is it right or is it crazy

With anything, all I can do is what feels right, what feels good and what feels genuine - and hope that you’re up for the ride.
—  Darren Criss in a letter to fans

Pshhh anyone down to give me a hug

i just got back from watching wonder woman again and here are some more of my favorite things 

  • there is not a single goddamn moment where Steve Trevor (or any other man on the good side) ever looks at Diana and talks down to her or calls her a name. i was bracing myself when i went into the movie the first time and i am always just amazed that Steve never calls Diana crazy even when she’s over here talking about ancient greek gods and things he doesn’t believe exists 
  • none of the men ever try to take advantage of the fact that she’s obviously completely new to everything
  • “men, eyes to yourselves thank you” like he didn’t have to say that to those guys in london but he did A+ Steve Trevor thank you
  • “right. specs. because that will stop her from looking like the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.”
  • “a baby!!”
  • that scene where Diana has ice cream for the first time?? and she gets to eat it without anyone commenting about how “””bad it is””” for her or anything????
  • her biceps while she’s holding that tank over her head?? like yes please
  • The Amazons. All of them. Everything about them.
  • NOOOO boob shots/butt shots/naked scenes–EXCEPT for Chris Pine. there’s one joking moment when Diana goes to change in the middle of the clothing store and it’s Etta that corrects her not Steve. and that entire scene Diana’s just looking for something to move in and we don’t get any “look how good she looks naked” scenes like bless
  • the boat scene. “”twelve volumes””
  • Chief introducing himself to Diana in his own language
  • actually the sheer amount of diversity in a group of like 5 people for a good portion of the movie?? like god bless. same with the amazons
  • no one ever tells Diana she can’t do something because she’s a woman except when she’s walking into places she’s not really supposed to be like the war summit and even then she’s not really ever given the answer “because you’re a woman” for why she wasn’t supposed to be there
  • Antiope’s lieutenant being highly implied to be more than just her lieuenant
  • The Wonder Woman Theme makes me want to kick ass and i love it

i’m sure there’s more stuff that i’m missing but this is only my second time seeing it SO

Saudade: Ch15

When you arrived at the awards, overwhelmed was not even close to accurate in describing the emotion you were feeling. You were drowning, suffocating, screaming, dying, shrinking, all at once. You were practically holding onto Josh’s hand for dear life, squeezing it so hard you were afraid his bones would break. There were celebrities, people on the faces of magazines, paparazzi everywhere, flashing lights and elegant dresses and tuxedos, people wearing obnoxious outfits, others barely even wearing anything, it was crazy. Of course, there were plenty of fans there too, practically mobbing Josh and begging him for a selfie or signature. You weren’t usually one to get easily claustrophobic, but this, this was worse than Black Friday shopping for you. Much less, there were eyes everywhere, watching you, and it made you feel guilty all over. Guilty because there’s probably a million other girls who would kill to be in your shoes right now, and you were taking it for granted. You fucking hated yourself sometimes.

“Come on,” Josh tugged on your arm. “I want you to meet some of my friends.”

“You have friends?” you raised your eyebrow, teasing, and he laughed.

“Yes I do,” he rolled his eyes. “Now come on, silly. I need to prove to them you’re as amazing and gorgeous as I talk you up to be.”

“Uh huh,” you blushed. “Whatever.”

All your worries faded away as soon as Josh squeezed your hand and pulled you out of the crowd, shooting a text at a couple of his so called friends and waiting for them to come meet him underneath the awning outside the event center. The first person you met was this absolutely beautiful girl named Halsey. You had listened to her music before, and you told her how much you loved it, and she just laughed, complimenting you on your dress and teasing Josh a bit before giving him a hug. She was really friendly and carefree, making you feel much more comfortable and happy. The second person was a guy wearing shades named Mark Hoppus. You knew Blink-182 fairly well, especially since Josh had listened to their newest album practically on repeat for the past few months when it first came out, and gave Mark occasional social media shout outs. He was really cool and sweet too, telling you that you looked lovely before poking jokes at Josh. He began to leave, your eyes scanned the crowd, stomach doing flips when you first saw him. He was the last person you would ever expect to see here, which was ridiculous really, because after all, it was a music awards show. However, you hadn’t planned on it, with Josh by your side much less.

