is it sappy enough

It’s Not Gonna Suck Itself

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,290

Summary: The reader sends a naughty text to the wrong person.

“What the…no way, dude!” Jared bursts out laughing, practically falling off of his leather chair.

“What?” Jensen asks with furrowed brows, wondering if it’s worth getting up from the couch.

“Wow. I can’t believe she sent me this.” Jared grins widely, glancing back down at the text from you.

“Sent what? Who?”

Jensen grows impatient, his best friend still hasn’t answered him and it’s annoying as hell. He sighs dramatically then moves towards Jared, waiting for an answer.

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Kiss him not me chapter 46, AKA the chapter that sent me to the grave...

(I think he saw it coming which hurts a gazillion times more)

I am satisfied, i am more than satisfied, I don’t know whats next for these two and what Junko plans to do for the future, but for know i am more than happy that Mutsumi and Kae are together now, both are balls of sunshine and deserve nothing but eternal happiness…But enough sappy talk LETS CELEBRATE FOR SENPAI AND SERINUMA BECOMING OFFICIALLY CANON

Milkshake | A Valentine’s Day One Shot

I know it’s a day early but here we have one in which Harry fucks up because I hate Valentine’s Day and we don’t need any extra sappy-ness, ok? It’s hard enough being permanently single without having a special day to rub it in my face.

“Date night Tuesday, yeah? For Valentine’s Day?” Harry says as you lie your head on his chest. There’s a show on the telly at the end of the bed but neither of you are really paying attention, more interested in the whispered conversation you’re having. He’s been home for a while but soon he’ll be gone again and you wish you could keep him by your side like this forever so he could never leave. But Gucci clothes don’t buy themselves, do they? Oh but yes they do, you reason, when they’re sent to him for free.

“Gotta be seen to be wearing ‘em, makes everyone money,” he justifies with a small giggle.

“Yeah but I still don’t understand why they give the free stuff to the very people who can afford to pay for it? This is how rich people stay rich, you know? They don’t have to buy anything for themselves. I read that Lady GaGa got given a £10k place to stay for the Super Bowl for free by Air BnB, I mean, what the fuck?”

“Are you saying you don’t like the dress YSL sent you?”

“That is completely beside the point, Harry. Entirely. I can’t afford it, you can.”

“Oh, of course, sorry, I forgot you can’t afford anything with your multi-millionaire fiancé,” he rolls his eyes.

“Nope. What’s yours is yours until you get that ring on my finger,” you tease.

“Still think we should skip the big wedding and jus’ go t’ Vegas.”

“Your mother would kill us both,” you laugh. “And why Vegas, of all places? Could go anywhere in the world on our own and you choose Vegas?”

“When we’re in LA sometime…quick flight to Vegas, married an hour later, done.”

“Gosh, remember when I thought you were romantic?”

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I know I already gushed about the lego batman movie but I have to say I think the real reason I loved it so much more than almost any other superhero thing wasn’t even that it was a humorous cartoon but that it was sentimental and sweet. You look at the other batman movies and there’s almost no room allowed for that; “adult” and “serious” are still conflated in far too many Hollywood productions with an aggressive, macho emotional hardness and only “family” movies are given a pass to combine action and adventure with what some would dismiss as “sappiness.”

There are exceptions, but not enough

Patience (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you write something based on Shawn’s song patience?

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 2,095

a/n: patience is my favorite song by Shawn, thank you so much for requesting this, I teared up while writing it! Of course it’s based off of patience, but I found another great song to listen to while reading this is Waves by Dean Lewis. tell me what y’all think!

“What do you mean she took it back?”

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lenfaz  asked:

When you have time... I need you to write this one for me: I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista’ AU

Title: Between the Coffee Lines

A/N: This is probably not what either of us were expecting to come out of this prompt. I started this damn thing almost a month ago, but thanks to work it got lost in the shuffle of not-happy things. I’m going to take it as a sign that I was able to write, and finish something, that things are finally turning around. <3 (Sidenote: all pick-up lines came from the internet, except I tweaked some to fit Killian a bit more. Those do not belong to my brain. Thank you, internet, for having such a wealth of cheesy pick-up lines.) (Also, thanks to nowforruin for the title suggestion! Althought I loved Lena’s “Pick Me Up” just as much!!)

Is there an airport nearby, or is that just my heart taking off?


