is it safe to say i sobbed making this

based on this post where lardo and shitty are accidentally pregnant

She was five weeks in and nothing was showing, but she’d been puking almost everyday and had refused Bitty’s pumpkin pie yesterday. Lardo hadn’t told her mom yet, and Shitty refuses to tell anything to his father, but she knows that his mother knew. Jack had called her immediately after Shitty freaked and told him a week ago, before freaking out himself and telling Bitty, who had broken into their apartment in order to make sure she was okay.

“I’m okay, people should stop asking me if I was okay, I’m pregnant, not sick.” She complained to Jack, who only answered by giving a silent nod.

“Shitty’s freaking out,” Jack said instead.

“I know.” She groaned and put her face in her hands. A moment of silence passed between the two before she lifted her head again. “I don’t want to chain him down like this or jerk him around emotionally. I know he wants me to keep it.”

“He wants whatever you want,” Jack said.

She knew that, but she could also read Shitty well enough to know that he was ecstatic and wanted nothing more than to have her keep it. And the scary thing was, she could also feel herself being as excited as he is.

“How are the two of us even remotely qualified to be parents? He’s just starting his job, and I have my job.” And Lardo wasn’t sure that her bosses would let her take a maternity leave. And even more terrifyingly, she just realized that she wasn’t on the life track that she had envisioned for herself with this job. Sports management paid a lot, and Lardo knew she was on the fast track to a good promotion, but now this forced her to look at her life, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend it all on picking up after athletes. But she wasn’t sure if she could provide proper care if she didn’t have this high paying position. And it was a downward spiraling mess of disaster.

It was as if Jack could read her mind, or at least the mood in her mind, because he puts a hand on her shoulder and leaned back on the sofa that they were sitting at.

“Maybe you’re thinking too much,” he said. “Just concentrate on whether or not you want to keep it, and trust in your friends to help you no matter which choice it is. We’re a team.”

She sniffed, and suddenly Jack found himself with an armful of Lardo. She let her tears and snot stain his sweater, and he held her through her trembling. When the two of them extricated themselves from their situation, Jack extended a fist, and Lardo bumped it.

“Got your back,” they said together.

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Never Again - Alec

Originally posted by strictlys

Request: heyyy i love ur writing and its ok if you’re having trouble with the spacing XD we all understand plus i love you so. yeah. And, i was wondering if you could write an angsty one with smut (if u write smut. its ok if u dont. and if u dont feel like it, its not necessary.) 

 Authors Note: I’m sorrrrrryyyyyy I know I take forever to write requests now, I’m just never super motivated to write anymore honestly. But, I was really feeling an angsty Alec imagine and this happened to be my first request 😏 as for the requester, yesss thank you for being understanding of my spacing and italics issue, I’ve got it figured out for the most part but it’s soooo frustrating, I usually have to post it completely smashed together then go back and add my spacing and italics, bolding, whatever, ah I’m rambling. Onto the imagine!

Warnings: crying, arguing/yelling whatever you want to name it, super angsty, happy ending though 

“I can’t believe you” you hissed as you stormed towards your room shaking your head, trying to hold yourself together. 

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Klaus M. – Long Time No See

Words count: 1960? maybe less maybe more 

Warning: None


Requested by @mikki-hear

Hello! I love your Klaus one shots and was wondering if you would take my request? The reader was once married to Klaus but she fakes her death and leaves the Mikaelson’s when she finds out that Dahlia is comming after her child. Centuries later she runs into them in New Orleans. She also only refers to him as “Nik”.

then I asked

Hey, I have a question. In your request. When the reader leaves does she take their daughter with her or no?

Then she/he said

She takes her daughter with her and makes sure that she has a normal human life (as normal as having an immortal non-aging mother could be) so when she returns centuries later the daughter has long since died.

And then I felt as i was stupid for some reason.

You’re a vampire, have been one for a long time. You’ve met Niklaus long before you turned, you met him when you were in high school. A few years of dating and being love, he proposed. You weren’t a vampire then and he didn’t want to turn you into one, unless he desperately needed to. And you never had to turn, even if you were surrounded by the supernatural. He was always there to protect you, not long after you got married, you got pregnant. Klaus having broken the curse was able to procreate and you being a human also meant that you could procreate. It came as surprise to both of you, but you were beyond happy. You were having a child with the man you love, what more could you need?

You gave birth to a beautiful daughter, after you gave birth Niklaus changed you. You became a vampire. A happy one. Your daughter was a beautiful mix of both Klaus and yourself. She was the jewel of the family. Everyone loved and adored her.

But as always being a Mikaelson meant not everything lasts forever. Happiness is included. A few months after you gave birth to your daughter, (y/d/n). Dahlia came into the equation threatening the lives of everyone and threatening to take your daughter from you. You knew that there was no way Klaus would be able to protect the both of you, so you did the only thing you knew you could do. That is to fake your death. You faked your and your daughter’s death and fled the city, leaving no trace of you or her being alive. Your daughter grew as a normal girl, well as normal as having an immortal mother that is. She understood what you were and as she had more wolf and human in her than a vampire, she grew and never stopped growing and eventually she dies. You mourned her for a long time, but never once did you return to your husband and his family.

A few centuries later, you found yourself wondering around New Orleans. You heard about a part in the French Quarter you and one of our friends were going to. It was close to seven when you arrived at a house called the Abattoir.

“This place is amazing.” You nodded your head in agreement. “Maybe you can find someone tonight.”

“(Y/F/N) you know I don’t want to be in a relationship.” You sighed, even though she knows about you and Klaus, she still insists that you should move on and fined another guy.

“(Y/n) you have to move on, I mean what are the chances of you two meeting again?” You just shook your head and mumbled ‘I’m going to the bar.’ Before you left her. You easily found the makeshift bar, and ordered a martini (A/N I’m almost 18 I’ve never drank alcohol before so I don’t know if it’s good.). You leaned on the bar as you waited for your drink.

“What is a lovely girl as yourself doing here all alone, love?” You heard a familiar voice say from behind you, it sent shivers down your spine, if he was here that means… you shook your head, and decided to just ignore him. “Oh playing hard to get are we?” you moved your hair so it was covering your face. But unintentionally you showed him your left hand, where your wedding ring still sits. “Where did you get that?” 

Kol said harshly as he took your hand and pulled you so you were facing him, his eyes went wide his mouth dropped. You looked at him scared and nervous. Kol looked around for a second, before he vamp speed you both into an abandoned room.

Kol stated pacing back and force, you fidget with your hands not knowing what to say.

“Kol.” You said with a shaky voice. Kol stopped pacing and looked at you, he looked betrayed. If he looked like that you couldn’t even begin to think what Klaus would look like.

“How? How are you alive?” He asked you frowning. “We all saw your body and-and (Y/D/N)’s as well.”

“I faked it.” You whispered knowing that he heard you clearly with his vampire hearing.

“You faked it?” He laughed dryly. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Because it was the only way to give (y/d/n) her best chance.” You said tearing up. “Dahlia was planning on taking her and killing everyone to do so, I couldn’t make my daughter live a life where she is enslaved.”

“We could’ve stopped her.” Kol said calmly.

“And then what? This family has more enemies than anyone else on this planet.”

“Klaus will be mad when he finds out.”

“Is-is he here?” You said stuttering a bit and once again playing with your hands.

“Yes, he is.” Kol said kindly once he saw how scared you were. “He’ll be mad for a while but he’ll get over it, he loves you too much to be mad at you for long.”

“Kol, what are you-“ You both turned to the door way to see Rebekah who was just as shocked to see you as Kol. “Oh god (y/n)?”

You gave her a small smile and a nod, in a second she was hugging you tightly.

“I- we thought you were dead.” She said still hugging you.

“I-I faked it.” And you told her what you told Kol.

“I have an idea.” She said and disappeared from the room. A few minutes later the music outside died down and you hear Rebekah say. “I’m so sorry everyone, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, we have a family emergency that need our attention immediately. So if you could all kindly leave, that would be great.”

