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20 Get to Know-isms
I was tagged by: @cubapuddingjunior
Nickname: the fellas at work have started calling me the G-Meister, I have no idea. Star sign: Aries 🐏
Height: 5 foot 6? I don’t know, under six foot but not tiny.
Time right now: 22.10
Last thing googled: metatarsalgia
Favorite music artists: Hurts, The Weeknd, Amaranthe, Kamelot, Tarja, Justin Timberlake and I’m feeling this BeBe Rexa or whatever she’s called
Song stuck in your head: Maximise by Amaranthe
Last movie watched: LOTR: The Two Towers
Last TV show watched: The Goldbergs.
What are you wearing now: nightie, because I spend my life in bed hiding.
When did you create your blog: October 2010
What kind of stuff do you post: food, running, rants, yoga, running, more food and science.
I’m looking forward to: me and the diabetes girls are going for a slap up meal on Sunday and next Saturday I’m gan to Edinburgh to meet up with @supermackie for food and a good natter.
Do you have any other blogs: I can’t manage one never mind several
Do you get asks regularly: sort of, most people tend to use messenger.
Why did you choose your URL: i wrote a post about that ages ago, but it’s essentially because you only see the superficial things in my life, not the important stuff, just my day to day ramblings.
Gender: woah woah woah she’s a ladyyyyy
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff, wassup fam.
Pokemon team: blue. I think I chose red but who bloody knows.
Favorite color: purple, that rich, deep purple the queen wears.
Average of hours of sleep: six on weekdays, 7-8 on weekends.
How many blankets do you sleep with: duvet only
Dream job: I’m kind of doing it, for all the drawbacks of academic work and the current arse on we’re having moving labs, I am researching ways to improve patient outcomes in transplants, and helping to prepare organs and cell lines for that research to go ahead elsewhere. As much as I complain about work, I really do love it, it might not be the exact niche of science that I am truly interested in, but does that matter when you’re trying to cure people of disease?
I’ll throw this at @never-wanted-to-dance , @supermackie anddddd @poem1188