Emma doesn’t even notice the message on the side of her cup until she’s already at her desk in the sheriff’s station. But there it is, in neat writing along the sleeve that’s there to keep her from burning her hands on the cup. And it’s such a line but she’s sort of wishing her eyes had been able to stay open when she got her coffee this morning. It’s a small town, so surely she knows the barista that left the message, but she’ll be damned if she can actually remember which ones were working this morning.

Of course, if Killian was working, it’s probably just another one of his attempts to make her laugh, so she doesn’t put too much stock into the situation and continues on with her day. More than once, though, she looks at the words scribbled on her cup and finds herself smiling. She’s not even aware David has arrived at work until he’s speaking just above her shoulder.

“Got a secret admirer or something, Emma?” He’s teasing her, because if anyone knows how little of a love life Emma has, it’s her fellow sheriff. Still, she hides her grin by grabbing the cup off her desk and taking the last sip before chucking it into the bin next to her.

“Or Killian is being a jackass. Hard to tell, really.” She turns to look at him then, and catches the tail end of some kind of expression. It’s something, but she doesn’t know what. Before she has a chance to ask, the phone rings and she’s shifting her attention to her duties. Their town Storybrooke is small, but there’s enough drama and petty fights to keep the two of them on their toes. They’re out the door before the hour is up and Emma has no other chances to think about her mystery message for the rest of her day.

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i’m so happy you exist- you make the world a little more complete by being here

oh my god guys ! 800 followers? this is so crazy ! it might not seem like alot to some people, but to me, holy shit. i dont even think i know 800 people irl. when i started my blog back in april, i didnt think that i would even get 10 followers. now, over 800 people judge me on every post i make,,, oh god. i consider all of you my friends, and i love every one of you i s2g

alright enough with the sappy shit, now onto the follow forever

first, people who i talk to/am friends with ! (in no particular order, or alphabetical order, screw that)

@punkisdead-lee i love you so damn much and you are the best girlfriend ever ever ever, together forever baby.(yes ofc youre first you nerd)
@danaesthetically-milo youre a great dude and i love talking to you and having late night facetimes with you omg (dont forget about our dog babies)
@cluelesslester-shreya omg youre honestly so sweet and amazing and we are shrek buddies and i love talking to you sm
@fiercehowell@angelphannie@lovebirdlester,@becausedodie,@gayeclipse, @sleeplesslester, @lesterp, @nasaphil, @energeticwarrior, @starinorbit, @volcaniclester- i love each and every one of you, you guys are the best friends ever omg, our gc is fire tbh
@vciero666- aj ! you help me through so much and youre so beautiful and one of the first internet friends i ever got, so thank you for being there for me !!
@abeautifultragic- bri omg! youre the sweetest person i have ever met. and even through bad times, youre so positive and youve influenced me sm and taught me to be happy, ily
@have-a-balloon- fellow queen of enid, youre so fuckin positive and happy, and i wanna grow up to be just like you hhahahahah omg, but for real, youre such a great friend, and ilysm, and we gotta meet someday soon so we can die over gerard way n joshler
@theaterdan-journey, youre a fuckface, but i love u anyway. our 3 day relationship was gREaT but for real, youre a fucking awesome friend, and youre always there for me, not to mention youre fuckin hilarious. love u man

now, here are people that have a+ content

@cringe-attacks (okay you replied to one of my asks when i had like, 20 followers and i flipped out so thank u for that)✨ @lesterdans ✨ @dantlers@thiccphil@winkwinkluke@howelldescent@eatglitterglue@princessdan@deadpeej@dansshibe@danisnotonfuego@leedle-leedle-lester@elliearmstrongg@paradisedan@shingekihowell@astronautdan  ✨ @dodie-oddle@yuri-howell@harryslovelylocks@denimnjh@cocacolalester@phanfathers@girlstalkfvesos@buttercupross@cursivehowell@starryhtml@regionalblurryface@kitchensinktoyou@twinkdan@punkedkittens@roughlester@demonphannie@brightphil@lmaohemmo@phanperra@hibernationhowell@omega-dan@lemongrasshowell@philtrashblr@maxsfreckles@sugardan@sugarlipslester@djhowellmemes@rydenpng@blackparadehowell@cliffosaurus@buildgxd@michaelgclifford@transbabyhowell@lukesphatass@accio-shitpost@imdeletingmyinternethistory@phanniephil@fairlylocalpilots@fairylightfluff@miles-the-meme@sunny-lester@ohhowellno ✨ @obsidianhowell ✨ @they-them@halseysource@grlstalkgrls@pastelmikey@nutmeghowell@ryan-ross-monstercock@gladsyoucame ✨ @fringegaps@sgfgluke@ughoakley  ✨ @alienkiddun@goddesslester@sinningforpanic@celestialcalums@falloutfrog@piercethegingerr@moonsbitch@planethowell@whendodie@vyou@writerlester 

again, thank you so fucking much for 800!!!
i love each and everyone of you

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 ships in general

When you mean in general, I am going to presume ALL FANDOMS, not just League.