You closed your eyes, knowing what was coming, in under fifteen minutes the place was empty, only the Mikaelson and yourself still in the house, you quickly texted your friend and told her to leave, and that you were fine.

“Rebekah, mind tell me what the ‘family emergency’ is?” Your heart beat became frantic when you heard his voice. Kol laid a hand on your shoulder in comfort.

“Just stay calm no matter what.” Rebekah said her voice near the door you and Kol stood behind.

“Just tell us Rebekah.” Klaus said meaning himself and an equally confused Elijah, Freya and Finn. Rebekah hesitated before she opened the door. Kol was standing in front of you he was hiding you, only the side of your dress was showing. “Who is this?” Klaus demanded.

Kol stepped aside, and you were met with Niklaus in a tux looked at you with his wide blue eyes.

“Hello Nik.” You said softly. In a second you were harshly pressed to the wall, with his hands on your neck.

“Who are you? And how can you possess her body?” Nik asked you through his teeth, you choked as you tried to push him off you, but you didn’t need to as Elijah pushed him off you.

“Calm down, Niklaus.” Elijah said as he helped you up. “We wouldn’t find anything out by you choking her.”

“HOW DARE YOU COME HERE AND LOOK LIKE HER?” Nik shouted hurt and pissed at you.

“It is really me.” You said tears gathering in your eyes.

“NO! She dies, she died and so did our child.” Nik said walking towards you before being stopped by Kol.

“Nik just listen to her.” Rebekah said as she stood by your way.

“Sorry, who are you all talking about?” Freya asked confused.

“My wife (y/n).” Klaus said his voice broken and full of sadness.

“Nik you have to listen, please.” You said practically begging. “It really is me, I swear to you.” When he didn’t say anything you took that as your cue to continue. “When Dahlia threatened us and threatened (Y/D/N) I knew that she wasn’t safe, especially not after she killed all of those people and vampires and even witches. She wasn’t safe. Dahlia wasn’t baking down so I faked our death and ran as far as I could.”

“You took her from me, you took MY DAUGHTER FROM ME!” He shouted making you flinch as for the tears to run wild.

“I had to, it was the only way she would’ve been safe.” You said trying not so sob.

“We could’ve defeated her, we’ve always killed anyone who stood in our way.” He said moving his hand around gesturing to his sibling that were standing around us ready to stop any physical fight from breaking.

“And happens after that? We live a happy ever after?” You asked him getting mad at him for not understanding. “Nik, you and everyone here have a long, long list of enemies that isn’t getting shorter by time, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I condemned an innocent child to this life. I could take it, but she couldn’t.”

“Where is she?” Nik asked the question that you were waiting for yet dreading. You didn’t know what to say, everyone here wanted the answer to that question yet you didn’t know what to say.

“She live a long happy life, she got married but had no kids, she became an alpha of her own pack and-and she died at the age of-of hundred and twenty seven (A/N she lived this long because she still had vampire blood in her system).” You sobbed, Rebekah gasped and covered her mouth, and the room was silent except your sobs. Rebekah made a move to hug you, but Nik grabbed you and vamp speed out of the room, out of the house and out of the city. You were all alone in a clearing in the woods. You didn’t know why he got you here, maybe to kill you, you didn’t know. But you really didn’t care. “If you want to kill me, then kill me. I no longer wish to live. It has been hard for me since the moment I left you and after (Y/D/N)’s death I only wished for death.”

“I’m not going to kill you.” Nik said shakily, moved your head so you were looking at him, you saw tears running down his face. He was heartbroken and you felt as if everything was your fault.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” You sobbed and Nik pulled you into his arms and hugged you tightly.

“Was she happy?” Nik asked you and you nodded.

“She was.” Nik moved his head on top of yours, you were pressed against him. “That’s all I ever wanted.”

“Nik, I really am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” You said as silent tears ran down your face. “She love you, you know?”

“She did?” Nik asked his hands tightening around you.

“Yeah, I told her all about you, showed her a few of your paintings and she really did love you.” You said and wiped your tears away. You looked up at Nik who was still crying silently. You moved your hands to his face, swiping the tears off his cheek as his blue eyes stared at you. His eyes were like home, they were familiar something you can always look at and feel loved. “I love you so much Niklaus.”

“And I love you too.” Nik said and he pulled you back into a hug, and vamp speed back to the Abattoir, where everyone was waiting, when they saw you alive and well they all relaxed. Everyone decided to call it a night and talk about everything the day after. When emotions are calm and mind clear and ready. And after that everyone went to their room including you. You were obviously sharing with Nik. You wouldn’t let him out of your sight after spending so many years apart.

i hope steve and tony are kissing rn. steve and the avengers rescued tony from the other dimension and now he’s safe at home and being kissed. steve draws him a bath and they cuddle together in the hot water. steve massages tony all over, his shoulders, his scalp, his legs. they dry off and put on some sleep clothes and they go to bed. steve starts quietly sobbing and tony is worried and frantically asks what’s wrong. and steve says, nothing’s wrong. i’m just so happy you’re here again, with me. you’re home again. safe. in my arms. i’ve missed you so much i couldn’t breathe sometimes. i was worried i would never see you again, touch you again, but you’re here. and tony starts crying too because he’s a big old sap and just hugs steve and kisses him and makes him feel that this is real, that he is finally home and he’s never gonna leave steve ever again. and then they fall asleep and when they wake up they have lazy morning sex and then shower together and get dressed and go out for breakfast with the other avengers to celebrate that tony’s back 😊

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Chocobros reaction to finding their s/o after they've been captured and tortured?

Hooray, our first ask! Going hard already, I see ^^;

Noctis: “____!” He yells their name and immediately wraps his partner up in his arms. “It’s okay,” he whispers over and over. “It’s okay now. I won’t let anyone touch you.” He holds them until their trembling starts to slow, before gently pushing them away to look at their face. His partner would almost be terrified by the absolutely enraged look in his eyes. He almost growls, “Who did this to you?” No matter how much his partner tries to console him, he’s never forgetting this and is dead serious on revenge.

Ignis: He says nothing, and kneels down in front of his partner to analyze the extent of their wounds. Ignis tries to apply all his first aid knowledge, but his hands keep shaking; staying calm is his job, and yet seeing his partner so beaten and fragile is more than he can bear. “Can you stand?” he finally asks. “We must retreat immediately and get you to safety.” Later that night he falls asleep at their bedside gripping their hand like a lifeline. He won’t pry into the subject of their captivity until they feel ready to share.

Gladio: Honestly, he’s ready to behead someone the minute he learns his partner was taken away, but all of that violence melts into concern when he finally sees them again. He’s worried he’ll hurt them if he hugs them too tightly, so he gently picks up his partner until they’re cradled in his arms bridal-style. He feels pure, unadulterated guilt more than anything; their safety should have been his top priority and yet here they are, half-beaten and bloody. “Sorry,” he whispers, and his voice nearly cracks. “I shouldn’t have left you.”

Prompto: The poor boy is almost completely in tears by the time he finds them; just imagining his poor, sweet partner being restrained and hurt makes him feel an excruciating sense of helplessness. He hugs them right away, and it almost hurts, but he’s just sobbing softly into their shoulder and thanking every star above him that they’re still alive. “I’m sorry,” he says several times, “I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll keep you safe. I promise.”

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Hey, could you maybe make an imagine to where Josh has been missing for quite sometime (like a few months or so) and everyone is worried sick and stuff. But then Tyler gets a call that he has been found? Also can the reader be his gf please?


Twenty eight hours.  

That’s how long it had been since anyone had heard from Josh.  

Twenty eight hours since you’d seen his name flash across your screen.

Twenty eight hours since you’d heard his voice.

Twenty eight hours since you’d seen his smile.

Twenty eight hours.  

A cancelled show.  

And a bajillion missed calls.

You were sleeping over at Tyler and Jenna’s, too anxious and scared to stay alone.  

