is it stardust day on tumblr

1. Wake up early and make a list for the day. You have so much you want to accomplish and you tend to shoot towards the stars only to forget which one you wanted and fall back down with only stardust to show for it.
2. Go for a run at night. I know you have a special relationship with the dark, you hate how it stops you from seeing what’s in front of you, but then again it’s the thrill of unknown that makes you pick up your stride and push harder.

3. Pick up a book. Finish it. I know it’s hard, the characters are always doing so much more than you and that makes you restless, you want to experience life like them. You crave experiences. But finishing anything is an experience in itself too.

4. Clean your goddamn room. Right now. We both know clarity is something you have been lacking lately. Take a day to organize all the thoughts that burst and streak like July fireworks in your head into sticks of dynamite you can use to set the world ablaze. Folding a couple pairs of socks wouldn’t hurt either.

5. Lastly and most importantly, love yourself; no one else is going to do it as hard as you do.

—  Tayo Omisore

my nights swelled with the familiar echo of your voice,
the voice that almost felt like forever,
and your days scattered with my poetry about you
that almost absorbed my synapses
/ we almost had it right

but when love leaves,
ask her to leave the door open behind her so you might feel whole again soon.
ask her to leave the curtain pulled back.
sleep with the stars highlighting their stardust on your cheekbones,
wake with the sun against your eyelids
/ because sleeping in total darkness reminds you of her.

when you begin to pack your things,
keep the hangers on your t-shirts so that your clothes might hold shape,
so that something might keep your shoulders
from almost sinking into your body.
separate your things like you’re placing your life into a suitcase of independence,
not like you’re almost leaving her behind for forever.

when it’s time for you to leave,
remember to eat,
remember to breathe
remember to leave the bed where you fell into her every. single. night.
remember that her voice filled this space
and the familiar echo would tear open your insides if you stayed
and remind you that forever is relative
don’t remember that poetry about her 
still almost absorbs your synapses

we almost had it

—  almost // l.j.e. 

Dear future lover,

I must ask you to be patient. There are cracks running through my bones and my throat often seizes up when I try to speak. Sometimes I will be distant and avoid meeting your eyes, sometimes I disappear for days but if you wait long enough you’ll be able to catch the stardust that pours out between my fingers because really I am infinite and there is a myriad of universe within me. It’s just that no one’s taken the time to dust me off yet.

She’s the ocean breeze,
Cool lemonade on a
Hot hot hot summer day
Who taught me curves are beautiful
And silence can also scream love.

She’s strong coffee,
Ambition and freedom.
Without cream or sugar,
She shows me that we live in no place
And we need no one.

She’s ripped open and
Stuffed with sunshine,
Lace and curiosity,
You feel bigger, better, more
Just being in her periphery.

Fairy lights and stardust,
She’s that, along with thunder
And the lightning just before the storm.
She’s the space you need
To learn how to love.

She’s the paint and pen,
The overalls and winged liner,
So sharp it cuts you deep
And gets under your skin.

But him.
He’s the dark side of the moon,
The black ink stain
That writes away the love and bliss

—  a penny for my thoughts

She runs her hand through her light brown tresses and scrunches her eyes up, “What the fuck is it about you?”

“It’s like,” she gasps, “you’re that break in the clouds, you know? That little gap that lets through the tiniest crack of sunshine and somehow lightens your whole day. You’re this breath of fresh air but you’re also the wind when it blows so hard you can’t breathe. You make me smile just by leaning that little bit closer and your eyes…” she ducks her head as her cheeks flush. “Your eyes seem to make gravity fail and suddenly I’m hanging upside down and all the blood is rushing to my head and I can’t think straight but then, those eyes also ground me when I feel my world tumbling around me like an avalanche.”

“And I tried so hard,” she grits her teeth and bangs her clenched fists against her hips, “to distance myself. Because I’m not your glimpse of sunshine or your fresh air and I don’t take your breath away or make you feel like you’re free falling.”