- Number 5.

Plague Knight and Mona (Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows)

(Fantastic artwork by @pickles4nickles)

I simply cannot stop loving these two. Unlike alot of ships I enjoy, these two are just pure, unadulterated adorableness and fluff. I don’t want to ruin the DLC for anyone who hasn’t played it, but the ending is possibly the sweetest thing i’ve seen from a video game. Cannot recommend it enough, its sad, sweet, a little sappy and a whole lotta cute.

- Number 4.

Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts (To the Moon)

(Wonderful artwork by @unoobang!)

To the Moon is by far my favourite game of all time. The experience was roughly the same as getting a piece of paper, making it into a paper rabbit, ripping it in half, taping it back together carefully and with extreme amounts of love, then watching it be thrown into a wood chipper, only for your best friend to present it to you all Mike Wazowski style like in Monsters Inc. Watts is a silly, laid-back goof with a big heart, meanwhile, Rosalene is a cold, calculating woman with a big brain. The balance between the two, combined with their inner, hidden desires and sins are so…. Human. Everything about them is human, and that’s why I love them so much.

- Number 3

Sky Hart and Takumi Nakamura (League of Legends)

(Lovely artwork by @ionian-storm-chaser)

Perhaps I am bias… Since as you can tell, I am the creator of Takumi. But in all honesty, I did not expect this simple relationship to snowball into so much emotion and development. Takumi, a disowned, wandering gunman with a vendetta, and Sky, a mercenary with an enchanted sword and a strong moral conviction seem like a generic story couple. But, its not only how fleshed out the two are, but how human they seem to me. Sky, who is portrayed by my good friend, Penny, is a strong-willed, compassionate soul who was dealt the hard hand in life, but came out better for it. Takumi is the opposite, someone who’s had his back shoved into a corner and had to fight like a rabid animal to escape. Right now their threads are few, and most their interactions are short, but how much they carry means more to me in the end.

- Number 2

Genji Shimada and Dr. Angela “Mercy” Ziegler (Overwatch)

(Superb artwork by @girlcarnivore!)


Honestly, I fell in love with Gency the second I saw it. Genji, a character which I find very interesting due to his internal war with himself, holds similarities with the good doctor that most can only see past the surface. Both had lost family in the past, Mercy losing her parents and Genji losing his brother, both through the burdens of wars, one being a physical one and the other a moral one. I feel that Mercy and Genji are two of the most personality rich characters in the game, period. Mercy, a doctor, who’s purpose is to heal and protect, has her creations turned to weapons, her research used to hurt, everything she’s stood for crumbling around her while she can only watch. Genji, a warrior who is torn between who he is and what he is, a machine, or a man, this internal struggle between himself, his brother, and his place in the universe. The tragedy that both had to face must have been unbearable, but in the grand scheme of things, all wounds heal, and all scars fade.

Honourable mentions!

- Steven Quartz Universe and Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe)

- Jordan “Thermite” Trace and Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa (Rainbow Six: Siege)

- Mugen and Fuu (Samurai Champloo)

- Marco Pagot and Madame Gina (Porco Rosso)

- Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III and Carrie Krueger (The Amazing World of Gumball)

- Valkyrie Cain and Fletcher Renn (Skullduggery Pleasant series)

And now….

- Number 1

Yasuo “The Unforgiven” and Riven “The Exile” (League of Legends)

(Amazing artwork by @talgyu)


Okay, let’s do this.

Yasuo and Riven are perhaps my two favourite characters in any fictional setting, franchise or series. Yasuo, a disgraced warrior bent on honour and retribution, travelling the fine line between justice and vengeance with the woman who most likely killed his elder and forced him on this road, leading to the death of his friends and even his own brother? Impossible! That can’t happen!

Well, can’t it?

The main appeal for me, is how these two are identical on the opposite sides. Both were cast away from their nations, one fighting a war against it to save it, one fighting to save himself. They both believe in honour, in the hopes of justice and redemption. Both have endured so much pain, losing all the family they had, losing everything to the bloody sin we call war.