It was an understatement to say you were a wreck, constantly alternating between ugly sobbing and vacant staring.  Tonight was a staring night.  Tonight was a night where your mind wandered into all the dark nooks and crannies you spent so much of you life trying to avoid.  

You barely felt Jenna’s arm around you.  And you could barely hear Tyler pacing in the dimly-lit hallway, leaving voicemail after voicemail on Josh’s phone.  All going unanswered.  

You’d shut your own phone off.  You’d become obsessed with checking it.  Constantly hopeful that Josh would return your calls.  Tell you he’s alive.  It was eating you from the inside out.  

Twenty eight hours.

Twenty eight excruciating hours.

It wasn’t a police case.  Josh had taken his wallet, his phone, his charger.  All the essentials.  No fowl play suspected.  No suspicious accidents.  He just vanished.  

“He’ll be back,” Tyler reassured you.  He was crouched on the floor in front of you, lightly touching your knee.  “I know he’ll be back.”  You nod, not believing a single word he said.  

“You need rest,” Jenna whispers, giving your shoulder a light rub.  

She’s probably right.  The bags under your eyes have become something out of a horror flick.  You think your insides are too squirmy to sleep, but you lay down, letting Jenna tuck you in like a child.  

Their guest bed is soft.  Like clouds.  

You find your mind wandering.  You start to think of some of the tweets you’d read through about the cancelled show.  Different theories and assumptions.  That the band actually broke up.  That someone died.

You wonder what Josh would say if he was here.  You imagine him kissing the tip of your nose and playing with your hair.  He’d probably tell you to stop thinking about it.  To think of something good instead.  

So you try.  You think of the purest and brightest thing in your life.  You think of it laughing, how it’s eyes get all crinkly when it smiles too big.  You think of how it smells and the rise and fall of it’s chest when it’s sleeping beside you at night.  You drift off, finally feeling at peace.

You’re being shaken awake in the middle of the night.  Dazed, confused and still half asleep, you sit up.  Tyler’s lanky silhouette is standing above you.  

“I’m gonna flip on the light,” he says.  

His warning doesn’t prepare you for the blinding flash that erupts.  

You immediately cover your eyes with your forearm, trying to adjust while still looking up at Tyler.  He has a large hoodie on, the bags under his eyes just as prominent as yours.

“He called,” he says, voice cracking.

Your arm falls immediately as you forget completely about the light.  

You’re already flinging the covers and swinging out of bed.  

“What?”  you stammer, still unsure if you believe Tyler or not.

“He called about fifteen minutes ago,” he pauses, “he’s safe.”

Your hand covers your heart, a weight being lifted.  “Thank goodness,” you exhale.

When Tyler doesn’t respond, you ask, “Where is he?”

He sighs, shoving his hands in his pocket.  “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? You just talked to him!”

“He didn’t say.  Said he needs some time,” Tyler exhales sharply, “doesn’t want to be found.”

“Doesn’t want to be found?” you repeat, “what the hell does that even mean?”  You’re becoming frantic.  You quickly rush to the dresser drawer in the corner of the room and turn your cellphone on.  Josh didn’t want to be found by Tyler.  

That didn’t mean he hadn’t tried to get in touch with you.  He’d probably been trying to reach you all day.  God, why did you turn your phone off? So, so stupid.  

You cradle your phone, watching as it boots up.  You stare at the home screen, waiting and waiting, but no texts come through.  No voicemails.  Nothing.  Josh hadn’t tried to reach you at all.  

You look up at Tyler, your face barely peaking out from your hair.  

“Did he say anything about me?”

Tyler pierces his lips, his eyes drooping sadly and shakes his head.

You choke out a sloppy sob, putting your hand over your mouth and hunching over.  Everything inside of you hurts.  You’re angry.  You’re terrified.  You’re confused.

Tyler hesitates.  Jenna had been the one comforting you all week so he wasn’t quite sure what you needed.  He awkwardly shuffles over and puts an arm around you.  You gratefully lean into his shoulder and ugly cry, wishing for this all to be over.  

“Why would he do this?” you whisper.  

“I wish I knew,” Tyler says.

Two more days go by and you start to ponder with the idea of Josh leaving you.  As much terror and anguish you felt the first day of Josh’s disappearance was nothing compared to how you felt now.  Josh chose this.  He chose to leave.  He chose to ignore your voicemails and texts.  

You wanted to respect whatever decision Josh made, even if you didn’t understand it.  So you’d stopped calling.  You’d stopped texting.  A small piece inside of you thought that maybe your silence would make him realize how much he missed you.  But it was eating you alive.  

Apparently you needed Josh way more than he needed you.  

Tonight you were back in your apartment for the first night since he left.  The silence was horrible, unsettling.  You sat on the edge of Josh and your bed, feeling the throw blanket underneath your fingertips.  The room was eerily clean, all the pillows perfectly placed on the bed, every dresser drawer shut tight.  It really showed that no one had lived in the space for over a week.  You pinched the fabric between your thumb and pointer finger.

You stood up, suddenly too overcome with emotions to sit still.  You walk to Josh’s side of the room, the side usually masked with chaos and disorder.  You pulled open his drawer.  His T-shirts laying neatly, folded just how you left them.  You sigh, pulling one out.  You wish it was unwashed, just pulled off his body.  You wished it smelled like him.  Instead all you could smell was lavender fabric softener.  

Something in your chest cracks as you fail to remember what Josh smells like.  It takes less than a second for you to break down.  You clutch his shirt in your fist and start to sob uncontrollably.  Your insides feel like they’re being ripped apart.  You can feel each stitch pull apart, as your heart tears further and further.  You wrap your arms around yourself, desperate to hold at least some of it together.  

You wonder what you did to make Josh run away.  You thought back to your last night together, and tried to pinpoint any signs that Josh was so unhappy.  You didn’t notice.  Whatever was going on in his head, you didn’t notice.  What kind of girlfriend did that make you?  

What kind of person did that make you?

You pulled your phone out of your pocket then, desperate and hysteric and unsure of what else to do.  

You briefly contemplated calling Tyler or Jenna.  But you knew only one person could make you feel better when you were frantic like this.  So you dialed the only number you still knew by heart.

The line rang.

And rang.

And rang.

Your throat felt tight when Josh speaks to you.  You must’ve heard his voicemail a thousand times, but nevertheless, hearing his voice soothed you.

“Hey, this is Josh, I’m obviously not around to pick up, but I’ll call ya back.”  Bullshit, you thought.

“But leave a message if you want!”


You freeze.  Realizing that you had nothing planned to say.  Nothing remarkable or clever or monumental.  

“Hey,” you whisper, trying to keep your voice as steady as possible.  “Um, it’s me.”

“I know you don’t wanna hear from me,” you begin.

Your nose starts to burn and you feel the tears starting to surface again, you try to hold them back.

“But uh-“ your voice grows thicker, “uh- I-”

You breathe shakily into the line, “I’m just at the apartment and it’s really quiet and I don’t think I’ll really be able to sleep,” you pause.  “And I’m just having a bad night, and I uh- I didn’t really know who else to call,” you wipe your wet cheek before continuing, “Tyler said you’re okay.  Which is good.  I’m glad you’re safe.

I just missed hearing your voice,” you say letting out a shaky sigh.  “And I’m sorry.  If I hurt you- I’m really sorry,” you sob heavily.  An ugly, heart wrenching cry.  “I just wanted to say that the keys under the mat and I’ll leave the light on incase you want to come home.”

You click the end button, letting the line go dead.  You clutch your phone to your chest, hanging your head and continuing to cry.

Sleep evades you for days.  You walk around, a lifeless, empty shell.  You do things.  You make the bed and fold the laundry.  But you don’t really feel any of it.  

Tyler and Jenna stop by one afternoon.  

Tyler looks shitty, too.  He’s skinny and his cheek bones are so prominent, like he hasn’t eaten in days.  Come to think of it, neither had you.  

“This is ridiculous,” Jenna says, all but slamming her fists down on your kitchen counter.  You look up sharply, startled by her sudden outburst.