There he was. Brendon fucking Urie. He looked absolutely amazing, gelled back hair, sharp tuxedo suit, those dark eyes, big lips, carefree laugh, everything you loved and missed about him, just several feet away. He was talking to one of the interviewers, bright and bubbly expressions alternating on his face, hand ruffling through his hair, chest shaking with laughter, that goddamn smile, all of it. You missed him, so fucking much. You remembered being able to be with him every waking hour of the day and now you were gone, absolutely away from him, and it killed you on the inside. You watched as the interviewer rolled her eyes and then leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek before racing away, the cameraman by her side. Brendon straightened out his suit, smug smile on his face, and panned the crowd, making you instantly avert your eyes and try not to bring attention to yourself. Well, that was until Josh tapped your side.

“Y/n, I want to introduce you to again, one of my best friends,” Josh began, beginning to walk towards him, and you blinked twice. Best friend? You felt sick to your stomach as the smile crept on Josh’s face and he took five steps closer to Brendon, urging you to come along. You stiffly followed behind him, hoping to god he was talking about someone, anyone, other than Brendon. But sure enough, he walked right up to him, and fucking hugged him. You died a little on the inside as you watched Josh release the embrace, both him and Brendon smiling broadly, laughing and greeting each other as if they were the best of friends. Which, it hadn’t crossed your mind until now, they probably actually were. “Come on, y/n!”

You swallowed uncomfortably and forced yourself to walk up to the two of them, eyes unwillingly gravitating towards Brendon’s as you stepped right up to him, and then there it was. The unbearable tension in the air, the way Brendon’s eyes lingered down your body, studying your face, analyzing your dress, making note of the way the fabric clung to your curves, how the silk cascaded down your legs. “You look lovely,” Brendon gave a polite smile, and you froze, uncomfortable.

“Uh, t-thanks…” you stuttered out, trying to ignore the instant blush that rose to your cheeks.

“Y/n, this is Brendon Urie,” Josh introduced happily, and Brendon held out a hand, your shaky arm reaching up to grab it, your body instantly being ignited as his skin brushed up against yours, even if it was just a simple handshake. “Brendon, my girlfriend y/n.”

“It’s nice to finally meet you y/n,” he grinned. “I know you’re in good hands with Josh. Bet he treats you like a queen, huh?”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly, eyeing Brendon carefully. He sure was really fucking good at this whole ‘we’ve never met before’ thing. It made you start to wonder if maybe he had already forgotten about you. What if he really did forget about everything? If not, he was faking it exceptionally well. It actually sort of broke your heart. How could he just pretend like all those months never even happened? Much less forget? You felt sick to your stomach, but Josh instantly held your hand, fingers lacing with yours, and began to strike up a conversation with Brendon.

Surprisingly, Brendon kept his eyes on Josh. Well, maybe it wasn’t as surprising as you should’ve found it. You bit down hard on your tongue for even thinking he would be as desperate as you were. He probably already found another fuck buddy, someone prettier and sexier and better than you. You held on to Josh’s hand, the soft, warm, easy grip comforting you. “Oh yeah, I’ve been working nonstop at the studio, just pumping out new songs,” Brendon explained. “It’s been great, you guys should come over sometime. Bring over Tyler and Jenna too, it’d be a great time.”

“Sounds lovely,” Josh agreed.

“Well I’ll see you guys later,” he waved off. “I think someone’s calling for me.”

“Oh yes,” Josh laughed.

