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Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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The recent donation trend

I’m only going to say this once: asking for money to fund travel or study from strangers on a website largely used by underage teens with no sustainable income is immoral and wrong. I don’t care if you feel you are providing some kind of service. If you want remuneration then set up a website business. 

I am seeing more and more tumblr users abusing their follower count for financial gain. There are legitimate ways to make money on social media through ad revenue and sponsorship, or you can tutor if you feel you can provide education services. Do not guilt trip your followers into donating money they don’t even know will go towards what you claim it goes towards.

Also the fact that some people are happy to donate does not legitimise this. If some donate, others may feel guilty and spend money they do not have. This is different from asking your friends on facebook for donations because your followers do not know you personally and are not able to hold you accountable for your actions in person.

Think about the consequences of your actions.

Tumblr trends I missed:

when did using commas instead of periods become a thing? now everyone uses them to not end sentences,,, , and as ellipses,,,, if you’re really cool you add a space like ,,, , , like some kind of shitpost morsecode ,,, , ,,, ,,

Greetings, everyone. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m here tonight to present you with a short guide to Tumblr for witches who may be interested in starting a blog here. 

This post is obviously geared towards witches wandering the internet, but maybe some who are already here on Tumblr will enjoy it, too. I’ll be talking about the benefits to joining the Tumblr witch community, as well as some tips for getting started! Here we go!

What’s a “Tumblr witch?”

There’ve been culture-related magazines that have done huge articles on “Tumblr witches” and the witchcraft community on Tumblr, painting the whole thing as some kind of fashion trend or weird millennial hangout. 

I’ve been involved with the Tumblr witch community for three years, and I can say that most of these articles don’t quite reflect what the witchcraft community on Tumblr is like. 

A lot of them tend to paint it as an ideologically, culturally, and aesthetically monolithic trend, when in reality, it’s not. While it’s true that many Tumblr-going witches enjoy similar things or share fashion trends, witchcraft itself is not a trend, nor a fashion statement, nor is it the sole focus of the community.

In reality, a “Tumblr witch” is just what the name implies. A “Tumblr witch” is a witch who uses Tumblr as a blogging platform/CMS. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s true that there’s a large community of us, but we’re quite diverse

While many of us are young (millennials), not all of us as (I’m not), nor are we all of the same religion or mindset. You might even say that “Tumblr Witch” isn’t even a useful term, at all! Still, Tumblr is a great content management system for witches.

I think what makes Tumblr strong as a blogging platform for witches is that there’s an extremely diverse community here already in existence. So, in short, don’t buy into too much nonsense about what a “Tumblr witch” does or believes, because everyone’s unique. 

Again, the only real way I can see to define a “Tumblr witch” is just “a witch who uses Tumblr.” It’s as simple as that! It’s definitely not some kind of tradition or mindset for witches - it’s just a matter of what blogging platform the witch uses.

Continue reading for information about why you should consider Tumblr as a blogging platform, tips for using the interface, and more! Tagging @witchypixie by request. :-D

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social media

before they meet:

- because the ice skating social circle isn’t overly large, they follow each other
- guang-hong posts cute things, very avid fan of filters and such
- leo posts covers of himself singing, sometimes.
- both have stopped scrolling at some points just to smile like “oh it’s that guy he posted something cool again”
- likewise, they know each other’s skating styles from over the internet, and when guang-hong first meets leo, he’s kind of awestruck because holy crap it’s that guy who choreographs his own programs

after they become friends:

- social media becomes kind of a lifesaver, since they’re so long distance
- they skype each other at weird hours and message each other constantly
- they’re often tagged in each other’s stuff, sometimes in reference to inside jokes that go completely over everyone else’s stuff
- for some reason, leo starts blushing over guang-hong’s selfies. huh. maybe he’s coming down with a cold.
- leo is marginally devastated when guang-hong actually deletes his sns

after they start a relationship:

- #leoji trends on twitter and tumblr for a couple of hours
- they. are constantly compared with victuuri
- fans often comment on their posts with how cute they are
- they never post outrageously pda-ish things, but there are just, you know. photos of leo’s arm around gh. of them getting coffee together. of guang-hong wearing a suspiciously large sweater while eating jianbing.