“We have to go find him,” she says, “he can’t just runaway.  And we can’t just let him.”

“Jenna-“ Tyler interjects.

“No,” she says harshly.  “I can’t sit here and watch you, and you,” she says looking over towards where you were seated, “disappear with him.  You’re both fading away.  He can’t do this to us.”

You look up at Jenna, eyes swollen from so much crying, too tired to register all of what she was saying.  

“How can he do this?” she says in frustration, her voice cracking.  She starts to cry, standing in the middle of your kitchen.  Tyler hurries over, cupping her cheek and cradling her into his arms.  They sway, engulfed in each other’s arms.  

You feel sick.

You quietly push out of your chair and walk upstairs.  This was all becoming too much.  

You stop answering calls.  Jenna texts you constantly, trying to check up.  You don’t even open them.  Tyler calls, leaves messages.  Asks how you’re holding up.

About as good as could be expected.  

You feel utterly pathetic.  But you don’t want to function without Josh around.  Everything looks two shades duller and your chest constantly feels like it’s being compressed.  It’s hard enough just getting the energy to breathe.  You don’t want to talk to Tyler or Jenna.

They come by one afternoon, knocking and yelling your name through the door.  You’re in bed, hugging Josh’s pillow.  You’re biting your lips.  Your teeth sink so hard into the skin, you feel a crack and then taste blood.  

They eventually go away.  And you’re left in silence.  

By the forth day, you gave in and answered the door.

You pretend Tyler and Jenna’s presence is a bother, but you’re relieved to have some distractions  from your thoughts.

You’d been starting to wonder if Josh had runway with someone else.  It made perfect sense.  Josh met a girl at a show, didn’t stop at home, took off.  Didn’t want to be found.  Didn’t want to be bothered.  Called Tyler, not you.

Tyler tells you that he thinks the idea was ridiculous.  But you see Jenna biting her lip in the corner of the room, contemplating your theory.  She obviously doesn’t think it’s so crazy.

Your stomach hurt just thinking about it.  

Tyler and Jenna start sleeping at your place.  You get the feeling that they don’t trust you after ignoring them for three days.  You don’t mind so much though.  You sleep better knowing they’re just two doors down.  

The phone call comes that night.  

And Tyler is (once again) shaking you awake in the wee hours of the morning.

“Come on,” he’s whispering, tugging on your bare shoulder.

You’re grunting, unsure about what’s going on.

“Y/N, let’s go,” is all he says.  You groggily get out of bed, taking the sweatshirt Tyler has out for you.

“What’re you doing Ty?” you ask, disoriented.

“Josh’s mom called,” he says quickly, that catches your attention.  “He’s home.”

You wake up immediately.  Forgetting about being exhausted and half asleep.  

You pile into the car with Tyler and Jenna, nerves and anxiety building up inside of you.

“What’d she say?” you finally ask once the three of you were on the road.  

“Just that he showed up on her doorstep, thought we should come quickly.”

“What if he doesn’t want us there, Ty?” you whisper softly.  You weren’t sure what to expect when you finally saw Josh.  Relief?  Anger?  You were terrified of the unexpected.  He could’ve been anywhere these last few days.  You were afraid he didn’t want you.  You were afraid he’d reject you once he saw you.  

“Too bad for him,” Tyler said through gritted teeth.  

Josh’s childhood house sat back on the grass.  It was the only house with lights on in the entire cul de sac.  Tyler and Jenna got out of the car as soon as it pulled to a stop.  But you remained, staring forward and twisting your thumbs between your fingers.  You couldn’t do this.

Tyler realized you weren’t moving.

He opened your door for you, leaning down so that he was eye level.

“I’m scared too,” Tyler whispered, “but Josh is worth it.” He holds out his hand for you to take.  You look up at him.  His sincere eyes were warm and soothing.  You take his hand and get out of the car.  

Josh is worth it, you say over and over again in your head.  

You don’t even hear Tyler ring the doorbell.

In fact, you don’t snap back into the moment until Josh’s mom is opening the door, staring back at the three of you.

She gasps, holding her hand over her mouth.  “Thank God you’re here,” she says, holding her arms out, embracing Tyler in a giant hug.  

She moves on to you next, squeezing you tightly.

“He’s inside,” she says, leading the way.

You have to fight back the tears when you lay your eyes on a sleeping Josh.  He looks so peaceful, sprawled out on the couch, his head resting on a pillow etched with the words “home is where the heart is”.  

“What did he say?” Tyler asks softly.

“Not much,” Laura said, “I thought he was drunk at first,” she explained.  “I was going to be furious.  But then he just broke down, started to actually cry right on the doorstep.  I didn’t push,” she says, “I just led him to the couch to lay down.”  

Tyler shakes his head then and starts to walk over towards Josh.  No one stops him.  

He kneels in front of the couch, and ever so gently, shakes Josh awake.  You stay back, too terrified to go any closer.

Josh is confused at first, looking at Tyler like he’s a dream.  

But before anyone can say anything, Tyler leans in and hugs Josh.  It takes him a minute before Josh reciprocates the action.  But once he realizes this isn’t a dream, he’s hugging back.

“Tyler-“ he chokes out, “I’m sorry,” his voice is hoarse and filled with anguish.  He’s sobbing into Tyler’s shoulder.  His cried echo throughout the living room, filling the air.

You start to cry.  Hugging yourself around the middle again, fearful of splitting in two.  Seeing Josh in so much pain is worse than you could ever imagine.  You feel utterly helpless.

Tyler is gripping him so tightly.  “Don’t be sorry,” is all he says back.  

It’s all too much for you.  You shake your head anxiously and back away from the scene.  Slow at first, you eventually rush to the bathroom, shutting and latching the door.  That’s when you let out an uncontrollable sob, stemming from all the pain in your chest.  

You weren’t strong enough for any of this, you thought as you stared at your tear-stricken, blotchy face in the mirror.  You were exhausted and confused.  You were relieved and angry.  You were terrified.  You didn’t know how to process any of it.  Josh was unharmed.  Not, in fact, dead in a ditch somewhere.  He was right in front of you, fine in some ways.  So, so broken in others.  

There was nothing you could do.

He didn’t need you right now.  You’d just get in the way.  

You had to get out.  

You unlatched the door.  

As you made your way to the front entrance though, Tyler waited for you.  

“You can’t leave,” he says, standing in your way.

“Tyler,” you choke, “I can’t be here-“

“He needs you,” Tyler says, matter of factly.

“No,” you sigh, “he needs his friend and his mom.  That’s who he reached out to.  That’s who he needs.  He didn’t call me,” you say, the anger flaring up inside you, “he didn’t call me, he didn’t text me.  He didn’t show up at my door.  He doesn’t need me.”

Tyler’s shaking his head.

“Stop,” he says harshly, “don’t make this about you.”

You squint your eyes at Tyler, “Excuse me?”

“This isn’t about you,” he says.  “This is about Josh.  And Josh’s pain.  He is broken and fighting a battle inside his head.  He needs you here.  If you leave now, that’ll be the most selfish thing you’ve ever done.  He is scared and he’s fragile and he needs you here.”

Your face softens and you break eye contact from Tyler, your eyes wondering to the floor instead.  

You sigh.  “Is he sleeping again?”

Tyler nods.  “Yeah, but I think he’d like it if you went and sat with him.”

You bite your lip anxiously.  “Okay,” you agree.

You’re still unsure.  You don’t believe Tyler’s words.  But you try.  

Josh has his mouth open slightly, his head tilted back.  Your heart immediately flutters at the sight.  There’s a chair next to the couch, presumably where Laura had been before you all arrived.  You pull it up close to Josh, as quiet as you can, and you gently take his hand in both of yours.  His skin is calloused and rough, but familiar.  You hold tightly, cupping his skin and bringing it to your lips, softly kissing each knuckle.  

Your heart ached.

You missed Josh so much.  

You never wanted to have to live without him again.  