Riven, who’s most notable feature is her shattered sword, is a symbol of the ties being cut from her past. Yasuo, who’s blade is still whole, represents a very different story. The man who thinks he is whole is broken, and the woman who thinks she is broken is whole. The similarities, how they’ve hurt eachother so much without even knowing, is something which I want to see develop. Alot of people presume Yasuo will simply try to kill her outright. Why would he do that? That is against his whole character. The Unforgiven ended up here because of his foolish actions, by thinking too fast, by rushing in like a chaotic gust of wind. That man learned and was punished because of that. His symbolic ideals of balance, of life and death and creation and destruction that are so prevalent in his character would carry to his meeting with Riven.

Does he suspect her? Without a doubt. But will he rush to conclusions? No, only a wild and young wind will do that. Even in-game, everything he says to her is never a death threat, but always questions, questions he wants answers to. Their meetings are the beginning of the story, not the end.

If you wish for a wonderful piece of writing that almost perfectly explains their relationship, find “Follow The Wind” on by @tahimikamaxtli, I assure you will not be dissapointed.

Okay, now i’m gonna lie down.


So my first experience at the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio was amazing.

We left Boone, NC at around 12:45 in the afternoon and started on the 6 hour drive to Columbus. My girlfriend and my future roommate Hunter came along for the trip. The scenery along the route made me realize how beautiful the eastern United States is compared to where I used to live in Minnesota.

Around 7:15 pm we made it to Ohio State University and caught a Buckeye hockey game. It was fun being right at ice level but they lost to Michigan State! (Insert eye roll here).

After the game we got to the hotel and settled in for the night. I’m not gonna lie, I had trouble sleeping because I was so damn excited for what I knew was coming the next day.

Promptly at 6:30 am I woke up, got in the shower, brushed my teeth and got ready for the day. Then I woke up everyone else and they got ready, as well. We grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel and made our way to the Columbus Convention Center.

I can’t really explain what I felt walking into the Expo floor. I felt like a kid seeing the candy store for the first time. Honestly, I felt really overwhelmed. The amount of people there right when they opened was more than I would have expected and I knew that there would only be more as the day progressed.

The first day (Saturday) we went around to the booths and picked up all the free stuff we could get our hands on (as any person would have). I was able to meet Mat Fraser, Rich Froning, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Josh Bridges, at the Rogue booth (and Margaux Alvarez, Cole Sager, Dan Bailey, Matt Chan). As the day went on I met 3x Mr. Olympia, Jeremy Buendia. The highlight of the day was meeting Aubrey and Nika (Aubernutter and FitNika) randomly walking through the expo. I’m a really introverted person so I don’t talk a whole lot but I was able to get a video of them saying hi to my friend Caitlyn who freaked out when she watched the video. I’ve followed Aubrey for a few years now and she’s one of the biggest inspirations. As weird as that might sound, I found myself laughing at her videos and snapchats when I first moved to North Carolina after the everything good in my life got ripped away from me. Anyways, enough with the sappy shit, after the expo I took my girlfriend and Hunter to Raising Cane’s for the first time and I think they both fell in love with the chicken fingers. There was only one Raising Cane’s in Minnesota but I would drive an hour to eat there when I was living in Rochester.

Sunday, the last day of the expo, felt like it was going to be an eternity because I was NOT looking forward to the 6 hour drive home after being on our feet all day. We waited in line to meet Christian Guzman for almost two hours and it was well worth the wait. Christian was by far one of the friendliest and welcoming personalities we met that weekend. He took the time to ask where I went to school, how long the drive was, and personal questions about myself. I was surprised at how nice this guy actually was. So fast forward a few hours, we ended up getting kicked out of Steve Cook’s meet and greet line because he had a strict schedule and was going to leave before we got to the front of the line. MAJOR BUMMER. But I suppose it wasn’t all terrible because I got to meet Taylor Chamberlain. The main reason I wanted to go was to meet the Live Fit crew. I can’t remember a whole lot of the interactions I had because I was so star struck meeting them. But I do remember talk to Nick Dompierre for a few minutes, reminiscing on how I used to watch his video parts before I would go out and skateboard during my high school days. But the atmosphere at Live Fit was amazing compared to any of the other booths we visited. Hey genuinely enjoyed what they were doing and it definitely showed.

