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Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: *sighs sadly* My partner broke up with me... Now I have nobody...
  • Person B: *slides in*
  • Person A: I'll never find someone else...
  • Person B: Greetings, friend. It is I.
  • Person A: I'll forever be alone...
Rival couples be like

Person A: We are engaged…

Me: *screams internally*

Person B:…in healthy competition.

Also me: *I could kill a man now*

Imagine a soul mate au where the first words your soulmate says to you is on your wrist and on person A’s wrist it says ”When push comes to shove I will kill your friends and family”. They’re freaking about it because they don’t want their family to die. So person A dreads ever meeting their soulmate. Person A goes to a karaoke bar and person B is on stage singing You’ll be back and looks right at person A when singing “When push comes to shove I will kill your friends and family”. Right at the moment everything seems makes sense to person A

About Spanish surnames

I haven’t been on this fandom for a long time but I noticed something that as a Spanish Hetalian really bothers me: the fact that people remove Spain’s first surname when using his human name.

In Spain (I would say in every Spanish speaking country, but I’m not sure if this happens in all of them) we have two surnames. The first one is your father’s surname and the second is your mother’s. This is really cool in my opinion because that way you keep both of your parents surnames. Also, women don’t have to change their surname when they get married.

For example: let’s suppose there’s a couple in which the husband is called Mateo Sánchez Romero and the bride is Marta Pérez López. They have a daughter called Isabel. Her full name would be Isabel Sánchez Pérez. When she’s older she marries a guy called Alberto Ramírez González. Her surnames would still be Sánchez Pérez and if they have kids their surnames would be Ramírez Sánchez.

So, every time you wanna use Spain’s human name you have to use either just the first surname or both of them. You should say “Antonio Fernández” or “Antonio Fernández Carriedo” NOT “Antonio Carriedo”. You should also say “Mister Fernández” or “Mister Fernández Carriedo” but NOT “Mister Carriedo” (it’s better if you use both surnames anyways).

I hope this has helped people to know a bit more about Spanish culture. You may continue on scrolling through your dashboard and do safe fangirling.

Different Hetalia Couples Coming Out Part 2

Gerame: Caught sucking face during Oktoberfest on international television. It’s on Youtube now.

Giripan: Cat hair. Everywhere. On every article of Japan’s clothing. On every piece of his furniture. In his food. In his briefcase, somehow. The other European nations know what that means and stare judgmentally.

Caname: Overnight their conference chairs are replaced by fucking thrones. What? No I didn’t, it could have been anyone Mattie! Well maybe someone finally recognized how amazing we are– no don’t sit there yours is the one on the left.

SpUk: Well there’s a shitton of rum involved I can fuckin tell you that much.

Rusame: Alfred just sits his star-spangled ass down on Ivan’s lap one day and the Russian is COMPLETELY fine with it, and they stay like that the whole meeting and every other nation is either having a panic attack or tries to attack one of them.

SuFin: There comes a day when Berwald begins to call Tino his boyfriend instead of his wife.