Several minutes passed before he finally guided you through the crowd towards your seats, and the entire time you couldn’t help but think of Brendon. You hadn’t seen him in so long and yet, there he was, just several feet across from you, shaking your hand, pretending as if you had never even met in the first place. The idea of him forgetting about you snuck into your mind again, making you feel queasy. You sat in between Josh and Jenna, with Tyler on Josh’s other side, hogging most of his attention. You didn’t mind, you were too glancing back at Brendon, who was conveniently placed two rows behind you, just slightly to the right, on the end of his row. Sure enough, every time you glanced back, you found those dark brown eyes staring at you, a thoughtful expression fixed on his face, his lips pressed together, gaze lingering nowhere else but on you. You turned bright red, deciding to look back forward, and that’s when Jenna decided to say something. “You finally got to meet him, huh?” she poked a playful jab at your shoulder.

“Huh?” you raised an eyebrow, confused.

“Brendon,” she reminded. “You know, you were staring at his picture in that hallway a couple interviews ago.”

“Oh, yeah I guess,” you shrugged. “He seems like a nice guy.”

“He keeps staring at you though,” she pointed out, glancing back to notice the obvious. “Ever since you shook hands with him.”

“Is he?” you tried to play dumb but it came out rather awkward.

“Okay, spill the beans,” Jenna narrowed her eyes. “What’s up with you two?”

“Nothing’s up with us,” you forced out a laugh. “He just caught my eye.”

“Well you sure as hell caught both of his,” she replied. “Come on, he hasn’t taken his gaze off you all night long and we’re almost halfway through the show.”

“I don’t know, I mean I saw his picture in the hallway and I just met him tonight,” you explained. “He knows I’m dating Josh.”

“He might know it but he’s got to show it,” she insisted. “Better keep both hands and eyes off, cause you’ve already got a man.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you rolled your eyes, laughing nervously. “I’ve already got one ass to worry about, I don’t need another.”

“Believe me, I know how that feels,” Jenna burst out into laughter. However, you couldn’t help but sneak a glance back, watching as Brendon slyly winked at you, making your heart skip a beat and forcing you to look straight ahead again. Whatever you did, no matter how hard you tried, Brendon’s eyes always somehow found a way to flicker back to meet yours. You suddenly felt a tap on your shoulder, and you turned towards Jenna, who looked exhausted. “Hey, I’m going to go get a drink of water, I’ll be back soon. Okay?”

“Uh yeah, sure,” you nodded, watching as she moved out of her chair and walked down the aisle, and sure enough, Brendon’s eyes were still fixed on you. You tried to focus on the awards, to concentrate or distract your mind, something to make you forget about the man who was sitting behind you. But all your thoughts could seem to focus on was the way you had once been in his bed, his hands on your body, your head tilting back in bliss, all those amazing emotions and sensations he had made you feel, how much you craved him right now, and how close you were to getting him once again. You started to feel uneasy, and Josh put a hand on your shoulder, reeling you back into reality.

“You okay?” he wondered. “You look a little pale.”

“Um…” you wanted to push away your temptation but it was so hard, especially with you knowing Brendon was so close, his gaze boring into the back of your head, and an excuse just waiting to tumble from your lips. “I feel really sick, like, worse than this morning.”

“Oh no sweetheart,” Josh frowned. “Just take it easy, it’s going to be alright.”

“I feel miserable,” you whispered. “Fuck, I don’t want to miss you guys getting the award or anything though I would feel terrible if-”

“It’s fine,” Josh reassured, rubbing small circles on your back. “Just breathe. I’m sorry, I really should’ve let you stay at home, I didn’t know better. Geez baby, I’m sorry you feel so miserable. Is there anything I can do?”

“I uh, I think I need some fresh air,” you mumbled, stumbling up from your seat. “I’ll be back.”

“Oh, uh, o-okay…” he stammered. “You want me to come with you or?”

“I’ll be fine on my own,” you reassured. You maneuvered yourself out of your seat and then searched for those dark brown eyes, staring right at Brendon, watching his sly smirk grow even more smug with every step you took towards him. You didn’t think twice before tugging at the sleeve of his tux, pulling him up out of his seat, him laughing with amusement.