My rant: shoplifters community

I have seen a disturbing trend on Tumblr of people using shoplifting as some kind of culture or community then their followers telling them what an amazing job they are doing. 

Lets just get this straight, its not if you get caught its when. Its not cool, its stupid. I wouldn’t be so disgusted by this if the things they were stealing were things to keep them going like food for their family or sanitary products but its high end make up and those heels they want. 

You can’t afford it? Tough. The sooner you realise that life is unfair and you wont have allot of money to get things that your mates get then the easier your life will be. I personally think its selfish and tacky. Supporting and aiding other young people to go down your criminal path and mess their lives up as well is very low. 

I save for the things I need, I could not afford to by clothes so I learnt how to make them. Never once did I think of stealing, I would never be able to wear it or use it with a clear conscience. If your willing to shop lift how low are you willing to sink yourself because you threw your toys out of your pram cos you did not get what you wanted. 

If expensive make up is that important to you then you need to look at your life and think about the person you really want to be and the person you want to be remembered for. 

anonymous asked:

Do you miss the time when Homestuck was alive? And if you do, would you want it to come back?

do you mean when it still updated? sure yes, I always got really hyped for the new updates. it was like the real ‘never ending story’ for me. and if you mean the fandom that has been declared dead by many. not really, I guess. sure it was awesome going to cons and just knowing that there would always be a big meetup or having the homestuck tag on tumblr filled with a gazillion posts each day. that’s what I do miss. but I go by the quote: if you love something, don’t let anyone’s opinion make you love it any less. in this case, I don’t care if everyone else stops loving it. if I still enjoy it then I don’t care if I have to enjoy it on my own. I don’t feel obligated to leave the fandom bc it’s finished now. I feel many people do feel obligated tho, as if it’s weird to like it now that it’s over. that’s kind of a shitty mindset tbh. like making people feel bad for liking it by posting texts like ‘just saw a homestuck cosplayer in the year of our lord 2017 omg why′. I know it’s mostly sarcastic and ‘tumblr humor’ but these jokes come with a hint of honesty, so some people actually do think like this. which is ridiculous bc really? do I have to stop cosplaying something bc the series now ended? this reminds me of the nonsense that fashion trends are. do I have to stop wearing this clothing item just bc everyone else stopped wearing it? so over-dramatically speaking, I don’t mind being the last homestuck. I’ll continue cosplaying it as long as I enjoy it and that’s it. my love for a series isn’t influenced by its audience or popularity.

All My Idols Ch 31: Let’s Do It

“Is what I’m hearing true?” Seunghyun tumbles into the small dressing room the staff provided for me. I jump, wrapping my arms around my torso to cover myself from who ever busted into my room. Once I realize who it is I let out a breath of relief, letting my arms drop revealing my lacy black bra to the man but I don’t care and neither does he. Seunghyun, being one of the few people I know doesn’t have any sort of romantic interest in me, is allowed to see more than the others.

I sigh, “No I am not doing a stage with JYP, Ikon yes, and let me just repeat, JYP no.” The minute I accepted Ikon’s proposal to preform with them the news spread like wild fire. JYP heard and automatically called me and asked if I will be joining him in his stage as well, I shut that down faster than I’ve ever done anything. He’s is a nice guy but a perv.

“Thank God,” TOP sits down on the love seat not far from where I sit at the make up table. “I thought I was going to have to hide you or something. That man is nuts.”

I chuckle, pulling on a white t-shirt I plop down next to him, resting my head on his shoulder, “Good to know I’m not the only person who thinks so.”

He wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me closer, “How are you feeling? We haven’t been able to talk since last night.”

“I’m still a little mad,” I admit. “I want to forgive him and go on but how can I just ignore something like that?”