“But trying to let go is like trying to pry stone fingers from cement and you may not be my world but you are certainly my gravity field and I don’t even feature in your galaxy and I still,” her breath quickens and her voice drops to a whisper, “I still can’t let go.”

—  Your eyes are my constellations but I’m not even a speck of stardust in yours, 04/08/2015
Have you ever
thought about
how every day
we are dying,
slowly disintegrating into nothing
after all we are but dust
collected into atoms
that combine to become
a body of thousands
but yet only one
we are a universe unto ourselves,
infinitely expanding and collapsing
as our little lives
made of stardust
(we are such stuff that
dreams are made of, wishes
forgotten and remembered
and love lost and won)
become stars and
like everything die
they supernova into
an explosion of colour
that we can’t even see
if it happens but
we do not see or even notice
did it really happen
or was it just an illusion,
sleight of the hand
that holds
so gently
a universe of stars
known as us
and we die
slowly, not from ourselves
supernovae in a great
explosion a grand last act
but of a thousand little things that break us
every day,
our tiny atoms fading
our stars
growing dim
until we are left as
the gloaming, the almost black
as the smallest thing
so delicate
one touch and we disintegrate, slowly
dying every day
bleeding out our souls
till we’re an empty husk
after all
we are but dust
—  cityskylinesofimaginaryplaces, part one of two, ‘Pulvus et Umbra Sumus’

One day I’ll be the girl of stardust and twinkling city lights
I’ll lie down in bed and find warm embrace all nights
It won’t be perfect but sadness will no longer be a part of me
The clock’s ticking won’t hurt in what could be

One day I’ll be the girl of peace and summer carelessness
I’ll be drowning in happiness that won’t feel like an endless guess
I won’t slip on disappointment, fall on the wrong street
And I hope that somewhere in the middle, you and I will meet

—  t.j. // One day
We were stars at the edges of our two galaxies, just about to collide, but passed by each other never touching, just feeling the stardust in each others wake.
—  We Almost Collided. Almost. | Nikita Gill
The first time a star exploded inside my lungs,
the dust burst through my throat
coincidentally serving as an excuse to
push people away.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
But, how do I explain that the force within me puts this theory to shame.
There are days when I interfere with the
balance of the universe
and the cosmos roar back.
Those are the days I feel most powerful.
Remembering that I am a force to be reckoned within becomes quite impossible when
the sun often shines brighter than the stars
and my breath is made of stardust.
But, when it is 1:44 am and I look out my window
to see the moon, I know the glisten in my eye contains moonbeams and that there is stardust in my bloodstream.
I remember the role I play in the universe.
I belong.
—  Lindsay Brooke “On Putting the Universe Out of Balance”

I’m in love with you.
And you don’t even exist.

I still remember the day I made you up;
a tear-strung afternoon in a dusty attic,
my lips still bruising, still rimmed with
stardust from all your ghost kisses, we
could be a universe of our very own,
I will drown myself in your stars,
a castle of clouds; the rainstorms in
your heavy ocean eyes, darling
we could be the horizon,
darling love songs are so cliché,
let’s become mythology,
they’ll write us into their history books,
and if it ends in blood, atleast
we know ours runs the same,
upstream and fervid.

Sometimes I think I see you,
sitting on a crescent moon with your
fishing pole, and your sugar icing smile.

I’m going to meet you someday,
between waves,
on the foothills of hills green as emeralds,
through a coffee shop window.

I’m in love with you.
And you don’t even exist (yet).

—  He’s Here Somewhere
One day, one rhyme- Day 446

Away across the galaxy
Is where I’m gonna go,
Make a pit stop on Saturn’s rings
And turn left at Pluto.
You will not see me through a ‘scope
I’ll have gone much to far
But do not worry I’ll get lost,
I’ve got Apple MapStar.
I will dance through paths of stardust
From which all things are made,
I’ll never tire of twinkling lights
My glee won’t ever fade.
I will grow fond of the darkness
Because it shows the light,
And if you’re ever out this way
Then catch up, we just might!