“Persistent, much?” he chuckled, but you just kept a tight grip on his sleeve, rushing him out as soon as possible without trying to make a scene. You hungrily looked for somewhere, anywhere to go, and your eyes lingered on an empty dressing room, biting down on your lower lip, trying to think it through, before just finally thinking fuck it and going in. You quickly pushed Brendon into the room and locked the door, then took a deep breath, turning around to face him. He was already sitting on the couch, trying to straighten out his sleeve, clearing his throat, and then glancing up at you. “Care to explain what all the fuss is about, y/n?”

“Do you remember me or not?” you asked, your voice shaking, heart racing. “Because I don’t know about you Brendon, but I’ve been so lost and confused ever since we decided to separate.”

“I could never forget you,” he responded, looking down at the floor, as if he felt guilty. “But just because you want me doesn’t mean you need me.”

“I do,” you insisted, your insides feeling as if they’ve been gutted out and sprawled on the floor. “Look, I don’t know what the fuck to do anymore Brendon. Ever since you left I can’t even look Josh in the eyes without feeling sick. I can’t enjoy sex, much less orgasm, and I can’t get you out of my goddamn head. I miss you so much, I need you. I can’t do this anymore.”

“Y/n, yes you can,” Brendon insisted, getting up from the couch and wrapping his arms around  you, hugging you tight. “You are so strong and smart, you can do this. I know you can.”

“I can’t,” you argued as he released the embrace, holding your hands, you looking up at him. “I need you. Please.” You began to reach out to cup his face but he started to speak.

“This is wrong,” he shook his head, closing his eyes tight before taking both of your wrists and pushing them away. “You can’t do this to Josh. I can’t either. He’s a good guy, he’s done so much for you, he’s probably going to kick my ass and win that award tonight-”

“No,” you began to cry, closing your eyes tight, reopening to feel the tears resurface on your face. “Please don’t do this to me Brendon, I swear to god, I’ve tried and tried to get you out of my mind. I promise, I’ve tried a million times, if I could live without you then I swear wouldn’t be here bothering you, but I’m telling you I’m just so desperate for you and I can’t help myself.”

“Y/n. No. You can’t do this,” Brendon sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I can’t do this.”

“W-what do you mean?” your voice came out shaky, scared.

“Look, it’s not right,” he stated, taking a deep breath. “We need to leave, we need to go back out there, just pretend like this never happened-”

“Like us?” you finally snapped. “Pretend like it never happened, huh? Just wash away all those nights, all those great memories, everything that happened between us? Just ignore that? Ignore the way my heart always seems to come running back to you, how we can’t seem to keep our eyes off of each other at the awards show, how when we shook hands it felt like our skin was set on fire, how much we thirst for each other but try to deny it, and now, now that we’re here and we finally have an opportunity to do what we’ve been dying to do for months on end, we’re going to throw it away? Huh?”

“It’s fucking wrong!” Brendon shouted, anger boiling up inside of him. “So stop acting like a slut and just let me leave! Okay?”

“You’re really going to play me like that?” you asked, voice breaking, tears stinging in your eyes. “After I’ve been without you all this time? After I decide to build up the courage to spill out all my feelings to you? After I come crawling back to you?”

“Yes!” he yelled. “Because you’re the one crawling back to me! I’m sorry I’m not as desperate and ungrateful and promiscuous as you are! Okay?”

The words hit you like a bucket of ice cold water. “Fuck you,” you spat, digging your fingernails into your palms so hard they bled, your body trembling, tears streaming down your face. “Fuck you for trying to deny that you’re feeling the exact same way.”

“Stop lying!” he argued. “You’re just trying to make yourself feel better!”

“So I’m the one lying and I’m the one trying to make myself feel better, huh?” you laughed bitterly. “Kind of like when your last lover left you, huh?” Brendon flinched at the comeback, hurt dulling out the rage in his eyes, biting down on his lower lip, chest moving up and down with heavy breathing.

“Don’t you fucking bring that up,” Brendon warned. “I thought I could trust you, tell you about that kind of shit, much less admit that I loved you.” He closed his eyes tight, tears of his own resurfacing when he reopened them, shaking his head and forcing out a dark laugh. His voice rested at a low tone before he spoke. “The part that hurts the most is that everything you’re saying is right.”