“I’m not trying to make excuses for him at all but you need to remember is that Seungri is basically a child. He feels as if any new person in your never ending group of friends is going to steal you away from us and be your new favorite.”

“But he went and talked to someone else first.”

“Because he wanted to make you jealous.”


He sighs, glancing towards the door as if Seungri is eavesdropping on the other side and is going to bust in, which has happened. “He started talking to that girl because he wanted to make you jealous, but since he’s an idiot he didn’t think you would find someone else to take your attention, you got distracted and he got mad.”

I face palm, “He is such an idiot.”

“I know, I know but he is our idiot.”

“Did he really think I would get jealous?”

“That boy hopes and prays that you will feel anything towards him. You can say horrible things to him, you can be violent towards him, he can take a lot but there is one thing he can not do. He can’t handle life when you ignore him.”

I sigh, “I know that, but Oppa I was just so mad, I had to get back at him a little bit and ignoring him this morning seemed like the easiest.”

“It’s a fair punishment but please don’t keep it up for long, I think maybe twelve hours is the maximum amount he can go without you without having some kind of melt down.” He strokes my head affectionately, resting his  head on my own.

“Okay, I’ll talk to him after the show.”

He kisses my cheek, “Perfect, also…”

“I will perform with you guys next time, I promise.”

“Great, I already said you were anyway, the fans some how got a hold of the fact you were preforming with Ikon and got offended on our behalf. So I just annoyed that we are doing a stage together so they don’t need to worry.” He gives me a cheeky grin as he pulls out his phone. “Look! It is already trending on tumblr!”


“It’s going to be great! I have to go change, I’ll meet you out there okay?” He doesn’t even wait for my response before jumping off the couch and rushing out the door.

I chuckle as I run my hands through my hair, my life is such delightful chaos.

“Ready?” Jinhwan knocks on the doorway, smiling softly at me.

“Lets do this before I convince myself I’m an idiot for thinking I can preform on the same stage as actual idols.”

“You are going to do great, okay? Half of it is just the look, speaking of which,” He pulls a black leather jacket from behind his back, holding it up I can see that something is written on the back. He turns it around revealing Princess scrawled across the back. “What do you think?”

I can help but grin, “It’s so cute! How did you guys find this on such short notice?”

“We got in in Japan and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to give it to you.”

I jump the small man, nearly taking him to the ground if not for Junhoe appearing behind him, “Woah there Noona.”

“Thank you guys so much for the jacket!” I beam up at them.

“You are welcome, now we should get going before we miss our queue!” Junhoe takes my hand, I grab Jinhwan’s, and drags us down the many halls to the main stage area. Just as we reach the stage I’m tackled by a cute young man.


“Kookie!” I giggle at the silly maknae, regardless of the glares we are currently getting.

“Not now kid,” Jinhwan tries to pull the giant boy away but fails.

“We are having our time with her,” Junhoe joins in on the fight and manages to get Jungkook away.

“Kookie you can’t just do that,” Namjoon appears, scolding the boy.

Jin appears above me and offers me a hand that I happily accept, “Sorry Charlie.”

I shrug once I’m on my feet, “I’m so used to being tackled now it doesn’t even come as a surprise anymore.”

“That’s concerning,” Jin fixes my hair and straightens my jacket.

“That’s new,” Yoongi notes as he gives me a nice side hug.

“Ikon got it for me,” I grin once again as I stare down at the jacket.

“I thought we weren’t allowed to get you presents,” Jimin pouts as he joins our growing group. I hug each member as they appear.

“You aren’t,” I deadpan. “I’m allowing them this time because I’m going to destroy their reputation tonight by making a fool of myself on stage.”

“That reminds me,” Hobi appears next to me, pushing Junhoe out of the way, “Shouldn’t your birthday be coming up?”

I tense.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Jinhwan snickers, “That’s right, Big Bang took you out of town about this time last year so no one else could spoil you.”

