, considering they’re both stronger than me. But I’m not genuinely afraid of them anymore. They’ve warmed up to me now, I hope think. 🔥

yesterday i remembered again how lucky i am to have supportive parents: i’ve been making stories even before i was able to write. at the time my mum wrote them down for me. my sister has been drawing since she was able to hold a pen and is now a graphic designer with a blooming business. not once have either of our parents gone “you’ll never amount to anything just by scribbling/doodling”. it has always been self evident that i will be a writer and my sister an artist and mum and dad have supported us in every way. they let my sister go to high school 600km away when she was 16!

for me, writing is a dream but I also studied to do something else to keep myself in bread and butter. i’ve been unemployed for a while now and yesterday mum asked me “darling, do you still write at all?” my mum considers my writing to be something i could actually try and get a living from. i know that not everyone has parents who think arts are a waste of time and never encourage their children in their chosen professions, but i know i am still incredibly lucky to have parents who have never even considered the option that i wouldn’t be a writer or my sister an artist. they know that’s what we have wanted to be since we were little and that’s enough reason for them to believe in us and support us.

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I'm a Hufflepuff and I have really bad issues with staying committed to my romantic partners. Not that I cheat on them or anything, it's just that I become disinterested quickly and have never really had a very long relationship because of it. I was wondering if I'm still a Hufflepuff because of this? I don't know if it's a lack of loyalty or something, because I'm very loyal to my close friends. Just not my significant others. I hope there's some insight you can give me on this! Thank you <3

First of all, of course you are still Hufflepuff.

Second of all, have you considered that you may be polyamorous or aromantic? I can’t speak for aromanticism, but that sounds a lot like how I felt before I learned about polyamory.

Just something to think about~

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Laundry Day

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It’s an odd sound, Dean thinks, which is possibly why it caught his attention. Somewhere between a gasp of surprise and a moan of pleasure, which okay, Dean considers, might just be his overactive imagination listening out for things rather than his own ears considering where he’s standing, but still. That’s what it sounds like, and as he takes a step closer to Cas’ bedroom door, it’s not wishful thinking that brings the sound floating out to him for a second time.

Stopped in his tracks with an armful of laundry destined for Cas’ room, so, you know. It’s not like he’s lurking, or listening because he’s there uninvited or anything. He just happened to be walking down the hallway when he heard-

Dean sucks in a whistled breath and stands a little straighter, hearing the sound yet again, definitely convinced this time that whatever Cas is doing behind that ajar door Dean needs to remind him about keeping closed when he’s doing things like that, it’s much further along the scale to pleasure than it is to pain. Dean swallows rapidly, his mind already drawing the one and only conclusion its one-tracked self can come to when it involves Cas.

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i just want to clarify - when i talk about “good taz fic,” i’m talking about good in content, rather than writing skill. i will give a kudos to any fic that tries its best! someone who really sincerely wanted to put something good out in the world. who cares if it was a little clumsily written - i still enjoyed it.

i will prefer any well-meaning fic written by an inexperienced writer over r@pe kink any day. i am grateful for any fic that doesn’t turn my stomach or make me grimace.

(also, if you’re ever nervous - i am totally totally open to betaing or looking over anything by anyone!!! i think i have a pretty sharp eye… but please don’t be nervous!! i am happy to help out. i once wrote kind of clumsily too - i’m still in awe that people seem to consider me good at it, and there really isn’t any need to be intimidated or awed by me… please don’t… i am just a 19yo lesbian who plays dnd poorly on the weekends.)

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Maybe because Gracie made such a point about she should still go to Worlds? Just guessing.

@myfriendamy​ replied to your photo “(source) Reactions to this tweet included: “Are you serious right…”

yeah ia with ama…it’s bc Gracie made a petition or point about going

I can see the point you two are making, but it is still unacceptable to me, considering they could have easily written

with characters left to spare.

Negan x Reader ( The arrival at Sanctuary)

