is it snowing in space


“Stumble and Fall”

WHEN? 13 HOURS (~9pm UTC Nov 22nd 2017).


includes such topics as: Dean’s bowlegs, cuddling for warmth, and pining !!

(below: a lil preview extract~)

“I’m comin’, buddy,” Dean called. “Hang in there. Hang on.”

Dig dig dig dig dig.

Dig dig.

Deeper. Deeper. Snow kept caving into the space Dean had already dug, and it came in glops and flumps, landing on Dean’s face and the space below his fast-moving paws. He dug with both feet together, then alternated, then stuck his entire face in and bit.

Castiel yelped.

“Gotcha,” Dean grinned. He pulled Castiel by the paw until the paw kicked him. Then Dean turned his attention to digging around, shoving snowpiles away, nosing about to find Castiel’s shape.

At last, he found a sodden black hip, and all the brindled speckles in his fur. Castiel gave an assuring wriggle, and Dean helped him lift his head. Up he rose, snowflakes spilling from him until he blinked the last ones away.

“Finder’s keepers,” Dean panted, giving Castiel’s icy nose a good ‘ol lick. Castiel sneezed. He quickly came alive again, alarmed by the bright light and the warmth of the sun. His tail gave a feeble wag, and Dean wagged his own, glad to see Cas was responsive.

“Anything broken?” Dean asked.

Castiel got to his feet, giving himself a hefty shake-down. He’d lost his coat, and was shivering terribly, but he answered, “I’m okay. I’m… okay.”

Now who’s the search-and-rescue dog,” Dean said proudly. “Never seen snow before today and I still figured out how to find you and dig you out.”

“Hmh,” Castiel said, blinking tiredly. He was all droopy and wet and exhausted.

Frigga’s Garden

Plot: Loki returns to the coordinates of Asgard after Ragnarok and is surprised to find something there that warms his heart.

A/N: I don’t plan on posting tomorrow, as I have a family holiday, so I can’t make any promises that you will see activity tomorrow. For those of you who celebrate it, happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all 4662+ of you.


Word Count Total: 926

Short Imagine #165

Title: Frigga’s Garden

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