Eventually you fell asleep hunched over, resting your head on your arms, which were on the edge of the couch.  You weren’t sure how long you sat there, but it was long enough that by the time someone was saying your name to wake you, you had a kink in your neck that just might never go away.

Josh’s voice saying your name had never sounded so good.

You sit up, instantly alert.

“Hm?” you respond, brushing a strand of hair out from your mouth.

Josh’s golden eyes were staring into yours, warm and honest.  You smiled instinctively.  

“Hey,” you whisper.

“Hey,” he says back.  “You’re here.”

“Course, I’m here,” you say.  “I’ll always be here.”

You hope he knows that.  

He nods, his face growing somber.  “I’m sorry,” he whispers softly.

You shake your head sharply, “No, no, Josh,” you aren’t sure how to continue.  You aren’t sure what to say.  Your instinct want to tell him it’s okay.  That everything is fine.  But the bags under Josh’s eyes tell you everything is not okay.  And the dead look in his eye tells you that everything is not fine.  “You can talk to me,” you say instead.

He nods.  “I don’t even know what to say.”

“That’s okay, too,” you say, grabbing his hand in yours.  You squeeze it tightly.  “But when you do know what to say, you can talk to me.  Until then, I’ll still be here.”

“I got your voicemails,” he says.

You nod slowly, remembering the pleads and sobbing over the phone.  

“I can’t really explain why I didn’t call back.  I couldn’t, I guess,” he says, still pondering, “I just couldn’t do it.  I was ready to go on stage Thursday night, I had all my stuff and I was going through the routine and I just had this voice in my mind telling me I couldn’t do it.  That I should just turn and run.  It’s the same voice that’s always saying I’m not good enough.  I don’t know, I guess it just took over.  So I left.  I ran.”

You squeezed his hand harder, wanting to emphasize that you were still there.

“You called.  And Tyler called.  And I just couldn’t face either of you.  I felt embarrassed and ashamed and worthless,” he spits the last part, “It’s so overwhelming,” his voice starts to break, “all of this, I just wake up sometimes and I feel like I can’t handle any of it.  But I don’t want to disappoint you, or Ty.  I just want to be good.”

You cup Josh’s face in your hands.  He has creases in his skin, evidence of agony and pain.  You squeeze your eyes shut and press your forehead to his.

“You’re good,” you say.

He starts shaking his head, but you hold it firmly between your hands.

“You’re good.”

“I wanted to call, but I thought you’d be disgusted by me.  I couldn’t come out of this hole, this dark, dark hole.”

“I love you,” you whisper.  “I love you, all of you.  The good you, the creative, funny, gentle, warm-hearted you.  But I love the insecure you.  The you with all the demons and dark skeletons in the closet.  I love you.”

Josh’s nose squishes up and he squeezes his eyes shut, fighting back tears.

“Please,” you plead, “don’t ever run away like that again.  I was so scared, Josh.  And I know there’s nothing I can say to make the voices go away, but you don’t have to listen to them alone.  I’ll always be here.  I’ll listen to them too.  I’ll remind you how wrong they are.  Just please, don’t leave.”

Josh slowly nods, forehead still touching yours.  

“I’m sorry,” he whispers.  “I’m sorry I scared you.”

The two of you sit like that for a while.  Entranced in each other.

Josh finally pulls back asking, “Can I come home now?”

You smile lightly, “Of course, I told you I’d always leave the light on for you.”

Keep You Safe

Request: Yes, 40,31, and 28 with Jason

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

Prompt: 40: “I’ll keep you safe.” 31: “We have to stick together.” 28: “Keep your eyes on me.”

Warning: Death? Just in case.

A/N: Making these short sorry!!!

 Jason was comforting you trying to make you feel safe in his arms. You had just witnessed a murder. And the victims were your parents, as you continued to stare at their dead bodies.

“Baby, keep your eyes on me.” He says moving your face away from your parents and in front of his face.“I am so sorry [F/N].” You couldn’t reply you were in shock. Your loving parents who had given you everything to make you happy were now gone. You began to sob loudly on his shoulder. How could this happen? Why? He continued to hold onto you.

I’ll keep you safe.”

It was the day you were going to bury your parents. You tried terribly to control your tears but lost the battle. Tear after tear fell as Jason stood beside you, wrapping his arm around your waist. You both watched as your parents’ coffins were dug deep down. Jason hugs you as you, once again cry on his shoulder.

We have to stick together in this, you will not go through this alone.” Jason says at last.

Brawling Love Part 15

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearin’, angst, crying

A/N: here ya goooooo, probs already used this gif buuuuuuuttt :D

And it went back to not talking. He ignored you, you ignored him and the team watched how broken the both of you were. When you and Bucky were in the same room, you wouldn’t even glance at him.

Today you had to go on a mission with Tony, Steve, Wanda, Natasha and Sam. Steve said the mission wasn’t a big one, you were just clearing out a small Hydra base nearby and grabbing some documents they had. Steve suggested Bucky stay home for this one. You got ready, getting your gear and meeting the others outside. You passed Bucky, not bothering to look at him as you joined Wanda and Nat in the quinjet.

Bucky stood there talking to Steve before he had to leave for the mission. He saw you pass and paused mid sentence, watching you walk towards the quinjet. He sighed, not taking his eyes of you as he spoke.

“Make sure she stays safe.” Bucky murmurs to Steve. “I don’t want her to get hurt.”

“Don’t worry, Buck, she’ll be fine. I promise.” Steve pats his friend on his shoulder.

“Hey Cap,” Sam grabs his attention. “time to go.”

Steve turns back to Bucky and sighs. “I gotta go. Don’t get in too much trouble with Clint and Thor, alright?”

Bucky only nods. The two super soldiers hug before Steve joins the others on the quinjet. Bucky stood there, watching the quinjet take off and he hoped and prayed that you would be alright. I didn’t matter if you two weren’t talking, he still cared for you. He just wanted you to come back in one piece.

“Alright, Nat and I will clear out the ground floor, Sam and Wanda you got the second floor and Tony and Y/N, you got the roof. There’s not a lot of agents that work at this base so clearing it out shouldn’t be a problem. Once we’re done Sam and Wanda you grab the documents, they’re on the second floor and meet us back out here.” Steve explained and you all nod. “Alright, let’s go.”

You all got off the quinjet and Tony flew the both of you up to the roof of the building. You load your gun as you landed and Tony cursed.

“Steve,” you grunt, taking one agent down. “You said there’s not a lot of agents working here.”

“You lied.” Tony adds a couple of feet away from you.

“When we discovered the base there wasn’t a lot.” Steve’s voice comes through the small earpiece.

“And how long ago was that?” Wanda questioned as you shot an agent.

Steve sighed. “Two months ago.”

“Two months ago!?” you all shout at once.

“We had to do research on it and make a plan! I didn’t think they’d recruit so many agents within two months!” Steve defends.

“If my suit gets ruined it’s your fault.” Tony huffed.

You both continued to clear out the roof, successfully taking everyone out in an hour or so. Tony had your back and you had his. You looked around the roof, making sure you got everyone that was up there. Bodies were scattered, some dead, some unconscious.

“Wanda, Sam, statues update.” Steve’s voice calls.

“Second floor clear, Wanda and I are going to get the documents.” Sam responds.

“Good. Tony, Y/N, status update.” Steve says.

“Clear up here, we’re keeping a look out.” you reply.

“Alright. Once Wanda and Sam have that document we can get out of here.” Steve says.

You walk close to the edge of the roof, looking out just to be sure there were no agents as you waited for Steve to give you the green light to head back to the quinjet.

“I can’t wait to get home and eat!” you shout into the air causing Tony to laugh from behind you.

“I can’t wait to - Y/N watch out!” Tony shouts. You turn immediately. It was a blur. Three shots were fired and you fell to the floor. There was ringing in your ears, you could hear Tony shouting.

“Y/N’s down, I repeat Y/N’s down, god damn it!” he drops to his knees next to you, after taking out the agent who shot you. “Y/N, stay with me.”