“Then why are you trying to fight me on this?” you whispered, taking one step closer to him.

“Because it feels wrong,” he uttered for the last time, staring at you, looking broken and desperate and a mess, just as much of a mess as you were.

“If it’s wrong then why the hell does it feel so right?” you wondered, eyes searching for something, anything, everything in his.

“I don’t really know,” he mumbled, staring at you for another moment before he placed his lips on yours, kissing you like he had never kissed you before.

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I keep seeing that vegan witch comic floating and I wanted to point out that names like eye of newt are actually just names for plants.

Oh honey I’m aware! I have the Old World Names for Herbs post bookmarked on my laptop and, like all the rest of us, I have see the infamous post floating around tumblr. But since we’re all about teaching each other things and stating the obvious tonight… 

I just wanted to point out that that comic is actually an example of a joke. Wild right. Who would have thought. Huh. 

Getting It Together

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream an imagine where you and Happy have feelings for each other but the both of you we’re going through a difficult time in both of your lives and you dont want to start dating and everything going downhill before you even had a chance. a year later reader finds out happy is dating somebody. the reader looses it and stops wanting to be around Happy. he eventually tells reader he wants her and he messed up not trying to be with the reader

“It just doesn’t make sense for us to start anything right now baby girl…” Happy’s dark eyes studied my face. “The club is crazy right now….”

I closed my eyes, fighting back tears. “I understand, I just got out of a bad relationship last month…I’m not fit for a relationship.” His arms wrapped around me, holding me close. 

 There was no where else I wanted to be, but his arms. Fir so long, he had made me feel safe. I was afraid if I started something now, with Happy;  it would all come crashing down.  That it would never survive, and I wanted something with him.

“We’ll just wait, until things are calm, with the club.” He leaned in to kiss me gently.. “Once things are right with you, we can be together.” He kissed me again, this one, was a little longer and more final. He broke off the kiss and  then he walked away. 


I pulled into the parking lot, of TM I’d just gotten back from being out of the country for the last year. I’d taken a job in London. I was excited to be back, to see Happy again.

We’d talked a couple of times over the past year, but the time difference made it difficult. I walked across the parking lot. towards the clubhouse, spotting Tig out front talking to Chibs.

“Hap inside?” I smile at them. Chibs hugged me welcoming back, kissing me on the cheek.

“He’s inside with his girl doll!” Tig replied.

I pulled back from Chibs, looking at Tig. “What?”

“He’s been dating her for six months…” I spun on my heel, walking towards my car, holding it together. I heard my name being called, in a raspy voice. I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

“Where are you going baby girl?” His mouth was next to ear. 

I jerked away from him. “Home! Go back to your girlfriend…so glad club life calmed down!”

“What are you talking about?”

I shook my head. “I left a year ago, to get right. I thought you wanted something with me, but now I realize it was just a load of shit!” I shook my head. “It was just a way to get rid of me, I should have stayed in London.” 

I tried to get into my car, but his hands were preventing me from opening my door. I tried to shove him away, but he wouldn’t move. “MOVE ASSHOLE!”

“Not until you listen…”  His eyes darkened.

“More lies…” He slid his arms around me, pulling me to him. “Please baby…I didn’t think you were coming back.”

“I told you it was just for a year, if you would just listen..” His lips covered mine.

“I love you (Y/N)….I want you.”

“What about the your girlfriend of the last six months?” I pulled back. 

“I’m not with anyone…”

“That’s not what Tig..”

He rolled his eyes. “Tig is an idiot, you should know that.  Tell me you love me.”

I smiled at him. “I love you Hap….” He picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder carrying me back towards the clubhouse.

“You’re mine!” He growled.


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About that Crazy Rich Asians post, I thought the exact same thing as well as the fact that it 'proves' (idk i don't think that's the right word for it but it definitely pushes that forward a little more) the stereotype of all Asians being rich with an East Asian cast. Being SE-Asian, coming from a poorer family, it isn't an entire 'win' to say, but I do love that it's a step forward in SE Asians being represented in the media/Hollywood.