“Are you going to have a party this year? Pretty please!” V and Hobi beg.

“I will see,” I deadpan. “I don’t want to make it a big deal so if any of you tell anyone about my birthday I will find you and I will kill you, got it?”

They nod.

“Good! Now lets go out there so I can make a fool of myself.”

“Any chance you want to preform with us?” Jimin offers with an almost irresistible smile.

“Hahaha, you are hilarious. I’ve practiced with these guys a few times which is the only reason I’m agreeing to this. There is no way I could preform Not Today. Blood, Sweat, and Tears, maybe if I tried hard enough.”

“Come practice with us some time! We can teach you each step so we can preform together!” Hobi beams at me.

“I think a few people are in line a head of you now,” Hanbin informs as he comes in. “Big bang is next, a few others have taken a number so you are probably number 5 at least.”

“You guys need to stop telling people I’ll preform with them! As much as I would enjoy messing around I don’t want to make a big mess on stage.”

“We can talk about your future performances after your first one, okay?” Donghyuk offers.

“Okay, lets go.”

“You are going to do great,” BTS cheers for me.

I shake the tension out of my shoulders before following Ikon on stage. We get into our places in the dark before the lights start flashing and the music starts. We start moving, pumping our fists and doing exaggerated hip thrusts. They toss me the mic as they did before I’m so absorbed in the fun I go along with all of it like before and deep down pray that I’m doing as good as I think I am. The fans are screaming so I can’t be doing that bad right? In the idols section I notice that almost everyone is standing, clapping their hands and dancing to the music along with us. It’s honestly one of the most thrilling moments of my life.

When the song is over I feel a little sad but it only last for a moment before Rhythm Ta starts playing. I look over at Hanbin confused but he and the others just quickly move to their spots, I follow on their heels to get in my own. Yet again I go through the motions and join in randomly during the song, ignoring the fact that I shouldn’t be allowed to join in with the actual vocals. It’s over just as quickly as the last song, the lights go to another side stage allowing us to slip off without much notice. The minute we are off stage I’m bombarded by Seventeen who look like they’ve never been so excited in their lives.

“Noona that was so cool!” They all yell together like they practiced.

“Thanks guys but don’t you have to preform soon?”

Hoshi completely ignores the question, “When did you learn to dance? You should come dance with us!”

“Next time I come and visit okay?” I offer.

“Yes! What song do you want to learn or should I just teach you a little of each?”

“Why do you get to teach her?” Chan whines.

“Because I’m the leader of the dance unit!”

“Well you guys figure this out I have to check in with someone, I’ll text you guys later okay?” I give them a quick smile before rushing off to find a certain someone I was planning on avoiding a bit longer but decide I’ve tortured him enough.

I peak into their dressing room to discover it’s mostly empty except for some bum blond lying on the couch. I sigh as I walk in and flop myself on top of him. He jumps, “What the hell?”

“Is that how you greet someone who is trying to forgive you?” I tease snuggling into his side.

Realization creeps in and his arm wraps around my waist, holding me closer, “I’m sorry.”

“I know, I forgive you.”

“You shouldn’t, I was a real ass.”

“Again, I know but I don’t think you really meant it. You aren’t capable of such mean things.”

He kisses the top of my head, “How in the world can you be so amazing?”

“I would never describe myself as such but if I have to give a reason it’s because I have such amazing friends they are starting to rub off on me.”

“I have to go preform,” He groans glancing at the clock.

“It’ll be fun.”

“It would be better with you.”

I scoff, “I did my performance already, it’s my turn to go sit in the crowd and cheer.”

“You promise to cheer really loud for us?”

“Of course!”

So much fluff I don’t even know what to do with myself, I know this is short but I hope you all enjoy!

Just started episode 1 of 13 reasons why and what kind of suicidal glamorization bullshit?

yay kudos for a scavenger hunt on why you killed yourself , you are so original

and they say originality is dead… oh I get it ha cuz you died?

please don’t make this some new trend, it doesn’t make you more interesting.