Your vision was blurry but you could see that Tony had removed the top half of his armor. You gasped for air as Tony put pressure on your wound, you felt fuzzy.

“Tony, what’s going on?” Steve’s worried voice called through the earpiece.

“She’s bleeding out Steve, I’m taking her home.” Tony responds, picking you up.

“Alright drop everything guys we’re going home.” Steve says. Tony brought you to the quinjet, meeting everyone on it. “Keep pressure on the wound.”

Tony kept his hand on your abdomen as your vision got even more hazy. “Hey kid, stay with me alright? Focus on my voice, we’re gonna get you out of here.”

“Tony?” you murmur. You felt cold.

“Yeah?” he responds. He tried his best not to cry. You were like a daughter to him. You tried to speak again but it was too late, everything went black. “Kid? Y/N answer me.” he shook you a bit but you stayed unconscious.

A gurney was waiting for you when the quinjet landed. Bucky heard the commotion and went out there only to be horrified when he saw you. “What happened!?”

“She got shot, it was a surprise attack, I didn’t know he was there!” Tony exclaimed.

Bucky rushed over to the gurney that you were on, walking with the nurses that were wheeling you to the infirmary. Tears blurred his vision as they made it to the room. He should have been there to make sure you were safe.

“Sir, you’re going to have to wait out here.” the nurse says.

“No I’m not, I need to be in there with her.” he sobbed, letting his tears fall freely. He tried getting into the room but stopped when Steve pulled him back. “You.” he pushed Steve away from him. “You promised me she’d be okay, you fucking promised me Steve!” hot tears fell from his eyes.

“I know, Buck, I know.” Steve sighed.

“Which one of you was her partner?” he asked, wiping the tears that fell from his face. “Huh!?”

Tony stepped forward. “Calm down frosty, it was me.”

“You son of a bitch.” Bucky shoved Tony. “You’re her fucking partner, you’re supposed to have her back!”

“I did!” he replied.

“Then why the fuck is she in there!?” Bucky pointed to the room in front of them.

“Bucky come on.” Steve placed his hand on his shoulder but he shrugs it off.

“No. I’m staying here.” he responds.


“I’m not leaving her, Steve!” Bucky snapped.

“And I’m not leaving you here alone.” he says.

Bucky sat on one of the chairs outside the room, letting his head fall in his hands as he shamelessly cried. He could lose you at any moment and the last time you two spoke, it was horrible. It was the argument.

Bucky sobbed and Steve wrapped his arm around his friend after dismissing the others. “She’ll be okay Bucky.”

“That’s what you said last time and look what happened.” Bucky replied, lifting his head as he stared at the wall in front of him.

A/N: sorry not sorryyyyy *evil laugh*



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He was after her. She could do nothing but run. Run away from him, from the monster. She wanted to scream. She wasn’t surprised when she realised she couldn’t. She has no voice now. Not in that place. So she run. Cold arms wraped around her middle and she opened her mouth and closed her eyes. Darkness is safe. In the darkness I can’t see him. She felt a sudden pain throught her body and then, only then, she screamed.


But it was not her voice. 

“Sansa, sweetling.”

She was shaking, but she continued to run. She was near, so near, she could feel it. She could scape. Her head hurted so bad, she had to open her eyes. 



Now she scream loud. As loud as she can. She is confused when she feel a pair of strong but gentle hands in her shoulders. Now she realise she is sitting in a bed. 

“Sansa,  I’m here.”

She hears a voice far away. But he’s there and he’s trying to hurt her in that bed. Not again. He’s trying to make her lay down. Not again. So she fight for freedom, but suddenly she is lying next to a warm body whose arms are wraped around her. Warm. Not cold. The embrace is warm and her face is in his bare chest. She can hear his heartbeat. It’s erratic, just like hers.

“It’s me, my love. It’s just me. Just Petyr.”

Petyr. Her anchor, her protector, her love. Now she’s sobbing in his chest, but he’s kissing her forehead, whispering sweet words against it. She has to corroborate he’s the one he says he is. So she looks up and his grey green eyes are fixed on her. She can read what his eyes are saying, and she feel home.

“It’s all over, you’re safe, sweetling. I protect you now.”

He doesn’t make her talk about the nightmare. He knows by now what is all about. He just want her to calm down and feel happy, and warm, and good, and loved.  And she does. He’s not a good man. Everyone is telling the same tale over and over. She knows. He is darkness, and she feel sake in the dark. And when she is calmed enough she feel brave to say what she feels out loud.

“I love you”, she whispers.

“I know.” And he cannot think straight. “I love you too, Sansa. Now rest, my love.” 

And she rest. But he doesn’t sleep at all. He is watching her, resting peacefully now. She looks like an angel, like a queen. And he starts to think about revenge. He wants to kill every single person who is guilty of her nightmares. And what do we do to those who hurt the ones we love?


I love how when d&p are being interviewed or something Phil usually just keeps eye contact with the person talking to them
but Dan constantly looks over at Phil as if he needs to be reassured like
I’m okay
My best friend is here
Everything will be okay
He constantly just looks over at phil because Phil makes him feel comfortable and safe
and then Phil will look over at him and keep eye contact with him for a few seconds and smile as if he’s saying
You’re okay Dan
I’m here
You’re gonna be okay
I love you.

Stay with me Part 7

Jimin x reader

Genre: Angst, romance, school au, new girl, bad boy, school gang activity.

Warnings: gang like activity, partying, strong language, mentions of drugs and alcohol, smut.

Word count: 2231




With every beginning there is an end.

With every push, there’s a pull.

My pull towards you is strong.

But where is my push?

Is it caught in a catastrophe of words and phrases?

Is it at the bottom of this colored glass?

Or has our beginning not even begun?

With every beginning there is an end…

I’ve begun something.

I want my push that will lead me to your pull…

With every push there is a pull…

And with every dream…

There’s an awakening.

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Imagine you are a princess controlled by a regent...

Fill for a request from Requests 28. Part 1 of 3.

You were never meant to rule. Had either of your brothers lived to inherit your father’s throne, the regency would be no more than a formality, but you were learning to manage a royal household while they received the education of a king. Now your entire family is gone. Your mother was lost to childbed fever years ago; your elder brother, to war; the younger, to tragic accident. Your grieving father lived long enough to dissolve your betrothal to a foreign prince and name you his heir. Now, you sit alone on the throne of your ancestors and pray for the strength to protect their kingdom.

    It seems that the only support to your rule comes from the last place you expected to find it. While dukes and distant cousins have spent the last year jockeying for position at court, seeking to ensnare your hand for one of their sons or usurp your throne outright, the lord regent is subtle and ambitious. He comes from minor nobility, and won your father’s trust as one of his councilors. Courtiers are often shocked when they realize his relative youth – not even ten years older than yourself, and handsome enough to make people wonder why he remains unmarried.

    You’re not sure how he managed to get himself named regent, and something about him makes you not want to find out. But by your late father’s command, he is now the most powerful man in the kingdom, wielding your own royal authority against lords he should rightfully be serving on bended knee.

    Upon your coronation, two years from now, he must abdicate his position and return control of your kingdom to the one who wears the crown. When you picture that day, all you feel is terror, unsure how you are going to keep your people safe without the cunning regent to guide your hand.

    He finds you weeping in your too-empty chambers one night after a disastrous audience in court, almost making yourself sick with worry over the future. “Come now, highness,” he says in a soothing tone, inviting himself to sit beside you on your wide bed. You have your knees drawn up to your chest, shivering in your long, thin nightgown, and lean into the regent for comfort as he slowly strokes your hair. “You did well today.”

    “W-w-well?” you sob, disbelieving. “I couldn’t f-f-fix a s-single thing for my p-people!”

    “Ah, but you calmed their anger and gave them hope, and that is no small feat.”

    “Then I m-might as well be useless.”

    “That is not true,” he reassures you. “Your people need their queen.”

    You breathe deeply, trying to regain control over your emotions. “I’m s-sorry you had to see me like this, lord regent,” you apologize as your crying subsides, knowing how self-doubt betrays your weakness.