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So how do Jyn and Cassian finally admit their feelings out loud in the Marriage AU? (rn I head canon someone saying I'm glad I/you chose you/me)

Oh, well this scene I’ve actually already written out and it’s in the original piece right after Cassian confronts Krennic about his comments about Jyn (which she witnesses), and Jyn goes to Cassian to find out what happened:

The servants are all asleep or at home, and when the lights are all out she pads from her room to his.

“What happened?” she asks, and his lights are on and he’s barefoot and awake. Cassian has on a soft gray t-shirt and linen pajama pants. It’s the most undressed she’s ever seen him, she realizes.

He shakes his head, but she doesn’t accept it as an answer.

“Is it what I think?” she asks, coming to sit down beside him on the bed. The mattress gives slightly under her weight. She’s short enough that her legs don’t touch the floor. Her thigh touches his, and she feels strange and daring and nervous.

“Am I allowed to know what you think? Am I supposed to know?” His voice is gentle, but the inquiry still stings. When did she start to care?she wonders. She wasn’t supposed to. That hadn’t been the plan.

“I think you do,” she says.

Cassian runs his hand through his hair. It’s still stiff with product, but Jyn likes how it looks on him. “I don’t care what people say about me,” he says. “I’m used to it. But when they start mouthing off and insulting the people I care about–it’s where I draw the line.”

Her heart thuds loudly in her chest, and he turns and looks at her like he can hear it. “You care about me?” she says, and her own voice sounds far away, even to her.

His chin drops to his chest and he sighs. “Of course I do, Jyn. You’re my wife.”

“Just because I’m your wife?” she asks, and then her hands have a mind of their own. They inch toward his and find them clenching at the sheets. His eyes are so brown, she thinks, so sincere. How have I never noticed before? One hand comes to rest on top of his, and she feels the knuckles and bones and sinew that make him up. He’s warm and alive and has been living across the hall from her all this time.

He shakes his head, and she realizes he’s the best and kindness man she knows after her father. She’s lucked into him without doing a single thing to deserve him, and she realizes that if she wastes another minute, she’ll be a fool.

Cassian looks at her, and that’s all that she needs to rise to her feet so that she can turn and straddle his lap. His lips part, wordless, and she can’t stop staring at his mouth. She’s waiting–for his response, for him to push her off and send her out–but his free hand finds her instead, cups her cheek, fingers sliding down the column of her throat and tracing the vulnerable hollow where her breaths rumble past, fast and shallow.

“Kiss me, Cassian?” she says, and she’s never meant anything more in her whole life. The desire she’s bottled up out of sheer stubbornness and fear has been ready to explode for longer than she cares to admit, and she needs to let it out, but he has to agree to let her in first.

But Cassian Andor is a good man, and he doesn’t leave her waiting.

His arms coil around her, and he trembles with the same need she feels. She feels his beard scrape against her face, and she pulls him closer until she’s breathless. Daring and reckless, Jyn lets one hand roam free, inching it along his thigh and taking in how his voice hitches and his muscles clench when she draws closer and closer. One more sweep makes him jerk against her, and he huffs a laugh that only makes her want to do it again.

“I’ve dreamt of this,” he tells her, voice hoarse when he has to break the kiss for air. She squirms in his arms, desiring nothing from him but more, more, more.

“I have too,” she pants as he kisses her neck and she says his name over and over. His mouth is soft as he says hers, and he spills her onto the bed, boneless and wanting, and they take their time, sharing with each other the contents of their dreams. 

Holy mother fucking fuck I'm giddy


A hot guy messaged me tonight, RESPECTFULLY and he’s in all my boundaries!!!!!

I know I know, crazy right!??!!

He messaged me and he’s so cute omg. But I wasn’t gonna reply cuz I felt unworthy (working on my self esteem again atm) and my friend saw I was looking at his profile and she went through it and she was like ‘shit girl he sounds awesome!!’ And I didn’t delete his message. Once I was home I looked again and idk, something just felt different. So I replied. And omg he’s so awesome and so nice. We had a nice convo and then he was saying sorry in advance if he falls asleep. So I told him we can pick up tomorrow so that he can sleep. He said ok and that he hopes I have a good night and sweet dreams!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

Guys. I haven’t felt like this in literal YEARS!!! Like omg butterflies and and little happy nerves. And just huge smile. Like wow guys. It’s still super fucking early to tell but, something really feels different right now!