What is this trend with wanting to make all media perfect and sunny and non-problematic like…don’t you get bored?

Also not keen on the whole new tumblr thing of implying that anyone who enjoys media that’s NOT perfect and happy and sunny is just trying to be dark and edgy or is some kind of closet sadist.

mmm……….. .

the way this website sees mental illness is honestly so unhealthy?? like it seems as if everyone Wants to be dealing w a mental illness cuz of posts made by people dealing w mental illness to make light of it as a coping mechanism but the way this site works is like a bandwagon mentality and everyone just jumps on the trend and now it’s like. mental illness is trending??? these posts abt not wanting to get out of bed all day and dissociating and ur brain saying “i want to die” all have thousands of notes and like? like there’s a difference between common life symptoms and actual symptoms of mental illness? i think alot of people are uninformed abt what certain terms actually mean and think by a general description they saw in a tumblr post that it applies to them? those posts that talk abt a particular behaviour and someone adds a comment like “btw this is a symptom of depression/anxiety/bpd/etc” and it gets a thousand notes of ppl like oh shit now i have this like. a tumblr post is not enough information to figure out if u are dealing w a mental illness. the point is why is mental illness becoming some kind of weird exclusive club to be a part of on this website? it’s nice to have alot of discussion my mental illness on this website cuz it makes me nd alot of other ppl feel less alone of course but the whole mentality of it becoming some kind of trend to jump on is actually kind of gross but that’s just my opinion

finclegirlsx  asked:

do you think a goddess of fashion as a new god oc for american gods could work? what other kinds of new gods do you want to see?

Random // Always Accepting.

              ooc: publishing this publicly bc idk I love OCs and New Gods and I’m currently making one???I think when it comes to Gods they can be made/related to one another such as Media ( Fame/TV. ) and Tech Boy ( All Things Tech / Internet. ) So, go wild with ideas. Digital Communication could be one ( twitter, tumblr, facebook.), Phones, Trends, Photography.  Some CANON New Gods are Credit Cards, Automobiles, radio, phones.  As someone who thought of doing Fashion I say go for it! If I could suggest making her flashy, and kinda like over the top because Fashion Statements pretty much always are, I also have a list of FC suggestions if you decide to do it / if you need help???  I think it’s important to know not all New Gods are the same, and not all New Gods are different. If your god is somethin’ like Fashion VERY LOOSELY base them a little off Media because Media is part Fame, people draw their fashion from famous people?? ( like a little sister or something. ) ask some friends what they think a personified Fashion would be like, look up dresses / fashion and look at details in dresses, think of a type of fashion you want to base her off of, look up sketches of dresses from fashion designers, look in your own closet? idk, just remember you aren’t doing it for anyone else, that you are doing it for FUN, and if it isn’t fun it isn’t worth it. I am pretty much the worst at giving advice. Idk if this answered your question be here it is.

We freaks need to stop addressing “you freaks”

I tend to ramble (thanks academia) but I’ll try to keep this brief. (I’ve also bolded some key points and added a tl;dr.)

So I’ve noticed a trend lately where there are several posts going around directed at Tumblr users in general, usually calling out some kind of oppressive behaviour, which address the readers collectively as “you freaks”.

I understand that normally, these posts are made in a context where the writer is directly affected by the oppression being called out, and I would be the last person to say that the points these writers raise are invalid simply because they were not “polite” in their wording; a lot of the substance of their criticisms is often totally valid and insightful.

I further recognise that these posts are at times not even about engaging in “dialogue” with one’s oppressors, but about vilifying oppressive behaviours; in a sense, these posts aren’t even targeted at the oppressors being addressed, but at a broader community who will hopefully come to acknowledge and reject these oppressors’ harmful behaviours.

But in spite of all this, I feel like we as a community should not be using “freaks” as a term to demonise oppressors.