    “It’s all right,” he says, wiping the tears from your puffy red cheeks. “You’re very brave, to endure what you have. Let others soil their hands with bloody politicking – there is something that only you can do to secure the future of the realm.”

    “What is it?” you whisper, desperate to become the ruler your kingdom needs.

    He blows out the lone candelabra at your bedside, plunging the room into darkness save for the light of the moon. “This,” he says, and pushes you down.

    Instinctively, you draw breath to scream, but the warm hand that comforted you moments ago clamps down hard over your mouth, pinning you to the mattress as you struggle. “Do not fight me, princess,” he warns. “You know it is your duty.”

    You go limp, eyes wide in the moonlight. “Please, please, no,” you beg when he releases you, shaking your head in terror. “I am not yet twenty years, I cannot bear a child.”

    “You can, and you will,” he presses you, trailing strong fingers up the inside of your leg. You gasp when he finds the meeting of your thighs and wriggle under his curious ministrations.

    “Please,” you say again, “I am not ready.”

    The regent frowns, demeanor turning cold. He slips two fingertips into your damp core and crooks them sharply, making you shudder bone-deep. “If not now, when?” he demands. “Will you leave your kingdom without an heir? It will mean civil war!”

    Chest heaving from the unfamiliar sensations, you try to think clearly, but your regent’s closeness is overwhelming. Grasping for rational objection, all you can manage is a weak moan. “But I have not even taken a husband,” you protest.

    He climbs on top of you, pushing your nightgown up over your hips, your soft breasts, your shoulders, tangling your arms over your head. You can feel a warm, hard bulge pressing against you from underneath his robes. “Do only your duty, dear princess,” he says, letting his clothes fall open at the front, and you shiver at the touch of hot skin against your belly and breasts in the drafty room. “Let me worry about the rest.”

    Fright melting away into desire, you nod your assent.

    In one quick motion, he flips you onto your stomach, face crushed into pillows to smother your cries. With one hand he hoists your hips until they are flush with his and grinds into your backside, long member rubbing between your folds until they lay open and dripping, and await entry. Your whole body goes rigid in anticipation.

    To your surprise, he does not penetrate you immediately, but runs his free hand up along the dip of your waist to trace the outlines of your barely-rounded chest, nipples puckered by arousal and exposure. “I won’t hurt you, princess,” he says, and his voice is all comfort and reassurances once more, discordant with the hard lines of his body behind yours. You feel him move your hips gently into alignment and hear him command, “Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.”

    Chest heaving, you do so, and after several shaky attempts to draw breath you manage to follow his orders. The moment the strength leaves your limbs he pushes into you in one smooth stroke and holds you still, letting your walls flutter around the intrusion. The sheets muffle your panicky scream as he repeats the motion, slowly at first, then faster as your body adjusts to grant him access to deeper, more stimulating places.

    As your own cries subside you hear a low groan escape your regent’s flawless control; a moment later he grows still and floods your belly with heat, melting your core and relaxing your muscles. Spent, he collapses halfway and pulls you down with him, remaining inside you to keep his seed from trickling away down your legs.

    He dozes slightly, holding you tight against his chest while your heartbeat gradually returns to normal. Every inch of your skin is oversensitive, hyper-aware of your regent’s presence in and around you. His fingers run idly up and down your front, drawing circles around your belly as if marking out the shape he wants it to take.

To be continued…

– Lady

boy do i have a small insignificant story to tell the 20 ish people who actually care about my blog

so tonight i was feeling really suicidal, like had a plan to do it, minutes away from doing it, and having a breakdown. and im texting this crisis hot line and the counselor i got paired up with is wonderful and helping me and everything. But like my mom walks past my room as im sobbing and blah blah blah my mom makes me sleep in her and my dads bed tonight so she can make sure im safe. well look i cancelled the crisis text line thing because i was safe and stuff and i just went on my merry way, sobbing and screaming and shit ya know, the usual. so my mom leaves after i calm down and just as im about to start going to sleep there’s this loud ass knock on the door (which didnt wake my dad up smh dad y u like this) anyways my mom starts saying she’ll come get me ya know, and talking to whoever was at the door.

well i walk out and thERES SOMEONE FROM THE SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT AT MY HOUSE and at first i thought i was in trouble but actually the crisis line called and made a welfare check come all the way out to my house to make sure im alive. and idk man, that makes me feel really happy. even random strangers care. like they kept asking to make sure i was okay and they turned a light on to check me and whatever and it just made me happy.

anyways thats the first time ive ever had the sheriffs department called to my house because i was suicidal and it was terrifying yet oddly helpful at the same time there’s the story youre welcome

anonymous asked:

"Hush", Bruce and lil Jason

Batman searched frantically through the ruble, rising smoke obscuring his vision. Finally, sees the tattered yellow cape, the red of the jerkin and matching red blood.

One look tells the story. There’s no need to check for a pulse. But he does anyway. 

Dropping to his knees, Batman reaches out, taking a limp wrist in shaky, gloved fingers.

Nothing. He’s lost him. Batman lifts the figure into his arms. He's already getting cold to the touch. 

Batman cradles the boy to his chest.


Bruce shouts, lunging forward in his bed, sheets tangled in his frantically kicking legs. He yells for his son. The image of Jason’s broken body, his torn uniform, is burned into his mind.


Jason stands in the doorway, hair mussed up and pajamas wrinkled.

“Are you okay? I heard you yelling.”

“Jay-lad,” Bruce croaks out. “Come here. Please.”

When Jason reaches the bed Bruce grabs him, holding onto him as fiercely as he’d just done in his dream.

His voice is raw between sobs, tears burning his skin. “I dreamt- you were. I couldn’t, I didn’t make it. In time.”

“It’s okay, B. I’m here,” Jason says, squeezing back. “I’m not going anywhere. You’d never let anything happen to me, right?”

“Right.” He pulls back enough to see Jason's face, worried but safe and whole. “I’d never let anything happen to you, son.“ 


Imagine Coming Out To The Avengers And a Thinking They Aren’t Okay With It

For Anon (Stay positive my friend!)

“Can I say something while everyone is here?” you ask loudly enough everyone at the table hears.

“Sure go ahead” Steve encourages and the team quiets down. They all have expectant looks and it makes you nervous.

“I think there is something you should know about me” you start then pause.

“Yes?” Natasha prompts.

“I’m gay” you squeak out. The room goes silent and Wanda’s eyes widen. You give a nervous laugh. “I mean girls like girls like boys do. Nothing new right?” You swear you can hear crickets chirping. You panic and take their silence and unacceptance. “I’ll go then.” You flee from the room and towards yours.

Once safely inside you let out a loud sob.

“Idiot idiot idiot!” you repeat and lunch the wall in a blind rage.

“(Y/N) don’t punch the wall. They’ll come around” Wanda promises and you turn around to see her standing there. You didn’t even hear her come in.

“They didn’t say anything Wanda” you say and hopelessly fall onto your bed.

“They are shocked is all” Wanda explains and puts a gentle hand on your back.

“Why aren’t you shocked?” you inquire and look up.

“Pietro is very very gay for the archer so I know the signs” Wanda replies making you smile. “Let it sink in for them.”

“Okay” you mumble and burry a face into a pillow.

“You can also cry it out” Wanda suggests and you giggle.

“Yeah I think I’ll do that. Wanna join?”

“Why not?”

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Can I request RFA+V+Saeran who have been trying for months (or even years) to have a baby with MC, but once they finally go to the doctor they find out that MC is infertile and can't have children?

