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Mike Meekins is called as witness. He states that he saw a suspicious man in the evidence room, who drew a knife at him, Meekins disarmed him, but was stabbed in the scuffle. A recording on the crime was filmed. Wright notices that the light on Goodman’s locker was on before the locker was opened. He works out that the locker had a rubber glove jammed into it blocking it’s electronic sensors, as a result anyone could have opened the locker.

Meekins testifies that the ID record shows that Goodman’s card was used to enter the Evidence Room. Wright objects as on the day he was killed Goodman was working on filling out a lost item report for his ID card. Goodman’s ID card had been stolen by someone who used it to enter the Evidence Room. Edgeworth points out that therefore the fake murder is unrelated to the Parking Lot murder so Lana Skye is still the main suspect. Wright calls Jake Marshall as a witness to shed light on what really happened. During the recess Lana Skye gives Ema and Wright files on the SL-9 Incident, also known as the “Joe Darke Killings”, Lana and Ema were witnesses in the trial. Ema runs away in shock.

Marshall testifies that at the time of the crime he had left the Police Department. When Wright presents his bloody handprint he claims the murderer put their bloody gloved hand on one of the hand prints he’d left on his old locker. Wright claims that with his knowledge of the Evidence Room he could have left the room without being caught by the security camera. Examining the video tape Wright finds that a piece of cloth was placed in Marshall’s locker during the time recorded. Wright point out that only Marshall could have opened his locker due to the fingerprint scanner, which panics Marshall who was unaware of that security feature. Marshall was in fact the “victim”, he couldn’t have presented Goodman’s ID card because it would have shown that he was an imposter. During the scuffle Meekins had cut his own hand, the blood ended up staining Marshall’s coat forcing him to hid the bloody coat in his locker.

Marshall confesses that he disguised himself as Goodman stealing his ID card to get into the Evidence Room in order to remove the SL-9 evidence before it was stored away permanently. However, he found that the evidence had already been removed. He hadn’t set up the rubber glove to block the locker sensor so Goodman must have opened his locker previously and the glove had fallen into the sensor. He had done this n order to find the truth of SL-9. His brother Neil Marshall a prosecutor worked on the case with then Chief Detective Damon Gant. Unfortunately, Neil had been in a fight with Joe Darke who murdered him. This was the first time Darke had left behind evidence which the police used to arrest and convict him. Marshall refuses to believe that his brother could be beaten in a fight.

With the incident at the Evidence Room the Judge starts to pass his verdict on Lana Skye, when Ema returns having guessed what Marshall had done went to examine the other bloody handprint at the crime scene and found…nothing. Wright realizes that at the time the Blue Badger was blocking the locker as a result there would be no way to leave the handprint. Ema deuces that it must have been left there before the Badger was moved into the Evidence Room. There was also too much blood found at the crime scene, for Meekins to have accidently cut his hand. The card reader data shows that someone with the ID number 7777777 had entered the Evidence Room before Meekins had moved the Blue Badger. The unknown person likely let Goodman into the Evidence Room then killed him. Edgeworth states that he doesn’t have the authority to learn who the ID cards belongs to because of their high rank. Marshall then asks Lana if during the SL-9 trial if she used legitimate evidence? She replies that she did what was necessary for Darke to be convicted. This causes a ruckus in the court and the Judge extends the trial another day.

At the Wright & Co Offices Ema explains that two years ago while waiting in her sister’s office Joe Darke (who had been questioned by the police, before fleeing the interview room) had ran in and tried to take her hostage. Neil Marshall had followed after him and the two got into a fight. The lights were turned off, but lightning had illuminated the room and Ema saw a man raising a knife to stab someone. Lana must have faked evidence to get a conviction, which she passed on to Edgeworth. At the time Lana was a detective before she moved to the Prosecutor’s office and became Chief Prosecutor.

At the Detention Centre Lana explains that at the time of SL-9 she had been working with Demon Gant, even sharing an office with him, he had transferred her to the Prosecutors Office after the case was concluded. Lana had been the first person to arrive after Neil Marshall had been killed, she’d found Darke knocked out, from a blow made by Neil. The crime occurred in Gant’s office at the Police Department.

Meeting Officer Marshal outside the Police Department he explains the rumours of faked evidence of SL-9, the murder weapon while it belonged to Darke didn’t match the wound of the victim, this was left out of the final report. His brother’s death had happened on the day he won the King of the Prosecutors Trophy. Marshall also tells them that Gant had promoted Lana to Chief Prosecutor and this had marked a sudden change in her personality. Marshall suspects that Grant was behind the fake evidence. Ema and Wright meet Gant in his office, but after he shows them a photo of Neil Marshall (with his Prosecutor trophy), himself and Lana, before they can investigate he locks his room and leaves.

Before they leave they meet Detective Gumshoe according to him Edgeworth is in trouble for using fake evidence. He also tells them that the tip of Darke’s switchblade was found in Neil’s body. While Gumshoe could give them his ID card so they could get into Gants office he is unwilling due to the potential consequences he might face. Next the pair visit Edgeworth at his office they find that he is preparing a letter of resignation as he can’t forgive himself for using falsified evidence. He also recognises that Marshall’s trophy is different from his, the old won had a halberd on it. In the car park they Angel Starr who tells them that Gant was renowned for finding pieces of decisive evidence under unlikely circumstances. Starr suspects that Gant promoted Lana so that he could control the Prosecutors Office.

Gumshoe is willing to help after they show him Edgeworth’s resignation letter. In Gant’s office they are able to use the code “7777777” to open Gant’s safe. Inside they find the final piece of the broken vase which has a blood stain on it, and a piece of cloth with a handprint. In his desk they find half of the SL-9 evidence list, it also has a drawing on it. Wright analyses the cloth and finds that the handprint is Ema’s. Gant returns and finds them in his office, Gumshoe and Wright have to leave, but he keeps Ema with him.  At the Detention Centre Wright meets with Lana and shows him the evidence he uncovered showing that she is cooperating with Gant. Lana admits she is doing it out of fear, and that he had ordered her to dispose of Goodman’s body, which had been left in Edgeworth’s car trunk. She had found the “murder weapon” of SL-9, had been used to kill Goodman. She removed it (to prevent it being brought to attention and it being found out as fake evidence) and stabbed the corpse with Edgeworth’s knife. She also called Marshall hoping he could have aided her, but instead he decided to break into the Evidence Room. Lana is unwilling to tell Wright anything else and it’s up to him to uncover the truth in court tomorrow.


[TianShan Week]

Day 4: Shield

…Rubber gloves provides protection for your hands!

In the last panel, Guan Shan should also say, “at least clean up your own bloody mess…”

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