“Freaks” has a complex history of being used in ableist, racist, colonial, heterosexist, and cissexist ways. (And that’s really just off the top of my head. It was probably used to perpetuate a variety of other systems of oppression, both as intersections with the ones listed and in isolation!)

Calling out oppressive acts is important. Being angry when being oppressed, and expressing that anger, is important; more important than the comfort of those who perpetuated those oppressions. Publically opposing and demonising oppression is important. But while we do these important things, it’s also important that we don’t reproduce other oppressive norms and standards.

(As an aside, I also recognise that there are efforts to reclaim the word “freak”. This is great and this post is not intended to oppose that! What I’m challenging is the trend of using freaks as a patently negative word against people when trying to call those people out.)

Thanks for checking out this post, and I hope y’all have a fantastic day! 

In closing, I just want to add that I wrote this post relatively quickly, and probably missed many, many things. Call outs, corrections, and additional insights are totally welcome but please be gentle (as far as your positionality allows; I don’t expect you to be “nice” if I’ve just marginalised you!) and try not to judge my entire character too harshly on the basis of this one post.

tl;dr: “freaks” has a history as a slur. We probably shouldn’t use it as a word to demonise oppressors.

Don’t get me wrong, but nowadays, people will do anything for a bit of attention. They will do stupendous, senseless and crazy stuff just to be the center of attraction and be what they called “internet sensation”. They will make every single thing just to be trending. Some are risking their own lives in exchange for minutes of fame. In that way, we are proving that humanity is walking the wrong path. And these kind of people will be forever hungry for attention and will do anything to chase and please people.

I don’t think Jensen acts all “oh-im-so-straight-and-tough-and-manly guy” when he is around Jared, I don’t think that he somehow becomes different/less manly when he is around Misha. I certainly don’t think that Jensen becomes more comfortable/open with Misha and of course I don’t see this perceived change in Jensen’s nature as some kind of evidence to prove how Jensen is best friends with Misha. But hey, I know people see what they want to see, so yeah, I can understand why some people (who also ship cockles mostly) may infer things that are simply not there bc they are inclined to do so.

But you know what’s interesting? I find this “oh Jensen acts so straight and tough and macho, this is an act, he is just so pathetic” sentiment extremely offensive for a variety of reasons. Thing is, there is nothing wrong in being straight or tough or manly, I mean, people are allowed to live/be however they want, aren’t they? If I want to act in a certain way, dress in a certain way then I should be able to, without getting called out as if I am putting some kind of facade for others. Being a nerd is not inherently better than/superior to say, being a jock, and as long as people aren’t harming/hurting anyone they should be free to act in whatever way they want. This trend where certain stereotypes are celebrated and promoted whereas others are downright mocked and ignored —it really bothers me precisely bc  the“oh I am so politically correct” tumblr crowd fails to notice the faults in this mentality.

Why do people expect Jensen to act in a certain way to confirm to their ideals? He can be manly (whatever that word means), grumpy, tough and he can still laugh and giggle like a little kid. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. It does not have to be “he’s a either a macho guy or he’s a nerdy nerd”. He can be both, he can be neither, he can be something entirely different depending on the situation. He’s not faking those things or emotions, they are all part of his personality and he’s letting us see those different parts, we need to realize how big of a gift this gesture is. Instead I see people arguing/analyzing Jensen’s actions to promote/support their ships/their favorites while using Jensen as an object to validate their fantasies. I find this really, really pathetic and shameful.

We need kindness.

It sickens me that here on Tumblr, and much of the internet, we glorify rude behavior and insulting one another. It’s not funny. It’s hurtful, immature, and it needs to stop. Whether it’s one person against another or a whole community hating on something, we isolate ourselves by making everything a battle. Us Vs. Them.

Life is not a fighting game. You don’t get a high score for being mean.

I am not saying this out of direct experience (I’ve actually met some of the nicest people on this website), but I’m sad when I hear of people being too afraid to interact with users or a fandom or even post their opinions because they were bullied mercilessly at some point. It’s okay to disagree, but belittling or intimidating people for no reason is wrong.