As we walked out of the convention center, we all decided that we would be back in 2018. The drive home sucked and I didn’t get into bed until 3 am and had morning classes on Monday but I’ll deal with being tired in exchange for that amazing experience.

tsukiyama looking out for each other:

Yamaguchi who will watch Tsukishima closely and act as a shield when the press of noisy, pushy people around him gets to be too much and his headphones aren’t enough to block the world out

Tsukishima as a safe fortress from which Yamaguchi can assess new people and new environments before entering them himself

Yamaguchi who won’t let Tsukishima stand still as everything moves past him, unwilling or unable to care. Yama’s there to push and support him through  picking a high school,  joining the volleyball club, going to practice, getting out of bed in the morning; he refuses to let Tsukki be eaten alive by his own apathy.

Tsukishima knowing he isn’t very likable, but feeling like it might be okay because, well, Yamaguchi is still here. He doesn’t need anyone else

Yamaguchi will sometimes break down and ask Do you hate me? Does everyone hate me? Am I even worth the effort? I’m so ugly, I’m so stupid, I’m so useless, I’m so boring–and Tsukishima isn’t really a patient person but he never loses patience with this, calmly and matter-of-factly listing Yamaguchi’s good qualities until the good outweighs the bad

Tsukishima, who will defend Yamaguchi from anything and everything, watching helplessly as Yamaguchi went up against Seijoh by himself and lost, thinking, I should have been able to protect him from this

Yamaguchi can see Tsukki’s potential and it’s honestly killing him, because he could be so much, but Tsukki’s too scared too try because trying means caring and caring means it will hurt you, sooner or later. But Yamaguchi sees that it’s hurting him anyway, and tells him to forget Hinata, forget Akiteru, forget Ushijima, because this is about you, not them. What more motivation do you need than pride?

And Tsukishima, who believes in Yamaguchi more than anyone, watching as Yamaguchi went up against Seijoh by himself and scored 5 points consecutively. Everyone else was surprised, but not him. never him. He was  just proud

Yamaguchi watching the Shiratorizawa match and knowing with chilling certainty that the outcome could either heal Tsukki of his bitterness or break him completely 

who proposed: No matter what, Kuroo promised (himself, mostly) that he’ll be the one to propose. (Actually, he’s gotten a little antsy ever since he realized, with utmost certainty, that Daichi is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, to the point that he bought an engagement ring on impulse, because he claims that a) it was calling out to him and b) that must be a sign, so there).

how they proposed: A short backstory time! So, the thing was, despite of having a track record of being unable to keep a secret for any longer than a minute, the first person Kuroo told that he bought a ring and the he is planning to propose to Daichi, was Bokuto (you know, he would understand, from one reckless bro to another). And after the hoot of congratulations and loud well-wishes, Bokuto paused and asked, “But what if he rejects your proposal?” And the possibility got Kuroo so scared out of his wits, it had taken Kenma and Yaku to calm him and convince him to follow through with his plans.

And how Kuroo planned: night of their anniversary (a good timing, since it was his turn for that year), fanciest restaurant in town, sweet gestures and small trinkets throughout the whole day (sappy enough for the occasion, but not too much to get Daichi suspicious). They were waiting for the desserts and Daichi was already in his spiel of teasing Kuroo about how he outdid himself, not knowing that Kuroo was fidgeting with the box, and the ring itself, under the table, until the inevitable happened and he accidentally hooked his thumb and the ring fell out of the box.

Cue Kuroo panicking, and going under the table to look for it, vehemently refusing Daichi’s offer of help (but let’s face it, Daichi did anyway, despite the refusal) and so they were both crouching, Daichi trying to look for something he doesn’t even know, so he asked “What exactly are we looking for?” By that time, Kuroo already (gratefully) found the ring so he replied with “An answer.”

“An answer?”

“A ‘yes’, specifically.”

“A yes? To what?”

“To this,” and Kuroo showed the simple ring, held it in front of Daichi’s face. “Will you marry me?” Daichi sat up straighter, forgetting that they are actually under a table, so he bumped his head into it, but it didn’t stop him from grabbing Kuroo to smother him with kisses.

So yeah, long story short, Kuroo proposed under the table.

who stressed more over wedding planning: SUGA! Since Kuroo already had the stress of his life during the proposal, and Daichi is absolutely alright with leaving it to the hands of people who actually know how to plan a wedding, it was perfectly logical that they hire a wedding planner. Now, Suga isn’t really opposed to the idea, but what exasperated him was that the two were completely chill, and just left everything, that he had to threaten Daichi that he will plan the whole thing and “so help me, if you do not get involved with this more, I will make the color motif Karasuno orange, and line it with pumpkins, that it will look more like a Halloween party rather than a wedding.”