I just got back from a crazy after grad party, it was in the woods with a huge fire and it was liT lmao but I had a bad panic attack and had to go home, also it was POURING rain so driving home was fun
Now I’m very drunk but I had a five hour energy at work right before so I can’t sleEp

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I love when I'm with someone and some of Shawn's songs start playing. And last night I was with this guy and tnhmb was playing and he smiled and said "you are the girl that is crazy about him right? The song is really good". We have a date tomorrow

aahjdjfndndb yes yes yes I love this I love boys who are okay with our obsessions. Also i hope he plays the song I’m the car and I hope you have a lovely date. Get it gurl

Update (And TLC Zombie AU?)

Hey guys
So I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. It’s just that life’s been pretty crazy for me recently and I’m just super busy right now. I know that sounds like an excuse, but I promise whenever I have time again I will post more art. Hopefully.

I wanted to make this quick post because my art and my blog have been getting more attention lately. Even with people I know personally. So I’ve been thinking, and I was wondering if you guys would be super upset, if I deleted my tlc zombie au drawings. I know that most of you liked it (and that’s pretty much how I got most of my followers tbh)
But I thought about it, and if I were to be looking for potential jobs or have job offers one day (even as I prepare my portfolio now), I don’t think I want those pictures showing up (don’t really want to have drawings of blood and guts lol). It’s not really my style and I only drew it for the month of October for Halloween to get out of an art block. I never expected it to be so “popular”.

I just thought I would give you guys a heads up, since I will most likely be deleting all of them by Sunday (maybe sooner). So if you really like those pictures, go ahead and take screenshots or whatever. And I’m sure you can still find them on Pinterest or Instagram.

So that’s all I have to say about that, and I hope to be back with more fan art soon. Thanks!

Women who don't want babies

• are not selfish
• are not less of a woman
• are not weird
• are not immature
• won’t necessarily change her mind
• won’t necessary be a lonely old lady
• “a lonely old crazy cat lady” is a patriarchal asshole stereotype:):):):)
• doesn’t necessarily hate kids
• doesn’t need to give you an explanation

Magnus: Is the equipment secure?
Taako: Check.
Magnus: Weapon loaded?
Taako: Check.
Magnus: Did you have breakfast?
Taako: What? That’s not on the checklist.
Magnus: I added it because I care about you.
Taako: No, I did not have breakfast.
Magnus: Unacceptable. Look in your pocket.
[Taako finds a breakfast bar in his pocket]
Taako: Hey, there’s little chocolate chips in this.
Magnus: Yeah, I’m not an idiot. I know how to trick my best friend into eating his fiber.

film rec list

modern vampire films let the right one in, thirst, only lovers left alive, a girl walks home alone at night

woman descending into madness persona, through a glass darkly, a woman under the influence, rosemary’s baby, antichrist, repulsion, queen of earth

two lovers on the run wild at heart, badlands, gun crazy, pierrot le fou, bonnie and clyde, true romance, natural born killers

same-sex love stories happy together, show me love, water lilies, the handmaiden, brokeback mountain, my beautiful launderette

really weird romcoms i’m a cyborg but that’s ok, the lobster, lars and the real girl, harold and maude

ready to cry? the hunt, dancer in the dark, requiem for a dream, mulholland drive, au hazard balthazar

best ensemble cast movies inglourious basterds, apocalypse now, beetlejuice, magnolia, the royal tenenbaums, eastern promises

old black and white movies that definitely still hold up and you should watch them the night of the hunter, psycho, dr. strangelove, a streetcar named desire, the third man, bunny lake is missing

youth culture films a clockwork orange, sid and nancy, jubilee, gummo, stranger than paradise, if…, the doom generation