I like being on Tumblr to find common interests with people, to escape from a harsh reality, and to just have fun reblogging pictures of dogs. I want everyone to have that same feeling of relief and refuge when they come here. I want to encourage people’s ideas and listen when they need a friend. I want to make someone’s day just a little brighter.

Let’s glorify kindness. Let’s make being nice the hottest trend on the internet.

Or maybe we can send someone a friendly hello and remind them that they are loved. It’s a start.

anonymous asked:

I never thought I'd say this but I hope Jensen decides to leave SPN. He's had to pass on big movie roles and for what? Despite Jensen being the highest ranking of the SPN actors on IMDB starmeter/Google trends/tumblr/polls/etc, the writers still treat him like crap. A lot of fans disrespect him. One of his co-stars even stabs him in the back (*side eyes Misha*.) I know Jensen's loved working on the show & Dean's awesome. But I think he deserves more than the show can give at this point.

I agree. It’s a dog eat dog industry and Jensen needs people around him who have his back and I’m starting to really “side eye” Misha myself. I think he’s in some kind of ‘one upmanship’  with Jensen and not in a friendly way.

He campaigned for himself behind Jensen’s back while acting like he was being a good sport over twitter saying “let one of us win”  where Jensen would see it but gaining the advantage for himself again by sending messages out in several different languages across his fansites and facebook and that’s after winning last time with his voting guidelines.

Can you imagine Jared winning PCA then a year later asking fans to vote for himself again before Jensen’s won anything? let alone do it sneakily behind his back. It’s more likely Jared would tweet for fans to vote Jensen if it’s for the same award he’d already got. They even tried a coin toss one year so fans could vote one then the other without splitting votes but the idea got scrapped because fans started bitching. It showed they wanted each other to have a chance of winning though unlike Misha who puts himself before friendship but then again I’m doubting there is a genuine friendship from Misha’s side :(

It’s not just that, he “accidentally” tweets a nude manip of him, he tweets links to dailydot after they trashed Jensen with that awful and unfairly damaging  “was Jensen struck by homophobia” article which was out of context and flat out wrong and perhaps the worse thing shippers have done to Jensen yet Misha supports fans who do that to his “friend”. He riles up shippers making them think something was going to happen to make Destiel canon knowing it won’t but all the time he’s setting Jensen up to be the fall guy who shoots their dreams down when there’s a lot of higher ups making the decision it’s not going to happen and has never been on the cards so Misha saying “what might have been” is unfair and not true, Misha has been the biggest queerbaiter keeping fans guessing with implications of “what could be” and fans lap it up and at the same time getting angrier and more hateful towards Jensen. 

The only time we’ve heard of an outing between these “friends” is Misha inviting Jensen on a boat trip and then they win an award for their ship and he tweets a pic calling Jensen his cabin boy. For Misha that whole trip was about PR not friends hanging out. 

Misha might have done good for others but for Jensen he’s probably the worse friend he could have and I’d feel easier when he’s out of his life and after Supernatural when Misha no longer needs Jensen as part of his own promotion I doubt we’ll see them around each other outside of con reunions.

First of all, let me make it clear. I am making this kind of thing not because it looks like something that is trending on this site. I just want to tell these people how much I thank them, for making my experience on Tumblr is an awesome and amazing one. I have been in Tumblr since December 2012 in my first blog, but I had some sort of hiatus and went back to Tumblr by making this blog as my second one in February 2014.