word count - 985 location - The Sanctuary Summary - You are taken to the sanctuary with Daryl,Negan has seem to take a liking to you.You try to deny the feeling you have for Negan as growing,You share a kiss yet an unexpected person sees you too read to find out. ❝ Well she got bigger balls then any of you bunch of pussies! What your name Doll face? ❞ Negan shouted adoring the fact that what you had permitted was in a way a basic beg for death.Stroking your crimson cheek he smirked waiting impatiently for the answer. ❝ Y/N…Please just don’t hurt my people.. ❞Your words wore a bare whisper of empty timid begs watching the blood soaked bat being shown in front of your petrified face still caked in the blood of people you considered family. ❝YYYY/NNN beautiful name for a beautiful peach… Scratch that drop dead  gorgeous!D take Daryl back into car!❞ without hesitation the man grabbed Daryl with help throwing him back harshly like a animal into the dark black car.Nudging you Negan grinned as he pulled your back as you sat down on the pale bleak seats resting your head on the solid table before shouting ❝ and now I hope you all get it❞ ❝ Your gonna love it here darling well my bad you have to cause you have no other choice thanks to Rick The dick! ❞ Negan smirked chuckling at his little joke as you swung Lucille softly as flashing images of that night sprung to your mind breaking your already lashed out brain. all that blood tears sweat to think we wore going to finally have the life we humbled to and have it ripped apart by a object of afflicting pain which discusted you to the point your head was in deep disturbing imagining of the parts of the crimson canvas that Abraham and Glenn made.❝ You keep thinking that Negan… But I will never for Abraham for Glenn… I wont❞ You spat out standing your eyes empty of emotion swirling in a calm sea of a sinking ship glaring at the so called Savoir as hate strangled your whole body making you grip Lucille you had lost before it had begun. All you could think was the sweet memories the ones that hurt that tore you apart like a decaying prey for once you understood the brainless dead the walkers It was paradise to not care about what pained just walk till you end up permanently dead. ❝ You can deny it.You can say that but I don’t believe you Y/N your just like me❞  Negan spoke mocking you as he turned around closing in not breaking eye contact challenging you to make a choice that all you had left choices. His eyes swirled with a lethal desire a desire that you didn’t want to identify as before you knew it he had took Lucille carefully putting her on the floor as he smirked grabbing your wrist feeling the aching pain of the hold he had as your back hit the cold steel neck walls making you mean in pain his scent  radiated a sweet scent of metallic blood and cologne as you felt yourself losing it slowly.Not reacting giving him anything as his hands caressed each side of your cheek making you look at him.Slowly claiming your peachy lips to his like a predator marking his property swallowing you in as your eyes closed not intact with the world could you dare kiss him back the man that took you away from home from Alexandria from your family. ❝ Well lookey lookey what we have here sorry to disturb Negan❞ @negansmutweek @negans-network

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What happened regarding OtaYuri? I don't habe an account therefore i can't just scroll through tumblr, and im not as updated.

Basically, some people started shipping OtaYuri and that caused an outrage since Yuri is still underaged, so that would be considered ‘pedophilia’. But the shippers don’t give a single shit about it and that made the one against it even more mad. So they started bashing the shippers with ‘facts’ and hijacked posts with it, saying that it’s disgusting and not natural and that Yuri shouldn’t be shipped with anyone, except the underage characters because it’s illegal and so on and so on. Idk if this is 100% true, though, since I stayed out of it as much as possible.

Tl;dr  some people didn’t like OtaYuri and wanted the whole fandom to abandon ship.

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They're... Attacking a 12 year old who just lost her mother a little over a month ago. Do people have no boundaries. Do they think if louis saw what they were doing he'd still love them? He'd still consider them fans for harassing his family?

They’re fapping on tumblr that louis posted a picture they are convinced harry took because he sees them figure these things out, but he doesn’t care that Daisy might have just undermined his relationship and is getting hate on a project she says her mum was proud to see her do?

What are louis’ priorities here, to larries? Larries, Harry, or his young siblings?

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Oi your YouTube story thing is great, but like why can't I help them and make them feel better only to then CRUSH THEIR DREAMS AND KILL THEM, like you can be rude and kill but you can't be nice and then kill. I guess it's a bit too late to change it was just an idea. It's still amazing and I WILL watch every single one.

I considered it, but i calculated how many videos total i need to make for the series already, and it came out to 275. if i had done that, it would’ve made it at least another baker’s dozen. it would be more maddening than it already is lol

i used to very very much and still somewhat consider dominatrix a very likely career path for me. Id probably be really good at it when it comes to the humiliation aspect cus im big and mean. i wouldn’t get anything out of it of course don’t think im some kind of freak im just not meant for a traditional career and I consider all sorts of shit like this. just admitting things like this on my thousands of followers tumblr when im bored in study hall lol

there’s this post in the tags of the caroline/bonnie scene where caroline points out that the bonnie she knows would never want to be a vampire

which is completely and utterly true

and it’s still true

i honestly believe bonnie didn’t even consider that enzo may have wanted her to turn (which by the way was not the purpose of the vial at least consciously) until caroline brought it up. that’s why she gives this little face before they’re interrupted - she’s like wait a minute i haven’t actually considered this

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Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

Does anyone else remember the time before hoo came out where there was this almost fandom-wide head canon that Nico, Thalia, and Percy developed this cousin/family bond after the war and like a lot of fan fiction had them as a power team with a sibling bond and I don’t know why but I really liked those