Awwwww yeaaaaaaaa boi angsttttt- SFW

-years after he and MC had met and she had helped him through school
-for almost a year they had tried
-Yoosung finally got fed up with no results that he scheduled an appointment
-MC was super nervous, after they did all the tests she was tired
-one week later he got a call for an appointment
-he and MC went in together, holding hands and hopeful
-they sat and listened to all this fancy talk of studies and tests confused
- “ma'am I’m sorry but you are infertile.”
-MC was destroyed, she started sobbing and apologizing
-yoosung was really quiet and when they got him he didn’t say much
-MC was crying and apologizing, saying he should find someone who was better, someone who wasn’t broken
-he grabbed her and told her that she was the love of his life, there was never going to be anyone better
-they decided to buy farmland and start an animal sanctuary instead

-he had always despised the thought of children when he was younger
-now that he and MC had been together for a long while and he had made enough money they were going to try for a baby
- after a month or two he got curious and took her
-soon after everything was processed they went back in for a follow up visit
-the doctor was solemn when she walked in and zen felt his heart seize
-“ma'am I’m so sorry to inform you but you are infertile”
-MC was silent for a while and zen sat in shock
-soon zen felt something on the back of his hand which sat in MCs lap
-she had tears silently tracking down her face as the doctor slipped out
-MC looked up at him and began sobbing, trying to release all the remorse she felt
-zen held her while her body shook and told her everything was going to be fine
-they soon decided that they weren’t meant to have children and moved on

-this was never an issue for obvious reasons

-soon after they got married Jumin had approached MC carefully
-he was determined to make a baby with MC
-less than a month after they started trying he took her to see a specialist
-he had expiditied tests done and they sat in the waiting room just one day later
-MC was obviously nervous as her hand trembled in his
-the doctor came in the room and brought an air of hesitant concern
-the doctor barely had to say the words before Jumin ordered him out of the room
-MC just sat shocked staring at her own lap
-they decided they still wanted to have a natural born child
-Jumin paid for expensive new procedures to allow for child and they were so happy they did it

-he finally cracked and said yes to MC
-she was so excited but after almost 5 months of negative tests she got tired
-she scheduled her appointment for herself
-he never knew she went and one day she was gone, saying she had an errand to run
-saeyoung began wondering where she was and finally she came home
-he heard the door and that was enough for him, she was home safe
-he heard glass shatter in the kitchen and went running in
-she had blood flowing down her arm from her hand
-there were giant tears flowing down her face
-she was trying to talk through her hiccuping sobs saying something about babies
-he calmed her down and cleaned up her wounds
-“sae I can’t have kids”
-he looked her in her eyes as she explained the doctors and tests
-he held her close and told her he didn’t need a child to prove their love for each other

-he genuinely hates children but MC is so passionate
-he decides that he will make this child’s life better than his own
-he and MC try for almost a year
-he doesn’t think anything of it but MC starts to fret
-she goes to the doctor after telling Saeran
-he doesn’t think twice about it, no way it could happen
-MC comes home looking defeated and trampled
-he knows immediately and grabs her face
-“our love for each other is to the ends of time, one small issue doesn’t change that”

-he was hesitant but happy when MC suggested children
-he was finally settled in a steady income from photography and was happy with MC
-after everything Rika had subjected him to he thought that bringing more MC related happiness into his life was the best idea
-he and MC had tried for about 8 months before he started to get quizzical
-he and MC went and he sat with her as they did all the tests
-days later he sat in a cold and sterile room with MC, clutching her hand and feeling her heart race against his arm
-the doctor was slow in explaining it all but when he delivered the final verdict MC  tensed
-her whole body was stiff as the doctor left the room and the door shut
-she sighed and slumped against him, apologizing and crying
-he pet her head and cuddled her
-several months later they decided to adopt a child instead

This made me really happy sad to write, thanks for the ask!!

Can't Do This

Request: Can you make an Andy Biersack imagine where Y/N has an anxiety attack at school and Andy has to pick her up from school and he takes her home and makes her feel better? I love your writing btw!

A/N: I love this request, thank you lovely!

The people usually got to me, the crowds of people going from one class to the next. The careless bumps of passers by, and the stares people got for just looking at someone ‘the wrong way.’ I hated all of it, the anxiety of it all, though, was usually never too much. But today was different. Everyone seemed to send glares my way, bump into me harder, and slow down in front of me, making me late for my class. By 3rd hour my mind was mush, all I did was panic in the halls, eventually giving up and running to the closest closet, muttering, “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this” the whole way.
I fell into the corner of the closet hiding my head in my knees, close to crying, but not quite. I finally felt the tears rushing down my face after a moment of silence, I was having a full blown attack. My mind felt slow but then again was racing at a mile a minute, I was missing class, I heard the bell ring, or was that just the ringing in my ears? I had a paper due in my Music class, I hadn’t finished it…. I finally pulled out my phone and texted Andy, he would come get me. I hoped.
To: Andyy
I texted, a minute later I felt my phone vibrate, he had replied.
From: Andyy
On my way meet me outside
I locked my phone, not even bothering to reply. I got up and quickly shuffled out of the closet and walking out of the back doors of the school. I was going to regret this tomorrow.
Andy met me outside, maybe 10 minutes later, obviously driving like a maniac to reach me. He opened my door for me as I shakily climbed in, my mind still running on fumes.
He shuffled in and started driving, afraid to say anything, for fear of making me more anxious.
“Where do you want to go?” He finally asked.
“Home, where it’s safe, there are no people, and no classes that stress me out.” He nodded and drove us to the small house.
“What happened, baby?” He asked after settling me on the couch, sitting close to me.
“I-i don’t know!” I sobbed, finally snapping, the tears I held in the best I could running down my cheeks and choked sobs coming out of my mouth. I turned and hid my face in Andy’s chest, “one thing led to another, all the eyes, all the work I didn’t finish, all t-the people!”
Andy just rubbed my back, letting me get all my emotions out, after the crying died down he started singing. His melodic, deep voice vibrating in his chest and bouncing around the room calmed me, quiet and sweet. I found myself taking deep breaths as he sang.
‘Then I lost it all
Dead and broken.
My back’s against the wall.
Cut me open.
I’m just trying to breathe,
Just trying to figure it out
Because I built these walls to watch them crumbling down.
I said, “Then I lost it all.”
And who can save me now?’

NCIS One-Shot: Trust Your Gut

Summary: You’re finally given the day off from work and you’ve got a date to go to. But there’s an uneasy feeling in your stomach about your date, and you soon learn that you should always trust your gut.

Requested By: @profiler-in-training

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: Mentions of date-rape drug

Notes: This was a whirlwind to write.

Originally posted by missmaclay

You stand up from your seat with a relieved groan, stretching out your tired muscles. The day was over, and after this long case, the director was offering you all a day off. A day off that was very well deserved and anticipated.

“Going home and straight to bed?” teases DiNozzo.

“I have a date actually,” you shoot back.

DiNozzo’s eyes brighten in interest as he hefts his backpack onto his shoulder. “Anybody I know?”

“I doubt it. I met him in a gym.”

McGee snorts at your response, and DiNozzo glares at him. “Which bar?”


“Hey, that’s where I’m headed,” interrupts Gibbs, suddenly. The three of you turn to your boss.

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I point my gun and Spider-Man breathing heavily, he was lying on the floor breathing heavily after the hit from the lizard freak. “Get up Spider-Man!” I yell stepping closer but took a step back when he groaned in pain standing up slowly. I take another step back when he completely stands up his back to me his mask missing somewhere in the room. I could see his brown messy hair which was hard to miss my eyes widen and I slowly lower my gun. “P-Peter.” I whimper as he turned to completely face he, he had cuts all over his face and I drop my gun quickly as it hits the floor.    

“(Y/n).” He mumbles slowly turning to face me. “Please calm down.” He says as I cover my mouth about to sob. “Hey d-don’t cry.” He says trying to hush me. 

“I-I almost shot you then.” I sob crying. “I almost killed my best friend.” I cry but I felt to large arms wrap around me making me sob more. 

“Hey, it’s okay, you didn’t know.” There was a loud scream and a loud bag. He looks around for his mask he quickly finds it using his web to bring it to him. He looks back at me smiling softly. “I’ll explain this all later, please be safe.” He  mumbles kissing my forehead he quickly wipes my tears away and runs off putting his mask on stopping the lizard freak.

“You’re an idiot.” I mumble watching him run off.