There are some people in this list that I actually talk to, and there are some others to whom I might not really talk, but believe me, mostly it’s because I was way too shy to talk to you as I think you are just so cool. And I follow you for some reason, and that you have an amazing blog is one of it.

oceanoruins – I cannot make this list without mentioning this lovely girl. Monya, is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever known. We are virtual birthday twin! And she always knows how to comfort me when I feel low in my life. Monya, you have such a beautiful soul.

jamie-carragher – one of the people that was born to be a Liverpool fan since the beginning :p. Anda is one of the people that I love the most in this site, and sometimes I feel bad because I kept on running to her to annoy her with my whining when I feel like in my darkest night. Anda, you have no idea how much your kindness and words mean to me.

raatakelihai – we have been following each other since I was in my first blog, and Shiv, I don’t know whether you still remember it or no, but I still remember the conversation that we once had about spirits when I was still in my first blog :p

justkisa – let me begin by saying that her writings are just incredible, I can’t explain how much I adore her writings, and I often visit her blog just to read her tags (and Kisa, you have no idea how much I laugh on your tags about that boxing AU, please please please make the fic come true!)

lalis07 – Liz, we share the same obsession on that Spaniard, don’t we??? You’ve always been so kind to me, I can’t believe that I deserve that :’)

orestisskarnezis. – My first Indonesian friend who also lives on the States that I met on Tumblr! Niky is just such a cutie-pie that I love!

kroosrues – Maritza is that sweet lovely person that should be admired for her kindness. Without being asked, she is the one who will be there for you to make sure that you’re allright

angusgunn – one of the most dedicated City’s fan that I know. Amanda, I really enjoy reading your thoughts about City, the players and the games. And let me tell you how much I really appreciate your hardwork on making a sideblog for the Ladies team and our youth.

zabaleta-s , xavidodgers samir-nasrii  - Okay, maybe you will find this is weird. But I kind of think these three girls are like… The Powerpuff Girls :D (girls please don’t kill me!).  I see Sarah as Bubbles, Beth as Blossom, and Darya as Buttercup. You three are among the most adorable ones that I know. And yes, every time I see you in my dash, I kind of think quietly to myself, “Ah, so Bubbles/Blossom/Buttercup is online. Nice.”

tacklemeramos and off-my-mind – The truth is, I kind of think that you two are somewhat, a pair of twin that separated and meet each other virtually in this site. Sophie and Aurore, you might never know it, but to see you girls talking to each other by reblogging stuff and adding your comments in the caption are among the things that I enjoy the most in Tumblr. You two are just way too cute!

mcfc-bromance-chronicle – if you are a City fan and you haven’t followed this account, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? This, is practically one of the best blog to be followed for City’s fan. Whoever runs this blog, I want to thank you so much for all the amazing posts that never fail to make my day somehow brighter.  Thank you thank you thank you so much.

s86410 and myblueteam – City’s fans on Tumblr are thankful for your gif. You two are just so precious!

 dijamants cruyffs jamespmilner  ghyukumari jovetics lonelyjpeace      dahveed-silvaa sebwstan   – let’s think of Tumblr as a high-school. Then these people’s blog are those people who you can’t help but to admire for being the coolest ones (so guys, I might not really talk to you, but believe me, I really do think that your blogs are just super cool)

frommybeautifulmind – this blog is the first reason ever for me to create a Tumblr account. If you are looking for football fanfics, this blog, is definitely one that you should check!

wewroteitonpaper – probably the one that has the most high-quality writing in the football fandom., and apart from the beautiful stories, I want to thank you for your patience in replying my messages (even though sometimes it’s just those silly messages. Haha.)

futbolimagine – I can’t put into words how much I admire her creativity with all her brilliant writings. Thank you so much for all the lovely imagines that you keep on creating! You, my girl, is one of the most talented I have ever known. EVER.

tonikros – A passionate Real Madrid fan. A beautiful soul. And oh, how the football fandom has been so lucky to have her beautiful edits on picture. One of the loveliest people that always being so kind to her follower. You have my love and my support, dear.

hazardandkompany – how should I explain about this lovely girl? Never, ever questioned her passion and loyalty to the Belgian Red Devils. And let’s not forget how she is also a sweet kind girl that deserves all the love in the world.

I know that I have forgotten some. But all the blogs that I am following, I am following for a reason.

To all the people who own the above blogs I have mentioned, thank you for everything. You might not know nor realize that, but your presence means a lot to me.