who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party: You would think that having Bokuto as a best bro, Kuroo would’ve the time of his life before he kissed the bachelor life goodbye, but they have Kenma and Akaashi (and Yaku) to think about, so Bokuto’s original plan had been tamed to fit the three’s taste. Daichi doesn’t have that luxury because no one can ever stop Suga. He doesn’t even want to know how Oikawa, of all people, got roped in planning his bachelor’s party, and he’s actually afraid to know where Suga found the strippers. Daichi thinks it’s for the best that he’s better off not knowing.

who freaked out before the wedding: They were both low-key freaking out before the wedding, because it was the moment they realized that, that was it! It’s happening!

best man/maid of honor: Kenma, Bokuto, and Suga.

where they got married: I don’t exactly know where, just that it’s a simple, intimate garden ceremony.

if/what they wrote in their vows: They both wrote their vows, each mentioning how the ‘destined rivals’ thing took another, wholly different meaning; about the bad flirting and denseness; Daichi not missing the opportunity to point out that he’s willing to live with Kuroo’s appalling hair, because he is not just marrying Kuroo, he’s also marrying that hair; while Kuroo not so subtly touched on Daichi’s eating habits, but how he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because Daichi works out as much as he eats, and he’d be stupid to give up those thighs to anybody else. And yeah, it was sweet and lovingly insulting, but there isn’t anything there that didn’t come from their hearts so…

who cried at the wedding: They both almost did, while they were saying their vows, but they controlled it in time. But the ones who made a scene were Bokuto, Taketora, Tanaka, and Asahi.

which song they had their first dance to: 10,000 Nights of Thunder by Alphabeat. They wanted it to be fun and it’s not that they are not the slow dance types, but hey, it’s a joyous occasion. (Never mind that I imagine them singing the lines to each other ‘And baby, baby you’re irresistible, and I’m insatiable~

where they went on their honeymoon: Probably a tropical country… somewhere, anywhere, as long as there’s a beach.

what they did on their honeymoon: What else do you think would they do? Swim of course! Or maybe snorkel; scuba if it’s offered and they’re feeling adventurous. Then consummate their marriage (not like they needed to be married to consummate anything, but now it’s different…)

I am really sorry it took a while! OTL but I am not sorry about the length. Thank you @kisecchinosedai and anon! :D

Vriska has done a lot of horrible stuff in the relatively brief time she’s been in the story already, but I really can relate to some of these more personal moments. This actually is the kind of shit I worry about. 

Am I being a good friend? Should I say I think of this person as a friend? Would that be too sappy? Not sappy enough? Do they think of me as a friend, or are they just too polite to tell me to go away? Maybe this kind of thing comes naturally to some people, but for me it’s a bizarre thing to try and navigate.


it’s good that they have each others

maybe it’s because im a veteran kpop fan

but it really really REALLY pains me when i see fans discreetly taking pictures of their idols when they’re out doing their private plans. i know i know “once you’re an idol you’re an idol every where your job never stops” but i don’t know, doesn’t the fan have a part to play in this as well? fans have given idols everything, and in turn the idols have given the fans EVERYTHING and they’re completely and utterly thankful, but the least you can do is give them privacy.

no one needs to see them shopping, drinking coffee, the most mundane of things that you probably do on the daily. if they really wanted to share it with you, they would.

Honey Gold Eyes & Flowers || Vernon

Word Count: 2406 words

Genre: Fluff, Bad Boy!AU, Grim Reaper!AU, First Love!AU

Summary: The only thing he likes is parties, flirting with everyone around him and getting wasted to disobey. She likes dandelions, sleeping and small, pretty things. He knew that he was in love and quickly grew mad upon that realisation. When she fell down and got hurt, that was when he knew he wanted to change something in her life.

Tag: @tenotify

☾ ˢᵉⁿᵈ ᵐᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵇᶦʳᵗʰᵈᵃʸ ᵃⁿᵈ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵇᶦᵃˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᴵ'ˡˡ ʷʳᶦᵗᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ

The music was loud, horrendous and obnoxious. The way it would get into my head and confuse me was the worst part. It was absolutely ear-grating and made my head pound. I would remember fluttering my eyes open and closed as nothing but alcohol seeped into my control centre to take over everything. Of course, part-and-parcel of the whole experience was the corrosive, acidic feeling that I would get in my throat every time I went to the bathroom to throw up on my own lunch. I sighed as I felt my fingers grab another bottle of alcohol for the fun of it. As the music blared into my ears, the sounds of people throwing up and having sex by the side would get into my head and make it ache to numbness.

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